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My dear and wonderful friends…

I am learning that few events or circumstances have thrown me into deeper questioning or more urgent exploration of life’s largest mysteries than having someone crack your rib cage right down the middle, split your chest wide open, and surgically substitute arteries harvested from other parts of your body for the main arteries serving your heart.

Such deep invasion at the core of your being produces – – or has produced, in my case at least — massive introspection and endless examination of one’s truths, values, understandings, life choices, spiritual realities, and personal intentions.

25 years ago I made a decision to spend the rest of my life collecting, articulating, sharing, and explaining the messages I had received in my conversations with God. I became very clear that nothing could be more important than the rapid dissemination of this astonishing and spiritually revolutionary material. I knew that it could change people’s lives and, without stretch or imagination, truly raise the quality of life on this planet for every one of its inhabitants.

I also knew that such a task could not be accomplished alone, but that I would need the help of every and any person I could find who agreed with me that these messages could be utterly salvific for the entire human race.

From the time that I was told that I needed open heart surgery to the moment of my writing this letter, in a hospital bed set up in my home to move me through my months-long recovery period, I have asked myself: “How important is this, really? Am I contriving the urgency of this? Is it all a figment of my imagination?”

The answer for me is that it is of utmost importance, and that answer emerges from my clear and present observation that millions of people’s lives have been changed for the better as a result of their interaction with the material in Conversations with God.

The importance and urgency of moving this message further and deeper into the marketplace of ideas was made very clear to me on November 8, 2016 — precisely one week after my operation – – when the citizens of the United States elected a new president. This event marked more than a simple new political beginning.

It signified a huge shift in political energy. And Conversations with God has told me that politics are our spirituality, demonstrated. The way has therefore been open for a massive shift of spiritual energy as well – – – not only in the United States, but around the world. For the World Entire has been, and will continue to be for years to come, impacted and affected by this historical political event.

Our deepest human values, choices, understandings, and decisions are reflected in our political machinations. If they are not, our politics are bankrupt. Our job as spiritual messengers on this planet – – – our assignment as one of those who has chosen to accept the invitation to assist in awakening the species- – -is to bring our highest spiritual awareness to our everyday activities.

The work before us right now is to offer humanity a strikingly different and remarkably fresh set of ideas – – – one might call them, revolutionary spiritual principles – – – that, when applied to one’s individual life and to our collective experience, can produce that for which every human being yearns: true transformation and real forward progress on our evolutionary  journey.

I am hoping you agree with what I have written here and that your agreement can and will manifest itself in the form of very real, present, and significant assistance in moving forward part of what may be your own life’s work: to awaken the species to a new way of being human…and to do so not by proselytizing, not by pointing to one particular message or path, religion or doctrine…but by simply living and modeling your innermost truth about the goodness of life, the fundamental kindness of the human heart, and the reality of God as an ever-present source of guidance, strength, wisdom, and hope as we move together on our evolutionary journey.

I know that not all of you believe in God, or in the existence of a Higher Power or a Prime Source that is consciously engaged in the expression of Life throughout the cosmos — yet you, too, I know, believe in your own fundamental goodness, in the kindness of your every intention, and in the love that you seek to express in every way that is genuine and true. Demonstrating this at every moment of your life with every person in your life is all that it will take to help change our world, and to move you forward in your own evolution.

Thank you for renewing that highest commitment, however it is felt by you.

Lovingly shared………neale.

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