An Open Letter to Our World:

My Dear Sisters and Brothers on this Journey of the Soul…

I can’t get around saying it. As much as I don’t want to pre-judge, it seems clear to me that the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri made a terrible mistake. I don’t know how else the police department can explain it.

I could be wrong. I’m willing to be totally and completely wrong. In fact, I hope I am. The last thing we need right now is another terrible error, another horrible misuse of power, by the very people charged with the responsibility of keeping us all safe. So I’m hoping that I’m wrong. But I fear not.

And the sad thing is, no one will offer up anything that will allay my fear, and the same fear that rests today in others. All that the police chief in Ferguson keeps saying is that the incident started with a physical incident between Michael Brown and the officer, with Mr. Brown outside the officer’s patrol car and the officer inside, at the wheel.

This part of the narrative seems not to be in dispute. All witnesses to the event — and it turns out there were several — agree that Michael Brown and the police officer were engaged in a physical confrontation at the door of the officer’s police cruiser. What, or who, started it is in question, but the fact that the two struggled through the window of the cruiser is not.

The police say that Michael Brown was trying to get the officer’s gun. The witness closest to the scene — the man who had been accompanying Mr. Brown as they walked down the middle of the street just before the incident — said that Mr. Brown was trying to pull away from the car window, and the police officer seemed to be pulling him in. Whatever the case, it does not appear to have material relevance to what happened next. And about what happened next, there — so far — has been little dispute.

What happened next is that as Mr. Brown and the officer arm wrestled at the car window, a shot went off and Mr. Brown broke free. He then turned and ran from the vehicle. The officer got out of the car and ran after him, shooting as he ran. Mr. Brown was apparently hit. With this, multiple witnesses said he stopped, turned, and faced the officer, putting his hands in the air. Those witnesses say that the officer then fired multiple shots at Mr. Brown, who crumbled to the ground and died. He was found to have been unarmed.

Mr. Brown was shot more than 20 feet from the police cruiser, seeming to corroborate all reports that he was running from the officer, not attacking him, when he was shot multiple times. There seems little doubt, as well, that Mr. Brown had his hands in the air when he was shot. Again, multiple witnesses — one person looking on from a building window above the scene — indicate this was the case.

Even if the police officer feared that Mr. Brown was armed, when Mr. Brown turned to the officer and put his hands in the air, it seems to everyone hearing the story that this should have been the end of it.

He had already been shot once, don’t forget. According to witnesses, the officer shot Mr. Brown as he was running away. Realizing that he was hit, Mr. Brown, witnesses say, turned to face the officer and raised his hands. That is when, allegedly, the officer shot several more rounds in his body.

I have tried and tried and tried to think this through, to figure out why a police officer would do what this officer is alleged to have done. Did he fear for his life when Mr. Brown turned around? Did he think that Mr. Brown might have had his own weapon and was turning around to use it? Did he not know that one of his shots had already hit Mr. Brown and that his runaway suspect was already wounded?

Why would an officer shoot at a runaway suspect in any event? If he thought Mr. Brown was carrying a weapon and was threatening the safety of others, the officer might have felt justified is firing bullets at a man running away from him. But why do it multiple times after the man turned and raised his hands? Could his reasons for all of this have been a combination of all of the above? If so, was the officer’s reasoning the best demonstration of the kind of judgment call we hope that law enforcement officers, given their training, can and will make in moments such as these?

As I said, the police chief in Ferguson, Missouri to this date (several days after the fatal encounter) refuses (I think, unadvisedly) to make any informative statement whatsoever about what happened. He won’t even say how many times Mr. Brown had been shot — although he acknowledged that it was more than a couple of times. The chief says he doesn’t want to compromise the official investigation of the incident. At this writing, he has even refused to name the officer involved, pointing to social media threats against himself, other members of his department, and the unnamed officer.

All of this has led to suspicion of a cover up by the department. Michael’s Brown’s family and others are saying that the police are using the time to try to figure out how to justify one of its officers shooting an unarmed man in the back as he was running away — and, more urgently, how to justify shooting a man facing an officer with his hands in the air. And then, how to justify shooting him multiple times, pumping round after round after round into his body. Reports have it that as many as seven or eight shell casings were collected at the scene from near Mr. Brown’s body. Police concede that all came from the officer’s gun.

As I have watched the events in Ferguson unfold, I have gone deep inside to quietly and purely explore: What is my highest spiritual reaction to this event? And what, for that matter, is my spiritual reaction to the horrific events taking place in Iraq at the hands of ISIS, which has beheaded and crucified its begging-for-their-life victims, and posted videos on social media to boast about it? And, for that matter, what is my highest spiritual reaction to the events in Gaza, where two sides in an ongoing battle of nerves, rockets, and bullets can’t seem to stitch together a cease fire lasting more than a few hours, even as people are dying every day as a result of their intransigence?

My reaction is compassion. And deep sadness. Sadness that we apparently insist on evolving this way as a species, when there could be other ways to do it. Compassion for all of the misguided people involved in these and other misguided events of our day and age. And then, a move to deep inner knowing…and deep, earnest prayer. Prayer for those on all sides of these experiences, that all might find their way to inner peace in the midst of the outer turmoil of their lives. Prayer that all might find God. Not the God of retribution and violence of which so many have heard, but our true God of love unconditional, who would never sponsor or encourage violence of any kind against another living thing — and who would bring us self understanding and self healing even in the midst of our own violence as a species.

My knowing is that our species will find its way out of this maze of blind confusion about what it means to be human, what the purpose of life is, what our relationship to God is, what our relationship to each other is. That knowing is accompanied by an internal setting of searing intention that our human species will rise at last to its higher awareness, and then demonstrate its larger purpose, its true identity, its greatest possibility.

Yet I want to be honest and tell you that as I move to this place I nevertheless keep finding myself asking: What is happening to our world? And are we really — really and truly, totally and completely — unable, even as we declare ourselves to be a species of evolved sentient beings, to stop any of this?

Why do not all the people of the world rise up and say to ISIS: “We don’t care how justified you believe your movement to be, we will not allow this behavior to go on!”, and then ask all the governments of the world move in and put an end to it? Are we really willing as a species to continue seeing the tail wagging the dog?

Why do not all the people of the world say to both Israel and Hamas, “We don’t care how justified you believe your actions are, we will not allow this behavior to go on!”, and then ask all the governments of the world to move in to stop it?

Why do not all the people of the United States say to the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, “We don’t care how justified your department feels in keeping the details of this shooting quiet, we require an immediate and full explanation of what happened and we require it now, before continuing protests and angry response to this killing of another unarmed man by police produces even more violence and killing. Just tell us what happened, and why.” If a mistake occurred, admit it. If you believe every act of the officer to have been justified, explain it. Do what it takes to heal this community. Silence is not it.

But most of all I keep asking myself: Why do not all the people of our planet rise up and say, “How much more? Oh, God, how much more of this insanity are we as a global species willing to suffer before we stand together as a collective and challenge ourselves, call upon ourselves, beg ourselves to join together and find a way to stop it?”

I believe people are looking for, searching for, hoping for a way to stop it, but can’t seem to coalesce enough collective energy to do it. Unlike ISIS, which seems to be having no trouble at all collecting enough energy for its purposes. Unlike Hamas and Israel, which seem to have no trouble at all gathering enough energy to keep a war going for 25 years. Unlike law enforcement officers in cities across the United States, who seem to have no trouble at all producing enough energy to keep confronting the public in incident after incident of what looks to all the world, far too often, like abuse of power and police brutality. How many incidents have to be reported, witnessed, and captured on video before all of us say, “Enough. Enough of this!”?

What will it take to civilize civilization?

Conversations with God gave us one answer. No one, least of all me, is saying that it is THE answer, but it is at least one answer that certainly couldn’t do any harm. Is anyone willing to listen? Is anyone willing to join together and do something about all of this? Does anyone think that anything can be done? Who’s willing to try?

Let that be our question for the day: Who’s willing to try?

Why bother? Does it matter? In the evolution of our own individual Soul, does any of this “other stuff” matter? Is there any place where Individual Spirituality and Communal Life On Earth mix? Can the first serve the second in any way? Does one even have anything to do with the other?

Michael Brown’s family and friends urgently ask us…the Yazidis of Iraq urgently ask us…the people of Gaza and Israel urgently ask us: Is it time for an Evolution Revolution?

Offered in sincerity,

Neale Donald Walsch

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  • Iwona Pilarczyk-Kubiaczyk

    Yes, I want to try, even I have no idea what I can to do. I don’t believe in my efficiency. When reading your letter I was crying. I’m always sad reading world news. Sometimes I pray when I hear about Syria, Gaza, North Korea, Iraq, Egypt and many others. I feel compassion, but first of all I feel powerless. I’m so grateful for your deep and honest letter. Now I feel more community spirit and more hope. I want to add my little drop of love energy to our world.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Please check out The Evolution Revolution at the top of the Front Page of this online newspaper, in the can’t-miss-it blue box. Thank you for your willingness! Love….neale.

    • Guest

      Iwona Pilarczyk-Kubiaczyk, I Didn’t get why you’re pray for ”North
      Korea”?What’s there?A War?A tread of some kind to you?What you really
      know about North Korea? Oh, you have US TV NEWS….Your Government
      sad they are the ”bad” guys, and 90% of the American population as
      the sheeps started to repeat it….The brainwashing mashine are at full
      force at U.S.A. , so and in the rest of the WORLD….sad

    • Lubomir Petrov

      Iwona Pilarczyk-Kubiaczyk, I Didn’t get why you’re pray for ”North
      Korea”?What’s there?A War?A tread of some kind to you?What you really
      know about North Korea? Oh, I see, you have US TV NEWS….Your Government
      sad they are the ”bad” guys, and 90% of the American population as
      the sheeps started to repeat it….The brainwashing machine are at full
      force at U.S.A. , so and in the rest of the WORLD….You president and the company he’s in are the real dictators, so please stop the soap-opera comments about your ”feelings”. I love the C W G book by Neil, but comments like yours, shows that a lot of people zero-changed…

      • Steve Kostov

        Dear Guest, I may be wrong, and I am only guessing: but you were either born in North Korea, or in another communist country. I, too, was born and raised in a communist country. Former communist People’s Republic of Bulgaria. I spent the first half of my life under the strict Russian communist model, I was educated by it. The second half of my life in the US. I ,too, used to get very irritated when other cultures seemed to judge my way of life during my upbringing, knowing nothing about the “good side of the coin”. They only focused on the negative. I felt it was a direct assault on my ancestors, my parents, and ultimately on everything I was, and everything I knew.

        I thought that what I knew……was who I was. I used to verbally attack westerners, who would “pray” for communist countries, because they were taught that our way of life was not only not good enough, but it was wrong. That made everything I knew to be “good” about this world and this Life – wrong. I felt their condescension and demeanor of superiority was negating my very being. I felt that if I even try to see their point of view, it would instantly negate the “I” in me. I felt if I was to agree with any such point of view, would be to announce that I was raised and exist in error. And one would rather die, than feel so. I took it personally, it was an attack on me, I felt. And because I felt it, it was real to me.

        (By the way, all conflicts in the world come from the humans inability to elevate themselves from that operating mode. We all ultimately fight for “identity”. And we keep fighting, because we look for it, where it can not be found – outside of us. And so we do with God. Not knowing, that the “I” we search for, is not the external Gods we bow to. The “I” we feel worth fighting for, IS the God within, IS the interior that has been there all along. How ironic.)

        I spent the second half of my life trying to reconcile who I thought I was – with the new country I was in, the foreign culture, and its ways. Took me 25 years to finally be at peace with the people and their ways. With the God I thought was a joke and didn’t exist, but whom I kept searching for in some other form, description or shape, because it just didn’t quite fit in any compartment of my being. Then, one day, I understood, that we are all the same. I don’t mean the same “bad”, or the same “good”. I mean we are all children of a Lesser God, until we realize: We Are It. We are all of it. We, collectively, together – are God. Each and every one of us.

        Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, God-ism, any kind of -ism did not matter when it came down to basics: we are all creatures trying to find our way out of imaginary predicaments, while killing each-other in the process.

        And we are all ignorant, and we are all knowing, and we are all silly, and we are all good people – all at the same time.

        So why attack this innocent lady, who opened her heart in such a vulnerable way? She struck a nerve in you, I understand, but she, too, is a product of her environment. She, too, means well, given what she is told and where she stands.

        She never said, and I guarantee you she does not think, that North Koreans are the “bad” guys. She is as lost as most of us, looking for a way out (while all along Neale is pointing towards a way in(-wards)). And she was pure and honest enough to publicly display that, in her own way, with her own words.

        She is not the enemy, dear friend. Her government has done harmful things, yes. Every government has. Because we are all trying to navigate in the dark. That is why we are here, on this website, searching for a “Northern Star”.

        I thought I was raised in a superior society: if you have studied communist ideology, the evolution of society is: feudalism, ..capitalism, socialism, then the ultimate – communism. As children, we used to feel sorry for capitalist countries, too, and “pray” for them to evolve. Until we were told they are a threat to us, then we got hostile.

        So for me, as for millions of others, Life has been a surreal reversal. And none of it ultimately meant anything.

        You can look at it from either side, it is not perfect. Communism was, and still is an amazing concept on paper. Human beings were not ready for that. They abused power. They hoarded power. That is not what the founding Fathers said should be. Former communist Bulgaria had concentration camps in peace time, to punish and kill its own people. Free thinkers, artists, innovators, out of the box perceivers – human genius wasted, tortured, degraded and destroyed.

        That does not mean the people were “bad”. It meant they were doing what the police officer is described to have done in the above article. Just a different place, time and societal system. Same human brain in charge.

        Ironically that is one of the points of Neale’s article. The abuse of power. In any form. And I believe he provokes deeper thoughts. Who are we? Why are we? How long are we willing to put up with non-sense. “Are we really willing as a species to continue seeing the tail wagging the dog?”, he asks.

        We were not ready then. What I believe Neale is asking here, is: Are we ready now? Is someone willing? Anyone? All of us?? What would it take? When is “enough” enough?

        My own mother still speaks in code on the phone. Her generation was so damaged by communism, it will never completely trust human beings in this lifetime. We were listened to, followed and monitored at all times. I don’t blame her.

        But, is there a way out?

        We all carry “baggage”. We all have “damage”. We all have “battle scars” from the experience called “Life”. If we can just elevate ourselves above and beyond the comparing and announcing who has the “biggest scar”, we can be on to something.

        I am not sure why I wrote this to you, dear Guest. Probably I saw myself in your words, few years ago. Maybe I am simply sending a message to the old Me. Either way, I wish you peace and calmness, true happiness, and sending you assurance that I deeply respect you as a human, regardless where you are from, I will be the first to protect and defend your integrity and dignity as a being. But so I had to do for Iwona as well. I hope you understand the connection. (We are all one).

        That phrase is slightly overused nowadays. So I will substitute as I see fit here: We are all the same person.

        Thank you 🙂

  • Gary S

    Thanks Neal,
    i didnt know about this accident between Mr Brown and the Officer,
    as you, i dont want, and i wont judge about a young soul who didnt could enlight his own night.
    Was it neccessary for you to over think all this szenarios?
    As i read it, i had a few thoughts; the officer wanted actually to hurt, not to be righteous.. yes it is sad..
    That the section of safety, is underattack (cause of corruption and not doin what the people want) is nothing new.. but there are many people in it, who really want to help and take care of the citiziens.
    And others, are interrested to show theire (not) might over others.
    These people should never be in the Police, or Army..
    Well i dont see Army as a “Pro-Safety”.. I Mean to the guys of USA;
    when will you start to tell your government to stop the money flow in the Military?
    To those of Germany (im from):
    When tell we our government to stop the weapons- export?
    Wastin money and ressources for death.

    ISIS Gaza etc;
    Why do they have so much energy for it?
    Because they believe it is right, what they do, what they will do, and how they will look at it, when its over.
    They believe it is right to say, “this is my land and you have to move”, since generations…
    And ofcause it… okay maybe a little judge… is SO STUPID.
    And embarrasing if you have to think it out… “wait you wanted this land, because god gave it to (only) you and your people? and thats why you killed this human? Well…”
    “wait, you killed this brother, because you thought that his peoples has killed your sister? And it would turn it right?”
    Im honest these question would i never ask. Never but now i need a little vehicle to let the anger, frustration go.

    There are times when i think i could let enough energy floatin through me , too the core of the planet, so that SHE has enough to give anyone.
    Okay thats not my task. But i love you all. xD

    Compassion is the way, and ofcause the point of “People, dont bother, dont regret it”
    I Mean, i dont know if you can say after killin a human, “it was, what it was” , thats not my question, but i hope for the souls which did it, they’ve got, or get the courage to get to this point, and leave the violence.
    We, have to sent them the information about “if you want to stop the war, well yes it would be pleassure, and ofcause we will not haunt you for what you have done.
    Come sing with us for worldpeace, and then cheer with us if we have reached it…”

    To the Global Problem;
    These companys, which moved to far from the Idea of theire own concept, gone crazy i would say because of the money and betrayed the love in the concept of Groups and to the whole one, have to move back. Or they will fade away.

    These Governments which betrays theire own citiziens, because of greed, of ilusion, of fear. They will not hold anylonger.

    Dont forget, or inform yourself, about the change of the time, of the beein of time in this world, in your heart.. <3
    Well yes, the universe said this space will rise up, we are in this space with this world, so we will be greatly succesfully.

    My dearest beloved ones, you and i, and ANYONE hase something SO AMAZINGLY felt before we came here, anyone of us was fascinated, so fascinated from this world, that we choosed to be here.

    Now i look at this planet and for me it is veeery easy to guess what it is, before i know what it was;
    To help.
    THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITYS to HELP here, you cant go on the street, in the city without TOO much possibilitys to help.

    Let me help you; in this times the one who wants to tell truth, and want to let illusion be blown away.. on this planet you will never have more possibilitys to do it. So do it now. 🙂

    Dont look on this planet as it is goin to go down, oh no me beloved its the other way,
    there are not so many dumb companys, so many corrupt goverments (ok maybe they all 😀 ) and so many evil guys…and yes.. with a little touch of infinity itself.. anyone of us will fall of the violence and go to the light.

    And to answer you question; yes the "other stuff" has a massiv influence, and has no influence at all to you…but use it as a RAMP, not let it bring you down, use it do rise above.
    dont be afraid, just choose to be yours, on your way, and if you want to help by "the other stuff" you can, but you mustnt.

    PS: Please let us all noticed what GLORY and HONOR means, deep inside, let all our eyes see inside what it is, and then it will shine there, in our world. Here.
    Glory fully lived will let you never turn your back to a human, unless you know you have to go.
    Honor will let you know that there is nothing "good" to earn when there is just darkness – or you want to light it up.

    I have a guess .. Down in Gaza and the ISIS so on…
    Thinks in honor, and glory.. if we know what really glory and honor is,and show it to others, than we can maybe.. we can give new information about the human race in our global matrix, to let there be MORE possibiliotys that one who is callin out for honor, can really meet the honor inside… you know what i mean?
    More people goin inside find it, easy to find it for anyone xD

    Much love <3

  • Whether it be on a personal level with what’s going on in the reader’s life- or on a grander, macrocosmic scale of “life” and relations between peaceful and/or warring nations on the Planet, it’s this insane “answer” we think we have to solve our problems, namely:
    I tweet to Obama , the UN, John Kerry etc.
    “I am not for Israel.
    I am not for Palestine.
    I am for Israel AND Palestine.
    World: Can’t we just START where we must inevitably end: TOGETHER?

    • Ruerd Visser

      Reminds me of an Israeli lightworker, who said my god does not choose sides. I feel for both sides, i mourn for both sides.

  • Neale I applaud & encourage your style of putting your best thoughts forward toward a solution, or possible solution/s & asking the pertinent questions we all are asking in such a straight forward honest practical manner.

    My added response is simply this.
    The level of dysfunction verses the level of non dysfunction & conscious awareness has not yet leveled to what many spiritual metaphysical people call critical mass.

    While there seems to be so many serious things going on in the world due to 24/7 mass media,– it’s only a small picture of what is really going on. The levels of awakening are unprecedented in history & so is peace. It’s not reached critical mass yet, but it’s moving there.

    I think we may find that the world will indeed be divided into even more dramatic multiple segments where society is more enlightened & where it’s not. The two will exist side by side as they do now but even more so as the coming years unfold.

    People will get to choose even more dramatically where they prefer to be. The contrast of those more conscious & enlightened will be the light of choice for others. It’s not now, since most (but certainly not all) media is negative drama focused and leaves out a larger picture of the good progress that continues to grow.

    As we are more enlightened we will see that news has to balance itself out with even more creativity, balance & honest critical thinking & transparency. Not so corporate driven.

    Even so, the more enlightened people will welcome the bad news, Why? We have a true life theatrical drama who’s true value is to not only alert & wake us uP, but force us to create the solutions we desire. That’s the positive side of the bad terrible news we have yet to fully embrace & take advantage of.

  • Michael

    I’ve wondered about this for quite sometime now………..

    Putting the concepts of right and wrong aside for the moment, if you would. Take look at these questions as objectively as you can, they may help you.

    Am I looking for “signs of the times?” Do I quietly yearn for the end? Am I waiting around for it to come? The time that will free me from this awful burden of Life and reconnect me at last with the ocean of Love that is the Lord Almighty? How deeply has this idea gotten into my psyche? What effect does this idea have on my behaviors today?
    Have I been so conditioned, hypnotized, seduced by these ideas of the Glory and drama of the End Times, that I simply watch the horrors and perhaps even enjoy them? Am I too eagerly waiting for the foretold glory of the End that I do nothing to prevent it or change it? Do I want chaos? If not, what do I want and why am I not going out
    there and making it the way I want? Who am I anyway?

  • Michael L

    Out of the chaos that is being created by who ever, we will pick up the pieces and create from our hearts a compassionate and loving world. Past stuff creates what we see now… our Now thoughts create what happens next. Lets raise our vibrations and the world will change. Beleive that when more stuff happens then we can get to the center and create from there. Do be afraid.

  • Jake Bradney

    reaction-creation-reaction-creation…the divine dichotomy is inescapable…no one reaction, be it from a place of love or fear, is any less creative than another…choose your reaction however you will, but know that to choose love is to create with intention all that you desire, while to choose fear is to create arbitrarily a nightmare everywhere…Love your police, Ferguson, even as they shoot you in the back: Love your Islamic State, even as they kill you for a question: Love your neighbors, even as they pull the rug out from under you and call it their own. Any “atrocity” they visit upon another will be made manifest in their own experience simultaneously, unless YOU change your mind, and it isn’t.

  • brendaflame3

    Maybe on a soul level the policeman and the black man agreed to this confrontation in order to raise up people’s consciousness a little higher, to instigate examinations of fear, prejudice and injustice and to uplift awareness of how we must sooner than later choose to live in love?

  • Ruerd Visser

    Kinda wonder though, lot’s of people, aswell as me2. Feel they get sucked into the drama, often surrounding events as such. Creating a strong pull, to either take some sort of a stand. Or to stay away from seeming incomprehenne sible things. Which often seem to be out of control. With drama all over the world, how can we stay centered. Instead of sucked away into further drama? Since it often seems compelling to take a stand. Either way. What about that?