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My dear and wonderful friends…

I am learning that few events or circumstances have thrown me into deeper questioning or more urgent exploration of life’s largest mysteries than having someone crack your rib cage right down the middle, split your chest wide open, and surgically substitute arteries harvested from other parts of your body for the main arteries serving your heart.

Such deep invasion at the core of your being produces – – or has produced, in my case at least — massive introspection and endless examination of one’s truths, values, understandings, life choices, spiritual realities, and personal intentions.

25 years ago I made a decision to spend the rest of my life collecting, articulating, sharing, and explaining the messages I had received in my conversations with God. I became very clear that nothing could be more important than the rapid dissemination of this astonishing and spiritually revolutionary material. I knew that it could change people’s lives and, without stretch or imagination, truly raise the quality of life on this planet for every one of its inhabitants.

I also knew that such a task could not be accomplished alone, but that I would need the help of every and any person I could find who agreed with me that these messages could be utterly salvific for the entire human race.

From the time that I was told that I needed open heart surgery to the moment of my writing this letter, in a hospital bed set up in my home to move me through my months-long recovery period, I have asked myself: “How important is this, really? Am I contriving the urgency of this? Is it all a figment of my imagination?”

The answer for me is that it is of utmost importance, and that answer emerges from my clear and present observation that millions of people’s lives have been changed for the better as a result of their interaction with the material in Conversations with God.

The importance and urgency of moving this message further and deeper into the marketplace of ideas was made very clear to me on November 8, 2016 — precisely one week after my operation – – when the citizens of the United States elected a new president. This event marked more than a simple new political beginning.

It signified a huge shift in political energy. And Conversations with God has told me that politics are our spirituality, demonstrated. The way has therefore been open for a massive shift of spiritual energy as well – – – not only in the United States, but around the world. For the World Entire has been, and will continue to be for years to come, impacted and affected by this historical political event.

Our deepest human values, choices, understandings, and decisions are reflected in our political machinations. If they are not, our politics are bankrupt. Our job as spiritual messengers on this planet – – – our assignment as one of those who has chosen to accept the invitation to assist in awakening the species- – -is to bring our highest spiritual awareness to our everyday activities.

The work before us right now is to offer humanity a strikingly different and remarkably fresh set of ideas – – – one might call them, revolutionary spiritual principles – – – that, when applied to one’s individual life and to our collective experience, can produce that for which every human being yearns: true transformation and real forward progress on our evolutionary  journey.

I am hoping you agree with what I have written here and that your agreement can and will manifest itself in the form of very real, present, and significant assistance in moving forward part of what may be your own life’s work: to awaken the species to a new way of being human…and to do so not by proselytizing, not by pointing to one particular message or path, religion or doctrine…but by simply living and modeling your innermost truth about the goodness of life, the fundamental kindness of the human heart, and the reality of God as an ever-present source of guidance, strength, wisdom, and hope as we move together on our evolutionary journey.

I know that not all of you believe in God, or in the existence of a Higher Power or a Prime Source that is consciously engaged in the expression of Life throughout the cosmos — yet you, too, I know, believe in your own fundamental goodness, in the kindness of your every intention, and in the love that you seek to express in every way that is genuine and true. Demonstrating this at every moment of your life with every person in your life is all that it will take to help change our world, and to move you forward in your own evolution.

Thank you for renewing that highest commitment, however it is felt by you.

Lovingly shared………neale.

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  • Angelika Lanbin

    Dear Neale,
    first let me say that I’m glad to read from you after your surgery. My thoughts were with you in the last weeks.
    I agree with you that there is a hugh shift of energy around the world. I want to play my part, so that our evolution can moving forward and I’m sure that our Evolution Revolution can make a difference in this emotional times. I have fixed everything regarding the Evorevo-Website and I’m in Standby-Mode now, awaiting the storm that will come. With your wonderful posts we will grow to a hugh movement. We need you, Neale. I’m happy you are here.
    All my love
    Angelika Lanbin

  • Christopher Toft

    You know Neale, this question of commitment is right at the forefront of my life right now. All my life I’ve struggled with feelings of separation from “god”(This is not a useful metaphor for me. Like Mewabe, I see divinity in a more impersonal way) I’ve felt separate because I’ve been caught up in either seeing myself as too big or too small. Usually both😄I am learning that I do not have to be Jesus Christ in order to avoid the wrath of Jehova(religion has done a real number on me!) , I do not have to give and give and give and give and feel empty because “God” needs love too, especially if the world seems to hate him for being a homosexual.

    All I have to do is stop trying to be “nice” , “the saviour” or heterosexual and just simply be me. An extraordinary thing happened to me this evening. It was ordinary, a simple human interaction, yet extraordinary. I was out taking a walk, contemplating love, relationships and a workshop for gay men I signed up for in December. I was wrestling with how I could be in a group of other gay men and not try to “save” them, yet still feel that I could offer them something of myself, some small act of compassion. “How do you give love to others if it seems like they cannot receive what you have to offer? What if a fellow soul is simply unready to receive the wisdom and love I have to offer?” I asked myself.

    “It’s not if you give love it’s how you give it” was the answer I received. I still love my ex profoundly, all that has changed is my expression of that love. He is no longer my boyfriend, I love him from afar, in my gratitude for our time together and my deep respect for him and where he is on his own souls journey. I think he knows this on a deep down level because I may not have communicated this perfectly, but I did communicate it effectively enough for my message to be heard, if he will listen to his heart, not his mind.

    Anyway, so I’m walking down the road where my infants school was and this woman gets out of a car. “Is this Salisbury road? That’s a nice school” she said. “Yeah that”s where I went as a kid” I said. So she asks me where number 51 was and I help her look for it. We briefly chat. There was the house. She said “Can I shake your hand?” I said “Yeah course you can” , we shook hands and I went off home feeling very moved. Simple kindness, not from what I was doing, simply by simply being. I came away feeling we had given and received love from each other. “See?” I said to myself, “love is exactly like that” You give what you can give and that’s enough. Love is never absent, just expressed in different forms.

    Not quite sure what I’m groping at here, just a sense that if we can be ourselves without covering up maybe that’s how to respond to the political world situation too. I think I’m trying to get a sense of how I fit in the world and how I can relate to it lovingly.
    It’s exciting!

    • AKA Patrick

      A VERY STRONG SUGGESTION: Google Larken Rose’s video: “The Myth of Authority” for a 15 to 30 minute VERY thought-provoking discussion of exactly that.
      The point of everything said above will come through graphically and may well result in an epiphany for those who check it out. DO YOURSELF (and our world) a favor and check this out.

      • Christopher Toft

        Hi AKA Patrick. Mixed feelings. To some degree you’re preaching to the converted. I had to go “Woah stop” though when the video says that paying taxes is inherently oppressive. I don’t think so. I pay for hospitals, education( okay a thorny issue) the welfare state(I’m English) street lights the police(a very thorny issue) and various government sponsored solical initiiatives from minorities, mental health etc. None of this is inherently “bad”. Okay restarting the video now😀 Okay, 100% with you on authority. However, not all authority is government. What about religious authority, cultural authority, historical authority(this is the way it’s always been) philosophical and scientific authority(“this is how it IS). In fact for me , philosophical authority is the number one founding father of all the others. Watched the rest: Any video that proclaims “Govenments are always the enemy of freedom” is massively contradictory in my view. All governments forever? How about context?!!! Do not tell me that government is “authority” because frankly that is authoritarian. Sorry getting a bit ranty. 😄

        I guess I feel strongly about this and I wish with all my heart people would not blame politics in an “it’s all the fault of politics” kind of way because the fact is that we are politics. It starts with us. We need to depose our own dictators, our own governments and “ruling elites” before we can deal with the external stuff. In fact, it’s all internal because it’s our feelings, our fears, our hate, our “Trump” our “brexit” our Kim Jong il etc.

        When will will get that!!!

        Jesus I sound like Mewabe😂

        • AKA Patrick

          You’re right, of course. It all begins with us. We ARE the problem, till we decide we’re tired of being the problem and become the answer, the solution.

          • Christopher Toft

            Yeah I’m struggling with this. I’m current caught between the dichotomy of passive defence and aggression. Trying to find my place in the world, Neale’s questions : who am I? Where am I? What does it mean? to paraphrase, haunt me. I cannot take Neale’s answers as my own, I have to find my own way much as I admire him. Luckily I have a lot of help! Thanks for showing up in my life today😀

  • mewabe

    I am happy to hear Neale made it and is recovering successfully. Physical life can end quite suddenly, as Leonard Cohen wrote “We are so lightly here”. Physical life is a gift, that must eventually be returned to complete the earth cycles of growth, decay and new growth.

    I have a question, for anyone who might want to answer:

    In the face of barbarism, after you have offered the barbarians flowers, candy, prayers, love, fresh water (the water protectors in North Dakota did all these things with the police) and they still rip your arm off, what do you do, submit to their brutal authority and remain passive and compliant (it is not enough to be non violent apparently) while their agenda is to serve and protect those rogue corporations that rape the earth with the complicity of corrupt politicians, corrupt judges and a corrupt media?

    Do you hope that your positive visualization will take effect just in time to prevent another atrocity, another abuse, another law breaking corporation from imposing its way against the will of the people, another politician from hiding from his or her conscience, and in this specific case another devastating pipeline oil spill?

    [Graphic photos show the shocking brutality unleashed on Standing Rock protesters.

    Gruesome photos of a Dakota Access Pipeline protester’s injuries at the hands of police are going viral.

    In two separate Facebook posts, a protester is seen cradling her arm while sitting in a car, covered in multiple layers due to below-freezing temperatures. She had just been protesting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux on Highway 1806 near Fort Yates, North Dakota when law enforcement agencies suddenly attacked nonviolent protesters with water cannons and non-lethal projectile rounds.

    Remi Graber, who received the photos of their friend after the attacks Sunday night, posted the photos to their Facebook page, describing the context surrounding the protester, whom they identified as “Sophia” in an email, and the severity of Sophia’s injuries.

    Last night, protesters and protectors were engaged by law enforcement and hostile forces. They began spraying water on people in below freezing temperatures, placing hundreds of people in a life threatening situation, exposing them to a high risk of hypothermia and freeze injuries.

    “As my friend attempted to flee, she was struck in the left arm by a concussion grenade causing severe injuries to her left arm. She was evacuated out and rushed to have emergency surgery done”.]

    Tom Cahill
    US Uncut

    Trust me, you don’t want to see the photographs…her arm is a bloody mess.

    Of course, mainstream America will say that the water protectors should not be there. They should be sitting in their living room watching MSNBC, CBS or better yet FOX telling them that some crazy Indians and “agitators” in North Dakota are rioting to stop a perfectly harmless pipeline, and that the police is doing everything to avoid violence.

    In the mainstream media’s new vocabulary, praying and peaceful assembly, or the first amendment, now means rioting.

    Independent journalists are arrested or shot with rubber bullets for rioting with a microphone and engaging in interview activities.

    This restraint by police is also why another protector, an elder, had a cardiac arrest while being attacked by them while praying, another one had the flesh ripped off his hand all the way to the bone, and several who were shot in the head with rubber bullets suffered serious injuries, and that’s not mentioning hundreds suffering from hypothermia Sunday night. That’s not mentioning people being arrested, strip searched and put in dog cages either, or a young Native American woman being strip searched by male officers and thrown naked in a cell all night for “drunk driving” while she was a passenger in a car! This young woman is the daughter of a very prominent elder activist…not a coincidence.

    • Stephen mills

      Wonderful for you to be back Neale we all wish you a speedy recovery ,sounds like you are doing great.Just take your time ,go easy with yourself .

      I’am sorry to hear the events at Standing Rock have taken a turn for the worse mewabe .I watched with horror on the Thom Hartmann website videos of the water cannons and the police brutality there. The people are so strong and have so much resolve . I listened to Robert F Kennedy on Thom’s show .The pipeline is so illegal and should never have gone ahead. It will create at best 30-40 jobs and only line the pockets of billionaires .

      Water is what keeps us all alive and has to be protected at all costs . We have to have massive public awareness of what’s going on in Dakota . People power is stronger than any government .

      Thanks for keeping us informed on this most important of Spiritual matters .

      • mewabe

        Thank you Stephen. The scariest part if that the Morton County sheriff and police are quite willing to blatantly lie about their own actions and those of the water protectors…this in itself reveals a dark agenda. That the useless corporate media repeats these lies without question, and that most Americans do not challenge these lies is quite predictable.

        The little pit bull sheriff of Morton County is already making up lame stories about the need to use water cannons in below freezing temperature on the protestors for hours to put out fires. This is such an unintelligent lie, it is actually laughable. As many videos demonstrate, the small fires where caused by the police using tear gas and concussion grenades, fires which the protectors were actually trying to put out. Yet the media repeats these absurd stories, and the public believes it!

        What is now called the oil police (paid millions of dollars by the pipeline corporation, serving and protecting the law breaking pipeline, not the people) is using the strategy of calling any refusal by peaceful protestors and water protectors to disperse a “riot”. They are accelerating the use of force, not because there is any kind of violence on the part of the protectors, but because they cannot defeat this movement.

        Like all governments, they are now using brutality, as well as attempting to provoke intense anger among the protectors and a violent response, so they can really crack down, perhaps kill a few people, and then say “See, we told you, these protestors are violent!”

        This is reminiscent of the civil rights movement, in the peaceful and prayerful nature of the protest and the blatant racism, dishonesty and brutality of the authorities.

        Unfortunately, the enemy here is not racism, which is easier to eventually conquer, but the corruption of all of our institutions by the oil industry among other big players, a corruption that is tacitly condone by a complacent public.

        The water protectors are heroes, and like all who stand on the front line of social change, are vilified by the authorities, the media and much of the mislead and misinformed public that is too mentally lazy to do research and too cowardly to face uncomfortable, unpleasant facts.

    • Spiritual_Annie


      Just a note, quickly… I was glad to read this in the alternative news: “The county’s acting State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz has alleged that Sheriff Schwartzenberger, who has been working at the site of the DAPL protests, is guilty of ‘misconduct, malfeasance, crime in office, neglect of duty or gross incompetency.’ The McKenzie county commission has also voted in support of the governor’s petition for removal.” Also, local law enforcement wants the feds to close their own lands that they’ve said will be closed 12/5 instead of relying on local resources. And I saw the count of protesters in DC against DAPL went over 1000. Good to see it all, though praying for healing for those recently harmed protecting our water.

      In other news, Trump Tower in NY and the international hotel in DC were temporarily renamed Dump Tower(s) on Google maps. I expect there will be more hacks as Anonymous has put Trump on notice, especially about the potential for conflict of interest about the international hotel.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • mewabe

        Thanks for the update Annie! I also heard that over 2000 vets are headed there to stand in solidarity for 4 days with the water protectors, to “defend the water protectors from assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force and DAPL security”, as suggested and organized by General Wesley Clark, as well as Michael Wood Jr., a retired Baltimore police officer and Marine Corps veteran who advocates for police reform. A great move the mainstream media won’t be able to ignore or lie about!

        “In the ultimate expression of alliance, we are there to put our bodies on the line, no matter the physical cost, in complete nonviolence to provide a clear representation to all Americans of where evil resides,” reads the Operation Order for the event. “The water protectors are leading the way against this same evil which we must all face globally, saving ourselves and our children from the apocalyptic outcome of climate change.”

  • Awareness

    Welcome back Neale Donald Walsch, I am pleased to receive your message and wishing you a comfortable recovery 🙂

    The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂
    Blessings 🙂

    • A true friend

      Hello Mr Awareness. Quick question Why didn’t Neale choose to heal himself?

  • Andres

    Neale, immensely thankful to Life for your successful procedure and grateful in advance for your very prompt recovery. Please don’t ever doubt the importance of your teachings. I have always kept the CwG material close to my heart, and once again it provided great solace in trying times. My father who turned 80 two days ago, was rushed to the hospital today over what turned out to be an inflammatory autoimmune disorder. As my mother wept at the emergency room, I found myself for the first time in my life able to say something that gave her strength. And caught myself uttering the phrase: Life with resolve itself in the process of Life itself. Some bystander who appeared to be listening warmly smiled at me. And then it became so clear. We co create life as a contextual field in which to experience the greatest expression of who we are. Thank you again for giving me -and so many others – the framework of wisdom for becoming aware of this as life is happening. Your greatest and most humble admirer,

    • A true friend

      HI Humble admirer. Here is a question for you Why didn’t Neale choose to heal himself?

      • Andres

        Hello True Friend. In all honesty, I believe that question is meant for Neale. Nonetheless the interpretation of the CwG material I dare to bring forth, is that life is not about the body, it is about the soul. Illness as we understand it is not meant to be healed under every circumstance to make us immortal in this physical body. It is meant as a process of demonstrating who we really are in the face of its presence in our lives, in the knowing that death is only a process of reidentification for the soul. Neale has lovingly and courageously shared what open heart surgery has meant for reevaluating what many years of his life sharing these teachings has produced. In this, he brought about for himself and many others, the healing that really matters.

  • A true friend

    Neale I choose to time travel so how does God send my time machine? By mail?

    • Awareness

      “This Awareness suggests a meditation whereby entities may practice time travelling. This Awareness suggests that you make yourself comfortable in a situation whereby you have the quiet and rest to allow yourself solitude and peace. This Awareness suggests you close your eyes, lay aside all concerns, and simply focus on the present time. This Awareness suggests that you focus on the `here and now ‘ by observing yourself in the immediate present . .

      This Awareness suggests you not concern yourself with the activities of the present or the situations of the present which contribute to your present setting, but rather you concern yourself with the feeling of present tense, the presentness or presence of the moment.

      This Awareness suggests you may find this attitude by looking at yourself, observing the present, by looking at the observer in the present tense or present time. This Awareness suggests that this turning inward on the observer, in the moment, and in the present time setting, as that which allows you to experience greater awareness of the `here and now’, as this focus shuts off outside concerns .

      This Awareness indicates once you have focused on the observer of the `here and now ‘ within yourself, looking deep into your consciousness, into that which observes, focusing on the observer of the `here and now’, this Awareness suggests you then move back in time to any point or time which you desire, in this life or another, as yourself or as pure consciousness, moving back millions of years, —it matters not which time you pick . This Awareness indicates in your movement back to the chosen time or chosen memory, this Awareness suggests you continue focusing on the observer in the `here and now’ ,

      This Awareness indicates for example, focusing on `here and now’, you may choose to move back to a time when you were three years old, and, (continuing to focus on here and now in your consciousness, focusing on the observer within), recall the feeling of being `here and now’ at the age of three in that particular setting . This Awareness indicates the setting and the feeling will come vividly alive to you. The recollection of the moment, of that time, will become very clear .

      This Awareness indicates likewise, you may move back beyond the present lifetime, moving back to designated points in previous times, by observing your observer within, and setting the controls of the traveling—consciousness mechanism to the chosen time. This Awareness indicates for example, you may choose to move back to a time,–950 A.D ., and a place in Northern Greece . This Awareness indicates you may choose the day–March 17th, 950 A.D.; you may choose the place, and visualize yourself moving to that time and place. This Awareness suggests you not try to create the scene or determine what is occurring at the time, but rather that you simply focus on the time and place . This Awareness suggests you may pick a particular time of day–11:30 AM. This Awareness suggests that in choosing this particular time and place and day and year, you focus on the present tense, feeling yourself observing the observer within at that particular time and place, and holding your concentration to that time and place .

      This Awareness suggests you then will begin to perceive feelings, impressions. This Awareness suggests you not hurry these feelings or impressions . You not seek to speed these up. That you simply concentrate on the feeling of `here and now’ at 11:30 A.M., March 17th, 950 AD. in Northern Greece. This Awareness suggests you may pinpoint a particular place if you desire. This Awareness suggests you concentrate only on time and place and consciousness, and allow your impressions to come to you . This Awareness indicates that with practice, you will gradually become more and more adept at experiencing that which occurred at that time .

      This Awareness suggests however, that if you seek to discover something of great significance in that time and place, you may find that you are influencing rather than being receptive to the image which you are receiving. This Awareness suggests that perhaps nothing of any significance occurred at 11 :30 A.M. on March 17th, 950 A.D. in Northern Greece. Therefore, if you are expecting or hoping for a great, significant event. you may simply create such an illusion or imaginative event, and deceive yourself into thinking you have time-traveled.” excepted from “A TIME-TRAVEL MEDITATION FROM COSMIC AWARENESS” 🙂

      I suggest that you also explore the “Channeling Erik” youtube channel and present your time travel questions to Erik Medhus 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Spiritual_Annie


    I’m grateful your surgery was successful and will hold your continued healing in my thoughts and prayers. I understand that, when our physical body’s frailties are brought to our consciousness in a way we don’t generally have to consider them, it can be sobering yet serve as a time for reflection, renewal and recommitment. I haven’t had my chest cracked open, but have coronary vasospasms that cause angina and have once (so far) led to a heart attack. “Life altering” just doesn’t seem to cover all the thoughts and emotions involved.

    I just yesterday attended Evolutionary Church where I heard the phrase “outrageous Love” again, and couldn’t help but feel that’s the most appropriate expression for the response I had towards Life the last time my own physical existence nearly ended. I developed an outrageous Love for this physical life and a recommitment to it, yet also became more clear that my commitment was not at any cost or under any circumstances. I found myself becoming more clear about why I was willing to continue with this physical life and the lines I was not willing to cross.

    In other words, I became more clear about the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about Who I Am, and how I choose to express that. And I needed to be reminded of that during the holiday season, which holds more of my past in my vision than usual and can serve to point out what I don’t have rather than what I choose to do with what is present in my life.

    Much Love and Many Blessings,
    ~Annie <3

    • A true friend

      I will ask again Annie. Why didn’t Neale choose to heal himself?

      • Spiritual_Annie

        I can’t answer for Neale, only speculate. The first thing that comes to my mind is Neale has said that, regardless of the situation, we are still under the age-old premise of cause and effect. Maybe his clogged arteries were the effect of his eating habits from earlier in his life, or are genetic. Then again, since he’s also stated that he lives this physical life in order to fulfill his Soul’s Agenda, it may be that this experience is, in some way, going to aid in achieving it in a way that’s not immediately apparent to the rest of us. Maybe his mind has been trying to get him to take a break and, with his drive or personality, it may have been the only way he would achieve it. There’s also the premise that the most beneficial way to achieve something we feel we’re lacking is to give it away. Maybe, although he gives away many other things, he isn’t as capable of finding ways to give away a reversal of clogged arteries. Maybe it was a matter of finding out at a point where his blood flow was so restricted that it was a life saving measure that would take less time than self-healing.

        Those are all just speculation, though. Only Neale has his own answer. I personally think that, just because he didn’t perform the surgery on himself, it was carried out by other aspects of Divinity with whom he was in touch more clearly than most. The Divinity in the surgical team met up with the Divinity in Neale and the people who were holding his healing in their hearts, minds and Souls, and that did have an effect on the procedure and his healing process.

      • Awareness

        “The video tape we were learning from had been recorded at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong clinic and Training Center, the “medicineless hospital” in the city of Qinhuangdao, China. The footage began by showing a female patient lying on her back in the clinical setting. She appeared to be fully awake and conscious, not anesthetized, and there were no indications that an anesthetic would be used. The woman was loosely clothed, and her shirt had been modestly drawn up to expose her lower abdomen. In the lights of the video and the hospital room, her stomach glistened with the preparatory gel that appeared shiny and wet. Seated to the patient’s right, the nurse practitioner moved an ultrasound wand across the taut, smooth surface of the woman’s stomach.

        Directly behind the patient were three male practitioners. Dressed in white medical jackets, they were standing only inches from her side. The men appeared to be very focused standing quietly near her upper body. One of the men began a motion with his hands, silently moving them through the air above the woman’s face and chest.

        The video next showed the ultrasound image, allowing us to peer into the woman’s bladder during the procedure. The lining and curvature were clearly present. In this image, something else began to appear, something that should not have been there. ‘You are looking at a bladder cancer,’ our instructor explained, ‘a tumor approximately three inches in diameter inside the woman’s bladder.’

        We were seeing the tumor as it actually appeared in the moment, captured by the ultrasound wand. The camera zoomed in on the screen as we witnessed an event for which Western science has no explanation. Anticipating what was about to happen, our room became very still. Even the old folding chairs stopped squeaking while our group watched, in awe, as the miracle unfolded before our eyes.

        While the nurse continued to monitor the event through the ultra sound, the three men standing behind the patient worked together. In unison, they participated in a mode of healing that has been known for centuries. The only sound that betrayed the process was coming from the men themselves. They repeated a single word again and again, a word that became louder and more intense as the healing progressed. Loosely translated into English, they were saying, ‘already gone, already accomplished.’

        The shift began slowly, almost indiscernibly. The cancerous form began to quiver, as if responding to some unseen force. As the movement continued, with the rest of the image in perfect focus, the entire mass began to fade from view. Within seconds, the tumor appeared to melt before our eyes. In only two minutes and forty seconds, the tumor was gone. It had simply disappeared! A healing had occurred, one so complete that the ultrasound did not even indicate scarring in the tissue that the tumor had invaded. The patient, still awake and conscious, appeared to be relieved by what she heard in the room. The nurse and the three men conferred among themselves, then nodded in agreement; their process had been successful. Politely, each bowed from the waist and softly clapped his hands, acknowledging their accomplishment.

        At first, our conference room was silent. Then I heard sighs that gave way to gasps and cheers for what we had witnessed. What had just happened? How had a cancerous tumor, three inches in diameter, disappeared from inside the woman’s body without even the tell-tale scars of such a condition, in a matter of minutes?” – “The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy” by Gregg Braden 🙂

        You can watch the video of this “non invasive” (no surgery) healing approach on youtube, it is titled “Gregg Braden, Bladder Cancer dissolves in less than 3 minutes using The Language of Emotion” 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Patrick Gannon

          Would you please forward the scientific documentation and peer-reviewed articles describing this event? I was unable to find anything to confirm this “miracle.”

          There are a number of articles that point out that it’s all about how you position the ultrasound since it looks at different layers. By careful positioning, you can make it look like there’s a cancer when there isn’t any:
          “I’ve had a good look at the video now and apart from Gregg talking absolute nonsense the recording of the ultrasound was quite interesting.

          I say interesting as since I used to be quite an experienced cardiac ultrasonographer this is a really easy technique to perform.

          The screen on the ultrasound machine is split in half. One’s a still image of the “tumour” and the other’s “live”.

          Keep an eye on the darkish round object in the bottom right of both splits.

          “What’s happening is that the ultrsonographer is very slowly tilting the ultrasound probe away so it LOOKS like the tumour is disappearing. I can tell this because if you look at the bottom right corner you will see a change in the round object which would not occur if the probe remains still.

          Essentially the object is still there but the ultrasound can’t see it as it’s being directed away from where it the tumour is. For reference, think of how what you can see on a foetal scan changes when the ultrasonographer changes the position of the probe.

          What’s also noticeable to me is that where the operator has placed the probe doesn’t look correct. It’s also angling up towards the patient’s head when it should be angled towards the patients feet.”

          If cancer could really be cured by chanting we’d know about it. This is one of those cases of exceptional claims requiring exceptional evidence and no such evidence being provided. A scientific approach to this would have at least confirmed through biopsy that the woman had cancer to begin with, and another to confirm it was gone. Baden relies heavily on a quote attributed to PT Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

          • Awareness

            You went to a forum at a website called “abovetopsecret” and copied a post by someone called “Pardon?” 🙂 That someone called “Pardon?” posted the comment “on Jun, 3 2013 @ 04:32 AM” 🙂 That someone called “Pardon?” claims to be an “ultrasonographer” 🙂 I find it interesting that for someone who enjoys being a “skeptic” that you would copy and paste a comment from an anonymous entity called “Pardon?” who claims to be an “ultrasonographer” 🙂 Can you verify that the person called “Pardon?” is actually an “ultrasonographer” as claimed? Are you sure that the person is really an “ultrasonographer”? Are you a scientist? Gregg Braden is a scientist you know, and I am sure he is well aware of the scientific method. If you doubt what he has written in his book then I suggest you speak to him directly and ask why he believes what he has written. Call Gregg Braden at phone number +1 561-799-9337 or email him at 🙂

            Are you referring to Gregg Braden? Are you spelling Braden as Baden?

            I suggest you read again the following:

            “Miraculously, the baseball-sized tumor visible on the sonogram began to shrink as the practitioners surrounding the patient chanted a simple phrase. In just under three minutes, the “inoperable, terminal, incurable” cancer had simply disappeared.
            A miracle? Or simply a technology we don’t yet understand?

            As one might expect, this was not a scene from Western medical care. The rare video showed a routine healing in a medicineless hospital formerly active in Beijing. Presented during a joint conference in Phoenix by N.Y. Times best-selling author Gregg Braden and renowned cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, it offered the captivated audience a taste of the secrets of the Quantum Field.

            Braden and Lipton’s research in their respective scientific disciplines has resulted in a pair of treasure maps leading to the same chest of spiritual riches. The deepest mysteries of religion and spirituality have, for the most part, eluded Western seekers. But in a surprise ending, it is science that comes to the rescue.”

            “Gregg Braden: Each one of us already knows this language. It is a nonverbal language; there are no words or other outward expressions. Everyone has everything they need to create joy and abundance and health in their lives every day. What scientists are finding is precisely what ancient texts tell us, the language this Field recognizes is the language of human feeling and human emotion. It does not take every person in the world expressing the same feeling to create an effect.

            The studies show that a relatively few number of people with a focused intention have tremendous leverage in terms of affecting how our reality is responding, both in our bodies and in our world.

            One famous example was a research project done during the Israeli-Lebanese war in the early 1980’s. In this study, people who had been trained to feel the feeling of peace in their bodies were positioned in war-torn areas in the Middle East.

            When they were intentionally feeling peace during specific windows of time, it changed the level of violence happening in the area around them in statistically significant ways. Crime, hospital emergency room activity, and traffic accidents declined, and terrorist activities stopped altogether. And when the practitioners stopped, then all those activities reversed.

            Since these practitioners had been trained by Maharishi in TM techniques, this phenomenon became known as the Maharishi Effect.

            And the results were so clear-cut that the researchers were able to determine the exact percentage of a population needed to create this effect. That amount is the square root of 1% of a given population. So, when that critical mass of practitioners participated, the threshold opened up and we began to see the effects. Obviously, the more people who participate, the faster we are going to see those effects. The square root of 1% is just 100 people per million, or only about 8,000 in the current world population of 6.5 billion. That is all it takes to make the difference.

            Whether we are talking about one woman’s healing in the video of the dissolving tumor, or about healing between nations — as different as they seem from one another — the principal and the effect are the same.” – “A Romp through the Quantum Field (Part 1) with Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton” By Meryl Ann Butler 🙂

            I suggest you go and check out the following scientific paper:

            Alexander, C. N.; Abou Nader, T. M.; Cavanaugh, K. L.; Davies, J. L.; Dillbeck, M. C.; Kfoury, R. J.; And Orme-Johnson, D. W. The effect of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field on the war in Lebanon: A time series analysis of the influence of international and national coherence creating assemblies. Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A., and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 1984. Collected Papers v4.335. Published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 32, No. 4, December 1988, pgs. 776-812.

            I have a prediction for you (and it applies to all) you will come round to accepting your eternal nature one day either on this Earth or after your “death” most definitely 🙂 In the mean time you can choose to resist your eternal nature like an entity on a small boat strenuously paddling against the flowing stream 🙂 Inevitably the entity will stop paddling and the flowing stream will have its way 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            As mentioned, it was one of several articles that pointed out the same thing – and I notice that you didn’t bother to refute it. You made the outrageous claim – now the burden of proof is on you.

            If I’ve located the correct paper you reference (Summary of Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program) the paper has nothing to do with Braden. His name is not even mentioned. I want to see a scientific document specifically confirming your post about healing cancerous tumors with chanting. We’re not debating TM; we’re debating Chinese voodoo.

            If you want to see how this scam was pulled off, google “youtube Science of Miracles Cult Fraud Tumor Dissolves” and they will demonstrate it for you and show you where to look at the video in order to verify that this is a scam.

            But I do have a bridge for sale!

          • Awareness

            The claim was presented in Gregg Braden’s book called “The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy” by Gregg Braden 🙂 Which is why I asked you to call Gregg Braden at phone number +1 561-799-9337 or email him at 🙂 Gregg Braden presented the claim, ask him why he believes it to be true 🙂 If you want a “refutation” then ask Gregg Braden the source of the information 🙂 I merely reproduced the information here. Once again ARE YOU A SCIENTIST? Answer this question and specifically are you an “ultrasonographer”?

            I did not make any claim personally in my post 🙂 Read my original post again 🙂 Stop making things up 🙂 And the video you refer to called “Science of Miracles Cult Fraud Tumor Dissolves” in my perception is quite “misleading”, it shows a different image mostly 🙂 It seems a “deceptive” video, the colors of some of the images are not the same as that in Gregg Braden’s video 🙂 You have to present something more convincing 🙂 I just don’t believe you 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            You didn’t make any claim personally, so you just posted this for fun? You don’t stand behind it? You just throw crap out there and see what sticks? OK then. No need for the rest of us to take it seriously if you don’t. You don’t believe me, and I certainly don’t think Braden can be trusted. You put it out there – you prove it.

            Whether I am a scientist is not pertinent, though based on the definition, I probably qualify: “a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.” I did not claim to be a scientist or an ultrasonographer. Based on my research, Braden isn’t a scientist either. He was a software engineer. You are changing the subject – but these discussions with you always go down the drain, so I’ve said my piece and will leave it to others to make their own decisions.

            If you have a cancerous tumor in your body, give it a try and let us all know how that works out. Where do you want us to send the flowers?

          • Awareness

            “Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.” — Deepak Chopra, M.D. 🙂

            Gregg Braden is a scientist, and according to his website greggbraden(dot)com he was a “Computer Geologist” during the 1970s 🙂

            And according to wikipedia:

            “A geologist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth as well as the processes and history that have shaped it.” 🙂

            I posted the claim from Gregg Braden’s book in response to a post from “A true friend” 🙂 It is my style to share information which I deem interesting from other sources here and I am free to do so 🙂 I feel this helps to stimulate discussion and thought 🙂

            I am always being well and happy 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            LMAO. Using Chopra as a source to define who is and isn’t a scientist is a pretty poor choice, given that I’ve seen him embarrass himself by pretending to know science that he didn’t know anything at all about. Many real scientists have no use for him and often wince at his ideas, which, like the one you presented here, may encourage foolish people to forego essential medical care in place of voodoo mumbo jumbo. Certainly Neale knew better than to try that!
            Posting stuff and failing to take a position on it and defend that position is not only cowardly, but it will get you kicked off most blogs. Lucky for you Neale doesn’t have that requirement here.
            I think it’s time for me to go back to ignoring your posts unless you are posting things – as you did here – that could conceivably result in people dying by believing this nonsense and refraining from real, and necessary, medical services.

          • Awareness

            Are you claiming to be better than (or superior to) Dr Deepak Chopra because of his views??

            According to Wikipedia, Dr Deepak “Chopra studied medicine in India before emigrating to the United States in 1970 where he completed residencies in internal medicine and endocrinology. As a licensed physician, he became chief of staff at the New England Memorial Hospital (NEMH) in 1980.” 🙂

            So Dr Deepak Chopra is definitely qualified to call Gregg Braden a scientist. And in order to study Software Engineering you need to be pretty good at core science subjects Maths and Physics 🙂 You need a scientific mind in order to practice Software Engineering or any other engineering field for that matter 🙂

            As I have stated in my previous post, Wikipedia says that “A geologist is a scientist“. Do you dispute Wikipedia? Gregg Braden was a “Computer Geologist”, and therefore a scientist 🙂

            As for posting stuff here I will continue to follow my style 🙂 You are not the owner of this website, Neale Donald Walsch owns it 🙂 I will do as I wish in line with the guidelines laid out by Neale Donald Walsch for his website 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            I probably know more about quantum mechanics than he does. But no, I never claimed to be better than, or superior to, Chopra – that’s a straw-man argument, like so many I get here when the debater has nowhere left to go. I know all about Chopra’s medical degree. He should have stuck with modern medicine. I followed him and viewed all his videos for a year or so, where like Neale, he generally says the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways. It’s all to make money. New Age is a business, and he’s been very successful at it. That doesn’t make him right. That makes him PT Barnum, in my view.

            Braden can call himself whatever he wants. You are nitpicking. By your definition, I’m a scientist. What we can see from the so-called miracle you provided, is that he has little use for the scientific method. He has no skepticism, no controls, no peer review, and as best I can tell, no response to those who have called him out on what appears to be fraud.

            You posted stuff that could convince foolish people that they don’t need modern medicine to cure cancer. That’s extremely irresponsible in my opinion. (On the other hand, if someone is foolish enough to put themselves under the care of a quack, then the human genome will probably benefit by removing them from the gene pool – hopefully before they reproduce). As I mentioned – Neale wasn’t that stupid.

            Another straw-man – I did not claim to be the owner of this site, I merely pointed out the way most other blogs operate, and noted that you are fortunate that he allows you to post your generally irrelevant stuff here.

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        I did. I simply used surgery as a way of doing it.

        • Patrick Gannon

          A very wise decision. The problem is that there are many New Age and other religious folk who convince gullible people that they can indeed cure themselves by manipulating matter through meditation, chanting, prayer, and so forth – and some of these people believe this and end up shortening or ending their lives as a result.

          I’m not sure that’s altogether bad, as evolution has a major role to play and sometimes a little chlorine in the gene pool is called for. But why aren’t you and others who promote the idea that consciousness (or prayer to an imaginary invisible being who lives in the sky) can manipulate matter in order to cure medical conditions, at least to some degree, responsible when those gullible people abandon logic and reason in favor of voodoo and further harm or kill themselves?

          Perhaps a column on why science trumps voodoo might be called for, given that you were smart enough to take the logical, reasonable approach, and it saved your life. You’ve disparaged the medical community a number of times in years gone by for not accepting or adopting eastern medical practices, but did you turn to those practices, or did you place your trust in modern science?

          Why didn’t you go to Mr. Awareness’ “medicineless hospital” or something similar?

          Answer: because you aren’t an idiot.

        • A true friend

          So all that talk about people coming back from the dead was just for the show?

  • Patrick Gannon

    Neale speaks of the millions of people who have proclaimed that his message changed their lives – but so too have other religions. I hear from far more Christians than Neale Walsch New Agers, who say that establishing a “personal relationship” with Jesus changed their lives. Yet there’s a very high probability there was no historical Jesus, just as there was no historical Abraham or Moses; and in all likelihood there is no New Age God. Without objective evidence for these things, it’s all just wishful thinking and superstitious whistling in the dark.

    Neale has spoken for years of manipulating matter with consciousness – why didn’t he fix his own heart? Probably for the same reason that Yahweh can’t heal amputees. He doesn’t exist, and in all probability, consciousness as a force outside ourselves does not exist. If it does, we’ll figure it out in due course; till then, believing in it is lying to ourselves.

    He speaks of the urgency of his message given the election of Trump, but in many ways, the election of Obama was every bit a pivotal moment in US and global history. I think we’re just seeing a pendulum swing back and forth, just as it always has.

    I do agree with his last paragraph – belief is not necessary to do the right thing:

    “I know that not all of you believe in God, or in the existence of a Higher Power or a Prime Source that is consciously engaged in the expression of Life throughout the cosmos — yet you, too, I know, believe in your own fundamental goodness, in the kindness of your every intention, and in the love that you seek to express in every way that is genuine and true. Demonstrating this at every moment of your life with every person in your life is all that it will take to help change our world, and to move you forward in your own evolution.” I agree with this, but note that no belief is necessary to do any of this. I also appreciate that with this paragraph he is walking back some of his earlier comments in times gone by that denigrated atheists and agnostics.

    • A true friend

      “Neale has spoken for years of manipulating matter with consciousness – why didn’t he fix his own heart? Probably for the same reason that Yahweh can’t heal amputees. He doesn’t exist, and in all probability, consciousness as a force outside ourselves does not exist.”
      He actually speaks about this in his book Conversation with God for Teens about how one can heal him/her self. Yet Neale seems to be stuck at “If you want something your are announcing the universe your lack of it and it pushes your desire away from you” excuse. That being said if CwG is correct then God is a horrible designer/architect. To respond to you Patrick about an earlier comment on why am here if i’m not interested in the pantheistic concept the answer is simple IF the pantheist theory is correct than I’m here to announce to Neale and everyone who reads CwG material my intention to truly separate myself from the universe. While some people might claim that to do so is impossible I will say to them that nobody who has given the benefit of the doubt to the pantheism theory has ever though on how to separate themselves from divinity. And if CwG is for real i think I even know how to achieve my separation thanks to Neale.
      And if somebody wonders why I choose to separate myself from life the answer is simple: I was never born in the circumstances that I desired and I noticed that every since I was a child. My so called soul is said to have choosen this timeline in the multitude of universes and he could have predicted my feelings in advance and yet he choosed to go with it anyway. So it’s a big “screw you” to my soul, God and everybody else.

      • Awareness

        But then you won’t be living in your current physical body forever in this “timeline” universe 🙂 After you “die” (exit this physical body), you can choose to reincarnate into another “preferred physical universe” 🙂 You are an eternal being, this your current physical existence is so brief and “miniscule” compared to eternity 🙂 There is no hurry to go anywhere when you have forever to experience everything 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend that you seriously and thoroughly read the wonderful book “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂 I can feel that your desire is strong 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Billy Robbins

          What do you mean you can choose to reincarnate into another preferred physical universe? what does that mean.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Ask for some objective evidence while you’re at it!

          • Awareness

            Read the wonderful book “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch and you will understand 🙂 Note, you do not have to believe any of this 🙂 Feel your own “truth” 🙂
            Bless ALL 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        Interesting comments. I know the standard CwG answers to some of your questions – like why did my soul choose this particular life; but of course this is a question for which no objective evidence exists to affirm that, or any answer. I used to give more credence to subjective evidence, but having learned a bit more about the brain and how it works, I know beyond reasonable doubt that our subjective experiences cannot be uniformly trusted.

        I have similar concerns about how CwG often provides itself an “out” with the somewhat conflicting points it occasionally raises. We have a “Law of Attraction” which is not a “law” in any scientific meaning at all, and it’s easily debunked. Then we have the “Law of Opposites” which I suppose gives us the explanation for why the law of attraction doesn’t work… It all gets a bit fuzzy when you try to nail it down in your head. Then we’ve got “Ours is not a better way, ours is just another way.,” which I always thought was nonsensical. If your way isn’t better, then why change? In fact, I think the CwG way is a better way than the legacy religion way, but I don’t think it’s the best way. It’s just another way in the sense that it’s another unfounded (religious or quasi-religious) belief system put forth by a revelatory prophet or messenger, who in this case can’t perform miracles as could many of the messengers who came before him (or so the ancient books would have us believe). At least we have the benefit of objective evidence that Neale actually exists! There was almost certainly no Moses, and most probably no Jesus.

        I see CwG as a stepping stone from legacy religion to enlightenment through open minded skepticism – where the real truth may be sought and sometimes found. I love some of the personal improvement tips like the highest version/highest vision thing. I run that through my mind when I’m faced with a problem and it helps. Learning mindfulness came from CwG and it’s helped my life. These things also led me to questioning the master, which as you point out, many followers are reluctant to do. It’s funny because these revelatory folks like Moses, Isaiah, Jesus and Neale, all questioned the established wisdom and the established authority, but when people like me question those new authorities in the same way, we are reviled and castigated. It seems to me that the most important lesson these people (whether real or mythical) offer us, is to point out that we must always challenge the established authority, and to fail to do so is to be dishonest with ourselves. In fairness to Neale, he does not suggest that he should not be questioned, but as you pointed out, some of his minions certainly hold that viewpoint.

        If you have any success in separating yourself from the (mythical?) ONEness, let me know how that goes. I’m also still struggling to understand the bit about the time machine.

        I’m of the mind that when I die, the elements that make up my physical body will be put back into nature in some form or other and that will be the end of me aside from any good I’ve done, any memories people have about me, and any contributions I’ve made to the human genome. And that “oneness” is enough. It’s OK. In fact, it’s pretty cool. If it turns out that there’s an afterlife of some sort, then that may be a bonus (or it could turn out that Yahweh is real and we’re all cooked!), but there’s no sense in worrying about it now given that we have no objective evidence regarding what, if anything, happens after this. Which of course leads to my pet theory, that believing in things for which no real evidence exists, could be detrimental to us by creating cognitive conflicts over what our brains know for sure (that no objective evidence exists) and what we believe in spite of this. How can that be good for our mental health? Isn’t it better to face the reality that we just don’t know and that the current probabilities are on the side of this being all we get? When it comes to questioning authority, perhaps the place we should start is with ourselves as the authority – and question the authority of our own beliefs over us. Or maybe there’s some benefit to lying to ourselves… I don’t know. I just ask the question.