Who and what is God?

Conversations with God was given to humanity to bring us answers to Life’s Great Questions. And the greatest of all our Great Questions has been, and continues to be: “Who and what is God?”

Most of us clearly understand that God is not a very large and handsome man in the sky, with a long white beard and a flowing robe, sitting on a golden throne in a bejeweled room, surrounded by wing flapping angels.

Yet while we are pretty clear about what God is not, we are not nearly as clear about what God is.

So let’s see what God has to say on the subject.

In Conversations with God, God made it clear that God is without form, gender, or substance in the way that we know it.  God is, rather, that of which all things are made.  The Essential Essence of which everything in existence is comprised.  That essence contains Supreme Intelligence.  And Total Awareness.  And Absolute Power.

It is omnipresent and omniscient.  It is everywhere because it is everything that exists in any place at all.  It knows everything because without that which it knows, nothing that exists could come into being.  It is the Source and the Substance at once; it is the Creator and Created.

It always was, is now, and always will be.  It knows no beginning and no end.  There is nothing that exists outside of it and there is nothing that exists inside of it without it.  That is, simply put, there is nothing that is not God.

This Essential Essence uses Itself to recreate Itself, and calls upon Itself to empower Itself, to be Itself, all by Itself.

It needs nothing, requires nothing, demands nothing, punishes nothing.  For what could It possibly need?  What could It in any case require?  Why would It demand anything?  And who—pray tell, who in the world—would it command or punish?

That which has everything and is everything and wants and needs nothing holds only one desire: to express and to know Itself through the glorious experiencing of Itself…and to create this possibility.

That is the reason that life as we know it was created.

Every human being who has stepped into the living of this possibility has achieved all the things we as a sentient species say we want to achieve.  And they have done so without hurting, without damaging, without killing.  We say they have lived the lives of “saints.”  Yet they have merely lived life as it was intended to be lived ‑‑ a way in which most human beings have adamantly refused to live, for the most ironic reason of all:  We think it is too good to be true.

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  • Amy Peterson

    This I know to be true.

  • mewabe

    This is absolutely true, but still a tough pill for humanity to swallow, because humanity holds on to its limited judgment…which is why it conceived of a judging God made in humanity’s own mental images.

    For example, it is difficult for humanity to understand that the divine is as much in the predator as it is in the prey, as much in the experience of death as in the experience of birth, as much in the reality of decay and apparent destruction as it is in regeneration and creation.

    Our unenlightened fears and judgments cause us to see these events as being separate and polarized, “enemies”, when they actually are no different in essence than breathing in and out.

    Because we do not understand the perfect unity and complementarity of duality, we have created a war within ourselves and throughout the creation, attempting to defeat what we have judged to be “bad” and to establish the victory of what we imagine to be “good”.

    This has made us very dangerous to ourselves and to all life…and is actually creating hell on earth.

  • mewabe

    By the way there is a fine line here…because misinterpreting this truth could lead a person to believe that if everything is God, then the individual who douse another person with gasoline and sets him on fire is doing “God’s will” or acting according to “God’s plan”…since nothing exists but God.

    This would be a very simplistic form of understanding, but it happens, I have seen it here. What is forgotten in such a perception is that we have also been endowed with free will and with creativity, with freedom of expression…with a mind that has the freedom and ability to think and believe anything it chooses,
    even that God is a martian.

  • Neil

    I read your book, this article helps me understand what God is and what I am; and opens me up to my potential here.

  • Erin/IAm

    Nice, Neale…verrry very nice! I so love that feeling of Soul Sounds singing!:)

    Can’t even add to this…you’ve said it all!:)

  • Buzz

    Subject matter like this is boring because everyone is in complete agreement.

  • R. Pipan

    A very large and handsome man in the sky over pyramid without salt on top today for all 114 in 69 time on Earth with to big ego who can see 6 letters, but maybe never heard for 27(.)&9? and see God or owl only on paper,… *,*

  • Buzz

    R Pipan, The Gibberish Maker. Hello and welcome back.

  • andres

    hello i recurrently feel that there is no room for half-living, this causes me some distress because then i feel that then life is only worth living it you do it fully without any holding back or reservation what so ever, exposing your self thoroughly and completely, and quite frankly I don´t feel so embracive about life or so willing to take it on, life feels too large, too expansive, so always beyond what which can be known, i feel that nor a whole lifetime nor a million years can be suffice to embrace it, and that disheartens me, for its hard to embark on a journey when you don´t believe that you will reach your destination. i don´t even know what i am doing here

  • Erin/IAm

    Hello, andres…You are so not alone with feelings as this…”to embark on a journey when you don’t believe that you will reach your destination”. However, every inventor of every technology must have felt this way…every explorer of ‘flat Earth’ society & today’s space society must have felt/feel this way…many an artist probably does as well. You are very much among a grand many…All who put that ‘feeling’ aside to accomplish their personal endeavors nonetheless.

    Have at, Little Dot, of this enormous picture! Make your ‘spot’ amazing! Perhaps you will be the one who encourages another little dot to be amazing, too…who may then motivate another…and another…

    No doubt, Life is expansive & limitless…but you have already ’embarked’, why not simply sail with the winds into unknowns, & Make the trip as grand & full-filling as possibilities arise to do so, yes?

    I wish you “Good Journey!” in discovering what you came here for!:) Amazing, Dearest…simply Be Amazing!:)

  • Erin/IAm

    Personally, I find little concern of the God defines…I Am part of this All…as is everything around & about me.

    No, I doubt one would see my living style as ‘saintly’…mainly because I see no way to not live in this world, at this time, without hurting, damaging, killing something along the journey…Unless, of course, one lives in a sealed box, needs no food, & relationships with nothing.

    Earth Nature simply does not work this way, and I do not see this ‘saintly state of being’ as “too good to be true”…It is not ‘true’…it’s pretty much impossible, in this particular here & now, without those strict confines.

    If “Life Master” is defined as one who lives as such saints…I Am not one of them. The All reaps of my lifetime in tears & humor & becoming…The ups & downs, the ins & outs, are the spices of the foods I bring to the feast table.

    Does one truly gain wisdom by following a specific doctrine of being, or thru living in the freedom of discovery & relationships of one’s surrounds?

    idk…Perhaps I’m ‘missing’ something not boxing Self in…other than this bod, of course. I’m not quite ‘done’ yet, tho…perhaps I’ll ‘get it’ as time moves on…perhaps not.

    Good Journey, nonetheless!:)

  • Georges

    Le temps est au changement!!!
    Les choses prennent fin,pour créer une ouverture de chacun.
    Une nouvelle conception de voir et dire notre vérité!
    Le temps de nos politiques prennent fin pour s’ouvrir à une nouvelle politique.
    Une politique d’écoute de Tous! De partage pour Tous! Une politique D’AMOUR et d’ouverture du coeur! Car nous sommes tous UN et uni(e)s!
    Je ne suis pas la victime de ce monde, mais je suis ici pour ce nouveau monde et pour cette révolution D’amour et de respect de chacun.
    A l’aube de mes 50 ans il est temps de poursuivre notre message d’exister!
    Merci à TOUS!
    Cela me libère enfin!!

  • João Tavares

    Hi Neale!

    Thank you for CWG; I’ve been reading it for some years and although I haven’t changed according to what I’ve learned from it, it comforts my heart.
    I’m a Yoga teacher and somehow, what I’ve learned in Yoga from my master and your message are coming to a convergence.

    I believe that the time for change is coming and although there’s and unpredictable future (at least for us, that are still not masters) we’re coming to a critical point.

    I understand that our (physical) world is controlled by groups more or less hidden and through out many centuries they manipulated our interests; but this time, I believe, will come to an end.

    I think you are brave to present this information to the world, because as in “The Matrix”, the only way to release ourselves from this prision is to reach higher consciousness through meditation and to help other to achieve this, helping with love.

    I just wish that we could cross this difficult period through harmony, instead of bad things. Thank you (and) God for coming in to my life.

  • Laura Jean Pringle

    I often wonder about the rapture… The people that believe all these things shall come to pass- may certainly get what they have imagined, simply because they have imagined it… The irony in this situation is that they don’t realize that their collective imaginings is what brings things unto them, not the ultimate truth- and so… no one will really “GET” why it all happened. God doesn’t CARE. Doesn’t that make sense? “Care” is the by-product of attachment, which is a by-product of fear. “Crunch all ya want, we’ll make more”. God cannot be made into less.

  • Lloyd

    It isn’t the destination, it is the journey. None of us are perfect “saints”, not intended to be but we strive to be the best we know how to be, ie, Unconditional Love. Perfection means there is an end, a measure, a Judgement, and there is no judgement, except what we place upon ourselves. We are already perfect, right where we are, whether we can accept this or not, whether we understand it or not, this is Real. So many struggle with this acceptance, because you know you have no CONTROL and this is what generates our fear of our existence. Relax, life is exactly where it is suppose to be, but it will be better(judgement) in the next moment, and we will flow more Love. Namaste’Butch

  • Buzz

    So many great comments here.a few people with minor concerns, which have been addressed by other people with minor concerns, etc, many of which return to our changing times, and I wonder if these people would benefit from (again or 1st time) reading WECCE and/or ACIM. either way, these are very interesting times indeed.

    The journey IS the destination!!!

  • Vladimir Bayer

    The Little Bird

    Walking down my path, lost in my thought,
    I heard a song, so lovely, so fine.
    Looking up I saw a little bird,
    Flying high, above me in the sky.

    Watching the little bird flying high,
    Moving its wings, singing loud,
    I wished the little bird were with me,
    Here on the ground.

    “Come down, Little Bird, and cease to fly.
    Keep me company here on the ground!
    I am so lonely and too afraid to fly.”

    “If I come down and cease to fly,” said the Little Bird,
    “Will you let me come up again to the sky?”

    “Oh no, Little Bird, then you’ll be mine.
    I will keep you and hold you to the ground.
    I told you, it’s lonely here,
    And I am afraid of the sky.”

    “If I come down and cease to fly, not moving my wings, I will die.”

    “Why, Little Bird? You still have your sound.

    You can sing here on the ground!”

    “If you keep me and hold me to the ground,
    Not moving my wings, I lose my sound.”

    Watching the Little Bird through the tears in my eyes,
    A rainbow of colors across the blue sky,
    I knew I could not do it.
    I knew-I had not the right.

    “Fly, Little Bird! Fly!
    Oh, how I wish I was up there, with you in the sky!”
    I swear, I wished then I could fly.

    And with that thought in my mind,
    The Little Bird came to my side.
    “Move your wings. Let out your sound.
    The sky is your home, not the ground.”

    “Oh no! Not me!
    I am too scared to fly.
    It’s not for me to be in the sky.”
    But I swear, I wished then I could fly.

    And so I closed my eyes and prayed to fly.
    With my lips wide apart, I let out a cry,
    And with my fear of falling to the ground,
    A picture of a Golden Bird came to my mind.

    “Fly, my child! Fly! It is your duty and your right.”

    And with that sound in my mind, I opened my wings
    And began to fly.

    “Look at me, Little Bird! Look at me! I can fly! I can fly!”
    I cried out with a joy, and what a sound!

    Tears reached my eyes as I looked around,
    Finding myself alone above the ground.

    “Little Bird?” I whispered. “I have come up here to be with you.
    I have come up here to learn to fly!
    And now I find myself alone in the sky?!”

    And with that thought, I ceased to fly,
    And not moving my wings, I lost my sound,
    And with my fear of falling to the ground,
    A picture of the Golden Bird came again to my mind.

    “Fly, my child! Fly! It is your duty and your right.”

    And with that sound in my mind,
    I opened my wings and began to fly.

  • Buzz

    What is God?
    God is a word, what matters is what the word means.

    Common agreement is that the word God is classified as a noun. God is an idea, a concept, and understanding. The agreement is that if we can get the words right we can pigeonhole and catagorise and define and understand God.

    Does this sound familiar? “Can never be created or destroyed. The Alpha and Omega. Synonymous with light, energy, love, joy and bliss. Always has been and always will be.” Yet this is but one of many popular definitions. Each religion has their own. In fact, it’s possible that every human who has ever lived has achieved through their unique perspectives and experiences a unique understanding of God. Further, it’s possible that in every moment of every one of those lives, each had a unique understanding of God. So it stands to reason that attempts at achieving agreement on what God is are futile.

    What if God is not only a noun, but a verb too, as in an experience rather than just an idea. If our subjective experience is a manifestation of God individuated, it stands to reason that we are having a subjective experience of our relationship to God. Although God is unable to have an experience, for us God is an experience, a part of the jouney of growth that never ends. God is a manifestation of our collective projections of what we believe God should be today, and the experiencing process of understanding the way we have manifested God today. These are both God.

  • Black Sun

    My God is everything that I love about myself, everything that I hope to become, and more of that, more than I can conceptualize in the current moment, in my current form. And when I do conceptualize it, and eventually become it, my God transforms into something even greater, just beyond my ability to conceive, until I become that. Thus, through my personal quest for self improvement is God glorified. Don’t know how helpful that is, but it’s my personal highest truth.

  • Steve Bolas

    God is Life (and even that succinct explaination, being a definition, still does not quite do justice to the question!!)

    Steve (Gold Coast – Australia)