Bring on the bliss

For those of you yearning to hear the internal whispers of your soul amidst the noisy chatter of an unruly mind…for those of you longing to experience the calm bliss of simply “being” when your experience of life at this moment feels like a never-ending cycle of “doing”…perhaps the soothing voice and gentle rhythms of Snatam Kaur is something you would be willing to make a regular part of your day.

The transcendent power and healing qualities of the devotional chants of Snatam Kaur have elevated it to become one of my most beloved choices in my musical collection.   Her songs combine a unique blend of ancient chants sung in Gurumukhi, the sacred language of the Sikhs, and English.

Snatam Kaur (whose name means universal, nucleus, and friend to all) uses her music to bridge diverse cultures, faiths, and traditions, and to promote peace and inner strength.  When asked what her definition of ‘peace’ is, she replied, “I feel peace is defined in each person’s life in the moments of their greatest struggles and challenges. Peace is the ability to stay true to yourself, and in any situation find the light or find the way to grow and transform in that situation, while uplifting yourself and other people.”

The purity and clarity of Snatam’s voice radiates and her soft spiritual chants touch your soul.  Her albums “Anand,” “Celebrate Peace,” and “Grace” are just a few of my personal favorites.  You will quickly realize that understanding the language in some of the songs is not a necessary element to having a profound experience of bliss and peace, that her music transcends the confines of any one particular language, and that her universal message of oneness is one that is deeply felt.

The book When Everything Changes, Change Everything speaks to the importance of meditation, whether that be a sitting meditation, a walking meditation, or a “doing” meditation; that some form of meditation is “the single most important commitment of your entire life: a commitment to your soul, to be with your soul, to meet your soul, to hear and listen to and interact with your soul.” 

If your attempts at meditation thus far have been unsuccessful, I invite you to consider incorporating the sacred mantras of Snatam Kaur as a gentle assistive tool to elevate your meditative experience to the next level.

I close now with the lyrics to one of Snatam’s songs, “Long Time Sun,” an old Irish blessing which is currently sung by thousands worldwide as a parting prayer in Kundalini yoga classes:

“May the Long Time Sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on.

You may read more about Snatam Kaur and purchase her music on her website: 

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  • Cal

    Made me tingly all over. Warmed my heart space. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Melanie

    Lisa, this is beautiful. So is this site. I really love what you have done. I feel like I am riding on angels wings….just my presence here; this is your soul shinning it’s brightest! I am ‘lucky’ to be witness to.
    Interestingly enough…minutes prior to reading this…I was reading all sorts of Irish prayers and blessings; matter of fact, I just sent you one to post on this site. I turn around start perusing the site and look another Old Irish Blessing. I will most definitely include in my everyday the blessing you shared. Thank you Lisa.
    With Love, Melanie


    I absolutely love Snatam’s song, Grace!! Truly inspirational!!