A New York policeman has given the boot — two boots, actually — to a homeless man who was doing nothing but sitting peacefully on the sidewalk on a recent frigid night.

Police officer Larry DePrimo, of New York’s City’s Sixth Precinct, has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands of Facebook users as a result of his actions. He was away from his usual precinct, assigned to patrol Times Square a few nights ago.

Officer DePrimo saw the homeless man sitting on the sidewalk on Seventh Avenue near Forty-Fourth Street, with bare feet. No shoes, no socks. So he gave him the boot. First, he bent down beside the man and said, “Hey, what’s up? Where are your shoes and socks?” The man replied simply, “I never had a pair of shoes.”

“All I remember.” the cop told the press later, “is that it as extremely cold outside, and all I wanted to do was help this gentleman.”

The policeman went to a nearby shoe store and said, “Look, this gentleman has no shoes and no socks. I need to get something for him. Something that will last. I don’t care what it cost.” He then spent $100 of his own money to buy a pair of thermal socks and insulated winter boots. The store clerk used his employee discount to cut the price in half.

The officer then knelt down next to the homeless man and put the socks and boots on him. A passerby from Arizona snapped a picture of the kind act and posted it on Facebook. It went viral within minutes. Soon, the officer was the subject of massive media coverage. He was brought before a press conference. He was on the morning talk shows. He was honored by the NYPD, personally presented special cufflinks by the city’s police commissioner.

“I feel very humbled,” he said, to be on the same force and in the same company “with all the officers who are real heroes,” who’ve put their life on the line in extreme situations. What he did, he told the press, with “nothing. I was just doing my job. But I just want to say that all cops really aren’t bad….and this is just something we do every day.”

All of us know this is true. For every rare instance where police have behaved poorly, there are thousands of moments such as this. We all know that. It is good to be made aware of it again with such heart-warming evidence.

To see the snapshot of Officer Larry DePrimo kneeling down to help the homeless man (who thanked the policeman profusely and then quietly walked away), click here.

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  • Carole

    Beautiful story. I think if everybody would have more appreciation for what they already have and compassion for others less fortunate, then the world would be a much different place would it? The things that we have are not the ultimate. And can be gone in a instant. Relationship however, will stay with us forever. Located in our heart.

  • W\Eliza Whitworth

    Thank you Officer Larry DePrimo, for your act of kindness. Not only did you put boots and sox’s on a gentllelman, but you move hearts all over world!

  • Myriam Febres

    A hero does not have to win. A hero does not have to be larger than life.
    A hero can be an ordinary person who overcomes extraordinary events with
    big compassion and LOVE ~
    There is hope after all …two thumbs up for officer Larry DePrimo…God bless him.

  • Buzz

    This is an example of a person that knows how to live by paying it forward one day at a time. So the next time someone does something unexpectedly, life changingly helpful, you’re responsibility is to pass that positivity on to everyone you meet, AND perform 3 acts of unexpected, life changing kindness for strangers.

    These are the guidelines depicted by Pay It Forward, available to study in book and film format. It is a requirement that everyone participate, but the when, for how long, and who with are all up to you.

    Have fun

  • Erin/IAm

    When I saw these headlines, I thought that perhaps this officer was going to be reprimanded as did the person of years back who put coins in parking meters…glad that wasn’t the case.

    Thank you to ALL officers in this day & age who maintain the passion that directed them to their positions, & compassion for humanity’s imperfections.

    Now if one man’s small act of kindness & caring moved a world in minutes…???:)

  • Trisha

    It should NOT be an anomaly that someone would care this much. This should be the NORM. Also, we should be asking, “what more can we do for this street person?” Not glorify the Officer, which what he did was outstanding but many of us do these things all the time and it’s not for glory, it because that is who we are. And who we are asks you to help me do more for all.

  • Lloyd

    Indeed, there are hundreds of thousands of acts of kindness every day which go totally unnoticed, and it is great when the news media picks up on one of them. Our culture focuses more upon the harm humans create for ourselves far more often than the brotherly love shown to another. It benefits each of us to remember we are “our brothers keeper” and that lifting up another lifts us all. Each of us can make a difference in our world every day, just by a smile, offering a helping hand, sitting with another and being a good listener, etc. This is who we are, and these acts are far more meaningful when done with no expectation of anything in return, just because it is the loving thing to do. Namaste’

  • Therese

    You know, Trisha, I don’t think it is an anomaly that people care this much. I think that the response this kind of thing gets, AROUND THE WORLD, is an indiction that we recognize it as our normal state of being, but we just don’t think we have permission to think of it in that way somehow.

    If something like this feels good to us, it is an indication that it is our higher self recognizing itself, don’t you think? Every time we can admit this to ourselves we move closer to the questions,

    “Why don’t we find a way to ALWAYS feel this way? and

    Why do we keep doing things that DON’T make us feel this way?”

    Don’t you think maybe this might be so?

  • Marko

    I’m inspired with a new Markoism soon to be bumper sticker.
    “Love is viral!”

  • Buzz

    I strongly disagree. Being unconditionally kind, loving, grateful, etc., is NOT our natural state. We are more complicated than that. We can’t be pigeonholed as being good and not bad, because we are both, and neither.

    “The light cannot know itself in the absence of darkness.”

    Our natural state is difficult to describe. Some things we need to stay constant, others are in a near constant state of change. We are so diverse in our beliefs and behaviours, even stereotyping is a taboo idea now.

    Perhaps we are moving toward a society where much less is taken for granted about each other. As we seek to become more unique from each other, jostling for our niche in the world, prejudice has become the hot topic. Judgement of others has been habit for us for millenia, and old habits die hard. We thrive on opinion, just like the opinions above that kindness is natural.

    The illusion is we need both, kind and nasty, in our experience to appreciate the good times, and look forward with hope or faith in hard times. The darkness within each of us helps define our light, and without this contrast of context we could not exist.

    The reality is they both come from us, and the circumstance is neutral until we judge it. Our nature is to interact, to stimulate and be stimulated. We create conflict in order to experience creating peace. We create life in order to experience creating death. We create darkness in order to experience creating light. We do this because we know we are both conflicted and peaceful, alive and dead, dark and bright. I am what I am, and I am what I believe I am not, forever.

    The double slit experiment is a demonstration of Schrödinger’s Cat, and when applied to our perception of reality, our nature is quite easily deduced to be that we exist to observe each other existing, to bear witness and be witnessed.

    Both the cop and homeless fellow deserve their moment in the spotlight, just like the last claim to fame, and the next craze. We like having heroes, villains and victims as part of our experience, and trying new things.

    Stop pretending like you’re not pretending.

  • Lisa

    The fact of the matter is that if the Arizona tourist had not captured this moment on camera, it would still have happened. No one but a few people would have ever known about this act of kindness.

    The “cop” is one of my brothers. As any of you may have gathered by the vague content in any of my posts, I am a police officer. Sworn to serve and protect, placing my life on the line to intervene as called upon. With the authority to insert myself into the lives of others, to help people, even when it is not viewed in the grand scheme that way.

    We are often seen as the uniform. Not the person inside it. The mistakes of officers are often caught on tape. We are held to a higher moral standard than most citizens, for much less pay and the threat of losing our lives. As in every profession, there are those who make the rest of us look bad.

    Everyday I see instances of officers paying it forward, myself included. Most times in this job, we absorb the burden of intense emotions for others during trauma, and the visions of tragedy and death that never leave your head once they enter. The opportunity to connect with other humans on a level that is caring, positive, for the sole purpose of kindness . . . I live for those. And I know that it is a huge part of my purpose in choosing this occupation. It is my vehicle to help others heal, in an unexpected way.

    My gratitude goes out to that Arizona tourist who felt compelled to capture something positive. Not all angels have wings, some are equipped with a badge and a gun.

  • Keya

    That is really beautiful. Its nice to have a conversation about something that is so positive and loving in the world.

  • Buzz

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency Lisa. I have often thought that high stress jobs like policing and air traffic control would be well served if the people were not required to attend the same style of shifts, rosters, and duty hours that civilians have. The potential for allowing the work to negatively affect attitudes and behaviour is so much higher, as you engage with emotionally and psychologically unstable people so regularly. There are countless stories of prison guards so hardened and emotionally stunted they end up in the place they once guarded. If police, etc., were allowed more flexibility, and a carefully monitored, mandatory counseling service to be visited weekly, there may be fewer of the unfortunate scenes we see on TV.

    Live long and good fortune to you Lisa. Your presence both here and in uniform is an inspiration and a blessing. To know there is one out there somewhere doing that job in the knowing what we know is profoundly hopeful for our future civilization. Have you considered a group exclusively for police who seek a deeper spiritual connection? I sense you have much to share, and you can be damn sure we need more like you in the night club district at 3am Sunday morning, the world over.

    A mission to change the world starts with just one person.

  • Therese


    It is suggested that we now know all that we have to know about the darkness in order to place our attention on the light now. We know the darkness, but we don’t have to dwell there.

    It is not suggested that the choice to “do bad” will never exist, it IS suggested that if we know who we are, at an early enough age, we will choose “the bad” less often, to the point that it will appear to not exist. Instead, however, it will be acknowledged as being a part of us that does not have to be dwelt in as our primary way of existence as it appears to be now.

    Is it not possible that the current paradigm can be flip flopped? Or, better yet, and quite simply, balanced? With true choices? Where, if you choose to believe your true nature is to struggle with who you are in this world, you may, but if the majority of us choose to believe our true nature is to share and to care and to live joyously, we may also do so?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the impulse to care that Lisa spoke of, that…
    “The opportunity to connect with other humans on a level that is caring, positive, for the sole purpose of kindness . . .” that she lives for, were manifested through helping people in ways that didn’t involve the aftermath of tragedy created by human beings? Wouldn’t it be nice?

    As Rabbi Michael Lerner said, in his Thanksgiving column here:

    “And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we affirm our dedication to being unrealistic for peace, social justice, environmental sanity, and a world based on love, caring, kindness and generosity. In so doing, we will make realistic what at first seemed to be unrealistic. And so it is. Amen.”


  • Rosanna

    I don’t turn on the news nor the tv in general… but I would start if there were headlines like these….<3

  • Lisa

    Hi Buzz,

    Thank you for such kind words, it’s nice to be called an inspiration and a blessing.

    You’re right about the nature of the job. The variables in policing create a different experience for each officer, especially because we all come from different backgrounds. The things I might find difficult to process could be something that doesn’t bother someone else in the least.

    What you said about knowing that there is one out there somewhere doing that job, “in the knowing”, what we know is profoundly hopeful for our future civilization…this knowing is what makes my life easier and harder at the same time.

    I’ve haven’t given any real thought to a group exclusively for police who desire a deeper spiritual connection. In fact, because of the way I perceive situations or find compassion and empathy differs from most of the people I work with, I tread lightly with presenting my “outside of the box” ideas by a more subtle and gentle approach. I can think of maybe two people out of the whole agency that I could have a conversation such as this with.

    I feel like I’m a duality. When I am off, people who don’t know me would never think I’m a police officer based on appearance or interests. I shop at my local organic market, do yoga, research the environment, health and wellness issues, spirituality…

    In all of these settings, the people I come in contact with are friendly, helpful, talkative. When I am in uniform, say, running in to grab a bite to eat at the same local market, people stare at me like I have three heads. I’m like “helloooo, I was just in here last week, same person, different outfit!”.

    This is part of the reason why I am here, trying to reconcile this duality. Living it is sometimes hard.

    And Therese, on what you said about connecting with others through helping people in ways that didn’t involve the aftermath of tragedy created by human beings…I think unfortunately the media bombards us with the negative and we lose sight of all the small ways in which we help each other. I’ve come to the conclusion that the world/civilization is getting worse and better at the same time. Just in different ways. Another duality to try and reconcile.

  • Marko

    “I’ve haven’t given any real thought to a group exclusively for police who desire a deeper spiritual connection. In fact, because of the way I perceive situations or find compassion and empathy differs from most of the people I work with, I tread lightly with presenting my “outside of the box” ideas by a more subtle and gentle approach. I can think of maybe two people out of the whole agency that I could have a conversation such as this with.

    I feel like I’m a duality. When I am off, people who don’t know me would never think I’m a police officer based on appearance or interests. I shop at my local organic market, do yoga, research the environment, health and wellness issues, spirituality… ”

    Lisa, I would suggest that you not limit people in what they are ready to hear. I say stuff all the time to people that includes spiritual ideas & most agree & few that don’t. I just don’t take it any farther.

    My point? Be okay to test the waters with people & be okay if they are not on the same page. Yet be open to being surprised that people do think about these things like we do more than we give credit. We too can wear the preconceived judgmental blinder goggles unintentionally on others unfairly because we don’t take the chance on others.

    Just as many don’t know the deeper side of you, they won’t know unless they ask or you bring it uP.

    I think Buzz’s suggestions to start a group (I’d suggest a CwG group & see what people you attract & show up.)is a great idea to consider. When I did my group I had a cop & I too found the challenges in this field from his perspective that I appreciated.

    Just some thoughts.
    Magical blessings,

    P.S. to Therese, loved your response to Buzz. Well articulated! Hat’s off 2u sister! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Thank you for your feedback Marko, that’s why I’m here. I do test the waters a bit and let it go when there’s no reception. But mostly I just treat people in my travels as a fellow soul who is functioning within the contruct of their life experiences and worldview. I find that my spirit, consciously though silently, acknowledging the spirit in another makes a connection. And for now that’s good enough for me.

    I’m really just coming out of my shell as far as being able to verbally articulate the things I know and believe, and how it affects the way I interact with the world. I’ve found it’s one thing to feel and see, but another to describe it and put it into action. And I’ll be giving the idea of starting a group serious consideration.

    Much gratitude.

  • Jim Clark

    WOW !!!! — 20 yrs ago a man called NEAL DONALD WALSCH wrote a book called — CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD — This is Bk 1 of several writen over the yrs !!! Because he had the guts to actually say these things in writting the world is in the process of putting the icing on the cake of HUMANITY, as we speak !!! After reading all of the post on what happened in NYC I see an opportunity to offer a solution to all the problems that we all face every day !! Don’t take this lightly beacause it’s way to important to be prejudged with out checking it out for yourself !!! Go to http://www.theglobalconversation.com — also start this wonderful journey by reading –Conversations with God Bk 1 by Neal!!! For those of you who actually do this I say — CONGRADULATIONS — You have just begun an opportunity to be part of changing our world from this ):):): to this (:(:(: !!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE AMAZED (:(:(: HINT — ITS ALL ABOUT YOU !!!!

  • Marko

    Lisa, here’s what I most often talk & engage people with as starters & quick conversations that don’t last long as they are in stores, gas stations, that are not usually conducive to longer conversations.

    The 3 spiritual things I most often tell people when they bring up things about life that they’d like changed in shorter conversations are:

    *Express more gratitude & appreciation
    *Visualize having what you desire. Yet do so without expectation but move into wonder & surprise.
    *Create a vision board to pull in influence, manifest & bring in the money, relationships, jobs, health you desire.

    These are most common things I say to people be it in a grocery store, out & about, light socializing.

    If if gets deeper we talk more about CwG & like minded material & I often recommend Neale’s “When Everything Changes, Change Every Thing” or WECCE for short. I also tell them there is a free site for them to go to to talk about their problems, get compassionate help, guidance & spiritual counsel. changingchange.net

    Most people are receptive to these ideas & further actually appreciate the positive booster shot of inspiration to think more positive. The exceptions usually are strict Christian fundamentalists.

    I’m good at articulating this stuff (Not Neale Donald Walsh good) but I hold my own very well. So it’s fun to chat with people on such matters, but I don’t waste my time on people who rigidly believe in something else. I let them walk their path.

    Occasionally I get people who want to play mental spiritual Jujitsu, or mental martial arts with me & challenge me on this stuff. In such cases depending on where they are coming from I oblige. I do better than most with angry people who think this is all bullsh*t because I articulate well & walk the talk to the best of my ability.

    The reason is, that these people really want to be convinced & their anger is just a cover up, because they’ve been unconvinced by others, society about how life operates. People have to have the wherewithal, articulation & loving patience do deal with such people.

    They often become very grateful for the thoughtful discussion or, they decide they want to rigidly hold to their beliefs (I let them of course).

    Now on the WECCE site as a spiritual helper, I find those who are most angry really are crying for help, & others leave right away because they can’t continue their blame & victim game any longer.


  • Lisa

    I have also found when talking with people that their anger is really stemming from fear or pain of some sort. And that they want instant results for the emotional relief of either, to magically start feeling content or happy. They think this is all bullsh*t because it requires actual mental and spiritual work to see the change. It is easier for people to stay in the safety of their discontent than to venture into the unknown.

    It’s funny how I am starting to see how friends and strangers have always gravitated to me, to share whatever they feel they need to get off their chest, relates to something bigger for my life.

    Last night I was having a conversation with a coworker about relationships. He was talking about how he’s ‘pretty much happy’ and about the little things that bother him. My feedback was for him to be grateful for the things he loves about her and to focus on the positive, for what we focus on we bring more of into our lives.

    I have started a vision board (of sorts) for myself. I haven’t revealed this here in our house, where my husband can see it. This is where I need to come further into transparency. (My exhusband of long ago thought I was weird, so I learned to hide.) But now I am supported and loved unconditionally and am slowly revealing mySelf. And I think that my vision, out in the open, needs to happen. Thank you for driving that home…


  • Marko

    Lisa I can only add that what you’re doing sounds really great & progressive!

    Have a magical day,

  • Lisa

    Thank you for your insights and for helping me to understand what’s led me to this space.

    You also have a magical day!

  • Buzz

    Wow, this is great. So much has transpired since I was last here, begging my attention. Firstly Therese,
    Have you noticed how Lisa talks about duality? It’s not about placing our attention on the light within us. It’s about balancing dark and light. For example, how could someone experience expressing compassion without someone else to be compassionate for. This other person is feeling very dark, and helping them makes both people feel better. We need the darkness to know ourselves as the light, and everything in our experience of this world is perfect exactly as it is.

    You say ” The things I might find difficult to process could be something that doesn’t bother someone else in the least.” I suspect it is those officers unbothered, although not as a rule, that may benefit from therapy MORE than those affected by a traumatic experience, and without regular psychological evaluations no-one would know they are bothered and bottling it up till they explode into an uncontrollable rage during a minor trigger event. A highly skilled therapist will antagonise the patient as I do here, to identify people with a short
    fuze or bottled rage. I sense none of that in you, hence my initial compliments.

    However, as a police officer, I’m sure you’re aware your job includes watching your working family, and policing their behaviour too when necessary, even if that person is your boss or partner. Don’t be afraid to visit internal affairs division, or the FBI, if you suspect something.

    As for the group idea, it could easily start as just the 3 of you, and only convene when one of the 3 has something they need to talk about, rather than a regular ritual. The important thing is that you go to each other for help rather than someone who, aas you say, doesn’t understand your uniqueness. These groups usually become the topic of rumour and conjecture, which is your best method of advertising for more members of similar opinions. “Divided we are weak, together we are strong.” By further strengthening those bonds of trust,near invincibility is possible because they’ll have your back, flank, blind spot, etc all the time.

    As for your discomfort around people you know well while in uniform, you could try a little stunt on them. Buy civilian clothing that in no way represents yourself as an officer (I know you’re not allowed to wear a uniform off duty), yet are so close in design and appearance that without the insignia, epaulets, badge, etc it could be your uniform, and visit these places to see their reactions and behaviour. My hope is it will bridge the gap in their perceptions of you as both person and officer.

    Have fun and good luck. 🙂

  • Therese Wilson

    Lisa said:

    “I think unfortunately the media bombards us with the negative and we lose sight of all the small ways in which we help each other.”

    Yes! of course! Yet, the way the media portrays these good things as unusual, is carried over into our everyday lives. Because of this, those who do live each day doing little acts of kindness, feel separate from others. They are called goody two shoes, or holier than thou, or so many other things, to the point they are self conscious in their behavior. Also, so many people are doing these “good” things, not because it feels good to do so, but because they feel, if they do not, they might experience some kind of punishment, or even damnation.

    Buzz, I never said that duality will, or should cease to exist. I said we don’t have to dwell in this side of that duality as strongly as we do. There is, currently, no balance. Some say that HEB’s don’t have to experience, directly, the negative aspect of things, because it EXISTS…it exists HERE, so it does not have to exist…there. Perhaps “there” will mean someplace other than Earth, or, even better, in small measure in any current existence, but only in history books and cellular memory.

    Hey, why not?

  • Buzz

    I find your advice and suggestions for Lisa both inspired and encouragingly positive. I don’t agree with everything, but they are all minor points of articulation, and I only feel the need to articulate the point that loosely relates to my antagonistic expressionism in this space and The Village:

    ” Occasionally I get people who want to play mental spiritual Jujitsu, or mental martial arts with me & challenge me on this stuff. In such cases depending on where they are coming from I oblige. I do better than most with angry people who think this is all bullsh*t because I articulate well & walk the talk to the best of my ability.”

    Now I know that you know I’m not angry, just confused, and occasionally my confusion frustrates me, but I’m working hard on that. I also know you know I greatly appreciate your doing jujitsu / dancing with me on these subjects, and I’ve gathered from your reactions that these exchanges are challenging you a lot, but are also to an as yet unknown extent enjoyable. What you may not realise is that our dance is also somewhat for the benefit of observers, and I like to put on a bit of a show for them. Please be assured I am completely sincere and as honest as possible in my posts. No ifs, buts, or maybes.

    In addition to this I add frills to jazz up the exchange; neutral tidbits to spice it up and promote prejudicial reactions. All good storytellers do this, and this skill in a debate team can throw off the opponents. I use it, as described above, to identify people with short fuzes or bottled rage, and in exchanges with you these triggers are directed at the audience, to influence them into participation instead of just trolling. The more the merrier, but I find many don’t get involved unless they feel strongly about the subject. Did you notice how many comments the thread, based on my declaration that “agreement is boring,” received. It got people talking A LOT.

    I also agree with most of the content of the posts by Lisa, especially the first half of the comments posted at 12:12. Very well said Lisa.

  • Marko

    “Now I know that you know I’m not angry, just confused, and occasionally my confusion frustrates me, but I’m working hard on that. I also know you know I greatly appreciate your doing jujitsu / dancing with me on these subjects, and I’ve gathered from your reactions that these exchanges are challenging you a lot, but are also to an as yet unknown extent enjoyable. What you may not realise is that our dance is also somewhat for the benefit of observers, and I like to put on a bit of a show for them. Please be assured I am completely sincere and as honest as possible in my posts. No ifs, buts, or maybes.”

    Buzz I was not referring to you at all but to people in general in my past. I don’t mind dialoging with you because your heart is in the right place & your questions genuine.

    We have different approaches to how we show up on such venues & mine is to be an example of grace & wisdom under all kinds of interactions & situations. As I’ve said once before I’ve dealt with far more aggressive dysfunctional angry people before & in comparison you are a soft baked potato.

    You are forthright in what you are trying to do, it’s not my style but I’m okay with your approach & yes I hope it benefits others.

    Your confusion as you now call it may make you feel the need to show uP as you do in order to more quickly get out of the confusion & frustration & my hunch is your approach will change in time as you feel resolution & clarity more on these questions.

    Certain subjects do get a lot of attention while others don’t.

    “In addition to this I add frills to jazz up the exchange; neutral tidbits to spice it up and promote prejudicial reactions.”

    To me this is the creative side of you that likes the flair for the dramatic. All creative people enjoy it as far as understand it.

    Did you see my response to you here?:http://www.theglobalconversation.com/blog/?p=2736#comment-14129

    Carry on………


  • Buzz

    Do you understand what duality means, because you seem to be contradicting yourself? It means contrast, as in the opposite of that is this.

    It’s not enough for us to know of the darkness, it needs to be part of our experience, in order to have an awareness of contrast. Darkness and light are inextricably linked forever, and we cannot understand or appreciate one without the other. Life is about choice, but how can we be at choice if we’re expected, like obligated, to choose light?

    When these others, like Neale in bk 3, say negativity doesn’t exist there because it’s here, there are 2 rational ways of qualifying that:

    Either they come here to directly experience things their elders know doesn’t work, whenever they feel like a dose of darkness; and/or

    They have come to value and appreciate their dark side, and have understood that having bad things in life is good and desirable, thereby clouding and redefining what words mean what. When bad is as good as good is good, what is there left to call bad?

    Neale understands we don’t need to change any events or circumstances to be happy, and that everything is perfect as is. There has even been a thread on this site about this recently.

    Our judgements of the current structure of society, and how we humans treat each other, is exactly as it needs to be for our needs and desires to be fulfilled, including your desire to experience hope for a brighter future. The key word here is hope. The results you are hoping for are extremely unlikely in our lifetime, but you can feel hopeful for it as much as you like.

    I also know almost everyone here, including Marko, disagrees with this to some extent. This includes me. I’m conflicted within about this, as I wrestle with conventional spirituality vs advanced spirituality. Part of the reason I’m writing this is to convince myself, and remind myself of what’s true.

  • Marko

    Yes Buzz we will always have contrast.

    However, we can choose to have as much or as little negativity as we desire. So we always have a choice. We can keep & create as much or as little negativity as we desire.

    Negativity does not work in HEB mentalities as it’s simply out grown like childhood toys or simply doesn’t work or benefit a HEB vibration.

    The the exception of course would be mentoring those societies ready for such grander expressions of possibility.

    We are currently creating negativity unconsciously & by our lack of understanding of the LOA. Much of society does not even realize it has a choice!

    Yet we can exclude it & out grow it entirely as our personal & eventually collective experience. (No small feat at this current time!) To even talk in these terms is advanced. Not all are ready for the discussion.

    The key is we can choose not to experience it all, like HEB’s or, if we so choose, have it in lesser less severe negatively dramatic ways as we experience now.

    It’s our choice.

    Holiday cheers,

  • Buzz

    Yes Marko,
    I did see it at the time, but the thread had left the homepage and I didn’t know where to respond. Here & now will do.

    The more advanced understandings of spirituality are not more simple or more complex, just harder to articulate, which is why your descriptions of advancement are so simplistic: ” … being in the space of love, peace & harmony.” However people like NDW, Eckhart Tolle, Steven Covey and I are able to more clearly articulate it (although even we find it very challenging), and while harmony, as in balance, is correct, there’s a lot more to duality than being in a place of love and peace. I have learnt an appreciation for the darkness within each of us, especially in me.

    So while it isn’t any more complex, we make it complex because in order to accept something radically different, we need to analyse our current beliefs and recognise them as illusory compared with our new understanding. Further, this process ought to be done with a pinch of skepticism so we don’t incorporate new ideas that don’t work while throwing away what works.

    As for radiating light in the face of violence, sometimes (yes OK, usually) sending love into a situation calms everything down, but certain people in certain situations feed off it, calling it patronizing, which enrages them further. For example, smiling at a person who is afraid is seen as cheapening their pain, gently touching someone that’s angry can be overreacted as attack, and laughing about a joke made around the misfortune of another can be called insensitive. I’ve been called rude, careless, irrational, flippant, and all the rest. People are jealous, and very commonly believe it’s a good and healthy emotion, especially in intimate relationships. We become protective, to the point of possessiveness, and are then offended we couldn’t trust or be trusted.

    It’s not as simple as love, peace and harmony, but what it is is hard to describe.

  • Therese

    Yes, Buzz, I understand. I also think that we are at the point of semantics. I think we may even be at the point where one might say black, just because the other said white. I prefer to have conversations such as we are now having, with a general understanding that I can be somewhat broad in terminology and not have to go on and on micro explaining.

    Buzz, it is so difficult to have ongoing, comprehensive discussions in this type of forum. I am sure that some are capable of, and willing to have the micro dialog, but I am not. To me, the dialog that goes in and out from expansive to micro is one best had “live” in some fashion. That is the space that I can backtrack and not lose track, and have the opportunity to fill in the blanks more fully. Which, I imagine, is the reason that Neale has, from the very beginning, encouraged us to start discussing these thing with friends, family, church communities, and/or start our own discussion groups and invite others to join.

    I respect your intellect tremendously, Buzz. I understand your curiosity, and I understand you requiring someone to be able to articulate why they feel or believe a certain way. However, I do not think that one should have to defend how they think and feel. Defending always leads to intractability, and becomes rigidity, and deafness on all levels occurs. I felt myself digging my heels in when you felt you had to tell me the definition of duality…it, quite frankly, felt condescending in tone.

    Now, Buzz, you may or may not have meant this, but it does example why I don’t generally go on and on in this type of dialog. It is not the same as writing a book, where one usually goes back and edits and refines the thought put down on paper. This type of forum, in my mind, is supposed to allow for not being able, in a casual reply, no matter how articulate the person is, to convey all would really wish to convey. In other words, giving someone the benefit of the doubt. We are not writing a book…well, Neale is, but I am not! I am merely sharing in specific generalities (now, don’t go calling me on that, because I did that on purpose!), how I feel about things, and where my thought process takes me, given, as CWG says, my current model of the world.

  • Buzz

    What you’ve described there is called a Gaussian Curve, commonly known as the bell curve. So we’ve established where most people are, and roughly where you are relative to them. You’ve accepted that Neale is even further along this curve, and yet as I understand it you are both living in an environment and life circumstances that are comparatively peaceful, gentle, accepting, encouraging and non-threatening. It’s easy to feel peaceful in peaceful circumstances.

    Is it possible people like Lisa, the Israeli guy from a while back, and I are even further along the curve than Neale, finding peace in very challenging circumstances. I propose we politely ask Lisa to recall and describe some of the incidents in her career where her circumstances could have led to unhealthy feelings and hurtful actions if not for her enlightened understandings.

    The darkness helps us grow by challenging us with such extreme conditions that we have no choice but show our true colors. It is in those moments we know how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go. It motivates us to act with more urgency than we otherwise would to be our true self, as a matter of survival and/or to protect our sanity. It puts our journey through life on the fast track, sometimes at tacheon speeds. The hard part at these speeds is knowing you’re growing in the right direction. That’s an easy aspect while plodding along, in my experience.

  • Marko

    “As for radiating light in the face of violence, sometimes (yes OK, usually) sending love into a situation calms everything down, but certain people in certain situations feed off it, calling it patronizing, which enrages them further. For example, smiling at a person who is afraid is seen as cheapening their pain, gently touching someone that’s angry can be overreacted as attack, and laughing about a joke made around the misfortune of another can be called insensitive. I’ve been called rude, careless, irrational, flippant, and all the rest. People are jealous, and very commonly believe it’s a good and healthy emotion, especially in intimate relationships. We become protective, to the point of possessiveness, and are then offended we couldn’t trust or be trusted.”

    I disagree Buzz. The feed off is the vulnerability & susceptibility of the person & they feed of of their insecurities.

    If that person is persistent, the waterfalling of love & light will prevail.

    Unless the other party is so scared, they take their power & kill the person to prevent the higher vibration from exporting it’s influence on them. Yet the energy consequence of killing is pretty severe & the one being killed for their light & love have a very different consequence.

    “It’s not as simple as love, peace and harmony, but what it is is hard to describe.”

    Actually is is.

    It is simple. The carrying out of the energy however, can be very challenging at times especially when dealing with harsher challenging realities of war, prison, gang & drug lords etc.

    My example & (by the way it would have been better to keep your post where it originated to keep things more in context) of radiating light & love on people who disliked me in work situations applies I feel to much larger situations. The principle is the same the circumstances are what’s different.


  • Buzz

    Thank you Therese,
    I believe you’ve just helped me make a point I’ve been trying to convey to Marko. Ah, the synchronous nature of communal interaction is beautiful. Can you see here, Marko, how I’ve tried to be loving, peaceful, and harmonious, and have been called condescending. I’m not offended, because I can see how Therese came to such a conclusion, but the question becomes:

    Should I apologize for the offence and yield to her, or should I withdraw and ignore her for being so judgemental and negative, or should I fight back to try and reinforce my case so she’ll understand me as I understand her? The way I’ve described these 3 options is exaggerated intentionally, for the point. The way she neglected to address any of my post suggests she’s not interested in further discussion, yet she chooses to antagonize me with a guilt trip, while strongly implying I shouldn’t make any attempt to defend myself. Can you understand my curiosity?

    Semantics are important for defining and quantifying thoughts and behaviour, for everyone’s benefit. With specific generalizations we can learn and grow, and help others by teaching, in how we use and define words. It is true, as Shakespeare said, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but if I wanted a rose picked and called it a daffodil, what would I get? Answer: probably a slap on the cheek for ordering my girlfriend to get a gift for herself.

    Why do we consciously choose to take offence at the things people say?

    As for which type of environment is best for discussing esoterics, I prefer this because I can go back through a thread and reread what’s been before, and what I said. We can’t do this live, and in order to keep a conversation going it is expected someone will be speaking at all times, leaving little time for inflection and analysis and more inflection and careful articulation and proof reading.

  • Buzz

    Can you see auras, the different colours, and what they mean? Sometimes, when someone is taking your energy, the worst thing you can do is give them more on purpose.

    If you can’t see auras, look into The Celestine Prophesy. Synchronisity is the first insight, mentioned above. James Redfield is a genius in the area. As you move through the insights you’ll get a basic understanding of aural fields, which can be photographed. I’ve only ever met one person with an all white aura, and my 15 seconds with her will never be forgotten.

    The interplay of auras while people are interacting is quite entertaining at first, but once you’re used to seeing it they become a tool and a 6th sense. I’m not there yet, because I’m still understanding my own feelings during such exchanges, but I don’t have that here, allowing me to express my intellect more openly.

  • Marko

    I can only speak for myself. I’ve not felt offended by anything you’ve said but if I do, I will say so. I have said that you & I have different ways we show up here, even explaining my reason for showing up as I do.

    Therese can speak for herself. I’m not here to get into the minutiae of all this little picky details except where it may relate to what I’ve personally posted.

    So if you feel I’ve ignored something you want me to respond to just let me know. I don’t always respond to everything. I have a lot going on & I try to pick out the major or important issues, not all the minutiae, as it’s too time consuming.

    However if a point you’d like to explore or answer to that you think was ignored or not talked about enough. Let me know. Sound fair?

    Cheers & magic,

  • Marko

    And no I don’t see auras………& yes I’m familiar with James Redfield…..

  • Buzz

    Yes, of course, you’re right again Marko. Thanks, and I will if I ever find the need to discuss a specific point (hasn’t happened yet).

  • Buzz

    I’m sorry you felt hurt by my insensitivities. My desire to teach and learn must always be unimportant compared with the valued placed on the relationship, regardless of how important the point I’m trying to make may seem.

    I became intoxicated by the idea, and forgot why I was making it: to help. Instead I have hindered, making my efforts both counterproductive and destructive. I sincerely apologise and beg for mercy. You may exact your wrath at your discretion.

  • Therese


    I am smiling! I think you made my point as well…that the discussion can get way out of hand very quickly, with little or no ability to correct the misconceptions…you inferred things that I never said or even implied.

    For instance, I never indicated I never read your posts. I did, in fact, but chose not to respond. Why, you may ask, would I not respond? Because there was so much to respond to that I chose a small portion. Why would I choose to respond to a small portion, even though I may have found what you wrote interesting? Quite simple…I didn’t have the time, and didn’t feel compelled to take the time away from other things. If I don’t respond, it is rarely anything more than superficial.

    Your apology? is accepted, but not required. I have no need for that. I did not say anything except what I felt, and, in fact, acknowledged that it was not necessarily what you intended. I stated something very personal about what I was feeling, to illustrate my point only. I was, very sincerely, tempted to dig in my heels because of the way I perceived your words. Not a flattering admission to be sure.

    I do, however, accept and like your twists and turns of thought, even if I do not necessarily agree with all of them! (Oh, and I did catch your sarcasm, BTW :-))

  • Marko

    To Buzz & T regarding your last 2 posts to each other. Nicely said & articulated.
    Well done. Good exampling.


  • Therese

    Buzz! You little devil! Each time I awakened last night, I remembered what I had meant to say to you and forgot to write!

    First, I have only just now gotten on the internet, and I am sitting in McD’s waiting for my loving husband to bring me some oatmeal, and I have not read ANYTHING.

    Buzz, what I neglected to say is that I think it is so magnificent that a) this space exists for this kind of exchange and b) that people like you use it to its fullest potential! I admire that you take the time to seek out when few would take that time.

    Now! my oatmeal is here!


  • Buzz

    Thanks Marko.

    It wasn’t sarcasm. You know I’m antagonistic. I was trying to provoke you into calling me condescending again by judging my apology as sarcastic. Check mate.

    I knew you were reading the posts, and never said or implied you weren’t. What i said was ” The way she neglected to address any of my post suggests she’s not interested in further discussion…”, and this is another example of how you are projecting you’re belief in my being condescending. I agree it’s rarely anything more than superficial, and believe that was one of those rare cases. This theory is supported by the circumstantial evidence that you still haven’t answered any of the post in question.

    So, finally, what I preceive to be the point you’re most passionately trying to make … what exactly leads you to believe our interaction was getting out of hand? If you weren’t looking for an apology, why would you call me condescending, then so clearly discourage defence? And how can you tell when someone you’re conversing with has a misconception beyond your ability to correct? Or, is my unconditional surrender to you’re judgementalism what you’re really after? I sense Marko and Neale would’ve pulled out long ago, but I’m used to playing games in hellish conditions. Are you?

  • Buzz

    Therese, thank you for noticing that. I do like to push the envelope. Limits are for the faint of heart. I also appreciate your engaging me for the sake of playing the game.

  • Lisa

    Well, gone for a day and lots of interesting exchanges!

    Buzz, the answer to your question about how you can tell when someone you’re conversing with has a misconception beyond your ability to correct is, when you forehead becomes flat from banging your head against the wall. You just know you have to stop what you’re doing and walk away before your head explodes!

  • Buzz

    ROFL @ Lisa.

    If my bashing my head against a brick wall doesn’t get their attention, maybe an exploding head will shock them out of their story to help me help them. Of course by then I’m dead, so they’ll be motivated to pay it forward by taking the flag and bashing their own head against the wall. How much more fun can being a lunatic get?

    Projecting opinions and judging others is at the core of our old cultural story, and something we can rise above if we choose, when we choose. Alternatively, it can be a game, a competition, for who can hit their head against the wall hardest without passing out.

    Strangely enough, if Therese and I were to cease our game and peacefully embrace, we’d get blood and bone and brains on each other’s shoulder. Either way, we’re in for a godawful mess, and I ain’t cleaning it up!!

  • Sibila Reventlow

    This is a heartwarming example of conscious response.
    I wish I had had the courage to react like this when I recognized my own half-brother as a homeless across the square in a little village I was visiting a Summer as a young student from abroad. I did not even have the courage to walk up to him and let him know that I had recognized him. Of course I can explain why I was fearfull and overwelmed – we had had a violent, insane father. I had then not seen my brother for years and the last time I had seen him before suddenly recognizing across the village square, he had fallen in love with me, not recognizing me as his half-sister. I have many reasons why I was fearfull and overwelmed. And didn´t do anything nor say anything on that same afternoon. And bottom-line is that I did not have courage. I did not have the courage to follow the love that I had for him and at least walk up to him and hug him.
    Needless to say, this has taught me to look at homeless people since with my heart and at the very least send my prayers for their best.
    I´m happy this policeman had the courage he had to do as he did.

  • Lisa

    Lol, Buzz. Sometimes having patience with people feels like your head might pop off. This is where I silently acknowledge this other soul and our impass, then moved forward as necessary. Go ahead and give Therese a hug. Your clothing will soak up the mess.

    Sibila, If you are living with regret, please don’t. Perhaps you can look at this not from the perspective of lacking courage. If something within you did not propel you forward to reach out to him that day, then you were not ready to reach out to him. And you do not know that the best thing for him that day would’ve have been seeing you. It could’ve had a negative affect on him, so you decision may have been the right one. And you’ve learned something. Every homeless person is somebody’s son and brother.

  • Therese W.

    Buzz…I have two daughters and 4 grandsons, and have been married for nearly 40 years. My head does not explode so easily! I also, because your posts are so dang numerous, and I don’t have the time to go back and read them all, have no idea which post I am supposedly overlooking. So consider it overlooked, finally and officially.

    We could go on and on correcting the misconceptions/misperceptions of one another, but I, right here, right now, declare that we (specifically you and I, and generally humanity), will never, given the limits of language, time and space, be finished with this current dialog if we don’t…just…stop!

    I have stopped, until the next time I feel like engaging!

    Oh, just because I am a domestic goddess, it doesn’t mean that I AM cleaning off the brains from the site! I’ll put a paper towel on my shoulder when you and I do our embracing!


  • Buzz

    LMAO @ Lisa & Therese,
    This has been great. Thanks for playing… Moving on … Lisa, that’s great advice for Sibila that I can’t improve on.

    Marko, the idea of aural energy fields is that our emotional expressions can be seen like a glow surronding every object, and living organisms have stronger fields, and complex organisms like us can create a wider range of colors.

    Is there anyone else here that can see auras?

  • Pat

    I wonder if we might take this discussion in a different direction. What if the homeless man sold the shoes the next day in order to buy booze or drugs? This is completely hypothetical, because I have no idea – but what if he sold them? Does that change anything? Does it mean we should be careful who we help so that we aren’t taken advantage of? Is the “goodness” in the giving, regardless of what happens as a result?

  • Lisa

    If we operate on the principle that to live in the present we cannot be attached to outcomes, then it does not matter what the man did with the shoes. His feet were warm for one night. Maybe he gave them to a fellow homeless person because he prefers his feet bare…

    The goodness in the giving is what brings good things into your own life. The giving for this officer brought awareness to what a kind and caring soul he is, which in no way he could’ve predicted the viral media attention.

  • Buzz

    Any care that should be taken ought to be in helping people help themselves. For example, the homeless person claimed the boots were so valuable he became afraid for his life, on the basis they would kill for a decent pair of boots.

    If the officer had been truly enlightened, he would’ve bought the cheapest sneakers money can buy, and rubbed them in mud and/or ash before gifting them. By doing this they have no monetary value, and can only be used as shoes. The warmth is in the socks, and keeping dry.

    Many people prefer to go barefoot whenever possible, but a New York winter night, sleeping outdoors, will never be one of them, unless he wants to lose all his toes to frostbite.

  • Lisa

    Even a second hand store would’ve been a good option. Although the officer probably didn’t have all the time in the world to shop around. And most likely thought that the man would maybe appreciate something nice and new, not looking at it from the other perspective.

    If he’s never had shoes, as he told to the officer when asked where his were, he must have some pretty tough tootsies.

  • Buzz

    There are no second hand stores in or near Times Square, but otherwise a good suggestion. The only idea I can come up with on short notice is to buy new, and disguise them as old, ragged. Under the grime they’d still be new and warm and protective, they just wouldn’t appear to be.

    This is an excellent example of how secrets and privacy are sometimes extremely positive.

    “Only a sith deals in absolutes.” – Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Lisa

    Elaborate please.

    Which is why I’d be a Jedi…..

  • Buzz

    Many of the comments (I don’t mean yours) in the thread for this weeks question are either for or against secrets and privacy in a perfect, utopian world, mostly against. Few, if any, understand this world, as is, is utopia. There is another thread on the homepage now about this perfect world, further down on right hand side.

    It’s so easy for us to get all opinionated, and postulate on how we can improve reality, when in fact it’s not real, just a dream, an illusion.

    Within this illusion polar opposites are simultaneously true, and the grey extends into infinity. There is an exception to every rule, and an exception to every exception. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we’ve actually learnt. The only thing we know for absolute certain is that everything is constantly changing, and there is even an exception to that, and an exception to the exception, and so on, forever.

    Hence the saying, “Only a sith deals in absolutes.”

    Remember saying this: ” I’m really just coming out of my shell as far as being able to verbally articulate the things I know and believe, and how it affects the way I interact with the world.?” The 2nd and 11th core messages of CwG imply that articulating what you know and believe in unadvisable, if we interpret those messages in an absolute sense. Conversely, if we apply evangelical theology instead we become pompous, pushy, arrogant and self-righteous in conversation. Life is a balancing act of raising and lowering our shields, expressing opinionswithout being judgemental (they’re synonymous lol), and a whole lot of other impossible expectations we place on ourselves and each other.

    BTW, what happened to your shell? It seems to be gone lol.

  • Lisa

    Very well explained, thanks.

    Verbally is the keyword there… I’ve always been better at expressing myself in writing.

  • Erin/IAm

    I had wondered after-the-fact if the homeless man would then have to fear for his life in keeping such a nice gift within his street realm.

    But ‘We should not be attached to outcomes’…???

    If we read 2 weeks from now that this guy was found bare-footed & dead, what would the react be then? Perhaps a rampaging thru homeless world for these boots & socks may ensue, whereby they would eventually need to be tossed into the river or burnt in a barrel & used by no one…”Nevermore”, said the Raven. But the havoc within this community could be nuts over something so innocent.

    Ever see the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”? A piece of garbage (a soda bottle) rocked a peaceful tribe into battles amongst themselves. Human is a funny lot, indeed!:)

  • Inger Lise

    WOW, how Great Thou Art Friends/Gods!
    ….and have finished reading through all of the comments(conversations)above.
    I`m just homecoming from meeting with the swedish friends in four days(in Sweden). It is a tradition before Christmas each year, since back in the 1960/70thies.

    Another Flash-Light came to mind when reading about the good Samaritan-Policeman and the homeless Brother(of man). Wonders(it IS wonders), of the meeting between the two`s` can be related as of Karma, the cause and effect? As nothing happens by chance…..is it told.
    Within another “life-time”(TIME is a illusion of course) the roles could be of the opposite. And now they have had the opportunity of “to make it even.”

    Or else(peculiar enough), am in the mood of to agree with all of you, and all you says….Absolutely fantastic of Lisa to be among the Police Force(and in the forum as well).

    P.S. Here comes something told by ACIM, and sitates:
    “(Concepts)are ideas of idols, painted with the brushes of the world, which cannot make a single picture representing truth.”

    Cheerio, Inger Lise.

  • Buzz


    The homeless fellow saw this too, as you did, hence his reaction.

    Everyone constantly believes they are doing the greatest good, from their perspective, as they are doing it. Retrospect is often 20/20, but not much good to a person on death row or serving life.

    Thanks to Lisa & Inger. Great points.

  • Lisa

    You’re right Buzz, hindsight is 20/20. But we cannot take two days as we have done here on this site to mull over the possible outcomes to a simple act of kindness and giving. Erin, my point above about not being attached to outcomes in this situation is this.

    We’ve all seen the homeless holding signs asking for money in our intersections. How many people roll down the window and hand him or her a couple bucks.? Alot. They are most likely not putting that in the bank to save up for a new house. Once the giving driver has gone away, I’ve watched them walk straight to the liquor store, buy a pint, drink it, then come back out with their sign to gather a few more bucks.

    Now in this situation, if I feel compelled to give, it is in the form of food. Do I hold this gift conditional to the outcome, that he going to eat it? No, I also drive away. Maybe he eats it. Maybe he trades it to his partner for something he needs or wants. Or maybe he’ll get beat up for his bag of food. And if he does get roughed up, is it my fault for extending a meal to him?

    The receivers also bear responsibility. Such as “I’d better eat fast or discretely” or go find the nearest concrete curb to scuff the boots and nearest mud puddle to make them look old. Or give them away or because they are perceived by him to be so valuable that he could be killed for them, sell them or give them away.

    So with so many possible outcomes to consider , should we stop giving?

  • Pat

    Thanks for that post, Buzz. Very interesting, but not entirely unexpected. So does that change the “goodness” of the giving? Do our souls still get brownie points for trying; or is it better to focus on our self interest?

    Science story for you.. researchers discovered interesting behavior among penguins that huddle together under blizzard type conditions. The behavior was interesting enough that they modeled it with a computer and then went back under bad weather conditions to confirm their hypothesis. It turns out that they huddle together, but the penguin that is at the edge of the huddle, taking the full brunt of the storm, acts in it’s own best interest and moves to the downwind side of the huddle. This occurs on a continual basis, with shifting winds, and a constantly shifting huddle, in such a way that the entire group benefits because of the self interest of all of its members. Each acting in its own self interest, contributes to the well-being of the whole.

    So is it good to “give” or better to focus on our self interest? The key of course being – how do we define self interest?

  • Buzz

    Either. It matters not.

    The problem cannot be fixed. The homeless man may, and often does, want to be homeless so he can live a stress-free existence from the generosity of others. They become dependent on others, including those who only give food or clothing, to survive. The alcohol you refer to is their method of self-administering pain relief, which could be physical, emotional or psychological, and is thus as important if not more important to them than food, and contains calories.

    These people are seen as primitive, somewhat similar to how settlers saw natives, in need of help. Is it possible the homeless community is the modern equivalent of the ancient tribe, where a pair of shiny new boots is seen in the same way as the soda bottle in God’s Must Be Crazy? Is it possible they have understood how to manipulate the system so they need only place a sign asking for help, and get paid to look pathetic, then return to their imaginary mansion in the clouds created by intoxication. Many are rather happy with their existence.

    We take days to mull over and analyse acts of kindness for our own entertainment. If you want to be kind, talking here ain’t changing nothing. If you think the problem can be fixed, your belief that there is a problem is the problem.

    It’s never been about brownie points, or compassion, or self interest, or self sacrifice for the greater good. These concepts are all matters of morality, which is our old Christian cultural story of right and wrong. Very antiquated.

    Also, this is not about you or I, or us. My life has nothing to do with me (CwG core msg 11). This is not a competition, or a race, there is no additional prize for being ahead of the pack ontop of our inevitable reunion with God, and nothing we do matters.

    So why do it, or anything? We’ve decided to judge certain thoughts, words, and actions as desirable, we’ve created a net of happiness, and whenever we be, do, or have these things we decide to be happy. We are locked in a loop. Create from imagination, stimulate imagination by experiencing creation, create, experience, create, experience… just like in a dream.

    And everyone is different, at every level. We imagine different, experience different, decide different to like or not like, desire or not desire.

    Be the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourself? As if it were possible to be any different? We are all always exactly this, in all ways. It is other people who judge me as not achieving my potential, or whatever.

    Neale’s “Point Of Life” doesn’t work.

    Our existence is a practical joke we’ve played on ourself, and continue to in every second of every day. “Reality is too important to be taken seriously.” -Oscar Wilde

  • Lisa

    Homelessness is no more a problem than the being “house poor” because one chooses to live beyond their means. Both struggle to survive in different ways.

    Yes, my point was that, if you feel like giving, then give. If you don’t, then don’t.

  • Buzz

    Even the insanely rich appear to be struggling, mostly to protect their empire. We all struggle in different ways, including Marko, Neale, Gandhi & Jesus. No living organism is immune. Our challenge is to enjoy struggling, to sink into quicksand smiling and dancing lol

    Damn that sounds so morbid, and near impossible!

  • Lisa

    I know. Many people who, on face value, appear to be wealthy but are living (large) paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us are actually worse off. Especially when they perceive they have so much to lose.

    At least the homeless, many of them anyway, have chosen the path of having very little material stuff and don’t fret about what dick and jane will think when they lose it all.

    You’re right, accepting our struggles with a smile, jazz hands and some fancy feet is what it’s all about.

  • Marko

    “Our existence is a practical joke we’ve played on ourself, and continue to in every second of every day.”

    Free will Buzz does gives you the opportunity to see & experience life this way. However, I don’t think it’s a beneficial or elevating or even healthy way to look at life.

    This is not the CwG message either. Yet within the confines of CwG you are doing what works & plays for you.

    It seems very inaccurate to me. That is, inaccurate in that it truly is beneficial to you if, you desire peace, serenity etc.


  • Buzz

    If I take the illusion seriously, I’m by definition taking emotions like fear, pain, guilt, remorse, confusion and all the rest equally as seriously. What happens when someone plays a cruel joke on us, and we lack the sense of humour to laugh at our own misfortune? Answer: we take offence, feel embarrassed, lose our nerve, and do something so stupid Lisa is called to clean up.

    Conversely, without ego, extreme circumstances can be hilarious, because we know it’s an illusion anyway. When we lose that which means most to us, we can change our mind about how we feel about the loss. I don’t mean saying “easy come, easy go”, or saying “I’ll learn from my mistakes and do it better next time.”

    I’m talking about a shift in how I feel about experiencing loss, before the reactions of hope, and how frivolous my attachment was. I’m talking about enjoying the loss, laughing about the misfortune, going so deep into gratitude for the experience of surrendering to the circumstance, and the gift of feeling vulnerable and weak that proves I never needed it, and that I can be happy about letting go of it and my tenuous grip on the reality I’m trying to control.”

    CWG is meant for Neale. I’m having my own conversation with Source, and I know from experience that several parts of Neale’s truth isn’t my truth.

    You are entitled to disagree!, and I welcome it.

  • Inger Lise

    Hi Co-Creators(as it is).

    It`s magic in the air. As far as I am to see it right now, after of have read the latest transactions in the bank(here comes the bank-accounts)… of us to learn of to be FREE…..It is A State Of Mind…..And of us to change the mind to be free of guilt, free of karma, because in reality it is no karma involved at all, it is a sort of “happy-to-be-because-it-is-no-debts-and-never-will-be.”

    Sitates: For ye are as a corpuscle in the body of God(i.e.The Universal Mind); thus co-creator with Him(or he/she, as the androgynous beings of us to be in the first place) in what ye think, in what ye do. And ye change each soul ye contact(do we?), literally or mentally(at least mentally that is)–insofar as ye, an individual entity(wonders how large is “the entity”?), are a witness for or against the Lord, thy God(we are One, that`s the nutcracker)….no soul may come in contact with the entity(“the entity” once again)without being changed either in body, in mind, or in purpose.

    And purpose IS, of course, of the soul, or else of us not to be here in the earthly Hemisphere at all I`ll guess?
    If ALL of us are CREATING the surroundings for a purpose, then The Purpose in the Earth must Change unto “No-Thing,” and that`s all folks.
    Well, I do believe in a wonderful world after all, thou, am not come thus far as of to be happy All of the Time, that`s for sure.
    It is by no doubt billions of the dimensions.

  • Pat

    I wonder at times, “what if” it’s all a big game, and “what if” perhaps we are pieces on big board game of life – sort of Ian Fenn’s “The Game Maker” line of thought. “What if” it’s all just made up – but by whom? Does each of us make up our own illusion, or is it made up for us? How is it that we all share similar illusions – or do the rest of you out there really exist? How do I know I didn’t make you all up? How do I know I didn’t make up this idea that I’m sitting at a keyboard typing this stuff right now. I’m going to bed. Maybe when I get up it will all be gone and I’ll have dreamed everything, and then where will I be?

    “What if?” I love those two words together like that.

  • Kristen

    I remember reading this years ago in a CWG book referring to the news, with your god pointing out to Neale that the only reason negativity makes the news is because most of everything people do is good, and normal isn’t newsworthy. True.

    Who doesn’t do random acts of kindness constantly, and think this is normal?. That is what makes a sad world: that people need examples like this to let them know. It is normal to pay someones petrol at the counter if they are only able to put $10 in, to buy stuff for anyone who needs it, to give people a lift. I find this thread and the original article sad for this reason! If someone has a need, and you can provide, then just do so! I have shoed, clothed, fed etc people constantly.

    Hey Buzz – go you!! Another motto to try is to learn from other peoples mistakes instead of having to make your own! And you are right about the truth, everyones experience with the Source, their God etc is different as the universe knows we are all completely different and treats and teaches us accordingly.

    Inger – Your english has improved amazingly over the past two weeks!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m being a bitch now, because I’m on a high! the Law of Attraction/Universe or whatever you acknowledge DOES enforce ‘what you put out is what you get back’, unless you are manipulating it to serve your own purposes. As a ‘good girl’ I have just had an amazing 4 days with the eldest child shopping, tanning and relaxing at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast, solely because my God and the Universe decided I was due a bonus. Like I said, just being a bitch!!!

  • Buzz

    Thank you Inger, Pat and Kristen.

    What more can a guy say in response to these comments?

    So, to reiterate, I am so totally grateful to each of you for these magical, enlightening, inspiring, beautiful comments. This is not about my need to be right and have people agree. I have just 10 minutes ago realized in a different thread that I exist to enable people to more fully understand their truth, regardless of how different that is from my truth, and I see that in the people here. I sense much less inner conflict in each of you, but not so little that you’ve ceased challenging yourselves and growing from it.

    Conversely, I sense such an extreme sense of peace, calm, and love in Marko that he can’t understand our insanities and hypocrisy. I’m having difficulty giving him reason to grow beyond that mental space he stubbornly clings to, partly because I deeply envy that he can be there, and so relaxed around my antagonism.

    It doesn’t feel right for me to attack him, to motivate an awakening, yet I can’t wake him out of it any other way, so I’ve given up trying. One day, when he is ready, an extremely evil genius will enter his experience, and he will be truly challenged to know peace and love in circumstances like what I’m living through.

    On that day he will truly know the strength of his character, as Lisa now does with assistance from Mewabe.

  • Kristen

    Inner peace comes from complete faith in something, even if yourself, mine is in knowing Law and that if I keep my nose clean my future will be great, for I will do myself no harm, and that I must have had my quota of crap!. Buzz, 2MI here, but you are constantly screaming HELP ME, so I will throw my privacy away for a bit so perhaps you can learn that no matter what swamp people throw you in, you can plod your way out, spit in their faces and say F you. And hopefully hardly anyone is reading this now since it’s an old thread. Because of my views, and that I have chosen to stand up for what I believe in against other Gods, the spirit world, Christianity as a whole etc, I have been thrown through hell, but I will not bend. I have been through a horrid divorce and now have a horrid ex, had pets killed, single parenting as a working parent, had my business broken into, robbed, been financially cursed, been possessed, had evil entities lurking (I can see them), physically stalked, had an invisible stalker 24/7 for 3 years (gone thank God), had to walk from 2 relationships due to alcohol and too young (but oh so hot!), 3 car engines sabotaged, CWGers on the old spirit forge threaten me, google search me and crash computers, parental cancer, losing my loved dog of 13years (tear), taken on a problem foster child at my expense cos it’s the right thing to do………..the list goes on, I can’t even remember 2003-2009 as It was a constant barrage of attacks. Life is good now, but only because I am stronger than anything negative, I can kick any spiritual ass straight to their idea of hell, I believe in myself, I have 2 great Gods, I have 4 people to raise, provide for and love so have had to fight every step of the way for them also, and no-one can break, or even scratch my spirit. Like Jesus said, the road to righteousness is a tough one, you are obstructed every step of the way. If you read this, read my post in the current 2012 thread, that may help you. (smile)

  • AKA Patrick

    Glad you made it through, Kristen. Namaste! Hope the 3 years since this post have also been good.