Question #1

If a way could be found to prolong physical life forever, even stopping us from “growing old,” would you favor it…or do you think we should all “have to die” in order to give Life meaning?

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  • ionic Breeze

    I’m all for that. Why not live life young? Who wants to get old? Who is to say we can’t stay young? Many artists, masters of spirituality know the power of the light. They know they can look and feel young, because light doesn’t get old ever ever. In these days of living light, all life knows that light grows more light and things can move upwards not downwards if a living light chooses to move it upwards. Take a wrinkle and lighten it up with a little lovely thought that it isn’t there. Watch it disappear. I’ve tried that one, and it works. Believe me. It does really work. Anyhoo, we should keep creating positivity and being positivity, and being positivity, to me, feels more like 25 not 85. Downswinging is not the same as upswinging. Upswinging is how I want to be in life always in life. I hear we don’t have to be a downswinging living life kind of thing. We can be a upswinging living life kind of thing.

    Of course, we can do what we need to do to help that along, but trutfully, it’s all in the thought. If I say, “If I say I need to lose weight, I will spend my life needing to lose weight.” The universe says, “Okay. you are that you are. you are that who needs to lose weight.” Sigh. If, on the otherhand, I say, “I am skinny already,” I can lose weight in a jiff of a neon night. I have tried that one, too. I won’t announce how much weight I lost, but believe me I was satisfied with the results in no time. Look at all those ancients in the bible. They really did live that long. It’s what CWG says, too. Our bodies aren’t meant to be withering on the vine, dilapidated ol’ stringy things hanging on bones that break all too easily. They’re meant to be young, vibrant, lively things with taut skin and young faces. you know, really, I know some oldies who look like they did when they were young. As I said, artists and gurus  have a in on this thing called living in the moment.

    Alright. Here it is. Songs for all life so all life can live in the moment and feel 25, too. It helps to live in the moment day to day, night to night, moment to moment. These are songs gifted to me by God I Am. Truly, God woke me up and spoke a line in my ear that said, “Go to starbucks and buy these albums.” I’m like “No way. I am not that today. It’s too expensive enough.” God was pretty adament, so I bought them and play all these songs everyday  He he he I am young at heart and body, too  The first album gifted to me was way back by Jason Mraz from the “I’m Yours” collection. Everyone has heard that song. here it is in case you haven’t.

    The next group comes from the album Love by Jason Mraz. My, my, my God, God, God gifted me the whole entire album one day when he said, “Go to starbucks and buy this,” and now I know why. This guy Mraz is the Razamataz. he’s the absolute hear ye hear ye holiest holy guy of all life. I love him so. Every song on the Album called “Love is a four letter word” is gifted highly highly from waay waay up, high high high in life. He’s a one love guy. That’s for sure. The whole album was gifted to me, and I’m gifting it to you cuz you are God and Goddess, too. These songs are for those who want to be 25 in all life:) I have listened to them everyday since God gave them to me. My very, very, very, very, very favorite song on the whole album by Mraz is called, “Don’t Give Up.” Dear, dear God I love this song. Hear it. Be it. We are it in all life. It’s a lifter alright. Lift the life to it and you won’t give up on life, no matter where you navigate in life. It’s for old souls, souls that have fallen a little to the ground for ol angsyne sake. Life is on our side always in all ways )) Here it is. The best in the block of all life Hi

    Here is “Living in the Moment”, too, also by Jason Mraz from Love

    Next time God gifted me a song was at the fall eqinox recently. He said, “go to starbucks and buy this album.” I always argue about that because it’s expensive, but he was adamant . He told me number 4 and number 5 were mine and I needed to hear them. It’s the album by the Illumineers. here they are for you to enjoy, life. Love, love, love to you.

    This song is the reason God gave me the album. It’s called “Ho Hey”. It’s a song after my very personal light language. Ho Hey Life Go Go Go It’s a Ho Hey kind of Day Hi Ho He Wee are home Home Home :):):)

    The next song God gifted me on this same album is called “Dead Sea.” It speaks for itself.

    Sorry about all these advertisements, but they are grand for being young.

    Love to all,

    Ionic Breeze

  • Cal

    If we never died in this physical form, suicide would take on a new meaning.

  • Pat

    This is a favorite topic of Robert Heinlein, explored vicariously through Lazarus Long in books such as Methuselah’s Children, Time Enough for Love, Number of the Beast, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset.

    In one of these books, after living some undefined but very long period of time Lazarus is bored and tired of living, and becomes furious when he is prevented from taking his own life; but agrees to refrain from suicide if something can be found to amuse him and give him back an interest in life. Very thoughtful and entertaining reading from the science fiction author who presented the concept of Oneness and ‘thou art God’ and ‘grokking’ back in the 60’s with his classic book “Stranger in a Strange Land,” a book that in many ways is a fictional version of CWG, and making many of the same points. I never tire of reading it and have done so at least a dozen times. I can’t help but wonder if NDW was influenced by this book and if it contributed to what came out in CWG when he ‘dipped into a stream of consciousness’ that led to that book.

    This is a difficult question to answer for us, as we think and act “short term” due to the current limits on our life spans. How much would it change how we live our lives if instead of planning for the decades ahead, we planned for the centuries ahead? Investments, education, everything would be different with longer lifespans. I suspect that we would be more relaxed and less rushed and might take time to smell the roses more often.

    My gut reaction on reading the question, was “Hell No!,” I don’t want to live forever here, and indeed I look forward to some R&R with a trip back home; but of course that reaction is based on the fact that our lives are so short now. I certainly don’t think we “have to die” in order to give Life meaning. If I am able to prevent one child from growing up with the fear of Hell that I had as a child, my life will have had meaning.

  • Corina Mihaela Demian

    I am happy to “die” time to time than to stay here for very long time ,once.I feel happiness when I pass next to a cemetery,maybe ,later ,when most of the peoples living on Earth will have understood the real purpose of life and seen the illusions as illusions and use its for the purpose they were intended, than,yes,I will like to live longer here.Love,Truth and Joy for EveryOne 🙂 O:-)

  • mewabe

    I can see the benefits and detriments either way…so if it was a choice, if the technology was made universally available, then people could choose to extend their lives for as long as they wanted, and let it naturally go if or when changing their mind, if or when choosing to die.

    But again, would this technology also be made available to the poor, the handicap, the addict? Think of a religiously driven government that declares homosexuals undesirables…would they be denied this technology?

    Under the wrong ideology, could it become a new form of eugenics, to “purify” the “race” and let “undesirables” die off (for example would convicted criminals have access to it, or would they loose this “right” as they loose the right to vote today?)

    As new technologies often do (such as cloning), this indeed brings up all kinds of questions on their use by industry and government, questions that unfortunately cannot be answered until confronted by specific situations.

  • Emmelie

    I think its immaterielle for the souls journey and life. Its all cyclic anyway. I think returning to a pure state after death actually gives us momento for coming back to and living life as humans on earth. Love it whatever state and stage you are at. Congratulations on the forum. Great idea. All the Best!

  • Chantal Lapensée

    Personnaly I think, We die because we have spend many live(s) living in fear, of those who lies to us and had robbed us from our FREE WILL.

    When We will finally realize that We where lied to,”Big Time” & for all that Time,… it will certainly give a boost at humanity, to attempt to live younger & longer etc,..But giving tules without Being in touch with it’s own Consciousness, is a “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”.

    And knowlege, is not sufficiant, not before We Truly Know and Manifest “Who We really are”, Whitout a shred of a dought,(.?.) only then “ONE” will no longer die. Because He/She is, “ONE”.

  • javier cervera

    Life meaning is related to awerness of reality as it is….. we are here just the perfect time we need to be…. there are more levels of experience others than here…. so why want to stay more time in the same classroom? move on