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Editor’s Note: For the next several months this space will be used to explore — one-by-one — the messages, metaphysical principles, and spiritual meaning of the material found in the nearly 3,000 pages of the Conversations with God dialogues. This series of observations and interpretations is offered with my continuing disclaimer: I could be wrong about all of this.

CWG Explored/Installment #6: Self-Selecting/A process that could change the world.

In the 4th installment of this series I wrote this: A person who walks through the world holding the Identity of Divinity deep within changes the exterior experience of everyone else everywhere she or he steps, every room he or she enters, every space she or he occupies.

If our entire species walked through this world holding such an identity deep within, it would produce Heaven on Earth.

The question is, what could cause our entire species to do so?

In my last installment (#5), I spoke of what causes a person to become “enlightened.” That article was a precursor to what follows here. I would like to discuss now what could cause all enlightened humans to produce Heaven on Earth, to join in awakening our species and co-creating a new way of living together on this planet.

I believe that the answer is desire. But not desire for planetary transformation. Rather, desire for individual transmogrification.

My online dictionary says that to “transmogrify” means to alter or change in a surprising or magical manner. It offers this example: “The cucumbers were ultimately transmogrified into pickles.”

So in my vernacular, to “transmogrify” is one level above to “transform.” To “transform,” in my world, means to change significantly. To “transmogrify” means to change not just significantly, but magically and surprisingly.

For me, this means becoming my Universal (or Big) Self in fullest expression, replacing my Local (or Little) Self. This is a shift into my God-created identity and out of my self-created identity. Or, if you will, into my True Identity and out of my False and Limited Identity.

When I develop, nurture, and place into physical expression the deepest desire to expand my notion of Who I Am, I automatically become a “change agent” on my planet — without that being my primary purpose or intention.

By virtue of the simple difference in how I present myself to the world, the world to which I present myself changes. It cannot help but do so, because the change that occurs within people who self-select to reach, in this lifetime, the highest stage of evolution possible is such that it touches other people in a profound way, showing them the highest possibilities of who they are, and engendering within them the desire to experience this as well.

It is a fact that a great deal of human behavior — a huge amount of it, actually — emerges from emulation. We begin our lives by emulating our parents (whether we, or they, know it or not). Then we emulate our childhood heroes and idols. Finally, as we move into adulthood, we emulate the behaviors that our society has told us lead to success, personal popularity, true happiness, and the good things in life.

It is when we cross paths with someone, when we encounter someone in our lives, who has created a new and remarkable way to define “the good things in life” that we almost immediately seek to emulate their behavior, because we realize they have found something that we have not been able to find (all of our prior emulations notwithstanding).

They have found peace.
And inner joy.
And true prosperity (having nothing to do with money).
And love. Real love. Unconditional love. For life, for themselves, for all others — and yes, for God.

Of equal importance and apparency, they have released any and all holding of fear, feeling of resentment, needing to forgive, desiring to defeat or defend, craving for revenge, inclination to judge, yearning to punish, or enthusiasm for righteousness.

When we meet and interact with such a person, we want what they’ve got. By seeing that it’s possible within the human journey, we want our journey to take us there. That’s just what happens with people who find themselves around people who wrap themselves around principles that produce behaviors and out-picturings of their highest inner decisions regarding Who They Really Are.

So what it would take to change the world is for the number of people who choose to change themselves to reach critical mass.

We are talking about people who self-select — that is, who choose themselves — to be among those who commit to moving forward their own individual and personal evolution by embracing and demonstrating behaviors that serve to awaken the species to who and what human beings really are (Individuations of Divinity), and how that may be made manifest in human experience.

The idea of “self-selecting” centers around an invitation to step into life in a new way, for the largest reason and the grandest purpose: To evolve to the next level, and ultimately to the highest level, in the expression of Who We Really Are. In other words, to evince the Divine.

That brings up a fascinating question. What does it take to change the Self? What is required to transmogrify? Does it take a long, long time? Years and years of study, effort, and practice? Was Malcolm Gladwell right in his 2008 book, Outliers, in which he hypothesized that it takes 10,000 hours to reach mastery at anything? Could this include reaching mastery at Mastery?

That will be the subject of our next installment.

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