My virginity goes to the highest bidder

Catarina Migliorini is a beautiful 20-year-old Brazilian woman…who also happens to be a virgin. She will be engaging in her first sexual experience in an airplane in-flight between the countries of the United States and Australia with a man from Japan named Natsu. While this may sound like an unusually exotic and romantic experience, this arrangement’s unique set of circumstances have thrust this story onto center stage, where it is receiving worldwide attention and is being met with overwhelming criticism.

The man known only as “Natsu” beat out several other wealthy men from around the world as the highest bidder in an online auction at where he paid $780,000 to have sex with a virgin.

Where the story gets even more interesting, and perhaps slightly more morally complicated, is that Catarina has pledged to donate 90% of the money to charities that will build homes in the struggling Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

In an effort to circumvent any laws regarding prostitution, the tryst is scheduled to take place in an airplane flying 30,000 feet in the air.  Answering to the outcries of engaging in prostitution, in an article in New York Daily Mail, Catarina responded, “If you only do it once in your life, then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer. The auction is just business, I’m a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area.”

Do the proposed altruistic intentions of Miss Migliorini outweigh or mitigate the morality questions that this arrangement gives rise to for so many outraged observers?

Why is it that the bulk of the public disapproval is being aimed at Caratina’s involvement in this peculiar relationship and not equally levied against “Natsu” (who is remaining curiously anonymous)?

And perhaps most importantly:

Is there truly anything “wrong” with this mutually agreed-upon rendezvous?

Within the teachings of Conversations with God, God reminds us that there is no such thing as “wrong” or “right,” that if such a concept were true, upon whose definition of “wrong” or “right” would a thing be judged as so? As demonstrated by the mere fact that prostitution is legal in one out of the 50 states in the United States — and legal in some countries around the world, but not others — even laws that have been designed and created to draw a distinction between “wrong” and “right” do not across-the-board define wrongness or rightness.

Setting aside for a moment questions surrounding the legality of this arrangement, does the purchase of the presumed sexual innocence of this young lady create any larger questions around what our relationships are intended to provide? Larger questions around what the sexual experience, both physically and spiritually, is intended to serve? Larger questions around whether sex is best reserved for only the most committed and monogamous partners…or whether it is a gift to be enjoyed freely and playfully between consenting, passionate, creative, spirited adults?

Examining our thoughts and perspectives, and questioning the data that we are relying upon, creates opportunities for us to stretch and flex our “belief” boundaries and helps us to understand more fully what it is we hold true about ourselves, what it is we hold true about relationships, and ultimately what it is we hold true about God.

With the November 6 presidential election right around the corner, stories like this one serve as a bold reminder to me that many, many people will be casting their votes largely — or perhaps even solely — based upon morality issues and deeply held values. However, if we do not know what it is we believe, why we believe what we believe, or even take the time to think about it, how can we expect to be purposeful and creative participants in this Game of Life?

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  • Michael L

    I’m for the thought that:
    ” it is a gift to be enjoyed freely and playfully between consenting, passionate, creative, spirited adults?”

    My freedom depends on letting freedom in this world be able to be expressed.

    When two souls come together for this experience of bliss, restricting this, would have to Be with high energy as with say Unconditional Love, which is the top of the tippy top. I just don’t believe we would put restrictions on this experience of Joy.
    I know I don’t.

  • Laura Jean Pringle

    Very interesting article! This really is food for thought. The gesture itself is a great way to bring public attention to a problem that would most likely be ignored otherwise. Imagine a 20 year old having such a feeling of responsibility for a community. A truly admirable endeavor, even if it is via a somewhat socially unacceptable act.

  • Rosie Brown

    Good Lord! whatever next? lol It’s sad to find sex is worth no more than money.

  • mewabe

    The first problem with “morality”, is that it is always imposed on one person by another or by a group or society. The second problem is that such “morality” always comes with a generous amount of hypocrisy.

    Instead define your own morality, and live by your own true standards, and let others do the same, and who cares what a hypocritical group or a narrow-minded society thinks!

    As long as no one is coerced, and every individual involved is adult and fully capable of making a decision, as long as there are no victims, let freedom ring in and out of bed!

  • Trisha

    This is an interesting look at ourselves. Since I’ve read so many of Neale’s books and God’s, of course, I’ve been looking at how I feel about my ex-husband’s penchant for teen girls and the lack of being touched for the last two decades.

    It’s interesting because I’ve looked at why I put up with that for so long and why a year ago I was finally complete with that relationship. Its a long convoluted story and one that I can see now my part in creating it and the why I would do that.

    Having said all that I think ultimately it’s between the two how they made the agreement and if they wake up enough to know why they are doing that REALLY. What is the agreement they made, what are they showing of themselves? Are they expanding or contracting? Our portion is to look at the feelings that are aroused and work through those so we can expand.

    We are aroused and opinionated but why? It’s really pretty simple.

  • Erin/IAm

    Lights come on from sources we never dreamed as being enlightening!

    Perhaps the intense desires of man will be turned by that which they desire…Virgins of the world unite! Become as free-agents!:D

    Wish I had this idea…and the heart & business savvy that this girl possesses so early in her time.

    Blessed be.

  • Frank

    Freedom. Do with it what you will and be blessed. In this case, I tend to think that Natsu is being pretty foolish – still his choice though. JMO



  • Xoxo

    I agree with her choice. Free to do what she likes with no feeling of guilt in her heart. That’s amazing. Lol