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Not a week goes by these days when people do not ask me what I think about all that is going on in our world right now, and what our best spiritual response might be. Based on the messages in Conversations with God, what would be most useful, they want to know. What would be most helpful right now? What would be most effective?

Today, with all the nuclear sword rattling and bragging about intercontinental first strike or defensive capabilities between countries . . . with all the on-the-ground terrorism and bloodshed and starvation and heartbreaking images of stick-thin women carrying emaciated babies across borders desperately hoping to find safe haven . . . with all the social unrest and upheaval we see at every turn . . . it’s little wonder that sadness and fear seems to be winning the day everywhere.

Yet many people all over the world are still searching for ways to brighten their days and lighten their individual lives — and, too, for something they could offer our world to produce a glimmer of hope amidst the despair, and to bring some light unto the darkness.

This is where you come in. You and me. All of us, together.

There is something we can do. Something to shift our personal, daily lives away from sadness and worry, and something to even help, in a very real way, to uplift the larger reality. What  I am saying to everyone when I am asked about the CWG spiritual response to all that is occurring in our world right now is to explore the messages in Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. 

This is a brand new and totally unexpected dialogue, which began on August 2, 2016 and moved to completion, forming an entire book, in five weeks. That book was rushed into print and has just been released — this past Monday, in fact. It has already begun appearing in regular excerpts, now every other day, on my Facebook page, so everyone may access it at no cost. Here is the link to my FB page:


If you wish to have your own personal copy, it is available at Amazon through the following link:


I had no idea this book was coming through. I awoke before dawn on that morning last August with an inner urge to talk with God about our world and its present circumstance. I knew from an old, familiar feeling that it was important for me to move forward with that conversation immediately. I found myself immersed 12 hours a day in this new dialogue, which included a surprising, if not jaw-dropping, revelation amount Highly Evolved Beings from other dimensions, and — most important — an extraordinary personal invitation to every person who reads the text.

Included is a fascinating list of sixteen differences between an awakened species and humans in an unawakened state (offered to inspire us to make specific changes in our own behaviors), as well as ways to tell if we have fully awakened, and five tools for integrating the immensely helpful suggestions of CWG into our daily lives.

Coming at a time of global economic distress, political madness, social upheaval, chest-thumping by so many of our globe’s brazenly partisan and increasingly unyielding leaders, emboldened by their fist-pumping, people-shoving followers — this brand new dialogue declares that this precise moment is actually the Perfect Time for Advancement in the evolutionary journey of our species, and offers the spiritual, philosophical, emotional, and physical steps to move us forward.

The first step, it says, is to self select to be among those who commit to moving forward their own individual and personal evolution by embracing and demonstrating behaviors that serve to awaken the species to who and what human beings really are (Individuations of Divinity), and how that may be made manifest in our collective experience. As I said, the text offers us some solid ideas on ways in which to do that.

I hope that many of you will joyfully read Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. 

Lovingly, Neale.

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