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Editor Note: For the next several months this space will be used to explore, one-by-one,  the messages, metaphysical principles, and spiritual meaning of the material found in the nearly 3,000 pages of the Conversations with God dialogues. This series of observations and interpretations is offered with my continuing disclaimer: I could be wrong about all of this.

CWG Explored/Installment #9: Where am I — and why?

In my last entry here I offered my idea of who and what the Self is. I said that I believe the Self is an aspect of Divinity, and Individuation of God. I believe we are all One with The Divine, not separate from, or other than, God in any way or at any level.

This is the very clear message of the Conversations with God series of books — and those are the messages I seek to live by. I believe that if people everywhere lived by those messages, individual lives the world over would improve immeasurably, and, as well, our entire planetary experience would change for the better.

So in my spiritual reality we are, each of us, what I have come to call Singularizations of The Singularity. In short, we are Divine.

For me, this answers one of what I have come to call the Four Fundamental Questions of Life: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I where I am? What do I intend to do about that?

I have observed that many people go through their entire lives and never ask themselves these questions. I have no intention of doing that. So here, as promised, is my response to Questions 2 and 3, offered to you as if you had asked me: Where am I, and why am I where I am?

You are in the Realm of the Physical, which is part of what you have called Heaven. The sadness is that you do not think that you are in heaven, and so your Imagined Reality is that you have to get there. In fact, there is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to be, and nowhere you have to go to experience paradise.

Merely look upward on a starry night, or outward over a foaming ocean, or toward the skyline at dusk or dawn, or, for that matter, into the eyes of your beloved. You are in heaven, and you are calling it something else, and you are acting as if it were something else, and so, of course, you have created it as something else.

The Realm of the Physical is one of three realms in the triune reality that you have called by various names, including heaven, paradise, nirvana, the afterlife, the Kingdom of God, etc. The other two realms are: The Realm of the Spiritual and the Realm of the Spirisical (which is the point between the two). Think of this as a figure 8 on its side.”

The Total Being That Is You is on an eternal journey from the Realm of the Spiritual to the Realm of the Physical and back again. The Realm of the Spirisical is at the cross point between the two.

(This illustration was given to me as a simple visualization to assist my mind in holding data that cannot actually be visualized, it being outside the human experience. A figure 8 on its side is— not by coincidence—the international symbol for infinity.)

In the Realm of the Spiritual everything exists in absolute form, whereas in the Realm of the Physical things exist in rel- ative form. In the Realm of the Spiritual all things are absolutely what they are. In the Realm of the Physical a thing is what it is relative to other things that are not what it is.

Big and Small, therefore, do not exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical. Here and There, likewise, do not exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical. As well, Now and Then, Fast and Slow, Male and Female, Up and Down, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Love and Fear . . . none of these things exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical.

In the Realm of the Spiritual it is always Here and Now, and there is only Light and Love. Thus, we could rename these realms, calling them . . .the Realm of the Absolute and the Realm of the Relative.

In the Realm of the Absolute you know absolutely everything, and you know it absolutely. Yet you cannot experience what you know, because there is nothing else. For instance, you can know that are you Love, but you cannot experience yourself as Love, because there is nothing else but Love. There is nothing that is not Love.

You can know yourself as Light, but you cannot experience yourself as Light, because there is nothing else but the Light.

You can know yourself as Good, but you cannot experience yourself as Good, because evil does not exist.

The formula is this:


That is, it cannot be made real in your experience. You can know yourself conceptually, but you cannot know yourself experientially. You can conceive of yourself in a particular way, but you cannot experience yourself being that way because there is nothing else but That Which You Are.

Here, then, is the Conundrum of God: How can God experience Itself? By not being God.

Unless It was not God (that is, not the Totality of Itself), God could understand Itself to be magnificent, but God could not experience Itself being that. Again . . . why? Because there was nothing else but “magnificence” in the Realm of the Absolute. God could understand Itself to be enormous, endless, and timeless, yet these concepts had no meaning since there was nothing that was not “enormous,” “endless,” and “timeless.” God could understand Itself to be All Powerful, yet power could not be experienced in an environment in which there was nothing but absolute power in equal measure.

Since God wished to Know Itself experientially as well as conceptually, God created a place in the Kingdom (or, if you will, in Ultimate Reality) where all that God Is could be experienced as well as known.

God did this by dividing Itself up into a million ka-jillion different parts, or Aspects of Itself, with each of the Parts created in different sizes and shapes, colors and textures, speeds and sounds, and levels of visibility and invisibility. Then any Part of The Whole (that is, any Individuated Aspect of Divinity) could look back on The Whole from which It emerged and say, “Oh, my God, how magnificent Thou art!” All it would take would be for that particular Aspect to have sufficient consciousness (self-awareness) to do so.

And so, after dividing Itself up into a million ka-jillion individual parts, God merely had to imbue some of those parts with sufficient consciousness to recognize (that is, re-cognize, or “know again”) Divinity when it was looking right at It. (Not all human beings have risen to that level of consciousness.) God put into place a system by which Individuations of Itself could rise to such a level, and that system was called evolution.

This is the System of the Soul.

A complete explanation of the System of the Soul, as well as a description of the Mechanics of the Mind, will be found in the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything.

We see, then, that the Realm of the Absolute (also known as the Realm of Spirituality) is where KNOWING everything takes place, and that the Realm of the Relative (also known as the Realm of the Physical) is where EXPERIENCING everything takes place. It might be said, then, that souls come to the earth in order to gain a world of experience.

This is where you are. This is where we all are, as I understand it. I could, as I have said, be wrong about all of this. Yet this understanding has served me wonderfully in helping me to negotiate my day-to-day encounters with life.

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  • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

    how about a time machine Neale! Does God deliver time machines by mail?

  • If God is God, you’d think that God could or would create a place where one could both know & experience at the same time. Not one or the other.

    Is that what the Spirisical is? Because you did not elaborate on it here. It’s my understanding that this is the place where you experience physicality & the spiritual world together. And perhaps if this is so, it’s the most desirable place to be.

    • Gross Prophet

      Just kidding, really, but, perhaps that would fit with the idea of ‘living on the edge’…?

    • mewabe

      Native Americans speak of “walking with one foot in this physical world, one foot in the spiritual world”…it is the ideal state and the very nature of self-realization or “enlightenment”, which is more than just an idea or a decision or a mental process, but one which causes the union and integration of all complementarity (so called polar opposites), the union and integration of heart, mind, body and spirit, the union and integration of the individual self with the cosmos and of “spirit” and “matter”, either of which is pure energy.

      “When you make the two one
      when you make the inner as the outer
      and the outer as the inner
      and the above as the below
      then you shall enter the kingdom.
      I am the light that is above them all
      I am the all
      The all has come from me and the all shall return to me.
      Lift a stone, I am there
      Cleave a piece of wood, you will find me there.”
      From the dead sea scrolls.

      Making the two one is also the meaning of the Native American Sacred pipe, of the cross in a circle (it was the original meaning before Christianity), of the joining of two hands in prayer…it is however merely an understanding, because spirit and matter are already one, humanity does not see it clearly because entranced and confused by what appears to be exclusively physical. It is all a matter of perception. Enlightenment clears up our ability to perceive correctly.

      • Thank you Mewabe for this additional insight. I think the psychic realm is the merging of the two as well.

    • Spiritual_Annie


      I’ve had the same thoughts as well. It’s a place where “and” rules, rather than “either/or,” and I’ve always loved this piece of the gospel of Thomas that mewabe inserted in his reply to you.

      For me, Divinity is my Source and my Self and my Soul, along with all the rest of the All. Sometimes I can feel–and know–that the same is true for even the minutest particle of All’s individuation, and at differing levels of both consciousness and life at the varying levels of complexity. Indeed, infinity symbol and an eight, a number where in numerology one moves from societal concerns and ego to community and truth-finding on the path of Spiritual evolution.

      The only other stage to evolve to Spiritually is represented by nine and is All–all the stages prior, all the levels of consciousness, all the levels of life, and all the rest of All. It’s simple and it’s complex. It is each thing and all of them connected to and made of and part of the same stuff. The sum is greater than all of it’s parts and the sum is no thing (nothing) without all of it’s parts.

      In all it’s variations, surely there is an existence of All where one has a foot in knowing while the other foot is in experiencing.

      That’s my personal understanding as best I can describe it with words, yet there is even more that I haven’t found words for. At least not yet.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Well I’m sure we might get an answer on this from Neale’s perspective. I appreciate your comments. Love & blessings to you too.

      • AKA Patrick

        I was utterly amazed by a reading done about me by my Australian Energy Healer lady. She too was amazed. She was utilizing parameters from an Egyptian astrological guide, and as she reviewed each parameter as it applied to me, she kept coming up with nines. She said that was the only time in her life she had ever had that happen. Didn’t know I had all those nines in me.

    • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

      “Is that what the Spirisical is?”
      No. It’s the place between the other two realms.

  • Gross Prophet

    I like this description, and its incorporation of the sign for infinity. Your thought of god separating himself I incorporated into a Philosophy term paper as the shattering of an immense mirror. I also like how you have defined the functions of each space. It agrees with what I have perceived as true.

  • Jethro

    I see that in the spiritual realm, only the best of who we are exists based on the possibility that we are only the best of what we know experientially. How can we exist, even partially, using a mind that has experienced evil, an evil that continues to be experienced, alongside the good, in the realm of the spirisical. It would seem as though only the physical realm can exist in the physical realm, maybe with knowledge that the spiritual realm possibly exists. We could only exercise our ideas of what the spiritual realm might be, while existing in the physical realm, since the spiritual realm only exists in an idea that we have of it. In which case we are just back to being happy against the odds. though, being happy against the odds is a wonderful occurrence, and I’m assuming, the point. Does the eight on its side represent life, death, and between or is it illustrating a movement of self within the physical realm. I’m assuming between illusion and truth?

    My problem “personally” is getting past the need to keep an eye or ear out for those waiting to be evil. I can’t seem to let go of the defense mechanism. This is doubled when anxiety and/or panic sets in which is a disorder caused by a malfunctioning chemical transfer within the brain. As I grew up, humanity managed to suck every ounce of trust I had for it out of me. I instinctively stay in a roll where I am in control whenever possible. I care deeply for, well everything, I just don’t trust anyone.

    • AKA Patrick

      My “Course in Miracles” teacher used to say, “God is the ONLY thing you can trust. Even our money, which is so basic, says “In God We Trust”. To say, I don’t trust anyone, is, in reality, to say I don’t trust myself. Think about it. If there is Only One, this must be true.

      • Jethro

        Spiritually speaking, that is, in terms of the soul and God, I will not argue that, All is one.
        In terms of the mind and body we are all totally separated. We do not stay connected to the desire of our own soul at all times, let alone another human mind and body. Human actions are very much….human. as an old drunk, I can testify to the fact that we cannot trust even our own minds to not bring harm to our bodies or anything related to our physical existence. I hope I have shared enough for you to understand what I mean when I state again, I don’t trust anyone.
        If the only thing I had to deal with in life was the soul, which we have decided is directly connected to God at all times, or even our own personal part of God, then I would possibly be able to state that I have no problem trusting people, The only thing we can trust is God, It’s that human mind and body screwing it all up. unless of course it’s God who is bringing harm. I’m pretty sure its a human condition.

  • Jethro

    I’m setting here alone this morning waiting for coffee to brew, A show I’m watching reminded me of a time that I was aware that all religions and all beliefs tied together make the perfect spiritual belief. We tend to get locked in a single belief because there is not a group of people that believes all beliefs are correct. We are in the habit of excusing old beliefs or replacing old beliefs, calling old beliefs wrong. If we are still receptive to new thoughts, we have not learned enough, therefore we should be “adding to”. We cannot express wisdom if we believe some part of our knowing should be kept to ourselves. We cannot pass on wisdom if we continually say that what we share is incorrect.

    I believe we have been given different beliefs and definitions as a reason to come together and talk. To communicate. To form perfection.

    We must fight the undying need to be “better than” first. We see ourselves as too important or too knowing to be receptive to something we don’t know. We tend to be embarrassed by not knowing, yet we strive to learn. If we do not know what another person shares, we feel as though we are now unknowing and less than the other. This feeling of being less is unacceptable. So we learn and memorize, we study and study. Of coarse this makes us experts and rigid to one group which removes the love for others who do not know, even worse we wish harm on those who are not ready to know, or even disagree. This is not advancing! It is hate.

    There was a time not to long ago when all of the things I had read and learned came together. I was looking at astrology, Wicca, Celtic pagans, Christianity, Aboriginal Americans and Australians, Buddhism, Greek mythology, unusual bodily control, and a little of anything that came to mind at the time, even fairies, leprechauns and trolls. Everything I had learned, came together and was like one, in a short moment, belief was replaced with a deep feeling and everything was “together”, there’s no better description. There’s no better feeling. Once you have this feeling, you realize that truth is not something to be known, it’s something to be felt. There is no amount of knowledge I can pass on that will give that feeling. There is not a right way or a wrong way to get to that feeling and my feeling will not be your feeling or vise versa. It will be the purest feeling of your “self” that you will ever experience. Some may describe it as being one with God. Yeah, that will work if that’s what you need.

  • mewabe

    “Not everyone knows the reason we have found ourselves on the Earth.”

    Indeed, some of us are a bit near-sighted, and can’t read the poorly placed, small exit signs on the busy freeways of the spirit world.
    We then take the wrong exit, and here we eventually end up, living in Trumptopia.

    • As I’ve said before the Hadron Collider had an accident and created an alternate reality of which we live in now.

      Trump is also a product of the Law of Attraction. A desire to speed up our evolution is often instigated by negativity & chaos which creates a new paradigm. I don’t choose to live that way personally, but much of the collective is in that stream it seems.

      • mewabe

        From the Scottish newspaper Sunday Herald (some of you might have seen this, it went viral):

        “After a long absence, The Twilight Zone returns with one of the most ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history. Sci-fi writers have dabbled often with alternative history stories – among the most common is the ‘What If The Nazis Had Won The Second World War’ setting – but this huge interactive virtual reality project, which will unfold on TV, in the press, and on Twitter over the next four years, sets out to build an ongoing alternative present. The story begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president. It sounds far-fetched, and it is is, but as it goes on it becomes more and more chillingly plausible. Today’s feature-length opener concentrates on the gaudy inauguration of President Trump, and the stirrings of protest and despair surrounding the ceremony, while pundits speculate gravely on what lies ahead. It’s a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we’re not careful.”

        I agree about the evolution shortcut through chaos chosen by the current collective…I don’t think it is necessary either. “But much of the collective is in that stream it seems”…stream is a very kind word.

        • Well we can only wait & see. Maybe the stream changes course maybe not. We hold our peace. I created my own meme on my Facebook page. “Visualize the change, and then take action to speed it up.”

          I’ll be taking some more political action myself as a result. It’s not the only way, just one way to move things along.

          By the way, there is a meme I also posted some weeks back. It’s a photo of Rod Serling giving his introduction to the TZ and has trump in the oval office in the background.

          It’s a terribly weird thing with Trump, but I trust there’s much more going on then just Trump & his cronies & it will help jump start others to action, that normally would not have & that’s a good thing.

          As for CwG and Neale, I hope he can give us a spiritual response to Trump. That would make for some interesting discussion.

          • mewabe

            Trump will definitively be a catalyst, as progressives slept soundly in the past 8 years. However progressive politics seem to be mostly focused on social issues. In order to end the war machine and global environmental destruction we need to go beyond politics as usual and partisan extremism, and reinvent an ideology that honors life.

            The social problems and solutions we are discussing today were discussed at the times of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in very detailed terms. Unfortunately, we have made very little or no progress…and in my view we won’t until we incorporate the Indigenous worldview into our philosophy of life or theology, that is to say until we understand that we have to respect natural laws and the natural order if we want to survive.

          • So many heady issues we face! It’s interesting that CwG when talking about HEB’s notes that primitive people have a lot in common with them. That’s food for thought.

            I like the idea of government, people, organizations making a top 10 list of what we should most focus on as far as global problems. The list can be longer, way longer, but a list establishes a priority, which can change with new info. But at the moment, we have so many issues & problems that unless we prioritize, they get ignored or distracted by so many other things.

            I think Neale and many other spiritual teachers/leaders should create a shadow government in which they lay out the spiritual response to such issues. They would not have any real government power, but could be a big influence by the simple fact that they propose other possible solutions, that could create momentum & possibly influence government or other organizations.

      • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

        “Hadron Collider had an accident and created an alternate reality of which we live in now”
        Show me some scientific evidence for this theory of yours. I too can dream of pink unicorns dashing on the dark side of the moon but until iI can back it up with proof it’s just a concoction of my mind.

        • Dude, it was a joke!

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)

            With the CwG crow you never know!

          • mewabe

            caw caw caaawww…that’s the sound of the CwG crow.

          • Mateia Andrei (A true friend)


      • Kirsten

        Hey Marko,
        Take a look online about a huge whale stranding we have in NZ this morning, 200 I think, unfortunately half have passed already.
        WTF? Thats a huge pod, damn sonars on boats and things I assume, we have lots of cruise liners here this Summer….rich Americans! Grrrr
        So sad and annoying when we are a country of whales, dolphins, seals and now sharks.
        Take care,

        • My motto is always err on the side of the environment. That’s number one. The earth, nature, animals give us everything & deserve the highest respect & honor.

          Visualize what you desire, then take action to speed it up. Cruise ships & rich people aside. The military is the biggest waste & war destroys the most resources & probably wildlife too. It’s a no win situation.

          I practice to visualize a wise government & people regardless of current appearances.

          • Kirsten

            Hi ya,
            Yip, I know. We dont really have much of a military, and I think two navy boats. We’re a nuclear free country so the US boats arent allowed here although the South Pacific is their training ground. Grrrrrr!!
            I read years ago that you were an avid whale fan so thought you may be inerested. Ended up over 400 stranded, 70% died this morning and last news those people managed to save were heading in the wrong direction.
            300 dead whales is HUUUUGE, bet it wont make the news outside of NZ, typical. We have cultural beliefs they can only be buried on beaches, autopsys have to be done on the beach, what mission to bury them all.
            Take care,

          • mewabe

            Total silence here is the newly formed FAS (Fascist States of America) about these whales. I thought I would confirm it…terrible what the military-oil industry complex is doing to the earth…unforgivable.
            Take care Kirsten,

          • I checked with world class animal communicator Penelope Smith. Sent here a video on this from CNN. Here was her response to me.
            “Their navigation system is being thrown off by toxic pollutants from the ocean in their bodies.”

          • Kirsten

            Interesting, thanks Marko. That makes sense, especially when we are on the Pacific Rim and all the hush hush info about Fukishima shows that nuclear waste levels in the pacific are much higher than published here, and especially California. So much for a nuclear free country!!! Chem trails are appearing a lot more now as well plus off shore fracking. We get a lot of quakes now, our country is actually just one huge faultline that popped up out of the ocean. There have been quite a few at the top of the South Island (Kaikoura had a huge one, a town that is based on whale and dolphin watching tourism) recently near this huge stranding, our coastlines and sandbars are physically changing, plus obvious sewerage leaks and everything rlse that goes with quakes PLUS floods are so frequent now that most rivers are polluted as dairy farm crap and insecticides end up in ghem and out to sea.
            I guess half man made problems, plus half nature being cruel to nature, forcing our man made stuff into their home, the sea.

    • Kirsten

      Hey there Bobinski.
      Ive had a year odd a very odd ‘exit sign’ story. I had to do a Kabbalah psychology paper, involving writing fiction but based on another authors characters, a year in their lives but by relaxing them and let life happen honestly. Smart enuf to have a gizzilionaire!! I set in just out of NY in 1977. The craziest thing happened, a lot. Things kept surprising me, nothing channelled or intuitive based, but i had to use my instincts to ‘rehumanise’ them. Constant twists I didnt see coming until I was typing it, different lead characters, all sorts of crazy stuff. A really good psychology paper to do, but it was insane how different they became. Because i started with righteous characters, the twist that bit me in the butt at ghe end was that it ended up the Pearly Gates and Heavenly walls I was building, with people. Completely insane altho the Pearly Gates are just the Binah position on the Tree of Life. At the end when my year was up, turned out it was a foundation year, setting up their community based on Revelation. But when I was ready to quit, I had absolutely no idea that I was actually a character. My last twist I didnt see coming.
      Cool creepy ghost stories, that all just worked. Really odd, and cool to be able to create majic in a written exam, just with instincts, and God just rolled with whatever I put in, dwelling with them like in Revelation.

      But guess what….I now believe in judgement day, because Heaven on Earth after it has been proven to me now. Scary thought…not Heaven on Earth, but judgements enmasse because the only other option is hell…obviously that targets a psychological place, generally through poverty and ‘driving you nuts’ with stress. I see the world differently now, and wonder if thats what we are seeing in the world now. Not tragedy, but judgements???? Odd concept, but obviosly I had to to the exam for a reason….to test me to see what is fired out of me since Im generally very reserved in real life.

      Maybe Trumptopia is a part of the big plan!!

      • mewabe

        Hey Kirstendom!
        Interesting…we can learn a lot about ourselves when we let creativity flow. In the end, could it be said that all we ever talk about, even when we don’t think we are, is ourselves? Scary thought! I have to stop talking!

        What is the real meaning of judgment, sorting things out, separating the wheat from the shaft, the true from the false? There is an extreme polarization going on at this time…and not just political but in terms of consciousness, of what it means to be human, of what life is about.

        I think much of humanity is manifesting its own hidden nightmarish thoughts and facing the natural and spiritual consequences of its own actions and beliefs…in order to sort them out, sort itself out? It looks like hell, like chaos, because it is. It could be a death and rebirth…or just a death, depending on humanity’s choices.

        I saw “heaven on earth” happening suddenly after a massive and long world cleansing, in a spontaneous vision in 1994…during an out of body experience (I actually ended up in space looking down at the earth). The best way to describe this “heaven on earth” that I saw would be collective Christ consciousness…or the feeling that everyone without exceptions experiences, in that dimension, the Divine presence…(the Source?) I also saw that many people will be disoriented at first and will need help to understand what happened, as the change will be instantaneous. Could it be a new earth in a new dimension?

        Leonard Cohen described these dark times of cleansing or “judgment” rather well in his song The Future, like most poets who are also part prophets:

        “Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
        Won’t be nothing
        Nothing you can measure anymore
        The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
        has crossed the threshold
        and it has overturned
        the order of the soul”

        Take care Kirstenabinovitch
        BubbleBob from Trumptopia

        • Kirsten

          Howdy Rodeobob,
          I think Heaven on Earth is on this planet, although other dimensions as well.
          And yes you’re right Christ Consciouness, although things differ for people. We have to love Heaven, its a state mentally, based on our lives. My idea of Heaven could be your idea of Hell and vice versa….I do hope do. What you described is in Revelation, God delivers Heaven to Earth, with different properties BUT after judgements and hell, meaning your life will be a living hell until you sort your shirt out and ‘get it’. Thats why i think these judgements may be underway now. Unsure but I suspect so.
          Please do take those meds, when Dr Walmart and Dr Google have diagnosed you with every known mental health illness, plus many more, you should take that suitcase of drugs. The drug moguls need your cash. If you take all 47 pills a day you may stumble upon the cure for something. You may dven discover how to grow extra toes…could be handy.
          Judgement is a tricky one. In my wise old years as middle age hunts me down like a vulture, Ive realised that existance has always been, and will bem basec on those that have the means to do things, doing it. People with the means changes with time. God ruled the western world until 1977, now who knows. If people happen to be judged when Y’shua is at the Pearly Gates/ Binah position of female principles, understanding and judgements ghen he may judge by his own tough standards, he is there now, and others will do the same if they are then when people are judged.
          Same concept as on earth, all lucky dip really.

          Watching one of my fav movies, Unstoppable.

          Take care Ebawemewabe,

          • mewabe

            Greetings again Kirstentothree,

            “God delivers Heaven to Earth, with different properties BUT after judgements and hell, meaning your life will be a living hell until you sort your shirt out and ‘get it’.

            That’s another way of describing a kundalini awakening and rise to the 7th chakra…but as a global event. The kundalini causes things that are buried in the first chakra, the survival chakra (which corresponds to the primitive, survival brain) to emerge to be sorted out…mostly ancient terrors, etc…very scary stuff for those who are unprepared spiritually, stuff that is deeply buried in the unconscious/subconscious, that can take on symbolic forms when emerging suddenly and misunderstood (that’s also what happens when people take strong hallucinogens and have a bad experience, and become almost or fully psychotic) .

            Yes I will take that suitcase of drugs and eat the suitcase as well. Will let you know what happens with the extra toes experiment. I could use 4 arms and hands.

            I am not living in any kind of personal hell…actually my life has been falling into place in the past few years and flowing as if by magic. But looking at the world, it’s another story.

            I have never seen Unstoppable…will try it! Watch Lakota Woman if you can find it, on another topic.

            See you later Kirstaveanitchtoscratch,

          • Kirsten

            Bonjour Mewanerd,
            Dont think youll like Unstoppable..runaway train action movie, its really good though. And the young guy has beautiful eyes, always makes a movie worth watching!!!
            Kundalini..good point, I hadnt thought about that, mine took me to hell and back, although my then 18 yr old was a lot of that. Drinking age in nz is 18, somehow our garage man cave became the local bar! Im not good with discipline, but thats all a part of the entire experience, anything can be the catayst.
            This year HAS to be a falling into place year, Im over chaos!!
            Take care Mewannabeamericano Trumpovich

            Kirstenastatewithnoitchtoscratchthanks Nofleashero

          • mewabe

            Bonjour Kirstenitchlessovanovitch,

            I found my psychology degree in a fortune cookie…no wonder I ain’t qualified. I should have known…you just can’t trust any old cookie these days.

            I don’t mind action movies, as long as I can do something physical immediately afterward, to release the stress hormones accumulated during the movie…such as sky dive or punch my neighbor.

            Not good with discipline with children either. I don’t have any, but somehow when I try to discipline other people’s children in the streets, stores, malls, schools, just about anywhere I see them, even people’s backyards or houses, I can’t get no respect from either the parents or the children. What’s wrong with this picture? I am tellin’ ya.

            If you don’t want no more chaos, keep the Trumpeter out of New Zealand and your entire hemisphere. Things are happening quickly, and the Chinese might have to save us. 上帝帮助我们 (From another fortune cookie).

            In a while,

          • Kirsten

            Damn, now someone tells me where to get a psychology degree. I got two, one that perhaps was actually car insurance or something, who knows but its in my cv, and the other is my graduation from girl guides certificate. Not that I graduated, so its probaby just a certificate for bed making or something. Actually I think I failed that one, possibly cane basket making or macrame, I have a knack for knots and twisting things.
            Theyre only valid for psychology in Ameritrump, but thats ok, same as your fortune cookie one. Maybe we can concoct a time machjne with some cane, twine, cookie crumbs and car insurance folded into a paper dart. We can shrink your client, sit him on the dart with crumbs for sustinance, use cane as an antennae and have a fancy string tail. As good as its gonna get, I should tell Neale!! You can tell your client that tvs are a good time machine, as I study I have The Voice USA 2016 grand final. Maybe he can just watch old reruns and teleport himself on his couch?

            Is your new neighbour Mexican?…you could always build a big wall. And make him pay.

            Other peoples kids are rather annoying, well between and 13 anyway. Guess my inner child fell off somewhere, give me lil ones or teens anyday. I dont understand why youre having discipline problems….how odd. Try wearing a floro vest and a lanyard. They give power for anything in this world. Or is that just lesbians and scary females, plus old people? Just pass a Law. Surely you have a fortune cookie law degree?

            Why are you looking to the Chinese to save you? Its North Korea you need. Try it next time you and Dennis Rodman take a holiday there.

            Take care Megapatrioticwabe,


            PS if you have any follower groupies at the mo, I do hope they are completely confused about your odd names. You should be more open about bi polar and possession, and that your only meds are Twinkies that you buy in bulk from Walmart, since you get a good staff discount on expired stock. 5% off!!

          • mewabe

            TV’s are indeed a good time machine, to take us back to the time before brain development (I murdered my TV about 17 years ago, can you tell I hate them?…especially at airports, where you can’t get away from them).

            No my neighbor is not Mexican…rather a home grown hill-neck red-billy (did I mess that up?) who just moved here and decided to turn his formerly nice, park-like property into a (insert solid waste) hole. I am trying to block the view with some landscaping…such as moving the rocky mountains and setting them between our lands…or planting a few mature redwoods. Fortunately there is no open conflict yet. But my cat killed another ratty gun totting neighbor’s drone. It was flying very low close to my house and my cat got it, and I finished it. No more pesky drones…

            Seriously, no I would never think of disciplining a kid, or even a puppy, or a flea larva. It’s not in my nature…I would just return the kid and get a new one at the store (OK now I am really scaring the audience if there is one).

            About audiences and confusing the peanut gallery, what could be more amusing? I am thinking government agencies, those little peeping Toms who surveil everything we buy, read, write and say. For every website you visit for example, visit one that is diametrically opposite…how could they ever “profile” you when you don’t fit any mold, and can’t even fit inside a fortune cookie?

            I felt bad hearing about the whales…humans won’t be happy until they have poisoned, exhausted, destroyed and turned everything into chaos, trash and death. There is something that is missing in the human mind…a connection to the heart and soul? Basic common sense? Feeling?

            Bi polar? No…anyway, me, myself and I (the holy trinity if I may say so myself in all modesty) have to go back to work…more deadlines. Tired of those deadlines…I am going to do a portrait of Trump as a magnificent king and sell millions of prints for a fortune to all of the Trumpeter’s fans…you know, all those Tea Party Walmart customers.

            Take care of yossef Kirstenuousgrasponreality (you too?)

          • Kirsten

            Why do you finally tell me these things? I can take my kids back to the store???? Wtf??? That would be ex, Ill drop them off tomorrow, thanks for ghe heads up.

            Re internet spies, Id love to see my profile. This is the only website I go on other than selling on the equivalent of ebay, and youtubing songs!! Im actually traumatised that I dont even warrant pop up ads or recommendations. I was on facebook for a week for work, until people wanted to be my friend, and an accountant friend accidently mistook me for someone interested in her photos of her baking!! Erm, not cool! My laptop isnt even on internet, just my trusty tablet!

            Anyway, bedtime, almost 1am. Or so the cats are telling me in a not so subtle way. Oh, exciting news in my world…my finches foot fell off. Something was odd, I let it turn black since I couldnt catch him and no vet will treat a finch anyway, and it fell off after a week. Hes fine with his stump. When are those damn birds gonna die…7 years old and still rocking. Shoulda returned that kid when he wanted damn birds for his birthday years ago! Theyre gay finches, sharing their little mest at night like two old men rather than seperate ones! Cute. How exciting does my world get???

            Take care Mewannabetrumpgroupie

          • Kirsten

            PS..you’re not a very good doctor, you really need a new Walmart psychology degree. Your patient is still asking for his time machine I see.
            Come on, stop being mean and just make him one, use wifi buzz and be a meridian matrix weaver.
            I have complete trust you can do it.

  • mewabe

    Speaking of politics:

    There is a very uncanny similarity between the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, the ideology of the Church of Satan and that of the current extremist Republican party. You might find it interesting.

    Nietzsche’s basic premises are that the “weak” invented morality to limit and deter the “strong”, that power is the supreme virtue and the supreme desire of man, and that of all forms of government the most “natural” is aristocracy.

    The Church of Satan’s ideas are that the “weak” is meant to be used without restraints, exploited and ultimately eliminated by the “strong”, being at the bottom of the so-called natural food chain.

    The Republican party is currently trying to implement extreme social Darwinism, which strongly parallels these pathological ideas that the “strong” should let the “weak” fend for themselves on the fringes of society, and that might makes right.

    I am not inferring that there is a deliberate connection…but merely noting that the parallels are striking, and I am reminded of when a tea party GOP debate audience cheered the idea of letting uninsured patients die.

    We are now ruled by the tea party in the person of Steve Bannon, the brain behind Trump. Need I say more?