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As a perfect example of the kind of exchange we hope to generate, let us present in this first edition of our newly-designed newspaper a comment placed here very recently by a reader posting as “Blake.” Here is what he had to say…

Neale…You are frantically repeating yourself over what God wants. What’s up with that? Do you actually believe in that Revelation nonsense that was pounded in your head since you were a kid?

The world looks bad if your filters are set to only look at the bad. Set your filters to see love and then relax. If we fail again as a species, we will die and rise again as another life form.

All this save the world stuff isn’t getting you any brownie points with the religious peoples in the world. I learned that there are three ways to be touched by God. The first is religion, the second is spirituality and the third is connection; connection is the highest form of mastery.

Which are you Neale?


First let me say, my friend, that I am not trying to “earn any brownie points with the religious people in the world.” If I were, I would hardly have offered the world a book of my personal conversations with God.

Second, and most important, I want to respond to your suggestion to me. You have said: “Set your filters to see love and then relax.” My response is a series of questions: Is this what Moses did? Is this what Jesus did? Is this what Muhammad did?

As Mewabe pointed to in his own response to your posted Commnet,  is this what you would have had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. do? After all, he was a man of the cloth, a minister. What business did he have poking his nose into the politics of his day?

And what about Saint Elizabeth of Portugal? Was she “setting her filters to see love, and then relaxing” when twice in the 14th Century she placed herself in the middle of a battlefield between opposing armies, both times stopping a war and causing terms of peace to be arranged?

Is this the kind of “relaxing” you have in mind, Blake? Or is there a place in the lives of Spiritual Messengers to be spiritual activists such as those above? Can those with a deeply spiritual inclination see the perfection of all the conditions around them—as a perfect Contextual Field in which to seek to create the next highest version of Perfection, inviting everyone to a new level in the expression of Divinity?

It is true that, as you say, “The world looks bad if your filters are set to only look at the bad.” But what if you see a circumstance as neither “good” or “bad,” but simply “what is” — and then merely choose to change “what is” so that it more closely represents Who You Are now? Is that not the whole purpose of life, and the entire Agenda of the Soul? If not, what is?

If we pass by an alley in which we see a person being attacked and crying for help, should we simply walk on as we “set our filters to see love, and relax?”

What say ye, Blake?

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  • Awareness

    “What the soul is after is—the highest feeling of love you can imagine. This is the soul’s desire. THIS IS ITS PURPOSE. The soul is after the feeling. Not the knowledge, but the feeling. It already has the knowledge, but knowledge is conceptual. Feeling is experiential. The soul wants to feel itself, and thus to know itself in its own experience.

    The highest feeling is the experience of unity with All That Is. This is the great return to Truth for which the soul yearns. This is the feeling of perfect love.

    Perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to color. Many think that white is the absence of color. It is not. It is the inclusion of all color. White is every other color that exists, combined.

    So, too, is love not the absence of an emotion (hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, covetousness), but the summation of all feeling. It is the sum total. The aggregate amount. The everything.

    Thus, for the soul to experience perfect love, it must experience every human feeling.

    How can I have compassion on that which I don’t understand? How can I forgive in another that which I have never experienced in Myself? So we see both the simplicity and the awesome magnitude of the soul’s journey. We understand at last what it is up to:

    The purpose of the human soul is to experience all of it—so that it can be all of it.

    How can it be up if it has never been down, left if it has never been right? How can it be warm if it knows not cold, good if it denies evil? Obviously the soul cannot choose to be anything if there is nothing to choose from. For the soul to experience its grandeur, it must know what grandeur is. This it cannot do if there is nothing but grandeur. And so the soul realizes that grandeur only exists in the space of that which is not grand. The soul, therefore, never condemns that which is not grand, BUT BLESSES—seeing in it a part of itself which must exist for another part of itself to manifest.

    The job of the soul, of course, is to cause us to choose the grandeur—to select the best of Who You Are—without condemning that which you do not select.

    This is a big task, taking many lifetimes, for you are wont to rush to judgment, to call a thing “wrong” or “bad” or “not enough,” rather than to BLESS what you do not choose.

    You do worse than condemn—you actually seek to do harm to that which you do not choose. You seek to destroy it. If there is a person, place, or thing with which you do not agree, you attack it. If there is a religion that goes against yours, you make it wrong. If there is a thought that contradicts yours, you ridicule it. If there is an idea other than yours, you reject it. In this you err, for you create only half a universe. And you cannot even understand your half when you have rejected out of hand the other.” – “Conversations with God” book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
    Beautiful, I LOVE IT 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Jessica

    I have the same problem too that drives me absolutely insane. And bloody hell, I am so surprised on how and why your entry resonates me so much!!!! It is surprising normal for people in this world to “set filters to only see the good”, and I know of professionals who actually teaches this method to people. As a result of this, and not a lot of us read spiritual books, (nor have the thought of reading one) it is the very essence of having this filter, that they miss what was causing them both feeling bad or having a bad experience, then they because of that they had fixed nothing, and continuing whatever was going on with their life, being both in damnation, and irresponsible in what is happening to them. You can’t blame anyone though, because its just a beautiful mistake.

    I know friends who are in the hands of people who told them to use filters. I can only use my bare eyes to see exactly how they fail, among my friends, and all I can do is absolutely nothing. And guess what happened despite the best professional help possible to tell them to “look at the good”? They stay as they were, just as emotional as before, with their wounds unhealed.

  • Erin

    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    It has been my personal experience thusfar, that there are few things one cannot change…and at this moment I can’t even think of something that is not possible to adjust in direction if the ‘wanna’ is truly there. I have also noticed that the Nature of here is quite co-operative of one’s efforts, and especially so when many join focus…A grand Life partner, indeed!
    As for Courage & Wisdom…Waaayll, these do not seem to be the strongest of essences we/We express from these days. These are ways that come from Elders & Old Souls, and have We not harmed both immensely in the last few generations of becoming?
    Even though, I still feel that the saying itself is relevant to topic.

    Does not a flame shine brightest in the dark? Light a few more candles, and “Wa-la!” a well-lit space exists! 🙂

    (Can we focus on the transparency thing with this regard? Idk about you guys, but it is becoming increasingly unnerving listening to hypes & non-senses ever-brewing in the stuff around us…especially noted in politics, militaries, & media. Surely there would be more entertainment in playing this game in grand nudity & lettin’ the junk get some airing out, No?) (There’s yer cue, K.! Have fun with that! :D)

  • mewabe

    If you hunger to experience perfection and peace, at least one in a while, rather than using filters to see only the “good” in the world, routinely spend some time alone in the wilderness, a few hours, a day, two days, or as long as you need.

    Why the wilderness? Because this is where nature remains (almost) pristine, where it looks as if it had been created yesterday, where humans have altered very little of the natural world, not enough to affect its energy and essence, which are very spiritual.

    Why is the wilderness a spiritual place? Because in it, through it, the unity of the original creation remains mostly whole, and is very easy to witness. It is the easiest place to experience the unity of all life, of “All That Is”, and your oneness with all life.

    Release your mind to nature…it will take you back to the original unity, the original blessing of all life, and gently bring you back to the here and now in which dwells your soul, in infinity and eternity.

    Then you can look at the human world with new eyes, with a clear mind, and see it for what it is: not an illusion but a collective dream, a mental, emotional and physical construct that has very little in common with the original intent of Life, which are peace, love, happiness and fulfillment, and above all HARMONY.

    You will see then, clearly, that if humans are suffering, it is because they have chosen to suffer, because they want to suffer, as you will understand that this suffering is completely unnecessary. And as long as they cherish their pain, human beings will keep advancing on the path that leads away from peace, from love, from spiritual fulfillment, from happiness, a path of chaos and strife that lays moments away, inches away from absolute perfection, but that is mentally light years apart.

  • mewabe

    About keeping quiet:

    “I decided it is better to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity.”
    Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope

  • Blake

    Is acting as a highly evolved
    being (HEB) wrong in our present human condition? I read CWG Book III and I
    agree with how the HEB lives its life. In CWG Book I, God say’s despots must be
    stopped or their despotism will continue to flourish. The HEB would let go of
    its life instead of stopping a despot. The Prophet Muhammed said that the martyr
    must die to bring change to the world.

    The HEB believes that life is
    endless, and in one of Neale Donald Walsch’s (NDW) books he asks God about the
    abortion debate (I am paraphrasing here in all my quotes) God said life is
    endless so the question of abortion is moot.

    If NDW is teaching us that life is endless
    what is the point in killing the despot? And in NDW book “The Little Soul and
    the Sun” NDW teaches that life and death are illusions and that I am sharing in
    an experience of a way of being with another soul that loves me

    And, what about unconditional
    love, is practicing this kind of love a bad thing in our evolutionary stage of
    life? Or is NDW only speaking about the perfect love of God?

    The Martin Luther King’s, the
    Gandhi’s, the Hitler’s, the Mao’s, in our society are these people not
    templates of change in the world. If unconditional love was present for them
    would that change be different in the eyes of the observers?

    Dr. Michael Newton author of “Journey
    of Souls” points out in one of his case studies that the Jewish Holocaust was
    an event of willing participants having an experience of a way of being. The
    twenty five core messages states there are no victims and no perpetrators doesn’t
    this prove Dr. Newton’s discovery?

    What if I lived my life as a
    reflection of a HEB from now on? What if I live unconditionally to the best of
    my ability? What if I am willing to die as a martyr for the cause of peace? If
    life is endless why not live full out every moment, every hour, every day?

    And if a despot confronts me
    why not submit to him and give him a hug instead of my fist? If he tortures me,
    beats me, kills me, in my last breath I will remind him of his perfection and
    be forgiving and love him unconditionally.

    Isn’t this the message of all
    the masters Neale…? Or did I get it wrong and I am insane?


    • mewabe

      Blake, some more thoughts:

      “Is acting as a highly evolved being (HEB) wrong in our present human condition?”

      Acting is irrelevant. Being is what matters. Notice that HEB does not translate into Highly Evolved Acting. If you indeed ARE evolved to the point of matching what Neale defines as a HEB, then all your questions are mute. There is no question, the only choice for you is to be and act in accordance with your being.

      But if you are not evolved to that degree. then your questions about how to act are rooted in the old desire to follow MODELS of behavior, to emulate, to follow a theology, to follow a “how to live” series of suggestions, of spiritual ideals that have little to do with who you are, and which may actually oppose who you are, making you a perfect fake.

      How to be a perfect fake: today I will act like Jesus even though I FEEL like yelling at my neighbor (or boss, or the person who cut me off on the highway, or whoever irritated me).

      Being a fake is not being spiritual. For example, if you feel lille using your fist but stop yourself because the ideal suggests that it would be better to be unconditionally loving and understanding, you are not acting from authenticity and are entering into conflict with yourself. Civilized society, strictly ruled by laws, asks this of all of us all the time, which is why it routinely erupts in massive displays of unhinged barbarism such as wars, genocides and mass killings.

      Evolution does not come from faking it. When you ARE truly unconditionally loving and understanding, you need no rules, no theology, no commandments and no law to act in perfect harmony with your BEING love, without ANY inner conflict, without having to stop or second guess yourself, and then there are no more questions about how to act.

      • Blake

        I guess your anger missed the point of my letter. I apologize for not being clearer to you. Being perfectly imperfect I do not act I be and from now on I won’t make that mistake with you.

        Using violence to be authentically human tells me that violence is a way of life for people who use it. Marshal Rosenberg author of Nonviolent Communication would disagree with your observations around dealing with violent people.

        I am naturally loving and I am a pacifist. Violence creates violence, and more violence creates more violence. I see the illusion and I am content if you choose not too then your experience will be different from mine.

        I want to understand that what I am reading and choosing to retain in the books that I choose to read are saying what I know in my gut that the way people in the world are being with each other is a way that can be more evolved than an eye for an eye mentality.

        Why is my way of being more unbelievable than people who are being fear in their lives is fear the accepted form of being on earth than love? Why can’t my way of being love transform the despots in the world rather than being fear and striking out using violence to destroy the despot?

        The despot is not the problem. Life is full of despotism and must I use violence to hand out retribution when understanding that the despot is working to create a better world for him and his people by demanding a basic human need.

        Did you know that Hitler wanted to feed, clothe and put his people back to work allowing them to be self sufficient after being torn apart by the first world war.

        Did you know Mao and Gandhi were alike when it came to their countries being run by a foreign nation that wanted to bleed their peoples dry of their resources leaving them slaves to the occupiers.

        Yes, these men were not perfect, and yes they made mistakes, and yes to others they were despots, if we had allowed them to flourish how do you know the world wouldn’t be a better place. We don’t! The winners write the history.

        I think when the Africans came to the United States the biggest mistake they made was to embrace Jesus and Christianity. The same goes with the Natives. Christianity and all religions teach despots how to keep the people in a state of slavery for the rest of their lives because religious messages that came from Prophet’s taught unconditional love, freedom, and happiness for all. The people in power twisted the messages and turned them against the masses so they could get people to die for their insecure, fear driven causes.

        So, go ahead fight for the little guy, the disenfranchised, the racism, the white privilege what your really fighting is yourself and your experiencing internalized oppression thinking that the despot is you all along.


        • mewabe

          It is very strange that you would read anger in my answer, as there was none whatsoever. This is how human perception works, always as a mirror, as what we choose to see in another is more often that not a part of ourselves.

          I never spoke of violence but force. There is a huge difference.

          Gandhi. MLK used force, in a non-violent manner. They asserted their truth, with is forceful and powerful by nature. But they did not hurt or kill anyone, nor did they encourage or tolerate their people to be violent.

          Mao and Hitler, on the other hand, used violence.

          I have no internalized oppression, neither do I have insecure, fear driven causes. I follow no one but my inner compass, my own soul, which clearly tells me that compassion is an expression of love.

          When aniother asks for help, I do not turn my back, saying “you are not a victim and life is an illusion anyway, so just die and let me be at peace”.

          And to be clear…there is no anger here either 🙂

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Blake, you did not get it wrong. You are just Incomplete in your understanding. Was Jesus a HEB? If so, why was he also one of the greatest political activists of all time?

      Blake, it is one thing to say that if a despot confronts you, you will give him a hug instead of your fist, and in your last breath remind him of his perfection. It is another thing to say that if you see a despot attempting to kill a child in her crib, you will “set your filter to see love, and then relax.”

      You are right. Gandhi was a template to change the world. You are right, Martin Luther King Jr. was a template to change the world. Did they change it by sitting around doing nothing? Or by becoming world-affecting political activists? Which was it, Blake? Which was it? Unconditional Love WAS present in Gandhi and Dr. King. And in Jesus, too. Yet Unconditional Love does not mean Doing Nothing while Rome in burning.

      Doing nothing is not “the message of all masters.” Nor is hugging the man who is killing the child. Hugging the man who is killing YOU is much different from watching a child being killed as you hug the man who is doing it. And if hugging alone would stop him, fair enough. But what if it won’t? What then, Blake?

      Mewabe asks essentially the same question in his response to you. Compassion, as he points out, is part of Mastery, part of the experience of Highly Evolved Beings, and part of Unconditional Love. What makes a person a Highly Evolved Being is that a person responds in a way which reveals and demonstrates his authentic self, just as Mewabe says. If Who You Are is Compassion in the presence of the suffering of others, then you will act with Compassion—even if the action you take does not seem like the action that a pacifist “should” take.

      Compassion may require Action that modifies pacifism. Compassion and Indifference to the suffering of others are at opposite ends of the scale of human emotion. I am certain that you are not espousing Indifference to the suffering of others, Blake. But what, then, are you espousing? If you are directly faced with such suffering, and could take action to stop it—even if that action meant using your power to stop the suffering—what do you espouse, Blake? Relax? Relax and let the suffering continue? Or use your power for good in the world?

      Jesus stepped in when they were going to stone Mary Magdalene. He did not stand there and “set his filter to see love,” and then “relax” as the angry crowd stoned the woman to death. No. He stepped between the crowd and the woman and challenged the crowd. “Let those without sin among you cast the first stone.”

      This was the compassionate, powerful act of an activist. So was his chasing the money changers out of the Temple, waving a knotted rope and shouting, “You brood of vipers! You hypocrites!” Was Jesus a pacifist, Blake? Or are you saying that he was NOT a HEB?

      Pacifism in the abstract is one thing, but pacifism in the concrete world of stone throwers may require a different way of keeping the peace.

      I notice with some sadness, Blake, that you totally, completely, utterly and absolutely avoided answering my question. I will, nevertheless, not let you escape the inquiry as a means of invalidating it. I shall pose the question again:

      If we pass by an alley in which we see a person being attacked and crying for help, should we simply walk on as we “set our filters to see love, and relax?”

      What say ye, Blake?

      • Blake

        I posted my comment in the wrong place.


      • Blake


        I agree with you as far as the statements of activist and I am aware of the pain (Suffering you told me does not exist) that people choose to feel. I am sure that their choice is unconscious and the Master is conscious of his/hers choices in everything they choose.

        I do not believe Jesus was a HEB. I accept the Qurans judgement that Jesus is a man that is a Prophet just as you are a Prophet Neale, and fifteen hundred years from now there will be countless books written on your works praising you as one who has had a profound spiritual experience being touched by the perfect love of God.

        Of course time will tell by the people in power if they begin to write in between the lines of what you have written and promote you to the ages as a Son of God teaching all things that these men and women of power will promote them staying in power and wealth and attributing it all to you. Of course everything that will be written about you Neale will be others interpretation of what you received from the Almighty God Himself.

        As CWG becomes a world consciousness and your demize brings praises by all and people upon their transitioning will expect to see your spirit as they enter into the Other Place beyond. I am sure to see you at the other side of your pearly gates greeting me as my savior in the land of plenty.

        You see Neale, it’s not what you write that will be important as much as you having the voice of God in your ear. The Prophet Muhammed couldn’t read or write so he surrounded himself with the wealthy and powerful people that could.

        In the first two Sirus of the Quran there I read beautiful passages of unconditional love, compassion and Joy that Allah wanted for the world. Allah praised women as equals and said that all creatures were created equally and are to be honored. Allah said that when you die your really not dead that you continue. Allah spoke to all people as being one.

        Many of the messages you received Neale were identical to the messages the Prophet Muhammed received. It is just that the rich and powerful wanted to control the masses by using Muhammed words as their written laws. Soon in the Sirus’s following the first two women began to lose rights and religious bashing began as the rich and powerful made Muhammeds messages grandiose and we all know what religious grandiosity brings; war and destruction.

        As the Quran continued the Kings that embraced it began requiring their peasants to embrace Muhammed as a great General as they sent the prophet off to war where Muhammed was seriously injured killing him eight years later.

        Do you see the seriousness and the responsibility of being a Prophet Gods right hand man. I tell you all this because I see similarities in all the Prophets lives from Abraham, to Moses, to John the Baptist, to Jesus, etc. etc. etc. to you Neale you are in for some deep do when the people you call fan’s will turn you into a Religion.

        I may be a coward at times not standing up for the weak. I may not be an activist throwing the money changers out of the Temple. I do know that you have begun a process that will transform the way people see and know God and this responsibility has fallen on your head.

        I too believe that this life is your final incarnation because frankly Neale your entire existence as a being of light has taken a Higher Evolved Being step whether you like it or not. Blessings to you Neale on your continued journey.

        I will be teaching your messages for the rest of this incarnation and willingly beyond.


        • Blake

          Oh! Neale by the way. The Quran says that all people must honor all of Allah’s Prophets and know their words as His.

          So, I am using this point to getting Muslims to read your books.


  • AimeAtch

    “Is acting as a highly evolved being (HEB) wrong in our present human condition?”

    Just being a HEB does not seem to help in any way. It is not that it is right or wrong.

    There is no absolute way or the other. Being balanced and centered is at the opposite of our human condition at this time, in our current social requirements. So a HEB is more likely to be isolated, over or under adapted to this world, but most of the time rejected or misunderstood in many ways. The collective consciousness is not there yet. And any organized system works as long as there are imbalances, we are still in the infancy stage of human evolution. A HEB is naturally happy and always giving and totally available to every living thing equally and with no judgment. Can anyone understand this way of being? I guess the best that a HEB can probably do is to try to immerse him/herself into the collective consciousness, and keep his/her heart wide open.

  • Viatcheslav

    Good afternoon! I’ve been trying
    to reach you on your website as well as Facebook page few times but
    unfortunately got no respond as such. Life never stops. It is necessary to
    constantly develop the concept of life starting from already existing unrelated
    theories to a well-grounded world view with its
    facts and evidences of the structure of Life. People still have not perceived
    the great wisdom of Life. It is still not understood what human Soul, the major
    directive in life, is.

    Still there is no reasonable
    explanation of human essence and it’s Soul. There is a variety of theories but
    no harmonious concept of it. If you have no idea what Soul is and how it
    functions then you are not able either to do or to understand anything
    rationally. In order to manage their thoughts and feelings humans need to
    understand spiritual structure. Just
    imagine yourself riding a brumby horse and you don’t know where it would take
    you to. The reins of government are in your hands once you realize how to
    control your “racer” being guided by the state of your mind. It is time to
    proceed to a rational and harmonious development path where both spiritual and
    material human components are considered.

    In 2014 “Modern
    understanding of life. Human essence. How to live by spirit”(95 pages,
    Russian language) book was published in Ukraine that shortly and simply
    describes a new concept of world view. Also the book answers such questions
    like what physically Mind, Spirit and Soul are, how to use them in daily life
    and what is necessary to step on the harmonious path of human development. The
    book is non-fiction and is based on facts and evidences in accordance with the
    scientific theory of physical vacuum and represents a concept of a new world
    view, designed to replace the outdated materialistic Darwin’s theory.

    inform me about your readiness to insight and discuss this book.

    Vyacheslav .

    This text was translated from Russian into
    English, please let me know your opinion on the quality of the translation.
    Thank you.

    • Awareness

      Greetings Vyacheslav 🙂 Is the book available for online reading?

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Kristen

      Excellent translation and good grammar. It does not read as a translation at all, which are very often disjointed and very noticeable.

  • Therese

    For me, “set our filters to see love, and relax” is the same as “just take it on faith”, as the answer to all of my questions about God as a youth. The are both the stock answers which replaces having to say, “I don’t know.” They are both excuses instead of saying “I don’t know what to do.” or, worse yet, “If I look at it too closely, I’ll have to do something, and I am too afraid to do anything that would make people not like me.”

    Every philosophy has some version of the Be-Do-Have paradigm. Thought, word, deed. Father (thought) Son (and the Word was made man…) and Holy Spirit (Deed).

    As God said in CWG, and I also resonate with, noticing is not the same as judging. If we notice something is not working, for us or for others, then thinking about it is not going to change it. But why change it? Because “static” does not describe life. If one is always being the same thing, there is no experience, there is no expression of who we are. Each moment of our lives holds the opportunity to decide (thought), declare (word) and demonstrate (deed) who we really are….which, of course, includes people who will do nothing…which is okay, because it allows others to know themselves as people who do something.

    I, personally, see this world as a place that can be “better” (in human terms and experience), so I will set my filter to love…and do.

  • Viatcheslav

    Ukraine published a paper book “Modern understanding of life. Device of man” in Russian. I can send anyone interested. Electronic version is also in Russian.

  • Blake

    Neale and Mewabe,

    This conversation has me on edge; I am reexamining how I
    am living my life. I see that in most instances in my living as an Elder that I
    am passive and not reactive. I am running from myself by acting as the coward
    and the coward in me is dictating my future way of being.

    My maturity has brought me to
    the level of the archetype of the bleeding deacon and not the elder-statesman.
    I find myself in a difficult position a position of being that I have been
    comfortable with for the past fourteen years since my diagnoses of my mental

    Living in a marriage my wife
    asks me to wash the dishes I struggle with the task because I am comfortable
    being tended too by my wife as I have given her the role of caregiver to me. In
    my thinking the caregiver does the dishes and I reap the reward of having not
    to do anything.

    When I do the task of washing
    the dishes I want acknowledgement from my wife for being a hero. I crave praise
    from others for everything I do. I have very low expectations of myself and
    find that I play a significant role as a moaner and a letch.

    You have asked me Neale, if we
    pass by an alley in which we see a person being attacked and crying
    for help, should we simply walk on as we “set our filters to see
    love, and relax?”

    The answer to your question
    is; I would call the police and let them deal with it.

    I have a different question:
    I am walking down the street and hear a person yelling frantically for help as
    they are on a second floor flat and fire is consuming the building rapidly.
    There under the window is a latter; the flames are such that I would be burned
    a bit if I approached the latter. Would I:

    Be a hero and grab the latter
    being slightly burned in the process, place the latter against the burning
    building, climb the latter and save the day?

    Be the helper and grab the
    latter being slightly burned in the process, placing the latter against the
    building allowing the people to descend on their own?

    Call the fire department and
    wait for help?

    Walk away?

    My first thought would be the
    hero. And if the people in the burning building were my family I would risk my
    life to save them all. If they were strangers my choice though would be I would
    call the fire department and wait for help.

    I am not the helper in my
    life because helping others might get me a thank you but, not praise for being
    a hero. I play the hero to much and the coward often because life to me is
    black or white never grey.

    I live in fear I am afraid of bad things
    happening to me if I take a risk. I talk a big deal, and I have great things to
    share with people. And I help people when they ask for help. I rescue more
    people and create more problems so that I can fix those problems and be a hero.

    Neale, I am angry at you
    because you are living the life that I am afraid to live. You are no hero and
    you are not a coward. You are a helper and that is what makes me so envious of
    you. Or is it jealousy?

    I struggled to put two
    workshops together, one was a men’s workshop and the other was a community
    workshop. I got the right advice from the right people and I did everything by
    myself. Everyone praised me as a hero for putting these two seminars together
    and I was afraid to ask for help; I was afraid because I would have to lead
    people and be powerful, unrelenting and have it all together.

    The men’s workshop happened
    badly from lack of my leadership. The Community workshop fell apart and didn’t
    happen; again because of my lacking of being a leader. I realized finally that
    I am a follower and not a leader. People see me leading the way and that is my
    ego leading not the man leading.

    In summary: I am living and not living. I am
    stuck up in my head as the archetype of the magician. I rarely do what it takes
    to break away from this position I am in. I spend too much time reading books
    than actually living life taking risks. And writing these posts are more
    spiritual masturbation than they are being a story maker.

    Frankly Neale and Mewabe, I
    am loss for words at this point. You two are a good match you both have the
    stuff to transform others. I trigger others.


    • mewabe

      Blake, this is truly a surprising reply, as you are opening up…

      A lot of what is shared here is about ideas, and is not very personal. And yet we are all human, with our limitations and struggles. There is the ideal, the spiritual understanding, and then there is the reality, and none among us is, or should be, asked to be perfect, to match a perfect ideal.

      Look at nature: beautiful life grows from decay. The more thorough the decay, the richer and more vibrant the life. Similarly, from all our imperfections deeper understanding emerges. Another way to put it: darkness is the womb of light.

      Thank you for being so honest. From what I get, it seems that you are very hard on yourself. Have some compassion for yourself, otherwise you will not be able to heal, you will instead try to whip and lead yourself. The point of a spiritual journey is not to be perfect, but how we deal with our imperfections, not judging but healing. We cannot force ourselves to be anything, but you can face our fears in order to allow yourselves to express more of who we truly are.

      It all boils down to love, Blake. There is no mystery…a very young child knows it. If you return to the simplicity of the child, you will see things much more clearly. Go into your heart. How much can you love? And what stands in the way of love? Love does not depend on perfection, it creates it, through understanding. Perfect understanding is an expression of perfect love. As Neale has pointed out, when you understand from the perspective of love, whether understanding yourself or another, forgiveness is unnecessary as you know that you, or another, have acted in a particular way according to a specific state of mind and of being at the time. When you understand that state of mind, that perception, that expectation rooted in the past, or that pain, anger or fear, that inner wound, healing or “redemption” begins.

      If fear stands in the way of love, then understand your fear. I could tell you that there is absolutely nothing to fear in this universe, but this would not help…you have to go deep into the journey of your own soul, not to become someone else, but to find out and express who you are to the fullest.

      As far as “mental illness”, watch that you do not let yourself being boxed and labelled, which would create limitations. Again, the bottom line, for all human beings, is love, it is our common identity, and pain when this identity is denied, distorted…and how each one of us copes with various degrees of pain, in many different ways. No human being is completely free from emotional pain, even those who suppress their feelings, for instead of feeling, expressing and resolving their pain, they end up chronically suffering from what they have suppressed.

      Love is not a concept…it is a state of being. Spirituality is about being who you truly are, at the soul level, living in the spirit, with the spirit, in a sense, knowing that everything is about consciousness, and that consciousness is multidimensional, and connected to All Life.

      This does not always lead to bliss, however, at least not 24 hours a day, although spiritual bliss can be experienced at another level, for the more you are able to love, the more you become conscious of the amount of pain and suffering that exists in the world, and the more you ache because of it, through empathy, and seek to do something to alleviate such unnecessary suffering, because that’s what love does, naturally.

      • Kristen

        Fried Bread to that!

        • mewabe

          I will send you some…

          • Kristen

            Snail mail please – might not be good for the puter if you shove it in a hole……..

    • Kristen

      Blake your photo looks so young.
      Finding the hero within is an automatic stage of humanity, where we act without thinking for we know we are equal to all, and if we see those who cannot fend for themselves under attack or suffering, then we are automatically on duty. On call 24/7. I realised this when on holiday in January in a crowded beachfront camping ground. I could hear loud screams from a small holiday home, so could the other 6 or so women near the anex block. I could hear combined fear and pain of a smallish female. Snooping around to see where it was coming from, I saw a woman run to a house so thought thank God, its probably teens fighting and the mothers turned up. Well it got louder then a 12year old girl ran to the shower block crying. I caught her against her will, and MADE her tell me what happened and where she was hurt while physically restraining her from leaving the area. She said “it’s ok, I was late inside and was meant to have had my shower by now so dad gave me a hiding (sore ribs), then when I argued and screamed and ran away to my friends caravan mum gave me a belt around the ear. It’ll stop hurting soon though and I have to shower now before mum and aunty get here”. Well when her mum sees her talking to me, she storms over with two other ‘aunties’, all twice my width and taller and all the other ladies in the shower block magically disappear. I’m called nosy white trash, to mind my own forken business, to let her kid go, to be best to trot off now tinkerbell etc by all three when I blocked them from the kid. I said “last I heard in this country it is illegal to even smack a child, let alone abuse them and now intimidate them with all three of you towering over her. Assure me you will not abuse her (interruption of a hiding for being naughty isn’t abuse princess), two of you will leave right now and you will seriously think about whether you want to be good parents, or parents in jail because right now I have the power position and you either do it my way or the cops will be here to arrest you within 5 minutes”. Dead silence. I walked back to our cabin, got shower gear, then returned to have my shower calmly as people started emerging from toilet doors and showers. Had my shower, then cleaned my teeth calmly until they had left and had been silent through out the childs shower. I walked up to their home, let them see me jotting down the number then walked to the office and arranged for the local cop to just do a friendly drive by! The kid had a lovely rest of her holiday as we were right by the playground so saw her frequently, and the friends over for nightly drinks at their place suddenly stopped that night!

      It was only the next day that I though to myself “what the fork were you thinking you silly tart, one punch from one of them and I’d be half dead, the other bystanders hid so wouldn’t protect me since they wouldn’t defend a kid”.

      And this is not about me, I am a very normal boring person, and I have not mentioned this to anyone in my real life. Just as even certificates, let alone any other recognition for anything would be the most mortifying thing out. I even credit other with things I do, think, make or design as I absolutely people with low self esteem saying things like “you are so clever” etc. They are dorks, making me look like a dork. Americans seem to be the opposite of this, glorifying themselves, and each other, til you end up with a countries of egos and fruitloops. Be humble, and be a nothing. It’s fun cos you know what you have on the inside are your true strengths so have no need for anything else!

      I didn’t realise how much journeys change us, and how the hero journey dispels all fear and we instinctively help others and know how to get the upper hand. I didn’t know how big my gal balls were! Go for it Blake, no-one likes a coward!!!

      About helping others in general – there is a Universal Law that I call The Law of Custard which defines when things are deliberately meant to turn to custard. One of these is doing people a favour when they are capable of doing it for themselves, are blatantly using you, are lazy or imposing something on you that is their problem (like looking after others kids when not paid). Creating more problems you can fix – I don’t mean to be insulting but when this involves others it is a form of Muhausens by proxy (spelt wrong sorry), combined with a rare form of extrovertism where people need others energy but with a bit of narsissism involved requiring superiority or to be noticed recognised but without all the input people normally do to get this respect.

      Your above story is beautifully written by the way!!!!

      • mewabe

        Hey Kristen, I liked your account of standing up for a child who was mistreated by her parents. This is a big thing for me…

        Nothing is simple or black and white, but I do think that many of the problems of the world come from the way children are raised, and the fact that not only many are abused routinely in many different ways, physically and/or emotionally, but that even the ones who are not abused do not get their needs met, because most parents are neurotic, and demand that the child meets their neurotic needs, rather than meeting the natural needs of the child.

        For example, a baby couldn’t care less about having a cute nursery room or what kind of wallpaper covers the wall, or how many stuffed animals are on a shelf…all a baby needs is to feel physically close to its mother at all times. Nothing else matters. But a neurotic mother will please herself with a cute nursery room, and let her baby lay there for hours in a crib for fear of “spoiling” it with too much love and physical touch, following the advice of “professional” neurotic child rearing experts who wouldn’t even know how to raise a weed!

        If children could be raised with unconditional love, as they are meant to, and stay in close contact (physical contact) with the parent, especially the mother, for the first 3 years of life (while the infant’s brain is still developing), as they were in many indigenous cultures (most indigenous mothers carry their babies on their backs wherever they go for the first 3 years, and never ever leave a baby alone), the world could change drastically for the better within a couple of generations, considering other factors such as an education that fosters individual creativity, initiative and imagination, rather than training people to submit to authority and conform and perform tasks as either compliant workers or professionals.

        [See “The Continuum Concept” by Jean Liedloff and “The Feeling Child” by Arthur Janov…]

        • Kristen

          Hi there you,
          “This is a big thing for me………”. I understand.

          The story wasn’t meant to be about me, hope I made the point to Blake that natural heroism is automatic and just becomes who we are when at that journey stage, like everything. I wasn’t aware of it until that example since I live in the happy clappy middle/upper class white burbs so never needed to step up! With lots of immigrants from everywhere!!

          I agree about most of the above, and I am so eternally grateful to be raised in a place and a time where kids ruled the world. Or we felt we did anyway. We were all very loved, very independant and the world accommodated our freedom. NZ was probably almost communism then, but every married couple had an average house on a 1/4 acre section with fruit trees, cats etc – the rules were be home at mealtimes, before it’s dark and don’t talk to strangers. Thats about it. Average incomes, annual holidays away, no uniforms at primary school (ends at age 10/11) and there were playgrounds everywhere with old tractors, huge slides that would burn your butt in summer probably 3m above the ground, running roundabouts we could spin so fast that you could hold the handles and literally fly, and swings on chains you could flip over. The world has changed so much, kids might get hurt is the motto now so everything is too dangerous so replaced with rules and pathetic plastic playgrounds. And in NZ and Australia all kids wear school uniforms from the age of 5 which sux.

          You are so right about babies and toddlers, and the brains of different kids fascinate me. I can tell kids who were exposed to loud heavy metal music as babies, those in daycare, those who’s mothers had a c-section and bottle fed, those who’s parents argued or were stressed around kids. It’s really sad and tragic, and I’m glad mine are older so I could still raise them ‘normally’. Did you know that when a female is born her ovaries have ova, that progress into ovum (or other way around) then eggs during her baby and toddler years. This is how family cycles, the addiction gene, violent etc genes are passed on. When any female baby is being raised, her eggs are also being formed so when raising our babies we are also partially raising our grandchildren. This is why girl babies are so ‘sacred’ under Universal Law. I am grateful my family are all baby lovers and we have not had these traits passed on as far as I can trace back. This is also why many grandchildren will be similar to their grandparents even if their parents break the cycle – it takes a few generations. This took me ages to crack this Law as I was determined to work out how familial cycles are in place, and things are passed on.

          As an aside thought a guy in my intuition class is one of the Serpents (Neales God) offspring and allowed me to ‘hack’ into him telepathically for a quick insight. Their upbringing and education is probably a system you would like. From a very young age it revolves around creativity. By the age of ten they are all accomplished artists, sculptors, singers, can play various musical instruments, are verbally bi-lingual but are all very boyish, fashionistas, cool and almost red neck like. They only learn maths, sciences and literacy from this age and then at their own pace. They know if they don’t bother then being illiterate is their choice, their problem and their loss. Full freewill academically. The guy actually has to work as a translator for me as he is one of the few really funny people from above so can tell when I am being silly, funny or giving dumb answers to dumb question – but like me he has a dead pan face so I suspect he does not pass on when I am ‘taking the piss’ or being silly and completely mis-translates to mock the serious teachers etc.

        • Kristen

          Thanks for the book referral by the way. I’m having a ‘dumb’ year. Havn’t you noticed I have nothing intelligent to say in here other than talking about people! I didn’t like being so boring I bored even myself and forcing myself to read books to learn from, but ever so boring for which most like the CwG books, waffle on and on and could be condensed into one much more interesting chapter. I’m so tragic at the moment I am seriously reading Trixie Belden books from my childhood (proud owner of the entire series!) and Mills and Boon books. Warned ya. But hey, at least I know not to settle for middle aged, untoned bald guys and that perfect exists, right?! But I’m getting very over reading about swollen members or manhood, at least the medical series get right to it and say they want to shag!! And yes, I do skip the smut pages, which there are many. What the heck do these old ladies get up to I wonder after reading their soft porn under the ruse of romance books!!! Might have to move on to weekly womens magazines. It’s actually really funny reading books who’s target market has an IQ of 90, they explain way too much when normal books would just use one more intelligent word! Heck, my metre high pile of ten years worth of clothes mending might even get done this year!!! Or Mr Perfect may like to do that for me between his shifts as a Peadiatric Surgeon and hand building me a beautiful home on his ranch.

    • Kristen

      Written after below message….
      AND Blake, the glass is always half full, if someone empties it then just pick up theirs and fill your glass up again. their loss………….

      AND Blake why does your wife ask you to do the dishes? Are you 12? Surely an adult knows that if there are dirty dishes then someone has to wash them so just do it. No nighttime fairies are going to turn up to do them!! Females hate doing them as much as males do, same with cleaning bathrooms! Although if a guy was prepared to pay me 50k a year to stay at home and do all the chores then I wouldn’t say no at this point. Hope you pay your caregiver well from your personal wages!!

      AND Blake – listen to the song Put Another Log On The Fire. I actually love it, childhood memories but………………………….

      AND Blake failure is a very positive thing. Failure simply means that we have not succeeded in something we have tried to do, or been determined to achieve no matter the odds. This means you have done something 90% of people have not done. Did they start up groups when they saw a need for it?? Nope!! Again, having at least tried and had a few up and running means you have a few extra glasses or milk than others, and more University of Life credits than others. I have very high expectations of myself, and I’m very competitive so I will only do things where I can be in the top 10%. Unfortunately I am quite useless at most things by my own high standards, but hey, who cares, it’s fun being useless and being able to laugh at myself. My useless is still better than many peoples best. Starting up any group would achieve this even it it closed after 2 sessions. This is the headspace of positive people with healthy self esteem instead of ego. No matter what happens, we see it as a win for ourselves.

      AND Blake it is more pleasurable to be still and observe what you can give, rather than talking about it or needing acknowledgement. Again are you 12? Praise is for kids, a part of the childhood learning journey, adults should never need more than an honest thank you or acknowledgement of having done something, not details or praise. My instigator of this a minute ago was one of our cats coming through the cat door, seeing me at the computer and charging up to sit on my lap for a cuddle. How nice it is that I have been able to make him feel so loved and pleased to see me, as a priority over food and other important cat business. Thats all we should need in life once financial necessities are met: to just know throughout life we have bought joy, calmness, love and happiness and received the natural reactions from others to confirm this. Be still and observe, others are honest when we are quiet, they are fake and react how they think we want them to when we are more active and chatty. Actions speak louder than words, in a good and bad, but honest way.

      Sermon over!

  • flojones

    Let the one who is inspired by seeing love and relaxing be totally inspired by that and let the one who is inspired by saints be totally inspired by that.
    Who I am to say what they should do or understand ? Who am I to say which one is better at creating paradise or his own paradise ?
    Let inspiration move (wo)men and humanity… (Inspiration is joyful evolution).
    We can be inspired from within or/and by others in many ways, by what they have, by what they do and/or by what they are. There is no best answers, only the answers we choose consciouly and/or inconsciously.
    When people think they should or have to behave a way which is not consistent with the way they feel they get lost and start to feel guilty which makes life harder and more painful.

  • Kristen

    Neale, as a resident biarch, but brutally honest, can I say it is a very good move to eliminate some of the other threads. As I have told many of the girls behind them, their views are often very unCwG, and spread and encourage messages of hate especially toward people with differing views to them, especially Christians: this is unspiritual, unCwG and encourages those with negative things to say. My staff or volunteers, well……………………………

    I do understand it though, because when we truly understand and believe in something so strongly it becomes our truth and a part of us personally, we will automatically think and behave in that same manner. They simply have not absorbed the original CwG messages, especially in books 1 & 2 and you, your God and CwG is not at their core of who they are. Unsure if this is good or bad, but it pleases me personally for their sakes!

    • Jessica

      Well it is something that I did keep in mind when I see others. But to convince them is heck difficult as some of them really do believe in their own experience, and thought it is the religion that inspires them. A god that is pretty much opposite to the god mentioned in neale’s words. Its good, their religion might have saved them from various problems in life, and I saw three christians with amazing power to inspire those around them, and to especially help others around them. One I only met once and lost contact, the other two I am still meeting, and even had to turn for help.

      As the Bible said, Jesus did really amazing things in both physical and spiritual areas, especially in the spiritual side, he chased a lot of those spirits away. The christians used him as a model, and some even have the ability to chase spirits away, where not a lot of other places I could find…

      I do not agree to those christians teaching, though, and I too thought they are so judgemental, and especially their judgement, because of other teachings of morality made them judge even more than ever, and at the same time ‘judge not, and neither condemn’ makes them more contradicting – The moral is, if you been taught what you should do, you will automatically begin judge with should or shouldn’t.

      • Kristen

        Hi Jessica,
        I am a Kabbalist, just to make it clear that I’m not a CwGer. Yes you have hit the nail on the head – a God that is the opposite to Neales god. They are two completely different God’s, which is fine. The Biblical God is the God of Law, the Living and Judgements – Neales God is the God of the Afterlife, the Dead and Reincarnation. Do not mix the two. Via telapathy I have been asked to be nice and so I will leave it at that.

        Yes you are right about the power of those in the Biblical God’s and Y’shua (Jesus) religions to deposess, banish evil spirits, cleanse, protect etc so much better than new agers and spiritualists. I was a trained medium and healer before I found the truth as a Kabbalist. What used to take many sessions, time and energy can now be achieved with no energy loss to me, using the power of others from above and taking the power position. Holy Water is the hugest weapon possible when it is blessed, made and used properly. This combined with teaching people to understand makes a huge difference. Y’shua believed all illness was caused by possession, I agree with this as about 50% is and very easily resolved.

        • Jessica

          Actually, I do agree with your comment about the different gods in the christian sector and the god being described in neale’s book. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough to tell the difference between the two of them.

          At one stage I have been into channeling and all sorts of new agey stuff, and I think I got what the truth would be. I am sure we aren’t the only one who did found out about what underlies behind the scene.

          • Kristen

            Yay…………………………….someone gets it. The truth!!!!!!!!!!!! If I was a Christian African American I would break into a catchy gospel song to celebrate. But I”m not. So I’ll watch the Sister Act movie instead.

          • Jessica

            I was a christian, although not the mainstream christian, but that was long long time ago. When I exited that religion (they have their scriptures), there was one stage where I studied the main stream christians too, and I attended their class, and that is like a part of the journey till…..

            Nah, I was surprised that I had gave up believing in christian myself. Now I am a new age sorta believer, but a majority of their practices, I do not do meditation, or other concious-shifting practices.

  • Arlene

    Please help me understand something, i always had trouble believing a large part of my catholic upbringing and CWG really resonates with me, but if we are not sinners then why did Jesus die on the cross?

    • Therese

      In a very short version, my understanding is this:

      Jesus died on the cross because he chose to.
      He chose to so that he could demonstrate to us Who He Really Is
      so that through His life,
      He could also example to us Who We Really Are.

      He died that we might remember that We and the Father,
      as He and the Father, are One.

      Not to remind us that our basic nature is sinful, and to wash away those sins,
      but to remind us that our basic nature is Godly…
      do you not know that ye are gods?

      We, as humans, and because of our separation theologies, then and now, chose to put other meanings to His life.

      • Kristen

        Hi Therese.
        Can you read my answer I’ve put in for Arlene also. Your thoughts???

      • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

        To also show us that there is life after death.

    • mewabe

      Whether the crucifixion actually happened or not, the patriarchs who put the Christian religion together probably mixed the valid teachings of this very enlightened person (Y’shua) with the old pagan belief in the need to have a blood sacrifice in order to pay for the people’s “transgressions” against the will or rules of a deity.
      They then put everything together and made it into a kind of fairy tale that would attract pagans into converting to Christianity, as their belief in a need for blood sacrifice was made legitimate in this manner. At the same time, the patriarchs of the Christian faith ended all further needs for human or animal sacrifices as they made this one so-called sacrifice of Y’shua the one that would end them all.

      Call it a kind of manipulation and distortion of actual or fabricated events, to force a message on a very unenlightened populace.

      But if the crucifixion actually happened, why should it be surprising? The Roman crucified thousands of people for much less.
      Why were MLK and Gandhi shot?
      A person who seriously threatens the status quo, as did Y’shua, the satus quo being the Hebrew religious authorities of the time and the Roman occupiers, usually ends up tragically, the way I see it there is absolutely nothing surprising about it.

      • Kristen

        You have stated you havn’t read the bible Mewabe. You are wrong on a lot of this. Would you like some bible study sessions? In here? maybe I can start up a thread now Neales shut down the others. HAHAHAHAH

        • mewabe

          This is the interesting thing about belief systems…Jane Robert said it first: your beliefs create your reality. When your reality sucks, in this world or the next, then you examine your beliefs and change them.

          We do not share the same beliefs, obviously. The idea that sacrifices, human or animals, had to take place to either get back in good terms with a deity, after having broken some religious rule, or to have good crops, a successful hunt, or victory in war, is very, very old and very pagan. The funny thing is that Christians look down at paganism as evil, yet they operate from the EXACT same premise: when some rule is broken, someone has to pay.

          About sin: the story of the Fall in the Garden sees nature as corrupt; and that myth has corrupted the whole world for us. That is the PRIMARY CRIME of this religion. Because nature is thought of as corrupt, EVERY SPONTANEOUS ACT IS SEEN AS SINFUL and must not be yielded to (as you wrote yourself, “Don’t let your guards down, EVER”).

          Furthermore, because nature is perceived to be corrupt under such a religious worldview, there is NEITHER RESPECT NOR LOVE for the natural world and for physical live, and this opens the way to the brutal exploitation and DESTRUCTION of nature without any regrets, except when such destruction makes life a little too uncomfortable for humanity.

          You get a TOTALLY different civilization and a totally different way of living according to whether your myths present nature as fallen or whether nature is in itself a MANIFESTATION OF DIVINITY (the Native American way and my way) and THE SPIRIT IS A REVELATION OF DIVINITY THAT IS INHERENT IN NATURE.

      • Kristen

        Sin is religious mistake whick only applies to those who join the biblical Gods religions. Completely different to crimes and they are worded differently in the bible. Typing one fingered on a tablet so i’ll give up! 🙂

    • Kristen

      Hi Arlene. This is where Christianity is a huge stuff up. Y’shua died on the cross to enable God to forgive people for their sins yes BUT there are actually very few sins defined in the Laws primarily in Deut. They are the religious misdemeanours that were forgiveble with an animal sacrifice AND THESE THINGS ONLY. This is why he is defined as the lamb – a sacrifice. As an animal lover he replaced the animal sacrifices, which was the role of the Levites. Levites had previously been offered to God as offerings in the form of priests and ‘workers’ in place of the animal sacrifices and firstborns of the other tribes but over time this became chaotic and people lost touch of their tribal affiliations. Unfortunately I am a Levite although we are not Jewish, and I still got called into service as a lost sheep of Israel – all unbeknown to me for many years, and instinctively I have always worn Levi’s shoes which symbolise the Levite journey. Going back to Deut and the Laws, the sins are very distinctly different to other Laws and rules as they are forgiveable with sacrifices and are for religious people only and actually have the word against them in the sections covering punishments – everyone else is bound by the rest of the Laws which if broken carry other punishments as defined. Many are Universal Law as God is also the God of Law, which Y’shua was also teaching just like Buddha and other Christs. Looking at a Kabbalic Tree of Life will explain this if you are interested. BTW the white cross used for Y’shua represents the tests of righteousness and justice meeting, which scripture defines God tests all people for which is why there are so many temptations. Passing these tests carries this sign for everyone. Don’t let your guard down. EVER!! And never ever wear a crucifix necklace as this is forbidden in scripture stating people will not win any brownie points wearing a particular shape around their necks. It is a murder weapon and although crosses are ok, the catholic ones with Y’shua on them are basically a ticket to places you never want to be in.

      Ignore what Paul and the douchebags had to say about us all being sinners, they are full of crock, as is Catholicism as a whole. Catholocism has latched onto the Apostles just to get the illusion of God giving them male supremacy and power. This is the very same church that forbids priests to marry when God said priests are to marry. They were all told never to listen to the words of any man over God many times, and you should do the same. If God and Y’shua didn’t say it, don’t believe it.

      BTW Neales God is prophecised about and is not the Biblical God. You can work this one out.

      • Therese

        Kristin, you asked me, in response to my answer, what I thought about your response here to Arlene, so here goes…

        I agree that most religions (no need to single out just Catholics or Christians on this one!), are just about the power to control their followers, and, more broadly, cultures.

        I simply don’t resonate with it. For me, it is just substituting one set of rules (Catholic) for another (Kabbalic). I don’t see God as a God of Law…if there is one law that a person could break and be ignorant of, yet be condemned for, then I don’t see that law (or that God) as truly Law or God. I do see that there must be laws of the physical universe (if we jump up, we will come down), but I don’t see that there is one way to God, and that you must follow certain guidelines/laws to get there, or else. I do believe that there is the long way or the short way, or the easy way or the hard way to get to where we wish to go (to God), but that since it is all God, there is no way to not get “there”.

        I also don’t believe there are a limited number of souls that will be allowed in heaven…there is only One soul, ultimately, with individuations of the One. How can we separate the One eternally? Why would the One choose this? And I might also throw another thought into the mix…might this…this life we are experiencing now…not be heaven? We have all the toys and all of the tools. We get to choose, even if we don’t yet consciously do so (which might be one of the “fun” things!). When this incarnation is over we get to do it, or something else, again, in whatever way we choose, again…sounds like it might be heaven.

        I do resonate with God who is All, excluding nothing…which means that there is nothing I could do or say that would harm God, and certainly nothing I have that God would not have or would want me to give Her, to the point that I could withhold it and be eternally damned.

        I do resonate with the concept of “good” and “evil” only to the point of seeing that we live in a contextual field, and must know the opposite of a thing to know the thing, if you will. I more completely resonate with putting good and evil into the context of “working” and “not working” given what it is that we wish to do or create. Thus, I believe “sin” to be the concept we contrived when we accepted this lifetime in the relative, but that we can also chose to release that concept and move on to one that works better for us.

        I do not resonate with a God who “rules” me with fear…and a God of Laws would make me fearful of the consequences of breaking that law. I do resonate with a God who is my friend, my ally, who says that my basic nature is godly, not sinful. Knowing I am Godly raises me up, sinful keeps me anchored…and controlled…and who really wants me controlled? God, who already has and IS All? or someone/something else?

        Well, there you have it, Kristin!

        • Erin

          Perfect, Therese…as usual!<3

          Dearest Arlene…your little head must be swimming. Good! Though, for Love's sake, Therese understands the messages of CwG with fine clarity, and mewabe holds undeniable understanding of the Natures of here.

          What we are trying to accomplish together is to simply understand our pasts so that we can examine the functionalities, or lack thereof, and move Humanity forward with a New Story…one that allows the deepest expressions of Divinity to exist without the Fear-Factored control issues that have been running a worn-out show called "Separated at Birth".

          Neale has placed the entire book of 'The Storm before the Calm' into this site…Great read! Check it out & See how you feel about past conditionings during & after. We'll take up the conversation of thisses & that's in process.

          My personal suggest: As with all input, take what rings your Soul Sounds as true for you, and simply leave the rest. Blessings, Sweetness…<3

        • Kristen

          Sorry i didn’t reply to this. I did read it, but I’ve just started doing a little 2nd online job which has been busier than I though so no online personal time left.
          The only thing I would bring up is that I was referring to Jehovah/the biblical Gods Heaven with limited numbers left, there are many different heavens and realms, but this is the one Christians are trying to get into although most end up in the Afterlife and reincarnated like everyone else. hence me saying they are wasting their time and money if they aren’t doing it properly!
          Yes we are all from the same Source, but there are different Gods and dieties for different realms, groups and races. Native Americans are directly under Creator, Israelites and Muslims under the Biblical God, those who reach The Sources high standards of beauty and perfection may get under The Source, Neales God rules The Afterlife, Asians and Indians have their own Gods/Dieties etc. So all under the same Source BUT we are not all one, and are not meant to be the same, each group is specifically made to please and suit their own deity hence our personality and preference differences.
          Take care,

          • Therese

            Hi, Kristin,

            Let me start this by saying that I know I don’t know everything. I SURE don’t know much about Kabbalah. Everything you say could be right, everything wrong…or somewhere in between.

            With so many belief systems out there, I have come to the point in my life where I can only, as they say, trust what feels true to me…and to me, your description of the God hierarchy sounds like we are all just lab rats thrown together to see what happens. This might be the case, of course. For me, it again comes to the area of “doing it properly”. I just don’t believe there is a “God” who would punish for not knowing the rules, especially since we all seem to be meandering into the territory of differing rule gods. What happens, for instance, if I, who am under one god, fly to Asia and break one of the Asian god’s rules? do the rules change for mixed Anglo/Asian children? Really no need to explain, Kristin, just indicating the kinds of thoughts I have regarding some of these things. These are the same types of questions I asked regarding Catholicism as a kid…If God really is All, has All, then how could He want something from me? How could God condemn my Lutheran friend? How could God abandon all those babies, born in His image and likeness, but who died before baptism, in a place like limbo? and on and on…

            I will stick with what feels right to me…knowing that when I die, and get the answers on the other side, I might go, “Oh, crap! Kristin and that Kabbalah thing was right!”

            Taking care, you do the same,

          • Kristen

            We are both right Therese. I am a first lifer Israelite, not reincarnated and under the Biblical God and The Source unless I stuff up and have to be reincarnated, or end up in the afterlife if I do not meet their expectations.

            Most people now are reincarnated from the Afterlife, under Neales God and others who deal with this. The Biblical God is a God of the Living not The Dead (affirmed by Y’shua, unsure of scripture ref) so is only concerned with first lifers, not those reincarnated here from the Afterlife. It’s all very simple, yet very complex, as is everything. Everyone will find ‘home’, as Mewabe and I call it, and that is generally where they will belong, and under the correct deity. Most of mixed race are from the Afterlife anyway, so their ‘home’ will be that and possibly Neales God. It all related more to soul race and status, rather than the physical bodies reincarnated souls are in. This is why you now get caucasion Buddhists, people like Mewabe living in a different country with a different race to their biological race etc. It’s all easier for first lifers as ‘home’ is naturally where we are born and the deitys already governing that Country so we don’t have to go on a journey to find it.

    • David Peters

      From what I can see, nobody answered your question Arlene. I am a lifelong Catholic, still attending church because of our good friends who are faithful to the faith. I no longer say the creed, but I have spent 80 years as a Catholic and probably will die as one, even though at this time I am also a teacher of CwG in a study group. Jesus died because of the time and place where he spread the good news. Jesus tried to tell all that indeed God is Love, only Love, that the kingdom of God lies within, and many other things that are part of CwG. Jesus died because of what he said undermined the controlling leaders of the Jews at that time. Jesus died because he spoke out under Herod, known as “The Crucifier” for the numbers of those he killed. Jesus died because he choose to remain faithful to his prophetic message.

      Jesus did not die for our sins, for as CwG points out, sin does not exist, only difficult choices where each chooses the best they can, even though from the views of others they are hurting others.

      Again, Jesus died because he remained faithful to himself. If only we could all be faithful to ourselves, as we know deep in our hearts.

      • Therese

        Continuing your thought, if I might, David, your addition caused me to think in a new way about Arlene’s question.

        I immediately went to the broader connotation of why did Jesus die on the cross. To fulfill the prophecies, to show us the way, etc. but there is an additional question in that question for me…

        Why DID (would) Jesus allow himself to be crucified? The personal question.

        This answer would have to be the one that on some level we must all ask ourselves, right? My answer would have to be that He knew who he really was, just as we must know the same in order to release any expectations in this life…He was an individuation of Divinity. As such, He knew that He would never truly die. He knew the “game” of life he was playing is never ending.This, of course, is in direct contrast to Christianity, which says that this life is “it” and if we do not get “it” right this go around…well, you know the rest.

        So, Arlene, in order for Jesus to make the choice on a personal level, or on a Universal level, He had to be very sure of (faithful to himself, as David says) who he was. I believe He wanted us all to know, by His dying, that we did not have to fear death…and by taking away THAT fear, we could also stop fearing Life.

        • David Peters

          Therese and Arlene : I agree with Therese. If Jesus had chosen to run away, or more prosaically to just leave the area, he could have saved his life. He would have had to leave Israel, probably for the east where the Coptic church claims he went for his enlightenment in his late teens. His words would have been lost or certainly muted during and after that transition. Jesus chose to follow his Truth, that told him that much more would be accomplished by his chosen path that led to the crucifixion.

          The question we must each ask ourselves is: “Are we living to our personal faith, living our Truth to the best of our ability?” The answer may be “yes”, but that is simply that where we are on our journey, not the ultimate place that Jesus knew he was.

          And our answer is just right for us, at this time and place. We have plenty of events to live through if we wish for all eternity.

      • Arlene

        Thank you David, that was well said and makes perfect sense to me. A vengeful God never sat right with me but I was taught in catholic school that it was not my right to question what the bible teaches us. There was something inside me that always felt that it was not right. About 10 years ago I found the book conversations with God. I think I read that book in two days. I followed it up with friendship with God and others in the series. Soon after I settled back in to day to day life and forgot about those books. About a year ago I kept thinking about those books I read so many years in the past and couldn’t remember what they were called of who wrote them. Recently, while watching a You Tube video called “I am” it came to me. I was watching and there was Neal talking about his experience and Bam! It hit me. I immediately purchased many of his audiobooks and began listening again. I feel so close to the truth when his words are spoken. It makes perfect sense as does your explanation and I thank you for it. Arlene

        • David Peters

          Arlene: thank you for your kind words. I had arrived at many of the basic conclusions found in CwG before discovering the books around 1990. I have since read all the books and most if not all of Neale’s books around the topic. There are many study groups (I recently started one in my area of New York State) and I suspect you would find much support if you could join one, or even start a group. CwG has some support for study groups, and Neale will encourage you to that end. I use the most recent book “What God Said” as the study material, as suggested by Neale. That book has the 25 key points in the 9 CwG books layed out in a good study methodology. Feel free to contact me to help you if you wish.

          • Arlene

            I would have very much enjoyed being a part of your study group. I moved to Florida four years ago from Westchester County NY. I am currently reading “What God Said” but I can’t see myself doing some of the things that Neale suggests, such as posting my beliefs in a church. I am not the type to impose my beliefs on anyone. If someone asks me I will be happy to share but I don’t generally offer my opinions unless asked. I definitely would not be a good Jehovah’s Witness, although I love engaging in conversation with them. I love to hear what people think about God. I find that most people just go on with the teachings they received from a parent, school or church and never question it. I have always hungered for something that made sense to me. I tried many Christian faiths but never felt that I was receiving the truth, not until CwG. Thank you for kindness. I wish for you continued success with your study group.

    • flojones

      If it’s a fact that Jesus died on the cross, he had his own reasons.
      Since we don’t have writings from him explaining explicitly why he did what he did during his lifetime we can only guess what was his life intents. And we can spend years after years trying to find meanings without finding satisfactory ones.
      As long as we are trying to find the intents of others in order to understand why they did what they did we are disrupting ourselves to give the meaning of our own life which means to take full responsibility for what we create here and now.
      From my perspective, the intents of others, even Jesus Christ, are not my concerns, they are theirs. My only concern is what do I choose to experience and the “why” I choose what I choose is relevant only to me.

  • Blake


    I have been
    reading about Prophet’s through the ages and realize that the messages that you
    received from God are the same message’s given to other Prophet’s. The messages
    exclaimed the Oneness Principle, the unconditional love of God, and the
    equality of the sexes. The messages also talked about how to handle despots and
    explained how people can live together and flourish throughout the world.

    In a conversation with my wife, it came to me that these
    Prophets were chosen as Prophets by the same despots that were abusing the
    world. Kings, Queens, and other people of authority recognized that religion is
    a powerful motivator in getting people to support the authorities laws, and
    regulations that these men and women came up with using the old adage that,”
    God told me so.”

    These Prophets brought fresh ideas that the masses liked to
    hear and the authority recognized this and capitalized off of the ideas of the
    Prophets by embracing those ideas and creating a myth around the Prophets life
    so that those Prophets would be more God like in appearance.

    Using Jesus as an example, many parts of the messages that
    were written in the Gospels were transcribed three hundred years later by
    stories past generationally through oral interpretations. Some of the myths
    were created from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and had been used by as many as
    fifty known deities for at least 1500 Years before the birth of Jesus and Jesus’s
    story is identical to other myths about Virgin Births, Three Kings, Healer,
    Raiser of the Dead, Walked on Water, Crucified, Risen from the Dead, Seen by
    Three Women, and so on.

    If Jesus wasn’t recognized by the authority at the time, (for
    instance the Romans had no record of a crucifixion until the authorities
    recognized the Religion of Christianity hundreds of years later and again the
    crucifixion was part of a myth and did not actually happen in history.) Jesus
    would have been called another crackpot militant that had grandiose thoughts and
    would have not been remembered by anyone and since Jesus was recognized as the
    Son of God, the myth continued for another 2000 years.

    To be recognized is to have power; this is why your books
    are being recognized by the people of the 21st Century as being a
    new message from God thereby making you Neale a new Prophet. I explained
    earlier that the authority upon creating a religion now could turn the messages
    around and make the messages more war friendly. You talked earlier about the
    beliefs of the people of differing religions causing the strife that is
    happening today. Neale, the only way for you to change the mass belief systems
    of today are that your messages have to be embraced by the rich and powerful
    that dictate what people should think and behave like in the future your
    messages have to empower the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens of
    our day. These people in the next three hundred years will embrace your
    messages and apply a myth around your person Neale that will shape your
    messages to fit in future societies. A lot of what you have written will be
    twisted around for acceptable laws that will be attributed to your spiritual

    The only way you can change those people in power is through
    mass opinion and the media of our day. Your websites are a great idea; I’m
    thinking visual media like billboards with one of the 25 Core messages written
    on them. Check out Roku Media or MGO TV, about creating a TV station with your
    video clips attached to the station. There are over 400 Christian Organizations
    using this technology to grab home viewers. Consider doing PBS broadcasts of
    your seminars. Turn public opinion toward your messages getting people talking
    about you is the only way to get the attention of people in authority.

    If you’re going to change popular opinion you need to get
    people to publicly debate the messages that you are sending, getting a
    religious panel of recognized religious leaders to debate your twenty-five core
    messages professionally videoed and broadcast on PBS would be a great start.
    Your movie was good and filming another about a topic like “What God Wants”
    would be even better!

    Neale, you have the support and you have the money and the knowhow
    millions of people believe in your messages and you can change public opinion
    look at how homosexuals have become widely accepted in a mostly Christian
    society in the 21st Century. Oh! If you haven’t already done so, get
    an agent!


    • mewabe

      “Some of the myths……….had been used by as many as fifty known deities for at least 1500 Years before the birth of Jesus and Jesus’s story is identical to other myths about Virgin Births, Three Kings, Healer, Raiser of the Dead, Walked on Water, Crucified, Risen from the Dead, Seen by Three Women, and so on.”
      Yes, totally true, few people know this!
      Knowledge depends on information, and limited information leads to limited knowledge. Unfortunately most people stop their quest for information when they reach a level of knowledge from which they can create beliefs that they feel makes them comfortable, and reject anything, any fact that could threaten this comfort.

      Beliefs are truly opiates, Karl Marx was partly correct (all beliefs, not just religion, can be a form of opium).

      BELIEFS BEGIN WHERE KNOWLEDGE ENDS. They are consequently and INEVITABLY rooted in ignorance.

      • Gina

        I wanna mention a few of the very pervasive beliefs the religious instill in the masses and insist on; First, the time of direct communication with God is over. It ended when the Bible was finished writing. Second, the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Third, all that’s falling apart across the globe is a sign of end days.
        Oft-quoted Bible verse: But your dead will live; their bodies will rise. Those who live in the dust will wake up and shout for joy! For your dew is like the dew of dawn, and the earth will give birth to the dead. Isaiah 20:19
        A few theories combined makes up a deadly litany of error that practically keeps the mass of people from listening to new messages, much less doing anything. Anyone who claims to have talked to God is a false prophet, and the planet is God’s chess board and people, pawns. We can’t do anything anyway, everything is according to God’s time table. When that day comes all evildoers will be wiped out and all believers resurrect. Anecdotal evidence of those who experienced NDE don’t prove or disapprove anything because resuscitation and resurrection are not the same. Thus only those who have been saved will resurrect and those who have been resuscitated will die for good. Teaching about hell is a safe bet, because if you believed hell didn’t exist and it existed you’re in deep trouble, but it is inconsequential the other way around.
        Neale and people speaking out and gaining momentum is attracting religious resistance on a whole new level. They fight back viciously, more vicious than ever before. And more people than one might imagine actually believe this stuff.

        • mewabe

          Much of humanity is still very primitive, and at times I wonder if those of us who have more understanding do not come from another species or family of consciousness…voluntarily visiting here to try to shed some light in the darkness and restore some order within the asylum.

          I am joking, but perhaps there is some truth to this as well?

          Has Neale been personally attacked by religious fanatics (I do not mean physically, but in words)?

          • Gina

            Leaders of mega churches–these are real political power–amping up their warning against anyone who claims to have talked to God, esp .recently in America (hint, hint) who has a huge following. God’s direct communication is over and God is not energy like some new age people claim, but a person–with no grey area between. Then they counter every new concept Neale proposes, using death the ultimate mystery as their last ditch defense. Again, resuscitation is not resurrection and you can’t prove everyone lives forever and body and mind never die.

          • mewabe

            All anyone can do is plant seeds, and see whether they grow or not. If humanity is not ready to change, then it will not change.

            As I mentioned before (I think), if one really want to have an effect, the best way is to seek alliances. To build a perfectly cohesive movement under one leadership exclusively does not work too well…peace activists, environmentalists understand this.

            This movement should include people who have a roughly similar vision…the main visions being that collaboration and sustainability work better than competition and endless growth, and that all life is interconnected and interdependent (all life is one). From these simple understandings, correct action would most likely ensue.

            It really is not the time to argue about finer points when the ship is sinking…rather humanity should share what it has in common, in terms of needs and understanding, and build a “lifeboat” out of this commonality.

            I have had conversation with evangelists, who wanted to enter into a debate with me, asking direct questions about my beliefs, in strictly religious terms. Instead of playing their game of trying to prove me wrong in Biblical terms, I redirected the conversation towards what we could agree upon (by asking loaded questions), which were about fundamental human needs and the nature of life. I did not even bring up God into the conversation…

            Believe me, when you come from the human perspective rather than from your head (the conceptual mind, the theoretical, theologian approach), you can build bridges of commonality over giant abysses of separation. And when there is a human understanding, hearts open, and with open hearts come more open minds.

            Note: I do not behave in person the same as I write…In person I am gentle. In writing I cut to the chase to save time.

            Change comes gradually…evolution is slow. Everything has been said, the knowledge had been out there for a very long time, coming from different sources through the ages. Humanity is ruled by fear and aggression, like a cornered wild animal. First, it has to be shown that there is nothing to fear.

          • Gina

            Thank you. I appreciate your response more than words can convey. I feel heard and answered. 🙂 I get it. The mindset that would be most beneficial is that of a seed planter. A movement of a roughly similar vision and focusing on our human commonality would bring about correct action. I think I can let my issue with evangelists rest now. 😉

          • mewabe

            You are welcome Gina, thank you as well…

          • Therese

            How’s this for something you don’t usually hear from a major religion:

            Pope Francis: The World’s ‘Idolatrous Economies’ Only Survive Through War

            Pope Francis launched a sweeping attack on the world’s economic system in an interview released Friday, saying it discards the young, puts money ahead of people and survives on the profits of war.

            The 77-year-old leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics said some countries had a youth unemployment rate of more than 50 percent, with many millions in Europe seeking work in vain.

            “It’s madness,” the pope said in an interview with the Barcelona-based Vanguardia daily’s Vatican correspondent Henrique Cymerman.

            “We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures, a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” Francis said.

            “But since we cannot wage the Third World War, we make regional wars. And what does that mean? That we make and sell arms. And with that the balance sheets of the idolatrous economies — the big world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money — are obviously cleaned up.”

            The pope said there was enough food to feed all the world’s hungry.

            “When you see photographs of malnourished children you put your head in your hands, you cannot understand it,” Francis said.

            “I think we are in a global economic system that is not good,” he said.

            People’s needs should be at the heart of the economic system, the pope said.

            “But we have placed money in the centre, the god of money. We have fallen into the sin of idolatry, the idolatry of money. The economy moves by the desire to have more and paradoxically it feeds a disposable culture.”

            The pontiff said the young were discarded when “the birth rate is limited” and the old were discarded when they no longer were considered productive.

            “By discarding children and the old, we discard the future of a people because the young will pull us strongly forward and the old will give us wisdom,” he said.

            Copyright (2014) AFP. All rights reserved.

          • mewabe

            “Someone told me that 75 million young Europeans under 25 years of age are unemployed. That is an atrocity [more than this, Pope, it is a time bomb]. But we are discarding an entire generation to maintain an economic system that can’t hold up anymore, a system that to survive must make war, as the great empires have always done.”
            Pope Francis

            Yes, but I do not get too excited when so called leaders are playing catch up with the people. The media calls him revolutionary…what is revolutionary for a Pope is very old news for the rest of the world.

            Norm Chomsky is light years ahead of this guy.

            The fact that people follow such ridiculous and irrelevant leaders as the Pope is really the tragedy here…because so many people appear to need an authority figure to tell them what to think, feel and how to act, rather than using their own critical mind.

            And when such a “leader” finally says a little of what so many have been thinking and saying for many decades, there is wild applause…doesn’t this strike you as rather peculiar?

            Nevertheless, if the Pope keeps talking in this manner, he will make a lot of powerful enemies, in America especially (the NSA must be on him), as well as other places. It would not be too surprising if he is not around that long.

          • Therese

            Oh, you little wet blanket you, mewabe!

            For sure this Pope is making powerful enemies, but at the same time he is empowering those who are on the fence, so to speak, about what they believe. These are the people who have questioned what they see right in front of them, vs. what they are told to accept on faith, and there are a whole lot of them/us!

            Nothing anyone says will sway those not ready to be swayed, but most people are not leaders, but are none the less very good, misguided people…misguided being the KEY word.

            Words have energy, and there is no stopping the energy of those words, even if the sincerity isn’t there, or the timing is later than we think it should be.

            I remain hopeful that this Pope can be an inspiration and an instrument of beautiful, wondrous, peaceful change.

          • mewabe

            Sorry, I know I am too critical sometimes (all the time?)…:)

            I have heard somewhere that this Pope once worked as a bouncer…it seems that he has a great fighting spirit that he can put to good use. I do think that he is sincere…

            Agents of change must come in all forms (even with funny hats) and reach all levels of humanity…YES yes yes this is a good thing!

          • Kristen

            You………………critical??? When was that????????
            I am really confused, been out of here for a week or longer and Blakes photo is completely different?? Or is it a different Blake??
            I give up.
            PS – fried bread arrived thanks. American mold tastes different to ours, probably GM mold, but saves on butter I guess. You won’t believe we still use real butter in NZ – milk, cream and salt!!

          • mewabe

            Glad you like it…next time, could I just send you the GM mold without the fried bread? It would save on postage…

          • Kristen

            Sure, I await my next sample. I’m sure the GM variety grows in a range of colours, maybe you could do some intuitive bread art using GM mold paint???? New business venture??? Easy, cheap, unique and it won’t be hard to find gullible buyers in your country of CHOICE!

          • Blake

            I was in the Army in 1982. I am older, fatter, and hopefully wiser than I was thirty years ago.


          • Erin

            I was going to post a reply yesterday, but didn’t…I saved it, though…Yer not gonna believe this! 🙂
            Hmmm…75 MILLION peeps…no jobs in Big Biz availing themselves, lots of talents with no tools or place to create of. 75 MILL would make a lovely Community, No? The numbers rival any military or governance…Use an old base or take back a state land/park???

            idk…lots of beautiful lands in the Englandish areas just sitting there being land…Why not cooperate with it & become something other-‘wise’ of it?
            ‘Owned’, you say? If each of the 75M gave the ‘owner(s)’ a dollar, I doubt there’d be much problem with being granted deed(s).
            Steve M…Ya out there? Here’s the ball, Sweety!!!:)

            In same regard…The US governance holds the deeds to Native Reservations here, but owes the Nations untold gazillions in lease monies. Some of those Nations are creating Amazing wealths as well…Why is there no buy-backs going on??? I’m sure there are many ‘others’ who would assist in this effort if only asked…if they only Knew what the deals were/are. You guys really need to ‘open up’ & allow Seeing in these matters with a bit more fervor…just a suggest…with great curiosity. Would so love to See the expansion of thinking & moving forward…ALL PEEPS MOVING FORWARD IN SPITE OF GOVERNANCE, BIAs, BS, or military mights. I’m sure WE would number at or near 75 MILLION ourselves. Love, & here’s your ball, mewabe.:)

            And yes, I’m feeling instigative today. heehee, where’s Kristin…ya still stuck on the cross? bahahaha!

            btw…’Who’ brings stirrings to the pot should not be an issue…Welcome All, including those in power (empowered) with elaborate dressings & goofy hats.:)

            It was all about ‘the hat!:D No, not really…but funny, yes?
            In all honesty, I cannot shake the situation in the US…maintaining a separation that is simply ridiculous beyond intelligence or sentience. Nor can I shake the feeling that unless We can revise Our ‘terms of endearment’…expand upon each other as a wholeness…sooo much Wisdom being withheld/suppressed…How can We possibly move forward?

            Therese, is this being discussed at all within The Crew? Any ideas on the subject? It weighs on my heart deeply & there are few outlets for Understanding. Thanks in advance…Would love to hear that ‘words’ are being directed toward Oneness here.

          • mewabe

            Hi Erin, let’s instigate…yes, the problem is not a lack of jobs. Who wants a stinking job anyway, to be a peon in the system? The question is about reinventing life…and the best way to do that is to decide what it is that we all really want.

            What is the most precious commodity we all dream of having more of ? Money? Only because money buys time…the only true precious commodity is time. Time means freedom, to be, to think, to live.

            Apart from time, what do we all need? Food and shelter. And what is the very best, most efficient way to get these basic needs met? Communal living, indeed! Communal living saves time and effort, when growing communal food and building and maintaining one’s own shelters. Look at the Amish who can build a large barn in a day.
            And to have communal living, a land base is necessary.

            So, yes, rather than looking for meaningless jobs, the unemployed should be looking for land…rather than occupying Walls Street, they should have occupied a land base, and declared themselves sovereign (outside of the control of any government or its laws).

            THAT would be revolution…meaning a full revolution back to traditional communal, tribal life.

            But very few people can think this simply or this clearly.

          • Kristen

            Oi!!!! I read that! Yes I’ve been busy for a couple of weeks, a ‘small’ 2nd job has taken off. Time consuming but I’m not going to say no to an extra $400 a week for 20 hours spent online being self employed!

            I fell off the cross long ago thanks, actually I think I forgot to climb on in the first place since I’ve never done religion and probably never will, but hey, Y’shua did say to bear your own cross and not hitch a ride on his so……………………..I’ll build you one!

            I have a problem with your first para – why do people think its the responsibility of others to create jobs and employ them?? Until probably 150 years ago nearly everyone was self employed or self sufficient. GET OFF YOUR BUTTS PEOPLE AND CREATE YOUR OWN JOB AND INCOME. AND STOP BLO…ODY WINGING THAT PEOPLE WONT EMPLOY YOU. DO WHAT YOU CAN, WHEN WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT POSSIBLE AT THIS POINT!!

          • Blake

            Corporations are writing laws in Congress and other Countries political systems to delete small businesses and make the world population dependent on a few choice conglomerates for food, drugs, health, services and legal representation.

            I could create a business that was under the radar in the black market or porn industry and not pay taxes living on cash and the barter system.

            Soon everyone will be chipped with all their personal and financial information in the chip. Cash will disappear and anyone disliked by the leadership will have their chips deactivated and will have to survive on the charity of others.

            “1984” is here boys and girls. Enjoy the New World Order.


          • Therese

            Hi, Erin,

            No discussion that I am aware of, but then, I don’t live near Neale, so i don’t have everyday discussions.

            What I will say is that I am becoming increasingly aware of things in the US that promote separatism, including that there are 566 Nations within our borders.

          • mewabe

            Just a suggestion Therese…distinction is not separation. The fact that Native Americans want to hang on to their cultures, which are land based, and to their languages and traditions, does not promote separation but it defines and protects distinction…”We are all one” is not meant to say that “We are all the same”, at least I hope it is not, because if so, then it would be quite a mistake.

            We can all be brothers and sisters, but without the uniformity of thoughts, appearances, feelings and behaviors that are the outcome of living under an authoritarian system. One world government, one world language, one world culture, one world religion are the dreams of the failed idealist, of the person who does not understand the perfect unity within the infinite creative diversity of all life.

          • Therese

            I get what you are saying, mewabe. I think that you are correct in the sense of what the separate Nations mean idealistically, but in practical application it has turned into a means of separation, at least the way most people I know view it. One day I will witness what you say, I know I will, but not today, not usually.

          • mewabe

            That is true Therese, and the paradox, the irony is that differences are not accepted (between nations, cultures, religions, ideologies or individuals) precisely because to most people differences automatically imply conflicts.

            This is why even the most well intentioned people say, about race for example, that they see “no color”, because denying or suppressing differences is, in their mind, the only way they can envision peace and unity. That’s a very common mistake.

            The way to peace, to unity, to oneness is not in suppressing differences and diversity. This is however the path humans have chosen since the dawn of history, and which has led to tyranny, to an ever increasing ewmphasis on control, authority and their outcomes, subjection, uniformity and conformity.

            A truly peaceful person, a person of divine peace and understanding sees differences and rejoices in them, and honors, embraces and celebrates them, understanding that they are an exuberant expression of endless divine creativity.

            Will humanity ever get there? All it takes is a change of thoughts, and an understanding of the divine nature within us and all around us.

          • Blake

            Actually, Native Americans are buying back the lands the colonists took away at an amazing rate. Most of the forest land in the Midwest is now in the hands of the First Nation.


  • Awareness

    “God said:

    Tra la la. All is well. Whatever may trouble you is on its way out. Any turmoil within you is going away. Any angst within you is going away. Turmoil and angst are waving goodbye to you now. Whatever your favorite names for these troublesome thoughts may be, they want your attention at least one more time before they fade into the sunset. They know that the climate will no longer support them.

    Turmoil, angst, worry, woe, trauma, despair and other such phantoms have been your teachers. They have made clear to you what you don’t want. You are not meant to become attached to that passing crowd. You don’t need them at all. You certainly don’t need them to rub it in when you are in an uncomfortable position. There is the uncomfortable position, and there are your reconnoitering thoughts. You don’t need to listen to anything your nagging thoughts have to tell you. You don’t need these thoughts at all. They are the ones who put salt on your wounds. They are your drama teachers.

    They don’t do it on your behalf certainly, yet you may have pledged some kind of allegiance to them, as if you are bound to them, as if they are essential to your Being, as though they are guests you must be hospitable to. They are not necessary. True, you do know you are alive when you feel subject to such forces, even as you hear Me in the background telling you that your position is in not something encroaching on you. It is something you are supporting. It is not to your advantage to cultivate that which is an obstacle to you. It is you, beloveds, who drive yourself to distraction. It is you who perceives as you perceive, and it is you who acts on what you perceive.

    Turmoil and all have been your cheerleaders, yet they are not you, and they are not your masters. You are you. If you don’t want what they offer you, shake your head no
    and accept peace.

    If you want to hitch a ride with someone, hitch a ride with angels who don’t long to see you frazzled and weeping, undone, so to speak. Angels will lift you higher. They are high-steppers. Instead of moaning and groaning, mingle with the angels, for angels are more firmly based than you are by far when you are in a state of suffering or in a state of fearing suffering.

    You would not run into the arms of a huge bear in the woods. You would stay out of his way. You would not offer yourself to a crowd of bees ready to bite. You would run the other way, yet you look to anxiety and other worrisome thoughts as if they will take care of you and carry you through whatever you are going through. What else are trepidation and worry but worrisome thoughts?

    Concede that you choose false friends when you choose concern and all its relatives. Have you really thought you have no choice? You make a choice every other minute. Surely you can choose on whose shoulder you will lay down your head. You can choose the wild bees, or you can choose confidence. You can decide your thoughts. The wild bees of thoughts you persist in keeping around, you can boot out and get along very well without. The bees of thought can catch on and choose to not hang around you any longer and look for greener fields to graze in.

    Join with me, beloveds. A heyday is coming up. You will be rejoicing, for woes are taking a leave of absence. You are excusing woes from your presence. Dear loved ones will still leave their bodies and you will still want them back here on Earth with you, yet the busy bees of thought won’t stand a chance with you any longer, for you will be listening to a different drummer.” – Heavenletter #4950 Listening to a Different Drummer, June 14, 2014 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Blake

      Just a suggestion. I think your letter would be more teaching if you made “I” Statements.


      • Kristen

        Thanks for this comment Blake. I have been trying to say this to Awareness for months. I will only read to reply when they post as them selves rather than quote Neale or the channelled entity they identify as The Awareness. I find it really sad.

        • Awareness

          Dear Kristen,

          And for you an excerpt reminder of the permission given by Neale Donald Walsch’s website regarding quoting others:

          “If you wish to include in your Comment the point of view of someone other than yourself, please feel free to report those views in full (AND EVEN REPRINT THEM) here.” 🙂

          And if you prefer not to see others being quoted here, then you can take it up directly with blessed Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

      • Awareness

        Dear Blake,

        “Heavenletter” is a daily message from the website heavenletters(dot)org. I quoted it here because I enjoyed the message and decided to share 🙂

        Quoting others in the comments section is allowed by Neale Donald Walsch’s website. I quote the permission given below:

        “Please Note: The mission of The Global Conversation website is to generate an ongoing sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions at this internet location in an interchange that we hope will produce an ongoing and expanding conversation ultimately generating wider benefit for our world. For this reason, links that draw people away from this site will be removed from our Comments Section, a process which may delay publication of your post. If you wish to include in your Comment the point of view of someone other than yourself, please feel free to report those views in full (and even reprint them) here.” 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

  • Viatcheslav

    Many words – a little disconcerting.In order to manage their thoughts and feelings
    humans need to understand spiritual structure.
    Just imagine yourself riding a brumby horse and you don’t know where it
    would take you to.It is time to proceed to a rational and harmonious development path
    where both spiritual and material human components are considered.
    In 2014 “Modern understanding of life. Human essence. How to live by
    spirit”(95 pages, Russian language) book was published in Ukraine that
    shortly and simply describes a new concept of world view.The book is non-fiction and is based on facts and evidences in accordance with the scientific theory of physical vacuum and represents a concept of a new world view, designed to replace the outdated materialistic Darwin’s theory. Please inform me about your readiness to insight and discuss this book. Sincerely Vyacheslav .

    • Blake

      Is there an English translation I am interested in a deeper understanding?


      • Viatcheslav

        Unfortunately, no. For the American reader, it is desirable to make translation in America, only I live in Ukraine. sorry

        • Awareness

          Greetings again Vyacheslav 🙂 You may wish to get in touch with Steve Kostov (if he is still visiting this website). He made several comments four months ago on this website. According to his previous post, he was “raised under the Russian model of Communism in Eastern Europe” and emigrated to the west. So he most likely speaks Russian. And his English is pretty great 🙂 He might be able to assist you in discussing the book you refer to and translate (parts of or all of) it into English. This would likely be useful in assisting more people to read and understand the book and provide the insight and discussion you are asking for 🙂

          I suggest you provide your email here for Steve Kostov so that he might contact you. Others who are interested may also contact you via email for an electronic version, if they understand Russian 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Viatcheslav

            Thank you, I’ll be glad to help promote new world view.My email

  • Viatcheslav

    Walsh wrote “live by faith.” Who knows how to practically live by faith? It’s time to go to the practical life of the Spirit. That’s what I suggest.

    • Awareness

      “Viatcheslav” wrote: Who knows how to practically live by faith?

      Faith (A strongly held belief) in something is likely held by everyone. A belief is a thought you keep thinking (indicated by Abraham channelled by Esther Hicks). Your current life experience is simply a result of your Beliefs. So we all know how to “practically” live by “faith”. This can be consciously or unconsciously however 🙂

      And as a reminder, I quote SETH (GREAT SPIRIT!):

      “YOUR BELIEFS FORM REALITY. Your individual beliefs and your joint beliefs. Now the intensity of a belief is extremely important….

      And, if you believe, in very simple terms, that people mean you well, and will treat you kindly, they will. And, if you believe that the world is against you, then so it will be in your experience. And, if you believe…IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO DETERIORATE AT 22, then so you shall.

      And, if you believe that you are poor, and always will be, then so your experience will so prove to you. Your beliefs meet you in the face when you look in the mirror. They form your image. You cannot escape your beliefs. They are, however, the method by which you create your experience.

      It is important that you here realize that you are not at the mercy of the unexplainable, that you are not at the mercy of events over which you have no control whether those events are psychological events or physical ones, in your terms.

      As I have told you, there is little difference if you believe that your present life is caused by incidents in your early infancy or by past lives over which equally you feel you have no control. Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs. CHANGE THE BELIEFS AND YOUR LIFE CHANGES.” 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Viatcheslav

        Walsh wrote “You just say that you believe in God, but that you do not live by faith.”Many say it is necessary to do so and so. Nobody says how to do it. Live -that is to govern.How to manage your consciousness. How to do it practically?

        • Awareness

          “Viatcheslav” wrote: Walsh wrote “You just say that you believe in God, but that you do not live by faith.”

          Can you please provide the exact source where you got the quote above which you attribute to “Walsch”?

          “Viatcheslav” wrote: How to manage your consciousness. How to do it practically? How to do it practically?

          The way I see it you can manage your consciousness by filtering everything through your HEART. GOD (GREAT SPIRIT!) speaks endlessly to you through your HEART FEELINGS 🙂

          How to “do it” in six words:

          Simply follow your HEART without FEAR 🙂

          “Blessed are the fearless, for they shall know God” – “Conversations with God” book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

          Bless ALL:)

          • Viatcheslav

            sorry, can not remember exactly … Consciousness is your information tool. Conscious person is able to use and manipulate the state of consciousness. sorry electronic transfer

      • Viatcheslav

        Now people live unconsciously. They can not control his mind.

        • Awareness

          “Make it a habit to monitor your mental-emotional state through self-observation. “Am I at ease at this moment?” is a good question to ask yourself frequently. Or you can ask: “What’s going on inside me at this moment?” Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within, secondary reality without.

          But don’t answer these questions immediately. Direct your attention inward. Have a look inside yourself. What kind of thoughts is your mind producing? What do you feel? Direct your attention into the body. Is there any tension? Once you detect that there is a low level of unease, the background static, see in what way you are avoiding, resisting, or denying life — by denying the Now. With practice, your power of self-observation, of monitoring your inner state, will become sharpened.” Excerpted from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Viatcheslav

            this is right, I agree with you. This understanding is called the person who is aware of himself. Who knowingly lives? I think less than 1%. Understanding gives faith. Religions do not give a true faith, because there is no understanding of the structure of man, what is soul. Walsh wrote a lot of good books, but there’s not enough of one link – the physical picture. I suggest this book – a new real concept of a new world view. Sincerely

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Nope, can’t walk by. Can’t shutup. I don’t dwell in the negative but I will not ignore someone in need whether in word or deed. It’s being awakened into our Devine Beingness that means to me a blend of human and spiritual, not one over the other. Every cell in my body urges me into action if someone is in need. I would have to stifle it in order to filter it away. I would not have that need if not guided by Spirit.

  • Viatcheslav

    Human mind requires witness to the truth. Why do people believe in the invisible radio waves? Because he understands the nature of the electromagnetic field. Why people do not believe in the invisible Spirit? Because he does not understand the nature and operation of Spirit (information field).

  • mewabe

    I am posting this comment here because I think it is important…

    Therese wrote, in a reply to Erin, who mentioned Native Americans:

    “What I will say is that I am becoming increasingly aware of
    things in the US that promote separatism, including that there are 566 Nations
    within our borders.”

    I presume that Therese referred to the over 500 Native American nations.

    Just a suggestion Therese…distinction is not separation. The fact that Native Americans want to hang on to their cultures, which are land based, and to their languages and traditions, does not promote separation but it defines and protects distinction…”We are all one” is not meant to say that “We are all the same”, at least I hope it is not, because if so, then it would be a very serious mistake.

    Oneness does not imply sameness. All life within the natural order is interconnected and interdependent, but within infinite diversity and multiplicity. This is because nature is creative, as is the divine and all life.

    The only uniformity that is found in the world is found under human systems of authority, which suppress creativity and force conformity, going against the creative impulses of nature and of life, which by the way are very spiritual impulses.

    We can all be brothers and sisters, with an understanding and respect for our common humanity and interests in peace, happiness, etc, but without the uniformity of thoughts, appearances, feelings and behaviors that are the outcome of living under a man-made authoritarian system.

    One world government, one world language, one world culture, one world religion are the dreams of the failed idealist, of the person who does not understand the perfect unity within the infinite creative diversity of all life.

    • Viatcheslav

      “we are all one” is the same design principles of people. Creator gave man the right to choose any path.

    • Therese

      “One world government, one world language, one world culture, one world religion are the unnatural dreams of a person who”…seeks to control something/someone other than themselves, and doesn’t realize this is impossible.

  • Tony Tuiatua


    Grateful for blessing of accepting and loving joy that hoping this helps❤️