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Editor’s Note: For the next several months this space will be used to explore — one-by-one — the messages, metaphysical principles, and spiritual meaning of the material found in the nearly 3,000 pages of the Conversations with God dialogues. This series of observations and interpretations is offered with my continuing disclaimer: I could be wrong about all of this.

CWG Explored/Installment #6: Self-Selecting/A process that could change the world.

In the 4th installment of this series I wrote this: A person who walks through the world holding the Identity of Divinity deep within changes the exterior experience of everyone else everywhere she or he steps, every room he or she enters, every space she or he occupies.

If our entire species walked through this world holding such an identity deep within, it would produce Heaven on Earth.

The question is, what could cause our entire species to do so?

In my last installment (#5), I spoke of what causes a person to become “enlightened.” That article was a precursor to what follows here. I would like to discuss now what could cause all enlightened humans to produce Heaven on Earth, to join in awakening our species and co-creating a new way of living together on this planet.

I believe that the answer is desire. But not desire for planetary transformation. Rather, desire for individual transmogrification.

My online dictionary says that to “transmogrify” means to alter or change in a surprising or magical manner. It offers this example: “The cucumbers were ultimately transmogrified into pickles.”

So in my vernacular, to “transmogrify” is one level above to “transform.” To “transform,” in my world, means to change significantly. To “transmogrify” means to change not just significantly, but magically and surprisingly.

For me, this means becoming my Universal (or Big) Self in fullest expression, replacing my Local (or Little) Self. This is a shift into my God-created identity and out of my self-created identity. Or, if you will, into my True Identity and out of my False and Limited Identity.

When I develop, nurture, and place into physical expression the deepest desire to expand my notion of Who I Am, I automatically become a “change agent” on my planet — without that being my primary purpose or intention.

By virtue of the simple difference in how I present myself to the world, the world to which I present myself changes. It cannot help but do so, because the change that occurs within people who self-select to reach, in this lifetime, the highest stage of evolution possible is such that it touches other people in a profound way, showing them the highest possibilities of who they are, and engendering within them the desire to experience this as well.

It is a fact that a great deal of human behavior — a huge amount of it, actually — emerges from emulation. We begin our lives by emulating our parents (whether we, or they, know it or not). Then we emulate our childhood heroes and idols. Finally, as we move into adulthood, we emulate the behaviors that our society has told us lead to success, personal popularity, true happiness, and the good things in life.

It is when we cross paths with someone, when we encounter someone in our lives, who has created a new and remarkable way to define “the good things in life” that we almost immediately seek to emulate their behavior, because we realize they have found something that we have not been able to find (all of our prior emulations notwithstanding).

They have found peace.
And inner joy.
And true prosperity (having nothing to do with money).
And love. Real love. Unconditional love. For life, for themselves, for all others — and yes, for God.

Of equal importance and apparency, they have released any and all holding of fear, feeling of resentment, needing to forgive, desiring to defeat or defend, craving for revenge, inclination to judge, yearning to punish, or enthusiasm for righteousness.

When we meet and interact with such a person, we want what they’ve got. By seeing that it’s possible within the human journey, we want our journey to take us there. That’s just what happens with people who find themselves around people who wrap themselves around principles that produce behaviors and out-picturings of their highest inner decisions regarding Who They Really Are.

So what it would take to change the world is for the number of people who choose to change themselves to reach critical mass.

We are talking about people who self-select — that is, who choose themselves — to be among those who commit to moving forward their own individual and personal evolution by embracing and demonstrating behaviors that serve to awaken the species to who and what human beings really are (Individuations of Divinity), and how that may be made manifest in human experience.

The idea of “self-selecting” centers around an invitation to step into life in a new way, for the largest reason and the grandest purpose: To evolve to the next level, and ultimately to the highest level, in the expression of Who We Really Are. In other words, to evince the Divine.

That brings up a fascinating question. What does it take to change the Self? What is required to transmogrify? Does it take a long, long time? Years and years of study, effort, and practice? Was Malcolm Gladwell right in his 2008 book, Outliers, in which he hypothesized that it takes 10,000 hours to reach mastery at anything? Could this include reaching mastery at Mastery?

That will be the subject of our next installment.

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  • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

    How do I SELF-SELECT a time machine Neale?

    • AKA Patrick

      Do you really NEED a time machine? And if so, why? Most of us have enough trouble keeping up with the PRESENT.

      • Jethro

        Hi Patrick, This is a place you don’t want go, Really! There is nothing that anyone has been able ask or say to truly understand or give understanding. You are setting yourself up for insult and confusion. Even Neale has tried already.

        • AKA Patrick

          Thanks for the warning.

        • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

          “There is nothing that anyone has been able ask or say to truly understand or give understanding. ”
          I though I have been over this hundreds of times. I have made choices in my past that haven’t really represented my true self. God should give me a time machine to rectify my previous choices. What is there so hard to understand?

          • Perhaps that time machine you desire to go back in the past has already been given to you by the thing called memory & reflection.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            You don’t get it do you?
            If I change a event in the past and subsequently change my location on the time space continuum I experience the change. If you really want me to explain it to you like your are a 4 years old fine. When I was 5 years old I fell from a rock and broke my head. If I go back in time and make sure I don’t fall I would never have a scar above my right eye. Do you understand now? Or are you still not grasping my meaning. All of you are incredibly annoying by trying to make me accept CwG without God’s sky in the pie promise.

          • Kirsten

            Hi ya,
            What you are after doesn’t exist…..I’m sure 99% of people would wish to change something in their past. Accept it and try asking for something possible. Or talk to people and ask what they could change in their own past to get a reality check on how small your event probably was. Heck Im sure most addicters, abusers, prisioners, people who have neglected someone and billions would join your support.
            Heck, because everyone other than you has the IQ of a four year old, and are really annoying apparently, I’ll even start it for you BUT my IQ may be dlighgly higher than other four year olds since I understand ripples in the pond, chains of events, catalysts and all the other things on this planet ghat could be affected by my change of choices……….here goes……

            I wish I could rewind time to 2010 and get another pair of cute canvas Gallaz boots…Hunter model, size UK 8. The decision to buy two pairs was out of character, I should have bought all they had, I love them. If I bought a thousand pairs they may have kept making them, then I could wear some every day, heck I could have given a pair to my friend who has a sore ankle…she had to buy Chucks to wear to hide an ankle support. Huge problem..her kids wear Chucks, all our kids do, and so do I, BUT her 13yr old doesnt think mothers should wear them…SO now my friend has a dilemma. ALL BECAUSE OF MY BAD CHOICE NOT TO BUY ENOUGH BOOTS. Damn, I wish I had those boots, now I’ve changed soooo many lives and my friend still has a sore ankle!!! Heck, I should be shot, or at least sent to hell.

            I also wish I could rewind to 2009, and not get my sick old dying dog, riddled with cancer and so dehydrated she couldnt stand up, put down the afternoon I did….just one more day…maybe her choice would have been to have one more day with us, a time machine could give her one more day.

            I also wish I hadnt lost the plot and given my then 10 year old son a smack on the bum after hours of the kids being far too noisy inside driving me nuts….that would be Winter of maybe 2004. That cost me a lot of greasing him up, new Hot Wheels cars and a promise he could have his own room when he was 12….expensive mistake, damn I screwed up bigtime there! A non existant time machine would be handy for that one too!

            Damn I want those boots though.
            I challenge anyone else to join Mateias ‘I Wanna Time Machine Or Ill Have A Tantrum Because Im 4 Years Old Support Group’ aka IWTOIHATBI4YOSG just to keep it more simple

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            I’m talking here about CwG cosmology and it’s claim that what I choose is possible. I’m not interested in anything else.
            “speak up about the real issue”
            Where is my time machine ?? That is my issue. I’m really a simple creature. There isn’t more than that.

          • Kirsten

            Thank you Mateia.
            About the cats…..this was the whole point in this….obviously everyone knows that torturing animals or the ability to kill are the first signs of a sociopath or psychopath, as would be the whole poop thing.
            Instead of wishing you could rewind time and those things never happened, be damn grateful that many of those things on your list have changed your future, and you have developed a sense of right from wrong, and a conscience so regret those acts, something you have probably learned through your own suffering, thats how life works, God and those above put things in our lives to encourage us to override the negative aspects of our personalities, ditch them, and move forward as an adult in a positve way.

            Mewabe would say your inner child is screaming out for help, thats his speciality, but when I look at the list, I would say you should look at why someone had instilled in you a need to forsake the childlike aspects of wanting your mother with you and other natural childlike behaviors. What happpened that you went from being a Mommys boy, in a positive way, to feeling a need to ‘toughen up’ and lose those traits. Did your mother or Mihai pass away, or did someone bully you for being a baby, setting something in place where you switched from having a strong natural inner child that still had a natural desire to be with the mother all the time and not be independant yet, to one that felt they had to be tough and cool?
            You can’t rewind time, but you can go back mentally and find that one incident that clearly happened at kindergarten, where an adult made you feel like crap, perhaps the fire, which in some way may have given you positive reinforcement, often the act of facing consequences may trigger a positive feeling, like being singled out for 1:1 attention, that triggered more negative behavior?
            When Mom left you alone at night, does that mean in your bedroom, or alone in the house?
            In children, all those emotions we feel then teach us how to be better in adult relationships and as parents. Cuddling soft toys is a natural trait expressing a desire to be hugged until we fall asleep…many adults sleep almost hugging a pillow, or on a couch because the back of it is similar to a person behind you. Since you remember that feeling, you’ll be a more affectionate person at night so as to not make those you care about feel as you did. Learn about all those feelings, and make them a part of your adult life, rather than wanting them to go away or you’re missing the point of life…a training ground where we go from a newborn to death, learning every day how to be human, hjmane and a part of humanity.
            I know you’ll say you don’t want help, just a time machine, that you can’t have, but you should also look at each and everyone of those things and see how it has shaped you, and become a part of you.
            For example, nearly being hit by a truck….I bet now you are incredibly cautios around traffic, and will be when and if you have kids, this experience coyld have already saved lives.
            You are still stuck as a child, wanting to stay a chi0ld longterm, and wanting ghe people in your childhood to stay jn their roles in your life….Mom as the protector and love giver, dealing with your love/competitive relationship with Mihai, whom I assume to be a younger brother but close in age, and to just be able to play and not deal with adult problems…..this can’t happen, adilts have responsibilities and are the grown ups overseeing this world, and protecting all the children and animals in it. You’re a grown up now!!!!!!
            You can right your own wrongs, donate to a cat rescue place, give a poor child a wooden house toy, treat others as you would Anca so they know you care about them…this is how we learn and how you can clean your own slate and live free with a clear conscience.
            Your tantrums are very cute though!!!
            Take care,

            PS, there is a lot of head hitting and incidents going on…this is a manifestation of people literally trying to knock some sense into people, a sub conscious act, even in children. Something non listeners or narssicists who always want their own way will do, as will the Universe.
            And eye problems are a manifestation of not really knowing where yiu are heading or focussing on past and present rather than looking ahead…as a reincarnated soul all of this is classic of how you will be so after many lives your eyes are damaged….look ahead not in the past and you may be pleasantly surprised that something may improve your eyes. It clearly bothers you so change your headspace to an adult one and look ahead…use that time machine mentally to take you forward 5 years, then work out how to get yourself physically to that place you want to head to….not kindergarten, you might be a bit old for that now!

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “about the cats … this was the whole point in this”
            Only because you lack imagination. I am a perfectionist but how NAG says everything is subjectiv. By controlling every aspect of my life It will trigger a change per-mutated by the buttefly effect.

          • Kirsten

            Sorry….I meany MY point in asking what you wanted to change. Whether it was to change normal events, or those you regret as it caused the unnecessary suffering of others.
            Take care,

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “obviously everyone knows that torturing animals or the ability to kill are the first signs of a sociopath or psychopath,”

            First of all I killed that cat by mistake second of all I was 6 years old and I didn’t knew any better.
            But here is a dilemma for you. Millions of animals are killed and suffer indirectly by our need for meat and dairy products.
            Scientists have even shown that the human body needs substances that can only be found in meat. I believe you are trying to prove your point that you are somehow right and your God is the right God.
            Now tell me something about your God.
            Since your God is all powerful how come he hasn’t replace my stomach by the time I have finished typing this sentence with a machine that feeds me energy directly from the ether?

          • Kirsten

            Because Im a Kabbalist Israelite, my God is absolutely nothing to do with Neale, CWG, Neales books or teachings, or this website. Read scripture if you want to know MY God.
            And I dont eat much, if anything at all, but for my household and my workplace, I only purchase free range eggs and chicken, and all sheep and cows in New Zealand where I live are treated humanely and graze freely and naturally, half our country is huge natural farms. And i would never purchase anything tested on animals, and would always refuse all medications and vaccinations on those grounds, as I have with my kids. Not a dilemma for me at all, I am opposed to any forms of suffering, full stop. I would rather die than ever have to kill a mouse.
            Take care,

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            First of all I know that you we’re Kabbalist Israelite and second of all you have avoided my question entirely.

          • Kirsten

            Sorry, I had answered it indirectly, saying my God isn’t CWG, so scripture may tell you why He hasn’t replaced your stomach with a machine that feeds you energy directly from the ether.
            Read my discussion with Mewabe in this thread….I barely eat or drink, and a nutritionist would define me as underweight, dehydrated, anaemic and malnourished, yet I am always happy, have energy, are generally up until 2 or 3am and look healthy with a strong immune system and all my internal organs work fine. Although I do know I need to start remembering to eat and drink. But this is my natural state, and has been for years, Mewabe struggles to keep weight on as well. I gave in and didnt fight it, and nothing changed except my eyes.But looking thin is never a good look when yoy’re over 40 so I need to fatten up, but instinctively I wouldnt eat or drink at all!
            Is this called surviving on ether?? Where all my mental and physical energy is coming from ME as the energy source, or God, rather than physical food? Are we as a personality, mind, soul and energy the ether?. I probably live off the nutrients in coconut oil I use as a moisturiser and the teaspoon of it I eat each day along with a clove of raw garlic, mint and parsley, from being outside up high on my deck surrounded by trees like a treehouse with very high oxygen levels, being mobile all day so keeping my batteries charged like a car and getting what sun I can. And sun gazing. You can live off ether, in the form of your own positive energy and heatlhy air around you, although soaking in water 3x a day is recommended to stay hydrated and I would say drink a litre of healthy pure juice a day that Im just starting back on. Its all a natural instinctive part of Kundalini
            Try it, you can do it with a stomach, you’ll just find that solid food is digested quickly, which it should be anyway, so you’ll poop the equivalent of what you eat!! Start with a detox first, and it wont work if you have issues or old fat stores as theyre toxic when your liver is forced to process it, detoxes need lots and lots of fluids.
            Good luck, and make sure your own energy is pure and positive or its dangerous, people die trying, or your body goes into organ failure like anorexics. It can be incredibly dangerous if not tried via instincts, which is God speaking to us.

          • mewabe

            Hey Mateia,
            Rather than playing with people, taunting them with questions and attempting to make them look ridiculous or foolish, why don’t you state what your own beliefs and worldview are, if you seek to actually have a real adult conversation?
            If not, keep doing what you are doing, and eventually no one will respond.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “if you seek to actually have a real adult conversation?”
            I already have. CwG tells that time travel is possible. My only question is how does God mail a time machine? What more do you need?

          • It’s not done in a time machine but in your sleep as you quoted from the book.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            Has anybody hereread here CwG?
            Do I need to quote the book every 5 sentences?!?!?
            “Time is such a sublime realm, in which what you call past, present, and future exist inter-relationally. That is, they are not opposites, but rather parts of the same whole; progressions of the same idea; cycles of the same energy; aspects of the same immutable Truth. If you conclude from this that past, present, and future exist at one and the same “time,” you are right.”

          • mewabe

            Time travel is possible in consciousness, within your own consciousness, not physically, at least not yet. You can change your consciousness and even your past if you choose to, within your own mind.

            I am not here to defend any of Neale’s affirmations, but this one is not unique to Neale. Many individuals have stated that consciousness is malleable and flexible, and highly creative. Only you can choose to be creative, or not, and transcend your own mental limitations, or not. You cannot blame anything on anyone else, or on any concept of “God”.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            So God isn’t to blame if somebody is bron let’s say without a limb? Does it seem fair to you?

          • mewabe

            It depends which “God” you are talking about.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            Fine then. What is the purpose of this so called source?

          • mewabe

            What is the purpose of a flower? Why are you looking for a purpose? Linear thinking is caught in the trap of cause and effect. Do you need a purpose in order for your life to make sense? If so, so you be caught in the never ending cycles of cause and effects, which are unnecessary to life, and human inventions.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            Let’s make some things clear.
            “just as the universe IS, and in tune with it?”
            No! Never in a infinity of years and beyond.
            “will fill that inner void”
            Implying that I would ever want to fill it.

          • mewabe

            Glad you made some things clear…I was holding my breath…now I can finally breathe and go on with my life!
            Mateia, you are free to do, think, believe whatever the heck you want, and this includes be as miserable as you want, unless you are not.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “unless you are not”
            Which is the case.

      • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

        “Do you really NEED a time machine?”
        I chose a time machine.
        “And if so, why?”
        It’s my choice why does it matter to you?

        • AKA Patrick

          You’re right. You’re free to choose whatever you want.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            Thank you! Finally a proper response.

  • Jethro

    So I was wondering if this was leading up to the sale of a new book. Of course it was.

    I chose people, as I grew up, to model myself after. I was very disappointed to find out truths about some of those people. It could be my changing, when I chose to change, was a changing to being myself when I changed. I quit being a cowboy with biker tendencies. I’ve always been the type of person who cared deeply for others, without concern for self. I now care for myself as well, which has enabled me to care better for others.

    To make the change spoken about by Neale, feels right, but feels wrong at the same time. I give that part of myself that is caring and kindness everyday. The silent part, my lack of trust for other human beings, still lingers just underneath, always. Its my shield. I’m always on the lookout for the twist. What is the other person going to do to me. How will greed show up?

    Is this conversation just a long winded advertisement? I’ve enjoyed the conversations and points of view here that have been very educational. So its more than just a sales gimmick I guess. My actions and expressions conduct the actions and expressions of another. I’ve experimented with it multiple times. It’s how I make sales, I become the person I’m talking to. I change the way I talk, my physical movements, my facial expressions, but I am still moving about as me in my thoughts.

    I’ve been waiting for that moment when an answer shows up telling us a better way to speed up a changing in our world, to help humanity catch on. We cannot. The truth is, we change ourselves and hope it catches on. We pay it forward, we give, we share, we act in kindness and hope its contagious. I will just continue to try and be the change I wish to see. I will continue to be me and make that better. I might even read the new book and hope something clicks.

    A time machine would come in handy! but going back in time with my knowledge would require my age go with me as “wisdom comes with age”. I will just carry on as is.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I understand your energy, Jethro. For me, the sad part of continuing to be inspired to place new messages into the world is that I am expected never to say a word about it, or I’ll be accused of creating a “long winded advertisement.”

      • Jethro

        My friend Neale, There have been a thousand times I would have liked to talk to you over the last several years. Even the last several weeks. It’s very sad that I had to insult you to get a response. I apologize that my words were so harsh. I am human and make mistakes. If none of this was leading up to the new book, I sincerely apologize. I too will retract a few words. I don’t even know what a brick bat is.

        I have been reading your messages, finding out what god wants me to know, for nearly 8 years every morning. I even made one of them a formal group discussion in college. I have started every Saturday/Sunday morning by reading and re-reading the weekly bulletin and studying every word. I was very happy to finally realize this website existed. I’ll admit I was a bit startled when I read a few posts but I joined in. One of my first experiences was “A True Friend”, I became so frustrated and angry at her that I became ashamed and signed out. I signed back in as Jethro and went again. Agreed, there is a lot of negativity here. You taught me that we cannot experience positive until we have experienced Negative. Just finding level ground with others here can be a struggle.

        I’m going to try and explain my post and its going to be another struggle. I’m not in a great place just to start, anymore than you are with that zipper going down the middle of your torso. I’m not half the person of understanding that you are.
        I’m struggling to understand why the world is the way it is. It actually makes me angry. I’ve not seen a response from you that expressed anger until mine. That’s pretty rough considering the amount of respect I have for you, but the show of human anger is refreshing as I thought there might be something wrong with me. I re-worded a message yesterday from me to you several times and just never felt comfortable enough to send it, I’ve done that several times. When I got out of bed this morning and I just wasn’t in the best place, yet again. I’m being pulled in many directions. It’s as if I’m the only person in the world who can help the people who need their homes repaired. I’m sure you have the same problem with people believing you are the only person in the world who can bring peace to their thoughts. For me its true. You are the only one who ever did that. Ever! When you started talking about bringing the rest of the world on board I got excited! Neale has an answer for changing the world! I looked forward to the answer! I believed there was a way to do what everyone said is impossible. Change what nobody can change, something other than self. That belief was my mistake, not yours. It was my false hope, I did and didn’t mean to be insulting to you Neale. I was just disappointed, I am sorry.

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    Hello, Jethro. Thanks for your response to my response to your original comment. I’ve deleted the whole string, as there’s no point to having it hang out there. On a personal level, we’re okay. We both just got a little off our chest, and that sometimes can feel good. Not to worry. Glad you’re still here, and let me know how I can serve you.

    I’m going to write an installment in the above series about the solution to the whole thing; the solution that you speak of…the solution that goes beyond just “change yourself.” It will be Installment #8, after I write about what I promised to cover at the end of the article above. There is such a solution, I believe.

    In the meantime, hang in there. And I’ll do the same. Lovingly………neale.

    • Jethro

      Neale, Thank you for your kindness, I’m glad to see the string gone quite honestly. I’m glad to hear we’re ok. As always I will be waiting impatiently for the next installment and the comments created by them. I look very forward to installment #8! I’m actually excited. Panic attack excited. I will put my questions together properly some day and get them asked. I can’t imagine how I could ever be of service to you, but I will always be prepared to try if needed. I’ve been told I’m good to have around when someone needs to get something off their chest… I wish I could remove the pain from yours.

      Love and blessings to you.


  • Diane Alméras

    Thank you Neale. All is said, the thing now is for us to have the courage to live that Self-Selection, not only say that we would love to do it. I know that I am not there yet. I need you to continue to poke on it. <3

  • mewabe

    In many technologically primitive cultures, life was physically very hard and required physical fitness but was, generally speaking, psychologically and mentally easier, due to people supporting each other and living communally. In our contemporary cultures, life is physically too easy but is psychologically brutal, and actually anti-human, due to most people being alienated (survival of the fittest and every individual for himself), and due to insecurity and to daily stress caused by unnatural rhythms.

    Yes, we can change ourselves to express our own divinity. Yet it cannot be denied (or should not) that we will do so within societies that are increasingly resembling battlefields, where humanitarian values are being increasingly crushed by the cynical and relentless pursuit of profit and dominant power by the elite, by the governments that serve it and are becoming ever more authoritarian and totalitarian, and by the increasingly more desperate struggle for economic survival by everyone else.

    To achieve peace, joy, true prosperity and love within such inhuman cultural and social environments is possible, but is it really rational? To put it another way, is it rational to reach “heaven” in the middle of “hell”? And doesn’t this require a form of mental and most importantly emotional separation from the world, and an ultimate denial of its present reality and miserable conditions?

    Let’s put it yet another way: would you be able to enjoy a luxurious dinner while watching a documentary showing children dying of hunger and thirst? Isn’t this the exact equivalent of what reaching peace and joy on an individual basis amounts to while living amongst an increasingly ever more suffering humanity?

    This is the problem I have with self-professed spiritual people, especially in America. A spiritual person, to me, is not one who calls himself spiritual or enlightened, but one who does all he or she can to help other humans, or animals, or the natural environment, or all of the above. For example, Doctors without borders are, in my views, true spiritual individuals, yet they do not make such claim, they simply live according to their spiritual nature. So do many activists and people who care.

    • No matter the outward conditions, attaining or “reaching peace and joy” has to be beneficial where ever you are & it’s influence positive.

      • mewabe

        Yes but you missed my point. Achieving peace and joy in the middle of chaos and suffering requires mental and emotional separation, which is not healthy and not even rational.

        • Jethro

          Hi Mewabe, I think I’m experiencing that very thing. Trying to find peace in chaos. Is it possible to reach heaven in the middle of hell? I believe there is an understanding that has not been understood yet. Enlightenment, “It is the quiet acceptance of what is.” – Wayne Dyer. Is it possible given what we know? It must be. People are doing it.

          • mewabe

            Hi Jethro…yes, people are spontaneously reaching what some call enlightenment in the middle of chaos and suffering, their own and that of others. Everything is possible at any time. But the next step, after enlightenment, is a powerful form of empathy and compassion.

            An enlightened person does bleed for the world, not as they say Jesus did, not to “pay” for the “sins” of humanity, but because empathy causes such a person to feel, deeper and more painfully than most, that the suffering of another is as his or her own. And so he or she cannot stay in a state of joy as long as his or her brother or sister is in pain. Peace, yes, it is achievable even in this world. I know that I have achieved it. It came spontaneously. Peace comes with love, with fearlessness, after you heal your own inner fears…but joy is another matter, as long as others are enduring such torments as the world is enduring.

            We can experience moments of joy, but to achieve a permanent form of joy in our present human condition would, in my view, require a complete disconnect from the world or a total lack of empathy and compassion. Either way, that would not be a desirable state, according to my understanding.

            The way I see it, indifference, a lack of empathy and compassion are what is killing us all, literally and figuratively speaking.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            mewabe, my friend,

            I’m trying to find the right words to explain how I feel about what you’ve shared with Jethro.

            Sometimes it comes down to semantics. One person’s enlightenment is another’s momentary bliss. My understanding is that enlightenment isn’t blind, but rather sees everything clearly; isn’t a lack of any emotion, but the fullness of all emotions; isn’t denial of pain, but an understanding that suffering from pain is optional. (Substitute hunger or illness or homeless or other challenges for pain in the previous sentence.)

            In my experience, there are different kinds of joy. Some is basic, such as the simple joy of being. Some is self-sustaining, such as the joys of personal accomplishments. I think those are the types of joy you are talking about as impermanent, although I don’t find them to be so. To have complete joy, or what you call permanent joy, might be possible if one can ease not the pain, but the suffering from pain. Pain is part of this life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Bearing a cross while in pain is optional suffering. Wallowing in pain is optional suffering. Staying in a victim’s mode is optional suffering. (I think you get it.)

            I’m not in any way trying to minimize the amount of pain, hunger, illness, homelessness or any other challenges we’re currently experiencing. I’m trying to say that one’s perspective changes one’s experiences of those challenges. There may be a perspective where one could feel permanent joy, but if there is, it’s at a level I haven’t attained. I can see how to get there intellectually if one believes everything is exactly and precisely playing out as it’s meant to and serves a purpose. I have yet to feel it in my Soul as regards all of creation, especially starving children, but only as it’s played out in my own life.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • mewabe

            Hi Annie, Thank you for your comment…

            I think we are all different, have different backgrounds, and perceptions. All forms of enlightenment are also unique. But because Neale mentioned “an inner joy”, and many spiritual traditions speak of achieving a state of bliss, which I personally did (spontaneously, without seeking it), I wanted to add that this joy can only be temporary because of the state of the world, and the suffering of humanity.

            Happiness has never been my pursuit in life, so in this way you could say I truly am not part of the American culture which conditions people to frantically pursue happiness as if it was an escaped felon. My quest has always been the truth, no matter the cost…spiritual truth, even if I had to walk through “hell” in order to find it. I did find it, within me. It gave me peace…and I can find joy whenever I want to feel it, mostly in nature. But I choose not to “detach” from the world, unlike many other spiritual seekers. It is a personal choice. I choose not to be aloof on my mountain top. To me, compassion is more important than my personal comfort.

            It is true that all suffering, and even much of the pain humanity creates and endures, are totally unnecessary. But this doesn’t make them less poignant. When a child hurt herself after you have warned her not to do something, and she does it anyway, do you not still feel sorry for her? Knowing that this experience might “serve a purpose” doesn’t remove the feeling of sadness and sympathy you will have for such a child. The same goes for all of humanity…

            Many spiritual schools of thought emphasize “detachment”. I go the exact opposite…total attachment, to all life without exception and without any preference or judgment. I love all life. And this leads me to empathy and compassion…for all creatures, big and small…even for the worst criminal or mass murderer, and even more so in a way, because I know such a person needs urgent healing. Many Native Americans, similarly, do not pray so much for victims in their ceremonies but for the perpetrators…they understand that the victims will survive, spiritually. The perpetrators can only be stopped (healed) with love, however, not judgment or hate. And it does not matter to me whether something serves a purpose or is the outcome of one’s karma or is unnecessary suffering…my response to suffering or pain can only be empathy and compassion for all.

            I would not, as an example, answer to a person questioning why she lost her child that this child chose its destiny and that this event had a purpose…I would instead help the mother to feel her pain, to express it fully and ultimately release it in time, and I would get her to eventually understand, by herself, that her question was irrelevant, because it was an effort on her part not to feel the depth of her own pain, to attach a meaning to it so as to take the pain away. Taking the pain away is not healing, not at all…it is the same as taking an opiate, or drugs or alcohol, or giving a candy to a child who cries…it is a mental opiate which amounts to the suppression of feeling…healing comes from feeling, fully, completely, all the way through, so that you eventually emerge on the other side of pain, which is freedom.

            My way is the way of feeling, not so much of thinking. I do not “think my feelings away”, I feel them…and in my experience, only such healing can ultimately bring joy, and permanent peace.

            So…I see the world, humanity, as being in need of profound healing. And its present condition does sadden me, at times very deeply…even though I know all of it is ultimately a bad dream, a condition born of illusion.

            People who feel do not judge, and do not flee from their feelings, or try to give meaning to events so as to not feel them. This reminds me of a story I heard of the reaction of an old Indian, many years ago, when he saw on television that Americans had landed on the moon…he cried, not out of joy, but out of sadness for the moon.

            A self-proclaimed enlightened person who does not feel compassion and empathy for all life, for all people, all animals and all things, for the earth itself, is, in my view, not quite there yet…or is in a place that is not part of my spiritual universe…on a different floor, in a different town.

            Take care Annie and thank you for sharing your thoughts…

          • Jethro

            Hi Mewabe, This one thing describes my feelings over the past couple of years perfectly….”many years ago, when he saw on television that Americans had landed on the moon…he cried, not out of joy, but out of sadness for the moon”. When I hear that science has discovered something wonderful and new, like a plant or an animal not recorded in the we see you book, I usually say that it will now be studied to see how we can kill it first and then we will see if it benefits us and if we can make money from it. I always hope its useless.

            I’ve been worried I have become disconnected due to feelings and thoughts related to that. Your post to Annie above, and many other posts, give me peace that I’m not the only one feeling it. The unrest and negativity have creeped in and its not in a spiritually healthy way. I feel the peace returning. An inner peace that lets me understand once again that there are things I cannot change. I’m a big fan of the serenity prayer, I call it the acceptance prayer.

            “Wisdom to know the difference”…. Your right, we can’t help but be angered by the action of humanity and the results that those in charge are denying. I can change the way I have chose to express myself in that anger which has made absolutely no positive change. I have only brought negativity to myself and sometimes my spouse and put here in writing on occasion. I recently stated somewhere here that there is nothing wrong with anger, its what you do with it. I’m back to, “Accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and most important, The wisdom to know the difference.” We are here in this time and place, and will fight tooth and nail not to leave regardless of the condition of the universe.

            Neale has stated that things are changing and may bring about a change that is necessary. it’s true! The earth will not make changes that are not necessary, it can’t.

            We took a little weekend trip to Memphis. A far cry from the nature outing we will take later, but I feel a higher appreciation for my home location. An outing into the forest may have left me feeling negative about coming home. Things generally happen in the right order.

            “the mode in which the inevitable comes to pass
            is through effort. Oliver Wendell Holmes said that, and he was right. While God is there to help us every step along the way,
            there is no free pass in life, and what occurs occurs as
            a result of the energy you give it.” – CWG E-mail

            Customers are calling! Back to the grind I enjoy so much…

          • mewabe

            It is difficult not to get angry…I just signed a petition this morning against the Canadian government dumping 200 000 tons of nuclear waste in lake Huron, the largest body of freshwater in the world! The Federal Environment Minister who wants to do this is a woman…it seems women in government are just as crazy and corrupt as the corrupt men who are in positions of authority.

            Yet my anger passes very quickly, because I was once (1994) given a vision of the future of the world…so I know exactly that what is happening is in line with this vision. Near total global destruction is the choice humanity has made and it cannot be changed. But on the other side of that is a vast spiritual transformation…after the darkest of nights, the bright and clear dawn!

            If my vision is accurate (it was a spontaneous gift from the spirit world) and I think it is, not a singly person on this planet will remain unaffected by the upcoming global destruction and disintegration the entire world will experience…I am not saying this to scare you but to pass the message I was given…and I do it because you have Native American blood and can probably understand: It will be a time when the only security you have will be your own direct connection to the Creator, and the only safe “space” will be your very own soul.

            We are already in the process, but it will get a lot worse…unimaginably worse. There is no “solution” for it, humanity has chosen to go through it, it will be a death and rebirth.

            I admire Neale’s effort to “save” humanity from itself, because if you care you feel you have to try something. That’s why I still sign petitions and do other activist work, such as with the pipeline…but I know better. We are headed for the end of this age (the fourth age according to Native tradition such as the Hopi) and into the fifth.

            Stay close to nature, which best expresses the ways of the Creator!

            Take care Jethro

          • Jethro

            Thank you Mewabe! I hesitate to say I’ve had visions of machines that are designed to kill people, I have had ideas that I thought were shared by people with me and when I questioned it further of them, they didn’t know what I was talking about. I can’t say I’m really sure where it came from. You can’t scare me anymore than I already have been. I agree, it’s eminent, but if there is a small chance for change, I’m going to hang on to that. Neale has decided to offer something based on a conversation we had in that direction. I’m waiting.

            Thank you so much for the talk, I have found some peace in your words.

          • mewabe

            Book: “Battlefield America: The War on the American People”. They are working on different robots to kill people…not to mention that drones already exist.

            Nature itself, terribly abused and attempting to rebalance itself, will stop all this, but at a tremendous, global cost.

            Don’t forget that no matter what happens, no matter how dark, it will be a death and rebirth. After the global death, the rebirth is certain and guaranteed. Concentrate on this rebirth…It will be better than anything we have ever experienced throughout history, a new era of global enlightenment.

            Thank you for the conversation Jethro!

          • Kirsten

            Hey there Mewbob!!
            I assume you’ve been through Kundalini? Do you reground, or do things permanently change? Very sick of vertigo, aching arms and a ‘cant be bothered working’ attitude after two years.
            Just curious.
            Happy New Year,

          • mewabe

            Happy New Year Kirsten!
            Yes I went through Kundalini, it was a very nice place and the people were friendly…nice weather too.

            Seriously (sorry I can’t be serious all the time), yes it happened to me. It was a spontaneous experience, I did not ask for it. I think my connection to nature partly did the trick. To this day I still have the constant energy above my head (“crown chakra”), like an electromagnetic charge, at time quite strong, like a bolt of electricity…I also feel energy in the heart region.
            Yes I did land (reground) from my Kundalini trip…it took quite a while, and it is different for everyone. I was in a state of bliss for a few months, and felt weightless. I know I wrote this a few times already in different comments…

            The thing about the Kundalini, is that it causes you to be forced to make changes…to find your deepest truth and live it. So if work no longer appeals to you, it could be one of the consequences of this energy “clearing house”. You can’t cheat this energy, it is a demanding partner…demanding that you be true to yourself. At least it has been my own experience…

            I never consciously did anything to cause the Kundalini to rise, but if you want to perhaps speed it up, you could look into Kriya yoga (I never did).

            You could also do Qigong grounding exercises (I never did either), which might push the energy back down…or else spend some time in the outdoors without shoes, with your feet in direct contact with the ground, or leaning against a tree. It would balance your energies. Do this 15 minutes every day (I do this)…

            But you probably know all of this…Kundalini can last for years. My experience was very short and intense.

            None of what I just wrote comes from intuition…these are just thoughts. I could try to use my intuition later…if I can find it (I just woke up from a late work night).

            Take care K,

          • Kirsten

            Thanks Blobski,
            Yeah, its just a natural occurance at a certain level, that you cant actively seek, it just happens.
            It’s been a few years now so I probably shouldnt expect change. Yes i havd the electrical charge, and weightlessness, I guess the prob its just not compatible with a life in the burbs, mortage and job with normal hours. My natural sleep pattern is to sleep 3 til 11am now…doesn’t quite work, but Im energised at 8pm!!!
            Need decent weather to get to the beach I think, we have a boring overcast asian style Summer so far, I usually ground with feet in the ocean or on the wet sand, our soil here is rock hard and cracked, no nutrients at all.
            Ill just have to get used to permanant vertigo and often aching arms, doesnt sound like it will pass, all the other things did ages ago, other than a insane desire to always heat up my spine. My electric blanket even in summer is my favourite thing! Oddly thoughm my Teacher/Guides calling card is an energy like pins and needles in my butt, obviously the base of my spinem which he has just done. I dont feel in my heart but as a wave across my ribcage, I dont have chakras anymore so feel across my body instead of in a line. I also know relationship love woulc be felt across from hip to hip, ratber than in ghe groin chakra that often becomes lust…relationship love has to now start from the top and travel down, rather than travelling up but joy and laughter are now felt in my legs rather than chest….meridian lines rather than chakras.

            Although at the end of all these years, the card Ive ended up being is a Queen of Hearts which is cool, a good one to have. If you havnt looked into that you should, find your card, thats how Kabbalah defines journeys, they are all either a playing card or tarot card.
            You take care Professer Mewannabe,
            Hey, if you’re still into Inner Child, look at Matai (wrong name but Im on a tablet and cant scroll down while i have this reply open, OR I’m retarded which is more likely!) Very interesting now hes finally talking sense!!

          • mewabe

            Hey Kirstentinople (sorry that’s the best I can do at this late hour),

            Yes I did read Matai’s post…your answer to him was great! Right on the money I think, but I am not sure he can be reached. I still do not know what his game is. Such is the mystery of online communication…you don’t really know who you are speaking with, and whether the person is genuine or just pulling your leg to get attention.

            I am sorry about your discomfort with the vertigo and aching arms…hopefully these will pass. Diet and deep breathing could help as well…here is a really really stupid question, but sometimes you have to cover everything: do you drink enough water?

            During my Kundalini episode I had trouble sleeping as well…everything gets shaken, sometimes to the core! I still managed to work, but it was challenging. I felt like I had no more desire to be in this world whatsoever…I was given an understanding and direct psychic experience of the spiritual world (the veil lifted) that made this world look like a shadow as compared to it…like comparing a light bulb and the sun! The people I connected with in the spirit world at the time, and whom I saw (they were Native Americans) were also much more alive than most physical humans are, with radiant energies. I knew then that my place is with them…I know who they are in relation to me, and that I have a place waiting in their circle (I literally saw i).

            Grounding in the ocean is the best…and the best place to get these negative ions and the prana that are revitalizing, and also help the Kundalini move.

            My teachers/guides/friends calling card is a strong bolt of energy above my head…like they use the existing current and amplify it, and get my attention. “Relationship love has to now start from the top and travel down”…same here.

            Someone long ago who was psychic told me what was my card in the Tarot, the King of Swords…but it might be because she did not like me so much.

            Take care and I will send you some wasna…(dried buffalo, dried berries, and fat or bone marrow) since you are not a vegetarian…


          • Kirsten

            Hi Mewannebecosmewabefullofcraponcrackers ski,
            1am…ought to go to bed and really try to get in normal pattern!
            Yes Kundalini is an odd one, my stance was I determined I didnt believe in the concept of existance, its just too screwed up, unsure what I believe now, probably the same. Im just so opposed to any form of suffering that Im fine with ceasing to exist so others dont suffer. You can exist all by yourself.

            Told you years ago that Israelites/Hebrews and Native Americans were on the same tree of life so were related, that doesnt surprise me one bit. Small world, but when I just went away to stay with my 95yr old Nana for a couple of days, the oddball man that drove me from carparking place to the airport (they’re all oddballs!!), was from Nth Dakota, told me his tribe but I forgot, and he was a guardian white wolf and they were all in force at the moment working to stop fracking!! He was workjng with his ancestors praying from NZ. I didnt go into it much with him, far too odd for me, white white white, too many broken teeth, and was on his third wife while kids were in the US still and he sounded like a recording. After telling me how he loved cleaning the van tyre rims and showing me how shiny they were. Far too many WTF moments for me, but probably some redneck relative of your in laws. Actually probably your brother in law!!

            Of course I dont drink enough water thanks Doc. Im so dehydrated at the moment that half my irises are the rims, I have double vision and my eyes are quite pale. You know kundalini takes away all thirst and hunger…you have to remember to eat and drink. Ill put it on my to do list tomorrow. At the mo Im dehydrated, anaemic and malnourished. Forgot to eat for a few days last week and lost 3kg that id worked really hard to put on, for months.
            Grrrrr!!!! Did go to the health food store and get stuff I know I need, I just forget to take it!!

            No idea what Mataias game is either but at least I found out the issues…childhood…your client!! Its an odd game though, I have no idea. Of course I cant get through.

            Anyway, bedtime.
            Just send some wasabi, then I can remember to have sushi!
            Take care,
            Kirstenpineapplepoulis..get it right!

          • mewabe

            Hey Kirstenevanovitchwaytoparadise,

            I am not taking any more patients…but I am making an exception, since you recommended him.

            Yes there are a lot of WTF individuals living in America, of all colors and creeds. Some, in the countryside, are downright medieval in character and appearances, and not in a good way.
            I have new neighbors, and they like to shoot their handguns at anytime of the day or night. Time to move again soon, before a stray bullet makes my acquaintance, or an arrow makes theirs.

            Listen to your doctor…water and nutrition! The garlic/parsley/mint/coconut oil is a great idea…you could add a bit of lemon juice (garlic, lemon and parsley are powerful anti-cancer and work against other illnesses).

            I eat about once a day, no need for more…when I start climbing mountains, I might increase my intake if needed. I think with the kundalini, your system purifies itself and absorbs food better, and there is not such a desire to stuff yourself to fill “full”.

            Wasabi and nori seaweed for sushi…coming up!
            Take care,

          • Kirsten

            Hi mewasabiseaweedfromdeadseacollector,
            Yip, you can sustain on a lot other than food, and yes Im healthing now, experiment over and Im tring to remember about food!! Yip I know all the essential potions, cant forget a good coffee every day as a cure all!!
            Raw unpeeled potato is the strongest anti cancer food, and oddly something Ive eaten since I was a kid. With raw garlic!!
            Todays lunch is raw pure orange juice, with 2x collagen, vit c liquid, pure white mulberry tabs and iron..food can wait til later, too much like hard work when Im at work!! Had pumpkin bread for dinner.
            I think your new patient is just too busy, or just told me he was too busy to determine if beliefs are the truth or not. Good luck Doc Crock.
            Yes, with Kundalini you suddenly become more self sustaining, a healthy drink gives you 10x more than a solid meal BUT I do need to drink more, I just dont feel thirst or hunger. But thirst is the manifestation of a craving for power, and hunger a manifestation of a need for the external to sustain you so natural to lose those things I assume.
            But hey, youre the doctor and professor of all crock, so what do I know other than I cant be bothered being at work today so Im pretending to look productive, I really should sack myself one of these days. Then I can sue myself as well. Cool.

            Take care,
            Kirstenjoyingwritingbooksboutworldofrighteouspeopleonly Steinski

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “Hey, if you’re still into Inner Child, look at Matai (wrong name but Im on a tablet and cant scroll down while i have this reply open, OR I’m retarded which is more likely!) Very interesting now hes finally talking sense!!”
            I have made CwG followers childish in their attempt to protect their beliefs but you seem to have taken it personally. Reread my comment again. You can read, right?

          • Kirsten

            Hahaha, nope. Ive known Mewabe in here for so long, probably five years on and off, thats its normal for me to tell him I had a retarded moment….or dementia! I will only speak with people, not as a fact firing or information sharing machine.
            Nothing in life is personal, its all generic, a personal interpretation is perceptive and based on low self esteem……I actually have no idea what you’re talking about, but I havnt taken anything personally.
            From a psychological point of view I was curious to find out what you wanted a time machine for, so I asked!! And you answered, thank you.
            Im actually not sure if I can read? Since Im retarded, but thanks for asking, and expressing an interest in others.
            You havnt made CwG followers childish at all, not possible to make anyone diffrrent to how they are but if you have frustrated them to the point they may express their feelings in a more youthful way than normal in here, then thats good. Human nature behind fact based machine style conversations and debates is a positive thing. But my opinion would be that you resort to childlike tantrums to ask them and Neale to explain why you cant have the impossible. It is interesting though, that you do believe you have acheived this. Was it a goal? To bring people down to a personality based level. Like I did with you so you would express yourself clearly.
            You can read, right?

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            “childlike tantrums to ask them and Neale to explain why you cant have the impossible”
            Here is a direct quote from CwG sweetie.

            You mean we can time travel?

            Indeed—and many of you have. All of you have, in fact— and you do it routinely, usually in what you call your dream state. Most of you are not aware of it. You cannot retain the awareness. But the energy sticks to you like glue, and sometimes there’s enough residue that others—sensitive to this energy—can pick up things about your “past” or your “future.” They feel or “read” this residue, and you call them seers and psychics. Sometimes there is enough residue that even you, in your limited consciousness, are aware you’ve “been here before.” Your whole being is suddenly jarred by the realization that you’ve “done this all before”!”

          • Kirsten

            Hi Sweetie,
            I am aware of that information, it is correct. But you cant change anything in the past nor stay in the period of time, its called revisiting an imprint of your own past which can only be held in an emergy form where its a strong emotive energy.
            These past imprints of others are aften defined as a ghost, or haunted energy especially around stairs in old houses and things. Many ‘ghosts’ seen are there, a recorded imprint from the past. We can revisit our own when awake, its called a memory or daydreams BUT you cant physically be there or change anything, you will see it from a third person perspective like the cameraman, or be able the feel the emotions of the others involved if strong enough to leave an imprint!! Sweetie!
            De ja vu is the future version, or more often, instincts to go somewhere or do something you otherwise wouldnt, thinking you know someone you’ve never met before or something feeling just right, like a new home. I have an odd shopping gift, no matter what I want its there waiting for me, always much cheaper and generally in a charity shop although new. I had it the other week when I needed an outfit for a wild west semi formal party, first shop I went intom an op shop, had the perfect new outfir, my size, tagged USD$200 for usd $10..dropped off becuase someone bought online and screwed up sizing. Same with a pair if new curtains. Works for other people as well, my fathers partner is an artist and needed samlles for a motel foyer. Frames are really expensive. I instinctively popped into a Red Cross shop when on holiday, and they had a set of new box frames, in the right size, from $50 to $5. It happens constantly, these instinctive things that we are intune with by ‘knowing’ future ghings at a subconscious level. The catch is, we really arent meant to know about these things, they are just a part in the huge Universal wheels that make the world spin so you are only aware if you focus and really follow instincts. Guides use these things all the time although I dont have guides since Im not reincarnated.
            We are all in a time speed phase at the moment, where each hour ‘feels’ like 45 minutes so these time based factors are really strong at the moment, many people are using instincts and intuition just to keep up with their lives. Focus hard, and listen to your instincts and you’ll notice it.
            Hope this is easy to read. YOU are the time machine, YOU are your own everything and ultimately all YOU truly have, its all just a lot harder and more subtle than you want it to be.
            Just a tip…at the moment the Universe is working three years ahead of us, but ‘they’ have no concept of time. If we go with natural instincts, like if someone falls in love, and marries straight away, we can actually bring our own future forward and skip periods or events in time. We fluff around so much that half our life is just time fillers, like the internet and reading!
            Have a nice day Sweetie….nice attempt to put me in the younger ‘cute’ position so you look like the grown up….nice that you understand that when someone challenges your personal position in something you personally are controlling, that you can actively reposition youself to where you want to be.
            Take care,

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            I having a hard time seeing if Walsch system of belief has a basis on truth. I’m sorry but I am a busy person to check if what you are saying has any basis in truth.

          • Kirsten

            Hi Sweetie,
            Exactly the point….to prove anything takes time, hence me using myself to give you examples of how I can see these ‘time machines’ and other Law8s and truths at play in our lives.
            Take care,

  • Jethro

    To be enlightened. I experienced a time in which I went from lost to understanding. It was a time of peace and acceptance like never before. maybe I experienced a little enlightenment. It was certainly a time of changing. I have carried that feeling for some time, I still feel it in many ways. Then I got Netflix. I new the world, the planet, was going through changes and it became a topic of interest. I began to watch documentary after documentary on the current condition of the planet and what’s being done about it. People are working hard to make people aware. The sad part is everyone is aware and politics are destroying a cure. I have become angry inside about this. How can we NOT do things to change the destruction now. I cannot seem to look past all of that, to accept what is going on. I can’t accept that there is nothing I can do about it. If the Vice President of the united states cannot open eyes, who can?
    How can a person feel so aware of something so wrong and be accepting of it? How do I find peace in this thought. I don’t even know why its effecting me in this manner. I’m doing all I can and I should be satisfied in that action alone. Mewabe and I have been talking about our time in unmolested nature. Maybe I’m angry at myself for not making contact for so long. I know its deeper than that but an outing can’t hurt. Thanks Mewabe for bringing awareness.

    • mewabe

      Thanks Jethro!

      I have a different perspective than Neale and many others, so I will share it with you.

      I do not think experiencing anger about world conditions is bad. And I do not think that it is true in any way that we cannot do anything about the world. Activists are proving it can be done, every day. They win many battle…yes the “war” goes on, but many important victories are achieved by courageous and dedicated activists, victories that make a great difference in the lives of people, of animals, and in environmental conditions.

      Even saving one person, one animal, one tree matters immensely.

      Anger is like a sign post on your path…like fear, it is telling you that something is wrong and needs your attention. Anger is a wave of energy that calls you to act, now, not in a destructive but in a creative manner, to solve a problem. To resist it is to deny your deepest inner truth, which is calling you to do something about what is causing you such anger (or fear, or discomfort).

      Spirituality is used too many times as yet another means of suppression…self-suppression, the suppression of anything that is not considered “spiritual” or “positive”, such as anger. This is, specifically, a very American approach to spirituality. It comes from a very superficial understanding of spirituality, which is blinded by appearances and does not look at the core of the issues. The surreal American emphasis on the “positive” is decades old, and is a cultural recycling of the old Anglo-Saxon requirement to “keep your chin up”.

      Yet I can tell you, with certainty, that anger can be as “holy” and as “good” as anything can be, when it comes directly from the truth of your own soul, and calls you to express such truth in a powerfully creative and healing manner.

      Be very happy that you feel anger, that you are blessed with anger, it means that you care, that you are human, that you are not indifferent, not insensitive, not self-centered, callous or mentally ill. Do not fight the best part of your humanity.

      My advice…do not follow anyone’s advice. Follow your own deepest truth…your own inner path to your own soul. Your soul will never betray you. It might make you go through certain difficulties in order to give you an opportunity to heal specific aspects of your life, but it will always, always lead you home.

      • Jethro

        “Spirituality is used too many times as yet another means of suppression…self-suppression, the suppression of anything that is not considered “spiritual” or “positive”, such as anger. This is a very confused approach.”….. I have thought this many times before, How can we care so strongly about something and not experience anger in its destruction or even small changes. Since I have had this feeling for several months now I can narrow the feeling down to a feeling of helplessness. There is nothing I can do, but what I do. It feels like so little, in the big picture. I,m going to try and find peace in that. I can feel I’m almost there. Not happy about the problem but at peace that I cannot save the world. I am finding peace in the fact that I am doing all I can. I am finding peace that there are many people who feel as I do. I guess the pipeline is a great example, the people did step in and win. You have been A lot of help my friend.

        I recently talked to a friend who mentioned an over abundance of negativity and wished it to be gone or at least changed. There is a lot of people fighting for our earth on the positive side. Bringing awareness just as my friend wishes to do. He silently explained to me that anger is normal even in the search for inner peace. Its a normal reaction sometimes. As you have stated, its all about what you do with that anger that matters. Thank you to both of you!

        I have copied and pasted your entire post to my notes as a another reminder. Very well written.

        • mewabe

          Thank you Jethro!…about the pipeline, unfortunately it is not a victory yet. As long as Native Americans still have anything that can be taken from them, whether land or resources, the government and corporations will try to take it, so in a way Indian wars never really ended! Now the fight is going on for treaty rights…

      • Victor

        I think Neale would address not only being but also doing something about what’s dysfunctional about our world. Action taken from being…

        Also, I think he would address that anger could be ‘good’ and holy… It’s an emotion that tells us we say ‘no’ to certain occurrences and to decide to transform them.

        I’ve read several times Neale stating that the world would need a little more of ‘anger’. Not accepting the suppresing and denying “New-Age by-pass”. To become “impatient” about many things that don’t work for the true benefit of anybody.

        So, I think that Neale would agree a lot with a lot of what you’ve said.

        Of course, this is just my view about him.

        Le’s wait for his answer… 😉

        Greeting and blessings…

        Happy New Year! 🙂

        • mewabe

          Thanks Victor…Happy New Year to you! Hopefully you live far away from the Trump wrecking crew!

          • Victor Lopez Rossi

            Thanks Mewabe,

            Well, I live in Venezuela, the country with the biggest oil reserve in the world, so…

            Yes, I hope we could get away from falcon’s appetites…

  • Spiritual_Annie

    I love words. I especially love words that require contemplation. That I have to compare to other words I’ve regularly used. To see where they fit in the current conversation. I can get lost in a dictionary, or especially a thesaurus.

    Enlightenment. Transformation. Transmogrification. Metamorphosis. Evolution. Mastery. Self-selection. Inner Peace. Inner Joy. True Prosperity. Unconditional Love. Empathy. Compassion.

    We all have our own dictionaries, as well as our own understanding (or misunderstanding) of words. Dictionaries are based on the common use of a word, and definitions change all the time in English because it’s not a dead language like Latin. For example, “bad” used to mean a person who acted out in negative ways. Then being “bad” was a person or thing that was cool. I try not to misuse words, though I’ve been known to use them in unusual ways.

    I think that there is a common misunderstanding of what enlightenment means as the term gets overused. It also means different things in different cultures and faith communities. I personally see it as the melding of body, mind and Soul (or Divinity) into a singular state of being whereby thought, word and deed are in harmony within oneself and all else. It’s the “and all else” part I personally find difficult. That’s a pretty huge perspective to try to take on, much less maintain.

    I have found that Life is a dance. As with any other dance, when one partner changes their steps, others they’re dancing with must change their own steps or stop dancing with that partner (which is also a change). When I change, the relationships I have must also change because I am thinking, saying or doing something differently. That change in my relationships may take on the form of acceptance, or adjustment to stay in relationship, or unacceptance and leaving the relationship.

    For me, the moments of enlightenment I’ve had have brought on inner peace and self-sustaining joy and unconditional love. With that, however, I’ve found there can also be a feeling of sadness for those who are suffering. Enlightenment isn’t blind to what is. It’s seeing all of what is and how suffering is unnecessary. It’s not an absence of feeling, but rather a fullness of feeling. My neighbor’s hunger becomes my own. My “enemy’s” anger becomes my own. My friend’s joys become my own.

    It works in both directions, though. My inner peace expressed becomes inner peace for others. My self-sustaining joy expressed becomes joy for others. My unconditional love expressed becomes unconditional love by others. After going through therapy and my spiritual journey (thus far), I have found I am rather like a magnet. People around me, even at work, commented on how I’d changed and seemed much happier. Some have asked how I did it and I share openly, often shockingly so. Some just smile more around me, while others began to avoid me.

    Some haven’t liked my having changed and fought against it. I was no longer a quiet, compliant person who didn’t question anything. I was no longer willing to keep the family’s secrets, which some felt was inappropriate. I was no longer willing to be the peacemaker in my home when it was at my expense. I was no longer willing to get involved in someone else’s drama, but always willing to listen compassionately. If my advice was sought, it was shared from a place of compassion for all involved and with the caveat that it was my perspective, which might differ from their own.

    I’ve often been drawn to the term metamorphosis, I think because it’s part of nature. It happens instinctually for the caterpillar to spin a cocoon from which it will emerge as a butterfly. I also like the phrase “spiritual evolution,” which for me means a maturing and growth in spirituality that considers new ideas and a larger perspective. It promotes the continuation and evolution of all creation while accepting that anything physical may decay or become extinct in order that creation as a whole might benefit. There cannot be growth where there is no room.

    Which takes me to one of my favorite contemplations: seeing emptiness not as a negative state of being, but as the promise that absolutely anything is possible because there’s nothing in the way. It’s the Fool in the Tarot deck, an initiate who is without preconceptions. It is the blank Viking rune, which both starts and ends the Warrior’s journey. It is the number zero, neither positive nor negative but ready to become either depending on whether one adds to or subtracts from it. It’s the Beginner’s Mind in Buddhism where no assumptions are made.

    Where is all this rambling going, you ask. I got stuck on the term self-selected. Did I (Little Me) ever volunteer for the role I’ve taken on? Was there a point at which I made the conscious decision to stand apart from society while accepting my responsibility in creating change? When I look at my life, I have to say that the answer is yes. Many times over.

    When my father was abusing me as a young child, the one mantra that consistently ran through my mind was that he only won if he saw me cry or heard me scream. How toddlers come to such conclusions, I still don’t understand. But that was the first time I made a decision about how I would act in relation to someone else’s expectations that was a choice to be different. Then I stood out like a sore thumb in parochial and Sunday schools with all my questions. I made a name for myself in school athletics despite having been born with birth defects in my legs and juvenile epilepsy that were supposed to mean I couldn’t participate, much less excel. Instead of following family tradition (I’m the 6th of 7), I dropped math after Trig and instead took five years of science in three years of school. Being athletic, I wasn’t supposed to be smart enough to get straight A’s, much less make the Honor Roll. After earning academic and athletic scholarships, I wasn’t supposed to drop out of college. Starting as a female clerical worker, I wasn’t supposed to make the successful transition to Engineering Tech, or get regularly promoted up the ladder historically climbed only by men. Then there’s the biggie: as an incest, torture and brainwashing survivor, I wasn’t supposed to heal and learn from the experiences, much less find compassion for my perpetrators, share my story and inspire others.

    Have I also made the conscious choice to be a spiritual activist? Yep. I believe what is at the core of most, if not all, of our current unrest, problems, conflicts and wars is that human beings have forgotten their place in Divine Creation. First, we have forgotten that, since there was originally only one thing, we are made of and part of that one thing, which I call Divine Energy. Because of that, I see all creation, including us, as having Divine natures. So, we have forgotten we are Divine. Second, in having forgotten our own Divinity, we cannot use the connection we have with all other Divine Energy everywhere, including all other people. Third, we have become so competitive and greedy that many of us want to claim sole rights to Divinity — what it is, how to become it, who can and cannot become it, and passing judgment on those who don’t follow the right path to become it.

    So, what’s a “spiritual activist”? This is how I see it. At their core, spiritual activists are spiritual seekers and learners. I personally believe that seeking and learning never end, so spiritual activists certainly don’t have to be Masters. We can still have a ton of questions and uncertainties. We can still practice our spirituality imperfectly and intermittently. We can even go in and out of forgetfulness and remembering when it comes to our own Divinity.

    What makes us activists is that we do our seeking and learning publicly. We share it with our inner circle of close family and friends. We talk about our spirituality at friendly gatherings. We post about it on our Facebook pages and tweet about it. We write poetry about it, and paint and draw and sculpt. We comment and share ideas on spiritually based blogs. We write our own blogs. And articles and columns and books. And we teach what we’ve learned to others, even knowing we’re not done learning ourselves. We teach by example, not forcing our beliefs on others but instead sharing our own experiences. Some of us do it with large audiences while others are more local.

    Well, apparently this column triggered quite a bit of thought and reflection. Once again, I think I’ll leave my meandering words just as they are.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • Jethro

      I don’t seem to be in my place for typing but I want to let you know your words are important, just as they always are. thank you!

  • Tammy Ballance

    To Transmogrify should be a wonderful experience of life and a reflection of who we are and who God is with the hope that others will want what we have, but in my case I walk in the right spirit, have much empathy, unconditional love and try to be a light in a very dark place but instead of attracting others it seems that I repel others especially in the workplace and am treated like an outcast unjustly treated and have been asked to be something other than i am. I will not change who God has and is calling me to be! I always say that our spirits don’t connect. What other answer could there be?

    How can I make a difference if people don’t like what they see?

    • Jethro

      I had a fellow employee ask me once why nobody liked her, I said, “If you know that people don’t like you, chances are you know why.” Go with that.
      In your words;
      How can I make a difference if people don’t like what they see?……..
      “it seems that I repel others.” Why?
      “have been asked to be something other than i am.” Why?
      “our spirits don’t connect” Why?
      “people don’t like what they see” Why?

      “I will not change”…..”What other answer could there be?”

      “To Transmogrify should be a wonderful experience of life and a reflection of who we are and who God is with the hope that others will want what we have”
      Transmogrify is another word for “change”. From the internet dictionary…..”Transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.” As Neale stated, much like a pickle.

      • Tammy Ballance

        I have changed for the better and in a MIRACULOUS way by the sifting and perfecting of God day by day year by year! Why don’t people like me? Why don’t people like good. I asked you for that answer! I feel that when there are unlike spirits…light/dark people can become uncomfortable. Asked to be something that I am not? I feel that others want you to become what they are comfortable with. If people CHANGE for the Good and the bad run from it then where can change come. From above….A person who walks through the world holding the Identity of Divinity deep within changes the exterior experience of everyone else everywhere he or she steps etc and if everyone walked with this identity then it would be Heaven on earth. I find this to be true only with like minded and like hearted people who have established a close relationship with the DIVINE and have miraculously changed, but the dark run or push for the light to be burned out.

  • Jethro

    Tammy, I see you may be gone. Just in case…. there have been many questions that I have asked that do not have an answer. Not an answer that comes from another person anyway. Why would people not like you? Only the people who don’t like you can answer that. I would have to be around you for some time to even decide if I could offer a personal opinion. There are prejudices for religions and spiritual beliefs. I generally do not discuss such things in depth outside of this location. Hanging around this site for a while could eliminate some of your confusion and give you at least minimal answers.

    I wish you blessed in your search.

    • Hmmnnn strange, a lot of comments have been deleted on this thread…..

      • Jethro

        I know two of them that didn’t need to be here. Tammys is the only other I know of. I’m still on my phone screen. Be glad to be home soon. I haven’t seen any other deleted messages.

  • Stephen mills

    Here’s a fact we should all be proud of as a family of humans living on planet Earth in the year 2017 . A new report by Oxfam in the Guardian Newspaper (UK) says that 8 people have the same wealth as 3.5 Billion half the worlds population. Last year they stated it was 62 people but due to better research there are more poor in India and China than previously thought. Nice going world we sure have the economy FIXED !

    • Stephen, I’m thinking that when we hit more of the critical mass, that a quickening of awakening will occur. Y/our impatience is a good sign. We work & play on ourselves first. We then let that influence the world in whatever way it does.
      We do good to remind ourselves that much good is going on unreported or under-reported.

      We gave yet to out grow our negative ways as a collective, but when we start ourselves others will catch on. Blessings.

    • AKA Patrick

      It is said: “Most live lives of quiet desperation”. Is it true, or not? If so, how can we help change it? If not, no worries! We must decide. At 80 years, I’m doing what I can to help my adopted family of four from another country. That (with God’s help) keeps my hands full.

    • Jethro

      We are only as poor as we choose to be.- Dolly Parton, “Coat of many colors”.

    • mewabe

      The problem with humanity is that, generally speaking, most have a “beta” personality, looking for an “alpha” leader to either exploit them and heard them to the slaughterhouse, or save them.

      Passivity, deference to authority, compliance are very common human traits which those who hold positions of power expertly know how to use and manipulate to their own advantage. Until humanity grows a collective spine, even spiritual awakening won’t do the trick, as the awakened will still go about their individual business and be reluctant to challenge what are fast becoming authoritarian and totalitarian forms of government, or “the police state”, complete with total surveillance, militarized police forces, a gradual elimination of civil rights, etc, all of it meant to protect the elite.

      Not to worry though, grandmother earth will clean up this human mess. Nature will cause so much upheaval that human civilization itself will crumble globally, as it must, so those of us who are still standing will have learnt a lesson and can start anew.

  • “Was Malcolm Gladwell right in his 2008 book, Outliers, in which
    he hypothesized that it takes 10,000 hours to reach mastery at
    anything? Could this include reaching mastery at Mastery?”

    I think he is generally correct if you are learning to golf, play an instrument & other things. Since enlightenment can happen in a flash it doesn’t apply in that sense. And since we have so many of our preconceptions, beliefs, wounds & unfinished business to contend with, it’s not quite the same as learning a singular thing. Unless it is.

    What’s on my mind? About Trump:
    Trump is holding up the light to let us know how much work & healing are still needed to heal our dysfunctional political system. His dysfunctional unhealed nature is a mirror for us to have compassion on all people, no matter their political persuasion.

    • mewabe

      Trump is just another puppet of the military-industrial-corporate-banking complex. Nothing new, just a different style. Unlike Obama, he lacks charm and mental acuity…he won’t charm people while screwing them…but the agenda is the same: American hegemony over the entire world…and more surveillance and ever more suppression of first amendment rights and other Constitutional rights on the “domestic battlefield” (at home), as Obama called it.
      America is disintegrating while the population is distracted with economic survival, consumerism and mindless entertainment, not to mention mainstream media propaganda. Don’t be surprised if the Media starts pounding the drums of war against Iran, not to mention Russia. And Trump will oblige…

      • Ya, that too!
        In the mean time, we be & do what we can to create, visualize the United States of Enlightenment. That’s my vision, elites or no elites, evolution or no evolution………