The big question…

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published last October by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example, the statement that…God has a plan for us.

Much of the world believes in a God who has a particular plan in mind for every human being. This is a God who is said to have handed out to each of us specific talents and attributes, equipping each of us to undertake particular missions, perform discrete functions, and fulfill distinct and disjunctive purposes over the course of our lives.

Our job is to figure out what that plan is, and then to follow that plan as well as we can. Or, at best, to “go with the plan” as it makes itself obvious through the events of our days and nights.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if God has no specific plan for any of us? What if God has no preference in the matter of how we live our lives, or what we do, in the specific sense, with our days from birth to death?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes. First, it would relieve us of the burden of having to figure out what we are “supposed” to be doing here, and how. We could end our search, stop our pursuit, quit our quest, and conclude what we have constructed in our reality as our sacred seeking for God’s sacred assignment.

Then, we could begin at last, in full awareness and in earnest, the journey upon which we really came to the earth to embark. This is not God’s “plan,” this is the soul’s desire. And this always has to do with what we are being, not what we are doing in and with our lives.

If we thought that God did not have a specific agenda in mind for us, we could pay attention to what our life has to offer us in terms of beingness opportunities, rather than what we think God has planned on our behalf (either for beingness or doingness). And we would stop seeing certain occurrences, coincidences, and confluences as “a sign from God” that we can now move forward with “God’s plan.”

As well, if we thought there was no such thing as God’s plan for us, we could drop many of the notions of religion, all the ideas of pre-destiny, and every imagining that a hidden agenda for us exists in divine mind, which God is simply not making obvious and clear to us (for reasons that are not evident).

We could also stop killing each other out of an idea that it is “God’s plan” that a nation of “God’s people” who believe in God and practice God’s will in a particular way must exist upon the earth—even if it requires the killing of thousands of other people to create it.

God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God having a plan for us is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

If God had a particular plan for every human being on the earth—or, for that matter, for the human race as a collective—God would have made it known to us long ago.

God would have no reason not to tell you in crystal clear, specific, and direct terms what God’s Plan for you is. Why would God devise a particular course of action for every single individual on the earth and then not reveal it to any of them?

And to those who say, “God does tell us what it is. We are just not paying attention,” is this an assertion that God is talking directly to each human being, and that we are simply not listening?

And there are larger questions as well. Why would God have a specific plan for every individual in the world in the first place? What divine purpose would this serve?

Would it not serve a greater divine purpose for God to simply supply the power and to provide the mechanism with which all sentient beings might decide, declare, express, and experience for themselves who they wish to be, instead of having to follow a plan set in place for each of them ahead of time?

There is a divine purpose being served by life. But a purpose is not a plan. A purpose is the reason we’re going to do things. A plan is an outline of the things we’re going to do.

This experience we are all having on the earth is not just a happenstance, not merely the latest in a million-year-old sequence of biological events. There is more going on here than simply the living out of physical life for no reason whatsoever except to complete a process that began for us without our involvement or agreement. And that purpose is much larger in scope than the mere encountering and living through a series of pre-planned occurrences.

The agenda of God is that all life forms in the physical realm express divinity. Each soul, as an Individuation of Divinity, has an eternity in which to do this, and an infinite number of ways to accomplish it.

The soul willfully and intentionally uses life in the physical as a means with which to express and experience all the aspects of divinity that it is possible to experience. These aspects are limitless, thus, life itself would have to be without end in order to experience them. And so it is.

Each separate physical expression of a soul’s infinite life offers it an opportunity to select and express any aspect or aspects of its divine nature that it chooses. Thus, the soul comes to each lifetime with an agenda, but not with a plan. The soul’s agenda may be to express and experience compassion, for instance, or patience and understanding. But the soul does not come to physical life with a predestined decision to do so by becoming a nurse, or by writing a book on human psychology.

To reiterate then, an agenda is the underlying intention or motive of a particular person or group. An agenda has to do with purpose. A plan has to do with process. It is a specific way to achieve a purpose, to follow through on intention. God and the soul have an agenda, but neither God nor the soul dictates or plans how a particular person should, or is going to, fulfill that agenda.

Thus, it is not “God’s Plan” for a particular person to be in a car accident as a child, or experience the divorce of parents, or marry three times, or have no children, or have four children, or contract leukemia, or move to Nebraska, or become a famous painter, or meet just the right person at just the right time to move their career forward.

It is not “God’s Plan” for one particular person to be a minister rather than a professional football player, or another to be the dynamic leader of a country rather than a dynamic country music star.

It is God’s agenda, carried into the realm of the physical by the soul, for that soul to experience states of Being—the sum total of which equal the All that we call God. Or, as it was said just above: The agenda of God is that all life forms in the Physical Realm of the Spiritual express Divinity. Each Soul, as an Individuation of Divinity, has an eternity in which to do this, and an infinite number of ways in which it may be accomplished.

What are these states of being that represent the many parts or aspects of God? With this as our soul’s agenda, life invites us to be many things.

  • Creative, for instance. Or compassionate.
  • Understanding, for instance. Or patient.
  • Helpful, for instance. Or generous.
  • Loving, for instance. Or healing.

All of these are states of being. And these, plus many more, may be experienced in any moment of Evernow, individually or simultaneously.

Now you may think, “Is that it? It that all that life is about? I was hoping to actually do something. Something that really mattered. Something that made a difference. Something that contributed to others and to the world at large. Something that allowed me to feel fulfilled.”

Yet that is precisely what the agenda of expressing and experiencing states of being is all about. When we examine life closely we realize that everything and anything we could do with our life is nothing more than an approach, a method, a process, an impulse that leads us into a state of being. Every thought, word, and action creates beingness. That is their only purpose. As Conversations with God says: Every act is an act of self-definition.

As to how you can know what beingness your soul has chosen, simply look to see what brings you the most joy. What impulse calls you? What feeling magnetizes you more than any other?

When you truly internalize this, your whole life can change. And the next step following such a realization is the awareness that what you hoped you would be able to be by doing a particular thing in a particular way, you can be in any number of ways.

And that becomes life’s greatest freedom. The freedom from living as if a specific and particular kind of doing is required of you in your life in order for you to be what your soul deeply desires to be.

Now the road ahead is wide open. Now the path is yours to choose. Because you can be what you’ve chosen to be by doing anything—or by not doing anything at all. You can also decide to change what you choose to be, by simply changing your mind about that. And as you take the path that brings you the greatest joy, you can at last make a life rather than a living.

It is true that sometimes things seem to fall into place so perfectly in our lives that we are tempted to exclaim, “It’s God’s plan!” Or things may not work out the way we had hoped or imagined they would, and we may say, “God had other plans for me.”

Such figures of speech reveal to us just how deeply the notion that God has specific ideas for each of our lives has seeped into our culture. It would be beneficial, however, not to let those figures of speech turn into actual, factual conclusions about “how things are.” Otherwise, we will indeed be tempted to spend a huge amount of our time “trying to figure out how to figure out what God has figured out for us.”

We’ll measure every nuance, every energy, every event against whether we feel this is what God has in mind for us—all the while God has nothing in mind for us at all. Not in the sense of us being a “butcher, baker, or candlestick maker.”

Only in the sense of us using life to experience the highest and most joyful aspects of Who We Really Are and How We Choose to Be.

Indeed, the purpose of life everywhere, in every form, is to express divinity—physicality being the vehicle through which God experiences Itself as all that It knows Itself to be.

This is done through God differentiating Itself, then giving its multitudinous and magnificent parts the wherewithal to express life variously—but without specific instructions, directions, requirements, or plans of any kind for every individual expression.

Life forms in the cosmos have been imbued with varying levels of consciousness, or what might be called self-awareness. This inbuilt ability to know oneself as an Individuation of Divinity is present in all sentient beings, and is increasingly experienced by each such being through the process called evolution.

The evolving into the full experience and demonstration of Who We Are is the journey upon which every soul has embarked, and the completion of that journey is achieved in every moment in which our highest notion of divinity is expressed.

The process of life (as opposed to “the plan”) is that we all simply do this, in whatever way we freely and spontaneously choose, given the possibilities to which we are daily opened by the collaborative creation of all the souls co-creating with us.

Completion of the soul’s journey is, therefore, not something that is experienced once, but over and over again throughout the ongoing manifestation that is life itself—now and eternally.

 There can be what seems like a down side to this for many people. Humans feel more comfortable when they feel guided.

They like to be instructed, directed, told what to do. As an emerging species, this is their proclivity. Like children, they feel safe when clear boundaries are drawn, and specific commands or orders are given. Then all they have to do is meet the requirements and they’re home free. This accounts for the immense popularity of religion. It allows humans to follow their deep inner impulse toward The Divine without having to figure out how to do it.

It is therefore a disappointment to some people to learn that God has no plan for us, no instructions to give us, no guidelines we must follow, and no commands to heed. It can be at once both freeing and frightening to realize that God’s agenda is for us to decide who we wish to be and how we wish to demonstrate that, not spend our life trying to figure out how to figure out what God has figured out for us.

Yet God is like the master teacher in an art class. The best art teachers do not tell budding artists, “Here is your canvas. Use this next hour to create. Oh, but make sure that there is maroon and a big splotch of orange in the picture, and be certain to place the orange in the upper right-hand corner. Also, I need to see a three-dimensional effect, and there have to be children in the foreground and a telephone somewhere.”

The master teacher knows that the purpose of education is not to put something into the student, but to draw something out; not to instruct, but to extract. And so the master teacher simply places before the student all the implements—all the crayons, sketch pencils, brushes, oil paints, watercolors, and dyes—needed to work in any medium, then says with a smile, “Joyously create!”

“But what if I don’t get it right?” the timid pupil cries.

“There’s no way not to get it ‘right’,” the master teacher assures. “This is art!”


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  • mewabe

    Yes, but the idea or rather the reality of this creative freedom is resisted because it completely invalidates the control of individuals and populations by entities such as institutions, governments, and any possible “authority”.
    A free and enlightened people need not be ruled from the top but guided from within. And this is not acceptable in a world ruled by predators, by elites that exploit humanity and keep it in a state of fear and subservience from kindergarten to the grave.

    This, by the way, is why Native Americans were not allowed their freedom by the US government. Not because they were a real danger or were “primitive savages”, and not just because they had land and resources Euro-Americans wanted, but because their “religion” was about inner guidance, visions, unique dreams, individual expression, not about following any dogma or submitting to anyone or any system or institution’s “authority”.
    Their lives consequently were rooted in actual freedom, rather than a pretense of freedom (as in the saying ” Obedience to law is liberty”, an Orwellian phrase) and that was unacceptable and a very bad example for the European immigrant, who might have gotten the idea to be free as well.

    True spirituality implies absolute freedom, for anything that stands above you and claims authority over you stands between you and the Divine, and casts a shadow on your soul.

  • Christine Glenn

    I am the artist, the canvas and the paint and I ask to Be ever guided by the Artist in this unfolding Masterpiece called Life on a Beautiful Living Breathing Planet named Earth.

    • mewabe

      A beautiful living breathing planet many of us are raping and trashing beyond repair and at an accelerated rate in the names of the twin Gods of our civilization, Progress and Profit.

      (I am not a pessimist, just an observer).

  • Stephen mills

    Just read in the Independant on how many people where executed in Saudi Arabia .The executioner said how proud he was of doing gods work.The people executed included children and the disabled and are displayed in public view as a deterrent .If it was a deterrent why does it continue ?

    Grim reality of living in Saudi Arabia . If you question there government or god your a goner !!!

  • Well the info in this blog seems so condensed & dense that it’s like a whole book!

    Now as for the master art teacher, part of what s/he does, is gives instruction on how to get certain results by, teaching, using, certain techniques & disciplines on how to attain those desired results. Not all students need or follow this advice but many in the field benefit greatly by following classically taught skills just as ballet is beneficial to most any or all forms of dance whether you pursue ballet or not.

    It is great to have all this freedom, but it is helpful to have guidance on how best to use it.

  • Patricia Hayward

    Neale-I have just sent in a personal question on the other contact/comment page. (It isn’t necessarily appropriate for the public venue.) Would you please check that out and reply in whatever way you decide is best.? Thank you

  • mewabe

    Man created religious law, and claimed that such law was dictated by his God, because he was afraid of the actual absolute freedom the Creator granted all of creation. Freedom frightens humanity, because it implies responsibility. It is much easier to act as a two years old, blame one’s choice of behavior on the “devil’s influence”, “repent” and implore “God’s forgiveness”, and claimed to have been “saved by Jesus”, than to actually be responsible for one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

    “You are free to be responsible”
    Russell Means

  • Patrick Gannon

    Once again I run through the “what if” scenario and the answers are pretty much the same if the question is: What if there’s no God to begin with?

    If there was no God we wouldn’t have to figure out what our plan is supposed to be. We wouldn’t have to wonder what God’s agenda would be for us. Perhaps the ‘idea that God has been telling us from the very beginning, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God having a plan for us is plainly and simply inaccurate’ is because there is no God. It’s just as likely that there is no God, as it is that the one we have now is wrong, or that we have Him/Her/It wrong. Depending on how we define “God,” of course.

    What Neale has described in this post using religious or faith-based terms like “divinity,” is similar in ways to what some scientists have suggested is “consciousness” itself, describing it as sort of a self-organizing, evolving basic unit of digital information, and working perhaps in a similar fashion to what Neale describes. The point is, the scientists don’t know yet, and of course neither does Neale. Arguments for and against this concept are compelling but not convincing for either side. Currently, I think most researchers would agree that there’s far more evidence that consciousness or awareness is an emergent property of the brain, but admit they still don’t understand it. One day, perhaps not that far off, I think we will.

    I take no position on the matter here. It’s a fascinating possibility. It may be that some universal element, call it what you will – God, Life, Consciousness, The Force, whatever, may exist and that we (what is “we” or “I” – our consciousness?) may be part of it as organized individuations. Or this is fantasy, and when the brain dies, our particles rejoin the cosmos, and that’s it, game over. Can we face that, if it works that way? In my view, we have to start by facing the fact that it’s possible, if not probable that when the brain goes out, the lights go out and we return to the nothingness from whence we came. Belief, it seems to me, is all about hiding from that fear; but is that really the best way for mature, intelligent beings to evolve?

    We simply do not know, and we should accept that fact, and then look at the possibilities with skeptical open minds. Neale writes as though his beliefs were absolute truth, but deep inside he knows he doesn’t know – he’s said as much; but he delivers his beliefs in sermons that I confess are far more interesting and provocative than any I heard in mass as a child, but just like those priests, it’s still his unproven personal belief, and we shouldn’t believe it because he claims to have had a conversation with God. I don’t like to say it, but for that very reason, we should treat him with even greater skepticism. All we have to do is look at the history of people who claimed to have spoken for God and see what became of it in the long run – it’s always the next guy claiming to speak for God because the last one got it wrong, and each is going to clean up the former’s mess, and it always gets worse with yet another definition of God.

    Neale’s ideas are challenging and provocative and based at least to some degree in scientific possibility; but keep in mind he didn’t originate most of them. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it seems evident to me that he got much of his material from other authors – some of whom I’ve sure we’ve both read because I can recognize the material. If only Neale could go back in time, and change the title to “Conversations with Life” or otherwise get the religiosity out of it… tons of good stuff in there, but he tied it to belief, and indeed glorified and elevated belief, and for that reason, I don’t think the book will do society a service in the long run. It’s great material to help transition away from harsher religions, but unfortunately it’s still a religion based on belief, and that means, to me, that Neale is an enabler. He helps people hide from their fear rather than face it.

    Our problem, I think, is not that we have the wrong beliefs, it’s that we have beliefs to begin with. If we know something, then we don’t need to believe it, do we? If we have to believe it, then by definition we know deep inside that we don’t really know it. We set up an internal conflict in our brain or our consciousness, whichever turns out to be in charge, and I think that having all these billions of people with belief-conflicts living in their heads, may be responsible for the state of our societies. It’s as good a guess as any, I suppose, and it’s the one thing we haven’t tried. We’ve been changing beliefs for millennia, but maybe it’s time to try something new and face our fears head on.

  • Awareness

    “This Awareness would start by stating that the Western world is heavily influenced by the Caucasian race and those who held power in the Caucasian race, which is the race of the white beings that was largely concentrated in the area of the Northern hemisphere, especially earlier in the region of Europe and Russia and of course including England as well, as it became the power, the empire of what was the Caucasian race or peoples.

    It is not about race as such, but what this Awareness is trying to establish here is that during these times when the world seemed to be under the heaviest influence of the white ones, the other skin types were relegated to being inferior ones, and this of course included the yellow race, as well as the black race, and the red race.

    Now, many find it difficult to speak of such matters due to political correctness, and it is considered derogatory to speak of the yellow race or the black race or the red race.

    It is considered derogatory to speak of aboriginal races now in America. But this Awareness is not concerned with political correctness. It is true that there are the four races: the white race, the yellow race, the red race, and the black race. To Spirit this is not a matter of spiritual correctness. It is simply how it was designed to be on this planet.

    Those who were the northern ones, the white ones, the Caucasian ones, were those who developed a technological understanding and interpretation of the world. The red race were those who lived in close harmony with Mother Earth, held the dream of Mother Earth and lived in unity with Mother Earth. The black race holds the physicality, and has the body awareness. Thus it is that the black race has the gift of physical form; blacks are natural athletes, have rhythm and many other things. This is not meant to be detrimental, but they had a physical role to play.

    Finally, the yellow race was to provide spiritual growth and guidance. It is for this reason that the yellow race is also the race where the deep spiritual nature is prevalent and important and why so many philosophies had at their beginning the catalyst energy of the yellow ones. These four races are meant to work mutually together, to be harmonic in nature, to bring balance and to blend, but what occurred is that due to the design of this experience of physicality the white race, the northern ones became prominent and technology has intruded and overtaken the natural order and balance of things.

    This white race went on and became prominent in the western world and the other three races were viewed with suspicion and even contempt. Many of the ones who went westward to colonize the United States and the western world for example, the South American continent as well, treated the Native Americans with disdain and intolerance, bequeathing to them a subhuman status that allowed them to do to them what they wished.

    This does not mean that each individual with their encountering with aboriginal peoples or peoples of other races held such contempt, but it was held culturally in the white race influence. Now moving back to this matter of China. China is seen as suspicious to those who have held power and who hold power now. China coming forward at this time is playing the role that is assigned to it, to that which is the collective consciousness of the Chinese and of the yellow race of being eventually a world leader, of bringing forward a new understanding of spiritual qualities.

    At this time, the nation known as China cannot be said to be of great spiritual understanding and awareness for it is playing the game of the northern ones and is seeking power and control as has been the case with the northern white race. It is again, not a racial issue. It is simply that this Awareness is saying at this time the ones known as the Chinese are developing technology and attitudes where there is competition with the Powers That Be, but they are not controlled by the Powers That Be.

    Thus, they are seen not only for traditional reasons due to the difference of skin coloring as heathens, as inferior ones, but they are also a threat now to the very system that the white Caucasian race brought in that it was meant to share with others. It is this threat that is so prevalent at this time, and it is the deep inherent distrust and definition of the yellow race that underlines it as well. Many will never admit this to be the case, but this Awareness shares it for consideration.

    What is occurring now is that the technological drive of the white northern ones caused a deep imbalance that now needs to be rectified and to be brought into alignment. This Awareness is NOT saying that only the whites can enjoy technology and the others must not engage for they have other functions. It is saying that it is time for the sharing of all the various ways.

    The white ones must learn to live in the harmony of Mother Earth, in balance and in alignment. They must feel their physicality and know they are connected again to Mother Earth but have their spiritual component, their spiritual energies. All these are to be blended into the New Ones, the Rainbow People, those in balance and in harmony with Mother Nature and with Divine Spirit.

    Gone is that time of power over others. This is simply an understanding of how it has been, but is not promoted by this Awareness as how it should be and must be in the future. What must be is the development of the harmony and balance of the four races and the growth and development of the Rainbow People.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

    Thank you Cosmic Awareness 🙂

    Neale Donald Walsch I am delighted and excited that you will be attending in person a conference in China next year 🙂 China is a very large part of the Consciousness of planet Earth 🙂

    This reminds me of the following in “Conversations with God”:

    NEALE: “I am aware that everything I am writing on this legal pad is going to appear in print somewhere. People in Peoria are going to be reading this.”

    GOD: “Peoria! Ha! Try Beijing!

    NEALE: “Okay, China, too.” 🙂

    And this brings to light the present “forgiveness theme” between China and Japan regarding past history (You may wish to address this at some point). My recommendation to both China and Japan regarding this matter is simply to let go of the past and move on 🙂 China and Japan, do not let the past thwart the infinite promise of the NOW 🙂 Let go Let go Let go 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • mewabe

      Interesting, not politically correct message about the 4 races or more exactly the 4 families of consciousness (the “white” or more accurately pink race is not Caucasian but Indo-European).

      I am not sure that I would separate living in unity and kinship with mother earth (Native American) from spirituality (the east). This separation is definitively coming from an Indo-european perspective. Native Americans do not separate the creation (“mother earth”) from the Creator…they make a distinction, but they do not see or experience a separation. This is a subtle difference (between distinction and separation) that is often missed (for example my hand is distinct from my foot but they are not separated). This is why the earth is their Holy book. In all things created they see the touch and feel the breath (or energy) of the Creator. Because of this theirs is the most direct, simple, personal, freeing and most powerful spiritual path there is, to my knowledge.

      The spiritual paths of the east are much more conceptual and difficult, and depend on the perception of a separation of the Spirit from the flesh (or of the Creator from the creation), a perception also shared by Indo-Europeans, which is how sex and spirituality are equally difficult to reconcile for a Yogi and a devout and puritanical Christian and certain new age followers.

      • Awareness

        mewabe, there is always more and infact Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) sees no separation of anything from Divine Spirit 🙂 Cosmic Awareness says:

        “The purpose of spirit, of the soul, was to have an experience of separation from itself, from Spirit.

        Thus, it was understood that one way to do this was to downsize, so to speak, into that which was a physical body. What occurs is that as the soul comes into an individual expression, it comes through that which is the Central Sun, Alcyone, through the 7 gateways or portals.

        Each time it passes through, that which is the individual soul that is seeking expression is condensed. Thus, by the time it has passed through the 7 Gateways and is ready to enter into human form, that spiritual body is com-pressed and condensed to such a degree that it can actually enter physicality, enter into a physical existence.”

        “Part of the experiment was that the soul would go through that which has been called by many names, but mostly known as the veil of forgetfulness, so that it would not remember its true nature.

        It would simply associate itself with physicality, with a physical material experience. Part of the experiment is that there would be access to the teachings of Spirit.

        This was expressed mostly through the teachings of religious orders and sects. Thus it is that many understand spirituality in religious terms versus individual terms, but the experiment was such that it was wondered if there would be a return to the deeper understanding and connection to the deeper spiritual soul, the multidimensional nature of the being.

        Even though one had gone through the veils of forgetfulness, even though one may have been shackled by religious dogma into structured religious belief, could the soul find its way back into its spiritual understanding of self, even with the hindrances of materialism and dogmatic beliefs as well as a physical focus versus a spiritual focus.

        To ensure this through the veil of forgetfulness, the experiment became one that the goal was to find enlightenment, but in truth this is more a remembering of one’s truth and one’s truer being.” by Cosmic Awareness 🙂

        So mewabe, Cosmic Awareness knows that everything is of Spirit including mother Earth and ALL the races but it must use words (which are a limitation) to communicate with the “physical” level 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          Words define and separate by their very nature, and are consequently as useful to express undivided spiritual realities as are forks to scoop water…
          A new language will have to be created 🙂

          • Kristen

            Im bored!!!! I have a great new language…silence. So we can rediscover actions speak louder than words, our roots, natural sign language, no one can deceive others and we are forced to think for ourselves. Heaven.. no talking, reading or writing for a year for everyone.

          • mewabe

            “It doesn’t require many words to speak the truth”
            Chief Joseph
            Have you ever noticed that everyone is speaking today, everyone has something to say and wants to be a speaker, a teacher, a writer, a coach, a leader, but no one is listening…to anything…not even the birds or the wind?

            Besides, there are no more jobs in America except in the military and “service industry”, so people are thinking…”hmmm…I need to make money fast…what to do?…Oh yes, I will become an artist or a self published writer…an overnight sensation…even thought I don’t have an once of talent and I was formerly a bank clerk but who cares, I will write about vampires or something new age or draw kittens, these things always sell…or else I will teach people how to become a coach, so they can teach others how to become coaches, and so on down the pyramid scheme, selling hot air…hot air always sells as well in America, as long as it is well packaged.”

            Thinking for ourselves? What are you now, an anarchist? No, we are all supposed to follow the leader…a brick in the wall, that’s how we are raised and educated…submit. obey and conform…the rank and file…worship those above you, those who have wealth and power…and don’t dare having a single original thought, it could be the devil or demons talking to you, you never know.
            How’s the fried green mold?

          • Kristen

            I think its more that people want attention, and many people insanely actually think that what they have to say is more important than others, and that their own insecurities have led them to develop ‘short man syndrome’ where they have a need to elevate above others. And idiots believe them!! Fools. You learn so much more from normal people if you are actually interested in them, my most interesting conversation last week was with the guy that delivers eggs to work, and whether he should breed with his new partner who has no kids…his two have just left home after he was a single parent for 12 years. Interesting dilemma for a guy, he misses his kids soooooo much its insane, but do you commit to another 20 years of parenting (and being broke), or risk losing your beloved and end up alone. I love peoples lives, who needs all this new agey stuff, its insanely boring to me now.
            Always been an anarchist (actually I think lots of kiwis are)…just one that supports Law! Im from long family lines of anarchists, rebels etc. My fav music is punk pop…watch the video for I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic at the Disco…thats me, kind of Victorian Goth, well my soul anyway, not necessarily how I dress everyday. Somedays I wear tutus with cowboy boots instead of Docs! And you mentioned brick in the wall…that was our anthem at school as the Pink Floyd movie came out then, the poor teachers!! We wear uniforms here, most from age 5, but I was so rebellious I wore ankle sox with lace around the top instead of plain…wonder I didnt get expelled. Haha. But, hey its more interesting than this other stuff…thats how conversation goes…people will naturally redirect the conversation to topics more interesting to them. In this case my sox! Tragic.
            The bread was fantastic, thank you.

          • mewabe

            What a rebel you are…lace around the top of your socks? Here you could be shot for it…shot full of medications for Defiant Oppositional Disorder (in other words for being a person)!

            America being the only world power, it is obsessed with control, authority and dominant power or might…the place is becoming increasingly authoritarian and paranoid at all levels, not my cup of tea. I am thinking South America…perhaps Ecuador. I need to find some real human beings.

          • Kristen

            Hey, id probably be in a ‘sheshul’ school for adhd anyway…which I dont have, but isnt that the diagnosis for kids who find school boring? Id hate (or love) to read your American diagnosis records!! Maybe my next batch of fried bread could be in a special Fried Bread Box? We have complete freedom of speech…well everyone except white people anyway. You should look up a magazine called Uncensored, its online too, American but published here cos of our open Laws. Yup, Im aware of Hyde Park.

            Ecuador? Im thinking you would like North Korea…haha, Im thinking of doing a stint with the Amish…bootcamp, no thinking, no decision making and I just have to do boring chores and sew all day while guys pay the bills and build me a house. Yes, it is still 1890!! Might even make a quilt and a big dollhouse in my spare time since as a female I wont be allowed to speak.
            You could try Alaska, my son watches all the Alaskan redneck shows on TV, do you need a greencard? Yukon Men is on Discovery channel as I speak, but I suspect my boys are learning how to make moonshine more than anything else!!
            Take care,

          • hempwise

            Yeah it’s funny how in America you have the choice not to choose to be free .But as the powers that be , become more dictatorial and freedom taking this might act as a catalyst for change .An American Spring perhaps .
            People want to feel secure and safe so they trade there freedoms for survival they fear radical change !!
            Education is the only way forward raising the consciousness.Bernie Saunders is making moves changing minds awakening the sleepwalkers .The media needs to change offer more alternatives and a different narrative.
            I fear things could get a lot worse ,too many people still too well off and comfortable to rock the sinking ship .
            Change takes time frustrating i know but interesting times we are in .Just reading Howard Zinn,s The Peoples History Of The United States great Historian and researcher of truth .
            We need to get the real history of our culture taught to our kids, so they can make different choices and support a war no more government .Ending the crazy amounts spent on so called defense spending.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Anthropologists, biologists and geneticists have increasingly found that, biologically speaking; there is no such thing as “race.” Modern science is decoding the genetic puzzle of DNA and human variation – and finding that skin color really is only skin deep.

  • Patrick Gannon

    I don’t know where else to post this where it will be seen, but I feel a need to object to Neale’s weekly bulletin I get every week, so I’m going to put it here. Neale usually has a column – in this case a reprint from some time ago, followed by a letter of advice or an answer to someone’s question. It is to the letter of advice that I direct this note to Neale:

    As you stated, it has indeed been a long time since you read your bible, Neale. I think your attempted use of scripture in this week’s bulletin (#660) is counterproductive, perhaps even offensive. In response to a gal suffering from depression you created a new biblical story, apparently unwilling to take a few minutes to get your bible stories straight.

    You spoke of “God’s will” and of what a great example Job was by having faith in God, despite the cruelty God was dumping on him. By referencing Job, you basically told this woman that God was doing these things to her – because Bible God very clearly permits or causes the evil that befalls Job. There’s no “free will” in the story of Job; Bible God does to us as He wills and we have no say in the matter. If the woman is actually familiar with the story of Job she will know that the message of Job is that we should quit our whining and accept our lot in life – not very helpful to the young lady with depression and life difficulties. Then you invented biblical scripture coming up with a scene that never happened. After confusing Abraham with Job, you said, “Job, you do not need to do this. Fall back. Free your son. You have shown Me that your faith in Me knows no limit. Such faith have you had that you shall stand as a model of patience and forbearance for all the world, for generations to come. Go now, and live a life filled with reward for your good faith and your trust in God.”

    At least you didn’t put quotes around that, as of course that is not at all what the scripture says – even paraphrased. You can make up your own scripture in CwG, but I think you’re going a bit too far in creating new scripture in the primitive book of Bible Myths. The story of Job is about a wager between Bible God and Satan, and it is the only instance in the bible where, with Bible God’s permission, Satan kills anyone, if indeed he does – the text is unclear. Bible God of course kills millions, while Satan is (perhaps) responsible for killing 8 members of Job’s family, and that’s it. The story has nothing whatsoever to do with Job sacrificing a son – Bible God had already killed or permitted Satan to kill all of Job’s children and to afflict him with boils and loss of all he owned – over a bet! (Note that at the end of the story, Bible God gives Job new kids – as though that makes up for the ones He killed!).

    The story about sacrificing the son is the story of Abraham and Isaac, in the Book of Genesis – not the Book of Job; and your description of the moral of this story couldn’t be more wrong, in my opinion. What your description says to me, and perhaps to that young lady, is that a willingness to kill another human being because you BELIEVE that Bible God told you to do so is an honorable endeavor. Most Christians interpret the story in the same way. It’s OK to be absolutely cruel to others – to the point of killing your own child – as long as you believe and have faith that this is what Bible God wants of you. You also said that it was Abraham’s faith being rewarded by stopping the death of Isaac, but reading carefully, it seems that what Bible God’s angel really said, was that God would reward his FEAR of Him, (“Now I know that you fear God.” Gen 22:12), and reward his obedience (despite an immoral order), (“….. all nations on earth will be blessed because you have obeyed me.” Gen 22:18). The story of Abraham and Isaac is one of fear and obedience to a wrathful, petulant, unjust Bible God – this is the story you chose as inspiration for a woman in pain?

    In actuality, I think the proper interpretation is very different. I think Abraham failed the test. Abe has many personal contacts and conversations with Bible God, even arguing with him about justice and whether it is fair to kill innocents in order to punish guilty as He did in Sodom. Yet Abe would not even argue for the life of his own son. He must have been terribly afraid of Bible God (knowing what He was capable of), in order to let his fear bring him to the point of being willing to kill his own son – or he was a moral degenerate or insane. The moral of this story, to me, is that faith is an incredibly dangerous thing. This story has been used to justify people doing unspeakable horror to each other because of faith in God. In fact the stories of both Job and Abraham/Isaac are much better illustrations of your ‘why we have God all wrong’ hypothesis.

    In any event, I think Abe failed the test and the story has been incorrectly interpreted by most Christians. Bible God ordered Abe to kill his son to test him. When Abe expressed a willingness to follow an immoral order, and thereby failed the test, Bible God sent his angel to stop Abe – He did not stop Abe Himself…… and He never, ever, spoke with Abraham again. (An additional purpose of the story in all likelihood, was to address the sacrifice of first born sons that the primitive Jews and other pagans practiced at the time).

    Your practical advice about mindfulness is helpful. It’s something real, while faith and belief are not. Making up biblical stories – a bit of a ding to your credibility, isn’t it? How can you be taken credibly when you make up scripture, or won’t be bothered to do a 5 minute fact-check before spouting advice to someone who is truly hurting?

    • Kristen

      Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I share your opinion about Abrahams failing the test in Gods eyes.

  • Maybe God doesn’t have a plan for us,
    but we have a plan for us as we reenter this world of the physical.