Should people’s “privacy” be protected, even if it allows them to get away with breaking the law? Even if it allows them to get away with murder?

Should women be allowed to travel without their husbands being notified by the government?

Should businesses be allowed to pay two different employers different wages for doing the same work in the same way in the same amount of time?

Should anyone ever have “secrets” from anyone? And if so, why? Why is it so hard for human beings to simply live with the truth?

These are the questions that are going to be placed before humanity in the years just ahead as technology races ahead of individuals’ ability to control it, and governments seize more and more power to use it to enter people’s “private” lives.

A remarkable police case in Rhode Island in 2009 brings the case for transparency home in major ways, and in very clear ways. In that case, a woman had called emergency services at 911 to say that she had found her 6-year-old son was not moving that morning.

An ambulance crew arrived at the woman’s apartment, found the child unconscious in his bed, and raced him to the hospital. A police officer who also responded to the call stayed behind for a moment, talking with the mother’s boyfriend, who was in the apartment at the time, as the child was taken to the hospital with the mother.

The officer heard a cellphone beep in the kitchen, papers filed with a court said, and when he picked up the phone from the counter he saw a message: “Wat if I got 2 take him 2 da hospital wat do I say and dos marks on his neck omg.”

The message appeared to be from the child’s mother to her boyfriend, court documents said. The man was taken to the police station for questioning, and his cellphone was seized.

The boy died by nightfall, court records indicating that the cause of death was “blunt force trauma to the abdomen which perforated his small intestine,” according to press reports.

Police then obtained search warrants for the cellphones of both the man and the child’s mother, as well as their relatives. In addition, they obtained records from the cellphone companies that provided carrier services to the phones in question, with records of phone calls and voice mail messages.

But a judge in the case ruled almost three years later that police had no right to look at the phone without a search warrant. The phone, she said in her ruling, was not in plain view, nor did the owner of the phone give consent to have it searched. The boyfriend should be able to have a reasonable expectation that text messages to and from the child’s mother would not be seen or seized, the court ruled, and then threw out all the evidence that police had gathered with their warrants. The judge also suppressed evidence regarding the original text message that had drawn the police officer’s attention to begin with.

That case is now on appeal to the Rhode Island supreme court, with the defendant remaining in custody during the appeal process.

Meanwhile, in a far less serious, but nonetheless groundbreaking incident last week, a Saudi Arabian couple was traveling outside their country when the husband received a text message on his cellphone alerting him that his wife had left the country. Both the husband and the wife were surprised — and outraged — that the government had informed the husband of his wife’s travels without her permission or his request.

They found out that in Saudi Arabia, when a woman presents her passport to border control agents, her “guardian” is immediately notified — whether he requested to be told or not.

Every female in Saudi Arabia has a male “guardian,” or mahram. Traditionally this is a father, husband, or brother. The mahram can register with the country’s Interior Ministry to be notified if the woman over whom he has guardianship has traveled outside the nation’s borders. But apparently, as of last week, mahrams are now being automatically notified whether they registered and requested to be or not.

This may not seem strange in a country where women are not given the right to drive (the only country in the world where this is true). They are also not allowed to go to school or hold a job without permission from their “guardian.”

But the question of a mahram being notified by text message of the travels of the woman of whom he is the “guardian” raises larger issues within the context of the new world within which we now live — and are going to increasingly be encountering. The question is: What, if anything, is “wrong” with Total Transparency as a lifestyle? And, of course, the same kind of transparency would have to apply to men as well as women. Wives would then be notified of the whereabouts of their husbands at all times.

Conversations with God says that in highly evolved societies there would be no secrets of any kind, and that all things would be known by everyone. Moreover, says CWG, highly evolved beings would have no need or desire for secrets or privacy of any kind.

Total transparency in personal relationships, in governance, in business and industry, in commerce, and in all areas of life would be the standard practice.

Prices and costs for goods and services, for instance, would be transparent, with businesses voluntarily placing two figures on their price tags: “Our Cost/Your Price.”

Companies, likewise, would voluntarily pass around information sheets each month to all employees, listing the income and benefit packages of all workers, so that everyone would know to the penny what everyone else is getting for the services they are providing.

What do you think? Assuming the standard of complete visibility was applied equally to all companies, agencies of government, and individuals (which, many would argue, will never happen…but, assuming that it did)…would you be willing to live in a society of Total Transparency?

What “secrets” and “privacy” do you think people, companies, or governments should have a right to maintain…and why? What reason would anyone have to keep something a secret from anyone else? If all things were known by everyone, wouldn’t the world be a better place? Does WikiLeaks make you angry, or happy, that government maneuverings are becoming more and more revealed?

Your comments…?

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  • Maria Licht

    I would welcome transparency in a different world, not the one humanity lives in today. Transparency today can only be harmful because of laws, rules and regulations put in place to benefit certain individuals and groups while condemning others. Humanity has a far way to go before we are prepared for that type of total honesty. The illusions of our egos are still holding captive our hearts, disabling the connection of heart and mind.

  • Adam Lambert

    There is a very large difference between living in a transparent society, and living in a police state. Would the police state of the Nazis or the police state of Soviet Russia or North Korea be considered a transparent society? I think not. Comparing our ability to spy on each other and our ability to live a truthful lifestyle is idiotic, to say the least. It is for the very reasons that you mention that we have our constitutional rights to begin with. The state does not own us, and a surveillance state doesn’t mean that we have a transparent society. It simply means that we are slaves. Nice try, Neale, but try again….

  • Marie

    I have been trying to live my personal life as if there are no secrets; I believe it has to start with me and that any consequence for so doing will be a growth opportunity for me and all.

  • Robin Russell

    A transparent “glass world” is obviously the next stage in our evolution, and it goes far deeper than Big Brother monitoring our every move through internet, cell phones etc. It’s here already, people. My only prayer is that the ones utilizing this power (over others) are evolved enough themselves to have common decency, respect and compassion for the human race. It’s been my experience that the answer to this question is “no.”

  • Trisha

    Interesting how people think they should have “rights” to protect themselves when they harm another. I have noticed mostly on FB when people say horrible things if I speak up they start going into this baloney about their rights. Well, I too, have rights. I have a right to ask for that to not be in my space.

    I think we do need transparency. It’s the secrecy that is ruining us. If you aren’t doing anything wrong what does it matter? It doesn’t. Because you are clear on who you are and who you are BE-ing.

    What’s interesting is when I call a business or government office to ask questions so often I’m told they can’t tell me. My modus operandi is to get really quiet and ask, “What’s the secret?” It really blows them away.

    It’s the secrecy that is killing children, it’s the secrecy why we are drug addicted, it’s the secrecy we are fighting wars.

    The problem is so many people live in fear, of what they don’t even know or can elaborate verbally, and then they develop this weird thing about it being private. Private? Honey, we all know you are living in fear, it’s obvious.

    Like my neighbor who was not ten feet away from me dying but it was a secret. I wasn’t suppose to know but I was the land lady and her friend. I was not to visit her, how weird is that? My home of 22 years was seized but I wasn’t suppose to know how long I had to move out. That was a secret! No one would cough up information but they sure showed up to key houses before people completely moved out and we were out in 30 days. But it was a cruel secret all for cash. The owner kept it a secret his land was being sold off and hurt seven families.

    Secrecy hurts us. These rules we create about our privacy are harming us. Literally. We need to let these hurtful beliefs go.

  • Jonny B

    Great article NDW> It’s happening! The advent of facial recognition, centralized money systems, NSA and massive computing technology is forcing us to no longer live any part of our lives in secret. Unless that is, we want to get off the grid.

    Ideally, your question asks, would I want to live that way. Yes.. if it was unilateral and constant. If the playing field were equal. If the special interests in our government didn’t exist, because they were as open and transparent, and honest as we all were… who would fear. I believe, and anyone I’ve ever met who has had a near death experience, described Heaven this way. As I believe, Heaven and Earth are in process of combining right now. Maybe this is just the way it will happen.

    It’s a shift. But I’m open.

  • Becky Grant

    I think total transparency can only help society to move forward toward a more peaceful and loving existence. I LOVE WikiLeaks because there is FAR too much going on behind the scenes which the general public is unaware, in the name of safety and security, or “classified” information. I do understand when a country, such as the U.S. is trying to deal strategically with a foreign nation, there may be things you wouldn’t want another country’s leaders to know…..but it should only be classified if one nation is trying to help THE PEOPLE of another nation, or trying to help THE PEOPLE of the world in some way….and revealing the details of a strategy could hurt THE PEOPLE. But this should be a temporary situation, and the information should still be documented by a historian or journalist, to be revealed at a later time, when the incident or crisis situation is over, for historical reference. However….another thing to remember is that history is not always true, either…it can be whitewashed, like the history books we grew up with which didn’t tell the whole truth about the treatment of Native Americans. It’s important for us to see ourselves as we really are, warts and all!

  • Tetta Oksanen

    That sounds somehow scary, and all the same, also very liberating after the first shock.. Depending on how you look at it..

    It would demand from a person a great deal of self-confidence of all your acts and all your words for example, on anything (if that transparency would be all-inclusive) even if you haven´t done anything really bad in your life.

    Of course why wouldn´t everyone be all for it when it would consider anything/anybody but themselves, just maybe giving another person a second chance would be harder when you would know everything about everyone´s past mistakes for example, don´t you think?

    Tho, when has keeping secret, as a defense of oneself, had accomplished anything good, that´s another question..

  • Jennifer E.

    According to Systems Theory, a living system relies on the free flow of information in order to function in a healthy way. Our cells don’t keep secrets (when the do, we are sick). But, does a transparent society really mean a nosy society? Does everyone really have to know everything about you? In an enlightened society I don’t think we would need to know, or want to know, everything about everyone… we need to know everything about everyone because we need to control at this point in our evolution. I need to poke and pry and pick at your mind because I want power over you.
    What would I not want everyone to know about? What comes to my mind are the letters I exchanged with my boyfriend at the time. What I expressed in those letters was for him and not anyone else. This was our authentic expression of who we were together and no one else should demand to be a part of that. It doesn’t harm you to not know, but your demanding to know harms me.
    The principle of The Middle Way comes to mind for me in this moment as well as the yin-yang and the idea of the seed of one being in the other. Too little information flow chokes the system while too much information via coercion and without boundaries fry’s the system. The middle way is an act of balance… it is a continuous process of correction, fine-tuning, and communication between you and the environment (feedback is also very necessary for systems). You are always changing and the environment is always changing- you can’t just do it once and forget about it.
    Another example, too little flow in a river and the river dies, too much flow and the river is now a reckless flood. However, a free flowing river within its banks is just right. Perhaps we need transparency within boundaries. Pema Chodron has suggested before that sometimes the best way to build a bridge (between people) is to create a boundary. Perhaps transparency doesn’t have to mean the end of mystery.

  • Buzz

    It’s part of the game. Secrets are mysterious and aloof. Would you really want the wizard to reveal how he does his teleportation illusion, or telepathy, or walking through solid glass? Part of the fun is not knowing.

    Apply this to governments, spouses, everyone in your life. Mother Teresa said “If you trust people, they may betray you. Trust anyway.” We are already being overloaded with information about ourselves, each other and the world. An end to secrecy would only push our insatiable desire to be curious into an obsession. Packaging and labelling laws are already out of control, creating mountains of plastic waste!

    Remember WALL-E? is that what we want?

  • Erin/IAm

    Nice input so far…good points, indeed.

    I’m all about Seeing…However, this topic brings light to the agreed fact that ‘Present human state is sooo nooo where neeear HEB state’…bummer, but that’s Life, here & now.

    There’s alot of ‘intention’ behind a ‘secret’…and isn’t ‘Hell’ paved by those with the best of them? Hmmm…

    Secrets of ‘Leaders’, whether of governance, religion, or ‘parents’, were imposed as protective measures to their underlings…to maintain peace, harmony, Good Life. Yeah, nice thoughts that went pretty much into the fiery downward tubes…Isn’t this also the basis of Conspiracy & Power-struggling? Misused for abuse…Mark as ‘Dis-functional’ & chuck it all! Liars, liars…pants on fires!:D

    If more than a few truly knew what their computers were doing, whether in nano-size, or HD-tv size, whether in a vehicle or biz or home…each of you would ditch every piece of technology from 1980 & beyond that remains in your surrounds. You would demand that every satellite in orbit be destructed…immediately, if not sooner…or ‘conspire’ to do so yourselves.

    Good Lord! You’d have to learn to read a map! UGH!!! We wouldn’t know who had possession of nukes or who was growing weed! OMG!!! You’d have to remember phone numbers, revert to snail mail & legible handwriting, go back to talking, play board games & do jigsaw puzzles…People would actually need skills in exchange for income…use their brains! Total chaos!!! Muahaha!!!:D

    I could do this & be just fine…What’s in my head is in my head for me to choose whether unleashing it would serve good purpose or not…that’s as ‘secret’ as I Am.

    And yes, it would be a “better place”, not so much for everyone to ‘know everything’, but rather if folks cared more about the gear their brain (& heart) is in & what comes out of their mouths…Isn’t That the ‘secret’ behind Creative genius?

    btw…WikiLeaks does not personally make me anything…Puts some folks on their toes more, entertains the brain capacity of some, & provides good conversation topics to some…same as lots of stuff. It brings light, but also motivates the dim to darker. (ooo, a paradox?):)

    I have a question (or 2, or 3)…If sooo many are sooo unhappy with Life of here & now…Why don’t they simply go Home & come back when things are more hunky dory for their taste? Do folks feel ‘stuck’ here? If so, by what?
    Just something this inquiring mind would like to ‘know’.:)

    Blessed be, Kids…and in keeping ‘transparent’, may I add that the Journey is not ‘Good’…it’s a crazy roller-coaster ride! Hands up & screeeeam loud…it’s over before ya know it!:)

  • Paul BONNETT

    Firstly thank you for your publication and the desire to present an alternative news voice.
    Entirely agree and back the desire for real transparency. I hear governments talk about transparency and openness being their mandate and is even policy or regulated – however so much of it is regulated with small print or discretionary based on a few people on power’s view of what constitutes safety for the government or the institution they work.
    I continue to fight for transparency in my work and argue when people say ‘this must be kept between so and so only’. Ask why I say. And ask why again and again.

  • Buzz

    Hmm. I sense a distinct air of facetiousness has come over Erin, perhaps in response to my calling the absurd to our attention.

    Oh what tangled webs we weave, especially since we’re not spiders, but rather miniature flying pink elephants with gills.

    You can love and trust the machine you are using, that is not at all evil as it’s carefully placed advertising subliminally influences you to buy more things you don’t need, then upgrade them with the latest pretty thing.

    When was the last time you travelled interstate soley by foot, or made a fresh loaf of bread by hand and campfire, harvesting and milling the wheat yourself with a sickle and mortar. We need computers, robots, engines on wheels, and all the other things that make it possible for this planet to sustain its excessive population of over 7 billion people.

    So the intention could be to lie by omission, or an internal declaration that such information is need to know only, and you don’t need to know, or just plain old forgetfulness, or the space aliens dressed as MIB told me not to tell you, or that telling you would likely do more harm than good, or I’m not interested in wasting my precious time spent explaining myself to you, or my intuitive epiphany about secrecy was vague, non-specific, suspicious, and trying really hard to change the subject …

    Hey, look, a miniature flying pink elephant with gills is not jumping around on your screen, so you must ignore this sentence at all costs.

  • Kristen

    All victims of suffering should get automatic privacy and name suppression. Perpetrators: Do the crime you do the time, and part of any justice, karmic and consequences system should involve public humilation, naming & shaming and loss of privacy IN THIS MODERN WORLD WHERE GUILT CAN BE PROVEN, unlike in the past where guilt was often unknown. Embarassment and fear of others knowing their dirty little secrets is what keeps many criminals and perpetrators of suffering from committing their acts.

    Great topic to lead into what I came in here today to say. New Zealand has true freedom of speech laws, other than proven defamation or true suffering (we cannot sue here). And we are very laid back here with a lot of freedom (and a free health system for everyone!), the American system must be so hard to live under. There is a really great magazine, Uncensored, published here and sold in our mainstream supermarkets and bookshops. I think CWG’ers would enjoy it, although it may wind Buzz up a bit – very anti American Government and conspiracy oriented, and controversal. The former owner was American publishing here because of our freedom laws, and I think the new publisher is also American. You would also love it’s sister magazine Natural Medicine. Unsure if you can buy them in the USA or overseas but you can subscribe or they are online, No, I don’t work for them or know them, just good old fashioned genuine word-of-mouth referral!

    Unsure if anyone in here has a sense of humour, but a funny story about us Kiwis in NZ recently: Our prime Minister recently joked with a radio announcer that he was wearing a ‘gay red shirt’. Instead of a backlash from the masses, we had an informal ‘gay red shirt’ day where many people wore red shirts to work as a joke (obviously!). This is how we react to things, I cannot imagine this happening in America. Of course he laughed it off and said gay just means happy so no-one could interpret it as derogatory.

  • Marko

    Oh crap, I guess this is the end of surprise parties! 😉

  • Chris Tazreiter

    What a wonderful, thought provoking question!

    All answers and comments to it will be based not on fact or truth, but on the perspective from which they are written. The truth that each of us sees at this moment, is always changing and evolving.

    The whole question of transparency has its origins in our fear based learned Beliefs. Our addiction to the emotion of fear, going back tens of thousands of years.

    The difficulty in our journey towards total transparency, is the journey itself. Total and complete transparency is part of the trajectory of our evolution towards ever increasing levels of unity, co-operation and higher levels of complexity.

    If we could jump to that level of total transparency today, in one leap from where we are now, i think it would easily be accepted by all people. However, the fear of ‘some’ transparency, when it is not evenly applied across all humanity, is the struggle that continues to confront and confound us.

    All we can do as individual human beings is to look to our own life, our own emotions, and realise that we need to break the hold that fear has on us, so that we can be part of the changing energy in all humanity.

    (Just a Thought)

    Chris Tazreiter

  • Kristen

    Oh well Marko, I’m sure many people enjoy surprise parties for one! Oops, you’re a CWGer, that means a party for everyone right?! (smile). Lame – I know!

    To add to the above comment about Uncensored magazine, as an outsider to most the article topics, politics and America, I find it an interesting read, whether things are true or not. I would hate to think most of the information in there is correct, I prefer the idea that conspiracy theorists are as kooky as those they write about or I would be living in a state of paranoia. If anyone is an activist, or not a peace lover as CWG promotes, take my referral in reverse, DO NOT READ THIS MAGAZINE! I do not wish to promote anything negative or be insensitive to the plight of many, encourage anyone into believing non truths, bring on paranoias nor especially provoke anyone. Americans will know the people mentioned, to me they are just faceless words and organisations, and distant objectivity is often what makes things interesting – like a natural disaster on the other side of the world. I do not support any form of published untruths, it is merely interesting, especially the medical sections – Alien photos from the net:not so sure!!. I just read the publisher is a traditional Jewish New Yorker. Brave bold man! My comments are awaiting approval – it may be best not to publish.

  • Buzz

    Welcome back to the chaos Kristen. Can I offer you a dry martini or bloody mary? Sorry, we’re out of olives, and the tabasco has been supercharged with innuendo. LOL

  • Inger Lise

    Do not know of more to add among all of the brilliant material within this particular Forum in Space-Time but have come to have the Faith in Magic(the new Merlins)? By no doubt of all of us to search for The Holy Grail one way or the other.

    Hmm, as to be an Believer “in subjective learning,” or rather “the expansion in Consciousness,” as a matter-of-fact-opportunity…..of us jumping from the invisible to the visible world-views as Buzz have mentioned….The Aliens.

    btw: The Scientific groupings in Norway(and in many other countries as well)have put(built) a sort of electronic equipment in one of the remote valleys, which since back in the 17th century have been reported(written in the old books back then)the weird fast moving lights ….coming from INSIDE of the earth, arizing “up”in the sky, from the lower hillsides, moving around in the high speeds, changing in size, formations, and colors. Buzzing around with the same Speed until it disappears somewhere.

    It goes FAST, and nowadays electronical equipments catching it, and transfering the films into YouTube for all to see. Scientists from Japan, Italy and so forth have been unto the remote valley to see for themselves.

    The small me have visited the valley as well, with a little group. I`ll simply LOVE to be in the mountains, that`s me….therefore of to have chosen of to be borned
    in one of the most remote small countries in the visible world.

  • Erin/IAm

    I do like that word…’facetious’.:)

    Inger Lise…We have alot of that activity in the U.S. mountains, too…very cool stuff, indeed! Imagine what could be ‘happening’ in places humans Can’t get to!?:)

    And this brings up an interesting ‘transparency’ point…’Others’…Sky People.

    If those who visit & live here with us were to just become visible…if ‘We’ saw their numbers, their abilities…if they presented truths of our history & myths & our sciences, which immediately, in a single heart-beat…redefined the basis of every religion…redefined the purpose of this humanity…humbled every ego…How would You ‘feel’ in that moment? What would your neighbor’s reaction be?

    If the Woods People & the Ground People & the Water People suddenly ‘stepped out of their closets’ & became ‘known’…if we Saw their numbers & abilities…if they ‘spoke’…How should We feel in such a moment?

    Talk about a “Surprise Party”!:D

    When one opts for Transparency, One also opts to See Thru…See the bigger picture of what ‘Us’ is…Not a worry of individuality…because ‘We’ are more than this. Maintenance of This artworks is what holds HEB societies intact…They See each as one, yet See Thru as part of One…See?:)

    Enough food…Party on, Dudes!:D

  • Buzz

    Thank you greatly to Inger for reflections on extra-terrestrial observations on Earth. I too have visually seen the lights you refer to, moving with impossible speed and acceleration, and I realise they have cracked the secrets of the Higgs-Boson (God particle), allowing then to turn solid matter into energy and back with the will of thought.

    These are the angels that have watched over humanity and guided us all these millenia, teaching us of building pyramids and mapping the heavens. They understand the balance between peace and chaos, light and darkness within all of us.

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, looking for, hoping for.

    So lets rethink our SOS panic state, and go within to a place of surrender to:

    Save Our Selves

  • Sibila Reventlow

    Yes, I am willing to live in a society with totally transparency, it would be a huge relief for me that what is going on under the surface is the same as what is on the surface, visible for all to see. I´m doing what I can to learn to be transparent in my own life.

    I think a huge challenge is for us to learn to say what is true with love. If all things are known by everyone, that means everyone is all-knowing, that is, very highly evolved. And such an evolution releases by it self much love and consciousness which are life-enhancing to live in.

    WikiLeaks doesn´t make me anything in particular. I think they are an important part of the time that we live in where lying becomes visible on more and more levels.

    The truth might make us suffer but it will make us free, so it is good lying is coming down from being a given to being what it is, lying.

  • Eric Silver

    If the “secrets” were voluntarily divulged, because people simply wanted to share, inform or reassure, then that would be fine. Having it done by a third party and/or against someone’s consent would not be – unless it was deemed in one’s best interest to know — with “best Interest” first defined by the persons who want be informed. (The Saudi man did not want to know his wife left the country with him. He would probably be very interested, however, if she left the country without him or with another man. That sort of thing…)

    Between individuals there should definitely be some opacity, for the simple reason that there are things about others many of us simply do not what to know; and things about ourselves we might prefer not to divulge. These “secrets” may range from malicious to simply irrelevant or uninteresting to others, although they are benign and fascinating to ourselves.

    Then there is the question of how much information about, say, a potentially harmful topic, technology, etc. a highly evolved person should share with a less evolved person (the answer being, “little or none”).

    As for government and social institutions, transparency should be mandatory. Every monetary expenditure, every order or decree that impacts the public should be published in a real-time ledger. Any official who objects probably intends to misappropriate resources or authority, or has already done so.

    Corporations might be smart to be as transparent as possible since it is good for business. As far as revealing “our cost/your cost,” car dealers pretend do that from time to time but we know they are lying. Recently, third-parties have been tearing down iPads and other mobile devices to reveal how much they truly cost to build, versus the sale price, and publishing that.

    Few, if any, companies want the general public telling them what their profit margins should be, unless, perhaps, they can demonstrate there is some social benefit or giveback that justifies it, in which case high margins would be a given.

    The ultimate transparency would exist if people were telepaths and our thoughts – and, more important, the feelings motivating them – were instantly known and understood. Lies, deceit, ignoble feelings would be immediately discernible, yet I imagine we could still shield our innermost thoughts from others if we chose. I think that would be a nicer world.

  • mewabe

    Indeed the world is moving to total transparency…even your clothes are transparent at TSA airport checkpoints, unless you opt out and choose groping for yourself or your children, always a pleasant experience and something to look forward to.

    Hey, if you have nothing to hide in your family underwears, why would you object having a uniformed stranger fondle you, your elderly mother or your young daughter?

    The problem with total transparency as implemented by government and our current systems is that as we the people are becoming ever more transparent and powerless, with security cameras everywhere, email and phone conversations being monitored 24/7, and the Constitution and the Bill of Right being torn to shreds, the government is becoming ever more opaque and obviously ever more powerful, as secrecy and power go end in end in our world.

    I do not know where other people live who participate on this site, but in my dimension, on planet earth, in the tangible world, the story has always been that secrecy has been used by those who seek to acquire, use and maintain power over others…from religious cabals to the financial elite to governments and their agencies.

    I hate to burst anyone’s dreamy bubble but I do not see this trend changing anytime soon.

  • Robin Russell

    My question to you Neale is…Can You? If someone were to come forth and reveal to the world everything about you, from your bedroom and bathroom practices to your every little private thought and fantasy, to embarrassing things you’ve done through your life, and this person could prove it to the world that it was all true and you had no say in the matter, would you be ready for that Neale? Because really, that’s what this question really boils down to. I also submit this question to anyone else who say’s confidently that they would automatically embrace transparency without a thought.

  • Marko

    Robin I do believe Neale does not expect everyone to know every little idiosyncratic detail about ones life, but it’s about being honest & not hiding finances & important information to the detriment of others.

    No need to know you have a boil on your but or covet old mad magazines or secretly collect belly button lint from strangers etc. or what ever. 🙂

    As mewabe stated “the story has always been that secrecy has been used by those who seek to acquire, use and maintain power over others…from religious cabals to the financial elite to governments and their agencies.”

    I think that sums it up well. I think it will gradually come to be more accepted.
    I think Neale said in book II that if enforced people would really complain for about 1 to 3 months & then the drama would die down. Life would go on & be better because of it.

    Our evolution & survival is assured. If we destroyed ourselves in the future we’d not be here now. Yet how we survive is the question.

    Given that we create our personal reality & influence and add to the creation energy to the collective.– it’s in our best interest & self interest to all, to work & play in favor of creating the reality we desire using the tools of the LOA & gaining in our spiritual awareness, to better use the tools of creation.

    To use the divine illusions of physical reality for our benefit. That is what the illusions are for. Our delight & benefit. It’s up to us to realize that, & recombobulate our awareness for that divine purpose.


  • Therese W.

    I like that this discussion finally got down to what complete transparency might entail. Would it be possible to separate transparency from privacy? or from self censorship?

    I, for one, would not like having the little teenaged girl at McDonald’s telling me, “Oh, no, ma’am, you really shouldn’t order that, you’re way to fat already!” for instance!

    I would not like to have my personal taste in clothes called into question by every person who sees what I am wearing and feels, in the name of transparency, they just have to comment!

    I, further, don’t see, as Marko puts it, just how everyone knowing about that boil on my behind (how did you know, Marko!??) can be beneficial in the name of “transparency”.

    To me, “transparency” is a relevant concept only as it applies how to the thing being hidden can harm another in some way. It kind of goes along with the definition of works/doesn’t work. If something benefits only me, it works for you, perhaps, but it doesn’t really work, because it may harm another…in the larger context, of course, and I believe that is the context we are speaking of right now.

    So…you may not see all of the things I consider to be private, but you may see those things that may have some relevance to your quality of life…no boils, no bottoms!


  • Buzz

    Please refer back to the post by Eric Silver, which includes:
    ” Then there is the question of how much information about, say, a potentially harmful topic, technology, etc. a highly evolved person should share with a less evolved person (the answer being, “little or none”).”

    The unfortunate reality is, most of the people alive on Earth today are locked into unhealthy behaviour patterns and habits that don’t work in anyone’s favour, except people who profit from other people being unhealthy. Almost all of us are less evolved, present company excepted.

    “The zombies are coming!” – Plants vs Zombies

  • Bishu

    In the enlightened society even ‘transparency’ ‘should not’ be forced but ‘should be’ a willful behavior. In the beginning of our ‘newborn’ enlightened society we might need some laws and orders for privacy and transparency and for every action. But if we proceed towards One-ness, we will drop them. We will declare our own identity as a part of ALL.

  • Anne-Marie Clulow

    What is absolute truth?
    How much relies on belief systems and perspectives.
    The comments about the middle way and boundaries make the most sense to me.
    And then beyond sense.
    A way to be with the highest choice always.
    I know in some deep almost unknowable part of me that I am
    capable of transparency.
    For when I choose to be loving even in the face of my perspective of unloving behavior then there is no cloaking or justification that needs to happen, as I can just express love.
    I’m not there yet.
    So, much of me also wants to go into a convoluted, rule bound way of “how to be truthful”
    Truthful starts with me.
    I have only just scratched the surface of my own transparency process, do for right now, I do believe truly conscious beings would find it impossible to be deceitful. That’s my take on this right now. Thankyou for being present to share this fellow opaque being moving into the light…
    Anne – Marie Clulow

  • Robin Russell

    To Marko regarding the opening remarks of your comment ~ You seem pretty certain and sure of what Neale means by transparency. We shall see, won’t we? 😉

  • Marko

    Robin in the context I mentioned along with T’s further elaboration the answer is yes.

    I am always open to more expansion on it as well.


  • Kristen

    Robin, Neale has been though this with his God. Most people have some form of faith in angels, the Source or God, so the concept of transparency is not new to us, we are accustomed to the concept those much higher than us are aware of our actions, having access to us 24/7 if they so chose to. But I’m sure they have a life and more interesting things to do, unlike many here on earth who would find it exciting to be able to delve into and spy on us to that extent.

    There is complete transparency on earth for those who look for it. My God defines this as seek and ye will find. Look into nameology, astrology, look up anything in a symbology (dream interpretation book or site) about yourself, anyone or anything (this uses love, like, dislike and hate to tell us what to do). The Universe has set everything up so they can read us visually and we can too.

    Buzz – no innuendos, just not my place to get involved in other countries business, but for the record my afterthought was that he who disarms bombs can make bombs! Frozen quality vodka, dry lemonade & fresh organic lemon juice thanks, since you are offering! No olive branch – oh the trauma (LOL).

    Therese – The McDonalds girl is probably thinking that anyway, but it wouldn’t make a nice world if spoken outloud, but an honest world would be great. There are two sides to everything, surely a good option would be to try to ensure that people do not have negative things to say or think about you, only positive, then you don’t have to worry about it. Observancy is normal, and this includes clothes, bodies etc.

    People who have keep secrets publically either have something to hide, are provoking others to obtain a sense of power, are threatened by others or have bloody exciting lives. Having studied Universal Law, Kabbalah and Alchemy I have not found any so called secret information (in this age), I’m coming to the conclusion that people just like playing games and using false knowledge to invoke fear. Like the church and all the big boys clubs of overgrown boy scouts. Sometimes there is nothing behind the transparency.

  • Erin/IAm

    A very dear friend, a Professor of Criminology & designer of most of the learning materials of U.S. Police, once told me that by the time a person graduates high school, there are over 300 ‘valued’ pieces of info gathered on a person…by the time one leaves a college or becomes employed, this grows to almost 3000 tid-bits. A home loan alone can produce over 5000 pieces of personal info.

    I have yet to imagine what on Earth the first 300 may entail, let alone 5000…Perhaps stuff I don’t even know about myself!

    Anyway…found this interesting that our gov would be so interested in every little John & Jane’s ‘little stuff’…That we mean so much to them as to reserve nano-bytes on expensive machinery to hold our life profiles. btw, these are ‘Confidential’ files that even a warrant does not insure total disclosure of…Especially by the person profiled.


  • Marko

    With facebook, cookies, video cameras everywhere, tracking devices on phones, cars, & now on photo id’s & perhaps drivers licenses next… we micro chip our domestic animal friends & maybe older adults with dementia to find them if they wander off & our kids etc. What’s next?


    This big brother & the holding company of our personal info & whereabouts would make a good follow up to this transparency subject.

    Miles of smiles,

  • Inger Lise

    I have always been interrested in the history of the world. Many a time have thought of it is repeating itself, no matter where of to live.
    But of that said, of also to have a russian friend who says of not to have any interrest in “the past,” and certainly not in “the history”. She is a teacher and have moved to the U.S., and have become a U.S. Citizen. She`s speaking 4 different languages fluently, and very much interrested in the spiritual side of life. Knowing much more than me(if that`s possible, he, he).

    Transparency might as well be the influencing force behind everything already created. It is nothing of us “to get” but of already of to have “got.” It is “built in” within each of us.

  • Glee

    In a world of “total” transparency, wholesomely evolved, I will be a different person anyway. Must see if I can imagine such a place.

  • mewabe

    Control by government or its private contractors, or those corporations that collaborate at being purveyors of the citizenry’s personal information (such as Facebook and AT&T) is not transparency, it is a top down and fundamentally abusive policing process.

    It is not a process that empowers and frees individuals but one that empowers government and corporations to the detriment of individual freedom and privacy, and while government and its corporate partners retain the right to become ever more secretive and unaccountable.

    This is not progress by any means and nothing to celebrate, as it has nothing to do with transparency or honesty, or any form of truth.

    It is a process that is rooted in fear: in the fear and distrust of governments towards populations.

    Whatever is rooted in fear, has fear for origin, leads to the fearful attempting to acquire more power and control over people or situations. The most dangerous government or head of state is the paranoid, fearful kind (see the example of Stalin).

    It seems we are headed this way, under the pretense of fighting “terrorism”…the greatest acts of terrorism have been committed by governments, and as God said, terrorism is the war of the poor, and war the terrorism of the rich.

  • Davette

    Make gifts and parties exempt and go for it!

  • Buzz

    Damn Mewabe, very bloody well said, especially that last sentence. Welcome back.

  • Buzz

    I too have seen this, and got a glimpse of the formula used. Much of it is about trends and tendancies, like a predisposition the person has toward icecream, or a political group, or religious beliefs. This is all calculated from known attributes, like age, social status, school grades, etc.

  • Sinclair

    D.H. Lawrence once wrote that the difference between a living organism and a dead one is that a living organism has boundaries, while a dead one does not.

    I’m for the freedom to disclose what I want to whom I want and conversely not to.

    Perhaps humanity will move to increasing transparency, but we will do so, I would hope, incrementally, and not in one big jump.

  • Kristen

    Disclosure and criminal activities made public are one thing, secretive spying another. Scary stuff. I guess we can only do what you can to avoid these games. Don’t use credit cards, mobile phones, partake in surveys etc, purchase with physical cash and stay local. Good for the environment 2. I used to be a 2012 end of times/major change believer, so changed many ways so i didn’t become a part of mass hysteria, shock, coffee addictions to kick, unable to function without electricity etc so my life is quite simplistic now. I could adapt to a Victorian era with ease (wishful thinking). I would never microchip my pets, boycotting makes a difference. Hopefully if anyone is trying to spy on me, with the worlds most boring external life (smile), they would have given up long ago. Again, I am so grateful to be in NZ not America, our lives are quite CwGish environmentally and I hope the secretive spying isn’t as bad.

    We really need to start over from scratch, but the process to get to that point would be so horrific for most people, I think the universe will allow us to get to a point where long term suffering is known before it will intervene on our behalf, confident that short term suffering will be better than long term.

    Take confidence knowing that the Gods, The Source & Universe are spying on them, more than they could possibly spy on you and there will be consequences.

  • mewabe

    Thks Buzz…I am back…and forth…in and out…

  • Carole

    I absolutely Agee with you Maria Licht!

  • Carole

    I also think that there is still allots needs to happen until we are able to be completely on the open with every thing. I think people rather be naked then completely honest. The present system, monetary, government, religious believe or just plain believe need to collapse before true honesty begins. Judgement need to be put aside. Compassion need to replace it.

  • Carole

    I like to remind myself this often. Well! Every day now, Especially when things aren’t going my way or very challenging. Be the change you what to see. We has people have the power into the palm of our hands. With out realizing it. And it is not just a metaphors. Sometimes if you feel like it’s getting out of reach, stay close to your heart. Your hearth will never leave you. It is not out of reach. Just connect to it. If something you encounter is very challenging, it is your opportunity to change it. By changing the outcome, you just change the world. It is about a choice my friend. We can change the world in a intent. Now. At that very moment you decide. Follow your heart. By putting this change into your heart, you place the world into the palm of your hands. Do You know how much power that is!! SEE! FEEL! TRUST! It is all about a choice. Especially when things are tuff my friend. NOW! Do you really want the world to change? Be the change you want to see! By the way, political party is not political position it is a mental condition. It need to STOP!

  • Carole

    By the way thank you very much Mr Walsh for giving the world the opportunity to connect. Be the Peace of The source of life be always with you!