Something to think about:

Life provides us all with an interesting path. But to where?, we wonder. To where are we going?

Our religions and our philosophies have tried to answer that question. They have not done well. No answer seems to suffice for all of the people asking. Some people accept one answer, others accept another, and still others say there is no answer at all — that every answer anyone has come up with from the beginning of time has been nothing but pure conjecture. This last group is right, of course. There is no way to know the answer to life’s biggest question for sure. We can decide that the answer we have found (by whatever means) is “the” answer, but that doesn’t make it the answer, that merely makes it our personal conjecture.

This is, of course, the position that I have taken from the beginning regarding my conversations with God. Do I believe that I have had interactions, directly, with The Divine? I truly do. Is it my lived experience? It surely is. And I can tell you why I believe it so firmly.

One of the reasons (and by far, not the only one) is that I was told things in my conversations with God that I had never heard from any source before in my life…that I had never even thought of or imagined prior to this dialogue…but that nevertheless offered great wisdom, powerful insight, and some of the most logical and probable conclusions.  Things that, much to my surprise, other people told me later, after reading CWG, that they found in the writings and articulations of both ancient and contemporary spiritual teachers from many traditions — teachers whose works I had never read (or, often, ever heard of).

Does that mean I could not have come up with thoughts in my mind that, by sheer coincidence or happenstance, unwittingly duplicated the pronouncements of others from, in some cases, many centuries earlier? No, of course not. I could very well have done exactly that, pulling ideas and notions from the stream of the collective unconscious, or the field of morphic resonance (see Carl Jung/Rupert Sheldrake, et al). It is not my experience that I did. It is my experience that I had a simple and direct conversation with God — and that all people everywhere are having the same experience all the time, and simply calling it something else. But even the CWG dialogue itself clearly advises readers not to “believe” a word of it. Compare its message to your own experience, the dialogue says, and embrace what that process tells you is true for you.

So maybe we’re not “going” anywhere at all. Maybe this is not a “journey” in any sense of the word. Maybe life is simply and merely an experience; something we are undergoing while we are undergoing it, taking us nowhere and getting us no place. An experience without purpose or intent, meaning or reason. Something that begins without our assent, and ends in most cases seemingly equally arbitrarily.

Just. Something. That. Is. Happening.

Yet if that is all that it is, what shall be our guideline regarding how it is happening? Do we even have any control over that? If only in our individual lives, do we have even the slightest control over that? Is life happening TO us, or is it happening THROUGH us? Are we at any non-physical level at cause in the matter? Can we be?

Is there anything at all to this idea that, as people think, so will it be done unto them? And there’s a larger question lurking behind this one. Even if so-called “positive thinking” does nothing more than affect one’s mind and body chemistry in a good way, would that in itself not be enough to make the process of affirmative declaration valuable as a tool?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  • “Even if so-called “positive thinking” does nothing more than affect one’s mind and body chemistry in a good way, would that in itself not be enough to make the process of affirmative declaration valuable as a tool?”

    That is the logic I would use. Further if the LOA or Law Of Attraction is valid, it behooves us to understand it better so that we can use it in our conscious favor rather than unconsciously to our detriment.

    So we might want & choose to work & play at understanding this on a deeper level both individually & collectively.

    You have a book coming out with the title of something like “God and Medicine” and I look forward to reading it. I want to use it to explore more of the mind over matter idea & the role of medicine in that concept.

    How much control do we really have with stuff that happens to us? We do have our individual personal response as our best tool it seems.

    I feel I have reached a level where I’m extremely aware when negative thoughts come in & aware enough to do something to change that. To live a majority of my life in a positive joyous state & to influence life & others with that energy.

    Yet I do not feel I have full control over my body (does anybody?) in the way I’d like. I do choose, affirm & confirm chronic wellbeingness as my norm. When I don’t have it, I work & play to return to it & keep gratitude & appreciation as important tools in that success.

    According to experts we can do well even into our 70’s. It’s when we get to our 80’s that the body & even the mind starts having more problems. This is not true for everybody mind you, but certainly for many. So while it may have a lot to do with the collective belief that creates this, we can as individuals move beyond it, if we can.

    Still it can be very challenging to go against the grain of the collective. Not impossible, but challenging. There’s more to say on this, but enough for now.

  • mewabe

    Life itself is a constant positive affirmation, Being is a positive affirmation. Breathing is a positive affirmation.

    There is no need to make a conscious choice or effort to “think positive”, if you don’t “think negative”, but respond to what is…and adjust accordingly, in harmony with the moment and in accordance with your inner nature. When there is a storm, seek shelter. When the whether is mild, have mild thoughts. Live in harmony with life, not struggling against life, and everything will flow easily even in the mist of what could at times look like chaos.

    I was reading Marko’s comment and thought about the popular expression “mind over matter”. My attitude is “mind with matter”, not over it. In the alignment and integration of heart, mind, body and spirit with the cosmos you might not find any of what is commonly thought to be control or “mastery”, but there is spiritual power, not power over being but power of being. When you live in this power, all comes to you before you even know you need it, as you experience what seems to be a magical life…everything flows perfectly, at the perfect time.

    Find balance and you will get there, at the very center of all being.

    • I think we often live thinking negative thoughts/feelings about life & ourselves with out realizing it & it becomes a default thinking feeling pattern we just accept without realizing, that it has negative consequences. It’s a cultural & collective habitual inheritance.

      Therefore, I feel it behooves us to consider having more control or awareness (if you don’t like the word control) of what & how we approach thinking/feeling about life. Thus, moving in a positive direction is more beneficial as I see it.

      This of course is not needed in a HEB or enlightened society. The positive would already be the default.

      • mewabe

        This is what I experience, the positive being the “default”, constantly. But I had to go on quite a journey to get there, and it had nothing to do with seeking the positive…I went the opposite way, deeply exploring and understanding the negative rather than suppressing or controlling it.

        You could call it a journey to the end of the night…and then I found the dawn….seemingly paradoxical but actually logical.

        I do believe that the positive is the natural state, and the negative unnatural…consequently and according to this world view all I had to do, rather than seeking the positive, was resolve all the negative that stood in the way of this innate positive state of being, and to resolve this negativity I had to totally embrace it, understand it, heal it and then spontaneously release it (it releases itself after healing).

        Ever person gets there through a unique way…I used what I thought was the quickest.

        • Being positive for me means & includes dealing with the negative & not ignoring or airbrushing over our darker sides. That’s how we get more long last positivity & peace in our lives.

          Negativity can be our friend, pointing out what needs to be looked at & whether we decide to stay there or move out of it. Negativity also gives us the contrast and clarity to decide what we prefer.

          Suppression of the dark side does no one any good.

          Even an enlightened society can become more enlightened & you don’t necessarily need negativity to do that. I feel we out grow negativity as I’ve said many times before. Yet, if we have & experience it, it too (as we do now) is a gift, if we choose to see it that way. In that sense & perspective, it’s win win either way.

          • mewabe

            Agreed…everything originates from within us, so any negativity we personally encounter in the “outer world” is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, and heal, until we no longer encounter such negativity, because we no longer need it when we are completely healed.

          • Yes, we have come to the same conclusion! Now I wonder how many reading this little dialog of ours might also agree? 🙂

  • Spiritual_Annie

    Inquiring minds do indeed want to know. In fact, inquiring minds have always wanted to know where it is that we come from, how it is that we got here and, the hardest to answer, why it is that we’re here in the first place. Those inquiring minds have formed the basis for so much of what we have developed as a species. They have included everyone from philosophers, to mathematicians, to religious leaders, to cosmologists, to spiritual leaders, to physicists, and more. Each have, in their own way, brought us to where we are today. Some see this time and its circumstances as a “good” thing while others see it as a “bad” thing. Regardless, it simply is where we are, right here and now.

    Neale says that he did, in his experience, have a conversation with Divinity itself. I have believed this to be true since I first read Book 1 about 20 years ago. He also says that one of the reasons he believes his conversation was with Divinity, or God, is that there was much information that was new to him, though it has been pointed out some of it has been said by others. Much of what I read in that first of his books was actually familiar to me. No, I haven’t read what those others have said except on rare occasions. It sounded familiar to me because they were thoughts I had myself through logical reasoning or intuition or personal internal experiences where knowledge has been gifted to me through the Divine energy I encounter during those experiences. Unlike any religion of which I’m aware, CWG tells us that we shouldn’t take what it contains on faith but rather to decide for ourselves based on our own experiences. This is what I have done.

    Neale wonders if we are on a journey or a path. If so, where does this path lead us? If not, what is the purpose and meaning of the lives we are living? If nothing else, we are each on a journey from birth to death. Yet what importance is there in all of the moments in between? Do they even have any meaning at all? I believe that they do. At the most primary level, those moments determine in what direction we will evolve, or even if we will evolve or be the cause of our own extinction. If we are seen as animals, that evolution, or lack thereof, would occur as a natural process, without a thought, much less second thoughts. But we do think, and where humanity evolves, if it does, is one of the things we consider. In that consideration, we have choices about our own evolution or demise. We can make conscious choices about who our future generations will be. This is referred to as “conscious evolution,” and it appears to be unique to our species, although I personally believe other species deserve more credit for the thoughts and feelings that they experience.

    I see that the most important questions Neale asks in this column are in the last paragraphs. On an individual level, I experience that we do have control over the events in our lives. This control comes in the form of the choices we make, including the choice of the meaning we give to the experiences we have. This has never been more obvious to me than in my experiences of having been abused. At first, the meaning that I gave it was that the world was a frightening and painful place, with people looking to victimize me. By my early 20’s, however, I determined that I need not be a victim but could instead choose to be a survivor of those early experiences. I could learn from them and come to an understanding that, while they affected every aspect of who I was, I had a choice in how they shaped me. I could continue to blame others for where I found myself in life, or I could move beyond blame and instead look at the results of those events thus far. By understanding how those events led me to the life I was living, I could then choose to reframe my perception of them and thus be the cause of who I would become.

    Later in my life, I reached another point in the process. As a survivor of abuses, I still saw those who had perpetrated the abuses as “bad” and even “evil,” and what they had done as “wrong.” By doing so, I was denying the cause of those abuses and the history of the people who had injured me, which may well explain (but not excuse) why I was abused. I made the choice to try to understand abuse and abusive behavior, as well as the personal histories of those in my own experiences. I found that most abusers learn abusive behaviors from the people who influence their early development, including family, friends, their religious communities, and society at large. In my case, I discovered that my father came from a family rife with abusive behavior, from incest to spousal abuse to denigration. He was himself sexually abused by his mother, who also denigrated men in general, and my grandfather in particular. My grandmother was so verbally abusive towards my grandfather that he ended up taking his own life, seeing it as his only escape from her. I also found a family history of mental illness and alcoholism going back generations. Learning these things gave me insights into my father’s behaviors towards the family he had, and humanized him. I’m not certain he could have been other than the young man he grew to be, although I believe he also had moments when he chose to continue on his path rather than changing directions. My choice, through my better understanding of him and his history, was to understand he was also a victim, albeit one who chose to stay so rather than change. I believe his decision not to change came from his being severely mentally ill, which he chose not to admit.

    All of this has allowed me to see that we do have control in our own lives. We may not have control over what others do to us, but we do have choices about how we interpret what they do and how we allow it to shape us. In this manner, we are at cause in our own lives. All of our declarations, both negative and positive, affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and (as I see it) spiritually. Negative thinking affects our brains and bodies differently than do positive thoughts. They affect our minds differently, or how we see who we are and the world around us. Our minds affect how we act based on those views. And all of our actions have consequences through the basic laws of cause and effect. How we view our role in those causes, and who we see as responsible for the effects, then bring us full circle back to the beginning of the cycle, except that as we age we also have choices in how we allow others to treat and influence us.

    So, my long answer is that, yes, even if all we have is this single life (which I don’t believe), we can be at cause of how we allow others to treat us, as well as our own thoughts, words and actions, all of which have effects on our bodies, minds, and actions.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • WoW, you’ve been through & lot & have gained a lot of insight as a result.

    • mewabe

      Thank you Annie for sharing your story…you have learnt and grown so much. We should all share our personal stories, to reveal how the spiritual and the human are not separate but part of the same multidimensional path of the heart and soul…and to make it safe for all of us to admit that, yes, most of us began this life journey with a wounded heart.

  • Andres

    Thank you Annie for sharing your heart-felt experience. It is surprising how many of us have similar family backgrounds and stories. I find the discussion enlightening as it deals with mental health issues. Branding someone as mentally ill is liberating in the sense that it frees them (and us for that matter) from “blame”. And yet also lays them squarely on “victim” status. And then we somewhat carry the burden, particularly when they are family, specially if we are directly descending from them.

    I do believe as CwG teaching states, that life is happening through us. In that sense, I believe that the word of God experienced by Neale in his conversations and the Collective Unconscious (Jung) or field of morphic resonance (Sheldrake) are aspects of the same thing, God and Life as interchangeable “ideas”. So I assume that negative experience is nothing more than an an opportunity to re-brand that which has been deemed negative (this is part of what the Collective Unconscious is, a recollection of every experience ever recorded upon this earth), through recognizing the extraordinary opportunity offered us by Life, to love whatever shows up, “mental illness” and all. Including the part of ourselves that cannot fathom what actually shows up. A part of ourselves which can also -and certainly deserves to- be loved. Grace does make beauty out of ugly things by reinterpreting them from the soul, through the heart.

    And Neale, this process does change the world, actually it is change itself. And in my experience goes way beyond what we call “positive thinking”, and is so much more than just a tool. It is what I interpret from Mewabe and Marko’s teachings: the extraordinary power of being.

  • mewabe

    I do not know the God to whom Neale spoke, meaning that I do not know which God it is.

    The Gods of the Christians, of the Jews, of Muslims, are group-Gods. There are Kings, Lords, “jealous” Gods that demand the subordination of the individual to the group religion, and his or her total obedience.

    The price of insubordination is eternal damnation.

    From the little I know I do not think this is Neale’s God.

    On the other hand and from what I understand, the God of Joshua was what he called the father, that is to say the universal creator. The way to the “father” was not through obedience to a group authority, to a priestly class, but the opposite, through seeking and finding the Kingdom within. It was a highly individualized approach of direct communication with the Divine.

    The Christians threw the Jewish Bible and the new testament together, creating total confusion among their group, as one book contradicts the other. As we now, confused, inwardly conflicted multitudes are easily controllable multitudes.

    Buddhists did likewise, making a new God out of Buddha and causing people to follow and worship him rather than seeking individual enlightenment.

    Group thinking is dangerous because it is not thinking…it is the very opposite of thinking, it is allegiance. Allegiance forbids critical thinking, as in the context of group allegiance critical thinking is seen as disloyalty, betrayal, treason. We see this wherever group thinking rules, whether within the corporate, political, military or religious world.

    This is why I am suspicious of the saying “we are all one”, and of talks of world government.

    The reality is that all life is one. All life implies diversity and multiplicity, as is found in nature. “We” on the other hand implies humans only, even if not meant to do so. Humans usually forget that they are not alone upon this earth. They also tend to want to merge into groups, and to pledge allegiance to such groups under a leadership and authority of some kind. Humans tend to seek conformity and uniformity, the exact opposites of freedom and creativity.

    Groups give humans a false sense of security, strength and power. But they often gain this false sense of power by loosing touch with their individuality, with their hearts and souls. Not only because everyone is unique and must therefore betray parts of himself to fit within the group “one fits all” ideology or theology, but also because the group has no individual conscience, being a group (corporations are a case in point), and can consequently easily justify taking actions that a single individual would be reluctant to take. The individual can then hide within the group and claim irresponsibility…yet he or she cannot hide from his or her own conscience forever.

    We then are made to live in an upside down world, where governments are sovereign and individuals subservient, where religious authorities assume to speak for God and followers must submit and obey them, and where independent thinkers are regarded as threats, if not the enemy.

    The right side up version of reality is that the Creator gave each one of us sovereignty, and that this sovereignty must be and remain manifest in order for us to experience a unity and resonance with Divine sovereignty.

    The Creator is not a commander in chief, not a King, not a Lord, and most likely abhors all forms of authorities that attempt to stand between it and the creation, as all authorities demand conformity and uniformity, the very opposite of creativity, in other words the opposite of the Creator.

    Such earthly authorities are all imposters without a single exception, that cast a shadow of ignorance upon the souls of the governed, of the led.

    This is why to be spiritual is to be a revolutionary, not one that uses violence to overthrow obsolescence, but one whose life itself is permanent revolution.

    • inae park

      Hello, Mewabe.

      I always appreciate the clarity and depth in your words, and agree to the most part.

      In our current stage of evolution, it can’t be truer to state that group thinking is dangerous. Group thinking is group unconsciousness, or group darkness. Government, corporations, the “military-banking-industrial” complex have no conscience.

      I messed with social media for the past year and a half or so, and experienced firsthand how the group unconsciousness perpetrates and strengthens itself. TV used to keep the “disgruntled” of a society entertained and kept under consciousness, now global social media connection does it much more efficiently. Indeed, this is the largest group there is, just regular folks in relatively safe areas of the world whose daily activities are tied up mostly to mere survival, who have the access to TV and the Internet. And in my view this is the group that can actually do something, not those elites, not those in authorities, not the destitute and hungry. or those in war zones.

      The degree to which anything is copied and goes viral online is truly incredible. There is no moments of thinking, even pausing in this process, people especially act like a bot, or a reptile on the net. You post a benign picture such as your car unstuck from heavy snow, and people in countries where cars are not as a necessity as here consider it as an exhibition of luxury and post some other kind of luxury they can show off. A picture of bare feet touching the ground, and they think you’re boasting your lawn garden, when it’s not even your lawn, but lawn on the sidewalk or in the park! They then post their version of bare feet picture— with expensive jewelry on them or on an expensive stone surface floor or wearing Gucci shoes!

      As one very stark example, recently in Korea, as well the world in general, interests in food and culinary arts are at their peak. As one of the most wired countries in the world, the degree to and the rate at which media contents are copied and spread are unbelievable. Not only their social media pages are filled with pictures of food and restaurants, but the chef hopefuls are on the rise. So the already insane restaurant business is fast becoming more competitive and people are getting heavier and animals are tortured and slaughtered like nowhere on the planet. I saw in one documentary that Korea is the only country where they slaughter chicks before they are 40 days old, due to the fear of heart failure or avian flu, because the house is so packed and contaminated by chaff and poop and otherwise unsanitary and poorly maintained.They are willing to pay for fancy-sounding gourmet food and fine dining, and don’t even know what it is they put in their mouth. They actually think fois-a-gras is some kind of chocolate mousse or something like that, they don’t care, they are, excuse me, so careless and ignorant.

      As hope for the future dims, people tend to seek instant gratification. I think that’s what is going on as to the environment destroying, health-ruining, debt-increasing consumerism/hedonism today. They don’t care about larger realities. Even when someone close dies, they don’t ponder what happens after death, maybe about how fancy or simple the funeral should be and what food to serve, that’s the extent of the care and considerations. Until some very hard ‘limit situations’ as Echkart Tolle calls them hit, then they begin to at least question how or why things happen the way they do. Maybe.

      So, first we endeavor to change our internal experience and then be an influencing presence in those around us.
      Spirituality is definitely being experienced as a popularity contest, so I resolve to stay away from the Internet and any highly visible, public forums or blogs as much as I can. Putting words to ideas is directing attention and energy outward, and I don’t feel I’m centered and grounded enough to do so often, hence the recently schizophrenic episode of write-delete-write-delete.

      I think it’s important to educate oneself in the area of the Law of Attraction and vibrations. String theory has it that the universe is composed of strings that move, namely, vibrations, and these are our paint brushes for creation. The part in about calibrating everything from food to eat to clothes to wear to thoughts, words, and actions is inspiring and helpful. Think before you think, watch where the thoughts go so they don’t become compulsive or negative. In my current stage of evolution this is the part that I am focusing on.


      • mewabe

        Thank you Gina…
        Speaking of the internet, places like Facebook, beside being an opportunity to develop shameless narcissism (it should be called MyFace) are definitively experiments in group pressure and compliance, in popularity contest that lead to conformity, as in order not to be “unfriended” you must be careful not to rock any boat, not to offend, not to challenge, not to criticize.
        On Facebook we can witness what has been called “the tyranny of agreement” leading to group thinking, meaning allegiance, while critical thinking is perceived to be disloyalty, or even hate by those who choose to regress to a state of infantilism. That’s why I avoid Facebook and other social medias as much as I would avoid any cult…you won’t find me there.

        You might enjoy a book called “Word Controlled Humans” by the author of “Brave New World”. The author makes some good points about group thinking…

        • inae park

          Will check it out. I’m more and more intrigued by this group thinking/insanity and want to find out the dynamics. Thank you.

          • mewabe

            The author is John Harland…yes group thinking is insanity!

          • I’m thinking if the world adopted peace as the main collective initiative group thinking, that this would be a bad idea?

          • mewabe

            Of course not, as long as it genuinely came from a free people, not from an authority telling the people what to do….in which case it would not work anyway. One of the major problems with group thinking is that it is usually achieved under the leadership or authority of a controlling body that sets the rules and uses some sort of coercion, pressure or manipulation to keep the people in line.

          • Ah yes, thanks for the clarification! I get it. My understanding is that some off world societies have created a group collective that works & plays more powerfully than just an individual.

            This of course can work both positive & negative i.e. “The Borg” in Star Trek. But with HEB’s or other enlightened species it may be a logical progression in which the individual transcends it’s self into it’s larger expression by moving into a larger collective consciousness.

          • mewabe

            I think that evolved people can strike a perfect balance between individual sovereignty and collective well being, when they understand that individual and collective interests are the same, and the social framework allows for the fulfillment of personal, unique creative pursuits, which enhance the whole.
            The framework needs to be non competitive, cooperative, non hierarchical, egalitarian, and be grounded in absolute freedom and of course in love. Humans are nowhere near anything like it…but they will get there.

          • Let us hope, pray, visualize & simply know, that while progress & evolution to a more advanced way of living appears slow, it’s part of the whole process of a young species growing uP.

            I can only have compassion on our distorted dysfunctional ways while doing what I can to be the peace, & solutions that I wish to see in others.

            Despite much of the ultra negative news & dysfunctional political systems,– seeds, young trees & eventual orchards of a new tomorrow are growing with little recognition or fan fare, but growing non the less.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    I have recently read a column by Neale that has bearing on the conversation that we are holding here. As there are sharing options on that site, I don’t think he’ll mind if I copy and paste it here. I am including it in its entirety, minus the comments posted.


    About CWG: Don’t ‘believe’ a word of it

    Oct 22, 2016

    My dear, dear companions on this journey…

    The time has come for me to make a closing statement about Conversations with God — this wonderful experience that has touched my life and, amazingly, the lives of millions of others around the world.

    By “closing statement” I do not necessarily mean “final” statement. I may very well have more things to say about CWG before I die (and after I die, for that matter, as I am sure there will be writings released after my departure). So by “closing statement” I mean to say that the words here are intended to bring a close to any speculation about how I feel about, how I personally hold, the Conversations with God experience — and how I wish and hope that anyone who is, or becomes, aware of it will feel also.

    I want to put to rest any thought, idea, notion, or claim that may lead to a misunderstanding that any person or group may have about me, and about the body of work that has filled over 30 books and consumed the last 25 years of my life.

    I am aware, of course, that some people and groups have called me a blasphemer, a heretic, an apostate, and, in the extreme, an instrument of the devil. I understand how they could have come to that, for many of the ideas I have placed into the world directly confront and specifically contradict their most sacred beliefs.

    Because of this, I am very okay with them calling me these names. I am okay with it because I admire and encourage the active and energetic defense of one’s own most sacred beliefs, so long as that defense does not involve or include the inflicting of emotional or physical violence. (No, not even to protect — much less, to extend — those beliefs.) For in my heart’s deepest experience and my mind’s highest understanding, sacred beliefs lose the quality which rendered them “sacred” if they are demonstrated in a way that deeply or irrevocably damages another.

    But so long as we create and maintain the space within which you can share and practice your beliefs and I can share and practice mine…and we can do so while loving each other purely, and admiring each other genuinely, for having the courage and the gumption and the willingness to do so without rage-filled hostility, without brutality, and surely without bloodshed…then we will have both venerated our beliefs and honored each other. And what better way can there be to reveal why our beliefs feel so valid to us?

    It is true that in my writing and in my speaking I have offered critical commentary on certain beliefs held by and espoused by particular religions, but I placed each of those statements into the arena of ideas in the spirit of simple and honest disagreement — and I hope that I have always welcomed the spirited disagreement of others with a willingness for open engagement in ongoing and vibrant dialogue.

    That said, I hope you will hear me when I offer, with as much clarity as I can muster, this “closing statement” on the messages of CWG: I could be wrong about all of this.

    Don’t imagine for a second that I don’t think about that. I think about it all the time. Matt Lauer once asked me in an interview on The Today Show on NBC: “Neale, do you ever doubt that the experience you’ve had is what you say it is? Do you ever doubt the accuracy of the information you feel you’ve been given?”

    My response was immediate, simple, and straightforward.

    “Matt, the day I stop doubting is the day I become dangerous, and I have no intention of becoming dangerous.”

    So I want to tell you to doubt as well. (I’m sure I don’t have to encourage this.) I want you to be clear that one of the most important messages of the Conversations with God dialogues is not to believe them.

    Indeed, in the very first book of the nine texts we hear this in the voice of God:

    “Believe nothing I say. Simply live it. Experience it. Then live whatever other paradigm you want to construct. Afterward, look to your experience to find your truth.”

    We do well to remain our own authority in all matters regarding the Self and the Soul. No one can tell us what is True for us, and no one should try.

    I will always be happy to tell you what is true for me. I became very clear about my truth when I read the recommendations and the suggestions on how I might live my own life found in the CWG dialogue. I couldn’t help but think: “I wish someone had told me these things fifty years ago. I can’t imagine a better way to live.”

    I hope that if and after you read and absorb the CWG material, you agree with me. I hold this hope because I truly believe its messages can profoundly change your individual life, and the world entire, for the better. But whatever your personal response to the 3,000+ pages of this dialogue, I think we can concur that this is a powerful subject we are talking about here, and it is good to proceed with care.

    All of it is wrapped up in our relationship with The Divine—indeed, in the question of whether there even is a “God.” And that is not a small matter.

    Our understanding of all of this is significant because most human beings need and seek and sooner or later deeply yearn to find some kind of meaning in life. Without that meaning, without some purpose for it all, many of us soon find ourselves simply trudging along with heaviness of heart, trying to make the best of something we haven’t even begun to understand, pushing through our days and nights engaged in what appear to be increasingly aimless, valueless, senseless activities that clarify nothing, produce little, and generate not much more than “things to do” while on our way to where, we don’t know, but an eventual end that we call death — the anticipation of which offers naught but a heightened sense of what feels like the almost bitterly laughable fruitlessness of it all.

    And so we yearn, and we search. And giving it deeper thought as I write this, I arrive at a place of knowing that if we hold the notion that there is some sort of Higher Power in existence, our reaching clarity may very well be guaranteed.

    Seek and ye shall find, God has said to all of us. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. We may very well be caused to remember that there is something greater going on here. Information may come our way that will make the “larger-ness” of all that is and all that occurs suddenly apparent.

    But what is the larger reason for it? What is the greater purpose? What is the grander point? These are the questions we all ultimately ask about life. And this is what I believe only your own ongoing conversation with God can tell you. The ideas and the pronouncements of others can perhaps lead you closer to it, but only your own inner communion with The Divine can open your heart and mind to your deepest truth.

    I hope, then, that you will allow yourself to experience such a communion, to have such a conversation, and to know . . . whatever your most sacred belief, whatever your religion, whatever your faith tradition, or if you have none at all . . . that you can experience your own first-person, one-on-one exchange with God.

    For some it may come in the form of words. For others, as feelings, or a simple sense of “knowing.” For still others, pictures and thought forms and signs and signals may present themselves as life itself is being lived.

    God’s “conversation” has no limits, no boundaries, no specifications in terms of “how” it may proceed and how its messages may be sent or received. But I do not believe that your interaction with The Divine was ever intended to be a one-way encounter. I believe it was intended to provide you with comfort, to produce for you wisdom and clarity and strength, and a goal worthy of your dedication, of your commitment, of your time and your effort.

    And so, I encourage you to engage in your own conversation with God every day, in whatever way feels natural and good to you, based on your tradition or your innermost feeling. Call it prayer, call it meditation, call it inspiration, call it whatever you wish. And if my exchanges with God have lead you to your own, my publishing the CWG books will have succeeded in its goal—which was not to open you to my truth, but to put you directly in touch with your own.

    God has blessed you, and me, and all the world. And if we simply extend God’s blessings to everyone whose life we touch, through all the days of our lives, in each of the encounters that fill our hours upon the Earth, we will have unlocked the Secret of the Ages held within the folds of the most sacred doctrines of all of humanity’s spiritual belief systems: Love is the answer. Love is all there is. Love is who you are. And the experiencing and expressing of love is why you are here.

    There you have it. The mysteries of life have been solved.

    I could, of course, be wrong about all of this.
    (But I don’t think so.)


    • inae park

      Hello, Annie. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for sharing your own stories.

      Exposing one’s person and life to the public is an extreme venture, and anyone who is on that journey and does well a job as Neale has my admiration.

      To live love, first we have to be aware of our feelings/emotions. Without this awareness we cannot really tell love from fear or thoughts from feelings, and we cross all kinds of lines, step on all kinds of toes, indulge in all kinds of excesses and make ourselves and others miserable.

      I lived with this sensitivity pretty much blocked. Until most recently, love and positive thinking were mental concepts and words. Then a series of intense outer/inner, physical/emotional events happened that awoke me to the realization of the difference between concepts and internal feeling awareness. Then intense guilt came over me over all the crazy, wrong, and hurtful things I had done and its momentum had me going wildly in all directions, fully into the negativity and through it. It’s not an act of one’s own volition when something like this happens, I suppose, it is by grace.

      Still we have to keep practicing emotional awareness and deciphering life’s subtle vibrations to create the reality we choose and to be of help to others. Only when we have developed this awareness sufficiently functionally enough can the questions such as ‘”what would love do now?” become relevant and meaningful. It’s important to practice mindfulness/presence to not be caught up in past momentum.

      Public visibility and “communication” by words on a screen is a trigger of bad memories and I hope to use as little of it as possible for the rest of my life. I’ll develop a HEB style telepathic communication skills. 🙂

      Wish you all well. Take care.

      • Spiritual_Annie

        inae, I hope you have come to understand the difference between guilt and regret. When one feels guilt, it is indeed a heavy emotion, akin to “I shouldn’t have done that,” which is a judgment of oneself. Regret, on the other hand, allows for the mistakes most humans make, more like “If I had understood the situation more fully, I would have made a different choice.” It opens the door to self-forgiveness.

        I also hope that you reach an understanding that triggers can be managed, or even overcome. Each instance of facing a trigger and having a positive emotional outcome (or, at least the lack of a negative one) chips away at its impact. The most important thing, though, is to keep yourself safe.

        Telepathy works in my life. However, I haven’t had any luck in telepathically dictating my thoughts into text on a computer screen. Yet. 😉

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • inae park

          Thank you, Annie.
          Yes, I’ve been struggling with guilt and finding it not beneficial. I’m working my way to healing and self-forgiveness. With enough practice and courage perhaps I’ll be able to overcome all the triggers.

          Yeah, the telepathy I’m talking about is the kind you were describing having experiences with, of course, not the technological one, ha ha. 😉

    • Awareness

      Thank you Spiritual Annie for posting this and thank you Neale Donald Walsch for your continuing service to LIFE/GOD 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    Sorry about this, but I have to post it, from Anna Lee, Bobbi Jean & the Oceti Sakowin Youth, Fort Yates, ND:

    “OCT 27, 2016 — Tensions keep rising as Dakota Access moves forward with construction of the pipeline near and around our reservation. Over the past week, water protectors have erected a camp directly in the path of the project and have continued to block roadways and construction in order to stop the pipeline.

    On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered at camp before dawn to walk 8 miles to a site where several water protectors had chained themselves to construction equipment. Some of us were present at this peaceful and prayerful action, walking over the burial grounds of our ancestors. But along the way, we were stopped by a line of military trucks and police officers who used pepper spray and batons to stop us. They body-slammed people to the ground, and arrested elders, journalists, and even a 17-year-old pregnant woman.

    Over 140 water protectors were arrested, many of them subjected to unnecessary strip searches, denied medication or put into solitary confinement.

    Police violence against indigenous people – especially women – is nothing new. In fact, just last week police in Washington state shot and killed Renee Davis, 5 months pregnant and mother of three. We ask for your prayers as many of us continue to risk our safety to stand up for what’s right.”

    The construction of this pipeline, which was deemed too risky to follow the initial planning that would have had it run near Bismarck, the capital of ND, and which was then made to run near the Lakota Standing Rock reservation, is, beside the serious issues of global warming and over 2000 serious pipeline incidents in the US alone since the mid 1990’s, also and obviously about environmental racism.

    And now a quote:

    “The real difficulty is with the vast wealth and power in the hands of the few and the unscrupulous who represent or control capital. Hundreds of laws of Congress and the state legislatures are in the interest of these men and against the interests of workingmen. These need to be exposed and repealed. All laws on corporations, on taxation, on trusts, wills, descent, and the like, need examination and extensive change. This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations.”
    Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States,

    Has anything changed? No, it has gotten worse, while the mainstream is busy watching inane reality shows, football games, filtered and distorted “news” and now electoral theatre, and the spiritual either turn their back on the world or “think positive”. I am not suggesting that visualizing positive outcomes is without positive effects, but positive action must follow, and for this, the spiritual must at last find their back bone.

    I will repeat it: the spiritual must find their back bone. Words are great, but empty without action. Truth must become manifest.

    In the case of the pipeline, a positive action would be a couple of millions non-violent people going to North Dakota to support the water protectors, and if that was not enough, then 20 millions, until the so-called authorities are reminded that the people are the boss and these ‘authorities” are the humble employees, who would then be peacefully but powerfully made to finally listen to the voice of the people, their boss, and end this odious corporate dictatorship and militarized police crack down!

    If nothing changes, we are rapidly headed straight towards American fascism, which is corporate rule. Corporations have no conscience, not being people. If they were people, they would be accurately diagnosed as sociopathic and psychopathic. If this what should rule over us?

    • Stephen mills

      Thanks for keeping us updated on this mewabe .We have the state protecting for profit fossil fuel corporations . Corporotocracy is so imbedded ,it’s just another name for fascism . We have arrived by the silence of the majority .I believe they have helicopters and tanks at the ready .

      On mass we should all refuse to buy and consume oil derived products .Bring the system to a stand still and get the establishment to finally listen.

      This is a wake up call to move to renewable energy now !

      • mewabe

        Thank you Stephen…
        Several Lakotas were dragged by police out of a sweat lodge ceremony during which they were praying, and thrown to the ground and arrested. A sacred pipe was stolen by police along with several sacred objects. I have to admit that this makes my blood boil.

        It seems clearer every day that those who attempt to protect life, whether the land, the water, the air, the trees, or animals, are being treated as enemies of the State…could it be because this global civilization, driven by insane greed and power, has become the full fledged enemy of life?

        Ladonna Bravebull Allard of Sacred Stone Camp says:
        “My people stand for the water, and they attack us. My people stand up for the graves of our people, and they attack us. My people stand up for our sacred places, and they attack us. My people pray, and they stop us, dragging us from our prayer, and throw us in the dirt. I know this is America- this is the history of my people. America has always walked though the blood of my people.

        How can we stand in the face of violence? Because I was born to this land, because the roots grow out of my feet, because I love this land and I honor the water. Have we not learned from history? I pray for each of the people who stand up. We can not live like this anymore. It has to stop- my grandchildren have a right to live. The world has a right to live. The water, the life blood of the world, has a right to live. Mni Wiconi, Water of Life. Pray for the water, pray for the people. Stop Dakota Access- killer of the world.”

    • Visualizing healing & resolution to this difficult challenging situation.

  • Jethro

    I strongly believe my frame of mind effects how my life is going, it effects how people see and feel about me. It effects how I feel about myself. I’ve always had a desire to be a “good person” but it wasn’t until I began to care about myself that I was able to truly care for others. Is this life something that’s just happening? I don’t remember at all, during any part of my life, not even the earliest memories, believing I should be anything more or less than what I was. It wasn’t until I was able to move back into that feeling of not being more or less than I am that I became at least semi-happy.

    I think the worst thing that ever happened to me was an improper set of ideals concerning the Christian how to’s and don’t do’s. What’s the right thing to do, what’s the wrong thing to do. I had so many questions without answers. Imagine how screwed up the minds of adults, leaders, teachers in a religious setting who cannot give an intelligent answer to a 7 year old. Preachers who answer “we shouldn’t question God” to the questions of a child. I was taught fear and anger. The answer without answers was I had to be who I was not, because if I was to continue to be me, I would surely burn in hell. We are all natural born sinners.

    Age 40… what a screwed up journey to that point! Nearly 10 years have passed since all the AA, rehab, and counselors. I became a state certified counselor myself. I began to move in a direction that was best for me. Still a counselor? Nope. I love fixing houses. Helping the old folks that the kids have forgotten. Is that a fair statement? Not 100%. But it’s true none the less. Am I guiltless in this statement? No, I haven’t visited my mother in a couple of months. I haven’t voluntarily stopped to see her in a year or so. She’s able to drive, of fair health and hasn’t seen my house more than twice, ever. Visits with people around me all the time. Point? Before age 40, I would be guilt ridden, saddened by my neglect of her, worried that I might lose the love of my mother for not being more godly. I’m such a bad person. Today, I find myself missing family members, members of my family that have the ability to stop by and say hello on occasion. I refuse to put all of that all on me. I cannot do more than I can. I refuse to move in a direct not beneficial to me. But being there to help is who I am. Showing love to others is who I am. Caring about the needs of others is who I am. I have to be careful to not abuse myself for the needs of others because self caring is not who I am. But I’m learning.

    By changing my beliefs, by finding a new understanding, I’ve made quite an impact on how my life is going. My current beliefs and understandings may not serve me well later. I may have to “evolve”, to find something else that serves me better. I find imperfections all the time, so I could say that I am evolving every second of every day. I don’t see how a rigid belief could serve an ever fluctuating mind.

    • inae park

      Hello, Jethro.
      I just wanted to express my feeling of profound resonance with what you’ve been writing lately. Esp. with the sentiment on living in a cluster/community of like minded people. That alone can solve so many problems of modern society and mental health issues that afflict so many people. It would make people feel safe, heard and understood, and keep them from falling into despair, which in turn would keep them from being dangerous to society by engaging in violence or turning into a crazy stalker or other hatred, obsession, addiction related behaviors. I’ve suffered from this for a long time, and looking back, a minimal security net of people and social ties can do so much to save a person and so the society. I still see people alk around suffer from one of these– obsession, addiction, or negativity. It is my sincere desire to work to create these tribal, communal clusters and help prevent people from falling into all kinds of holes and spending a lifetime or half of it in misery like I have.

      • Jethro

        Thanks for your response inae, I would have sworn your post above was worded different last night. My mind works in mysterious ways 🙂 I don’t think we will ever see places like Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show anymore. I was thinking about small communities around me and how kind the people have been. The smiles and hellos I get from the people I’ve met. The discussions we have about life and what’s going on in our lives. Patrick and I surely agree it will not be the way it was 30 or 40 years ago. We have seen so much violence that we fear for our children, too much to let them roam the way I did at age 4.

        The mental health of society is certainly going down hill, society promotes anxiety. We walk around angry and fearful. We are concerned about so many things these days and trying hard to find answers. We do not need to worry about these things. It’s all about us, I’m paying attention to who I am these days. Not who I think somebody else is. Kindness is my answer for now.

        I try make every action an action of kindness. I recently moved onto a street with lots of foot traffic. I’ll just say there is room for racial tension. I greet each person with a smile and ask how they are doing while I’m working in the yard. I don’t always get a reply, just a blank stare. A lot in the beginning! I now have people stop and talk for a few minutes. It’s all about kindness. I have no reason to be anything but kind, and it works. We don’t need to make new communities of like minded folks I don’t think. We need to show kindness in the communities we have. The more I have thought about it, the more sense it makes and the more proof I have.

        I was once addicted, depressed, in fear of “not doing it right”. I found out for myself that I needed to let go of yesterday… all of them! I was reading the same book “that I wrote”, over and over. I put that book down and started writing another, one that I don’t have to proof read. If I doubt the last chapter I start a new chapter. Now inae, I still have memories of that book I finally put down! I’m human. So I’m just careful “as a smart author should be” to not re-write paragraphs from that other book. I invite every person to put down the old book. It’s ok.

        I have an anxiety/panick disorder. Finding that out was the key to my recovery. Had to understand I was sick before I could heal. The psychiatrist gave me meds and said that would help. I asked him how long I would need them, he said “The rest of my life!!”. Oh no! What else can I do? His answer blew my mind. “Meditate” he said. So I studied meditation, aka prayer, aka thought. It worked. I have eliminated the mental part of anxiety and panic. I cannot eliminate the physical symptoms. I’m feeling terrified and understand that I’m not. It’s that simple now. How we think about anything can be changed. Anything! ANY THING.

        Thank you inae for the reminder.

        • inae park

          Thank you for your reply, Jethro. Again, profound resonance on a lot of points. Yes, agreed—we can only be secure in the love that emanates from within, not in some sort of artificial communities. 🙂
          I edited out the latter part of my original post deciding that psychoanalysis and relitigation of the past are not exactly helping in moving forward. My intuition and clarity tent to get frittered away in words.

          I took up running and meditation and it has been tranformative. Maybe I’ll try kind greetings to people on the streets, too. Lots of alive, clear and fun exchanges going on here. I’ll be listening with alert attentiveness always, please keep up the good spirit.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    Yet another diversion from the topic at hand… or, maybe not. (And Neale does not know that I am posting this, to which he might object, but I feel called to do so.)

    On next Tuesday, November 1, Neale is undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. While this is now a fairly common procedure, there is always risk in undergoing open heart surgery and anesthesia. He has set an intention of making it through the surgery successfully and, after a period of recuperation, being re-energized as most do when blood flow is re-established.

    For those of you who believe that we can affect the outcome of events with positive energy, thoughts, prayers, intentions, focus, meditation, or whatever personal practice you use, I would ask that you hold the same intention that Neale has for himself. I will also be including clarity and precision for the medical staff involved in the procedure, as well as sending Neale healing energy during his recuperation.

    Love and Blessings Always,
    ~ Annie

    • I am aware of this & glad you mentioned it to others who care & love Neale! Visualizing his healing.

    • Andres

      Thank you Annie for letting us know. I am now lighting a candle and burning Copal incense alongside all the prayers my heart can muster asking God to allow Neale to postpone his continuation day a little longer, so whe may enjoy his extraordinary light some more upon this planet.

  • Jethro

    We can surely have an impact on our own lives, our thoughts about it are the only thing we have control of. We can certainly have an impact on another life, but we cannot count on any change. We have some control over how others feel about us as humans, so don’t say the wrong thing. By saying the right thing at the right time we can gain trust, we can have respect, we could actually end up in the will of someone we’ve touched for mere moments. As I travel about in my days, I touch the lives of many people. To figure out how many lives I have crossed paths with over the course of 20 years while only working I averaged the number of jobs… 40,000 service calls. This does not include the number of people, just the homes. I have also not included the chance meetings at the public places we all find ourselves in the course of life. What impact did I make on those lives? By just grabbing a heavy bag for an elderly person (yes I do that) to stopping and checking on those broke down on the road. (To dangerous but I do on occasion.) I have touched the life path of so many people. I will touch many more. I find myself very guarded when receiving help from another. What is that act of kindness going to cost me? I paused a moment for such a poor thought. I think about all of the times I’ve warned the old widow to involve another person “that she is sure she can trust” when dealing with contractors or the like. When I can see the trust people have in me, I always see a weakness. I want to warn them. Don’t trust anyone with your money. Get 3 estimates. You can check their reputation by simply calling the hardware store and asking about them. When I started writing this I was thinking about how so many people separate themselves away from the majority. People are individual or part of a group, rarely does anyone claim to be simply a member of humanity.

    I have been in the homes of almost every race of human being, in the presence of almost every spiritual/religious belief. The very nature of my work puts me in the company of people under stress. I have concluded that regardless of skin color, culture, or spiritual/religious beliefs, there are only two kinds of people on the face of our planet… kind and unkind. We are all the same! Exactly the same!

    My skin is light colored in comparison to other flesh tones, my last name is Irish on both mother and fathers side, my fathers mother was raised on an Native American reservation in Oklahoma, I have a great grandmother that was Bohemian and her skin color like that of most native Africans, if I were to trace it all I’m sure that racially I am from many places. So what is the point to this? Which group of people might hate me? How much of my lineage keeps me from succeeding and how much promotes success?…. None of that matters, it’s all about that electrical conducting piece of fatty tissue under what hair I have left that moves me forward or holds me back. I repeat, we are all the same.

    I do recognize all of the problems facing human beings and it’s all made up by human beings. So what illusion are we putting out there to prove we are different, maybe better? Muslim, Christian, biker, cowboy, political leader, hermit? What color shirt or outfit will boost your confidence? What kind of house will you live in or car will you drive to prove you are worthy? None of it will matter if there is not at least one other human being to show your illusion. Even the hermit needs someone to move away from to be apart, otherwise the hermit is merely alone and not a hermit at all. We need each other to be who we are. Just more thoughts that I had that have an significant impact on how my life is going today….

  • Patrick Gannon

    I somehow missed this column – a very good one. Personally, I’m convinced, based on what I’ve read of Neale’s bio, that he encountered more than enough information in the past to generate the stream of consciousness that led to CwG. Surely a real god would have told him Moses was mythical, for example. There are a lot of people who still think the Exodus really happened as described in the bible. God’s don’t “correct” people in visions, I suppose. Jesus, for example, failed to tell Paul about evolution (sin entered the world through one man, Adam – no it didn’t), or that the end of the world was actually not imminent.

    He says, “So maybe we’re not “going” anywhere at all. Maybe this is not a “journey” in any sense of the word. Maybe life is simply and merely an experience; something we are undergoing while we are undergoing it, taking us nowhere and getting us no place. An experience without purpose or intent, meaning or reason. Something that begins without our assent, and ends in most cases seemingly equally arbitrarily.”

    This sort of Nihilism seems to tie a requirement for “belief” to any “purpose” that we might have, as though not to believe in something is to strip our lives of all purpose. I’m not sure that’s what he means to say, but that’s how I interpret it; and I don’t buy into that. We are indeed all ONE. We are all part of the human genome, all part of this earth, this galaxy this universe, and that’s pretty cool. We’re an incredibly tiny cog in the gears, but we do have a purpose. Our “purpose” is to evolve. I think how much “purpose” our lives have depends on our relationship with life itself.

    He then asks an even more important question, “Yet if that is all that it is, what shall be our guideline regarding how it is happening? Do we even have any control over that? If only in our individual lives, do we have even the slightest control over that? Is life happening TO us, or is it happening THROUGH us? Are we at any non-physical level at cause in the matter? Can we be?”

    Science is working on this very issue. Is everything predetermined? Is the universe a big spring that is unwinding in the one and only way that it can? Is there a consciousness? Is there a free will? The question he asks is at the heart of our very being – and we don’t know the full answer to it, yet – if ever. But if we do really have some control, then there is no question that much of the advice in CwG – things like highest version/highest vision, are excellent tools to employ as we create our own purpose with our own relationship with life itself. Even if this is all we get, it can be enough for those who choose to live for this life instead of the next one, which in all probability does not exist.

    I am encouraged by this post from Neale, given the many posts in the past that suggested that we needed to change our beliefs. He seems to be leaving open the possibility that we can still find value in tools like mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking, and so forth, even if this is all there is. I think that without the encumbrance of cognitive conflicts created by telling our minds or brains to believe things they know they don’t know; that these tools might be even more productive.

    This part will probably generate some hate mail. Neale started telling his brain to believe things it didn’t know back in the early to mid-90s. Would two decades of internal cognitive conflict have in any way led to stress which in turn led to his heart condition?

    Inquiring minds want to know.