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If you are a regular visitor here you have no doubt noticed that The Global Conversation has changed its format. Eliminated from this page are the several individual columns that once appeared, thus creating a finer focus on the primary discussion that was the original intent of this website.

As you may know, this online newspaper is an outgrowth of the book The Storm Before the Calm. We very much hope to do two things here:

(1) Continue the explorations that began in that book (which exploration can be done in the Comment Section beneath the posting of that entire text, just below), and…

(2) Extend those explorations from there, looking in our headline stories at current news items, personal events in our day-to-day world, and the spiritual experiences of our readers as they encounter those events.

We want to see how the messages in all the Conversations with God books apply as a practical matter on-the-ground in a Mon-Fri, 9-5 world. We want to prod our readers by asking questions—and we want our readers to prod us by asking questions as well. We want to generate back-and-forth conversation about practical spirituality. And yes, we hope to ignite a global Evolution Revolution (see blue box at lower right).

As a perfect example of the kind of exchange we hope to generate, let us present in this first edition of our newly-designed newspaper a comment placed here very recently by a reader posting as “Blake.” Here is what he had to say…

Neale…You are frantically repeating yourself over what God wants. What’s up with that? Do you actually believe in that Revelation nonsense that was pounded in your head since you were a kid?

The world looks bad if your filters are set to only look at the bad. Set your filters to see love and then relax. If we fail again as a species, we will die and rise again as another life form.

All this save the world stuff isn’t getting you any brownie points with the religious peoples in the world. I learned that there are three ways to be touched by God. The first is religion, the second is spirituality and the third is connection; connection is the highest form of mastery.

Which are you Neale?


First let me say, my friend, that I am not trying to “earn any brownie points with the religious people in the world.” If I were, I would hardly have offered the world a book of my personal conversations with God.

Second, and most important, I want to respond to your suggestion to me. You have said: “Set your filters to see love and then relax.” My response is a series of questions: Is this what Moses did? Is this what Jesus did? Is this what Muhammad did?

As Mewabe pointed to in his own response to your posted Commnet,  is this what you would have had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. do? After all, he was a man of the cloth, a minister. What business did he have poking his nose into the politics of his day?

And what about Saint Elizabeth of Portugal? Was she “setting her filters to see love, and then relaxing” when twice in the 14th Century she placed herself in the middle of a battlefield between opposing armies, both times stopping a war and causing terms of peace to be arranged?

Is this the kind of “relaxing” you have in mind, Blake? Or is there a place in the lives of Spiritual Messengers to be spiritual activists such as those above? Can those with a deeply spiritual inclination see the perfection of all the conditions around them—as a perfect Contextual Field in which to seek to create the next highest version of Perfection, inviting everyone to a new level in the expression of Divinity?

It is true that, as you say, “The world looks bad if your filters are set to only look at the bad.” But what if you see a circumstance as neither “good” or “bad,” but simply “what is” — and then merely choose to change “what is” so that it more closely represents Who You Are now? Is that not the whole purpose of life, and the entire Agenda of the Soul? If not, what is?

If we pass by an alley in which we see a person being attacked and crying for help, should we simply walk on as we “set our filters to see love, and relax?”

What say ye, Blake?

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