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Editor’s Note: For the next several months this space will be used to explore — one-by-one — the messages, metaphysical principles, and spiritual meaning of the material found in the nearly 3,000 pages of the Conversations with God dialogues. This series of observations and interpretations is offered with my continuing disclaimer: I could be wrong about all of this.


CWG Explored/Installment #3: What IS CWG, actually?

Since the publication of the Conversations with God dialogues people have wanted to label them. It is our nature to give names to things. All things, really. Not just physical objects, but events, circumstances, experiences…you name it.

Literally, you name it.

Without a name, we have no way of talking about things, no way of referring to things, no way of entering into a deeper exploration of things. So we give things names, and then we can discuss them.

People have given a variety of names to the Conversations with God texts. Some (mainly those who disagree with its contents) have called it a religion. Some (mainly those who disagree with its contents) have called it blasphemy, heresy, apostasy. Some (mainly those who disagree with its contents) have called it foolishness, fantasy, wishful thinking, or misinformation.

Some people (mainly those who agree with its contents) have referred to CWG as dialogues with Deity, Divine revelations, inspired messages, metaphysical insights, guidelines for living, and even a New Spirituality.

No one, however, has spoken to me so far about Conversations with God in words that describe the material as I have felt it in my soul. So let me tell you what I experience CWG to be.

An invitation.

An invitation in three parts.

An invitation which, if accepted by large numbers of people across the globe, I feel could make our planet a more wonderful place on which to live, virtually overnight.

Here is that three-tiered invitation:
Change the world’s mind about God.
Give people back to themselves.
Awaken the species.

There you have it. Fourteen words that I believe could change the world if we took them in as God’s invitation to humanity; if each of us, individually, embraced them as God’s invitation to us, personally, and acted on them every day in every way.

You might find it interesting to note that these fourteen words, acted on, summarize the life of virtually every person that our world has recognized through the centuries as a spiritual master.

Whether we’re talking about Lao Tzu or Buddha, Moses or Jesus, Mohammed or Vasugupta, Mother Mary or Julian of Norwich, Catherine of Genoa or Teresa of Avila, Beatrice of Nazareth or Hildegard of Bingen, all of the Great Masters, male or female, ancient and contemporary, have moved through the world in a way that demonstrated their decision to accept God’s invitation to humanity: Change the world’s mind about God, give people back to themselves, awaken the species.

As we inch our way toward the third decade of the Twenty-First Century, this tri-part invitation is being extended to each of us. No longer is it intended to be sent to, or received by, only one-in-a-million. Now it is being sent to all of humanity’s billions — and those who are ready and willing to accept it already know who they are. By virtue of the fact that they have heard the invitation…actually, felt it at an energetic level…they have already self-selected to be among those who now choose to move through the world in a way that demonstrates their decision to accept the invitation.

This process of self-selection — of people choosing themselves, rather than waiting to be or to feel “chosen” — is what marks this day and age as different from times long past.

In the earlier days of our species’ evolution, people did not embrace what we might call a “heavenly assignment” unless or until they felt “called” or “anointed” — usually as a result of a personal epiphany or spiritual transformation of some kind.

Today people are transforming themselves. No longer content to wait for some outside influence or exterior energy to shift their ground of being, people are expanding their consciousness, elevating their awareness, and expressing their grandest selves because they choose to — not because they feel they have been chosen to.

Such self-selection marks the beginning of a new era, the onset of a new epic in humanity’s long evolutionary process. It is the next stage of growth for the species, signaling the emergence from spiritual infancy to metaphysical maturation. Humans are claiming their True Identity, embracing their Actual Nature, and expressing their Divine Essence without waiting any longer to be ordained or consecrated through some external experience or authority outside of themselves.

This is as it would most naturally be; as it was intended to be; as it is, in fact, with all highly evolved sentient beings in the universe.

As you read this you will know (just as you knew, immediately, when you first read the Conversations with God material) if the invitation to change the world’s mind about God, to give people back to themselves, and to awaken the species resonates with you. You will understand intuitively and at once that accepting this invitation has nothing to do with huge exterior accomplishments you are expected to achieve, but rather, with States of Being you have the opportunity to embrace, express, and experience.

That is, there is nothing you have to do, and only that which you are invited to be as you do whatever you do.

This is one of the opening messages in the Conversations with God dialogues — which we will explore in the next installment in this series.

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