Looking inside the CWG books:

Everything can truly be on earth as it is in heaven, when the time of separation is over and the time of unification is at hand. Unification with God, unification with all others, and with every living thing. This is what God has come to tell us once more through the messengers of today. You will know them as God’s messengers because they will all be bringing the same message: We Are All One. This is the only message that matters. The fact that you have so far failed to receive it (you have heard it often, but you have failed to receive it) is what has caused every misery, every sorrow, every conflict, every heartache in your experience. It has caused every murder, every war, every rape and robbery, every assault and attack, mental, verbal, and physical. It has caused every illness and dis-ease, and every encounter with what you call death. The idea that we are not One is an illusion.

The human race has been living with illusions for a long time. This is not because the human race is stupid, but because the human race is very smart. Humans have understood intuitively that illusions have a purpose, and a very important one. Most humans have simply forgotten that they know this. And they have forgotten that their forgetting is itself part of what they have forgotten – and therefore part of the illusion. Now it is time for humans to remember.

The Ten Illusions of Humans are very big, very powerful illusions that you created during the earliest part of your experience on Earth. And you create hundreds of smaller ones every day. Because you believe them, you have created a cultural story that allows you to live these illusions and thus make them real. They are not really real, of course. Yet you have created an Alice in Wonderland world in which they seem very real, indeed. And like the Mad Hatter, you will deny that what is False is false, and that what is Real is real. You have, in fact, been doing that for a very long time. A cultural story is a story that has been handed down from generation to generation, across centuries and millennia. It is the story that you tell yourself about yourself. Because your cultural story is based on illusions, it produces myths, rather than an understanding of reality.

The Ten Illusions of Humans will be found below, in parentheses. Preceding each Illusios is the cultural story of humans that the illusion has placed into the reality of many people:

  1. God has an agenda (Need Exists)
  2. The outcome of life is in doubt (Failure Exists)
  3. You are separate from God (Disunity Exists)
  4. There is not enough (Insufficiency Exists)
  5. There is something you have to do (Requirement Exists)
  6. If you do not do it, you will be punished (Judgment Exists)
  7. The punishment is everlasting damnation (Condemnation Exists)
  8. Love is, therefore, conditional (Conditionality Exists)
  9. Knowing and meeting the condition renders you superior (Superiority Exists)
  10. You do not know that these are illusions (Ignorance Exists)

This cultural story has been so ingrained in you that you now live it fully and completely. This, you tell each other, “is just the way it is.” You have been telling each other that now for many centuries. Indeed, for millennia after millennia. For so long, in fact, that myths have grown up around these illusions and stories. Some of the most prominent myths have been reduced to concepts such as “Thy will be done,” “Survival of the fittest,” “To the victor go the spoils,” “You were born in Original Sin,” “The wages of sin are death,” “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord,” “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” “God only knows,” and many others, equally destructive and non-serving. Based on these illusions, stories, and myths – here is how many humans have come to think about Life:

“We are born into a hostile world, run by a God who has things He wants us to do and things He wants us not to do, and will punish us with everlasting torture if we don’t get the two right.

Our first experience in Life is separation from our mother, the Source of our Life. This creates the context for our entire reality, which we experience as one of separation from the Source of All Life. We are not only separate from all Life but from everything else in Life. Everything that exists, exists separate from us. And we are separate from everything else that exists. We do not want it this way, but this is the way it is. We wish it were otherwise, and, indeed, we strive for it to be otherwise.

We seek to experience Oneness again with all things, and especially with each other. We may not know why, exactly, yet it seems almost instinctual. It feels like the natural thing to do. The only problem is, there does not seem to be enough of the other to satisfy us. No matter what the other living thing is that we want, we cannot seem to get enough of it. We cannot get enough of love, we cannot get enough time, we cannot get enough money. We cannot get enough of whatever it is we think we need in order to be happy and fulfilled. The moment we think that we have enough, we decide that we want more.

Since there is ‘not enough’ of whatever it is we think we need to be happy, we must ‘do stuff’ to get as much as we can get. Things are required of us in exchange for everything, from God’s love to the natural bounty of Life. Simply ‘being alive’ is not enough. Therefore we, like all of Life, are not enough.

Because just ‘being’ isn’t sufficient, the competition begins. If there’s not enough out there, we have to compete for what’s there. We have to compete for everything, including God. This competition is tough. It is about our very survival. In this contest, only the fittest survive. And to the victor go all the spoils. If we lose, we live a hell on Earth. And after we die, if we are losers in the competition for God, we experience hell again – this time forever.

Death was actually created by God because our forebears made the wrong choices. Adam and Eve had everlasting life in the Garden of Eden. But then, Eve ate the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and she and Adam were driven from the Garden by an angry God. This God sentenced them, and all their progeny forevermore, to death as the first punishment. Henceforth, life in the body would be limited, and no longer everlasting, and so would the stuff of Life.

Yet God will give us back our everlasting life if we never again break His rules. God’s love is unconditional, it is only God’s rewards which are not. God loves us even as He condemns us to everlasting damnation. It hurts Him more than it hurts us, because He really wants us to return home, but He can’t do anything about it if we misbehave. The choice is ours.

The trick is, therefore, to not misbehave. We need to live a good life. We must strive to do so. In order to do so, we have to know the truth about God, and we cannot avoid offending Him, if we do not know right from wrong. So we have to know the truth about that. The truth is simple to understand and easy to know. All we have to do is listen to the prophets, teachers, sages, and the source and founder of our religion. If there is more than one religion and, therefore, more than one source and founder, then we have to make sure to pick the right one. Picking the wrong one could result in us being a loser. When we pick the right one, we are superior, we are better than our peers, because we have the truth on our side.

This state of being ‘better’ allows us to claim most of the prizes in the contest without actually contesting them. We get to declare ourselves the winners before the competition begins. It is out of this awareness that we give ourselves all the advantages, and write our ‘Rules of Life’ in such a way that certain others find it nearly impossible to win the really big prizes. We do not do this out of meanness but simply in order to ensure that victory is ours – as rightly it should be, since it is those of our religion, of our nationality, of our race, of our gender, of our political persuasion who know the truth, and therefore deserve to be winners. Because we deserve to win, we have a right to threaten others, to fight with them, even to kill them if necessary, in order to produce this result.

There must be another way to live, another thing that God has in mind, another larger truth, but if there is, we don’t know it. In fact, it is not clear whether we are even supposed to know it. It is possible that we are not supposed to even try to know it, much less to truly know and understand God. To try is presumptuous, and to declare that you have actually done so is blasphemous.

God is the Unknown Knower, the Unmoved Mover, the Great Unknown. Therefore, we cannot know the truth that we are required to know in order to meet the conditions that we are required to meet in order to receive the love that we are required to receive in order to avoid the condemnation that we are seeking to avoid in order to have the everlasting life that we had before any of this started. Our ignorance is unfortunate, but should not be problematic. All we need do is take what we think we do know – our cultural story – on faith, and proceed accordingly. This we have tried to do, each according to his or her own beliefs, and thus we have produced the life that we are now living, and the reality on Earth that we are creating.”

This is how most of the human race has it constructed. You each have your minor variations, but this is, in essence, how you live your lives, justify your choices, and rationalize the outcomes. Some of you do not accept all of this, yet all of you accept some of it. And you accept these statements as the operating reality not because they reflect your innermost wisdom but because someone else has told you that they are true. At some level, you have had to make yourself believe them. This is called make-believe. Yet now it is time to move away from make-believe and toward what is real.

This will not be easy, because Ultimate Reality will differ a great deal from what many people in your world are now agreeing is real. You will literally have to be “in this world, but not of it.” And what would be the purpose of that if your life is going well? Nothing. There would be no purpose. If you are satisfied with your life and with the world as it is, there would be no reason for you to seek to shift your reality and to stop all this make-believe. This message is for those who are not satisfied with their world as it is.

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  • mewabe

    Do we actually need leaders? Are we as sheep that need a shepherd? Are we children? Are we lost?

    I understand that in the real world, given our antiquated, obsolete, hierarchical social structures, our chains of command and pecking orders, people seem to think that they need some leadership at the top.

    If there were no top, no pyramid of power, no hierarchy but a circle, an egalitarian system, that is to say if we lived in a more ideal and normal, natural and free world, wouldn’t advisers, rather than “commanders-in-chiefs”, be preferable?

    In such a world a true “leader” would place the interest of the people before his own, at all times. She would “lead” from behind and below, not from above or ahead. He would be as the ground that supports the tree, not as the tree that dominates the ground. A true leader would have no authority over anyone, would not lord over anyone, because she would not use coercion but eloquence, as long as her gift to the people would be valid and relevant.

    We are however living under very primitive conditions, we have very primitive (primate) mindsets, and should therefore not be surprised at the extant of corruption within our societies and governments. Power does not corrupt…power is corruption.

    • Stephen mills

      And we see evidence of this again with the release of the Panama Files ….millions of documents showing the hidden wealth of the parasites .That is what they are robbing from the wealth created by the people . Greed on a massive scale ,hoarding there ill gotten gains from the light of public scrutiny .Why do we put up with this ?

      They do not represent us ,but all that greed and wealth hoarding has to come out in to the open so the majority of the people can wake up ….finally and see that our established leaders and the 1% do everything to protect their own interests . Self perpetuating the systems that they themselves created .

      The times are indeed quickening to some kind of threshold .Perhaps Tomorrow’s God is not so far off !

      • AKA Patrick

        Again, Amen to all the above!

        • AKA Patrick

          Now our President is going to Japan, unwilling to apologize for our role in Hiroshima, when our own President (FDR) goaded THEM into attacking Pearl Harbor. There are those who say we did that goading to save lives. Nonsense, I say. It was to feed the greed of the moneyed ones who made munitions and war materials (if not the Federal Reserve)..

          • AKA Patrick

            Regarding the above post, Obama surprised me by actually apologizing to the Japanese.. Wow! That’s great! After all, we are all brothers and sisters under the skin.

          • AKA Patrick

            Now we have a new President-Elect (Trump), who says he’ll only take $1.00 a year to be President. I think that’s great. Not to underplay what a President does, but Trump has so much of his own money, that he really doesn’t even need the dollar A report I saw also pointed out that he put up most of his own campaign funds.
            One author says he’s not controllable by the PTB. He’s his own man and not beholden to anyone

  • I think that we collectively have such a cynical strong attraction to the negative drama, criticizing & talking dominantly about how bad, corrupt & dysfunctional our leaders, government & world are that it is simply manifesting our strongest dominant energies.

    To change this we need to change our dialogue, our dominant daily energy feelings, media energy collective & individual etc.

    Focus on the good, the solutions & innovations that are marginalized & blacked out of the media. Envision what we’d like to see, in order for it to be, eventually.

    That doesn’t mean we ignore the problems that beset us, but we embrace them more with positive solution creative energy. That’s our more dominant focus. Dominant energies rule don’t they?

    If life is a copying machine as CwG book one indicates, it’s time to choose & decide what we desire to create & move toward that.

  • hempwise

    We could do with leaders with vision and coherence who see the insanity of our headed collective trajectory who put the greater good first .Who recognize the unity of Humanity and cross the political and religious divide .I would rather have a group of Wise Elders made up of lots of people as opposed to one person at the top .But the system at the moment will not allow this so a gentle human with a warm heart a trustworthy individual and one that sticks to there principles is preferable.Someone who has been sounding the alarm for along time advocating progressive ideas for the people .

    Someone who opposes the war machine and reins in Wall Street puts Global Warming at the forefront of their policy advocating the rights of nature and people over corporations and looks after the interests of the Indigenous peoples .Closes the gap between rich and poor puts transparency into the monetary system and puts together a new …..New Deal as president Roosevelt did after the 1920’s crash .The list could go on and on but you get the gist .

    Dreamers of whats possible and what works to get us there .

  • I pray for world leaders who make wise and loving decisions that come from their soul, rather leaders who are weak enough to believe we need to use our fists, or to speak deprecatingly about other cultures, and other people’s beliefs, based on a mentality of fear and exclusion, or leaders who deny responsibility for the role humans play in damaging the safety of life on earth through irresponsible and unsustainable business practices that negatively impact the environment! I pray for world leaders who are sufficiently aware that we are all in this together, and that we all have the same basic needs, leaders who are working on themselves and who challenge themselves to live by the golden rule. I believe the decision regarding who we are as a species and what kind of leaders we choose is already upon us, that we need to stand up and make these decisions consciously, and collectively, and that we need to do it now.

  • Mona Mörtling

    Well, if I could choose, I would choose myself and some other highly skilled spiritual persons I jnuknow, to create a border that DARE to make decisions that are often ‘uncomfortable ‘ to make….. People who dare to take a stand for all humans equal rights, where we dare to work for all humans best. I know I am as good as anyone else of those rich persons, campaigning to be elected as leaders (and that’s not only in USA)…. What a difference the world would see if odinary people with basic educations and skills and common sense where sat to help the world! And with my life experiences, and nothing sugarcoated in life, I know that I know just as much as mr Obama today. With a backroom of experts, information is not ‘hard’ to get, what IS hard to get, is the COURAGE to dare making decisions that gives equal benefits to all in a society, not only for what may ‘land’ in your personal wallet! So, yes, I challenge you world, choose ME to be one of your future leaders, and paradise on earth is here sooner than you think! And, for those who wonder, no I’m not better than anyone else, maybe I’m just a little braver and ready to make BIG commitments-so help me God! Thank you for reading, now do something about this if you can!

  • Daniel Schmitt

    I would choose the Present Moment to be our leader 😉
    And who is Mr Present Moment? Eckhart Tolle, of course 🙂
    I mean people like Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sadhguru, Chopra, Oprah, Tolle, Walsch, Jack Reed, Michael Beckwith etc.
    The question is not only about who leads the world, or who governs.
    But it is also about how we lead our own individual lives.

    In fact, we cannot choose a leader. What we choose is our state of being, both individually and collectively. The leaders we elect are only the representation of our collective consciousness.
    With deep love <3 :* <3

    • Wendy Lowe

      E.T. (Eckhart Tolle) for President! And your point about us voting how the majority are is chillingly correct, when considering the U.K.’s “Brexit” from the E,U. Fear and lies were believed. Now we are experiencing more Hate Crime against minorities, not just racial differences. It seems an extreme ‘blame differences’ culture has been given licence to express. Pray Oneness returns, as we see the ‘other’ as another ‘self’.

  • Jack Lawlor

    Hi, I’m revisiting What God Said again and really feel there is such truth in these words! Neale mentioned this site and it’s great to see likeminded people discussing these issues. As to my choice of leader I really don’t think we need one (unless you Neale would consider running, I know millions would vote for you 🙂 due to technology giving us all the power to learn more and vote on issues from the palm of our hands. This would be true, direct democracy and would make voter apathy a thing of the past. It is about finding someone who would relinquish the power they find when elected to the people which would be difficult, but if the Direct Democracy organisations out there get more support then they could implement it if ever elected.

    Coming back to What God Said I would just like to say thank you to Neale for your insights. You speak such sense and have reinvigorated me to continue to spread the messages of peace that I have been shown from teachers such as you, it’s just such a brilliant book! I’ve been a fan of yours for 12 years, ever since I first picked up Conversations With God at the tender age of 16. It started me on the path of spirituality which has led me to huge inner wealth and has also included much input from the Divine. So thank you Neale. Namaste.

    • Awareness

      “Highly evolved systems of governance, for instance, involve virtually no governance at all, save self-governance.” – “Conversations with God” book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

      Interestingly just before going to bed yesterday the thought of Neale Donald Walsch as president of the United States of America occurred to me and instantly I thought it made sense 🙂 Neale Donald Walsch deserves such an honour for he has demonstrated (even now) a relentless commitment to God 🙂 This is good not only for the United States of America but also the entire Planet Earth 🙂 Of course this recommendation of Neale Donald Walsch by myself is not to take away the sovereignty of each and every creator being on Earth 🙂 Each being is sovereign and has the power to create and experience the reality they choose and prefer 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Janet

        I must say that I am leaning more towards Jack”s original suggestion of eliminating government. As much as I believe in Neale”s ability to spread great awareness, I also believe that no man can survive the election process without becoming part of the problem, which is division. Therefore, the idea of self-government is most ideal. However, I do not believe that enough humans on our planet are enlightened (aware of our ultimate predicament and viable solutions) enough as of yet , to make this ideal a reality. So then we ask, how do we pass on this enlightenment so as to reach that tipping point? My only answer for now is to live our truth, live God’s words, out loud. We truly are all One, and there is no wrong solution. We need only to live for our own purpose, which if you truly do understand God’s words, is a purpose that serves the greater good for all. 🙂 Namaste.

    • Maureen G Haggerty

      I look back over 20 years (or more now) when my life was in great strife. I wasn’t sure what was true for me or what I needed. Life’s tribulations and experiences to date lead me to search for something more, something to help me define my purpose. One afternoon, I wandered into a book shop and started looking for answers. I ended up buying CWG, Book 1. I started reading it when I returned home, but was not ready to face the content. As other’s have stated, it takes a courage and willingness to release all you thought was “real” in order to see the light contained within. I put it away. Years later, during a difficult time in my life, I picked up the book again and began to read. I was drawn in. The further I read, the more the words embraced a deep part in my heart, resonated as though I knew them already and often brought me to flowing tears of joy. Finally, there was a connection with another “entity or force” or knowingness which I knew was REAL. I continued to read, and soon easily released all the dogma of Christian religion I had been challenged to accept since I was a little girl. Over time, I read on, Books 2, 3 and now 4. I read Home with God and cried for joy. I have looked back on my life and know I have evolved, albeit painful and glorious all at the same time. I have connected with other beautiful souls, angels and teachers. And when I am quiet with my soul, I know God is with me always, holding my hand in unique ways, asking me to just trust him – to Just Be.

      Thank you Neale for allowing the Divinity and guidance to come through you. I know God is working through us all and I am opening my heart to my purpose.


  • AKA Patrick
    • AKA Patrick

      As an avid student of A Course in Miracles, (and much of what Neale advocates), I can identify fully with virtually everything he’s said In the original CWG series and now in CWH. (And I don’t say that just to stroke Neale’s ego). I have been advocating for a foreign student friend since July 2002 when I met him here in the US (15,000 miles from his home country). He had papers problems, was put into removal proceedings by the INS, and was forced to go home, though he’d done nothing wrong and isn’t a criminal. The Federal Judge told him to go home, go back to the embassy and get another visa, then come right back to college. The consular officer there didn’t see it the same way, though, and wouldn’t let him come back. Long story short, he STILL hasn’t been able to return. As a former teacher myself, I know how much it hurts him to not be able to get on with his life. He has since married at home, and has a wonderful wife and two great children. Now, since the above’s true, I am attempting to reverse the situation and go there to retire and help him and his wife raise their wonderful children. I have even been battling (so to speak) with the Peace Corps, in an attempt to get accepted to teach English in a University in his home country (Mongolia). After a number of months of dickering about accepting me, they rejected me on medical grounds. If the Overhaul is to be successful, obviously Peace is a must. At 79 going on 80, I am doing all I know to do to help them. He and his family are also loving, peace-minded folks whom I adore a great deal. Thankfully, the movement is on. I don’t advocate protests, since they can turn violent and be dangerous to those who simply meant well. Mahatma Gandhi nailed it when he forced the entire British Empire to their knees using passive resistance. Any suggestions that might be of help to my friend’s situation would be most warmly and thankfully
      accepted. I’ll probably return with more later.

      • AKA Patrick

        Now I can say with the wonder and awe I have come to expect of God that He is as amazing as ever. My wonderful Mongolian friend and his wonderful wife have finally gotten visas from their US Embassy and are coming to visit me this summer (shortly), so AFTER a 13-year interruption in his life, he can finally be happy again to return to the love of his heart–America! (Still makes me mad that Consular Officers in our embassies are permitted so much power.)

        • Janet

          You use the words “interruption in his life”. Remember, his life never stopped, nor was it unproductive. You stated he married and had children. That, to me, sounds like his life produced great meaning while he was away. I believe when things may not go as we wish, or as planned, that there is always a deeper purpose that can be found. Life is more about being open to change. It challenges us to constantly evaluate our perspectives and find deeper meanings in our purpose. Namaste 🙂

  • AKA Patrick

    Now we have a downed Egyptian airliner. This sounds like MH370 and others like it. Air disasters seem to crop up in the “middle of nowhere) (which is really “now here”. Makes you wonder if EHM’s (Economic Hit Men) aren’t at work again. We have an increase in bullying in schools (resemble bullying worldwide)? Questions…questions…all of which are distractions…as if the election weren’t enough…..

  • Tenele Dlamini

    I have been on the journey of remembering for almost five years now, and at first it felt like my whole world was crumbling and the constructs of my belief system could no longer suffice. One of the challenges that lead me to the end of the road was that the people i looked up to the most had failed me. Coming from a culture i will not say African culture because Africa is not a country, but coming from a small country in Africa where you are always taught to look outside yourself for help and empowerment. I now know that everything i need is within me and the moment i look for a savior outside myself i become disconnected from my own truth. So my response is maybe the solution now is to form a strong bases within the education system teaching the young to create their own solutions. At this point in time we have seen that looking to certain people for guidance on where we should go and what we should do, is currently not working. So i say lets rather not seek a savior but rather teach on awareness of our own inherent greatness.

  • AKA Patrick

    The idea that there’s got to be a better way is true. That’s what brought about the creation of “A Course in Miracles”. That is also a “channeled” work from late last century.

  • Rajkumar Byagharjit

    Looking at today reality: A leader like christ is need seriouly to protect our small village called earth,i do belive one day he will hell the world once again and everyday i prayed i wouuld like see him before my death……………I wonder why all the human being are created by God or we are gift of natural evolution like animals though I trust in God.Nowadays as l experience particularly in India I have seen many people’s who themselves declared Godsman,who considered themselves as reincarnation of God. Many people’s are made fools and these types of men inherited lots of wealth from general public.Here in Global conversation I would like to share shortly from my childhood days that I was born in a Hindu meeitei religion family my forefathers were meeitei king(Manipur King).we meeitei or manipuri had our own religion and own Gods, before by the influence of Hindu pandit and king influence by force to convert hinduasm in 17th century …the people of Manipur particularly meeitei become Hindu .Manipur which was a princely state before the colonel rule by British empire afterwards when British left Manipur in1945 afterwards India once again colonize by force which is called Shillong accord which was sign a treaty between the king of Manipur (Buddhandra Maharaj)in 1947and it was by force.Nowadays we are part India even though mainland Indian treat us inferior from them as our facial are like other Asian people’s like Japanese, Thai,Chinese, etc.Due to these fact of our rare past history of more than 2000yrs some meeteis are revolting against the Indian government, in Global scenario GOI(government of India) proudly claim India is largest democracy in the world but in fact Indian democracy is only for namesake……. for example in Manipur there is an act called arm forces power act……these act is a license to kill anybody by Indian army and by force of the state.After we merge to India n adoption of Hinduism we meeitei are sinking………. I do not believed much of all Hindu idol God from my childhood days as it differentiate low caste n high caste among the man why a religion should differentiated among the men……I do learn Hindu holy books but I do accept only some script……… In short meeteis is living with false God n under victimization of GOI so there is no law n order,no human Rights…… Corruption is so high n for common people survival is so tough.Therefore a leader like Christ can only solve our problems n the whole world.

  • Bob

    In the CWG it states that we are all “ONE” with everyone and everything, including God. So my question is this, why does Neale talk about and try to teach how to have your own conversation with God? If we are all ONE with God then we are having a conversation with God when ever we talk to someone else and also that little voice you hear inside your head, guess what?!
    That’s God too.

    • Viatcheslav

      Human conversation with God can be, even though we do not know exactly who he is. It depends on the person’s spiritual development.

    • taosk8r

      It says exactly that in the books, but it also says that our relationship with God begins with a conversation, not in words, but usually in feelings.

  • Viatcheslav

    Dear Neale! Let’s put the question seriously and first ask ourselves –
    whether the person is capable of anything to understand correctly, if he does not understand himself, has no real idea of his soul where it is, purpose, structure, on which it hangs (which is a carrier)?

  • Viatcheslav

    Add to the below. What we need a leader? It is necessary that it is correctly understood life, causes of events! Who of these leaders understand the causes of corruption, terrorism, etc.? I think no one, including the Dalai Lama. The reason lies in the materialistic way of thinking. Materialist worldview can not explain the reasons for life, because it has no reliable understanding of the Spirit. It is in the Spirit are all causes of material life ..

  • Charles

    The choice of leaders is not our problem, the power we give them to govern us is the problem. Leaders of the U.S. have been human since the beginning. Have we become a lazy nation, have those with enough power to do so, created a weakness in our states down to the smallest community? Have we demanded so much more than could be provided, that jobs moved to a more affordable locations outside of the U.S.? I honestly do not know the truth to those answers. I do believe that people will Not work if the government is willing to Give enough to live on, sometimes more than minimum wage if you have enough children…

    We need to, as individuals, learn to govern ourselves again. Without a higher power, whatever your definition, we move about serving ourselves and using others. Sounds like our government. When we serve a higher power, we get back to using ourselves to serve each other, which will build stronger communities, we then build a stronger government in chain reaction. Better people will govern our countries. We are counting on our government to fix us, ONLY WE CAN FIX US, starting as individuals. Learn to lead yourself with love and acceptance while being thankful, then pass that ability on to another.

    I have been asked how we do this. I asked myself. I asked myself thousands of times over months or years, (I don’t remember), then… a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Perplexing! Then I tried to see in a dark room with a single candle. So I lit another candle and so on. The light became brighter and viola! If I had kept lighting candles, eventually they would be lighting candles on there own and soon the light would be out of my control. The light would create itself. In this analogy that would be a disaster! Safety first, right? Safety today? That’s another problem…but later.

    We dig holes one grain of sand at a time, the hole can only be filled in the same manner! Communicate acceptance of your neighbor, Bragg about it! Tell everyone it’s OK to be who they are. If you cannot do that, lower your standards. We are all wanting to much of each other. Watching our current choice of leadership, I see the same dysfunction I saw in my family while growing up. If we are going to have great leaders… we are going to have to create them again.

    A government that can give us everything is a government that can take everything away! – (Roughly) Thomas Jefferson.

  • Mary Upshaw Hendricks

    Somehow, choosing one leader seems like continuing what has not been working. Is not this change about taking responsibility for creating our own lives, loving and caring for each other, honoring and nourishing the Earth that nourishes us? Small units. Great power over others breeds just what we are moving away from in this change. MM

  • Roger Jimlad

    Given what’s just happened in the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the US, what are we to think or do now? The man’s dangerous and even if he doesn’t start a war with somebody, he will enable the destruction of the environment for the profit of big business. How is humanity supposed to drag itself out of the mire of base and primitive politics and the extreme behaviour they enable and legitimise, if so many people seem to still believe that violence and hatred is the preferred way to run the world?

    • Nick Cifonie

      Did you not read anything above?

      • Roger Jimlad

        Well since it was TWO YEARS AGO, not lately.

  • mewabe

    “Our first experience in Life is separation from our mother, the Source of our Life. This creates the context for our entire reality, which we experience as one of separation from the Source of All Life.”

    I agree with you Neale, and had that same thought many years ago…that this initial separation forms the blueprint for all other perceptions and beliefs in separation (if this is what you mean).

    Yet it is worth noting that among many so-called primitive cultures, and I will use the Native American example here, mothers took great care in always being in body contact with the newborn, up to at least about 3 years old. This evidently lessened the impact and trauma of separation, and made the infant feel very safe. Perhaps this is why many of these cultures developed spiritual beliefs that expressed a sense of oneness with all of the creation.

    In western societies however, many infants are not in such permanent contact with the mother, as the prevalent, sick (and convenient) belief is that such contact would “spoil” the child. This lack of early, reassuring and permanent contact with the mother causes neurosis in the child, as well as engenders a tendencies to later on believe more readily in separation, as our beliefs match our perceptions, which match out psychological make-up.

  • Bruce

    God is not limited by what we believe, think or know about God.

  • Deborah Flynn

    Yes, I’m ready to leave the world of make believe. Leave the old self and Co creat a world of Love for all! Thank you Neale Donald Walsh

  • Wade Bettis

    Can sentient beings on earth now become highly evolved beings?

    • Bruno Rodriguez

      That’s where we are going dear. There is no such thing as coincidence and everything is for the love of you.

  • Keith Bowers

    I am overwhelmed by how my life has changed,after reading CWG.

    • Wendy Lowe

      Yeah, me too. I have always loved God, and believed my prayers were answered. I believe Neale’s insights are for him, and mine are tailored for me. I do not get concerned about ideas I do not yet resonate with. I trust God to be with/in/through me in all ways. Jesus is the key for at-one-ment. His gift is to connect us to God, through His sacrifice, so we are one, when we accept His salvation. God blesses all x

      • Bruno Rodriguez

        There’s no need for salvation you are not a siner that is untruth. He’ll doesn’t exsist its only in the human heart that you’ll find hell.
        Namaste and welcome to the enlightenment of your self we are one

        • Wendy Lowe

          At-one-ment is the key. Be present, and continue in oneness.

        • Annemarie

          The Bible is a “continuing story”, multidimentional as well. Jesus is in “the second part” “overwriting” the “first part” hence Wendy says truth. At the same time God is Jesus. I believe there is a “third part” coming out for the following generations, actually a non-existent Bible, only in our hearts.

  • Tracy Woodfield

    I always felt like one of the great unworthy because the version of God that was being preached didn’t seem right to me. If God were omnipotent then surely God transcended our version of emotions and the stated values of right & wrong. His Understanding must far exceed ours. Finding Conversations With God was amazing and scary – in an exciting way – to find acceptance for my feelings and to know how truly loved we all are no matter what. It takes some getting my head around it all but it feels so right. I have experienced that joyous feeling that Neale spoke of in one of his videos. The joy that fills you with such happiness/peace/serenity – words do not exist to describe it. It is truly amazing. But I didn’t feel as if I could share the joy because it was at the “death” of my mother-in-law, an amazing woman in her own right. So it got buried; remembered rather like a dream. And now through finding Neale’s books I remember it all again so clearly…