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Should we be telling them to fear God?

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  • Viatcheslav

    First you must know and understand the structure of man. Then we can talk about its properties. I propose a simple design of man. They are laid out in my book “The current understanding of life”

  • Erin

    Thoughts on this have permeated my day…Wow, what a topic to start with!:)

    In all honesty, the only functional thinking on this subject that I could see as useful to continue, is in regard to Understanding body vehicles, and what they are capable of in relations with one’s self, and those of their environment. Just good stuff to get to know, with lots of appreciation to be had of the designs.

    The rest of present beliefs & defines just don’t seem adjustable, and as such, should be deemed unsustainable…Ditch ’em! Let’s simply move onward with a wiser, more sense-able way of being, with what we have to play in & those we enjoy playing with. (lotta ‘withs’ there…hmmm?) 🙂

    Fun food for thought, Neale.<3

    • Erin

      Re-reading the Storm again & again, referencing others, conglomerating thoughts…I didn’t provide much to work with above. Sexuality encompasses sooo many aspects of our beingness!

      On one hand, we have the continuance process…on the other, the relationshipping processes. In between, there are our ‘stages of ages’ in process. Quite the Trinity to conceptualize!

      I have a picture in my head: Adults & Elders about, doing their things of organizing, teaching, demonstrating skills, & producing. Youths gathering, providing muscle & energy where needed, while they are looking at each other with ‘different eyes’. Littles running about with creature-beings, up in the trees, through fields, splashing in waters…giggles & pranks afoot, with many eyes in watch of them. Babes bundled, being fed & nurtured throughout the Community within the entirety of all the goings on.

      If this is a pic of what Our New Story might look like, then Elders & Adults would easily recognize the looks of youth & take the time to direct them with Wisdom. There would be a unity of Understanding “where babies come from” from early on, as well as knowing that there are ages better equipped to produce them, and ages wiser to raise them. Quality, not quantity, would be a priority fore-thought.
      Those with higher-feeling ability might be used toward this particular ‘thought’, as well, refined technologies may be helpful in same determinations. This way, each soul would have a fine quality body to begin its lifetime.
      Community would participate in nurturing the Mother, and welcome the arrivals whole-heartedly into the scheme. No partnership would feel ‘without child’, as All children would be ‘theirs’.

      Notice, that this pic has no assumption of gender attraction. Unity would be sacred experience…Unity of two, Unity of Family, Unity of kind-ness. This ideal would encompass the Freedom to explore & discover the pleasure-ables of melding minds, bodies, & spirits.

      I’m so sure, that further thinking will come of this stuff…that others will have eyes far more reaching than mine. This project intrigued me from the get-go before, and is now a ‘first-thought’ for next-moves. Interesting, exciting, and so much more!

      Erin Holley-Bondarek

      • Kristen

        Did I miss something in here? First Blake puts up a more modern photo, now you put your full name instead of Tinkerbell sign off???

        Getting too freaky for me.

  • Blake

    The bonds of matrimony are boundless. Another words in marriage everything goes. And what if you’re not married? Is human sexuality boundless? Of course it is. I have had the privilege of having sexual boundlessness with both men and women. I enjoyed many fares some salty others with lots of pepper.

    I like myself and I enjoy my body the love I have for myself is almost narcissistic. And the love I have for others is unconditional. I have a thought! Lets all of us in this conversation get naked together and have an orgy of ideas an intercourse of course.

    I want to start off by say, “sex is fun!” Masturbation is intense. and that the old Christian morals should be tossed out the window with the bath water. Human sexuality is about becoming One in an absolute condition of love whether your having sex with another, others, or by yourself with a love toy or two or three.

    Sex is not talked about enough anywhere including the bedroom, or the kitchen, or in the bathtub, where ever there is a comfortable place and vaginas, and penis’s poking in and rubbing together in a multitude of positions.

    Did you know that Sodomy is a Christian invention, other religions like Islam feel that sex between men these days is more acceptable than cheating on your wife with another female. And that many jewish gays, lesbians, bi-sexual and transgender folks, are considered holy by Rabbi’s.

    In the Native American community being GLBT are also considered a benefit to their cultures. In many Asian societies hermaphrodites are considered people that are closer to God and they are celebrated in the communities that they live in.

    And lets not forget about A-sexual folks that don’t have sex at all. Nothing wrong there. Human sexuality is about making friends and trust, and support, and caring. Sex is and comes second to all those things that make up relationships.

    Once I begin a relationship it never ends. We may grow apart and we will continue to love one another in a very special way.

    I hear lusting after others is a sin. I have also heard that when you fantasize over the person your lusting for you actually psychically connect with that person if they allow you in their thoughts. Of course there is no sin. And people connect because they want to not by force.

    So before the world ends in the apocalypse remember an orgasim can save the world.


    • Kristen

      Are you the same Blake with the photo with the American flag???

      You creeped me out, so I have no comments in this thread. And I’m not a prude, just got a creepy vibe.

      • Blake

        Thank you for your participation on Global Conversation.


      • Blake

        Oh! By the way, my picture was me in the Army in 1982. I am older, fatter, and have a deeper understanding with being connected as an Elder.


        • Kristen

          Thanks for clarifying, I was very confused ’bout the photo, but from the time you came in here I could ‘feel’ something was odd about you. It was the photo that threw me as it didn’t ‘feel’ like the writer.

          I’ll just clarify why I was crept out, other than getting a bad vibe. I am a visualiser so I am much better with no photos and have to really censor everything I read. I can’t read about abuse or anything as I very graphically create movies in my head as I read. I overtrained my mind so it’s quite hard to block now, and I have generally done it since I learnt to read anyway. I also do this in verbal conversations, so as I am listening to the speaker I am also creating a movie in my head. Unfortunately when I saw your photo and read the post I had this auto image of you enjoying yourself in front of a mirror with your photo hat on. Do I laugh or cry? I’ll cry.

          And you just realised you are narcissistic??? Haha

  • Erin

    Beloveds…This board is not a forum in The Conversation, but a project of ideas for The New Cultural Story.
    Thanks, in advance, for input on ‘What Your grander vision of Human Sexuality looks like’ and little else.:)

    • Kristen

      Feel free to delete any of my posts.

  • ethernal light

    Human sexuality…

    Below are words from my limited point of view, but still my drop of truth in the ocean of life

    Make love not war……what does it mean my Lord ?

    My child, You cannot make love,you cannot make Me. I am there here and ever for every precious creature.
    Please take Me, take my Love, and share / give love – that is as simple as that.

    Take love – give love …..yes…so true. If only my sexual relation was all about giving love…The more I give myself to my lover, the more love I receive.Great…..let’s have sex all the time and with as many partners as I want!!! I just want to have fun…and sex

    My child……come to Me first…..focus only on Me then everything will be given to you.

    I don’t understand. I want love and I want…sex

    My child, I’ve created you free, I’ve created you complex, with a brain, with a soul, with a body, with a heart…..You are free my child, but my gift for you is to give you all…

    …You mean…it is not about sex ? it is about…honoring my complexity, my brain, my body, my heart…my soul…..Sharing a sexual relation would be all that…..then…My Lord…it is not sex….it is sacred communion !

    My dear child, I invite you to My sacred land…come come come


  • Kristen

    The word sexuality is so broad……………….I wasn’t going to write in this thread, but I’ve been thinking about it, and as usual, decided to present the other side.

    What do I want for the world under the sub heading of sexuality??

    I want people to understand what they are doing to themselves, and the consequences attached, many of which can be very long term. Eternity long term.

    I want people to stop sexualising the human body, especially religious people. A good human body is a work of art, and at the beach in a bikini or in summer should be viewed as nothing more than this. All bodies are capable of being a thoroughbred and this is how good ones are to be admired and viewed, as we would any other specimen of mammal. Both male and female.

    I want young people to understand the CwG definition of sexual relationships for teens in one of the earlier books where it states people are so close together that the only way they can get closer is sexually, merging two bodies as one unit and two souls as one for a short period of time. If this is not happening which will only be with someone you already know quite well then KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. He’s just horny and you are worth much more than a quickie in a bar toilet. And you are a whole person, not a hole attached to a person. And he is a donkey (heehaw/he whore). Walk away.

    I want females to understand that advanced guys view sexual dressing in a different way to perception here, they will find exposed shoulders, a slightly see through long skirt, a hint of a toned tanned tummy exposed, a hint of cleavage and females dressing so their body form can be viewed as one of Creators works of art. There is nothing sexy about tits, bums and faniahs hanging out, and a big turn off is females basically walking round wearing a sign that says ‘fork me’, or rolls of fat visible.

    I want females and gay guys to understand that if he does not want to look at your face when being intimate, and especially if he would rather look at your butt, he is not making love or being intimate with YOU, he is shagging a hole. Any any hole will do.

    I want reincarnated (99%) people to understand that they do not own the body they are in. It is one that they have been entrusted with and do not have the right to do whatever they want to it. look after it just as you would any other valuable possession temporarily in your care. There are people above opposed to reincarnation who have ensured they people will undergoe karma for the things they do to that body, and others whilst in it. This is based on what that body would undergoe if it has a first lifer or new soul, versus what you have done to it. This includes obesity, addictions, sodomy and any sexual practices that a first lifer would not undertake.

    I want people to understand that sex is an intimate aspect of a relationship between two consenting adults. And nothing more. It should never involve pornography, other people, photography, toys, the public nor anything else other than you and that person. Keep it private and to yourself.

    I want people to understand that before we should embark in a sexual encounter we should have already determined we like that person on the inside, and how they dress and present themselves on the outside. Then any imperfections on peoples outer bodies are generally a non-issue.

    I want people to understand that their is no such things as androgenous Angels. They are red blooded very hot males. Just because they don’t have a need to discuss their intimate and personal lives, it does not mean they do not have them.

    I want reincarnated souls to stop being reincarnated into bodies of the opposite gender to themselves. This is one of Satans sick games, and is deliberate to make people gay (different to real gay which is brain chemical and hormone differences), trans gender, cross dressers etc and for females to look and dress butch, and for guys to look and act camp. This is deliberate knowing God said people are not to cross dress and that there is a clear distinction between males and females. This is the sickest game of all in my eyes, most are actually very funny to observe!

    I want people to understand that all fetishes, ‘abnormal sexual desires’, intimate associations with anything other than an age appropriate consenting adult are a part of mental health illnesses. Get help and stop trying to use Freuds method of talking about your things publically to try to find like minded people so that you can convince yourself and others that your tastes are normal.

    I want people to understand that physical pain should never be associated with anything sexual, S&M should not exist, and people need to ensure their Chakras are flowing and balanced and all linked up like a light column so that anger and normal reactive aggression are not felt in the base or groin Chakra. Many healers and spiritual teachers add to this problem by encouraging students and clients to spin each Chakra separately rather than flow together.

    I want people to understand that The Source only acknowledges beauty, perfection and all that is positive. His link to us is via the sun, moving oxygen and clean air. The Source as an energy is the only form of existance that knows all, sees all, hears all and feels all, even your private thoughts. All judges completely trust this, and if The Source tells them someone is ‘dodgy’ they will believe it and forsake you so you will end up without the real God, The Source, Guides, Teachers and Creator. This often means homelessness and a life of ‘nothingness’, a very undesireable state, and permanent Universally. Sort your shite out before it is too late.

    I want people to understand that the only way Perfection, Beauty and all that is positive will be forsaken by The Source is by over-exposure. This means both over exposing your body in public no matter how perfect it is – singers and actors do this all the time and their lives will turn to crap or their perfect songs etc will never be acknowledged from above which carries huge long term consequences if you kick yourself away from The Source. The other form of over exposure is when you are in the news, media, public etc too much. Those connected to The Source can feel this very strongly and gay people need to know that as a group The Source is very very over the media attention, dramas, negative energy produced and especially the dissing of those who adopt the Biblical Gods views (like they do in here all the time). As a minority group who have huge potential as creative individuals, much beauty and perfection amongst the males and are generally hard working and contributing YOU ARE PROBABLY ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE SOURCE STARTING TO HATE YOU ALL AS A GROUP AND FORSAKE YOU ALL. Stop the whinging, and stay under the radar, no other minority groups are so attention seeking like celebrities, and he and everyone is over it.

    I want people to understand the the Biblical God has not mentioned masturbation as evil or wrong that I am aware of. The only scripture I can find even close is when men were at war and had a nightly emmission they were to wash their sheets the next day! In fact is it a joke amongst some Angels/Sons of God that they always hang white sheets outside eachothers houses. Some have this prank done to them daily when they are single! Stop spreading lies and putting words into Gods mouth, this is forbidden and punishable.

    I want people to understand that when CwG states that children are sexual beings I HOPE he is meaning that childrens physical bodies may respond in a way that an adults body may to a form of pleasure for all things for an adults body will be in the process of being fully formed as the child grows into an adult. I also want males who are sexually abused as children to know that those judging the offenders on their behalf (as I am) are well aware that their physical body may respond in a way they do not want it to, they are not at fault, this does not mean they are gay, they are a 100% victim and it is of no relevance at all, and that Universally all victims of sexual abuse are completely anonymous, others will and do ensure the offenders will rot in hell for a minimum of ten years for each offence and the Biblical God would never, nor has never blamed or judged anyone for anything they did not do. A bodies response is no different to people being forced to do things at gunpoint or under duress that they would otherwise not do.

    But most of all, I want people to stop allowing society and the Mass Mind of Humanity to corrupt and negatively influence them, and to have a happy, pleasureable sex life with a compatible, consentual person of their choice. Privately.


    Kirsty NZ

  • Steve Kostov

    Life is a byproduct of a communion with God, expressed through human sexuality.

    Human sexuality has always been a Divine Life-ward Energy meant to be expressed in the physical realm through the myriads of human forms and shapes. While ensuring the flowering of Life on the material level, it was meant to produce the drive for an experiential union between the individual human flesh and the spiritual realm, where true oneness resides in its undifferentiated state. And thus, sexuality was meant to bridge both realms, through the residual bliss inherent in human consciousness, by conceiving, nurturing and celebrating Life in all its glory.

    Human sexuality is the ultimate expression of a communion with God. That is why it produces new Life. And nothing is more sacred on this realm than Life itself. The communion with God experienced in that way is not a by-product, with the main purpose being the creation of new life. Rather, it is the other way around. That is why not every communion produces new life. God expresses and experiences herself through our communion with him, as well as through the new Life produced by us, when we commune with God in that way. It is the one lucid instance, where every being witnesses and feels that God and I are One.

    And as Einstein had once exclaimed “I want to know the thoughts of God”, God himself may have very well answered “I had hereby gifted mankind with a sacred, blissful, thoughtless state, so man can know my thoughts (as man shall yearn so)”.

    Esoteric though that may sound, it does not make it less true. As human consciousness evolves, an ever more growing portion of humanity experiences both, on a spiritual and intellectual levels, the almost magical dynamic between the three-fold nature of a human being: Body, Mind and Soul (given they are nurtured in harmony).

    The reason the above description of the purpose of human sexuality does not ring true across the board for everyone, is because sexuality is designed to be a union between Body and Soul alone. It is where the Mind is supposed to quiet-down with all its chatter and data it has been fed through our Cultural Stories. It is where it is supposed to yield to the other two parts to assure blissful communion with God. Originally the Mind had an entirely different function, which of course has been producing glitches, like a corrupted computer program, affecting the entire system at all levels.

    As Humanity begins to verify ever more frequently, through its scientists and personal spiritual evolution, that Consciousness is mediated through the brain, rather than created by the brain, it becomes very apparent that the human Mind had overstepped its functions and humans had utilized it in ways it was not meant to interfere.

    We have been performing brain surgeries with hatchets, and chopping down trees with scalpels, so to speak.

    Why? Because we have used the Mind as a disconnection tool between the Body and the Soul. We have bastardized the sacred three-part mechanism of Body-Mind-Soul by misusing the very tool, designed to individualize Divinity. The one tool through which Divinity filters itself to give rise to our unique individual awareness – the Mind.

    And so, as our Old Cultural Story read on one hand: “Proceed with Fear”, and on the other hand “Smell the Roses”, our New Cultural Story simply reads: “Proceed with caution, and the roses shall reveal themselves, for there is nothing for you to fear, my sweet, dear child. You and the Father, and the Mother…are One”.

    And that is what I will teach my children about sexuality (as soon as I find their mother for them to be conceived :).

    As we alter and curb our old dogmas that do not serve us any more, if we are to keep religious institutions, I would at least love to see and will support the right of priests and holy man to marry (as the Eastern Orthodox Church allows).

    It is inhumane and cruel to ask and expect of fellow human beings to carry out the holiest of duties that Humanity’s old Cultural Story agreed upon, while denying and denouncing the most powerful of all Energies in them, the energy of Life itself. For to do so, is to deny God himself. How much more backwards can we get God?

    To commit to celibacy is a futile attempt to render God powerless. Sexual energy can be transmuted only to an extend, after which it distorts itself into health and mental illnesses, as it seeks expressions and venues to flow.

    The hight of human arrogance has been to create God in our own image, and to sell the concept back to ourself, was to declare that God created us in his own image and he has a set of rules.

    This stops with our youngest generation. My generation is the biggest obstacle to aligning spiritual experience with God’s true nature, for it fights a tooth-and-a-nail to hold on for dear life to what continues to not serve us.

    I have witnessed time and again the dynamic between our youngsters and their parent’s antics. The children know. The children feel. They are now being born with the lighter and lightest of energies. They will humor us till we are gone, out of respect for our parenthood. But shortly after, this world will turn on a dime. For the better.

    Why not do it now? I would love to see it in my lifetime.

    Thank you.

  • ron Schaffer

    Sexuallity is an expression of creation. It is -by the words of Eckhart Tolle- the way to get to god in a physical form closest possible. The taste of being god and taste it as your own beloved counterpart, the belonged and fulfilled is expressed in many aspects.
    Human Sexuality shows on another side the egoic structures, because the wanting and the search for special forms and to come together with and to “have” such a form is ego. That is why many judgements and votings about the attractiveness, adorableness and sex-appeal of an entity and its outer appearence are so widespreading. The need for upgrading forms, to be more attractive has become constrained and far away from spontaneity. It is a must-do like an order in a standard porno movie. The identification of consciousness with form leads to a need to keep that form, to make it better, to be “more” in the future. Or to feel “less” in the present why the need of plastic surgery or uprading out of an anxiety is present.
    Sexualtiy often is strictly divided into the two poles female an male, while it is obvious that these poles neither do match the biological gender nor do they have these extremes we are giving them. Androgynious expressions and the acceptance of the inner counterpole in a biological male or female entity are hints for the transfromation which is taking place here. Many women are tired of playing “the girls play” and many men want to show emotions naturally, to be “soft” (of course in relation to be the hard, focues man, the lone wolf) out of an deep inner truth.

    Sexuality is the key part of the global human transformation. It is interwoven with the religions which are mostly a projection from the past into a conceptual now and the future with strict agendas to get from here to there. Shame and restrictions show that we are unable to accept sexualtiy as a part of our being completely. It can be observed that Sexuality is connected to violence on many levels. In many coutries useless and egoic violence is more accepted than a natural naked body. Naked bodies often are associated with sex and filthiness and this is all mind possession. Openness, tenderness and joyfullness often are voted bad and Sex has to be hard, performance-orientated and with uncontrolled lusts which is subconscious behaviour.

    Sexuality is the longing from me to my-self, from you to your-self, from them to their-self which of course is all the same. There is no specific form of sexuality because in a way. all is sex. it is the taste of the untastable, the ingress and the dedication from the all-what-is- to itself. It is the big challenge to show what you are but not to lose yourself in an other. The Longing for some other entitiy in a form shows the freedom and its logning to share freedom ewith itself. When sexualtiy is fluent, Go shows how much he loves it. The Creation of this Universe is a big orgasm by itsself. It is an effusion of all in all to show the love which already is.

  • Raphael Cameron

    All expression is out of the fullness of our psyche and as such out of humanity in which we partake. This also goes for sexual expression, which functions best when embedded in relationships that do justice to our mutual urges, mental desires and spiritual wonder.

    Over the past few years, God changed my view on sexuality by leading me out of the fold of fundamentalist Christianity and guiding me into the – for me very painful – process of accepting who I am; a polyamory cis-gender sadist. All that I never aspired to be, but nevertheless had to accommodate to. Accepting my shadow side and my apparent urges, confronted me with a radical change in perspective. Now understanding that the human psyche offers many ways of experiencing sexual bliss, I try to find an ethical way to enjoy my sexuality as a gift and a blessing to me and my partners.

    Most of the times, we share during intercourse the same intimacy sacredly of being united just like any other person would feel. In addition we play roles where we – in an almost ritual way – explore those feelings, desires and joys that are less common. The openness and trust that we need in order to feel safe and secure to let this kind of energies flow is a very delicate one. It is the kind of experience you can feel and grasp, but not so easily express in words: it is rather personal, very intimate and in a sense strangely holy. As if ritual atonement, in the plastic garb of flesh and tools, can actually lift us high. Yet it does; in trance, tranquillity and unity. Worlds moving through us, while we rest in peace.

    Notwithstanding our inner conviction that consensual mastery and submission is fine, in society it will likely be met with suspicion. While this is understandable, it does not render it true. Resistance against consensual, safe and sound kink is likely connected with how the beholders regards the relationship between God, evil and sin (to use well defined Christian terminology. One could also use words like the Self, Persona and the Shadow, or unity, diversity and imagination.)

    The joy of receiving someone or to give yourself over, is a most serious matter. As it is with normal sexuality, so it is with kink. Spirituality can offer guidance in protecting us against harm, deification or addiction. Being rooted in your own sexual identity, being focus upon your lovers and their well-being, being aware how you together in a mysterious way are fitting, complementary and additional, and thus becoming what you are, in essence.

    Probably this creativity in ritual role play is karmic work for some of us and not for all. And why should it? We should never project our own sexuality upon others – there is a reason why we are different in some things. Together we all add up to what was in the past and will be in the future; enfolding humanity.

    Sir Raphael P. Cameron

    P.S. My totem says:

    When you look from afar, or far above; all we see is undifferentiated love. Yet, when we zoom into perspective, at the base of the collective, we shall find love in many shades; all reflecting some of the light that fell from the sky. Out of the roots of the earth we drink and nourish and we go like children, hand in hand enjoying the warmth of the sun.

    Heaven and earth and we in between, and still we are part of both.

  • mewabe

    As in all human endeavors, we are at our very best in expressing our sexuality when totally aligned in heart, mind, body and spirit. We are then spontaneously in alignment with the Divine Source.

    Sexuality is understood to be union, but how could one have union when experiencing disunity within? Being one within (with a perfect unity of heart, mind, body and spirit) does insure easier access to an experience of oneness with all life.

    We cannot talk ourselves into being integrated in heart, mind, body and spirit, especially not according to what society and cultures may define to be or not be part of our nature. We can only achieve this through inner guidance, by feeling what matches who we really are at the deepest levels of our being, at the very core, within our very soul.

    When we function from the core of our being and in alignment, self-expression, including sexual expression, flows freely and spontaneously, and there are no questions or doubt as to what we should do or who we should be, because we know. Sex is then not just a body expression, but a heart, mind, body and soul expression, as should be all human expressions.

    When one of this aspect of ourselves predominates or is in conflict with another aspect, we do not function well, are no longer aligned, and the inner split we experience (say between body and mind, or body and heart) renders sexuality meaningless, as it would render any experience pointless, a mere distraction, a release from a neurotic tension, caused by inner conflicts, which can be mistakenly associated with excitement.

    It is not a matter of abiding by any rule…it is simply that, in all human ventures, when the mind leads, or the body leads, and the heart and spirit are not honored or are silenced, we are not in sync, we are in a state of chaos and express chaos. We can see this chaos in a world civilization that emphasizes the mental and materialism to the detriment of the heart and soul. Such choice is futile at best and often ultimately destructive, to the self and others.


  • Christopher Toft

    My point of view on sexuality is simple. Sexuality is an expression of joy and intimacy. It can be expressed in various contaminated forms as distorted sexuality. This happens when human beings bring negative mind states such as greed and hatred into the bedroom. When we experience sexuality from a place of love, compassion and sharing, we are expressing sexuality as it is, not as we imagine it should be. As with all experiences it is not so much what we do in terms of behaviour but the spirit in which an act is expressed. Do we choose as human beings to express our sexuality from a place of fear or love?

  • lamontstephenson

    Human sexuality is a beautiful thing. It defines in my opinion the ultimate act of love, oneness and completion with our bodies that could possibly be imagined. If you notice when you are with that special someone about to be intimate you don’t care about how your body looks or there’s, all you care about is becoming one with that person and expressing your love for them intimately.

  • Sexuality for me as a child was a strange, exciting, forbidden & “sinful” experience, something you never discussed with family or friends -all later conditioned by a strict Catholic upbringing on what was appropriate sexual behavior.(I’m currently a renounced Catholic.) At the tender age of five I was raped by an 11 year old neighborhood boy, but in my case the experience was not traumatic, and naturally led to a teen & adult sexual life of same-sex bonding -which in no way implies that what happened to me at such an early age “made me” an “alternative lifestyler”. I rather see it as a “premature” introduction into who I was going to naturally develop into sexually.
    Regarding money, sex. love & God, I wholly endorse Walsch’s (God’s) advice to LOVE it all.

  • Blake

    Brothers and Sisters,

    After Sandy
    Hook when all the children were killed hundreds of millions of guns were sold
    according to Wikipedia 98 guns for every 100 people in the U.S. over 250
    Million guns are in the ownership of people that reacted in fear after this
    horrible event.

    It has been said that out of all these guns that have been
    sold there are responsible, law abiding gun owners that have training to safely
    use these weapons and it has also been said that law enforcement personnel must
    carry their weapons as a rule.

    What has not been discussed is the situation that happened
    in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous where a Conceal Carry individual open
    fired in a crowded room killing a man. For whatever reason I see whether guilty
    or innocent an armed man unknown by the others in the room made a split second
    decision to kill another has an extreme impact on a community that holds safety
    and unconditional love in a container to a high degree as fundamental is not
    only horrible but outrageously contemptible.

    I see the same situation happening in many spiritual
    communities and waiting for a death to occur after the fact I find irresponsible
    and in shadow for organizations that profess to have compassionate resolve.

    Most men and women that will have these Conceal Carry Permits
    are honorable and a few and it only takes one will be coming from shadow when they
    are triggered to pull the trigger without warning.

    I have a severe mental illness that precludes me from legal
    gun ownership. I am less likely to have a permit than others that have the same
    illness yet they have not been diagnosed as of yet.

    And what is important to discuss is if there is any need for
    a person to carry a gun into a church for any reason that there is a proper and
    safe place to store a weapon that can be paid for by gun owners such as a gun
    safe or trigger lock and proper liability insurance to be required to use while
    the gun is in the room with others.

    Do I need to start this conversation with the leadership before
    I start it here? Do you feel as if as people you are powerless and can’t or won’t
    begin this conversation to support life? Or am I just full of it and I should
    pray about it and keep my opinions to myself and God?

    I know that I am connecting with you people in a good way
    and I know that you people have good hearts. I know men and women are
    responsible for their choices and I also know that it is easy to set this question
    aside for the day a person stops being responsible and is backed into the corner
    to have to be accountable.

    Does another Sandy Hook have to happen or can we hold each
    other to a higher standard of responsibility? Let’s raise the bar on this; it
    will work if we all work it together. Guns are an American way of life and will
    be for a long time to come. Be safe with each other; we all deserve it.


    • AKA Patrick

      Some have said Sandy Hook was a false flag event, intentionally orchestrated to create fear. There are always more than one side to every discussion. Was it a false flag event or not? Like JFK’s assassination, we may never know. Another example was 9/11. Was it a false flag or not? Again we may never know.

  • bermuda34

    ok, does anyone know roughly how many individuals are now taking part in the conversation of the century ?

    • AKA Patrick

      Hopefully somewhere near the number which is the “critical mass” we need to accomplish its purpose(s)

  • Apart from a legitimate need to hunt for food, or in genuine self-defense (some demented soul is attacking my child), the subject of the use of GUNS -and for that matter, spears, axes, poison and even toxic WORDS that “kill people softly”- begs the question, why do we humans attack each other in the first place? When we attack another human being, whether it be a nasty, mean tweet we sent to someone whose views we object to, or the hurling of a cellphone at your Hispanic maid’s head, have we asked ourselves WHY we are attacking and who exactly, if not our own selves (“We are One”) are we attacking? And why?
    I believe all attack basically is a crying out for love.

    • AKA Patrick

      A Course in Miracles actually calls it a “cry for love”.

  • Erin

    The ‘armed & dangerous’ issues will naturally be removed as a need when our spiritual natures are healed & unleashed…and is that not the ideal of creating Our New Story?
    The weaponries of war are made to no longer be up close & personal with those who seek to do harm, yet those who carry such are readily prepared to do harm…It’s a Catch-22 & perpetuates a low-level-thinking cycle.
    Dearest Littles, Beloved Futures of Our-kind…Think higher, Be wiser, than any of this non-sense. You have Amazing vehicles, fabulous minds…you are each a creative energy, power-packed as one, but hugely effective when combined as One. Be grander expressions of Life than We have beheld thusfar. See no need or good function in harm. Use your talents, thrill in your passions, hone your crafts & skills, so that no one of you may know the weight of history’s chains.
    Dream great dreams…Always & All ways.<3

  • Kelly Montes

    We knew this was coming. I am in the middle of “Storm before the Calm” which pairs nicely to the daily events surrounding our attention. The shock, the shock…is it really shock when we douse ourselves in endless violence through television, movies and video games or is it manifesting what our daily diet has become? Really, how can we be shocked? How many violent shows do we ingest in a one night in front of the television….this horrific event will be turned into a movie and sell tickets. We, each of us have contributed to this violent behavior by calling it entertainment. I challenge each of us to give up all forms of violence for one month. This includes watching the news, any violent television show, movies, video games and written material. If we really are serious we must be the change we hope to see in the world. Lets start by giving up our addiction to violent entertainment. What a real tribute to a young life taken so sensely and the thousands shocked by it. Who will committ?

  • Ellen

    On August 12, 2013 an event took place that profoundly and irreversibly changed my life, my worldview and my spiritual beliefs. The man that I had loved for many years, died unexpectedly in my arms. I watched his eyes gaze in wonder at something over my head and then he was no more. I was full of despair and shattered by his loss. Over the months, small things occurred that led me to believe that he ‘was’ and continues to ‘be’. My sadness, at times overwhelming, has opened the door to incredible joy. Each step of the past months has brought me closer and closer to a realization of God that I never before comprehended nor even perceived as possible. The Conversation books gave a written voice to the small voice within me that kept trying to find its way into my conscious life. Because of the Sparks of Him that we all are, because of the Oneness that pulls me – sometimes begrudgingly – into its embrace, my fears have subsided. I look at the world around me and I see fear. Everywhere, fear. Fear of abandonment. loss of shelter, food, medicine, and for some – fear of not being able to get more. There is a competitiveness that seems to be bound within our societies. Each one wants to be the better one, the smarter one, the prettier one, the one with power, the one with money. The list goes on and on. All seem to be determined NOT to be the one asked to give up anything….not to be the first who steps up to podium and states “I will be first….” We all desire change. We all desire to live in a world where guns are not considered necessary. No one truly wants to kill another. If. somehow miraculously, everyone would realize that they are One, that death is not the end, that there is no judgment sitting at the shedding of this mortal skin – the world would change overnight. To do so would not destroy our individuality but enhance it.
    The relationship that I shared with my loved one, I have found in retrospect, was more magical and special than I realized. It was just a small dose of unconditional love that the Divine shares with us on a daily basis. Our leaders must understand that they are part of us, and we, them. This world that we have been gifted – is not a gift to just Egypt, Israel, England, America or any other country. It has been gifted to All. The right to life that we have further been gifted comes from a Source that none can buy or sell, manipulate or coerce. That Source has provided enough resources for all that is created, and no man should set aside his country…his fellow countrymen as more beloved than All. It is time for dialogue, not physical confrontation. Time to speak together as Created Beings who share common needs and desires. There are those who will choose to remain separate from their Divinity, but violence will not change their hearts or convince their minds. Violence only begets violence. None would choose extinction of Humanity as the solution. The taking of Life should be forever banned upon this world and if that is done as a crime against Humanity, All would benefit. For in reality, none should take but The One who gives it.

    • AKA Patrick

      God is always sending us Angels. It matters not what country we come from. We all “put on our pants one leg at a time”. Besides, countries are simply lines on a map.

  • Kristen

    Neale and co,
    This thread seems to go from a couple of gun comments to the former thread on sexuality????

    I cannot comment on the whole gun thing as in NZ only farmers, hunters and of course the drug dealing gangs have guns so the entire concept is a foreign one. Our police are unarmed, although some now carry guns in locked cases in their car boots, and we have a police unit of the Armed Offenders Squad on standby 24/7 but thats about it. I do remember visiting the USA as a kid and being completely astounded at police and especially airport security and mexican border control staff with guns, bringing an awareness to be extra good and that people in America must be very good people cos knowing the police could shoot you if you committed a crime was serious stuff so noone would bother. A childs perspective only, but a good one, on the role of guns on society. Where the hell have you gone so wrong America???

    Neale, I imagine you would need quite strong security as a well known political activist, so curious, do you and or staff have guns?

  • Teja

    My thoughts about ending violence with violence…

    I did deeply think about that and tried to get an answer for all of this…and I did! I remembered my very early school days, I just had birthday that day and of course on that day we were welcome to bring candies for schoolmates etc. I remember that birthdays were always happy days for me and I was happy to give something to others also because of that. And that day something unusual happened on a way back from school…I was walking when suddenly a group of children, a little older and younger from me also, surrounded me in a circle, so I couldn’t escape. They had also sticks in their hands. As I remember I got a little frightened but then I said to them: “You are lucky, I have birthday today and candies with me, and want to share them with u also!” They of course loved candies, took them out, little by little and then released me out from the circle I was in. Today I got the answer for violence in this event…

    When you offer love to others, they respond to love, because we are all love. When you decide that others are good as you are, you remember others, that are maybe violent, who they really are. We all carry magic inside our souls to bring out.

    When we say, we are good and others are bad, then we get frightened, frozen and have
    real conversations only with ourselves, and then we live, as I could say, in a magical bubble. That’s why we actually become lonely. But relationships, as we all know, are essential in our lives. They begin with love, and love begins with them. That what Jesus said, as we read in New testament: “Love others as you love thyself” and “Truth will set
    you free” is, as I see, an invitation for us to be real to each other, to see ourselves, who we are and then demonstrate that also to others. So, if we say we are good and somebody else is bad it is actually the same as if we would say that we are bad, because we believe in such thing. But of course yes, we all had bad experiences with others, that’s why we mostly cannot be honest…because of non-accepting environment
    around us…

    All the pain comes just because we do not accept each other for who we are, we are not honest to each other, we want to be perfect for the world around us. And then we live in artificial world instead of the real world. And in such world there is no true love. That kind of love is full of judgments and arguing about what is good and what is
    bad…that’s the world we live in today. But the only perfection, that is actually the right one, is that, what is coming out of us from where we are in the world…what we feel inside, what we call the true calling of the soul, our magick of the particular day…I see
    that the solution is to actually see around ourselves, what is going on around…even inside of us, our emotions, feelings…and then demonstrate our soul – the same way as in my case above when I was young.

    World is Ours – I could say from Love, because all the things respond to It. Producing more violence will not solve anything, it will only produce even less believing in love, in the go(o)dness of us and therefore more violence. Only accepting ourselves for who we are and then demonstrating our love from that place will.

    Lots of love,
    Teja Petrovčič

    • AKA Patrick

      Watch small children–they don’t HATE anyone; they simply love everyone. As they become socialized, though, is when fear, distrust, and so on enter their minds. Then they begin to rethink their worldview. That’s when the damage is often done.

  • Knyazkin Pavel Nikolaevich

    Я очень хорошо подумаю прежде чем напишу своё предложение для этой мудрой книги……Только прошу люди добрые не верьте вашим правителям по поводу нашей страны…..Мы хотим свободного развития совместно со всеми, а правители ваших государств, перетасовывают факты!!!! Мне нравится выражение ” Живи понятием полезно неполезно, либо функционально дисфункционально…..Пора изменять понятие правильно неправильно. Ведь это же смешно, видеть в лице бабушек и детей террористов и сепаратистов…. Вообще, я думаю если отказаться от доллара как от мировой валюты, то таким образом мы лишим власти и рычагов влияния нечистоплотных правителей….А вообще послушайте наконец русских людей, перестаньте преподносить русских людей, как врагов человечества. Вспомните, Русских писателей Достоевский, Пушкин, Гоголь…..Не верите нам послушайте Жеррара Депардье он недавно стал гражданином России…Вспомните Нострадамуса, Вспомните Вангу….Выслушайте Путина… Вспомните недавнюю олимпиаду в Сочи ,особенно закрытие, мы вам в аллигориях показали, что мы любим жизнь…..Любое животное на земле будет защищаться если его пытаются лишить свободы, а тем более жизни. Американцы полюбите себя, европейцы полюбите себя полюбите себя понастоящему. Понастоящему я имею ввиду неэгоистично, ненавязывая свою однобокую демократию!!!!Ведь это вы создаёте войны. ВЫ не любите себя ваши правители вас не любят…А так как всякий народ заслуживает своего правителя то это касается вас…..Не обижайтесь на меня мои дорогие люди, полюбите себя, полюбите мусульман, полюбите православных, полюбите буддистов, индуистов, и всех других верноподданных. Поверьте мы то меняемся. Вспомните малазийский боинг….почему всё умалчивается вашими правителями???Вспомните ваши небоскрёбы, кстати вашими же властями взорванные, с одной целью обьявить войну с так называемыми террористами…Задайте себе вопрос, стали ли иракцы лучше жить после свержения Саддама Хусейна???? А Украины???Чтож вы их в евросоюз не берете???Почему ни одного вашего журналиста нет в Донбасе???? А ваша Псаки даже географии не знает, заявляя что россия на границе с украиной дислоцирует войска, однако учения были на расстоянии 1000км от границы!!!! Вспомните Сербию Белград,Косово!!!!Так что начните с себя и со своих правителей!!!!Со своих Батюшек…..И ещё раз хочю сказать мы все равны и имеем право на свою точку зрения…..Почему у вас приезжие люди ущемляются в правах???Поверьте мне у нас все равны в плане выбора и киргизы и татары и китайцы и теперь украинцы, которых только единственная Россия приняла и разместила на своих территориях более 1 млн. человек!!!! Где же ваши пряники и пирожки, которые ваши министры раздавали на майдане, а потом снайперы расстреливали всех подряд???Вспомните, хотя как вам вспомнить…2 мировую……у меня оба дедушки погибли за освобождение ваших же территорий от фашизма, а ваши правители уже тогда заявляли что поддержат Гитлера если он будет побеждать!!!! А что сейчас вы поддерживаете Порошенко!!! Бедняги вам в душе наверно стыдно за это вы испытываете чувство вины? За это вы не любите себя, за это вы ненавидите нас?? И из за этого вы готовитесь к войне??? Ответьте мне на вопрос зачем поляки, немцы, французы и самое невероятное австралийцы ездят на украину???? Что Россия напала на Австралию??? или на Польшу??? или на Францию??? или на Америку??? А теперь мое предложение может ребята давайте откажемся от однобокого комфорта для вас “развитых” за счёт так называемых стран “3 мира” или “развивающихся” уже в этих разделениях сквозит высокомерие вам не кажется???Вы же знаете что посеешь то пожнёшь…Вспомните Рим и Варваров!!!Зачем бегать по кругу….Давайте для начала перестанем врать и в первую очередь себе!!!! А затем и другим!!! Признайтесь что переусердствовали в игре в демократию по отношению к Ираку, Афганистану, Ирану, России, Сербии, Украине, Палестине…..Извинитесь перед ними , примите их…….иначе исчезнете как мамонты….и всё человечество конечно же!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • AngelaMooreDuck

    For 7000 years at least, we have been fighting with each other. It appears that this world is inhabited by children. We throw another war when we don’t get our way, with religion one of the main most spoiled children of all. For all this time our world has, for the most part, been led by men. Let’s give women a chance.
    Also, let’s come together and set our intention on peace, spreading around like Reiki!

    • AKA Patrick

      Oh, so true, Angela. Senior citizens are honored by HEB’s (Highly Evolved Beings),
      as they have the wisdom to raise the children properly so the mistakes of this generation DON’T pass on down the line “unto the seventh generation”. We still learn by trial and error. (One step forward, two steps backward in a sense.

  • Andrea

    I just want to say as a great grandmother that I have come to believe that the Bible says to “spare the rod and spoil the child” and humans have interpreted it all wrong. The Bible says Spare the Rod (DON’T use it) and Spoil the Child (treat them LOVINGLY, not with violence) Funny how getting older changes the way you look and things. Religions should take another look at this.

  • My country South Africa is on an edge, we had a wonderful transition from apartheid to political freedom and formed a new nation. However things are turning around unexpectedly, there is a lot of crime but worse of it is very violent. There is a lot of theories behind this one of them is poverty but that I believe should not push people into committing violent crime. I do my bit everyday by praying and blessing all the people of South Africa and the entire world with pure love and light. I believe soon we will turn the tide and all the people be love and live in harmony and peace

  • Natalia

    I believe there is no use of violence in ending violence. I know that from my personal life-i survived it. Violence is usualy applied in the countries that has imperfect law institutes/corruption and due to it ends with more violence. Using force in such conditions makes more chaos and results with moral, psychical and physical victims. People should be taught how to react to violence correctly to minimize consequenses as violence has its reasons, motives. Realizing them opens our consiousness and helps to grow courage in our inner standpoint. I understand that my opinion is not actual in the West. Its not even actual in contemporary Russia but its extremely important in the countries where ordinary people haverights only in papers.

  • Sike

    I think that violence don´t end with violence.
    Lot of violence is because of money. No food, no jobs and polluted nature.
    I have an idea, that would help with poverty and pollute problem, which means climate change also. If billion people would give one dollar per day, there would be billion every day for the common good. 365 billion in a year.
    Humans helping each other together is my advise.

  • Charles Albertus

    I feel that the Earth, it’s resources, it’s usefulness through human perception, is valued, whereas humans themselves are not. Our perception of humans desires creates a vision of market which is created not for the good of each other, though good for each other may be created, but for the drive to comfort, satisfaction not of the will but the comfort of the body. With such a perception being the driven creation, one finds it very possible to live in a totally comfortable world unfulfilled by the will of the spirit. This lack of fulfillment may feel like death for even the comfortable, and surely so for the many surviving through the days under an oppression without any material solace. From this world view arises innumerable instances for violence to be meted to each other. For when mans will to create and do within that creation is not the value of the market, the conception of use, then many men find themselves in the service of a use not their own. Charles Albertus

  • Katha Louise Schwartz

    Either we bypass our governments or let’s have one on one elections then zip it. No delegates, no messing with the actual votes cast. Just count them.

  • Daniel Schmitt

    Every time I hurt someone, I hurt myself. The reason therefore is that we’re all One.

    In the story of Harry Potter the Dark Lord separates his soul by killing one person. Every time he murders, his soul gets more unstable. Finally, he falls down because he had damaged his soul such a lot.
    This kind of allegory shows us that hurting someone else means hurting yourself because it means damaging your soul.

    Of course, if someone acts in immediate self-defense, so when you are completely overtaken by your protective instincts in a few seconds, that is another case. In such a case you didn’t have the time to reflect your actions. In such a short time, you didn’t have the “possibility” to let fear take control of you.

    Be aware when fear, rage, uncertainty take control over you. Those are the moments you hurt yourself and might hurt others physically/mentally as well. In fact, every time you nourish a negative thought/emotion/feeling, you “kill” yourself. You also “kill” your environment because the underlying energy is radiated.

    But finally, you cannot destroy anything because energy cannot be destroyed either. What it only does is changing its form of energy.
    To sum up, you do not destroy anyone by hurting him or her.

    So, why should you intend to hurt anyone if you simply cannot do it?
    Finally, maintaining the illusion of “killing” is meaningless and irrational. Furthermore, you cannot align with the positive energy while being in the mood of killing someone.
    It’s simply more fun not to kill someone because you could use your time more joyfully doing something you like instead of hurting someone. For most of us, it’s too simple to be true.


    We are all One! We are eternal energy! So why should we hurt another soul if we r all connected ? I do not believe destroying another soul, energy but we all have our own soul prints which is our forever change soul or energy personality. We can change forms, energy but our soul print will always be ours forever.

  • Beth Gingerich

    What Our New Human Cultural Story Might Say & How We Might Articulate It

    Humanity has united. War has disappeared; strife and
    fear are unknown. There is no want, no need unfilled; all resources are
    lovingly & mindfully tended, harvested and shared equally. Where enemies
    once thrived, now only loving companions exist. Disease and pestilence find no luxuriant
    breeding grounds; peace, love and good health abound worldwide.

    What will bring this about? One simple virtue. One powerful virtue. One virtue that can be adopted by every conscious being. Compassion. When each of us can look at the other,
    see their suffering and feel it as our own, we will learn to stop reacting in fear and begin to act in love. Compassion will prompt us to reach out to comfort their suffering, for in comforting their suffering, we comfort our own. We will truly understand and live by the ‘Golden Rule’.

    • Miguel Naranjo

      Beautifully expressed.

    • AKA Patrick

      AND we will live in Paradise “on Earth as It is in Heaven”.

  • Erin

    Dearest CwG Crew: One chapter = a year of input? At such rate, when is the anticipated publishing date on this book? Shouldn’t we have this in-hand when the ER goes into full-run mode? Blessings to wellness for All.

  • Michael Langlais

    What has often puzzled me about the persistent tendency of human beings to resort first to the use of violence and aggression, is its manifest irrationality. Does no one notice, when violence is employed to answer violence, that such an in kind rejoinder is at the same time a capitulation to the idea one resists? When one uses violence to “resist” violence, one has, in the same moment this action is decided upon, assented to the idea that violence and aggression is the “right” way to proceed. This self-refuting strategy is, at its core, irrational and fundamentally incoherent. One who employs violence to “fight” violence simply makes herself or himself a mirror for the ploy of the violent antagonist. The violence that one would resist is willingly received and rendered even more potent. Thus, as we can easily see in the many past and contemporary records of the Old Cultural Story, violence feeds and breeds violence. I would like to think that more people understand this than presently seems to be the case. Simply from the standpoint of practicality (yes, reason!), violence as a strategy doesn’t work. Why do we continue trying to make it work?

    • AKA Patrick

      This capitulation I call “The Pogo Mode”. In some ways, humans are like lemmings.
      Thank God we don’t just blindly march over the cliffs of Dover; but we do often unconsciously allow ourselves to be drawn into erroneous thinking and actions. Were we more spiritually conscious, we would be far less apt to do such things.

  • Michael Langlais

    That being said, it is, of course, not utility alone that informs the argument against the use of violence. There is a deeper religio-ethical objection to the use of violence under any circumstances. Violence is a violation of the sacred personhood of the human being. Violence dishonors, demeans, obscures, and ultimately destroys sacred human being. But this is an argument that few are prepared to engage on its own merits. Thus the preliminary appeal to utility and reason.

  • john

    Neale could you please and explain. to me the following. the information in going give is true and not false. I purchased and ebook in weakness and it lead me to 24hrs of fear and doubt. it shook me to the core. I was physically effected by the contents of the book. and still on small percentage. the title of book ill post if asked but id rather forget. the author was peter. he was not involved in religion or spiritual anything. he partied like there was no tomorrow during his teens and in to his 20s now. ill para phrase the rest of the book which is hard to do but ill do it. he was out on stormy cloudy night and was struck by lightening. and from that early 20’s he was on a dark road. of parties and beer. his personality as was low. he started on a quest for seeing was there a god. so he looked at religion bought books on the different regilons and then got a book called conversation with god. although peter never states the book he the author had conversation with god. this means yourself. moving on he then starts a conversation or a period of time with what he believed was god. however in the time that transpired it was not the case. his christain friend Debbie saw the conversations and on paper. she said he was not talking the with he was talking with THE D****L sorry not typing the word Neale. But Debbie said ask in the name of jesus Christ is this god. after some time he asked and he was told no its not its the name im not going to type Neale. and it physical attacked him and tourted him for nights on end. and long story short Debbie and her mother saved him. he was rebaptised and became a Christian. he does christain work all over the world. and married Debbie down the road.

    If God says in the conversation with God books and HOME WITH GOD. That there is no you know the name im not re-typing. and no hell. burning fires and tourture extra. after we the spirit leaves the body.

    Explain how does the you know ****** not exsit as God says. yet peter came face to face with you know who. What happens when leave the body is there only gods spirit kingdom or is more? Id like to know. Cause im conflicted and would like answers.

    Please Neale id love to hear from you.

    • Kristen

      Hi. I know this comment is old, but Neales God is Satan. Neale knows it and is making informed choice to continue. He is identified in Scripture as He of Lawlessness, and is fulfilling prophecies. Dont worry about, the real God has it under control!! Let fools be fools…..but don’t join them! K

    • Lesley Fraser

      What you seek is what u will find …. seek the truth you will find it …. however if are are to seek good you willl find what u think is so or you sesk evil you will find what u think is so …. i was 16 on deaths row due to tumor and i worked this out quite quickly…. however i seeked only the truth to wich i found Neale after almost a year of pleading to the unknown to know the truth before i go in saying this upon reading his books i realised i was already told everything that was in his books inthe most bizarre ways through tv random txt msg honeslty ways u wouldnt believe….. a wise man once said one beliefs form the illusion – william shakespear ….. i understood all of this at 16 ….you too can experience it by simply being still let go amd listen… i hope this helps…..

  • John Cox-Woolven

    The nations of the world expend large amounts of their GDP on their military capability and supporting infrastructure. You ask if violence should be used to end violence. You cannot end a fire by pouring on gasoline!
    Here is an idea. Bangla Desh has most of its army delegated to the United Nations as peacekeepers and so relies on the UN to come to its aid if defense is needed. What if we could get the other nations to follow suit? It would remove the aggressiveness of defending ‘home territory’. It would put all of the forces used into a ‘Peacekeeper’ mentality. It would encourage politicians to reduce spending on military hardware – they are as a whole, inclined to spend less when it is not within their national boundaries (they would not have the ‘toys’ to play with). The UN uses troops from more than one nation in each of its peacekeeper deployments, so it would generate a tolerant attitude to other nations troops and make them less willing to go into action against them in the future.
    Imagine the effect this would have on the current conflicts in Africa for example.

    OK, I don’t want to go on too long so I will now open this for comment, discussion, amendment, dismissal as irrelevant or unworkable, expansion into a plausible possibility etc. I hope I have at least given food for thought.

  • Anthony

    In reading all of the conversations with God material which ring true for me. I still find myself judging others, and making up the story that lies ahead. The big difference now is that I am catching myself doing it, and can try and correct the story. I am doing this daily everyday. So can we imagine the people who are totally caught up in the old stories about God and everything that comes with those teachings. Violence is the way that they would believe is the only way to solve violence. Its so ingrained in the american political system the even the politicains believe that the other is evil and will lead to the downfall of the American way of life. Imagine a political system without Republicans or Democrat’s, but just people who believe that they can make change for the better. I believe that violence may be needed at times but it has to be for the righ reason. I would use violence to stop someone from hurting myself and my family.
    As we make our rules for what is right and what is wrong in our evolution maybe violence will be a thing of the past. The gun question in America has been adopted as cultural rite of passage. Some peole go to church packing heat. Pray to God and hope to shoot to kill in Gods name. Amen….

  • Erin

    Re: Fear of God
    Dearest Beloveds,
    We have discovered through examining Our history with wiser eyes, that Fear has been a Grand Manipulator of Human Life, but with consequences more horrendous than the fear itself.
    We became easily separated from each other as well as our Natures, diswayed from our Creative talents…Anger, Resentment, & Confusion infiltrated our relating to All That Is, Freedom became almost non-existent…We came Fear-fully close to annihilating not only Our-kind, but All-kinds, through ‘this way’ of Beingness.
    With all my heart, I implore you, the Beautiful Children of Futures…Do not allow a repeat of this scenario…Never & Forever! May “Do No Harm”, Always & All ways, be ‘the way’ to move of your Life & those to come.
    Thank you, well in advance, for holding dear to Wisdoms gained of Our process.
    You are sooo Loved. <3

  • GH Annie

    Fear God? Why should we fear that which we ARE? God is Love is Joy is One is Us. God is Energy and Light and Soul. WE ARE God, Godding, to paraphrase Neale’s words. WE ARE Love and Joy and Light and Soul and One. I am you and you and you and you… just as you are all me. We have nothing – – no thing or person – – to fear. If I get to know me… really, REALLY, deep-down know me… then I know you and I know God. And there is no reason to fear that which is known.

  • mewabe

    Let’s use pure logic:

    Fear is a tool that we use to stay away from what we find, through experience, to be dangerous.

    Is God dangerous to us?

    Some creatures, wild or civilized, use fear to gain what they believe will be respect, to hold others at bay or get them to submit.

    Does God need to keep us at a distance or to cause us to submit by force? This would imply that God is afraid of us.

    Is God afraid of us?

  • João

    Fear God is fear ourselves and all that it’s represents. Everything. The needing to fear god, borns from the need to blame something for the unknown, and the acts committed by us in this illusions lifes for individuality and separation beings and things. A necessary condition to recognize ourselves.
    The experience is like a little piece of mirror, in each experiment , in each case, up to us to pick up the pieces to see the Big picture.

  • God is LOVE pure. Everything, you can imagine, is possible. You can fully trust life, you can always feel safe and be sure, that if you listen to your heart and follow it, your dreams will come through. If it seems rough sometimes, just ask youself, what did you choose to learn. Life is a journey to yourself, to understand life, to realise you have the same possibilities as God, since we are shaped the same way, with the same qualities….Just those few, which try to keep us in fear, to be able to control us, to use us and to keep as blind and unaware, they succeeded over thousands of years; they have had their role in the “game” – when everything got worse and worse, it helped people to wake up, to make a new decision for their life, for their heart and their trough (divine) nature. I love this game, however hard it was at times…when I took life too serious! Have fun! And spread it. Trust and share it. Stay centered and think about, what would you really like to live and to give! And remember that God knows your wishes even before you ask for them….remember to thank, that it is on the way to you, because he wants, what YOU want. So what do you really want? If you want peace, do you feel peacefull in yourself? You should be in peace first before you expect it from others. Help others to get what they want so you will get, what you want! Life is such a wonderful miracle and still scientists have found explanations for the energie, how it works, so it is no miracle at all, its all a matter of energie!

  • Philippe Demarche

    Of course we should never fear god; and of course this belief, as well as others beliefs mentionned through CWG, creates disaster.
    So a new cultural story about this is really a good idea.
    But as i read some coment from my human mates on this site, i observe that it is very hard to get rid of fear on a daily life.

    Could it be that our will to remove fear from our cultural story is actually a resistance that keep it in place?

    What you resist persist, what you observe loose its illusional form.

    I feel inspired at the idea to overlook fear with compassion, acceptation and some kind of inner-feeling-peace that fear is part of all that is. Sure, non-identification to fear is sane, but reject is insane.

    Compassion as well for people deeply caught in all those old myth. I would like to prevent ouselves – we people in evolution – to create unconsciously a division between us and all the other majority of human still unaware.

    Loving all that is. Thanksgiving for everything. God fear nothing, so may we let go to be the hand of god that fear nothing.

    • Jesse Farmer-Lowell

      Philippe Demarche…So very important…your request for “compassion as ell for people deeply caught in all those old myths”. We, in this conversation, are just beginning and if we build on the ego of “we know and are therefore, better”, we will simply continue a major existing stumbling block. We don’t “know”…we are discovering and trying to share that process in the most caring manner possible. Ignorance is not stupidity, and stupidity is in the “eye of the name-caller”. Thank you.

      • Philippe Demarche

        Thanks Jesse Farmer-Lowell, after 3 years i still feel this as inspiring; I had forgotten this message and your comment is an opportunity for me to remind it… funny how life proceed, isn’t it?

        You’ve just done part of the challenge that last conversations with god book invite us to do: the awaken within you refresh the awakening within me, althought we still have not experienced how enlightened we are.

        I feel now how much i have to be compassionate with myself as well, because as a spiritual being having a human experience, fear was still present in many forms. Compassion ans acceptation toward this fear helps to use it as a mean to feel who i really am and to stop identification to this very fear.

        I believe doing this work with myself helps other to do so.

  • We are all ONE, and all of the ongoing Creation serves to provide ONENESS with experiences in the multiverse of physical matter in order to continue to grow and evolve. Why, then, would there be any need to fear this loving energy that created our Souls for this very purpose? It would be self-defeating, as we are part of the ONENESS, and would therefore be fearing part of Who We Really Are. And if we were to fear one part, that fear—both the fearing of and the being feared—would affect us in negative ways as fear is the opposite of Love, which is what we ARE. Why voluntarily bring such negative energy into our existence?

    No, we need not fear that which we call “God.” Instead, we should connect with It and become familiar with It. In this way, we learn Who We Really Are.


  • Kimberly Parsons

    We are all One with God and each other. There is no separateness, we are connected by the Divine Matrix. All for One and One for All. The time has come to change from the “me and mine” world to the “We and Our world.”
    I was reading your sample chapters and I love your idea that we all come together, because this is exactly what I have been told how we will change the world. I am a writer also and I just had to share this. My conversations with God started in my early twenties (at least that is when I first noticed Him speaking to me). I have been receiving messages for years, and I was thrilled to see your book CWG come out. Because people literally thought I was kind of nutty when I spoke of God or Jesus or angelic beings. So I learned to keep my mouth shut most of the time. Then I saw your book and thought “Thank God, see Neale is not afraid to tell people he talks with God.” Anyway, long story short, I thought of some of my writings and I wish to share them with everyone.
    Years ago I saw our World going in a tailspin and I asked God, “How can we turn this around?” I received wonderful messages that are really very simple. “LOVE IS THE KEY” Dancing in Heaven while the Angels sing, Love is the Key to everything! by Kimberly Parsons (c) Simple really and if we just add a little compassion to our daily Love doses, Wow… miracles occur. Love and Compassion.
    This one is called “ALLOT” I live here too and pay rent. In my way I make a dent. Nothing can stop us when we work as One. Solving world problems can be easily done. With plenty for all and Love’s care. We can make wrongs right learning to share. by Kimberly Parsons (c)
    We are stewards here, guests really, not owners and we are to leave Gaia our gracious Mother’s home pristine. The Native Americans have always considered the next seven generations in their daily lives, what legacy will they be leaving for the next severn generations to come.
    We have the answers to our situation here. There is free clean energy for us to use that has been kept from us by those who make a profit from the energy industry. We have to come together as One people, not separate countries, the boundaries (bonds of enslavement) just serve to keep us separate and weak. We all just came into this world following the same steps our parents walked, and their parents …. I have asked “but why is it this way and why can’t we change it?” for as long as I can remember.
    There is nothing to fear, especially God. FEAR is false evidence appearing real.
    God is pure Love, and so are we. We come from Love, we are made of Love and to Love is where we shall return. It is time to be awaken to Ourselves. our I AM Presence. LOVE. Many blessings to all.

  • Rob H

    I feel like I have been waking up for years, from my earliest memory I have felt that I could create anything I put my mind too. I have always advocated taking responsibility for everything that happens to you and this has been my ethos during my adult life. Having read CGW a few months ago I have now realised that the thing we are all missing is the oneness with everything. On a daily basis we need to try and remember that we are all in this together and we should be working together to re create the world in the way God meant it to be. How we go about this, is something that we need to work on but if enough of us can remind people and show people the way God is trying to express itself through us then the change can happen.

  • Rob H

    One thing I think we should be doing is getting the message out through the school system. Schools in the UK are bound to teach about all religions and cultures. If we could get the CWG books accepted into the school curriculum as something that is to be discussed alongside other theologies then that would be a great starting point.

  • ruth

    Quedate en silencioso y siente tu ser en ti eso es estar consiente !

  • disqus_0I9Z18dqRe

    I am a young woman who has cerebral palsy and as a result need help with every day needs. I use to watch a lot of TV because although I can’t speak very well now it was difficult to be understood by people outside my nuclear family. Long story short, I learned to fear God because that’s how the characters did and also I live in a very Baptist town, sweet people, the fear of God is great here.
    Anyway, I have been on this spiritual journey and have realized many times that God and the angels are my best personal support workers and that’s including my family who I believe are “Earth Angels”. 🙂
    To me, to fear God is to fear a love that we can’t describe because to be without words was to be considered to use medieval language “dumb”
    although this may sound too dramatic, “God has healed me” I will never be able to walk or eat quickly on my own. Yet, self-love is what makes us able in my opinion not physicality If I may speak on that for just a 2nd,. If each soul is part of the soul of God as Mr. Walsh describes, why can’t he and she, 🙂 experience joy love and truth by speeding in a wheelchair or using sign language and etc. and one more comment about social reforms, when you use a “handy bus” to get around the driver has to be attentive. There is a lot of extra straps, the best bus driver I had while still in high school was Donna–she is transgender. So, even though I switched topics, I believe God should not be feared. For once we stop fearing the transcendent part, perhaps it will be easier for society to accept the different way human souls decide to come down. Which I believe would be instrumental in helping with getting rid of depression and anxiety disorders. Not to mention, wars based on different belief systems.
    In the words of Tiny Tim: “God bless us, every one!” 🙂

  • Julian R. Betancur

    There really is nothing to fear. As the book, A Course in Miracles explains, this world and everything in it is an illusion and the only reality is God and God being love there is only love. Where there is only love there is nothing to fear.

  • Sultan Dachgruber

    i was also afraid of my life and try to pretend that everything ist ok and function for others. Then i got Panic attacks whereupon my life abruptly changed. I met People (friends, Family and energizers) who helped me to get through and read a book after another. When i still got my dog which also opened my eyes, i began to realize. ok.. So i learn to communicate (with the Soul) with animals… after then i getting so happy because it was something for which my Soul has sought. I wanted to change. The city life, the noise! anything that was too much for me I wanted to get away. Now I look full of confidence in the future because I am happy and understand what ‘s going on with me. I find to myself! Thanks Neal! Your Friend, Sultan

  • Prem Lulla

    Neale Sir, I have no words that will express my gratitude. I read the first book of CwG series way back in 1994, had written a personal letter of thanks to you by snail mail in 1995. Since then have been in touch with your books, have read them several times. The book “Communion with God” is my bible, I keep referring to it again and again, little by little.It is my Bible, My Quran and My Geeta. As you have appealed to us in Global Conversations, I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences of the CwG books and materials in social media, blogs etc. Once again, I can not end my passage without a few words of gratitude. Your presence on earth at this point of time is appreciated. You inspire me. My life now makes sense and In fact I am thrilled to think of the potential of times ahead; It is an opportunity to recreate our life in tune with the best vision that I have.

  • Josie

    The beauty of the world is in the eye of the beholder. This is how the old saying goes. We all see it, feel it, hear it and smell it. I have seen the world in many different ways through this life journey I am taking now. I am happy to say that I am now at a time in my life where I thought nothing else could fit into my perspective or give the answers to what my soul needs.
    Because I have had an extraordinary life with many experiences, I couldn’t decipher why this had all happened to me in this life so far. CwG was given to me as a physic method to get the questions I were longing for very quickly, so I gave it a go. I was amazed by the message that I got and couldn’t contain myself. I purchased the books and have just finished with number 1 and am going to continue this journey. It feels so right, it gave me some clarity on my life and our purpose for being here in this life. I cant stop telling people about it and the acceptance is amazing, because we all actually know somewhere inside that there has to be something else. I always knew it wasn’t a secret! Lets share with the world!!!!!

  • Kundi Hess

    I’m joining the conversation as an Evolutionary Woman who is committed to co-creating a more loving world and helping humanity and Gaia in her ascension process. For today I’m leaving notes from Generation One with Barbara Marx Hubbard … still valid today …

    What does it mean to be an Evolutionary Leader?
    1. We need to have a sense of the emergence, of something that is growing out of these crises; we have an innate intuition towards what’s emerging in ourselves and in the larger world.
    2. Pattern recognition – since we have looked at the long history of evolution, we’ve seen the patterns of nature and evolution – crises precede transformation, nature makes jumps to a new whole. Now if we’re really in one of those shift points, the jump we’re working towards is something we haven’t seen before but we can interrupt the jump and have the direction be toward higher consciousness, greater freedom, greater connectivity. We have atunement toward this direction.
    3. We’re expecting to participate in whole system shifts, radically new and unpredictable from its parts. We have 100 trillion cells inside our physical bodies; we can’t predict the whole person from the cell. We really need to have a sense of an emergent whole, one which has never been seen before, but it can be intuited when we see all the things that are emerging around us.
    4. We need vocation, a calling; we need to be led from within by something that we are yearning to express. We need to be able to self-calibrate by asking ourselves every day, ‘what part am I playing in my own path.’ Because the situation and life circumstances are in radical flux with increasing complexity, exactly how we are going to be leading and guiding even oneself is a very major question.
    Barbara Marx Hubbard, Generation One course notes
    Theme: Evolutionary Leadership and New Emergent Organizations

  • Matthew

    I just wondered whether any sort of register or database was set up compiling a list of those that had activated their kundalini..the all body orgasm with god ‘experience’ that was discussed in the original series of conversations books?
    It is an extremely vivid and identifiable process..I am not talking about a few tingles but a genuinely life changing event (sequence of events) that thrusts one into a God..Knowing..state..its been a natural part of my life since the end of 2002..still as thrillingly engaging today as it was way back then.. Fuelled in no small way by my having read the first book..interestingly the first flash occured before I read about it in the 2nd book (I think).
    I realise that these days many folk are cashing in on kundalini via youtube, without having any direct experience of this momentous event.
    I just wondered if a register of sorts was compiled as Im sure some pretty exciting stories could be well as some exciting future possibilities for problem solving..awakening this in others..transcendental meditation techniques etc..


  • Patti Vargas

    I’m grateful for this article. It confirms what I have
    intuitively felt since November of 2016. It appears that the train wreck that is
    this administration has its purpose: To shine a light on all the aspects of personal
    and public life that are repugnant to anyone with a notion of decency. Silly
    me, here I was thinking that 60 years since the civil rights movement, and 97
    years since the passage of the 19th amendment, we might have abolished
    racism and sexism for a majority of the American public. So naïve. What this
    president has done is to give license to the underbelly of our society who
    still believe that others are less valuable due to their race, religion or sex.
    The disgusting display of these perverse values, not only by the present
    administration, but also by the majority party in congress, has shed a light on
    the de-evolution we seem to be experiencing in this county. And it is not
    confined to this country; I also see, in spite of the socialist democracies
    that do flourish throughout the globe, we still experience poverty, deprivation
    and violence.

    When I look around at my circle of friends, most of my
    relatives, co-workers and acquaintances, I perceive a group of people who put
    love and compassion ahead of personal needs and agendas, and for that I am
    grateful. But as I interact with others on social media and the internet, I see
    many more, even here in my community, who stand by values that do not
    contribute to the progressive, positive evolution of humanity. This concerns me
    deeply. Therefore I am so happy to have read the beginning chapters of this
    book and I will encourage others to read it as well. It excites me to know that
    I can participate with others in this beautiful evolution that the light of
    love and compassion has inspired Neale and others to take positive action.

  • Love

    WHO AM I – “I Am Love And Love Is Everything”

    WHERE AM I – “Everywhere”

    WHY AM I WHERE I AM – “To Exist”

    WHAT DO I INTEND TO DO ABOUT THAT – “To Exist In Love With Everything Everywhere”

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    I see there isn’t much activity and I have not been active either. With all that is going on in our world today, I just wanted to check in and see what others may be feeling. I still feel goodness will overcome hatefulness and Love is my anchor still. Should we tell others to fear Creator, NO. Fear is a counter productive emotion, and used by our current society to attempt to keep members isolated and confused. We, humans, are just a part of Creation, not the dominate ones, just a small member of the Oneness and we need to respect all existence and grant others the same rights as we desire for ourselves. Freedom is our right and to give up our choices to others is to give us our freedom, which many seem to desire to take and give up because it is too much work to think and reason. Watch what others do, not what they say, as their acts tell us who they are, and when they take from us they are not dealing with our interest at heart and must not be trusted to do what is best for us all. When one harms another, they are harming us all, and will treat us all the same way as they treat others.
    Well I ramble but do wish us all comfort and peace of heart as we forge ahead in learning to love one another.

  • James Wagner

    Remember the Law of Opposites guys! When you declare to achieve or become something, it’s opposite will immediately show itself that you may have a context to experience the thing you desire. The more we decide and realize who we really are, the crazier things will be until the Tipping Point. Otherwise how would we experience true heaven on earth for all of humanity? So remember that the chaos is really context. It’s not who you are. It’s not who we all are. It’s just a tool to compare. Though, of course, I could be wrong about all of this. XD

  • Stuart Sweeney

    So should we tell our children father christmas exists or should we not lie to them. This therefore would ‘ruin’ christmas for them but then we wouldnt be lying to them, so maybe then the future will be more truthful.

  • Alex Maelstrom

    The very fabric of our world & universe is influenced and set in motion by our thoughts, actions and emotions. All is but a wondrous dream made up of infinite ever lasting vibration, frequency and energy. In other words: we are STARDUST.