An Open Letter to Our World

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published last October by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example…

. . . the belief that God who is a male super-being who demands obedience, who says we are imperfect because we have not been obedient, and who tells us that in order for us to be in God’s good graces (and thus, eligible for admission into heaven), we must meet certain requirements.

Among those requirements are that we believe in God in a certain way, and worship God in a particular fashion.

What this comes down to is that we must belong to a specific religion—or at least, hold true to its tenets.

The thought that we even need to be in a good place with God arises out of the idea we explored above: that only absolute purity and total perfection is allowable or present in heaven, and that this probably does not describe us—so we’d better do something about it.

This thought, in turn, emerges from the other thought explored earlier: that we entered this world in a state of impurity, branded at birth with Original Sin, Inherited Imperfection, or Ancestral Guilt, and that we all have in any event offended God with our own sins during our own lives.

And this thought surfaces from a deeply-held belief that we can sin, and that God can be offended.

From these congealed notions is born a deep concern in the hearts of many people that we are not in God’s good graces now. And so we look, individually and as a collective, for ways in which we can get into God’s good graces—before it is too late.

The popularity of religions is based on this yearning, and on their promises that they can produce this result.

Religions, we are told, are our passports into heaven. All we have to do is follow their mandates, live according to their guidelines, obey their rules, and respond affirmatively to their injunctions.

Dramatically increasing the stakes in all this is the statement of some denominations that their religion offers the only way to achieve what is called “salvation.”

We are told that if we do not believe what they teach, if we do not embrace their doctrine, if we do not accept their canon, creed, and credo as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, we are condemned by God to everlasting damnation.

There is no question about this among the faithful within those denominations: We must believe in God and worship God in a certain and particular way or our eternal soul is eternally doomed.

*         *        *

Now comes The Great What If . . .What if God does not need to be worshipped, and does not need to have humans believe in God in any certain way? What if God does not need human beings to believe in God at all?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes, of course it would. If we let go of the thought that one way is the only way to worship God and get to heaven, the spiritual self-righteousness that appears deeply embedded in humanity’s experience of God would virtually disappear. And absent that self-righteousness, all of the religious wars and inter-denominational struggles, the ruthless and senseless killing that has soiled the pages of human history for millennia, would likewise ultimately disappear.

If we felt that we didn’t even need to believe in God for God to welcome us back Home, we could then enter into whatever belief in God we might develop—if, indeed, we chose to embrace such a belief at all—and do so as an expression of pure joy and absolute wonderment, rather than an outgrowth of angst or a product of trepidation. A loss of fear about what will happen if we do not profess a belief in God would spell the end of all fear-based religions.

Indeed, as the love-me-or-else threat was taken out of our experience of God, our entire relationship with The Divine would shift dramatically, putting us into a genuine friendship with God in which our worried trembling would be replaced by our empowerment.

*         *         *

On another level, if we held the thought that God has no need for our worship, our species would stop seeing the whole notion of “worship” as a good thing, but would view it, accurately, as the kind of subjugating human activity that denies our own divinely bestowed magnificence—to say nothing of our own presence in that which we say we adore.

This elevating of the human self to its rightful place of awesome inclusion in the expression that is God would reshape humanity’s basic identity, altering our species’ understanding and expression of itself. And it would do this so completely as to remove and eliminate selfish, hurtful, malicious, or malevolent behavior from the human experience forever. We would suddenly know who we really are, and who everyone else is, and we would treat ourselves and everyone else much differently.

This is, in fact, what has occurred within the civilizations of all highly evolved beings in the universe. The effect that such a shift in beliefs would have on the planet would be to, at last, civilize civilization.


God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God demanding that we worship, believe in, and approach God in a certain and particular way is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

God does not care what religion we belong to (or whether we belong to any religion at all). Religions are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

God doesn’t care what we believe about God (or whether we believe in God at all). Beliefs are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

God doesn’t look to us to provide God with something that God needs (because God needs nothing at all). Needs are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

The need to be worshipped (to say nothing of the command to be loved) could only be the characteristic of an insecure, unfulfilled, imperious, tyrannical ruler—which cannot possibly describe the God of this universe.

The need to be approached in a single and specific way, making every other approach (no matter how sincere the motive, no matter how pure the intent, no matter how arduous the effort) not only insufficient, but a cause for judgment, condemnation , and damnation, could only be the characteristic of a totally unreasonable, utterly intolerant, preposterously hypersensitive, unbelievably small-minded, and insanely draconian despot—which cannot possibly describe the God of this universe.

*         *         *

The idea that God demands to be loved defies all reason and logic. Yet it is held by many, for it is written, in what has been labeled as The Greatest Commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

So let it be said clearly and without equivocation: The God of this universe—by virtue of being God—needs or requires the adulation of no one. As well, the God of this universe—by virtue of being God—has nothing to lose by welcoming any soul who arrives at divinity by any path, and is nothing but overjoyed when any soul has found its way back Home by realizing, accepting, and assuming its true identity.

The idea that God rejects everyone except those who come to God by one singular and particular path is simply mistaken. It defies all rational thought and directly contradicts the definition of Love.

The idea that God rejects everyone except those who come to God by one singular and particular path is simply mistaken.

The good news is that our Deity is not the God of the brand name.

God’s love, God’s acceptance, and God’s joy in us is not dependent upon what words we say in prayer, what name we invoke in supplication, or what faith we embrace in hopefulness.

In the eyes of God a Jew is as good as a Christian, a Christian is as good as a Muslim, a Muslim is as good as a Buddhist, a Buddhist is as good as a Mormon, a Mormon is as good as a Bahá’í, and an atheist is as good as all of the above.

That Which Is is That Which Is, and neither its Isness, nor its joy and bliss in being the Isness, is dependent upon any particular expression in any particular way of any particular part of the Isness.

*         *         *

Let us go even further. It is not even necessary for human beings to have any belief that there is a God in order for God’s blessings to flow. The flowing of God’s blessings is God’s greatest joy, and it is a process that is uninterrupted and eternal. It has nothing whatsoever to do with our love for God, and everything to do with God’s love for us.

Again, this may be the toughest concept for human beings to accept. The largest number of us just can’t seem to embrace the notion that divine love flows freely to all, without exception, requirement, or condition of any kind.

Or, in a remarkable inversion, many declare that God’s love does flow freely to all, and that God’s condemnation and punishment of His subjects for not believing in God, or for any wrongdoing, is a demonstration of His love.

It is only through such convoluted theological architecture that the idea of a God kind and good can be constructed and preserved—although it is questionable if such preservation has been achieved at the level that those who have constructed this theology might have wished. It seems far more evidentiary that the idea of a God kind and good has been simply forfeited by religion, and that this is the chief reason for the rejection, by millions, of the idea of any sort of God at all.

This is one of the greatest sorrows to have befallen the human race, for it has robbed so many members of the species of their greatest resource, therefore crippling the species itself immeasurably.

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  • Erin

    Love where these conversations are going. Many, including myself, have evolved so much since they began. We have been sharing our transformations, enticing each to Think Deeper, Dream Bigger…and shared beyond this site, as well, as the convos rolled.
    You are All immeasurably Loved…I Am grateful for this continuance. <3

  • politics

    Are you speaking for God…Neale?

    • He’s I believe speaking to his current understanding of what God is to him.

  • Your tremendous Work has become my second greatest Love; sorry, but I’ve placed my new membership in Anthroposophy ahead of you – Steiner was/is a Saint to whom I can more rationally relate, despite all I honor in what you’ve said about how our brains can be our greatest obstacle to really feeling and finding the God you’ve so graciously introduced us to – Its love for you is no greater than mine for you, because we are One, and I owe you so much for making this my reality now.
    You might also like to know that it was you who contributed what I consider the most valuable aspect of my ongoing work as a spiritual guru, and which I believe would be of great value to your work – it is this:
    That The First and most vitally essential element in anyone’s embarking on The Path is for them to conscientiously ‘define and create’ a sense-of-self who, only then, can serve as the entity who will walk the Path. So much time is wasted when people meditating don’t first identify Who it is that is meditating – especially in Mindfulness, where it is so crucial to establish an inner-identity who only then can dictate where one’s attention will focus.
    Next: I don’t think it’s possible to over-emphasize the point that, in introducing anyone to developing their spirituality/connection to God, they must first be truly Willing to consider the possibility that Everything they thought they knew about Life is dead Wrong. These people need to know that, at first, they only need ‘consider – not conclude’ that they have been wrong. It is too much to expect them to be really Open to receiving the Truth if they think they must first ‘agree’ they’ve been misled and are ignorant.
    And so I place major emphasis on simply getting them to ‘consider – not conclude’ that they may be outright wrong about so many things they’ve taken for granted all their muddled lives.
    And here is where I insert the possibility that, in order to decide anything so fateful, something requiring so much Openness and Willingness, they should first consider whether they are truly Awake and conscious of what is transpiring – or are they in such a confused dream-mode that they aren’t really ready to Receive the Truth. So I give them a brief explanation of how they’ve probably never really considered what true/full wakefulness means – and only ask that they agree-to-consider its potential to greatly enhance their Travels on The Path; that they may more Clearly See IT.
    In closing, Neale, if you find any value in the manner I’ve presented this – congratulate yourself, because I attribute so much of my newfound Clarity to your writings and wisdom. Untolled Blessings, R

  • Cecco Cecamore

    Christians are not the problem on Earth that is causing all the insanity in the Middle East. Neither are Jews. You see Christians and Jews don’t teach their children to hate and kill in their churches and temples (as many Muslims do in their Mosques)
    Christians and Jews do things like build hospitals and send in aide all over the world.
    While many Muslims teach their children to hate, kill and to approve of anything horrific that can be done to hurt an infidel. Christians and Jews don’t jump for joy when a bunch of Muslim children are killed. However, it’s commonly known that many Mosques pray for the souls of suicide bombers and in fact, honor those who kill infidels.
    Many Muslims indeed do think that killing a non-Muslim is a great and wonderful act – deserving of celebration.

    For a Christian – no deeds on Earth have an impact on one’s eternal life. Jesus died for our sins – that’s it.
    Christians and Jews have become civilized groups. They work together well very positive and loving ways.
    Christians have helped more dying and sick people all over the world than all of the world’s governments combined.

    At present, the only wars on Earth involving religion are Islamic. But, that is not really a religious war (given that most of the killing by Muslims is other Muslims). The “JV team” as President Obama called ISIS, is a problem right now – indeed because of Iranian feuds that have a basis in religion. But, if it wasn’t ISIS it would be Saddam’s sons (Hooday and Hoosay) who would be killing just as wildly (had the US left Saddam in power).

    Let’s not forget that the USA found the mass graves of 350,000 people in Iraq, and much of that was the work of Saddam’s family.

    Hooday and Hoosay would be just as sick and deranged as ISIS is now. (So, please don’t run around saying it was “Bush” who caused this – if you do that – you are just showing your lack of knowledge of Iraq, their tribes and how all those mass graves got dug – and by whom)

    Anyhoo – The premise that religions are the problem is false. Jews and Christians have opened hospitals, built Mosques (yes, those whacky Christians that are being called the problem here, not only have saved millions of lives but they also have helped build hundred of Mosques in Africa).

    The best thing liberals can do now, is accept that there are rotten people on Earth. (And that is not the fault the NON-ROTTEN people)

    In fact – I’ll digress – I don’t understand why liberals like to blame people for problems who are not involved with the problems.
    It’s a weird thing that liberals do. Like blaming the white conservative in rural America for all the anger and shootings in the urban Democrat cities. The state of Wisconsin is a good example of this. Last winter 700,000 hunters went out into the woods of Wisconsin to hunt deer. 1 person was shot by accident (she lived). that means that 699,999 gun owners somehow didn’t shot another person. Yet, in the city of Milwaukee already this year there have been 81 murders. And those murders are virtually all in angry Democrat areas. Pretty easy to assume that the shooting problem is a liberal problem – right? Well nope … somehow nutty Democrats in Milwaukee are blaming the problem of Democrat anger – on all the gun owners outside of Milwaukee who voted for Scott Walker to be their governor.
    You heard right – nutty liberals are blaming the 81 murders in Democrat Milwaukee on the all the 50-year old white guys with guns, who live 100 miles away – and voted for Scott Walker. It’s hysterical.

    In closing – Earth to liberals. Stop blaming problems on the people who are not causing the problems.

    • Awareness

      An interesting “twist” is that it seems that Christianity and Islam are “linked” via “Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats”:

      “The New Testament, the Church, and Christianity, were all the creation of the Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats. The New Testament and all the characters in it–Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, and John the Baptist–are all fictional. The Pisos created the story and the characters; they tied the story into a specific time and place in history; and they connected it with some peripheral actual people, such as the Herods, Gamaliel, the Roman procurators, etc. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created (that is, fictional!) characters.” Excerpted from “The True Authorship of the New Testament”, Published by Abelard Reuchlin Foundation 🙂

      “The greatest Inner Circle writing since the New Testament itself has been the Koran. The tribe of Muhammad, the Quraysh, who put the Koran together about 652, which was about twenty years after his death, expressed their Inner Circle knowledge in various ways as we will show. However they also relied on the Pisos’ great work for the authenticity of its characters. And because as we will prove, Piso and his Family had created many characters beyond those in the Hebrew Bible, the Quraysh necessarily followed his path by authenticating 10 of those fictional Pisonian characters!”

      “It was not solely the Quraysh use of a few Inner Circle numbers (notably 19 and 114) in the Koran, by which they secretly showed they knew what Piso had done and were patterning their book after his. Nor was it only their inclusion of the fictional Jesus which showed their Inner Circle knowledge. Rather it was especially their honorable insertion of at least nine other fictional characters (additional to Jesus) which Piso had also created, by which they secretly sought to emulate him. And by so including all these Pisonian-created characters, it was the Koranic authors themselves who forever proved that their book was fiction!” – “Islam—Its Koran and Hadith, and its Leadership: An addendum to The True Authorship of the New Testament” By Abelard-Reuchlin 🙂

      Another interesting “twist” is the following (I RECOMMEND THAT ENTITIES DO NOT BELIEVE IN THESE VERSES):

      Abhodah Zarah 26b Tosephoth: “A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin, but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God.”

      Alkut Simoni (245c): “A Jew shedding the blood of a Christian is offering a sacrifice to God.”

      Iore Dea (158, 1): “Christians who are not Jews’ enemies must also die.”

      Zohar (II, 43a): “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice to God.”

      My suggestion is for people to simply forget about ALL religions and simply follow their own HEART (the source of all sources) guidance 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Awareness

        Yet another “twist” is that we are ALL living in an “illusion”. Our lives are simply like reading from a “variable story book” 🙂

        “God said:

        I Myself have used the expression from the beginning of time. The expression could just as well have been from the beginning of time and space, even as I have stated more than once that time and space do not exist, no matter how much they may seem to.

        Closer to the Truth would be to say from the beginning of imagined space and time, imagined-space-and-time have been imagined. We could have said from the beginning of the dream, from the beginning of story, from the beginning of a very fluid made-up tale entitled: The Many-Volumed Imagined Tales of Life on Earth Taken Very Seriously and other such titles.

        The platform, the whole thing, is made-up and not real at all.

        Of course, some stories you would wish with all your might to be true, and some stories you would wish to be erased, and, yet not one of the stories is true. They may be what you call real, yet from Infinity and Great Vision not one of the stories is true. This is Truth I tell you whether you agree with Me or not, which you probably do not.

        Infinity is true. Oneness is true. The stories the Dream tells are fiction. Fiction believed true is still fiction. A blank page would be more representative of Truth. This is hard for My beloved children to digest as well. When you stub your toe, it hurts! What you call real life is A Thousand and One Tales of Dreams Dreamed of on Earth. Only in the World of Dreams are there such actions and inaction, yet, within the Dream, there are Themes of Truth. Love is Truth.

        Running through the stories are Multi-Themes of Love. The stories may often be tales of love lost, yet, nevertheless, they are tales told with streams of love running through them. There are stories that embolden laughter, and laughter takes away the reverence of all the fictionalized stories, for humor notably says that life, as you know it, is a joke, one great joke, and you might as well laugh at it as cry.

        It is so hard for My beautiful children to accept that they are living in a dream which often seems to be a nightmare itself and is a very long ongoing dream from which they do not awake, yet, each day, the dream seems to take flight from where it left off the night before.

        There is a lot of great fiction out there with plots twisting and turning beyond what any imagination could think of, yet it is all imagination circling the plains of time and space. Sometimes imagination circles like predatory birds and sometimes like birds of song.

        Oh, yes, your fictitious lives are also musicals with all the cinematic and operatic drama. Your very existence on Earth is drama. You, who are made by God, live in a world made of drama, drama upheld, drama exalted. Note the commonality of the words dream and drama.

        Most everyone is so wrapped up in the drama of the moment to which there seems to be no end that the stories unfold and unfold, taking you with them, and you become all wound up in tension and suspense with occasional moments of relief. This is how it looks to you.

        There are individual stories and collective stories. There are hysterical stories and historical stories.

        Once in a while stories of True Truth get mixed in, stories such as mythology and fairy tales and occasional other truth-telling stories that arise in tales far richer and deeper than the stories many stories tell.

        The end of the Paradise Lost stories, whether stated or not, return to Paradise Found, and the Truth is known once again at last.

        “Ah,” you say, “blessed with Truth I AM once again. Once again I have alighted on Truth and left the whole concept of consequences. I have finished with fiction, and I have been restored to Truth and the lovely Universality of Oneness. Thank God, I am Home.”

        And I say once again: You are Home from where you never really left. Only in your Dream did you ever think you had left. You have returned to where you always are.” – “Heavenletter #5294 A Thousand and One Tales , May 24, 2015” 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    Religious rituals, demands and obligations make as much sense as would walking backwards on our hands and knees counterclockwise, barking like a dog 3 times whlle invoking the Great Sky Dog. These rigid, obsessive-compulsive ritualistic and ceremonial activities only make sense to us because we decide they do. In other words we pull them straight out of our hats (or some other place). And we make certain things holy and others profane, totally arbitrarily. For example, sex is either sacred or profane when we say it is. Certain animals are sacred…others are meat on legs that doesn’t deserve care or compassion. It’s all very amusing as well as tragic, when seen from an anthropologist’s perspective.

    It has been said before, but behaving relatively well because under a threat of eternal punishment is neither noble nor loving. What kind of a gift would that be to any God (if a God needed a gift)? If you do good for me because you think that if you don’t I will destroy you, your obedience, which is rooted in fear and is without a doubt loaded with resentment, is poison to me. That’s how an intelligent God would feel. It can only be concluded that the Abrahamic Gods are not intelligent, being the creation of extremely primitive minds.

  • hempwise

    We need to debate these questions with the heads of the major religions live on television in front of millions of viewers .The questions will not go away but the response is silent .I sent a few of these questions to a local catholic church ,posted some of the information on the door sent e-mails …i got zero response !

    There not even willing to have a discussion why because i think they know that what they teach is fear and control ,but they can’t be relinquished from it as it means the end of there ways .

    • Cecco Cecamore

      Another odd post from a liberal. You people are just crybabies. So – here I’ll state again. Christians and in particular, the Roman Catholic Church have helped more human beings during times of absolute horror and misery, than all of the governments of the world combined.
      Roman Catholic theology contains books and books of teaching. But, here is all one needs to know. (This was from Sister Mary Elizabeth in the 3rd grade)

      1- One doesn’t need commandments, laws or rules to know if one’s thoughts or deeds are OK. YOUR HEART WILL TELL YOU!
      2- Jesus died for our sins. There are no good deeds or bad deeds on Earth that will ever change that.

      If you think it’s looney that a bunch of people believe that Jesus died for our sins … that is fine. Go on and do your own good. Provide shelter and care for someone. (That is what Catholics have done over the years for over a BILLION humans)

      In much of Islam –
      Women are treated as sub-human and have no rights.
      Children are taught to kill and hate.
      Soldiers hide in schools and hospitals and commit atrocities.
      That little tiny dot on the map known as Israel – is not allowed to exist in peace. Just look at a map. The entire Middle East is a huge geographical area – and within the Middle East, there is a tiny dot … so small, that one thousand Israel’s would not equal half of the Middle east – yet … Islam just cannot let these people alone.

      Christians and Jews are not the problem and have tolerated quite a bit of hatred and evil from Muslims.

      If this was indeed about religion as many liberals claim – Christians would have surrounded Mecca and several other Islamic Holy Sites and said this. “Dear Islam – you have 30 days to cease your insanity and figure it out amongst yourselves – and if you don’t cease – on Day 31 – there will be no more Mecca – no more Islam”

      • mewabe

        “Jesus died for our sins”???

        Explain that one rationally if you can, I dare you 😉

        • GH Annie

          So many times you make my day. This is one of them. Thank you.

          Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • hempwise

        I,am no liberal an animist perhaps with a little pantheism thrown in there a part of the divine no less as are you my friend .A believer in life as prime value ,not the afterlife the here and know reality .And in implementing things that actually work for it to thrive .Being told that you where born in sin and that you can only be saved through Jesus is hokum fear based irrational childish teaching and no longer serves the purpose of evolution .

        We could do with having a reason based discussion a conversation to find a logical way forward .No doubt religion has done a lot of good in the world as you say .But it needs to grow and transcend with humility and stop being so righteous and arrogant in having god/life all worked out !

        Yes i do cry at the madness that has been committed in the name of god/life all i would like is for it to end ,but they will have it no other way .Only reason and consciousness raising can change that so will they take part in that ? Lets wait and see ? Are they willing for the space to open up and simply acknowledge that there is something that they do not understand about god and life the understanding of which will change everything .

      • GH Annie

        Christians have slaughtered thousands upon thousands of men, women and children in the name of God in the Inquisition and the Crusades. Catholics have killed thousands of other Christians, such as the slaughter of the Templates, in the name of power.

        How easy it is for “Christians” to forget their own un-Christ-like behaviors. And now you call for the wholesale slaughter of “Islam” in the name of God. What makes you any better than them? Can’t we learn from our past mistakes?

        Much Love and Many Blessings,

  • Mateia Andrei

    I have a problem with god Neal. If god is all knowing then God know what i choose to experience in my life.
    If god is all powerful then god certainly can help since i have requested help.
    Also if i request help in direct form, not how you have putted in CwG “by the next song your hear the next … “, since its a way im confortable with and i experience it as a efficent way.
    And lastly if god loves me he/she/it will respond knowing that it is my will to eperince life in this particular way and since she loves me she will help me faster then the blink of eye.
    So in the end my question is why havent i been instantly helped by god ?
    And just to be clear the law of attraction and whatever other laws are in place i find them ineffective since they have been since humanity existed and has a whole species we have failed to have a utopia.
    So im saying to god screw the rules you are god lets do things another way.
    So why hasn’t god instatly answered. Please respond

    • mewabe

      I am not Neale, and Neale will without a doubt have a different and probably kinder answer, but my own intuition tells me that contrary to what religion teaches the Creator is neither our daddy nor our baby sitter. Neither the divine nor anyone in the spirit or the flesh is here to hold our hand at every moment or carry us and grant us our every wish, because we are not children.
      However, when you learn to harmonize yourself with universal energies, rather than demanding of the universe that it serves you on your own terms, you most likely will have the wind behind your back, and you could then learn to live a magical, enchanted life.

      • Mateia Andrei

        i’m not asking God to be my mommy or baby sitter i’m asking for diffrent tools. Nanobots capable of absorbing energy to run for a unlimited time able to self repair and self reproduce and intelligent to use innorganic matter in order to create anything acting like a microscopic factory with schematic of anything that has ever been invented or will be invented. Linked to my brain so that i can command it the way i like and always loyal to me. If god would do this just once then God and every human would become obsolete for me.
        If what CwG says is true than I’m really dissapointed in God for not doing me a favor one that would make everything else obsolete for me and if it won’t do this i am planning that after my death to ignore everyone the same way that god has ignored my request. Its not even God who needs to bring me this Marvel anyone can send it to me.

        • mewabe

          Not sure what you mean but thank you for the reply…

          • Mateia Andrei

            What is it that you don’t understand ?

          • GH Annie

            What I don’t understand is why you believe that God should be your own personal God, forsaking all others to instantaneously grant you your wish, at your will. And how is it that you know God hasn’t granted your wish by deciding to incarnate as the Soul with the intellect and creativity to design such nanotechnology, and is working on it at this very moment? And I’m curious, why is your desire to not have need (or from the sound of it, want) any others in your life?

            Much Love and Many Blessings,

          • Mateia Andrei

            “What I don’t understand is why you believe that God should be your own personal God, forsaking all others to instantaneously grant you your wish, at your will. ”
            There is somethimg here you clearly don’t understand. A all powerful, knowing and loving God would grant everyones wishes. Im just wishing to have a genie with unlimited wish granting power so that i make life obsolete for me. I can finally NEET it forever.

            “why is your desire to not have need (or from the sound of it, want) any others in your life?”
            Other parts of me can do whatever they choose it’s the same for me
            i do whatever i choose.

          • GH Annie

            I don’t believe an all powerful, all knowing, loving God would grant all our wishes like a genie. I believe that life’s purpose is for us to experience it, both the good and the bad. While I would hope to stop my child from never, ever being hurt, I also understand that this is part of learning and growing and life. It is sometimes what temporarily hurts us that teaches us our greatest lessons.

            Much Love and Many Blessings,

          • Mateia Andrei

            I don’t care what life purpose is my only angeda is to have technology that will grant me the ability to experience what i choose to experience exactly/a perfect replica of how i choose it. Also to put it metaphorically your God is a lesser God than my God.

      • GH Annie

        mewabe, my friend,

        Sometimes you are so eloquent with your words that I forget you can also be straightforward and to the point. Here, you have managed to be both. It truly can be an enchanted life, filled with enchanting people.

        Much Love and Many Blessings,