Gimme a man with muscle

The mere mention of a “man with muscle” conjures up images of a male with rippling abs and bulging biceps.  However, I am NOT speaking to the kind of muscle that develops as a result of sweat-filled hours in a gym or the kind of muscle whose size grows and whose form is sculpted against the resistance of heavy dumbbells.

I am talking about a man who is developing his spiritual muscles.

…A man who, rather than gazing into the bathroom mirror, sees All of Life as a reflection of who he is.

…A man who measures his strength not by his physical attributes or material gains, but instead gauges his greatness by his life experiences of compassion, service, and gratitude.

…A man whose purpose in life is not to see how much he can get out of it, but rather to see how much he can place into it.

In a spiritual partnership, brute strength has little value at the end of the day.  A Partnership of Souls requires no more than a common desire to experience God.  A man who knows Who He Is and Why He is Here and Where He is Going brings into a relationship a level of authenticity and presence that cannot be bought, controlled, coerced, manufactured, strong-armed, fabricated, or misunderstood.

The spiritual muscle of a man is not cultivated through acts of aggression or power.  It is not fine-tuned through abusive or dominant behavior.  It is not crafted through apathy or indifference.  A spiritual muscle’s potency is not fed by its need to be right or its willingness to simply blend in.  The magnitude of a man’s soul is not dependent upon bulging biceps or powerful careers or financial wealth.

A man’s spiritual muscle is developed through awareness and intention, through humor and humility, through presence and purpose.   A gentle and consistent introspection is the type of exercise the muscles of the soul yearn for and respond to. The female spirit is drawn to empathic energy.  Passion between the feminine and masculine is ignited within the light of truth and transparency.  And intimacy is fostered and experienced within the realm of vulnerability and emotional nakedness.

Society, unfortunately, has got it all backwards.  A cursory glance at some of today’s top headlines demonstrates that.  As a result of society having it backwards, the outgrowth is a large percentage of men who are confused into thinking that their masculinity is defined and preserved through their high-ranking positions or their sexual prowess or their exertion of physical or intellectual control over another.  This same percentage of “confused” men wind up in relationships with women, equally confused, who are buying into the same illusion and collectively expecting the same return.  And at the end of the day, the quest for more…more sex, more physical control, more money, more power…produces the same stark realization:  Something is still missing.

Gimme a man who flexes his spiritual muscles regularly, a man who “works out” every day, a man who exercises his greatness, a man whose presence in a room exudes an unmistakable knowing and an unquestionable understanding of Who He Is.

Gimme a man who knows himself as God.

(Lisa McCormack is the Managing Editor & Administrator of The Global Conversation.  She is also a member of the Spiritual Helper team at, a website offering emotional and spiritual support. To connect with Lisa, please e-mail her at


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  • em claire

    Brilliant and beautiful. What a wonderful reality to seed into the consciousness of humanity. Thank you, again, Sweetheart! 🙂

  • Buzz

    I have doubts this kind of desire will become commonplace in our lifetime, which is very sad for me for I’m not physically strong, or rich and powerful, or well endowed.

    I appreciate the sentiment though. Thanks Lisa.

  • Erin/IAm

    Lisa…Any ideas on starting a New Cultural Coupling Service? I would love to have a guy like this as a ‘Life-gym’ partner!:D Great write…Thanks!:)

    Buzz…Obviously you have not yet gotten to an age of mind when some ‘stuff’ holds little value…No worries, it will come…just sort of ‘happens’!:) Obviously, too, you have honed other skills…none of which one would call “commonplace”, either…you are “strong, rich & powerful, (&) well endowed” with words…yes?
    See how easily you can motivate reaction/compliments? A paradoxal powerhouse!:D

  • Therese

    First of all, 100% amazing how you voice your thoughts, lisa!

    Next…I’ve seen your husband, and, although he has a few imperfections, gives you most of the best of both worlds! How cool for you.

    Finally…Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…my husband was not the best looking in the bunch, & not the most wealthy, yet 40 years ago I saw a man who was irresistable because of who he knew himself to be! His power was in how he made those around him feel, and how he empowered them. When we married we knew we were on a spiritual journey. How that looked has evolved, but it has always been what defined our relationship. It is possible to have what you describe, sweet man.

  • Buzz

    when you say he ” was irresistable because of who he knew himself to be”, are you trying to say he was secure and confident within his identity? Is it possible this is a positive spin on having an enormous ego (ego is not a dirty work, it’s part of our humanity)?

    Conversely, I have deconstructed and dissolved my identity, and come a place of surrender, mercy, gratitude, and transparency. This is a very new perspective for me, and is in direct conflict with many long established behavioural habits.

    Old habits die hard with a vengeance.

  • Buzz

    Thanks Erin. So true. Words, ideas, concepts, expressions and understandings are my art form, my creative expertise.

    The ability to express oneself clearly is far too often judged as manipulative, and as such I am partly to blame for everything that happens to everyone around me. Therefore I must be punished, preferably crucified, for my contributions to chaos.

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly everyone can turn against you? Not you, or me, here or in other village environments, just around competitive people who thrive on the energy of others, like leeches. Competition, like fear, is a disease with the highest factor of contagion measurable. There is no sin in becoming sick, ill, etc, and every life form has the capacity to heal themself when they are:


  • Therese W.


    There has certainly always been a degree of out and out ego, but it was very evident to me (but not always to others!) that he simply knew what he was capable of, knew what he believed, and knew in what those beliefs were grounded. As I said, what we called that grounding place, and how we looked at and defined that grounding place, has evolved, but he always knew it was from a spiritual place. He has always been happy with himself, flaws and all!

    There is more than one way to get to that place, and more than one way to stay in that place, including, as you say, deconstructing your identity, but some people just know from a very young age…or are given the opportunity to know from a much younger age. I think it might be a very interesting thing to pick my identity apart and put it together in a different way…change from Rembrandt to Picasso portraits if you will!


  • Jim Clark

    Wow, thanks for that I’m passing it along to some one who is very flustrated with men right now !!! (:(:(:

  • Buzz

    Thanks to all contributors here. Most appreciate the support pplz!