The mystery explored…

As regular visitors here know, I have been serializing here an updated version of a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing questions being asked by people all over the world. What is happening here? Why has the world gone insane?

I have added to my booklet a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States. I believe that many of the observations I made then remain meaningful and applicable today.

It is my desire that as many people as possible have an opportunity to absorb this material, so I will continue to excerpt it in this space until the entire document has been published here.

Those who do not wish to wait to finish the document as each new installment is posted here may access the document in full, downloading it at no cost here.

Here is the next installment:

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: How we can respond – Chapter Six

Now that we grasp at last why what is going on is going on, we are ready to pick up Tool #4: Changing Emotion.

Conversations with God tells us that emotions are things we are choosing. They are not foisted upon us, but rather, are selected by us. We can choose to experience whatever emotion we wish.

I know it doesn’t seem that way, but it is that way—and Masters know this.

Conversations with God says that everything begins with either Love or Fear. Every thought, every word, every action. Nothing opens us wider to the wonders of life than Love, and nothing paralyzes us faster than Fear.

Yet Fear is a fiction.

I want to say that again, because it is the basis of everything you need to understand as you move through your life, and everything you need to know as you seek to change Fear into Excitement.

Fear is a fiction.

It is not real. It is something you are making up in your Mind. It is a false emotion; a counterfeit feeling; a distortion, rooted in a deep misunderstanding. In truth, there is only one emotion, there is only one energy, there is only One Thing That Is.

“All things are One Thing,” says Conversations with God. “There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.”

Emotion is nothing more than energy in motion. Hence: E+motion. There is only one Energy, thus, there is only one Energy in Motion all the time.

The human word we have given for that one Emotion is Love. That is why Conversations with God says: “Love is all there is.”

If this is true (and it is), then Fear, as a separate emotion, does not exist. It may exist as an experience, but not as an emotion.

There is only one emotion
The experience of Fear is the emotion of Love, distorted. That is another important statement. It, too, deserves repeating.

The experience of Fear is the emotion of Love, distorted.

All Fear is an expression of Love.

Once you understand this, you will know how to deal with Fear—-because, ironically, you will no longer be afraid of it. It is your fear of Fear that gives Fear its power.

It is as U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt famously said: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

If you embrace Fear, if you welcome it and hold it close, it has no power. You literally love it to death.

This is, in short, how you are going to turn your Fear into Excitement. And this process is all a function of the Mind.

It is your Mind that turns Love into Fear, and it is your Mind that will turn Fear into Excitement. Your Mind can turn anything into anything! That is its magic. That is the Magic of the Mind.

Okay, let’s get to some clarifications; let’s move to some deeper understandings.

I have said, “All Fear is an expression of Love.” How can this be possible? you may ask. How can this be true?

Well, let’s look at that.

If you did not love yourself, would you be afraid of anything happening to you?

If you did not love life, would you be afraid of losing it? (People who hate life—people who, for instance, are in abject misery or unremitting pain—are not afraid of losing life at all. In fact, they welcome it.)

If you did not love others, would you be afraid that they might fall into danger?

No. You would not care, you would not worry. Only Love causes you to be afraid. Absent Love, Fear is not.

So you can know with great certainty that if you are in fear, you are in love.

The trick is to not let the love that you feel turn into the fear that you are very able to experience. You can turn this trick by using the Mechanics of the Mind.

That famous acronym
So we begin with this clarity: Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. That is a famous acronym that everyone in the so-called New Age Community has heard over and over again. Yet my experience has been that very few spiritual teachers explain it fully.

Very few tell us what the false evidence is that is looking so real. This false evidence is so powerful that it produces a thought—a thought that is then made real.

I have said that your Mind can turn that which is not real into that which is real, and this is true.

Your Mind is able to do this because it does not deal with what is really real, it deals with what you think is real. Indeed, it tells you what to think. It does this all the time. It is supposed to do this. That is its function.

No one ever explained this to me in school. No one told me this in church. My parents never said anything about it to me at home. I never got this information anywhere.

Your Mind is telling you what to think, based on the evidence at hand.

I was raised knowing nothing of this not because the adults around me didn’t want to tell me about it, but because they didn’t know it themselves.

Unless you took a course in clinical psychology, you could spend an entire lifetime knowing nothing about the Mechanics of the Mind.

CWG has made it clear to me that we are all living in an Illusion. As I am fond of saying, we have fallen down the rabbit hole and the Mad Hatter is pouring tea into a cup with no bottom, all the while telling us that what is “so” is not so, and that what is “not so” is so.

And we believe him.

We believe him.

What we were not told by that rascal in the rabbit hole is that nothing we see is real. The “evidence” that is “false” is the appearance of things.

That’s it! That’s the false evidence that appears real.

When we look at something, we think we are seeing what we are looking at. Yet we are not seeing what we are looking at, we are seeing our interpretation of what we are looking at. This is why two people can look at the same thing and describe it in two entirely different ways.

(I’ll never forget how shocked I was when I read an article about myself in People magazine. In the story it said, “Walsch lives in a mansion on the outskirts of Ashland, in Southern Oregon.” I lived at the time in a three-bedroom home with a den on the lowest level and a two-car garage that I had converted into an office. The reporter and I were looking at the exact same house. I never thought of it as a “mansion.”)

We have been thrown into an environment (the Realm of the Physical) in which everything exists relationally. That is, things appear to be what they appear to be because of the relationship they hold to other things.

The only place where we can see things in their entirety, and thus Know Completely, is in the Realm of the Absolute. This realm can only be accessed by being there.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, for there is a part of us that IS there, all the time. We call that part of us The Soul.

Our job, then, is to access the Wisdom of the Soul. We can do this in any number of ways. Meditation is one of them. Prayer is another. Focus is a third. Stillness—that is, simply stopping what you are doing for only a moment and being quiet with yourself, is a fourth. And there are other ways, as well, to move into the awareness of the Soul.

That could be the subject of an entire booklet unto itself—or even a whole section of a major book. In fact, it is. The System of the Soul is described in considerable detail in When Everything Changes, Change Everything. So I am not going to go into that here, but rather, recommend that book to your reading.

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  • Francisco Morfi

    I love that you keep posting what you believe in despite some attempts on the part of a few to get you to abandon ship. I thank you for sharing the info you have received from your conversations with God. I know that it is serving a great purpose in many people’s lives. I harmonize with what you are posting because it resonates with my own thoughts and experience. I don’t expect everybody to agree with you because I know there are a lot of different viewpoints and everyone will offer their reasons for standing by them; some logical and others, well…. Those who are evidence based are always demanding that the belief based present proof because they don’t buy into the faith thing. For me there is no getting around “what is so” as “that that is”. It’s difficult for me to imagine why some can’t see it. When you think about life and our evolution as a Species, when you consider what we have come to accept as truths, there simply is no getting around the fact that we have come into the knowing of things through our observations, research, investigations or other means. But my point is exactly tthat: we come into the knowing of things that already exist, that are part of that infinite field of possibilities that we tap into one way or another. We step or stumble into it; we become aware of it. Your “Home with God” book offers a detailed explanation to this thought; not everybody believes it, but it’s there for the reading.
    To offer some examples: gravity, energy, earth

    • GuyBack

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      • GuyBack

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  • guy

    A dying ember is this room. Never did you receive her mjind of me. You receive what you put on her plate. Never do you receive her life of one love and peace. Decide to give to life only that which you receive and give to joy all the joy you gave to lady guadalupe in mlove and oeace

  • Patrick Gannon

    “Yet Fear is a fiction.” (NDW)

    Why is Fear capitalized? Does it mean something else when it is capitalized?

    It’s pretty self evident that fear is an evolutionary trait designed to protect us from danger. We could not have survived without it. If you aren’t afraid of the crouching lion, if you think fear is a fiction, you won’t be home for dinner; you will be dinner. There is nothing wrong with fear. It serves a useful function for survival.

    ““All things are One Thing,” says Conversations with God. “There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.”” (NDW)

    So does this mean that when “thing” is spelled without capitalization it means something different from when “Thing” is capitalized? If we want to say that all things are part of all that IS, well, I suppose that’s true, but it’s not very useful. So what! It’s like saying God is all that IS. So what – that completely removes any definition for God. It just becomes a word that means “everything” and how useful is that? In any event, only New Age believers will buy into that definition.

    “If this is true (and it is), then Fear, as a separate emotion, does not exist. It may exist as an experience, but not as an emotion.” (NDW)

    This is not my experience. When I feel fear, it’s an emotion. I don’t just experience it, I feel it. Emotion is a ‘natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.’ Fear is definitely a state of mind when it happens to me, and I’m sure it is when it happens to you. Neale frequently speaks in absolutes “(and it is)” but he doesn’t know anymore about the real mysteries than anyone else. Every once in a while, he will admit this, as he did in the last column, but then he jumps right back into absolutes, speaking with the authority of God on his shoulder.

    So we’re to turn fear into Excitement (with a capital E). When the lion crouches, I should be Excited. I am about to be Dinner (with a capital D). Somehow I’m not excited. I am not “enthusiastic and eager” other than to get the heck out of there!

    “If you did not love life, would you be afraid of losing it? (People who hate life—people who, for instance, are in abject misery or unremitting pain—are not afraid of losing life at all. In fact, they welcome it.)” (NDW)

    This is not my experience at all. I am close to someone who hates life, but is scared to death of losing it. Fear is not always false evidence appearing real. The crouching lion is not false evidence.

    “I have said that your Mind can turn that which is not real into that which is real, and this is true.
    Your Mind is able to do this because it does not deal with what is really real, it deals with what you think is real. Indeed, it tells you what to think. It does this all the time. It is supposed to do this. That is its function.” (NDW)

    Change the word “mind” to “brain” and that is quite probably an pretty accurate statement.

    “CWG has made it clear to me that we are all living in an Illusion. As I am fond of saying, we have fallen down the rabbit hole and the Mad Hatter is pouring tea into a cup with no bottom, all the while telling us that what is “so” is not so, and that what is “not so” is so.” (NDW)

    Aside from the conceit of saying his own material makes things clear to him, Science (with a capital “S” just for fun!) is saying the same thing. It is saying that the sense of awareness and consciousness we enjoy is an illusion. It suggests that free will is also largely or wholly an illusion.

    “When we look at something, we think we are seeing what we are looking at. Yet we are not seeing what we are looking at, we are seeing our interpretation of what we are looking at. This is why two people can look at the same thing and describe it in two entirely different ways.” (NDW)

    Again I think this is largely correct. This is what science is telling us about the brain. Watch “Brain Games” for entertaining evidence of this.

    “This is not as difficult as it sounds, for there is a part of us that IS there, all the time. We call that part of us The Soul.” (NDW)

    Prove it. What if the soul doesn’t exist? There’s no objective, empirical evidence for it. It’s possible, though not probable that there is a soul, but we don’t know that, and I argue that we should not tell ourselves that it is true, given that we do not know. Put this to the test. If there is a soul or group consciousness, prove it. Put together an internet based experiment with thousands of people and make a clock run backwards – then you’ve got my attention.

    All this stuff made sense to me when I read it the first time. Now so much of it seems nonsensical.

    • Francisco Morfi

      Your main problem with all you write Patrick is that you interpret things out of context. Show me where Neale has said that you shouldn’t be afraid of a lion or that fear doesn’t serve a purpose. You say that, he didn’t. You’re adding info that wasn’t said based on your interpretation and bias. When I read this info I don’t decide that I’m going to discard FEAR as an emotion per se. I feel fear also, and when I do I act accordingly. When he mentions fear he is using it within the context of his previous statement that all things are one Thing and all things are part of the one Thing that is. He uses fear as one example. He compares it to love and tries to illustrate how fear (a thing, an emotion) is love in disguise (love = Thing). You fear a lion because you love yourself. What is it you don’t understand? And then you try to make it appear as if Neale is saying what you’re interpreting. But of course, that fits in perfectly well with your position. Slick.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Neale began by saying Fear (capital F – I’m not sure if that’s different from “fear” without the capitalization) is a fiction. If Fear = fear, then no it isn’t a fiction; fear is a very real thing.

        If I have the context wrong, perhaps it is because we have a new vocabulary in which certain words take on another meaning when they are capitalized. In this case, the burden is on Neale to clarify what he means and to define these new words that no longer hold the original meaning once they are capitalized.

        He’s playing games here, I think. He’s carefully and thoughtfully choosing words and attempting to give them different meanings for his own purposes – or so it seems to me.

        Even if what you say is true – that fear is a subset of love, rather than it’s polar opposite, I still don’t love the lion if it is preparing to eat me. The words might as well be used as they were originally intended before capitalizing them somehow changed their meanings. Go to libraryonline and check out the rules for capitalization. Why does he violate these rules? Perhaps such rules don’t apply to messengers from God, or perhaps there is an ulterior motive to redefine words for one’s personal purposes, such as convincing people that the words are somehow more true and valid by being presented in this way. Perhaps he knows we would balk at “fear is a fiction” but that we are more likely to accept “Fear is a fiction,” as he redefines the word ‘fear.’ Why do you think he does it?

        • Francisco Morfi

          No one said you love the lion; you fear the lion because you love Yourself (I hope you don’t get too upset with the capitalizing of the word yourself). Besides you brought the example of the lion into discussion to try to get your point across.
          Personally I think you get caught up in issues that only you appear bothered by. Try contributing something substantial since you’re investing your time in this blog. Make it worthwhile. I think you’re the one stuck in the word game.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I understand. The topics I raise are too intellectual for you to deal with. Got it.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Neale said “fear is a fiction.” I used the example of a lion to illustrate that he’s wrong. I don’t fear a lion because I love myself; I fear a lion because I have an evolutionary drive to survive.

        • Francisco Morfi

          How do you prove you have an “evolutionary drive to survive”. Prove it.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Because I’m here. My ancestors survived, and they passed that trait on. You have the trait as well, if you are here.

            If you don’t understand evolution, this is not the place to learn. Might I suggest:


          • Francisco Morfi

            This drive to survive is based on evolution which is a theory. Not very solid proof to me Patrick. It’s just something you buy into. But since that’s what you believe in then that’s what you stand on.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Ah, now it is starting to come clear. It seems you don’t understand science terms. In science, a “theory” is not some vague suggestion. A theory evolves after a hypothesis is proposed, and this is tested, observed, measured, adjusted, until it becomes a theory, at which point we act upon it as though it were fact. Germ theory is not “just a theory,” it’s a fact. Gravity is not just a theory – drop a ball. It’s a fact. Relativity is not just a theory, we use what Einstein proposed to communicate with each other over the internet. It’s in your GPS. If relativity is “only” a theory, then why do you trust your GPS? If gravity is only a theory, why do you trust that a ball will fall when you drop it? If it’s only a theory, why was Elon Musk able to land a rocket that made it to orbit for the first time in history – a game changer for our species!

            Science uses the term “theory” because a good theory is falsifiable. That means that if sufficient evidence is produced, the theory could still be proven false. People are still trying to prove that Einstein’s theories are false, but they pass test after test. Evolution can easily be disproven by finding dinosaur and human fossils in the same era or geological layer. Instead, week after week, I read of new discoveries that fill in the holes in the evolutionary transition charts.

            Evolution is not something one believes; it is something one accepts by understanding it, or reading enough about it to accept the experts who study it. I gave you a link in a prior post to an online site you can learn evolution. Once you understand it, you can’t really deny it any longer; but it takes a little skull sweat, and interferes with beliefs, so many people won’t be bothered and will instead act like islanders on a remote ocean who think the airplanes flying high overhead are gods.

          • Francisco Morfi

            I know what a theory is in science dude. If you read my comment with some open mindedness you would have understood that my intention was to open your eyes to that fact that a theory is only another way of presenting conclusions, though grounded in observations, testing and whatnot. But it’s still not definite proof of anything unless you believe it to be true. There are plenty of theories out there that are constantly challenged and thrown out with time. So to me that’s your god whether you want to accept it or not. Your god is what you hold as your highest truth. And in your case it’s science. I love scien e and I’m grateful if helps clarify things, but I also believe in Spirituality whether it can be s ienticically proven or not. God could show up to you in any form you’d like, but it still wouldn’t be proof enough for you. He/She’s been showing up all sorts of ways, but you’re too close minded and arrogant to accept it.

    • mewabe

      Hey Patrick, what does the possible existence of the soul or everlasting consciousness have to do with the power to run a clock run backward?…or stop the earth from spinning, or change into a fish?
      The two are nor related in any way whatsoever. You assume an all powerful, omnipotent soul; why is that, are you being influenced by your Christian background, such as the myth of walking on water?

      • Kirsten

        Im being censored/screened or whatever, but I have nothing to say anyway, just Hi!!
        Hope you saw my profile pic of my Halloween foil tiara..sideways, Im a bit techno useless.
        Anyway, Merry Christmas and keep safe,

        • mewabe

          Hi Kristen, very Merry Christmas to you!!
          Yes I did notice the picture, you put some effort onto this, it looks like it should work, have you tried to spin a clock backward yet with it? As long as you don’t make the earth shake and the sea level rise more than a couple of inches while wearing this powerful hi tech contraption, we should all be safe.
          It’s raining cats and dogs here, and a couple of cows now and then, my rain dance really worked! Now I have to do a sun dance…not…ouch! (They tear the flesh off their chest).
          Take care,

          • Kirsten

            Yes it was a lot of effort, for a whole ten minutes.
            No need to fear my tiara, Im sure youll be ok when I crank it up, you should see what the yellow chakra lights do. Amazingly for you and Patrick (may you never meet face to face), when I wear it, and turn the little knob on the back of my clock, I can turn back time!! Plan B, botox!!
            Hot and sunny here, climate change has given us a late spring so its really pretty, all the spring and summer flowers are out at once, and the Pohutakawa Trees everywhere are in bloom (google it). Last day at work, then Im off for 3 weeks. Yahoo, beachtime. I think its been raining birds…or maybe my naughty little tortoiseshell cat is catching 2 or 3 a day and parking her offerings in the dining room, lovely! Maybe I can freeze them and stuff something up their bums and pretend they are quail or dove for my Christmukka offerings. Im sure God wont notice they are blackbirds, malay ring necks and thrush.
            Anyway, you take care Mewbob,
            K-bob (Im a rapper now),

          • GuyBack

            no. no. no. no gold lights work either. Not for Bob. Not for K, especially when we recite what Mo did to their babies, okay? That line doesn’t work on us either. PU Phew no FU

          • GuyBack

            Hi You think you an hear this. LIsten to yourself here, Mewaaaaaaaabe. “have you tried to spin a clock backward yet with it? ” Do you hear you? I do. I c all. I Am that God. Who else could have figured out that you like contraptions, gears, rubrix did pop out I said. Batmobile went down here as id d blades metal brick literal cars literal i mean people literal popped out and jumped out before our Hours Eye. Pleaase know it’s rainign only dogs here but you got no cow but a fat mama Tu Tu is one big FAT BIRD. NO CAT here for US No THANK YOU. PU FU TU TU to you it is an OUCH when the SUn doesn’t work right for your mechanism. matches popped too from local teal staion oh so manhy know this one is myne. No TEal ELSE could do such a limy slimy no. only lemon drop kid with adrop of lemonade and a twiggy stick sent our way we send your e nergy right back atcha it’s your s you sent it to us so we would what? wreck in car? thank you for playing the bgame of life PU

        • GuyBack

          Whatever is right back atcha not achu bank. no insurance or whatever that popout happend at my touch. HI!! back at cha. Halloweeny foil tiara sideways?! Wow that’s weird. PLain Weird. We see alot of neighbors and such postig literal orange pumpkins at the dorrstop on Christmas Eve? Stupid Negls to think I don’t know how to walk through a pumpkin and kick it to the curb. Whew techno is useless. You’re right about that. Phew no FU t u too for trying to land on my pumpkin patch Whew Go to uyour happy hannuka or wahtever you celebrate Whew

      • Francisco Morfi

        Mewabe, Patrick is often posting things in a way that twists things around as I’ve come to realize. He keeps attempting to use examples that make sense to him and trying to sell others on them, while criticizing Neale for supposedly the same thing.

        • mewabe

          In the final analysis, when people appear to be so focused on convincing others that they are “right”, they are actually trying to convince themselves. A person who is confident presents his or her ideas and then leaves it at that, without pressing the issue of who is “right” and who is “wrong”.
          I am not sure that Patrick understands his true motivations beyond what he tries to present as perfect rationality, but he does seem to have a personal resentment, an ax to grind with Neale, for example about Neale making money. Why is that bad exactly? That’s for him to figure it out and resolve it.

          • Francisco Morfi

            I agree.

          • Patrick Gannon

            So nice of you gentlemen to gossip about me and assign motives and make assumptions. I didn’t really expect that from Mewabe. You too sound like a couple housewives with nothing better to do than find someone to criticize so you can feel better about yourselves.

            Actually, I will agree in part with something Mewabe said, because I’ve mentioned it before. I put out propositions, theories, hypothesis to see if they have holes in them. Nobody has punched any holes in my recent hypothesis about beliefs that contradict what we know (that we don’t know anything about gods and afterlives), may create internal conflicts in our brain that are not healthy for us. I think I make you guys uncomfortable because I force you to admit that you don’t know anymore about what happens when we die than anyone else and you know that, even if it is difficult to accept.

            Francisco, if you don’t understand something I say, feel free to request clarification – but you aren’t interested in talking about the issues I raise, are you? You just want to point out how misguided I am. Well thanks once again for your “spiritual” advice.

          • Francisco Morfi

            I find you are constantly assuming a god almighty attitude. You assume to have power over us when you say you make us uncomfortable and Force us to admit…..(capital F my doing)…. In truth I find your comments rather amusing and you come across as quite conceited. But I guess that’s what happens when you get that almighty feeling.
            You try to come accross as somebody who doesn’t make personal comments, but they’re all over your postings. But I can understand how you may lack insight when it comes to emotional intelligence. You appear to feel more comfortable in the I.Q. type intelligence realm. By the way, being spiritual has nothing to do with turning the other cheek and allowing yourself to be criticized and to simply look the other way. I can read between your sarcastic comments dude. As I mentioned before you can dish it but you can’t take it.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Then please spare yourself some agony and ignore my posts. Unlike Neale, I don’t claim to be a messenger from God. Talk about conceit!

          • Francisco Morfi

            You very conveniently only answer to certain comments and avoid others. I understand it’s difficult for you to accept your shortcomings; that’s the problem with people as yourself with that almighty god attitude. And a messenger of what God are you talking about. I mean why even mention it if you don’t believe God exists. By the way there are many other messengers of God out there, why don’t you get all over them or is it just a Neale thing with you. I think you feel you’d been rejected and are all upset about it. What’s the matter? Didn’t you get enogh attention when you “were involved with this belief stuff before? Poor Patrick.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I just love your grandest version of your highest vision of yourself, Francisco. Is that what you got out of CwG – criticizing fellow human beings with such disdain? What have I said to attack your personal character, that has so hurt you?

            If I’ve missed responding to a question that has nothing to do with personal character, and instead is focused on real issues raised by Neale, myself or others in this forum, then please post the question again and I will try to answer it.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I am not fully confident of my hypothesis that believing things that contradict what the brain knows may be bad for us. That’s why I keep raising the question – to see if anyone can or will knock it down. Nobody has come close to doing so, and that makes me think I’m on the right track. Mostly those who respond to me ignore my hypothesis and go after me personally. What conclusion should I draw from that?

            I don’t resent Neale making money – I resent him doing so while claiming to be a messenger from God. That puts a huge burden of proof on him that he ignores and hopes we won’t notice. I’m calling him on it. Prove you are a messenger from God, Neale. Prove you weren’t delusional when you started writing down your conversation with yourself. Explain the odd use of language that goes in circles and capitalizes key words so as to give them a meaning they don’t normally have. I’d like to see proof that the whole story of the accident and neck injury and living in poverty sob story was real. Since Ben Carson, candidate for Pres got caught trying to create a fake past for himself, I started wondering if Neale might just possibly have done the same thing. I used to wonder if Neale was just another misguided New Age guru, but now I question whether the whole CwG thing was just a big fraud; a project perpetrated for the primary purpose of making money. I no longer trust his motivation or have much faith in his winding words of woo.

            How is Neale selling something unproven, (hope for an afterlife) similar to a scientist developing new materials? I see no connection at all. There are a lot of things worse than selling unproven ideas, but that’s not what we’re debating. I don’t see why you’re giving me such crap when you say you don’t believe in this New Age stuff yourself, Mewabe. Are you the same person, or is someone else logged in as you?

          • mewabe

            Hey Patrick,

            As I mentioned many times before, I have my own proofs of an afterlife. I may not know exactly what it is like in every detail, although I can tell you that it is not what Christians and other religious people believe, but I know, from my own experience, that life and individuality go on.

            I also know that you cannot accept my own proofs as proofs, because these are not scientifically verifiable. And I would not want you to believe anyway…that would be ridiculous, as you need to find your own answers, whatever they may be.

            I am not concerned with proving my experiences scientifically. I have had enough instances of totally accurate and unexpected incidences. And because of this I have absolutely no fear of death by the way. Neither do I have what you propose, an inner conflict between belief and reality. I have no belief…I know.

            You might suspect that I am deluded. That’s perfectly understandable, from your point of view. I would not be offended in any way (I do not get easily offended, but in this case it would just make me smile one of those insufferable smiles).

            I stand consequently outside of your conversation. But I understand your point. If I had beliefs about the so-called unknown, I would evidently also have doubts about these beliefs, and therefore some inner conflicts, as do all religious people and all those of “faith” as they are called. Everything they have is based on faith and belief. That’s why they are so defensive and so dogmatic, and rigid and fearful. They can’t relax for a minute, or else doubt creeps in, not to mention that they think the “devil” is at their heels, and that it is the “devil” that causes them to question and doubt. They are completely bound in tight mental knots.

            As far as Neale’s Conversation with God, I do not relate to the word God at all, so this is not my mental territory either. Anything that has a Judeo-Christian (or Muslim) foundation or association repels me completely. I relate to the philosophical aspects of Hinduism as well as Zen, Taoism and Buddhism (the philosophical aspects only), along with Native American feelings about life and nature.

            This is why I do not really belong here. I have been passing through…for fun.

            Have a great year!

        • Michelle

          Twisty like those twistd water bottles placed so conveniently by schools that pop out pampies literal? that pop out crazy art markers that stick with sticky green and pink gummy? bear or chewing gum like yur kid might chew but htis duck isn’t real. It only looks like a duck no more. Thank you for playing the game of love sweet lvoe. Kkeep your energy no e nergy to you whew

      • Michelle

        Run a clock backwrd? No. That clock is up, Meawabe. The clock actually stops when I stop at the local stop for th elocal pharmacy shp there is a grid power surger goes literal up when I sit and smoke literl lights go on and so does all love when I sit with any cig and say Hi HI to ya Merry Happy Hannuka too but Halloweeny? How weird to have pumpikins painted with Teal color like my literal wall so near to my literal house. Dea God. What a n insipid trickster prank but it does not work Phew

      • Gaion

        An omnipotent soul can do a lot< meawabe. . .such as literally stopping time for a day. Why?! because so many tried so much and Gaion popped out so many so quickly I lost a day and woke up into future time, I hear. It is doable. Damn I didn't know you didn't believe in an omnipotent soul. Not Native American, afterall, are yu? Wow I believe d you. Why di d you lie to me, mewabe? I can't beleve that. Geesh I truly believed you love dNative American. They call me Cheyon after Corn Goddess. Can yu believe stupid negel mo. e thinks he can torque a popcorn kernal, which by the way popped out of my literal what?! window by a hole, literally, I mean. I took tha tcorn kernal and whew moved it to source pint of intry into my literal what? ceiling. Whew I hate being this kind of medium. Really i love painting more. OH well. don't why so many falsity what they are to others. Gtta be careful on this interent. Whew I prefer Truth. It is possible to reach a level where we just are Truht, despite some here not believing in Truth at an Absolulte Level. Dear God. If we can't be true to our own Self, who are we? Adios Amigos x's and o's

      • Patrick Gannon

        Neale (and other New Agers) says that our consciousness can manifest reality. He proposes that physical changes can be made based on using only our consciousness. If this is so, then it should be testable, as I have proposed.

        In reality you are most probably correct. The brain almost certainly generates consciousness and it has no ability whatsoever to make a clock run backwards, but Neale’s dualistic consciousness that is not tied to the brain, comes with the assumption that it can manipulate matter. This is testable. You are correct – consciousness and manipulating matter are far apart – but I’m not the one who asserts this; Neale and other New Agers are. That’s why I challenge them to test it.

        I do not in any way, shape or form assume an all powerful omnipotent soul. Where on earth did you get that crazy idea? Why are you making up stuff like that? You are usually pretty fair minded and don’t play the “straw man” game as others do. How disappointing; and then below you gossip – you talk about another person in an unflattering way. Have I ever shared with anyone here thoughts about you and your posts? Have I suggested to others that you might be stone cold, crazy nuts for thinking you have visions and OBEs and so forth? Have I ever ridiculed you for your beliefs? So unspiritual, and you just love to play the spiritual guru. I am unimpressed with your so-called spirituality. It appears to be a sham.

        • mewabe

          Patrick, I apologize for making an unflattering comment about you, that was not kosher, I agree. What can I say? I was channeling a frustrated housewife (now that sounds a bit sexist).

          I am not playing anything, I would never want to be confused with a spiritual guru, there are too many of those around already, the scene is way too crowded. I am an artist primarily, that’s how I was born, with a paint brush in my hand. I have some thoughts about things that I like to share, but that is not who I am. I am neither a leader nor a follower of anything, never have been and never will be. I dance to the beat of my own drum.

          I appreciate your comments as they bring up questions that I have brought up in the past, about beliefs etc. As stated previously, I never sought beliefs but direct knowledge. Beliefs are to me an admission of defeat, of not knowing, but also of thinking that knowledge will never come so let’s replace it with belief. However, while agreeing that scientific, objective knowledge has an important role to play, I recognize something you seem not to: that subjective, personal experience is also valid and important. This is why I have asked you at least once if you actually trust yourself, your own experiences. You appear not to, thinking that your physical brain is deluding you, distorting your perception.

          It would take much more room than we have here and much time to go into a deeper conversation. Not to convince you of anything, but to share more thoughts. Here we are limited to short, condensed, and consequently distorted statements, as is the case with most electronic “communications”, that are great for politics or business, but not for philosophical discussions.

          I have found, as a matter of fact, that there is no real conversation here. This is Neale’s site, and meant to carry out his messages to the world. It is not meant to engage in anything that would distract from this aim. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. But do not be confused by the presentation…this is not a conversation but a teaching platform.

          I have used this platform to express my own thoughts, but I do not belong here. I have even been a bit of a disturbance at times. Although it has been a bit addicting, I am withdrawing, the main reason being that posting comments is an activity that leads nowhere, as is characteristic with the internet.

          Take care Patrick

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hi Mewabe. Apology accepted. Frustrated housewife! LOL. Good one.
            You said, “I recognize something you seem not to: that subjective, personal experience is also valid and important. This is why I have asked you at least once if you actually trust yourself, your own experiences. You appear not to, thinking that your physical brain is potentially deluding you, distorting your perception.” (Mewabe)

            I agree that subjective data has value. After all there’s no objective way to test the affects a pathogen might have on a given population without unethically infecting a bunch of people. One must rely on subjective data – but there must be a lot of it, and it must describe the reality as exactly as possible. That said, I do retain an open, but highly skeptical mind regarding the viability of psi effects, for example. As I’ve learned more about the brain, my skepticism has increased, because I’ve learned that the brain can’t be trusted. Watch the show “Brain Games” and see just how easy it is to fool ourselves.

            I’ve also learned that the brain appears to be in charge – that it makes decisions and informs “us” (an illusory consciousness that is really itself) after the fact. If evidence continues to support this, things are going to get interesting. Evolution will be nothing, compared with the game-changer it would be to determine that consciousness is an emergent quality of the brain.

            Regarding your point about reading texts in their original language – there are a couple minor problems. First when it comes to the Bible, there are no original texts, only copies of copies of copies, and translations of those. We have no idea what the originals actually said, though the gist of it is probably pretty close. You’re right about Elohim. Sin is an archery term that means falling short of the target. Soul is a breathe of life. There are four words that were translated to “hell” and none of them means “hell” as most people think of it. I study the bible so I can have in-depth discussions with Christians. At first I thought CwG was a viable alternative to Christianity, but I saw in time that it was just another belief system, with no more evidence than what I started with, but like the others, driven by profit if not power.

            I ask my question about whether beliefs might be unhealthy for us in religious forums as well, and get about the same responses. Few people want to have their belief in belief challenged!

            I agree as well, that this has always been a platform for Neale’s messages. No need to make it easy for him though! I give him credit for not blocking me.

            I also question the value of remaining here, but if I left, who would remain to raise questions? Someone should play the ‘loyal opposition’ just to keep the discussion honest and engaging. I may end up bailing out as well, given that I’ve confirmed that New Age God has no more evidence than Bible God or Qur’an God, or any of the Hindu gods, etc. I’ve also confirmed that when you question the beliefs of New Age believers, they react exactly the same as fundamentalist Christians do – avoiding the issues, personal attacks, straw man arguments – it’s just like debating with Southern Baptists or Pentecostalists. I did not expect that, but it tells me that I’m probably on the right track with my ideas. One can believe in Bible God or New Age God, and either way, folks are going to get their panties in a severe wad if you question their beliefs. This suggests to me that belief is indeed a problem.

            In the event that either or both of us leave this so-called “conversation” I wish you well. I would love for your psi talents to be proven. If you can ever come and “visit” me in such a way as to provide objective, empirical evidence, then I will look for your presence!

            Best wishes and Happy New Year, Mewabe!

          • mewabe

            I share your frustrations with the new age, it has always looked to me to be new forms of superficial dogmatic thoughts and beliefs that people accept without critical thinking. For example, look at the fear many new agers have of what they call “negativity”…such as so-called negative feelings. They have an almost superstitious fear of such feelings and emotions.
            Many new age beliefs are grounded in old religious conditioning. There are like an old house with a new, more cheerful looking coat of paint. But underneath are the same problems and assumptions.

            Another problem I have with the so-called new age and metaphysical movement is that they seem to attract people who are not all there, who are not psychologically balanced., and are ready to believe any kind of fairy tale as long it is it sweet and feels friendly. This s particularly true in North America, that has created a kind of spiritual Disneyland.

            Happy New Year and best wishes to you as well Patrick!

    • Francisco Morfi

      “All that stuff made sense to me when I read it the first time, now so much of it seems nonsensical”. Patrick, you might eventually become aware that a lot of things you say now that make sense to you will later appear to be nonsensical. To some of us that’s the case with some of your stuff already. That’s how it works within this world of illusion we move about in.

      • Gaion

        World of illsuion is really not me. I prefer Absolute Realm only Thank god. God is watching over me. Damn i woldn’t be here if he weren’t keeping me in a side pocket whew thank god. That’s all I know. The world of illusion is oh so nonsensical. Not like berry mind at all. By theway, a blueberry popped outof what?! a stick and a tisshi paper toilet paper for me today. Why/! some negel named mo thought enough to mash a blueberry and torque it for a negative spin on what?! my head. Why?! he desires to keep God MInd off the planet claled FREe the New EArth. Sorry about that. I pasted tha tlittle blueberry back at that point where a literal hole sat by my typewriter. Don’t know but damn I wish those old love and peace blogdging days were never acted out in my name. It has brought nothing but sotweed factor. Neding to replace whole house now, literally I mean. Whoa to the one who sends a tiny tendril milkweed, the kind kidslove to hold in ahnd. That is oh so silly. A mildweed never is oh so tiny not but oh so easy for a Grand Ee Eye of Horus Skywalking kind. Adios Amigos x’s and o’s

      • Patrick Gannon

        Thank you for those warm spiritual words.

    • Gaion

      ” Fear is definitely a state of mind when it happens to me, and I’m sure it is when it happens to you. Neale frequently speaks in absolutes “(and it is)”

      funnywe spoke the sae quote by neale in cwg bok3 we weren’t gong to speak together, and, yet. .here it is both quoting neale. he does ah speak fluently there. WE can go on and quote hat further, dear. ..It goes on to speak about e mtion being all about freedom to choose. How to feel and be truth itself is to use Free Will. How eery that we chjose the same quote. Adios Amigos x’s and o’s

  • Michelle

    Hi Neale, Listen. Just leave me alone. Please, leave me alone.

    Guy will be back soon. I am done done oh so done talking to this room ever ever ever ever ever ever ever kever oh so many no. Guy is me, and the little lady is always me. You know our name. Do remember this. Cavatch adiew and oh so many more to you Phew is not enough, is it? But, in case it isn’t enough, let’s have it out now. Her ewe go. Does this little 700 sq foot. .used to be a cottage mean so much to you that you have to hu so mynds of this room who speak of What ever whatever and random oh so random and cavetch oh so many cavatch will we stop this nonsense, or shall we need another showdonw on our literal oh so literal little boy’s wallboard, Neale. Do remember we know your I O U Nohting more than this PhewAhhh Honey. Did you see that? Her literal blue hat flew literally off her head as she typed this message. This is quantum like nobody’s business. Stop it. STop it. Stop it is our code forevermore. Whew. Le’t s just get down to it now, shall we. WE break th ecode that we called, dear. I shall speak only. You are off this show line. Go bring my name up, honey. She’s gone. Don’t come at her in literal car, Neale, in literal, What? Carrtos? Potatoe? Rice grain? How about speaking this from me, honey. We shall reveal it here now, honey. She is me. I ma her. Get over it. OH, okay? Mcdonald’s Happy happy toys. Let’s explain it. It’s quantum. Here we go. Zoom time is a real force. Zoom time is now yours, dear. Get off htis damn wall, now. Alright. Tell them all I know. Tell them all I saw Today and that oughttta do it. Dear NMEAle Stay away from me. Phew

    • Patrick Gannon

      These seems like one of those code books we had as kids, where there was a nonsensical wall of text and you overlaid it with a paper that had holes cut out and the holes lined up with letters to reveal a secret message.

      • GuyBack

        HI Let’s get this right, okay? NO. NO. NO. YHou dindooo get this call, Patrick. You are not real, are you? YOu are calling Code int shis seemingly garbled message. We do stop that nonsense. Let’s do speak of quantum not nonsense. Children’s book? Oh we wrote some jkust fro me to her. She will never ever ever ever ever ever ever evder and oh so many ever see you, think you, feel you, be you. Here is me. . the only kind like her speaking to you. I am Over Her like no bodys Buzniz, OK? OH K is myne. Bob, too, is MYne. KNow it. OK? Okay. NOw. For children’s books. we Wrote the codee for her, not for this garbled jarbled nonsense called two d Alienated Species. Let’s just Phew you now. and do remember this. Never ever wer eyou her in San Antonio or any any any. We never came to EArth at this level. As arc, we know how to zoom JU NO. No. No. NO. June Bride? Never ever ever ever NO. NO> no> NO> Md MO Never did we crealte, OK? Do remember whjo speaks as her heart. It isn’t you who doesn’ tknow you, right? Get it right. I AM I AM. You are not capable of that line, OK? Okay. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PHeW Now, get it right. Stop ti. Stop it /Stpo[we iop[ Now. Let’s talk about those holes, quantumly. Here we go. We stop this nonsense, T. Let’s give uy the real name ARc has for your type, but you are the ring leader, dear T. Here is the real code breaker. PHEW That oughtta do it, honey. No. Let me take over forever, honey. That Phew worked only today because of you, T. Quantum is now a little to vague. Let’s get it done now. Message in a bottle today ah how about this one we called ro not it was a rubrik cube message found at bottom of stairwell MO? yayuh pushes litttle one doen he thought, okay? NO. NO. NO. That rubric cube creation by this Alientate dSpecies was viewed only by me. That’s why I came this way, and never did I know My arc would be the first and last to call this final day over now. But, King Lear is her hers and hers alone. We call it not children’s books .like bricks round the iron heavy black poles in deep dark seedy basement viewed by her until around christmas last ear. Why? Because she would have died had she known your insipidways in her little house. She isn’t here like that. We came together. She speaks no more to you. I do. Neale is you ina body because you are shipshapers or ship. no. U didn’t get a gear to get a ship. that little thingabob or thjinkama is not yours. I protect her that way. We pulled it out of basement after viewokng mo of course seated there. He is not too sneaky. no. he is oh so viewable to me and to Goddess, so ever arc goddess like her as true twin is off this level forever that is hte only Gd Gocd God Code to you. She is nomt ever ever ever ever ever here. I Am. I Am that God over you, DeeckleMind. They call you Dickie. don’t they? Well, it’s here that you do not really believe that you can do that which you intended with all those stics that literal pop out of her skin, do you. She has blead and belaed for htis room too long for all that love and peace. I told her to go to Neale’s room and damn daman dakejr[iqj r[awetpojw Neale PHEW

      • Kirsten

        Hi ya, Happy Boxing Day. Day of recovery and rest. Yup I got an alert so have the now deleted posts. I have no idea either, I dont have the decoding manual either, if there is one but I can get the gist of some of it. Lines are the protective matrix grid around Earth, magnetic fields and individual meridian lines, that much I know. I dont know what an every every is but my neighbour has decided its a term for vjj, genitals etc, and has made up random things for the ‘words’ used, but I think the gist of it is that because I made a foil tiara with a skeleton on it for Halloween as a part of the foil hat joke in here, I am now apparently an evil witch. When last week I was a Goddess!
        I do know this is exactly why people should never allow ‘invisible’ entities or beings around them, nor give them access to their minds or hands to type with, and although I do disagree with you that religion makes people a bit crazy, I think the new age movement, mumbo jumbo words, mediumship, and believing what other people say without believing it for yourself, does turn people a bit crazy.
        Take care,

        • Guyon

          Hi I see you see we all see. We see popouts that are popped out by our touch. We allso see that our comments are actually being viewed by one fransicso, literally, I mean, at Disque. Who is hte moderator , Neale, for these comments? Why do you insist on disque anyhoo? we express popouts because the target thought form is literally creating a havoc on our literal living room. Do we exist as crazy? No. Mediums see these literally. We actually have a few in hand right now. One is a drummer stick that went to son’s little drum. It moves energ with sound only. God is sound and God is watching over all on the call. Peace be with you and Merry Christmas too. We are still celebrating that one, thanks to you and all bloggers here who need to be aware that God is over all, right? God is watching over all life. Take care, x’s and o’s whew to ya

        • Guyon

          Gaion hates no one. He is God I Am. Gaion is me. I speak thorugh her. We do not target any person, place or thing. All thoughts return to the source of that primary thought. That is Natural Law. You are kabbalist? You ought to konw it. I t is kabbal talk. That’s all. See ya xxoo

          • Kirsten

            I have responded to this above, and its not Natural Law, its a Universal Law. Natural Laws are in place by Creator, and cannot be manipulated. Universal Laws are/were manual Laws put in place that are manually overseen, but are Laws all are bound by when they visit another realm or country (When in Rome do as Romans do).They are much slower than Natural Law, and must work with and accommodate the Laws of every realm and country, and the desires of The Mass Mind or majority population. Universal Law includes Human Laws, and in most western countries, God’s Laws as well as He was the diety to set those countries up. Thoughts do not return to the source of that thought, again they are all screened by The Source, as human nature, natural fear, hatred of negative, natural reactions, outside influence, oossession etc all need to be taken into account. Again the Law of Intent needs to be 100% certain that things are truly unwarrented negative, or truly positive thoughts or actiins before consequences or rewards are put in place.
            Gaion, you are not God, but may have a God soul, as many do. There are tests for this but Im not going into that here, its similar to tests higher Rabbis do to confirm if people are Israelites as Israelites have our own altered souls to make us more compatible with God. For your own sake, please stop saying you are God, this is something truly forbidden, and even if you believe it, it will carry huge consequences as its fraud and blasphme. I say this with good intentions toward you,
            Take care,

          • Christ I Am

            One question. Altered soul? Souls are of God. We don’t alter a soul. A ousoul never needs altering, does it? I dont need to convince you if I am god. It doesn’t matter what you believe about me. I Am that I Am, but I doknow a soul is of God and that is all Ineed to say about tha whew anyhoo is a word but not so mraculous unles it is of God. Well, I do know my Lady is gcoming off of blogdom to write, write, write a book now. I’ll see ya in oh so many ways for I am I AM and that is all folks. ave a good day x’s and o’s whew merry new year to all here :0) 🙂 :p)

          • Kirsten

            Altered souls is in scripture, where God indicates he will imprint His Laws in Israelites. This alters Israelite souls a bit from other humans, and makes us very compatible with God. We naturally hate most the things God forbids, to prevent us from ever doing them, these things are in scripture (drunkeness, sodomy, mediumship, cross dressing stealing, kids being overly dominated, animals suffering, visible eye defects, amputation stumps when uncovered, uncleanliness, mess, fat, ugly clothes, all Israelite females will have long hair etc…it sounds mean, but its just how we are made), and all love Law, structure, military etc.
            One question…how can someone write a book about psychic protection when there is clearly psychic havoc around her? A clear indication she has not yet mastered protection herself. Whilst she is engaging in mediumship God and His angels will not help her, as He forbids it. Which she will know, as a Catholic. You cannot have both worlds and cannot have God whilst engaging in things He forbids.
            Take care,

          • Gaion

            Generally speaking, Catholics know about demonics. Poltergeists are known to exist. Period. In fact, this old ah family of myne has been chased by vipers. .Jesus spoke of vipers and hey that’s what we are speaking about here. Pure and simple, post another post and let it be me who tellsyou we don’t agree on many things so usually we should jsut beg to differ. We don’t need to be judgmental tho. It does not matter what we each believe about each other. We each konw we don’t agree usually.. It doesn’ matter. What meatters is fearbased energy is real and does wreak havoc on the ArC Covenant Indiana Jones style, a movie gifted to the ARC Family line. My family has been chased since I was a baby here in thi scycle. Truly a preist came to bless my house and a cross melted on the front table when he walked through the front door. .always blowing in the forced winds. .now, hnges are blowing off the sotweed factored house. It’s real. These poltergeists are real. We do know energy is either positive or negative and both can’t exist at Heaven. Both spin and meet at a point. If one is spinning pure negative energy and meets pure positive,then whoa whoa whoa ther is a dividing line and it is combustible. Things really pop and it did pop thorugh my literal faucet, floors, celings, tiles, grout. Idid not want that and call for those sending whatever my way. Anyhoo, I don’t guess we ought to discuss things we don’t agree upon. You don’t know me. How do yuo know my housekeeping abiltiy? How do you kow any any about me, other htan I posted here, too. Have you attempted to approach this old house? It is forbidden. I do not desire yur field of force or any’s. Pleaase rememer we know how to create a crystal skull by touch. That’s what is. I have the rocks to prove it. I am not here to brag, but hey a cAtholic I once knew was actually demonic not. he was pure satanic. He chased me around the ah dmn library, draggin me toUPS and I only go federal express and he couldbe actually viewed by real detective. Not going to go into it but damn he had some real poltergeist stuff he showed to me in the middle of the library. He witnesed a baby damn. .I am out of here. I don’t wish you any any. I don’t know you at all. I guess I am off blogdom for ever, hopefully. We don’t need to part in disagreement. I only hope othetrs stop sending energy. Gaion hereknows where it comes from. Neale’s books teach about source and intention and how to create a better thought. It is always form sincerity and sinceerity is how we create. WE do so by touching the point of entry at our literal shower, our literal grout, our literal hoels which pop out, literally. We use toothpaste becasue some think they an target toothpaste and ivory soap. It’s oh so insipid, bukt can’t be done. Anyhoo,. see ya x and o

        • Guyon


        • Shenika Gaion

          hey my comment to the post below was deleted cuz someone held it back for review by nealedonaldwaslch or something. I don’t know but what do you mean that you got an “aletr”? By who? I dnt know but my comments keep on being held by neal and I don’t like being screened, so here is the gist of my post. First, nothing is targeted. I don’t target a thing. I simply look on the ground in my bathroom by the ah bathdubatub rub it with finger and popout galore it is oh so fun never. I hate being a medium. I’m hot at it but not so happy to be so empath. .. empah its nor fun. I hate it. I am talking about subtle energy here dya kow what I mean? It’s poltergeist activity, so it’s nothing I target. It’s stuff that pops out literal no literally, im meanitn 101010 is ot I explain this another way. . .k is not you. Im talking about my neice. she is me. I don’t know but someone in this room is targeting me, not you. I am only getting popouts galor on my living room floor and my every every means literally tile, baseboard, brick, ceiling, floor, plaslter, wood and well, name it. . tisshi paper and oh so many that I must get off and write that book on how to avoid psychic attack. I gave the name of that Dion Fortune who is an ol’ expert at it. I have updos to give to mankind. Check on amazon soon. You understand. It is not you. It is me who is targeted. I merely stop the target. Downtown. .I hate that. I only stop stuff from hitting me and my baby. We did create som emore popouts tonight. The eye of horus is upon us. That’s all I know. I am safe and so are youss are out of it, so let it be. Hope you have a happy new years. x’x and o’s whew what a day. what a day. Time did literally stop for me. Thank God. That’s all I knw. I awoke and a day passed yet the day was sstill fresh and light was here tho darkenss came and light retruend no time passed. That’s all I know. Anyhoo, have a merry new years 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Kirsten

            By alert, I mean we get an email via Disqus saying we have a reply to read, so even deleted comments can be read in the email to that person.
            Yes quite a few comments do not get posted, there are trigger words that activate the screening, or I assume some are manual. I get screened as well, but I respect this is Neales site and it is his right to allow whatever he wants up here. This site is also monitered by the US government (and so it should be too) as an anti govt site on their watchlist, sometimes these moniters engage in conversation or will bait people to attain their views on Govt matters so individuals in here may also be on Govt watch lists due to their opinions. A couple of years ago there was a Govt observer, Buzz. I got him to acknowledge he was a bomb disposal guy just observing, and he was kind enough to say in semi code, that due to his job, when he says run, you had better keep up, since he knew I was not anti Govt. Unsure why he said it, but when he used the word run, I left here for 6 months. And I am again now, take his advice too, somethings not right.

        • Christ I Am

          Fu means well. .kundgfu at kungfu site means “time spent.” and there is a certain martial artist who has a black belt. That belt is myne. I have a hi degree in karate. My liteal trophe is always placed on my mom’s wall where I popout a literal back tothe future, so any target of my tape on my brown goes back to the future. That’s what we meant, but FU also is hebrew. It means wew gonad. I have some and so does dad, mu real dad. that’s all I meant by FU. FU is slang for any parking on my wall holes which dad pops out for mom to protect me. That’s all we meant. /dplease stop thinking we are targeting any. We are deflecting targets at me. Dad does watch over me. I and my Father are ONe. That’s in the bible and it is time to qjit blogging. That’s all we wanted all along. HOles are real for us. We pop out literal objects from our literal walls. Mesages do popout as do store rewards cards with others’ names literally. Mom got her store card returned to her today just because dad said no one can take it from her. Anyway, we are of the Christ Conscoiinsess and all life is in it to return as the bible taught. Do unto othes as you would have them do unto you. That is the golden rule of all life’s religiton? Romans never did get that right, did they? I dont’ kow but we are off blogs forever. Have a happy . .what is boxing day? shopping/ We dcould care less. Money alwasy returns to true power called love sweet love. Mo always manages to lose twenty. Weird, but dad always pops that out for her literally we mean. A twenty dollar bill retruns to her in her literal hand. That’s love for ya. Hope yo have a maery hu day 🙂 back to you and al that good stuff 🙂 whew what a day a difference makes. WE go to the future now and zoom to heaven, i hope. Let it be a true gift of peace everlasting to all who send only postiive sly spinning energy our way. That’s the way of all life. Negative spins those are for spinners like tackle boxes literally parked on my floor to target my what?! my mom? heck now. She is myne in all life and I am an expert at karate in every cycle of love sweet lvoe Fu is hebrew and it means gonad, and I know I have some in every cycle that album wiht love bundle of joy popped back at mo whew wierd but it retruned to mo whatever mo sent to mo I don’t kow but we are done blogging. Whew peace to peace and love to lvoe whatever targets my mom and me, dad oversees. That’s all we konw. See ya x’s and o’s 🙂

          • Kirsten

            Who is speaking now, Michelles son?

          • Gaion

            Grandmother through me. I speak to All Life. Guess what? I jsut got another popout to occur and guess what was created in my literal hand by touch to a tissue, toilet paper, no less. . .a lapis lazula rock. . tiny but beautiful. It is m color, but then I got a crystal in the shape of a skull to form after pinpointing to a spot on my literal guess what? faucet. .gook falls out from under it and then I toudh it and it popped fir leaf literal from my tree? no. it aws from the water faucet where we shower. Weird At any rate, a rystal skull formed from me touching gook tiny only 2 cm long and tissue paper toilet paper at that. it’s my protector, God says. I speak every life, every leaf. .that dumb mo he actually targeted me and my son for what?! dear god. just name it. He is stupid negel. whew but do know that he actually targeted us for death and God watches over us. He pops stuff out of the wall, the creamic tile, the wash basin. .ceramic I guess and metal and every every. .just name it. it popped and snapped and theat meant it was active, so I had to swirl with my finger and point to the whole imprint popping out on my every every it’s not hard to miss a skull looking thing on my sliding glass door and my refrigerator wall baord which is ol wood. I do know I used to live in this house built in 1925 oh well, we are complete. I speak every leaf. Dumb mo targeting oak and maple. How stupid. That’s all for now. i am really needing to get off. You kow. we need to follow the haert within and let all love be here where w are which is baking and stuff like normal peopeldo ya know cooking christmas cookies and that sort of thing. whew what a day. fun bu tdamn I so just want to be normal. have agood day x’s and o’s oh by the way, who did send you an alert about my post? That is illegal. I delete and my posting at disque is locked. It is “private.” Wow I gotta check on that with disque. See ya 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • GuyBack

      Phew to any responders here except one. That’s all dd for that certain True Twin. Period. Period. Period. We leave her now out of this chaotic oh so c=k Christ is K and is myne. That is not all. Bob is not a cat. In fact, he has a dog. He is myne. Phew to you Patrickt. Don’t toak to me at all ever ever ever ever ever ever Whoa is not good agh…Guy will be back to explain your aw not aware at all. Forget it. Just forget it. I O U NO. Nada danddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thing PU FU that ouughta to do it is to be that which I am not. PHEW

  • GuyBack

    My Ldy is MY LADU with that dum movie never. SHE is no DUMMY. She hates MY Fair lady. HOw Wife of BAthy. No. mY lady is only a real Queen. She is in my picket never neer never mh my inner inner inner core piciet ajnothe place not price choppa no. that ls gone babyback soon best friend cleared that one. e dear near one did try to picket tjust try that line called tock y y no more ty tj down no more. tj? He loved her. DAted her and oh so mad is he now. so picket that one no more. Her DADDY? Oh my god. Just dar that postal postmean man to try tha tone. I Am her daddy. I know how to stick within the write border. Books a coming. Do try that one again. Liteal ly stole her writings literally took the backs off of her own computers times that by ten books and oh well. Always shell get a book today with no interfering stack icky e lines from this blogdom world now off the air. Phew

  • GuyBack

    S===whew whew back again for the moring walk about with doggie style Fu will get it right. Batteryu? That popped out as acid om her tongue whew as we ttoed here book is comig on this alienated species. Oh yeah. we have to bring it in today just for aher a promise to bring a loh boo==published wherever ya know whatever works honey. wow another? no. I don’t think my casablanca ever could get forked or torqued by a most insipid race. Let this big daddy take it now, honey. I wrote casablanca just for you so you would not be sad when these dogs still try. Play it again Sam. You never did get that samsung. We did that long ago. We saw that one coming. I am samsung. I am crosely too. Grandmother cleared that company worked there long time. Speedway? dear god. that was the house of mhy momma mama yiayuh happy happy was cleared by uncle mik mike mike oh my god don’t try stacey. she’s a spell it honey P’sYCHOLOGIST just like my grandma so what do you want to mess with now? life as cookie? oh well. we’re gone from this blogdom with one post now p u FU can westioo rtung long ago and far away there was no house with us in tow. We never came this way. The Little lady was never here as ARC HEART viewable. That’s why yuo poppe out a battery juice honey. They thought they could recreate a popout like us. Oh my god. Mo trys topop out with a pressure of a touch? No. That is for Gods True Gods only. WE touch, heal by touch. We transfer whatever by Eye of Daddy named Big DADDY HO=K=Bob=Stacy=Mike=all the rest oh my god casablanca and book on alienated species and cheese up for me today stay off my baby’s cheese, okay? I just smoke it, eat it and return thethought to the Prime Thought. What you give to life is what yo u get. WhewWhew FU

  • GuyBack

    Well guys. Thank you for trying to play sam here. I gave her so many clues. Thank you for bringing a tear of remembrance of who she really is. HEck she never thought she could mount oh so hi neither did I. I told her ass tostay home in casablanca but her HEART is oh so BIg. I never hnew but here it is honey our song. . .Sing it Sam. You must remember this. . a kiss is just a kiss a simle is just a smile a si is never never never was it a si honey you weren’t here as a twin but you came anuyway that ol heart awoke oh so rapid time but we always have PAR’is, dear. Let me finish thi s job alone. You are always lHOME HOME HOME In MY DEEPeST POCKET yeah Neale I did carry her off Crying that last teardrop kicking and crying mothers day, father for the one at oversoul not rover oh that is oh so over. Never did I not see him, Honey. Alwasy telling me I couldn’t be a doctor. I worked for medical doctors for ten yuears. Was going to be one when uncle mjike oh my god. Do not try that one. He said to put the Hrous Eye and move your hand a little land that is over honey. Let’s go youand I and play me a tune, sam. Lets play loveroom only essence is wonderful. You’l see by hi oon I love you, honey. A kiss is only yours and never did a si bring a true Twin Heart here. You awoke in thisa oh so desolate area of the most decrepit line because they came to you as a baby. Whew FU will come to my room today or FU Whew

  • GuyBack

    Fire time, huh? Boston never had a fire oh so long ago, did they? Neither did Worc? no. that was for a big tear ready to fall back at them, dear. A tjought only returns to the evil source of it. Sorry you couldn’t think of somethin gbetter. Try to BE I said, not THINK. It’s all about a True Heart who wouldn’t stay home, Sam. GET off now. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. That’s my code, stupid negels. That is not doable at any level. We don’t have fire down we are the Christ Flaming Sword of MIchael ARCHANGEL and GABRIEL is waay too big. Couldn’t do that dream of CASABLANCA, not that I didn’t want to. This BIG Mama TU TU BIRd, yes. Christ is the Sparrow and she is a Rook, A real Duck, dea rGod not a fake Aleianted Species replciating all dentals we saw real popout of tooth right before her eye at honey farm no less. Oh well. Just remember this a smile is oh so easy for Horus to Pop in . We know how to walk through realms, too, but a block meant for love? a baby toy? WE ah have seen it all that is over der. Christ and I cleard tha tgarage, remember all those love toys and all those gbloggers speaking about a garage? Never did they see yours. I do know how to send it in whited, blotted inked out on literal hand batman, robin? No. That’s Chista not Perter Pan. We do a real kNight like King Aruthr the Green Man, Sir Gawain Canterbury, MOzrt. Sorry we are never BACK oh well. Let’s go, Am. Tje g dog always barks tell tale slign of a line down just sitting smokikng what? We smoked ’em salem, great grandma, not those 99’s though. Funny you mention ninemneale age nine? Not doable. No. Not ever ah myne would never dream a si a tear a smile? oh smiling her favorite. I saw it all. She’s mine and casablanca stop with this sill no decrepit comes to the bank account. Al those buiznises mo promised went down and ones he targets as corporate entity went up. whew don’t try bank fo maerica. Heck that’s myne. don’t try any any they are myne all myne. I mjust smile and hey how are ya? that oughta do it. PHew Now, go, Sam. I’ll never ever ever elver be throu working for yuou in a Guy ONLY Room. Stop your crying I know how to turn their down town action over rover dear whew oughtta do it. Go sam. go. Whew A kiss is just a kiss only of yuor lips my sweetness only for you let us go and play there. Stick no green gum in your hand again, pick up this silly trslash aplaced by alienated species to toruqe what? psychopathic activity that’s what. Ah oh HItler? A known psychopath. Freud? Id? We don’t do in heaven. No thank you. We are real psychologists. Grandma ah a doctorate in psychology. Daddy too good at it for telling nobody’s zh bizniz my daughter only in another special place not viewed by this room Phew Fu

  • GuyBack

    Ho Ho Ho to all here. What u get is what you gave in love, and if it was fear. . .well, h ave at it. Oh well, sorry about it. You should have thought better. You shoud have focused bette. .you should of damn honey just say it y ourself we talk as one. Focus the mind of a snake reace reptiles can’t think. They’re stupid. cmant create. just keep it coming. We can smoke marlboros till its over rover whew well, here i am again. Now, what? Dear God. straw just a thread of itpooping out as my dog leash all black yet new? Strange. A straw man? not real but could have caused a whew tell it. a phone line up but not real. I am the phone of her, neale. No phone ever really reached hers. no straw now a book ever from me will anhy mank get ever. So, why sticky in your conversations? What is sticky we only do misty here Hi He but really it is I Am Hi I Am He and that is onlhy for One TRue Beloved a LIne of Many Women on Earth, yes. WE got that code coming oh mhy happy happy yayuh we got that cleared and pet central dog leash? dear god. mhy dogs clear that ol mo, don’t you know I just kiss him wiht the little lady and he is fine. t t t it’s over rovah never had a dog of myne though halloweeny he lingerd in the cellar like rosemarys’s baby hyahy but never did it work. my dogs are free no leash today. no prison either. nocage no nothing for they are gentle today FU come between my baby’s dog rubbing a thread, a hari hair they called itr, honey, but it is my dog’s hair to free wiht hey honey how about breakfast? He smiles and i call him big red yea he is ig red that corproate in arizona not mo’s I worked there. they lost 50 % of their students after I left guess what a student said to me. . .oh so lividly. . “PUT the Phone Down, Michael.” I lauged. Never ever l put down the phone to mhy Guy. That’s right. that corprote is ours, honey. We did live in Tuxcon but we left we saw this race repitle come I see all before and after and now it is truly done we deplane now. FU