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Let’s pretend just for the moment that it’s true that God wants nothing from humanity. If that is so, then virtually all of life’s apple carts are upended. Ancient myths are upended. Cultural stories are upended. Ethnic customs are upended. Familial traditions are upended. Religious doctrines are upended. Legal systems and educational systems are upended. Political, economic, and social constructions of every kind are upended.

Could this be the reason that the idea of a God who wants something has been perpetuated?

Think about this.

Why would God want anything? What is it that God could possibly want or need? What would cause God to want or need anything? What could cause God to become unhappy if He did not get it?

Now think about this

What could cause God to make humans responsible for His getting what He wants? Would you make your children responsible for your happiness?

We have been told of a God who wants humans to love Him, to worship Him, to adore Him, to surrender to Him, to be grateful to Him, and to pay Him homage. Why? Why would God want this? Why would God care?

We have been told of a God who wants humans to keep His commandments, and if they do not, and if they fail to seek and obtain forgiveness in the proper and prescribed manner, He then wants them to go to hell, there to suffer intolerable anguish. But think about this. Why would God punish humans so horribly for their confusion and weakness?

If we wanted someone to understand us better and to obey us always and in everything, and if we just could not get them to do it, would we make it their fault?

(Well, of course, we would and we do. But who can blame us? We are using God as our model. Yet what if our model is based on faulty assumptions?)

We have been told of a God whose justice is perfect. Yet why would a God who is vulnerable to nothing and cannot be hurt or damaged in any way need to punish anyone for anything, much less sentence them to torture?

We have been told of a God who wants and invites humans to go to battle for Him, to kill others for Him, just as He has been recorded in the Scriptures as having killed thousands who incurred His wrath. But why? Why would God kill anybody, or ask others to kill in His name?

Does God really want humans to massacre others while fighting for His Cause? What is His Cause, anyway?

What is God up to? What is “God’s Cause”?

Is it to get everybody on earth to join a single religion? Is that it? Is that What God Wants?

Why? Why would God want that? Why would God care?

Does it really matter to God whether you are a Muslim or a Jew, a Hindu or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Bahai’i? What if you are a good person, a kind, caring, compassionate and loving individual, but are a member of no organized religion at all?

What if you actually speak out against organized religions and their extremes? Does that make you an apostate? Does that mean you are doomed? Does that make you an infidel and render you eligible to be killed by a True Believer? Is this What God Wants?

Why? Why does it matter? Who told you that it mattered? Was it the organized religion that wants you to be its member?

Think about this.

Is this the purpose of religion on the earth? Is this the Cause of God?

What happens to all of this, what becomes of this entire thought system, if it’s declared that God wants nothing, nothing at all, from human beings?

Can you believe in a God who wants nothing? Is it possible to hold such a thought in your reality?

Can you even imagine it?

I believe that if you can, you have imagined the beginning of the end of a world of violence, anguish, and suffering as created by many people who believe that God demands and commands many things — all articulated by the religion to which they belong.

We can now let go of those beliefs. We can launch a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its beliefs in a violent, angry, and vindictive God.

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  • Erin

    This series has no doubt been one of your most Amazing! And it will be most interesting to See how Nothing moves humans to think of what We’ve been up to, & how We will evolve from here.

    idk…Can’t help but imagine that some…a large some…will be quite angry, realizing that they have eaten of lies & deceits simply fed by others of Our kind. Angry because ‘they fell for it’, hook, line, & sinker. Angry because they have committed insane atrocities unto others because another human ‘said so’…because a Book written by them, ‘said so’.
    Perhaps a good time to add a write about Forgiveness.(?)

    And what about the feeders? Those that have perpetuated those notions, created their lifestyles around them, are managing great numbers of people to obey using them? How’s it feel to shake this lot’s entirety? How’s it feel to flip the boat we have come to call Civilization? Did you ever imagine Being a Perfect Storm? 😀

    Blessings, Neale & Crew. May these works be a grand tsunami that moves Humanity to re-connect & co-operate with That Which Is…Each other, & the Natures of Here & Now. Love to All…Looking forward to puddle-jumping in the after-math! <3

  • mewabe

    Where is the apple sauce?

    The way the natural world was created, I can think of only one thing God ever wanted: to be entertained.

    For example, who would think of placing a major amusement park right next to toxic dump orifices? Who would think of making physical life depend on two major drives: hunger and lust, causing all creatures to have two things on their minds or as urges at all times: food and sex, and to spend much of their limited time and energies constantly chasing these two things, and creating the condition that for anything to live something must die and be consumed, and processed into energy and waste, when such limited time and energy could actually be spent on more enlightening pursuits than chewing and digesting stuff.

    “You got me all wrong” can only mean this: “I, your God, am a practical joker, and you still haven’t gotten the joke! I could have created a world where nothing at all had to be killed and eaten, or where sexual organs and waste outlets where in very different locations, but where would have been the fun, at least for the audience, me? A world of perfection, without chaos and confusion, without intrigue and drama, without incidents, would be a very poor show. I know all about perfection…why do you think I created your world? To get away from perfection, I was bored stiff and aging before my time from lack of stimulation!”

    By the way, not that I have a one track mind, but on the same subject, this God is definitively not a puritan God, quite the opposite, judging by how the natural world functions. It is rather odd that religions have missed this fact.

    • Erin

      Platypusses! And I recall a very old T-shirt: “When God made man, She was only joking!”
      heehee…It’s going to be a fun day! 😀

      • mewabe

        No doubt! :))

      • Kristen

        “When God made man, being typically male, he didn’t real the manual and ended up with spare parts, so just threw it. Where it landed is where it remained, thus the male appendage was born”.

        • Erin

          LOL!!!…Was wondering where that sparky humor was!:D

          • Kristen

            Laughter and my conclusion above have to be a better option than tequila or vodka (or both) when faced with the absurdity of a naked male!! 🙂

  • Stephen mills

    What would the world be like if we understood and applied this truth that god (source energy) wanted nothing ?

    • Gina

      For one thing, there will be less fear. Most fear-based organizations and relationships will fall apart. Front runners– big governments and the church. A huge amount of freed up human & monetary resources could be channeled into healthier, more constructive projects.

  • steven cauthron

    as i have stated in the past tenses, religion is man-made, and even though man is in the essence of god, does not mean man knows god. the only thing god cares for is that people of all walks of life care for each other and love each other.
    it is the man woman and the child who do not open there minds to the possibilities of what and all that god really wants, or needs. god does not need or want anything from his creation. all god wants is to acknowledge that he or she does exist and if you so desire for in gods help of understanding is to ………..Ask……….remember the five major words of god if you were to ask about politics religion ………………YOU HAVE ME ALL WRONG and yet we all think we no without asking…..

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    These ideas that have been perpetuated over the ages was always about control. Still is. Only now we are awakening to realize we truly are free. We alone create our world’s with whatever mindsets we use.

  • Blake


    You are frantically repeating yourself over what God wants. What’s up with that. Do you actually believe in that Revelation nonsense that was pounded in your head since you were a kid?

    The world looks bad if your filters are set to only look at the bad. Set your filters to see love and then relax. If we fail again as a species we will die and rise again as another life form.

    All this save the world stuff isn’t getting you any brownie points with the religious peoples in the world. I learned that there is three ways to be touched by God. The first is religion, the second is spirituality and the third is connection; connection is the highest form of mastery.

    Which are you Neale?


    • mewabe

      Blake, just a couple of thoughts: the world, in my opinion, looks neither good nor bad…it is both (this has nothing to do with CWG or Neale’s beliefs, it is my own understanding). My understanding is that the Divine is neither good nor bad, it is both. Good and bad stem from limited and prejudiced human judgment, which divides life into these two categories, a life that is as indivisible as night and day, as the form and the formless, as front and back, as above and below, as the inner and outer, as life and death, as the prey and the predator.

      I agree, there is only love…and its absence from denial. The denial of love may come from fear, which may come from the idea of separation, at least partly.
      Fearful people often seek control, with rules and physical power. This is the
      sickness of fundamentalist religion, which is on the rise everywhere, as well as the mistake of most political ideologies.
      This is how a Christian woman is condemned to death for having married a
      Muslim man and having gotten pregnant, as under some Muslim decree it is against the law for her to marry a Muslim.
      This is how another woman is stoned to death by her father, her brother and her former fiance for having broken another idiotic man-made (literally) religious rule.

      There is nothing wrong with pointing these things out. There would be something very wrong in ignoring them. And there is nothing wrong in attempting to offer an alternative to the religious madness, and to keep trying until the light comes on somewhere in the deep recesses of incredibly primitive minds that are not just mistaken, but whose ignorance causes unnecessary suffering and death.

      • Blake


        In the 1960’s when I was growing up the fear was the Cold-War, then it was the drug war and now it is Islamic terrorism. Do you see a connection.

        If you do not your engrossed in the entertainment of fear that is being generated by the media to keep us from examining our own governments and the laws that are taking away are rights as human beings.

        Neale believes it is a spiritual malady I think it is the reconstruction of the world economic, political, social and spiritual to a world that is connected and whole.

        The 25 Core messages reminds me that there are no victims and no perpetrators, you may think there surely are, God wants nothing from us. Love is all there is.

        Instead of getting others to change their spiritual beliefs, why not accept them and their faiths as something that we have in common and remember that change comes in our own time from within.

        I am ready for any harm that comes along. I know that life is endless and that the question of death is moot. I cannot be killed against my will. I choose when I transition and how I step through the door to the other place.

        Shakespeare said, All the worlds a stage, we are all players. I know that this existence is an illusion shared by everything that is vibrating and alive. Enjoy the ride or not this is our creation.


        • mewabe

          Do I see a connection? Yes, I would say that a blind man would have seen it immediately, so I must be blind as I saw it immediately. The moment 9/11 happened, I knew what was coming. All crisis, real or manufactured, are opportunities for some governing elements to extend unwarranted power over the public through fear. This is nothing new.

          But what seems to be missing here is the understanding that it is possible to look at the world as it is, and denounce what does not work, WITHOUT FEAR. One can look at war, at injustice, at poverty, at greed, at environmental destruction, at racism, at tyranny, at religious fundamentalism, and denounce these things and more, WITHOUT ANY FEAR and without drama. These are simply the various outcomes of a pathology that needs to be treated. If you are totally free from this pathology, it is irrational to fear it, as this pathology is not contagious.

          Do you think that MLK should have waited for racist southerners to evolve at their own gentle pace so they would at some point spontaneously stop lynching black people and stop segregation? Do you believe this would have been a good plan?

          I do not think that physical existence is an illusion (this is another popular superficial spiritual belief), because if it was, it would not exist, as it would have no meaning (illusions and delusions have no meaning). Physical life and spiritual life are not separate, they are one, as is heaven and earth. The way I see it illusion comes with separating spirit and matter, and as all actual illusions it is a mental process.

          The mind, thoughts, are the ONLY sources of illusions, not any life in any form. No life can ever be illusory.

          Saying that this existence is an illusion in order not to feel fear is not addressing or resolving fear in its true context, it is attempting to by-pass it. This does not work.

  • mewabe

    Speaking of apples, and consequently of food, today I signed a petition that addresses the issue of nanotechnology in food.

    The information, hidden from the general public, that is revealed in the petition confirms my prior understanding that the criminally insane are in charge of industry and government.

    Fact: Scientists have found that there are currently 96 food products — most of them milk, cheese or yogurt — on the market that contain tiny pieces of titanium dioxide.

    Titanium dioxide is what I paint with, as an artist. It is called titanium white, the whitest white you can get, better than zinc white.

    Industry wants milk, cheese and yogurt to be as white as the whitest paint. You might think that the Food and Drug Administration would have thoroughly researched the medical concerns of putting metal into our food. But you’d be wrong. Though the FDA admitted in 2012 that the tiny metal particles may have safety issues, it hasn’t released any regulations whatsoever to control it. Like other governmental institutions, the FDA answers primarily to industry, not the public. And what the public does not know can’t hurt it, apparently.

    Nano-laced food products are entering the market at a rate of three to four per week while the health risks aren’t yet completely understood, to say the least.

    Some say the world is evolving. Yes, it is evolving so fast that it is making my head spin, as industry progresses from lacing chicken meat with arsenic to make it more pink to lacing milk products with titanium dioxide to make them whiter.

    We are really going places fast, under the leadership of sociopaths who put profit before anything else. But then, as George Carlin succinctly put it, what kind of leadership can we expect from a culture that fosters ignorance, selfishness and greed?

    • A lot of these petitions & such are promoted on Facebook & I sign many of them & it’s one way to take our power back through our own social media. Which includes stories the mainstream does not show but slips onto Facebook.

      It’s all pretty insane I agree, but that’s exactly how BIG change can occur, education & just getting tired of the way things are.

  • Sander Viergevert

    God Wants nothing. His will was to give us our own free will. His will is that we can experience ourself through the process of live.

    What would (religious) people let them get their mind search for a yearning to the real truth. Why does a lot of people just agree with what is said in religion and by media ?
    Why are we just ok with the God of Yesterday and how live is now today…

    But we can awaken the desire to get to know the God of Tomorrow. A God that does not punish us, who is not jealous and not needy being – requiring us to obey to Him or else..

    What therefor is needed is that we as spiritual evolved beings (which know the God of Tomorrow) will touch other less evolved humans with who we are, how we behave, what we say…and in times we tell our truth about everything to everyone… This are the tools to awaken humanity, to awaken your community

    You do not do-the-change, but you do it by being it

    So tell your new truth to everyone about everything. don’t make other people wrong for not having all understandings, but tell others how you experience your relationship with God and humans…

    And then… use your own initiated, created media to spread your truth – your truth about your spiritual beliefs and about God.