It’s all about a simple reversal in thinking

Divinity seeks nothing for Itself. Human beings will find it difficult to seek nothing for themselves so long as they imagine themselves to be human. That is because humans imagine themselves to have needs. Divinity does not. Divinity has no such thought about Itself. (Nor any such thought about you, either.)

So in order for Humanity to seek nothing for itself, humans must understand themselves to be Divine. They must understand that Humanity is not separate from the Divine, but IS divided from the Divine. This sometimes helps people wrap their minds around the concept of our Oneness with Divinity.

Many folks have a very difficult time seeing themselves as Divine. Yet if you tell them that they are part of that which is Divine, many people can go there. They can hang out in that place. They can embrace the concept. Partial magnificence is acceptable, total magnificence is not.

So we might say, for our purposes here, that Humanity is a Division of the Divine. That Which Is Divine created many divisions of Itself, and one of those divisions is called Humanity.

Even as a large company or corporation may have a division here and a division there without any of those divisions being in any sense separate from, or other than, the whole, so, too, does the Divine have a division here and a division there without any of those divisions being in any sense separate from, or other than, The Whole.

It is possible to be a division of something without being divided from it. That’s an important concept for you to grasp if you are to have the Holy Experience. Please let me say it again. I said…

“It is possible to be a division of something without being divided from it.”

Think about that for a minute. Hold that concept in your mind.

Humanity, as a Division of Divinity, is neither separate from, nor other than, The Whole.

This is the one thing that most of Humanity has not understood. This is the one thing that most of Humanity’s religions have not taught. In fact, most of those religions have taught exactly the opposite. They have taught that Humanity IS Separate from Divinity. Some have called this separation The Fall of Man, and in that description they are correct. The idea of Humanity’s separation from Divinity has been humanity’s downfall.

The transformation of Humanity’s downfall into Humanity’s upliftment may be achieved through a simple reversal of thinking. It is a shift from Separation Theology to Unity Spirituality. It is the reunion of God and Humanity.

It is easier to experience Reunion with God on an individual basis than it is collectively. That is because it takes a great deal more energy to alter Collective Consciousness than it does to alter Individual Consciousness.

Yet Collective Consciousness can be altered when the alteration of Individual Consciousness reaches critical mass. When sufficient individual energies are lifted, the entire mass is elevated to a new level.

The work of Conscious Evolution, therefore, is the work of changing consciousness at the individual level. This follows directly from the Third Illusion of Humans, given to us in Communion with God, which is that Disunity Exists.

When we attempt to change others we are implicitly affirming this illusion, which is why such efforts are invariably wasted. We can only change the One of Us That Is, and the aspect of the One of Us That Is which is most present to us is our experience of self. Therefore, when we change ourselves we change the world. That is why every effort to do so is critical.

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  • Erin

    Never found a use for Algebra until someone told me that it’s purpose is to train the brain to think backwards. 🙂

  • flojones

    Beautifully written !

  • Anonamo

    You know what? I realized today the technical answer to the burning question of why we exist… So if you’re a physicist or other scientist, you’ll appreciate this post.

    Basically, people will ask “what created the universe”? And many will
    say God. But some will say… Then who created God? If you meditate on
    this long enough like I have (for about 10 years in fact), you’ll
    realize that God himself cannot answer the question of who created him.
    That’s because nobody did. He just exists.

    In essence, before the universe existed, there existed ultimate, singular, self-awareness. However, this self-awareness was all-knowing but could not experience
    because it had no reference points for feelings and sensations. Therefore it needed to know hot before it could know cold. And that’s why it created the universe as we know it, just so it could have experience and stave of the terrible, agonizing experience of boredom that is All-knowing without any experience.

    Since nobody whatsoever created god (and also singular, self-aware all knowing), the
    universe is LITERALLY spawned from nothing. And I mean LITERALLY in the real sense of the word, not the incorrect way that people use it most of the time. The law of conservation of mass and energy states that matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. But you HAVE to have matter/energy to begin with.

    So there you go. We exist because of a silly quirk. No one will tell you why god exists, and god will tell you that nothing created him and he can’t answer DIRECTLY who it is that created him. He can only tell you that he exists…