Your words really do have energy

“I am so lonely, and I want so much for someone to love me.  I’ve been trying so hard to be centered and forgiving and understanding of others.  I need someone to understand me for a change.  My friends say that I am too negative and that my words have energy. What do they mean?”  C.L.

Dear C.L.

When you are in the situation where it seems like everything you desire from life is being kept from you, it is difficult to see just how words reflect where we are sending our energy.  From a distance, however, one can see where your energy resides. In “want” and “need” and “try.” What we often can not see, when we want and we need, is that we get exactly what we ask for…want and need. There is a quote attributed to Dr. Michael Beckwith, “Trying is failing with self-protected honor.” Always, in reality, honoring the possibility of failing, and not honoring what you are actually doing and desiring.

C.L., one of the least understood things about the Universe, is that its greatest desire is to give you exactly what you ask for. It has no judgment as to how good or bad it is for your life. It only knows what you are giving your energy to. Are you giving your energy to want and need? Voila! The Universe joyfully gives you want and need!

(Now, I am not saying that every time we use those words we are going to be asking for want and need. Let me be clear that I know we use all words casually, and they have no impact on what we are energetically asking for.)

The power of words is by no means simply a personal thing. Since this is the end of a particularly vocal political season here in the United States, let me share my personal observations of the energy of words on a larger group of society.

During the last election, I was asked if I really believed the words I was hearing. Words like hope, change, “Yes, we can!”  Yes, I did.

This election I have been asked if those words don’t now ring hollow.

My answer is that those words still have power. It doesn’t even matter if the person saying them believes them, it matters if the person hearing them believes them. The words “hope and change,” the words “change starts with you and works up,” the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see,” affected me, and others, greatly. Those words caused me to do things in my own life, and in my own community to make my world a better place, and caused others to do the same thing. Those words caused me to move away from fear and hatred, and the feeling of being divided from my fellow American, and into a powerful, unifying energy, symbolized by those words.

So, in this election cycle, I look at the power of the words being used. I listen to my body when I hear the words of people who would represent me and my country. Do I feel hopeful and motivated, or do I feel fearful and immobilized? Do I feel I want to reach out to my fellow human being, or do I want to protect myself and my things? Do I look at others as part of Divinity, or do I look at them as opponents and enemies?

C.L.,  we are all letting the energy of our thoughts and words enter into our every day lives, so you are definitely not alone in not understanding the power of those words. What energy are you sending out most powerfully?  I would suggest you change to words like, wish, hope and prefer…prefer to have a certain thing or outcome, but do not expect anything in any certain way.  This keeps you open to whatever way the Universe wishes to give to you.

What we also often fail see is that the energy of our words doesn’t stop with us.  From us that energy expands to our family, community, country and our world.

Most of us are using this power process unconsciously.

My advice would be to know that we can all change this, and that the change does begin with us.  We can change how we use our words and the thought we have associated with those words.

In “When Everything Changes, Change Everything” it says:

An event is one thing; your reality of it is another. Events are created by conditions and occurrences outside you. Reality is created by conditions and occurrences inside you—in your mind. It is here that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.”

Words, you see, are the expression of our thoughts. If we can make a change, right there in the process, imagine how different our reality might be…personally and globally.


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  • Mal Hills

    Please CL believe that you are loved very much. It matters not how things are perceived by you, the simple truth is that you are loved by God, and in a more practical way by those who truly know and experience Him. This is a very simple answer to your problem but you have to start here. Love Mal.

  • Ruchir

    CL, If several of your friends have said that you are too negative, there is likely some truth to it. To me, negativity is a bad habit of the mind, and it can take a lot of effort to get rid of it. Since you do have friends, you have love in your life already. So I guess you are hinting at lack of romantic love in your life. I have been there myself. But eventually it found me. I remember reading in CWG that when we notice lack of something, we should fulfill it ourselves. Apply it as you see fit. And see this video:

  • Edlyn

    thank you for this beautiful article! 🙂

  • Bernard (Bill) Distel

    My question is one that comes from the channelings of the Ra Group, humble messengers of the Law of One. Mr. Walsh, it would seem that the foundations of your book: The Storm before of the Calm, you address aspects and ingredients of humankind to gain the ascension process that will move them from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. The Ra Group talks about a ‘harvest’ of those who have realized that they are part of the Infinite Creator, and a part of all that there is. Your suggestions and guidance carefully point to how an individual human being can become eligible for ‘harvest’, which would allow this individual to move into the 4th dimension. You do an invaluable process of suggesting that each individual can recognize their ‘attachment’ to the Infinite Creator, their attachment to each other, their attachment to everything, which places them in the societal grouping called the ‘human collective being’. Thank you. Many want to belong to this group, yet many doubt they are worthy.