God is punishing America “right before our eyes,” according to a Christian preacher, and Hurricane Sandy is part of God’s judgmental backlash.

Author and chaplain John McTernan has declared that Hurricane Sandy is part of God’s plan of “systematically destroying America” as punishment for its wicked ways—part of which is exemplified, he said, by the fact that both U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney “are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda.”

McTernan has posted a statement on his website saying that Sandy is ravaging the U.S. East Coast “21 years to the day” in October 1991 when “President George Bush Sr. initiated the Madrid Peace Process to divide the land of Israel, including Jerusalem. America has been under God’s judgment since this event.”

Twenty-one years “breaks down to 7 x 3, which is a significant number with God,” the Christian preacher said, adding that “three is perfection as the Godhead is three in one, while seven is perfection.” Carrying his God-Is-Destroying-America theme forward, he said that “just last August, Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans seven years later, on the exact day of Hurricane Katrina. Both hit during the week of the homosexual event called Southern Decadence in New Orleans!”

McTernan’s website statement also said, “It appears that God gave America 21 years to repent of interfering with His prophetic plan for Israel; however, it has gotten worse under all the presidents and especially Obama. Obama is 100 percent behind the Muslim Brotherhood, which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem.”

In addition to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, “there was an incredible heatwave and drought that destroyed massive amounts of the crops” in America, McTernan’s statement notes. “This drought has not let up and now covers about 65 percent of the country.”

The drought, he said, “triggered record forest fires in the West. If you add the area of the drought and now the hurricane together, it would be about 80 percent of the country! As I said, the Holy God of Israel is systematically destroying America right before our eyes.”

The Christian preacher’s statement ends with a lament: “With all of this, there is almost zero repentance by the church: zero! The fear of God has disappeared from His people. The church in America is now EXACTLY like ancient Israel before the Babylonians destroyed them. Both ancient Israel and the modern American church completely lost the fear of God.”

Can all of this be true? It probably is true that many millions of people have “lost the fear of God” — but is this bad? And can it be true that God is punishing human beings, systematically destroying an entire nation, for committing offenses against the Lord?

This is exactly the opposite of what The New Spirituality, as represented in the message of the 9 texts in the Conversations with God cosmology, tells us. It is why I launched, with the creation of Humanity’s Team, a “civil rights movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its beliefs in a violent, angry, and vindictive God.”

The challenge now facing humanity: thought is creative…and collective thought, all pointing in the same direction, is highly creative…leading to the intriguing question: What is creating the disasters befalling not just America, but the whole human race in these days and times? Is it a violent, angry, and vindictive God, or our belief in a violent, angry, and vindictive God?

Are the billions of people who continue to persistently believe in a God of retribution producing a force field — a vortex, if you will — that is generating exactly the kind of negative and destructive energy that could create a self-fulfilling prophecy?

If positive thinking is powerful and produces results, is negative thinking just as powerful?

If Collective Consciousness produces Collective Experience, might it be time to change our Collective Consciousness?

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  • Sinclair

    Neale: So how does your prominent focus on conservative Christians lately produce positive results?

    I can’t help but think you are campaigning against conservatives in these weeks before the election.

    It would be nice if you could campaign for Obama, like you did last time, but since Obama has not lived up to the Lightworker infatuation of 2008, it seems that you have to tear into conservatives instead.

    And sure there are some “less than optimal” conservatives out there, but there are plenty of odd liberals too — for instance, all those including yourself, who contributed to that bizarre cult of personality surrounding Obama as something more than a politician in the last election

  • Hil

    I really think if one has time to post such crap, they really need to evaluate where they stand with God personally instead of trying to predict our doom via the internet.

  • Larry

    GOD=LOVE 🙂
    We are all loved by GOD and, we will be with GOD when we leave this Earthly plane. Man has brought this destruction upon himself by, destroying the planet. I’ AM a Spiritual Being having, a Human Experience. I will never die and, I will go home to GOD when it is my time to go.
    The End

  • Corletta Clay

    The sad and insane part is that the negativity, bigotry and intolerence peddled by McTernan and his ilk are in direct opposition to the Idea of God. God is Love! How often this is overlooked and twisted to the ends of those who think…”Yes God loves only a select few and I get to select the few He loves.”

    So happy that this energy is on its way out! Change is not coming…it has arrived!

  • Jaz

    To him, the meaning hes giving is the meaning it has,. Problem are those who buy into his meanings without using their own thinking. It’s okay thou, no victim will be left behind. 😉

  • Sarah


    Yes, I agree Collective Conscious is contributing to our experiences in the world! How many people believe the world is coming to an end? How many are filled with hatred and anger, misdirecting their vibration? Most people I know would not even be aware that they are angry because it has become their natural state. It is time for a change. It is time to wake up!

  • Gillian Marrah

    Yes, it is time to change our Collective Consciousness. One by One. Thank-you for your sharing your consciousness.

  • Mal Hills

    This is a huge part of the christian experience I am sad to say. They have become so intolerant to others that the hate they display to the world in the name of one of the greatest who ever lived, is discrediting them. The amazing part to me is that they are not aware of the hatred they put out to the world. I may be wrong but the christian movement in America is very prominent in supporting war. I was a christian and I don’t remember reading anything remotely like this in the bible (unless if you take the OT as being literal and the NT never happened). In the last century we humans managed to kill over 100 million people in the name of war and the betterment of humanity. The yanks were the the winners of the atom bomb race and set off not one, but two of these bombs killing a huge amount of innocent people. The Japanese were working out the surrender when the yanks set off another of these bombs, killing another huge number of innocents. 9/11 was tragic and once again they (yanks) have killed an inordinate number of mostly innocents in return. When in the name of God are we going to learn to fight fire with love. It is the only way and you would think the christians would know this, but alas they have no more of an idea now than they did and their preaching is shrouded in this fire and brimstone methodology.



  • Sally Wynn

    Chapllain John McTernan is just another worshiper of a god of hate. Oh, that people would consider a Loving God, that people would consider loving and spend more time on that!

  • Oleg

    Hello Neale! And again…from “A Course in Miracles”, lesson #14: “God did not create a meaningless world.

    The idea for today is, of course, the reason why a meaningless world is impossible. What God did not create does not exist. And everything that does exist exists as He created it. The world you see has nothing to do with reality. It is of your own making, and it does not exist.

    The exercises for today are to be practiced with eyes closed throughout. The mind-searching period should be short, a minute at most. Do not have more than three practice periods with today’s idea unless you find them comfortable. If you do, it will be because you really understand what they are for.

    The idea for today is another step in learning to let go the thoughts that you have written on the world, and see the Word of God in their place. The early steps in this exchange, which can truly be called salvation, can be quite difficult and even quite painful. Some of them will lead you directly into fear. You will not be left there. You will go far beyond it. Our direction is toward perfect safety and perfect peace.

    With eyes closed, think of all the horrors in the world that cross your mind. Name each one as it occurs to you, and then deny its reality. God did not create it, and so it is not real. Say, for example:

    God did not create that war, and so it is not real.
    God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.
    God did not create that disaster [specify], and so it is not real.

    Suitable subjects for the application of today’s idea also include anything you are afraid might happen to you, or to anyone about whom you are concerned. In each case, name the “disaster” quite specifically. Do not use general terms. For example, do not say, “God did not create illness,” but, “God did not create cancer,” or heart attacks, or whatever may arouse fear in you.

    This is your personal repertory of horrors at which you are looking. These things are part of the world you see. Some of them are shared illusions, and others are part of your personal hell. It does not matter. What God did not create can only be in your own mind apart from His. Therefore, it has no meaning. In recognition of this fact, conclude the practice periods by repeating today’s idea:

    God did not create a meaningless world.

    The idea for today can, of course, be applied to anything that disturbs you during the day, aside from the practice periods. Be very specific in applying it. Say:

    God did not create a meaningless world. He did not create [specify the situation which is disturbing you], and so it is not real.”

  • Carol Skelton

    In response to Sinclair, Obama is more than a politician, I have met him and have a mutual friend, a priest, who like Obama has proven to me over and over again that they are the Real deal. Take your blinders off people. It’s really sad that this election is so close because too many of us want our quick fix and are looking for that Savior so we don’t have to do our part. For Jesus to be my Savior I must be and act like Jesus, therefore save myself by being who I REALLY AM!

  • Steve O. Wilson

    the GOOD and the BAD…
    Bibles’ revelation prophecies will unfold and take place…
    Remember, The devil deceives…as we all witness.
    We need to get out of our comfort zones and sweetspots and face the music, collectively!
    We can avert collective destruction by being and doing namely “this” on December 21st 2012: Join “THE GLOBAL PEACE STRIKE 2012”..
    I can’t do this alone!
    PEACE! your friend Steve.. :>)

  • Lisa

    I agree that we as a collective are creating the circumstances of these “natural” disasters. I wish there were scientific back up for this because any time I try to discuss this idea with others, generally I am ridiculed for it. And I have nothing concrete to back it up, unfortunately, but ideas and belief. I have seen the attitudes and thoughts of others effect their life circumstances negatively, and I have lived mine and enjoyed mostly positive, joyful experiences, while even seeing the not so happy moments or cycles with an eye toward unfoldment, learning and progress on my journey. It’s so obvious to anyone looking carefully at how the attitude and approach to life’s experiences create the soul’s reality. Why then is it so difficult to imagine that the collective of humanity is creating these storms, fires and other huge tragedies? I wish I knew how to explain it to others.

  • Trisha

    Its Giai resetting. The earth is just cleansing. It’s nothing judgmental from God. The earth is alive just like we are and it has to cleanse in order for us to be able to move forward. People who are dying in these events have volunteered to come forward to help the lot of us learn compassion thus moving the human collective consciousness towards a more loving world. Heaven on earth is being created there is nothing to fear.

  • Lloyd

    Self-religious soothsayers, witchdoctors, pastors, chaplians, etc. predictions and judgments about forces of nature on earth has no more importance in our lives than a bird dropping upon our car. Wipe it off and go about doing what we feel is Loving and just, as their opinion is just that another opinion floating about in the air. The more we pay attention to it the more we give it power to continue, so forget it and do what is loving and positive in our own lives each day. This is taking back our power from supposedly authorative learned righteous people, which they are not any more so than any other human. Namaste’

  • Andrew

    God cannot being angry on USA cause his hiding from my WRATH wait i almost forgot there is no god.

  • madhavi sood

    Hope u n all in ur family are safe? hope the storm passes by leaving every one un touched, unscathed…
    Sending prayers n best wishes 2 u 4 ur safety n 4 families.
    take care n please stay safe.
    Prayers sent @Godspeed,

  • Theresa

    Double rainbows show over both New York City and in parts of New Jersey…

    A firefighter risks his own life to rescue a Siberian Husky caught in the flood waters…

    People work hard to rescue those from rooftops as the waters rush in…

    People volunteer their time, money, food, water, etc to help those who have been displaced by the storms…

    The world comes together in prayer for those in the storm’s path…

    When you look at these things above, the statements stemming from ignorance, hate, and fear seem insignificant. In fact, without seeing an article on HuffPost yesterday, I’d have no idea who the man even was. I would venture to guess that little good can come of bringing further attention to this man and his agenda. It’s clear he’s forgotten who he is, and I would sooner not keep adding energy to his forgetfulness. We know about him now, so let’s move on and focus on how we can continue to come together and help those needing assistance now. The “controversy” about this man’s words will fade, but those who lost homes in the hurricane will still need homes tomorrow. Don’t lose focus on what really is important here.

  • Craig O.

    I would give a hearty “Indeed!” We can change the weather, we can change our lives, we can change our thoughts. I have been diligent in sharing this concept of conscious creation with those in my circle of influence whom my Soul cues me are ready. I think of it as “when you are ready, the teacher will appear.” I know, yes know, that we as humans can not only influence Nature, but Nature waits longingly to interpret our vibration in order to work cooperatively with us in creating the next phase of life on earth.

    There are answers out there to solve our global issues, I’m just not sure about some of the “right” questions yet.

  • Michael L.

    Thank you for your PRAYERS in the path of the Hurricane.

    Not that any are needed, but they do connect your energy to what is happening here. We seem to need drama to change.

    Each one of our souls realize they are in the exact place at the exact time for the perfect experience, that they are experiencing. We just have to get with the program that is set each night when were sleeping.

    Families come together, extended families thoughts come across vast distances to their loved ones. and neighbors realize they have to cooperate to clean up the mess.

    Human relationship starts with a conversation, some times it is just a word or two, as “can I help you?”
    This is the second year in a row that we here have been giving this Gift of unifying in a joint effort to love each other. It made us strong last time and will make us stronger still this time.

    I love how nature knows just what direction the weather needed to go to give the most advantageous unity inducer. What a gift we pre-sent to us!
    I love what showed up!

  • LucíliaOsorio

    I strongly believe that God is Love – unconditioned Love!
    My life wouldn’t be the same without this Truth!

  • K-130

    You know what? There is no wrath of god… only the wrath of humanity against nature which would cause nature to go crazy and send a hurricane down a path it doesn’t normally go. Even that’s ambiguous, though, because really these types of storms do hit that area of the US every so often. It’s been many decades (or maybe a century?) but it happens.

    Same thing goes for the end of this year on dec 21st. The sun is going to hit a massive solar maximum that hasn’t been seen in X amount of years which means either one of two things… It will be turning into a Red Giant which means that we are all literally toast, the world is ending and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Start rioting now… (just kidding).

    My point about the sun turning into a Red Giant is that this is its next phase of life. If our sun is (X) millions of years old then well… yes that means it will turn into a red giant, eradicating all life on Earth. Otherwise, if awareness levels are high enough something else will happen entirely… There. Putting it scientifically… I hope that helps.

  • K-130

    One other thing… the reason for wars? Survival of the fittest. That’s why the bad guys always lose, because their concepts of what is right and wrong are always complete, utter BS…

  • Glee

    There are probably so many emotional energies feeding that matrix right now that it wouldn’t be possible to sort them all out in any reasonable length comment, though certainly the billions of people of all flavors who fervently believe in retribution aren’t doing anything to slow the wind–but–are all the things that we’re calling disasters truly totally and irredeemably disastrous? I’m sitting in a warm, dry place so I can ask that question!

  • Greg

    This is one heck of a school house, out here in sector 19.

  • mewabe

    Hasn’t anyone heard of global warming, and its effects on climate, such as more violent storms, droughts, and pine forest fires due to the moving north of a pine tree killing beetle that does not have natural predators in this latitude (among other disasters due to global warming)?

    Positive or negative, ANY KIND OF THINKING from the general population and its political leaders would be VERY welcome at this point, particularly one that actually looks at the reality of global warming, even though not a word about it was uttered in the presidential debate, the first time in a generation!

    We indeed should change our collective consciousness, and the most positive way to do this would be to finally (after centuries of ignorance) realize that all we do to nature WE DO TO OURSELVES, and we sooner or later pay the price. That would be a significant change!

  • mewabe

    25 comments and not a single word about global warming! That’s what I would call a state of total denial…

    …which is why we are where we are today. By thinking that we can keep doing absolutely anything we wish to do to the natural environment while denying or forgetting the logical and inescapable consequences (no one can cheat nature), we are actually ASSURING our eventual destruction. It’s not God, it’s not nature…IT IS US!

    And if no one here understand this, then there may not be any hope for humanity.

  • Taufik Marjali

    love you neale

  • Michael L


    I heard there is a mini Ice Age coming as it does every so often.

    I don’t think we can stop that.

    Just wanted to make sure someone after 25 posts spoke about the future weather.

  • mewabe

    Actually, Michael, although some scientists postulate that a new ice age is due more or less around this time (I think they say every 25000 years), the ice age will not come…because of global warming. So global warming could be at once a curse and a blessing.

    One thing that appears to be beyond most people’s comprehension, except Indigenous people who are still in touch with reality (meaning with the earth and its cycles and balance): what we do to the natural environment we do to ourselves and/or the future generations.

    This is because most do not seem capable of either caring or even understanding such a simple law that babies are now born with cancer causing chemicals in their blood streams.

    And this is not part of any “god’s plan”, it is only part of civilized mankind’s idiocy.

  • sander

    this guy did not understand Conversations with God/Humanity properly i guess… bad interpetation. too bad.

  • Inger Lise

    Hello comrades in arms….And thank you Neil.

    One way or the other have been recommended to read a book bought in the Bookstore on the Internet(mine a used pocket book printed in 1970). The book is titled:”The Open Door,” by Theon Wright. What`s told in the particular book will be a sample of communications “from the other side,” done in 1898 and continued to be brought foreward by three generations of the same family; and long before nowadays commercials and global “time-lines.”

    As the saying goes(and once upon a time, the Pop/Idol/Hit, topping the music-listings): Don`t Worry, be Happy.
    Let it Be, Let it Be, by The Beatles. All you need is Love.

  • Therese

    I have a suggestion. How about if all of the politicians stop campaigning right now, and donate what’s left in their war chest to disaster relief? How would that help things do you think?


  • Paul

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  • Julie

    Those of us who know ‘who and what we all really are’ realize everyone here today on Earth wanted to be here to participate in the awakening of humankind. This includes the author of the article above. He is demonstrating beliefs that no longer work for us…so we can figure out what does work for us.

    Here’s something else to think about. Speaking traditionally, we have thought of ourselves as God’s dependent ‘minor’ children for over 2,000 years! What would happen if we started thinking of ourselves as God’s ‘adult’ children!

    How would that change our understanding of ‘That Which We Call God?’ In our relationship with ‘That Which We Call God?’ In our relationship with ourselves? Would we take more personal responsibility for our words and our actions? Would our relationship be more of an adult partnership?

    On the metaphysical/spiritual level, understanding and owning our personal and collective creative power is the key to spiritual maturity. We are the ones creating our experiences. Understanding it is not possible for someone to write, say, or do something that will somehow victimize us is a HUGE and IMPORTANT step.

  • Erin/IAm

    Really? I mean, “Really???” lol

    Does anyone get that what we live upon is a living being…a member of Her own society…a One of many…a life-kind of Creation…with an agenda & means of Her own ways? That our body vehicles are made of this being’s elementals? That our bodies have full capability of feeling this being’s moves…just as every other creature upon Her does?

    Why would any God of such Creation care of Her little shakes & shimmys of Life anymore than He/She would care of the little beasties in those processes. All of it is Grand Experience…Immaculate conceptions of feelings & beingness. How arrogant ‘intelligence’ has made the human!

    Yes, we have the capability to persuade direction & directives of ‘Earth moves’, but why would we do such? To save lives? To save shelters? To save assets? Please! Such intent is moot & ineffective…Nothing in existence needs ‘saved’.

    Although we may be able to ‘predict’ course & strength & ‘damage’ levels of Earth movements, most do not know the purposes from Earth/Sky perspective. We tend to get upset when the choreography of their dances impedes upon personal geographical & technological conveniences. Ignorance proven once again.

    Fear is a powerful fuel, no doubt. And does it not serve power-filled purpose, as well? Of course it does! Else it would be no more. Hmmm…

    Good Journey, Beloveds…Always & All Ways.:)

  • Natasha

    Yes, it could very well be collective consciousness brewing around the world, but I do not think it is the collective “fear”of God which has caused this. Many people in the rest of the western world do not care or fear of God, mostly just Americans- because there is still a vast amount of people in America reliant on dated Christian values.
    So much energy and time has been spent on “predicting” 2012, that since publicising the “prophecies” internationally through underground, mainstream and Hollywood media, it is on everyone’s mind. With the date drawing nearer, more and more people are thinking and talking about it, and since everything is dramatised to the nth degree in the states, that collective thought has erupted into things like drought and hurricanes.

  • Jaz

    This cannot be true.. nah 😀

  • Steve Vernon

    I have always found it interesting how the Church can teach that God is love, that he loves us unconditionally, and that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves, then in the same breath teach the kind of hateful, judgmental, fear-mongering theology. Any intelligent, thoughtful human being should be able to see right through it; but instead, so many remain like naive lambs following wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • mewabe

    Has anyone noticed how hurricanes, storms, etc are almost always given a female name?

    Isn’t this rather sexist? Who decides what to call a destructive storm, and what does it say about our culture when fury and femininity are thus symbolically associated?

    Just a little food for thought….perhaps the fact that no one has noticed yet is saying even more about some form of widespread misogyny.

  • Michael L

    They changed the only female (mother nature) picking of hurricanes a few years back(Andrew).

  • Erin/IAm

    Hee hee! “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.” Perhaps Mama Nature is feeling a bit trifled with?:)
    Personally, I felt ‘left out’ until my name came up, but Erin was not of the strength I was hoping for…I celebrated anyway!:) Sorry, mewabe…I love you, but although they began the naming of storms in gent-names, I cannot help but think they have to be homosexual in their natures…leaning toward their dramatic feminine sides, of course.:)

    Fun food, indeed!:D

  • LarryS

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and we could change the world. How much more simple can it be!

  • mewabe

    You have a point Erin, I too cheer for mother nature, although none of us like to see people being hurt. If only we could learn to live in harmony with nature, rather than opposing and attempting to dominate nature with all our technological might!

    The dominant ape must learn to become the cooperative ape, at long last.