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Let’s pretend just for the moment that it’s true that God wants nothing from humanity. If that is so, then virtually all of life’s apple carts are upended. Ancient myths are upended. Cultural stories are upended. Ethnic customs are upended. Familial traditions are upended. Religious doctrines are upended. Legal systems and educational systems are upended. Political, economic, and social constructions of every kind are upended.

Could this be the reason that the idea of a God who wants something has been perpetuated?

Think about this.

Why would God want anything? What is it that God could possibly want or need? What would cause God to want or need anything? What could cause God to become unhappy if He did not get it?

Now think about this

What could cause God to make humans responsible for His getting what He wants? Would you make your children responsible for your happiness?

We have been told of a God who wants humans to love Him, to worship Him, to adore Him, to surrender to Him, to be grateful to Him, and to pay Him homage. Why? Why would God want this? Why would God care?

We have been told of a God who wants humans to keep His commandments, and if they do not, and if they fail to seek and obtain forgiveness in the proper and prescribed manner, He then wants them to go to hell, there to suffer intolerable anguish. But think about this. Why would God punish humans so horribly for their confusion and weakness?

If we wanted someone to understand us better and to obey us always and in everything, and if we just could not get them to do it, would we make it their fault?

(Well, of course, we would and we do. But who can blame us? We are using God as our model. Yet what if our model is based on faulty assumptions?)

We have been told of a God whose justice is perfect. Yet why would a God who is vulnerable to nothing and cannot be hurt or damaged in any way need to punish anyone for anything, much less sentence them to torture?

We have been told of a God who wants and invites humans to go to battle for Him, to kill others for Him, just as He has been recorded in the Scriptures as having killed thousands who incurred His wrath. But why? Why would God kill anybody, or ask others to kill in His name?

Does God really want humans to massacre others while fighting for His Cause? What is His Cause, anyway?

What is God up to? What is “God’s Cause”?

Is it to get everybody on earth to join a single religion? Is that it? Is that What God Wants?

Why? Why would God want that? Why would God care?

Does it really matter to God whether you are a Muslim or a Jew, a Hindu or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Bahai’i? What if you are a good person, a kind, caring, compassionate and loving individual, but are a member of no organized religion at all?

What if you actually speak out against organized religions and their extremes? Does that make you an apostate? Does that mean you are doomed? Does that make you an infidel and render you eligible to be killed by a True Believer? Is this What God Wants?

Why? Why does it matter? Who told you that it mattered? Was it the organized religion that wants you to be its member?

Think about this.

Is this the purpose of religion on the earth? Is this the Cause of God?

What happens to all of this, what becomes of this entire thought system, if it’s declared that God wants nothing, nothing at all, from human beings?

Can you believe in a God who wants nothing? Is it possible to hold such a thought in your reality?

Can you even imagine it?

I believe that if you can, you have imagined the beginning of the end of a world of violence, anguish, and suffering as created by many people who believe that God demands and commands many things — all articulated by the religion to which they belong.

We can now let go of those beliefs. We can launch a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its beliefs in a violent, angry, and vindictive God.

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