How can we best respond, if in any way at all beyond a shaking of the head in sadness and dismay, to the Newton, Connecticut tragedy?

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  • mewabe

    It is usually believed social isolation or alienation is a strong factor exacerbating any problem a person may have, yet there was a mass shooting at an Amish school, and the Amish are a very close-knit community.

    My belief is that the entire world is “loosing it” right now, and that these “isolated events” are not so isolated in terms of the consciousness of these individuals.

    I believe they, in a strange way, channel and violently express (perhaps because of a mental illness or/and drug use, or/and any other factors) the hopelessness, anger, fear and paranoia that is currently dominating our global consciousness.

    They brutally manifest the “storm” raging within humanity’s collective unconscious (and conscious) in their own sick way.

    People will keep loosing it for a while…we cannot fix the old society and culture, it is disintegrating from under us. Many will continue to feel fearful, lost and angry.

    The best we can do is implement a new paradigm, one that works for all of us, and especially the young and the future generations, asap, so that hope can be restored.

  • Dax Moy

    We can respond by asking what lies ‘behind the behind’ in situations like this.

    What causes someone so much pain that they believe that their only recourse is to spread the pain and the fear and the loss to others and, of course, to perpetuate the cycle?

    We can ask what messages we as a global society are sending that makes violence and massacre an ‘easier’option than simply speaking to another human being and saying “I’m in pain, please help me!”

    We can ask what role WE have played in this and instead of reacting defensively and claiming zero responsibility we, each of us, can inspect how we’ve contributed to a world where this is boh a possibility and a probability.

    Not from blame place. Or a judgement place but simply from a ‘ah, now I see where this comes from place’.

    We can share our truth… And the truth shall set US free, no?

  • mewabe

    It is not a coincidence that men generally do this, rather than women…and it has nothing to do with “ego” (women also have egos).

    Men are usually taught not to express their pain…not to cry and be a weakling…to be strong, chin up and keep it all together, toughen up, take it like a man, etc…

    The only “masculine” emotion men are allowed to express is anger.

    So they “take it”.

    Until they can’t.

    Then they explode.

    And everyone asks why.

    Are we all completely unconscious?

    Mix deep, suppressed pain, hopelessness, drugs and guns…and presto! You have another shooting, or a suicide, or some other form of violence.

  • Tom Schoenhofer


    Something has to be done and quickly. When any maniac, fool or idiot can get their hands on a gun and randomly slaughter innocent men, women and children, something which has now been done repeatedly over the last two decades, it is definitely time to take some serious action.

    There is likely no need to make all weapons illegal, but there has to be control of WHO can get a gun and WHAT type of gun, and THE PROCESS of how it is obtained, as well as severe penalties for illegally possessing a gun or having a gun in one’s possession while committing any crime.

    I don’t care to see my daughter, who teaches 6th grade, nor my granddaughters be victims of this sort of all too common occurrence anymore. Which state, what city, which school is next?

  • mewabe

    Tom, I agree, who needs semi automatic weapons anyway? And there should be some serious background check. No one who is on psychotropic medications such as anti-depressants etc, or who has a history of drug or alcohol abuse or of any type of violence should be allowed to have any gun (that’s 50% of the US population right there).

    But do you know that frequent “mass knifings” also occur in China (a very controlled society regarding gun ownership) with a knife, or a meat cleaver, or a box cutter, or an axe, or anything sharp people can use?

    Just food for thought.

  • Cat

    The only thing I know to do is allow my sadness, but also resolve to live and express love and compassion for myself and all those I interact with. I believe that if we each did this, the world would change. All I can do is the best I can with what I have from where I am. And it is enough. Namaste

  • lynette

    is it a coincidence that i picked your movie up from the library today? is it a coincidence that much of your experience is what i have been going through (without being homeless, for i have children) since God started speaking with me, as well? actually, in my case, it was Jesus. well, God, too, they speak just a little bit differently. i have been riding the roller coaster of whether or not my experience was real or if i’m losing my mind. the songs, the movies, the books – they all have messages. or billboards and posters. the latest one i really appreciated because i keep asking and asking and asking for confirmation and the poster said “accept the mystery”. your books have validated many teachings, though not all. for example, in my experience, satan is real, and very active in trying to interrupt the communications – calling me names, making me feel low, inserting lies here and there. he’s very sarcastic, very juvenile, and the biggest liar of them all. the father of lies, right? do you not think that he is the reason so many have turned from God? not because they WANT to be bad, but because his lies about God are what has kept people from believing in Him, kept them from listening to the story of LOVE, as opposed to the stories of judgement, wrath and hellfire. i have more on that, but not for this forum.

    my belief is that whatever God is doing – this spiritual awakening that is occurring for more of us, preparing the world for the return of Jesus, whatever each religion “believes” is supposed to happen next – is being fought wholeheartedly, interrupted, brought down by the weight of the devil’s negative-energied antics. he is fighting hard to maintain the control he’s had over our minds for generation after generation. Jesus kept telling me “trade fear for Light and Trust” and over and over now i see how we have been RAISED in fear, RAISED in mis-trust of one another, RAISED in a nation where we think we are supposed to be supreme and not suffer, yet we are ok with the rest of the world suffering. if this is a payback FROM God, i believe it’s Him saying “if you’re ok with your soldiers causing death & suffering in other countries, how does it feel in your own, and with your OWN children?” it could be a wake-up call, especially to those who call themselves believers, yet do not spread His Loving Message as you are doing…..

    i live up in portland. how i wish i could sit and talk with you for hours, neale….. thanks for listening!

  • Phoenix

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  • *lisa*

    I’ve copied a few sentences over from the conversation we were having in the ‘death penaly as a deterrent’ thread which morphed into a converation about the incident in Connecticut.

    Mewabe said….”I think it will all get a lot worse before it get better…what is manifested in the world is a direct and accurate reflection of what is going on in humanity’s global consciousness…a tearing down of everything, from the ground up, so that we can begin with a new foundation.

    I have a feeling that the only thing we will have left to hang on to at some point will be our own individual soul…nothing else will stand and no one will feel safe.

    It’s a tough lesson and a painful birth, but necessary…as all illusions must vanish if we are to grow up as a species.”

    This is the truth as I feel it as well. I struggle everyday to maintain an open heart and positive outlook in the midst of living on a different planet than I was born onto and among a global conciousness that is on the verge of breaking wide open.

    For now, people need to batten down the hatches. Our emotional, mental, spiritual AND physical hatches. It is becoming choatic and unsafe at all levels. The police are here to serve and protect, to respond and short term problem solve. But prevention is a different story. Preventing these types of events from occuring begins with each one of us. At the soul level, the vibrational level. One by one.

    As mewabe said – all we will have to hang onto is our own individual souls and those in our circle.

  • Erin/IAm

    Respond? Re-act?

    By Seeing!!!

    By Seeing ‘God’ in the heart of the shooter & thru the eyes of the Children…by Seeing ‘Goddess’ in the event…by Seeing ‘Self’ as the God/Goddess who co-created the scenario, & allowed the play to ensue unedited…by Seeing Amazing in the experiences to follow of each One touched.

    The best One can do is to ‘See’ how Little candles can shine upon a vast darkness…and ignite your own flame from them.

    Blessed be.

  • Erin/IAm

    btw…To those using this & similar incident as means to promote ‘gun control’…there is no such thing. It’s as if one imagines that demanding a country to not stockpile nukes makes them not do so.

    The guy in China used a knife. Rapists use more personal weaponry. Mouths can be as machine guns. Hands can kill, cars can kill…heck, a sidewalk can kill if one falls ‘just right’. And let’s not forget Oceans, Volcanos, & Plate shiftings. Shall we put imagined ‘controls’ on all of these, as well?

    There are many exit options to a lifetime…please be wiser with the processes.

  • Buzz

    There are ways to control ourselves, our world, and each other. These ways include this forum, where people offer opinions and argue their case and manipulate others with rhetoric and use peer pressure and fear and conscience to make other people think the way they do. There are legal systems, moral guidelines, scientifically supporting evidence, and logical rationality all vying for our vote of agreement. They can also pressure our compliance with advertising, product placement, brand name dropping, political lobbying, parliamentary vote buying, … the list is long and complicated, and growing constantly.

    The alternative to the power struggle is acceptance and surrender. Let them have what they want, do what they want, be who they want. Give them the authority and power to kill who they like, when they like, how they like, and make no attempt to stop them or convince them they are bad or wrong.

    Until we collectively achieve the latter, we will always have the former.

  • *lisa*

    Buzz – And with increased awareness, I think we are collectively realizing the ways we are being manipulated. I agree with you about it being complicated and growing constantly.

    However, I am wondering where you are going with the second paragraph. Are you saying that when “they” show up in a human being’s life that this being should just surrender to being killed? Or that those in position to save lives should not step in to protect the targets of cruelty and death?

    If I am the target, I will kill rather than be killed. If a classroom of innocent children is the target and I’m in the position to stop it, I will. By your point, letting ‘them’ have and kill what ‘they’ want, the only outcome I see is a depleted population of average people trying to go about their daily lives. And an increased population of those who are mentally and spiritually sick. Hardened and deadened to consequences of their actions. Zombies. For me, it does not compute to stand by and allow lost, enraged, deranged souls to act out against humanity in ways such as this.

    Maybe I am missing your point.

  • Buzz

    Firstly Lisa, let me say just how much I would prefer to be wrong about this. The idea of simply letting people do whatever they like, including all the crimes you work to stop every day, makes me want to vomit. Many of these people appear to be lacking any kind of conscience, and are somewhat like zombies.

    However everyone here has been talking for months about how what we’re doing is not “What Works”, and I have therefore asked this radical question, this question that challenges every aspect of our existence:

    What do we do when someone does bad?

    Everyone seems to agree we must react in some way. EVERYONE! I am asking what would happen if we did nothing? Because, to be completely honest, I am afraid they would do exactly as you suggest and continue killing others in inreasing numbers till no one is left, I am scared of even thinking how it could be tried.

    On the other hand, my insatiable curiosity drives my mind into realizing that because it’s never been attempted, maybe it will not result in the sum of all our deepest fears. The reality is we simply don’t know, and moving into unknown territory is perhaps the scariest thing a single human can do, so can you imagine the mass desire for lasting change required to even consider this an option??

    Daddy, are we there yet?

  • Buzz

    As for “… increased population of those who are mentally and spiritually sick.”, everyone could be offered free, unlimited psychological counseling. This would not be forced on anyone, but be kept strictly voluntary and consequence free. All our other options for mental and spiritual Wellness would likewise be available, like medications, unlimited, free, and without penalties for either abuse of self or others.

    Completely radical, I know. What does Neale, Marko, Scott, Erin, Neale, Kristen, Maribeth, Mewabe, and Neale think would happen if this were tried, culture wide, and announced as an indefinite, permanent alteration to existence (after the mass panic, overbooked flights to get away, etc, etc)?

  • Buzz

    In case you’re wondering, I’m not arguing for anarchy. We witeachers ll always need leaders and leadership, and a cause to follow led by a figurehead personality. Guides and teachers and parenting roles definitely do serve us, but I suspect what these people are teaching is not “What Works,” for example “an eye for an eye / Vengeance is mine, sayeth The Lord” and “I am right! My way is the best way. You must comply.” And the cremé della cremé:

    “Only a religious leader may know the will of God. Trust your leader, who is wise and knowing. The Lord works in mysterious ways that we are not meant to understand. Have faith child, The Father knows best what we cannot, for we are beneath Him. Our free will is our gift, and we may use it how we please, provided we comply at all times and plead forgiveness for our transgressions against His Magnificence as our Creator.”

    How much more self-deception can we tolerate before our heads explode or something. Are we REALLY this susceptible to suggestion that we’ll believe anything?

    Are we there yet?

  • mewabe

    Thank you *lisa* for bringing more of the other conversation into this one…

    I wonder if it might not be a mistake to think that what we have done so far in terms of social experiments has not worked…none of it.

    I would agree if one said that civilization as we know it has not worked too well, and is going in the wrong direction, that of seeking ever more dominant and predatory power, of destroying all of nature, of making people crazy.

    But…there were Native American cultures, such as that of the peaceful Hopi, and some other indigenous or traditional cultures, such as that of Tibet under Buddhism, that could have been considered both evolved and working.

    Our dominant culture does not consider these cultures valid because seemingly lacking in technological prowess and scientific knowledge, not “civilized”, scientifically “ignorant”, and of course from the point of view of Christianity, “pagan” or under a false teaching.

    But there are different kinds of civilizations or advancement…there is the technological, scientific civilization that we know today, which destroys everything because rooted in the illusion of spiritual separation from everything, and there are civilizations of the spirit, spiritual civilizations, such as that of Tibet or the Hopi.

    It amazes me when individuals who profess to be spiritually aware cite cell phone technology, for example, as a proof that we are evolving rapidly in terms of interconnection.

    They ignore the fact that cell phone technology is extremely toxic, and causes great suffering in third world nations among local populations where rare resources must be extracted in order to manufacture these cell phones (sorry I do not have the specifics at my fingertip but you can do the research if you have time).

    There is nothing spiritual here, it is the same old process of exploiting and hurting others and the environment, while the populations of the nations who benefit from these technologies could not care less. Interconnection? Hardly!

    So some small traditional societies were successful, until they got run other by technologically advanced barbarians (us and others like China) and were destroyed.

    We cannot go back to the past it is said…but we are all going to it in a hurry by destroying everything that sustains our lives.

    As far as letting the maniacs in charge, remember that the biggest criminal are not necessarily those who discharge a semi automatic weapon on the innocent…that’s horrifying enough.

    But there are criminals at the top, actual psychopaths, who do a lot more damage. The war makers…weapon manufacturers and dealers…the bankers who are engaging in economic terrorism…the industries and corporations that are engaging in environmental terrorism, and are condemning the future generation to lives of struggle, if there will even be future generations.

    We are all letting them have their ways and we see the outcome.

    Unless we stand up and define real criminality, those who actually commit crimes against humanity everyday by for example damping toxic chemicals and industrial by-products in the waterways, the oceans, the land and the air (whether such actions have been made legal by crooked or idiotic politicians is irrelevant).

    This all may appear to be radical talk. But it actually and simply is an accurate description of a radical reality…these entities are the true radicals, not those who oppose them. It is radical to destroy the environment. It is rational to protect it.

    Please Buzz, none of that “what you resist persist” dogma…it is not applying to everything. If someone lunges at me with a knife, I will respond in some way. Same with those who destroy our planet. There are many ways to respond, without any hate or fear but with a powerful determination that comes from knowing who I am, and hearing the voices of my own heart and soul.

    Even if I cannot save anything in the end because it all collapses. At least I remain with a clear vision, and make my stand with life, not with those who actually oppose or simply disregard life.

    I am like a tree…firmly planted in the earth, and deeper I go below the higher I rise…:)

  • mewabe

    To be clear about opposition, a subject Buzz likes to focus his attention on:

    Buzz, the way I see it, I am for life…I stand for the natural creation, which includes humanity of course.

    It is those who either destroy or attempt to master and control the natural environment and all life who oppose life. They are fools and driven mad with arrogance.

    There is some force, some power in standing for life. Those who oppose life cannot win, they can only destroy themselves in the end. That’s what is happening now….civilization is destroying itself.

    I simply want to make what is happening very clear, because language has been used, by civilization, to turn reality upside down, conceptually, and completely alter people’s perceptions, confusing them.

    When you make your stand with life, with the natural creation, there is no confusion, and you see clearly through all the lies of civilization (and of religion, etc).

  • Phoenix

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  • Your XL ansy sah

    (The Global Conversation invites and values the contributions of anyone who feels moved to express thoughts and opinions, share observations, and engage in meaningful dialogue on our website. If you feel you need to do so anonymously, we respect that. However, posting under multiple user names in an effort to mislead others about who is doing the posting undermines the authenticity of our relationship with each other on this site, and inhibits a mutually beneficial exchange. The editing department of this newspaper will therefore promptly remove all posts that are designed to intentionally misinform or deceive whenever they are discovered. If you observe such deception, please inform us with a note to

  • Phoenix

    (The Global Conversation invites and values the contributions of anyone who feels moved to express thoughts and opinions, share observations, and engage in meaningful dialogue on our website. If you feel you need to do so anonymously, we respect that. However, posting under multiple user names in an effort to mislead others about who is doing the posting undermines the authenticity of our relationship with each other on this site, and inhibits a mutually beneficial exchange. The editing department of this newspaper will therefore promptly remove all posts that are designed to intentionally misinform or deceive whenever they are discovered. If you observe such deception, please inform us with a note to

  • mewabe

    Nothing is that simple Phoenix/Buzz…please do not try to trick us into some simplistic conclusion, we are not that dumb.

    Nothing is black and white.

    We are all participating in creativity and destruction…the lines are blurry. For example most of us support these corporations and industries that destroy the environment by buying their stuff and demanding more. The computer I am using, a mac, causes environmental problems and is made in China from slave labor. OOPS!

    We have individual consciousnesses, but we are all connected and there is such a thing as a global consciousness, even if mostly unconscious (the collective unconscious) that is powerful enough to even influence the weather and to create wars and other calamities such as epidemics.

    We just find our way though all this the best we know how, which is why I am not dogmatic and refuse all dogmas or “principles”, on principle ha ha…

    I just know what I love…the earth and all life. I operate from love, not from concepts of right and wrong, even though it may come across as such in the way I write, when for example calling some entities’ criminal. I am just making a point, as strongly as I can.

    I live my life according to what my heart and soul tell me however, not according to anyone’s principles or teachings. Some things resonate with me from many, many sources…almost everything has some aspects of truth to it…but none of them reflect who I am in totality, that would be impossible, which is why I find followers, of any teaching, surprising, especially those who want to make a “master” out of anyone.

    I my opinion people surrender their power and identity when doing so, essentially saying “Please master tell me how to think, believe, feel and act because I am not qualified to be me”.

    I have seen the occasional comment on this site to that effect, and it always makes me cringe.

  • Buzz

    Well said Mewabe,
    I’m not an absolutist either, it just seems like that. Stereotyping is an indisputable necessity in communication, especially in text. Nothing is ever black and white, ever. I’m not trying to trick anyone into an oversimplification of this or any other issue, and the act of fracturing myself this way should prove testament to that.

    We are all hypocrites, all existing in a controversial, contradictory existence. Attempting to control it, or even understand it, is ultimately impossible in my opinion. Phoenix and XL believe differently, and I accept that in them and you. I only ask that you consider surrender as an option, and see what happens if you ever decide to use it.

  • mewabe

    Buzz, we know that surrender is the highest option…that comes from the higher understanding that ultimately no life can ever be hurt, nothing actually dies, nothing can ever exist out of or separate from what many call Heaven.

    But we can still play our part in this world out of compassion, and not attached to any outcome, simply expressing love this way. It does not matter if we save a butterfly or a mountain range, or an entire people. The love that propels these actions cannot be measured. And we can be, as I am, passionate about it, but it does not have to mean getting lost in the process.

    It’s all very subtle, as we know, never black and white.

    Words, as you say, stereotype, they define…they by necessity divide and separate what cannot be divided and separated in reality. They are one of the least reliable form of communication.

    Words turn around the truth but never hit it, because the truth is One, and all that is not One is only a part of the truth.

    That’s why in Taoism it is said that those who know do not speak. They can no longer conceptually separate This from That.

    But here, we play the illusion game, pretending that This is separate from That, that the truth is not One, for the sake of miscommunication ha ha…

  • Buzz

    Agreed, even though many here will not.

    I play because it is fun. Are you having fun?

    I ask because you freely admit you get very passionate about your illusions, as though the outcome really matters to you. Does it?

    When things within the illusion occur that most find distressing and/or depressing, do you get distressed or consider it part of the illusion?

    My fractured personality has both, which generates extreme inner conflict, to be both compassionate and accepting/surrendered. Is one better than the other? What should I do?

  • mewabe

    I do not get distressed or depressed because I live within “the greater picture”.

    I had what some call a spontaneous kundalini awakening that lasted a couple of months many years ago (i did not even know what that was at the time, and never sought it, I had no interest in that).

    Since then I have been “in this world”, but not “of this world”. I love physical life with all my heart and soul, but I am not attached to physical life or any outcome here. Yet I love the game…precisely because I know it is a game, and worth playing.

    And even if I get sad, about an event, I know that sadness is part of the rules of the game. My heart is always free, in sadness or in joy. I never feel lost.

    It is difficult to explain, because it is not a mind thing…it is more of a soul thing I guess.

  • mewabe

    I am sorry Buzz but I do not know what you should do, and even if I knew, I would not tell you.

    You must find out, it must come to you as an In Sight (from inner understanding) otherwise it is of no value to you.

    I can only say this: just be careful not to box yourself in (such as defining your personality as fractured). You are more than you know.

  • Scott

    Hello Mewabe & everyone else.

    Mewabe my friend,

    You are very much in the place that I have been moving into for the last year or more. My awakening has come in a different way ( no kundalini for me ) but has been very powerful none the less.

    You are right when you say it is not of the mind. It is an awareness that I am part of the larger whole & yet still, I am me. Realising this connection brings me great Joy & creates a knowing about things that is impossible to articulate with words. The CwG books say exactly what you have said: Words are the least reliable purveyors of truth.

    Have you read many of Neals books?

    Of course It’s not necessary to read the CwG material to gain an understanding of the ideas you have mentioned, all the teachers & people that I have studied have come to the same conclutions, that there is only one thing & that all things are a part of that one thing, that one source of what we call life. The more I seek the more I find, that is because it is already within me & It is only for me to keep unlocking the next door & the next & the next……..

    It’s one heck of a setup this thing called life, no beginning, no end, no getting there & always a new level to reach for. Really quite amazing.

    Namaste Scott

  • Buzz

    Well said. Thank you both.

  • Scott

    Hi Buzz

    Hope you are OK, you have been quiet today. I have responded to you back at the village under ” Forgivness part 2″ if you havn’t already read them.

    Still your friend

    Namaste Scott

  • Scott

    Hi Buzz

    Hope you are OK, you have been quiet today. I have responded to you back at the village under ” Forgivness part 2″ if you havn’t already read them.

    Still your friend


  • mewabe

    Thank you Scott, I am glad to know you are on a good path…a path of light.

    It is interesting indeed…the more I feel connected to everything (actually the more I feel that I am everything, not just connected), the more I know myself.

    It seems to defy logic, as most of us are conditioned to believe that we must “protect” our identity by establishing clear “boundaries” between the self and others, between the self and everything else, afraid we will “disappear” if opening up to the cosmos.

    My experience has been that the more I embrace all of life, the more I am me.

    It is actually logical…from a spiritual perspective.

    I only very recently read The Storm Before The Calm, and a couple of CwG books. It only confirmed what I knew. I am glad Neale is making this material available to everyone, as some doors remain to be open in many people’s psyches, and not everyone is inclined to reads Krishnamurti or Sri Aurobindo, or even Alan Watts, the Seth Material or A Course in Miracles etc…

    Neale makes things very clear and his format is inviting to most people. I do not agree with everything (I find it dangerous and often self-deceiving for anyone to try to have an answer for everything) and I think that some important things are missing, but the core points I agree with.

  • Scott

    Hello again my friend

    Neale does make things quite clear, he is a clean filter the inspirational information that comes through him. And you are right in that no one source has all the answers, what fun would that be?

    This passage of yours resonated very deeply with me & showed that sometimes words can be very effective, when we are ready to hear them of course.

    But we can still play our part in this world out of compassion, and not attached to any outcome, simply expressing love this way. It does not matter if we save a butterfly or a mountain range, or an entire people. The love that propels these actions cannot be measured. And we can be, as I am, passionate about it, but it does not have to mean getting lost in the process.

    The knowledge we require to change things for the better is all around us if we will only listen & act apon it. Implement it into our lives.

    You must either be a bit of an insomniac or are you in my part of the world?

    I’m in Australia

    Namaste Scott

  • mewabe

    Hi Scott,

    I was doing some work in Photoshop on a project (I do work long hours occasionally) and felt I needed to get into something else for a while, so I checked this site again.

    I am in Northern California.

    Thank you for your comment…yes, every problem has a solution…it’s all here. We just have to want to implement the solutions…we have ample knowledge already, more than enough.

    Except perhaps this: what is ultimately driving humanity towards self-destruction?

    I am not so sure it is always as simple as Neale portrays it. I think we need to go deeper into the human psyche, deeper than beliefs. It’s a good start, but there are other factors.

    I must get some rest, have a great day Scott.

  • Buzz

    I’m back to being confused. Is it in Forgiveness pt 2, because I can’t find it. I have only found:

    Friday, December 14, 2012 – 8:57 pm  (#46193)

    To answer your question, no, I’m not OK, but I have no desire to seek or receive sympathy so I will neglect to offer details.

    As for my presence here, you may have noticed all my alterego posts have been deleted by Lisa The Editor. This is exactly what I was hoping for, and asked for, to demonstrate my point about hypocrisy. I have been censored in a forum where differing opinions and controversy is encouraged. I guess I finally managed to push the envelope of acceptable behaviour and generate enough controversy for the editor to make an exception and an example of me, thereby motivating them to break their own deeply held beliefs in the name of the greater good.

    What have people chanted and believed, on both sides of every conflict in our entire history? “For God, Freedom, and The Greater Good I sanction thee to my wrath.”

    What about this is not, as you say, “… disrespectful and manipulative”?

    ***EDITOR’S NOTE: Our “most deeply held beliefs” include the belief in honesty, transparency, total visibility, and the Five Levels of Truth Telling, all of which are explored deeply in Conversations with God. We also believe deeply in Freedom. But that does not mean Freedom to Deceive.

  • Dax Moy

    “Is this the best I can Be?”

    Surely this is the only question that matters in relation to the circumstances we find ourselves in as we go through life, no?

    “Is this the best I can Be?”

    We hear of horrors and we have our knee-jerk reactions, our angers, our fears and our “what if this had happened in my town?” mental dramatisations and I believe this is all perfectly normal. Our ‘fight or flight’ systems are there to respond to threat as it surfaces and they do their job pretty well in the short term, yet when we fail to ask “Is this the best I can Be?” we tend to stay there.

    We stay in that fighting ‘us against them’ place or we stay in the flight place where everything becomes a threat to hide from or engage in fearful ‘what if…?’ thinking.

    I’d suggest that there isn’t a clear right or wrong scenario but a reflection after the first anger and fear has passed to asking “Is this the best I can Be?”

    The best I can be in the moment MAY include incapacitating the aggressor (even fatally if needs be) or it may be in hiding with those I am to help to try and keep them safe. Yet after the first flush of fear and anger have passed I can still Be the best I can be by trying to understand what led to this and how it can be avoided in the future. The best I can be can still feel sorrow at the pain of those whose own fight or flight response inappropriately led them to carry out actions that would cause so much suffering.

    Until we ask “Is this the best I can Be?” we’re simply setting ourselves up as judge, jury and executioner making our paradigms the desired operating system for the rest of humanity, no?

  • Buzz

    We are all always being the best we know how to be. We cannot ever be any less than who we are. Everyone is constantly being, doing, and having what they believe is right, for their idea of Greatest Good, including when Neale xxxx out swear words, when the editors delete entire posts, and when a youth kills his mother and a room full of kids. Hitler was acting from the Greatest Good with ethnic cleansing. A person cannot act in contradiction to their own beliefs. Ever.

  • Scott


    My mistake they are in the next post Neale made: Mission in life.


  • *lisa*

    Dax, that was well stated. It goes along with our purpose to become the best version of ourselves.

    Buzz, I don’t think people are always being the best they know how to be. People make choices to say and do all kind of things that are mean, rude, vicious, inconsiderate, heartless. Many times full well intending (choosing) to hurt someone or something. And unless they are truly a socio or psychopath, they will experience feelings of guilt, regret, unsurity, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that signals something you are about to do will have negative consequences. Yet do it anyway. Often times with remorse.

    I find that I act in contradiction to my own beliefs sometimes, even though I operate from the realizations that mewabe and scott were discussing. Sometimes I have to challenge myself when a negative thought about a person pops into my head. Or when I am feeling sorry for myself because I did not get something I want at a certain time (even though I know I shouldn’t be attached to outcomes), then walk around depressed for a few hours until I can get my thinking back on track, usually by focusing on gratitude.

    Living a spiritual life in real world conditions is real hard work.

  • Rich

    I first have to say i’m burntout, i am devastated we live in a world STILL filled with hate and violence and i don’t see it ending anytime soon, to answer your question i guess all we can do is be there for our loved ones by hugging them and loving them no matter what, afterall that wasn’t even enough for the poor victims who lost their lives on Friday morning, meanwhile i sit here writing about such an evil act beyond my comprehension , this is awful and the famlies are going to be riddled with all kinds of problems in a few years, like addiction , divorce, abuse, etc etc etc , and why, because a coward decided he couldn’t deal with life and wiped out innocent people, i hope he rotts in hell for what he did, low life scum.I’m sorry but i’m filled with contempt and bitterness , my heart aches for those effected, maybe one day this world we live in will be a safer place but until such time we will go on living like everything is just grand because afterall isn’t that the way we’ve been living it up to this point, oh wait a minute look what happened.Gee.

  • Paul E

    Dear United States of America

    The world is watching you now. Waiting for a wise and valid and appropriate response to the killings of our children.
    In Newtown USA three days ago 20 children were murdered/butchered because of the ease and availability of weapons in your country. 8 adults were also killed. At the same time in China, a man who did not have ready and easy access to a gun, used a knife to attack children at a school. He injured 20 children, three seriously, however none died. This letter to you is not arguing about the sanity of these people or what brought them to do these acts – it concentrating on one thing -the availability of guns.
    Don’t insult my and everyone else’s intelligence by suggesting it’s not about the guns – it is about the guns and the ease and availability of them to anyone. The only people who cannot see it are those that would perpetuate the existence of more of them.
    Think, for a moment of those children. Of what happened in those moments of their deaths. Witnessing a man shooting a weapon of violence at your friends, your teachers and then you. The confusion, blood and pain of those moments… The carnage, the blood, the flesh being scattered around you before your own death. Something in all of us should be affected by this event and these deaths.
    Every compassionate, feeling, and loving human on this Earth has felt this latest carnage.
    Maya Angelou eloquently said ‘Each child who has been slaughtered belongs to each of us and each slain adult is a member of our family.’
    They are not just America’s children. Those children belong to the human race and America’s unwillingness to face up to your responsibilities as a nation, and as a wise and valued member of our world, places your country at jeopardy of becoming irrelevant. Because you will not lead the way out of this malaise.
    Each time you fail to take action you let the rest of the human race down and embarrass yourselves.
    Although I don’t agree with all of what the USA does – I am grateful for many things. Some of your movies (non-violent), musicians and writers have inspired me and made the world an enjoyable and wiser place. Your science and explorations into space are inspiring and invigorating. Your non-drug-cheating athletes awesome. Your commitment to freedom of the oppressed inspiring.
    The world though is now watching and waiting for an appropriate and active response to the murder of these children and citizens. USA has lost respect in many ways and with many countries as a result of your actions and warmongering. You cower to the weapons producers under the guise of ‘right to bear arms’. A right that may have been valid when you wrote your constitution and you feared the British were coming back any time to reclaim your land 220 years ago – or when you were at war with each other…(Oh you are still at war with each other – how else can you explain this carnage?)
    That thinking has no relevance to the world now. It was written in a day when weapons were not automatic or semi automatic and could not kill 20 children in a few mad seconds.
    On September 11, 2001 nearly 3000 people were killed in an act of ‘terror’. You were indignant and much of the world understood. In the eleven years since then approximately three hundred thousand Americans have died either by homicide or suicide as a result of the availability of guns (this is around six times the amount of Americans killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars) yet there is barely a whimper against this hidden war. Where is the indignation and action against this terror? Where is the army, the political will, the trillions of dollars to end these acts of terror? Who is your real enemy?
    The mantra of the gun lovers is that ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’. I have seen it repeated in forums constantly since Friday. The NRA have trained their minions well. There are 300 million guns approximately in the USA right now. In your houses and businesses and cars and wherever else you keep them they sit waiting for an itchy finger, an angry response to a betrayal or injustice, a fearful response to a perceived threat, a perceived slight or wrathful moment, or used in a sudden whim to end the pain of living…
    If those guns suddenly disappeared through some freak event no one can possibly argue that the suicide/homicide rate would not suddenly plunge…no one sensible anyway. The gun traders blame mental health, the media, violent computer games and movies for the rate of deaths. They and the lemmings repeat their mantra about people killing people – anything to take the heat away from idiocy of gun ownership at all costs. Americans appear to be in the NRA’s thrall. Why?
    We other human citizens don’t get it at all…
    So – what is left?
    Courage, truth and a new message
    Some suggestions:
    Realise that your constitution is out of date – it may have been relevant in the 18th century and the right to bear arms belongs back in that era
    I realise that you cannot change your gun laws without a change in consciousness – that is a bigger subject than this letter can cover however once again you already have many American voices who can lead this way (e.g. Rabbi Michael Lerner and Neale Donald Walsch have already written good pieces on ways of changing our world starting with the education of your children)
    Retrain your children in non-violent ways that values compassion, love and wisdom above competitiveness and winning at all costs
    Realise that the majority of these crimes and warring ways is perpetuated by men on the rest of the race – look to your women and those who have mastered themselves to help change your country
    Realise that the USA does not always know best. You have got this issue wrong and everyone but the US can see this – take your example from other countries and adjust your laws to something that is sensible for your country, that you can live with, and that protects the lives of your citizens and children
    Take guns out of your homes and schools and parks and communities – now.
    Buy them back and destroy them.
    Create a licence and testing regime that includes mental health screening – and makes it extremely difficult for anyone and everyone to get guns.
    Make it illegal to have any automatic or semi automatic firearms at any time – allow a three month armistice.
    Get wise. Wise people and nations realise that responsibility for each other and for each other’s well-being and safety is more important than individual rights when it comes to preservation of our children’s and each other’s lives.
    Most importantly Americans – realise that the world is watching and waiting for an appropriate and wise response
    Einstein said – you cannot keep doing the same thing over and over (i.e. acquiring more and more guns) and expect a different result. Stop perpetuating the myths you have created around guns, gun ownership, rights and freedom. Stop listening to those who shout loudest and longest – listen to the quiet and still voices of the wise – they have always been there
    Do it. Get rid of the guns now. Please – stop killing our fellow human beings – especially 5 year old boys and girls. Each one of us has responsibility for their deaths. This is my contribution and I wish I could do more…what is yours?

    Comments are welcome…

    Paul E Bonnett

  • Buzz

    There’s a few people here deeply hurting, experiencing stage 2 of the painful grieving process: Anger.

    Anger that is felt and understood is a healthy emotional process, but there are many ways anger can turn to rage, and it was rage that killed those kids. One of those ways is believing no one is listening, so you use increasingly desperate measures to get the attention of others. I know, I’ve done this myself.

    Shock and awe seems to be the most effective method of getting attention, so like any true hypocrite would, human beings have so many times in the past killed other people to send the message to the remaining people that killing is wrong. However most don’t take their campaign messages quite that far. Many feel quite comfortable with the idea of making other people feel uncomfortable, in the hope they will learn what it takes to feel comfortable. Many will preach without listening. Judge others, yet refuse to accept the judgements of others.

    So please read these words now, and be satisfied:
    I am here
    I hear your plea
    I understand your pain
    You will never be alone
    The future is not hopeless
    Do not attack them who will not listen

    Please accept these words, gracefully and gratefully, and be embraced.

    You are loved!

  • mewabe

    Very well written Paul, and 100% in agreement.

  • mewabe

    Paul, there is a belief in America that people need to be armed to be able to stand up to tyranny, if tyranny came to be.

    They cite China as an example of what happens to a people when only the government is armed.

    Yet…they do not seem to understand that they are completely outgunned and outsmarted (total surveillance) by the government today.

    As far as tyranny…what do they know about it?

    These are the exact same people who submit voluntarily and without a whisper of protest to TSA employees feeling their private parts or looking at their body on scanners at airports.

    These are the same people who state: if you have nothing to hide, why do you care that the government knows everything about you?

    They don’t seem to care that they don’t know much about the government (more secrecy than ever).

    Tyranny? They would not know what it is if it jumped on their heads and bit their noses off.

    Many American men are simply like little boys who like their big toys (big weapons, oversized trucks, ATV’s, etc, anything big and noisy will do…)

  • Stephen mills

    I just heard on the BBC news that 10 girls age between 9 and 11 were killed by a land mine in Afghanistan ,they were out collecting firewood when one of them hit the mine with an axe.

    All I can say is what are the adults of the world going to do about this ?

    My country the UK opposed the ban on these disgusting creations ! Why because they profit from them ! And sell them to anyone who want,s to buy them ,a bit like being able to purchase a gun in America .

    You know when the culture is dying and is sick with dis-ease when more of these event,s are happening almost daily.

  • Cathie

    In an article that I read yesterday on CNN, written by Liza Long, a desperate mother with a brilliant but mentally ill child, that she feels could be capable of creating the sort of thing that happened in this tragedy. Liza speaks of the desperate struggle she has endured to help her 13 year old son who is mentally ill and her family. The cost, the options, the system, the impossible hurtles she has had to maneuver her family through to protect her herself, her family, her son and the world from an unknown cause ~ with an unknown cure. Guns are not the problem in this case, meetings on violence are not the cure in this case. To be proactive, with any hope at all of success, we need to embrace the needs of the mentally ill together. Our systems need to embrace mental health needs from an early age. These children need a proper education, health care and they need to develop a healthy social understanding. Parents of these children need support and assistance. Families of these children need to feel safe and not feel alone in their struggle. This is a community issue. If we really want to affect change, we need to begin at the beginning. Please read Liza’s article:

  • Erin/IAm

    Sorry, Kids, but during the Changes in process humans are going to go bananas…Just the way of this stuff…just the way most humans respond to stuff. These events do not occur to incite the riots of bandwagons, manipulation of fears, nor reduction of freedoms…They simply show the rest Where They Are in Our process of being…here & now.

    Such events opportune re-defines. But, obviously, many…even here…see them as means of supporting con-fines…as usual.

    I wrote this to my fb fam:

    Dearest Beloveds…
    I hold dear the knowing that this crazy Earth realm is very much part of a ‘Creation’…a ‘Kingdom’ so vast, that it defies primitive imagination…I See this place as a living little playroom in ‘Heaven’s House’.

    Recent events…along with the seemingly insane history of our kind before them…bring many emotions to surface. I feel grieving, confusion, sadness, confusion, hatred, compassion, confusion, anger, sympathy, confusion. People seeking answers,understanding, seeking comfort, vengence, closure, safety, seeking answers…Attempts to put a jig-saw puzzle together with missing pieces.

    But, all the pieces Are there! Perhaps they fell on the floor, or got stuck to a shirt sleeve, or, as in my house, they are magnetized to Kitty fur & dropped on the staircase or near the litterbox. But they Exist…somewhere! The puzzle was perfect before it was laid out, it remains perfect because even with ‘unseen’ parts, we have imagination to fill the gaps & compete it, nonetheless…Although, some may also choose to toss the whole shabang in mid-process & never get to See the beautiful, & very perfect, big-ger picture.

    It is my knowing that no lifetime can be failed…that no entrance or exit is without purpose…that no thing in this Creative Process is imperfect. The ‘God’ that I know plays no games with Her Perfection, ergo there is no need of rules…He Sees only Amazing…in every single piece of their Selfs…And no piece of This Self is ever lost or misplaced.

    But human emotion can often be blinding…even to the brightest of Lights. They can be deafening…even to the loudest of Soul Sounds. They are not seen, yet have powerful touch & rippling effects on our surrounds. Amazing parts of Experience, indeed!

    It is my knowing that the Littles & Bigs involved in such events as Sandy Hook are Lights…They are bright reflections of where humanity stands in this moment. They are screamers to every Spirit Chime to ring a higher orchestrated tune. Why so many Littles? Because Children grab our heart strings deeper…They have the ability to bring many pieces, from everywhere, to focus as One…They re-mind us that each & every physical moment is precious.
    Why so much confusion?…That feeling of being left hanging with no answers? Because this emotion opportunes one, as well as One, to re-define both ‘me’ & ‘We’…To write the next chapter of Life here with a new pen & fresh ink.

    I love each of you sooo much…”I See You” and thus, I See Amazing…I See Perfection. And amidst the Lights of present event…amidst the many personal events you share with me…I Am requesting One-thing…Embrace each & every one, in each & every realm, as a precious piece of Life…a God/Goddess piece of a Grand & Amazing jig-saw puzzle that has no ends to separate out of the pile, nor confine the picture’s dimensions…and no pieces are ever missing.

    We are human for only moments…We are One all ways & always.:)

  • Buzz

    “… during the Changes in process humans are going to go bananas…” and *lisa* will have us in her crosshairs, watching and waiting with her colleagues from all those sister agencies and departments, and the national guard will be ready to enforce martial law, and with the new powers the federal government has it may stay that way for a while, and not just the US but everywhere.

    Except …

    There may be a few safe haven places, mostly due to inhospitable environmental conditions like Tibet, Antarctica, your local desert, …

    Which is worse? Fighting to survive the elements, or our insanity?

    I give up. I surrender. I will volunteer to fertilize your garden on that day, if it ever comes.

  • Buzz

    ***EDITOR’S NOTE: Our “most deeply held beliefs” include the belief in honesty, transparency, total visibility, and the Five Levels of Truth Telling, all of which are explored deeply in Conversations with God. We also believe deeply in Freedom. But that does not mean Freedom to Deceive.

    The five levels of truth telling are: Tell your truth to yourself about yourself;
    Tell your truth to yourself about another;
    Tell your truth about yourself to another;
    Tell your truth about another to another;
    Tell your truth to everyone about everything.

    Dear Lisa The Editor,
    If you believe in these so much, perhaps you’ll listen to the truth from a different perspective. Telling my truth my myself, about myself and others is about going within, withdrawing from circumstances, and remembering Who I Really Am. I will tell you who I am. I enable others to see the light within them, by offering them a choice between light and dark. Phoenix was the light. XL was dark. You took that option, made clear as day to the reader, away from them.

    Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. – Einstein

    Unless we allow people the opportunity to choose harm of self and/or others, how can we expect them to know What Works from What Doesn’t Work. Morality is an illusion, but we can make the illusion work for us, in our favor.

    Within an illusory reality we are constantly deceiving each other. What does make up and a dress on a man make, when they believe they were born the wrong gender? Was Michael Jackson black or white? You have discriminated against me because I chose to present as with multiple personalities, as a balance of the grieving (angry, depressed, fearful) and nurturing (compassionate, sympathetic, comforting) sides of my existence, at a time when many are hurting so bad and wish to heal. I could see others identifying with XL, sensing Phoenix was there to help, rejecting XL and that part of themself in the process, and moving into acceptance and surrender.

    My truth about you is that you are strict with your ideals, unwaveringly driven and courageous with your convictions, and totally unafraid of backing up your truth with something more powerful.

    My truth about everyone is that we are hypocrites, both honest and dishonest, both lacking and abundant of integrity, compassion, sincerity, and courage. We are transparent and secretive, both encourage and quash freedoms, both in ourselves and others, whenever circumstances allow. We are idealistic, and realistic, and most of all we change our mind a lot.

    Why is your way better than my way, rather than being just another way?

    However, I know I can’t change your mind once it’s made up, being the delusional idealist of convictions that you are. You may even think I am evil, bitter and twisted, or even possibly a sadist or masochistic, as I’ve been called before by the less enlightened among us. If you’re not there yet I understand, and I hope you will one day find a way to reconcile your feelings toward me.

    Bless you!

  • Marko

    Keeping things in perspective.

    There actually may be more good going on in the world than tragedy.

    Now the media’s focus on the tragedy is not a bad thing, it helps & at times forces us to change more quickly to what we really prefer. The reason you don’t hear about millions of kids going to school getting on the bus & coming home without incident is because this is normal. News is what is abnormal or deviates from the norm & helps us to see what needs to be looked at as far as what we truly desire.

    The down side is it can brainwash us into thinking that the news we hear is the dominant of what’s going on in the world & this may not be the case at all.

    No rise in mass killings, but their impact is huge

    By By HELEN O’NEILL | Associated Press

    Some excerpts:

    “There is no pattern, there is no increase,” says criminologist James Allen Fox of Boston’s Northeastern University, who has been studying the subject since the 1980s, spurred by a rash of mass shootings in post offices.”

    “The random mass shootings that get the most media attention are the rarest, Fox says. Most people who die of bullet wounds knew the identity of their killer.”

    “Chances of being killed in a mass shooting, he says, are probably no greater than being struck by lightning.”

    “Still, he understands the public perception — and extensive media coverage — when mass shootings occur in places like malls and schools. “There is this feeling that could have been me. It makes it so much more frightening.”

    “I refuse to believe this is something we have to accept as normal in this country,” he said. “There has to be a way to change the culture of violence in our society.”

    “I refuse to believe this is something we have to accept as normal in this country,” he said. “There has to be a way to change the culture of violence in our society.”

    Full story:

    To me we can give all the answers & solutions till we are blue in the face.

    What seems advantageous to me is to decide what we will do, then do it. The LOA Law of Attraction has the word “Action” in it. And we have to act collectively at some point & have a clear consenting idea of what that is. If we were bombarded by solutions we mostly agree on, our mindset would be more focused on that rather than endless opinions & commentary that while good are simply opinions. Unless we have clarity of action it’s just opinions without decisions on what we are willing to do.

    Magically & Compassionately,

  • *lisa*

    Buzz -“… during the Changes in process humans are going to go bananas…” and *lisa* will have us in her crosshairs, watching and waiting with her colleagues from all those sister agencies and departments, and the national guard will be ready to enforce martial law, and with the new powers the federal government has it may stay that way for a while, and not just the US but everywhere.”

    I would just like to clarify that I personally see my role as to protect and serve, not an enforcer. I am not a sniper and I am not watching in my crosshairs or waiting to enforce martial law. I operate out of a place of love and implement that into my workday interactions with people. They just don’t know it. And if it truly comes down to martial law, you may find I have already stepped on to another path.

    Marko – I agree with you about action. I’ve said before that is why I came here, to assist me in hammering out my plans. I’m sure you’ve sat in on planning retreats or similar where the goal is to get just a vision statement on paper. And with just 5,10, 20 people, that is difficult and frustrating. In an eight hour day, nothing gets really accomplished because of opinions and commentary. But we are talking about millions of people coming together onto the same vibration. Perhaps here we can make a start…form committees…something.

  • Marko

    *Lisa* I do believe it’s possible if it’s articulated well enough, that we can set visions & priorities on a world wide basis eventually, with a global consent.

    In the mean, time we hammer out & tweak a vision or visions that eventually come together. Neale has created the site to help individuals with their problems & finding solutions & healing on an individual basis.

    I think with humanities team that he is working toward healing at a larger group setting & later in conjunction with this site to a global level influence.

    It seems a long time in coming, but I believe it is coming sooner than later.

    Time will tell where all this heads.


  • Jim Clark

    Every day I tell people about this web site & about CWG. I spend at least 6 hrs a day doing this because I know it’s right . A lot of it is done on face bk & texting . The newtown crisis is a town less than 10 mins from my home in Conn. we at CWG have the answer & this is a time in which people are looking for answers . We as group of people need to use this horrible occasion because it’s so hard to get people to stop & think. Now is the time to promote this wonderful way of living life. This is a people problem, guns don’t shoot themselves.

  • Ruchir Garg

    I have an idea. Some 300 thousand people visit this site. Request visitors who want to meet other visitors to enter their country-zip code-email. Once we know our geographical distribution, we can slowly organize ourselves. Each local group can then meet/brainstorm about what they want to do in their area, and submit a proposal to Neale (or to those he appoints) for approval (because a dictator must sit at the top, otherwise the vision is diluted).

  • Buzz

    Hello Lisa,
    I am sorry. I didn’t mean to imply these things.
    “I would just like to clarify that I personally see my role as to protect and serve, not an enforcer.” So do I, as with most police and law enforcement service personell, although many agencies are taking it too far, like DHS.

    ” I am not a sniper and I am not watching in my crosshairs or waiting to enforce martial law.” Crosshairs is a sniper term, but I meant it as a metaphor. When people become increasingly lawless, with violence and abuse, police ‘target’ those behaving suspiciously.

    “I operate out of a place of love and implement that into my workday interactions with people. They just don’t know it.” I know this of ‘you specifically’ but you have said there is maybe only one person in your department you can talk to about this, and that peer pressure can influence the behavior of the purest heart.

    “And if it truly comes down to martial law, you may find I have already stepped on to another path.” I did not expect this. Police are always talking about their family dynamic, and they don’t abandon their family when the heat is turned up. There is safety in numbers, your partner is there to watch your 6, and even martial law is still about those magic words:

    To Protect And Serve

    I interpret these words to mean protecting the innocent, and property, and serving the public good.

    So what happens when the only innocents are law enforcement and military, and the public good is to keep people from expressing their anger and fear of what they think is threatening them, including you?

    “Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” – Einstein

    We need you to keep doing what you’re doing. We also need the rulebook you are required to follow to change. We can’t have both. Something’s gotta give. Anyone taking steps to organizing an action plan to force the rules to change is labeled a terrorist, and sent to Gitmo. This means, for some (not you), the meaning of the magic words has changed.

    Protect And Serve becomes protecting the Christian value system of morality, and serving the interests of those in power, who are Christian.

    You may say you agree with my interpretation today, but (I can’t prove this) I suspect your actions on duty require your compliance with rules based on those Christian values, and when things start changing you may wake up one day to find yourself firmly Catholic or Jewish or Mormon, and very evangelical (based on word angelic).

    Ask yourself, very carefully:
    Who am I?
    Where am I?
    Why am I where I am?
    What do I intend to do about it?
    -WECCE by NDW

  • Facetious Buzz

    This is my new name. I will no longer be posting as “Buzz”. If I can find a way to change it in The Village too, I will.

    I draw attention to the absurdity of our convictions, not to insult but because it’s humorous. This is distinctly different from sarcasm.

  • Rock Petrick

    God’s Will has left us Hollow
    Let us be filled with Compassion
    For this Earthly World offers no understanding

  • *lisa*

    Hey facetious buzz –

    Because I do my best to live in the present, I try not to project forward into the times where this country may find itself under martial law. I do have rules and regulations that I must abide by in my agency, many are stupid and I don’t necessarily agree, just like some of the laws we are required to enforce.

    We are now starting to encounter people who consider themselves Sovereign Citizens, basically people who are picking and choosing what laws/authority they will refuse to acknowledge, all the while still wanting the same rights as everyone else. And holding a riot line is not my idea of a good time. When the job no longer fufills me I will already have found something that does. That I am sure.

    Law enforcement is a family, but it does not define me. My life has always been about timing. Knowing when to move on, pursue another direction, listening to my inner guide. There is movement inside me on that front as I am already branching out in different directions. And I’ll stay until it feels right to leave.

    I ask myself those questions everyday.

  • Facetious Buzz

    The inner guide is so kind to me, and sometimes when I’m caught up in my story, feeling the fear, anger, pain, and sadness of my life I can think it’s too kind to me, like I don’t deserve it, so I ignore it, which brings more fear, anger, pain, and sadness into my experience.

    This downward spiral has it’s polar opposite, when everything goes right, people are encouraging, attitudes are optimistic, and abundance in all ways.

    I need both to be me. It is the rhythm of living organisms to overcome adversity. The ebb and flow of life requires peaks and troughs for growth. I have tried to explain to the regulars here that I am helping them grow by giving them a characterized villain avatar to test themselves against, and learn what it takes to be impervious to antagonism, yet no one will engage me, play with me.

    Just incase you’re wondering, I can take as good as I give, and being a cop I expect that you engage on this front more than most, so I’m not suggesting you participate. Infact, I expect you’d wipe the floor with me. I am interested in any theories you may have, since you and Mewabe are the only ones here still talking to me, why do so many call me sadistic, disrespectful, and manipulative? Why am I hated for seeking to better myself and others through the playing of a game? My methods are so hated that even the editor felt compelled to step in and shut me down.

    We live in an increasingly volatile world, with perceived threats increasing 10 fold in 20 years. I don’t know about anyone else, but being prepared with cans and water filters doesn’t quite cut it. I feel the urge to be prepared psychologically and spiritually for a 1000 fold increase in the next 10 years, and I need someone to play with in an environment as stimulating as this. In fact, this current situation is perfect, with all the different expressions of grief. For this I get called narcissistic, but being positive and optimistic about something so sad could be a survival requirement soon, and I want that skill now!

    Will anyone play? I use a safe word, if and when you need a break. No word in any language uses only the bottom row of a QWERTY keyboard, so the word is NVMBZXC. Other key terms i will use are GAME ON (to start a game), GAME OVER (to end a game), BRING IT (to encourage continuance or increased difficulty level), and COOL IT (to lower degree of challenge). Everyone here may communicate with me in these terms (must be in caps). There is never a subject off limits, because secrets are a weakness someone in the future could exploit, unless you’re ready for it.

    If you don’t want to play now, but do somewhat appreciate my methods, yet feel like I should give you a break for a bit to recover, type the safe word and I’ll bite my tounge till you’re ready again.

    If you want me to stop trying to pull you into my game, simply answer NEVER AGAIN and I will immediately and permanently ceace targetting you with antagonistic comments.

  • Facetious Buzz

    I can predict I’ll get a response of NEVER AGAIN from Scott, so I’ve already put him on the BRING IT list (kidding).

  • *lisa*

    Buzz – It sounds like you are looking for balance, I gather this because you have referred to yourself as fragmented. Personally, “I” have fought long and hard with mySelf to get to a place where my thinking no longer tells me I do not deserve what I desire or have achieved. Who is the “I” who fought with mySelf? This is what is meant when we talk about intergrating our physical, mental and spiritual Selves. Interesting that you have come forward with three separate screen names here. Does one correlate with each?

    I understand how it is difficult to stay positive and optimistic during situations like these. Getting to the point of having this mindset, ‘survival skill’ as you say, is what I’ve meant about doing the hard work of getting to a place where you truly feel whole. You can’t feel it, until you ARE it. And once you ARE, there is no going back.

    I can’t speak for anyone else or explain why the editors have stepped in. I would guess that it’s because they feel your methods are taking their goals here off track. And you are trying to make people mad or put them off…so that is what you are getting. The power of intention at work.

    In any case, I have not found your comments to be antagonistic. With the exception of my family circle, there is nothing anyone can say to truly draw me in to an emotional exchange. On the street, I have been called all kinds of things, but I could care less, they don’t know ME. I simply remain calm, acknowledge their point of view and carry on.

  • Facetious Buzz

    There are many ways of playing the game. Fragmenting myself into the antagonist, healer, and detached narrator was one way. I tried being open and honest about this fragmentation technique.

    I’m now suggesting yet another way to engage people: role playing. Allowing people to play the antagonist right back at me. Poking fun at ourselves, our stupidity, and our convictions stimulates ourselves into coping strategies, so we can see what works and what doesn’t work here in a safe, compassionate, healthy, supportive environment before trying it in a genuinely threatening situation.

    Neale and Marko are already masters at this. You and Inger are highly skilled, from what I can tell. There are many here, and in my life, who find me close to intolerable. I am willing to either teach them with direct interaction, or via a demonstration, how to use alternative perspectives.

    Calling myself fractured was a way of describing the technique I was trying to use, not an accurate description of me per se. In order to apply any given technique, I need to adapt myself to the required character(s) to play the part. A true description of myself is versatile, adaptive, indefinable and impermanent. I become whatever is lacking.

    I have managed to feel whole before, more than once, and managed to go back so I could experience finding wholeness all over again. This is the 4th time in this life. Once a person reaches that point there are few ways left to grow, all options for change are downhill from the summit, and I could only stay at the summit for so long before I got itchy feet. I need to keep moving forward, even if it’s away from bliss.

    Is the feeling of anger so undesirable that anyone who makes us feel mad is a threat to be fought or avoided? When I was a child my father taught me a story:

    The Elephant and the Tiger
    It is very cold. You are about to die. An elephant approaches, turns around, and drops an enormous quantity of dung all over you, then leaves. A short time later, you are very weak but not dying. A tiger approaches, pulls you out of the dung, drops you into ice cold water, cleans you off, and eats you.

    Moral of the story: Not everyone who gets you in the @#$% is your enemy, and not everyone who helps you out of the @#$% is your friend.

    I am your elephant!!!

  • *lisa*

    Lol, good words of wisdom. Although I never perceived you as the enemy. And it’s nice to know that there are tigers out there who prefer a nice clean meal.

    One of my Taoist favorites:

    An old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

    The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man.

    The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. “Maybe,” answered the farmer.

    The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

  • sandra

    Please be the God Expressions,of emphathy, love and yes forgiveness for even the killer was one with us and therefore a child of God. He too was a victim. Do not let the souls of these people down with feelings of hate and anger…there sacrifice is to wake us up not push us in the other direction. I am CHOOSING to believe God reached down and lifted each person into everlasting life where they are happy to be home. I pray for the families that are left behind.

  • Scott

    Hi F/Buzz

    Have you decided what you will do if no one wants to play your game?

    Namaste Scott

  • Facetious Buzz

    Someone will. I will keep asking. Forever. As I have been since I arrived, so far counting 6 different formats. The most effective to date was based on full scale deception, before telling you, but that was a taste tester. I want the buffet, which I couldn’t’ve got in deception.

    I hadn’t heard of that particular version, but that has been central to my beliefs for a long time. This version is missing something though. It is intended to feel like an incomplete story, I know, that’s not what I mean. The idea of reserving judgement till later, indefinitely, is central to keeping an open mind, but detachment disallows for the peaks and troughs, turning the volatile tidal action into a calm ocean surface.

    I like to think of myself as a diver in that ocean during a storm. At the surface it is volatile, and at depth it is calm. I can go up or down at will. If I go up, I can be detached or not, feel threatened or not. Soon the storm will pass. If I was detached during the storm I will not appreciate the calm. When I am deep I may not know when it is stormy, and when it is calm.

    Variety is the spice of life. I want to experience both deep and shallow, both detached and committed, both stormy and calm. Without any of these, I am incomplete.

    The whole point of being shallow in a storm while attached to circumstances is to feel loss, to be ungrateful, so that when the storm passes I feel the overwhelming relief of that lifted burdon, and to be so passionately grateful.

    To all readers, especially Scott and The Editor,
    None is a better way, merely another way. This lies at the very core of who I am, and the most fundamental precept of the game I play is to challenge those who believe differently. Everything is open to interpretation, and that’s why everything is sacred.

    We will never find “What Works” without this. Believing in other values, like honesty, respect, and freedom slows down our seach for reunification as one, as you condemn, criticize and complain about those who impinge on these ideals you hold to be self evident as “better.”

    Open your mind!!!!!

  • Scott

    Hi F/Buzz

    I don’t have time at the moment to reply to your last post but will do so on this thread later in the day if your interested in what I have to say.

    If your not really interested let me know here as I do “check in” during the day to see whats going on even though I don’t have time to post.

    Have a good day & talk to you later.

    Namaste Scott

  • Facetious Buzz

    Seriously Scott?
    I’m not here preaching my brand of truth, as so many others on here are. I am Facetious Buzz. I work to liven conversation by generating controversy, for the humorous joy of interacting. In other words, every word I type is designed to get others like yourself typing. The free exchange of ideas is supposed to be the reason this place exists (provided you don’t speak too freely, as I have demonstrated).

    What other boundaries and limitations can I challenge …

  • Scott

    Hi Buzz

    My reply to you is back at the village.

    Namaste Scott

  • Suzanne Giesemann

    We have started a movement called, Put Love First. To learn more, watch the video, then join us!

  • Maribeth

    By making snowflakes, as symbols of unque individuations of God, and sending them to Sandy Hook Elemenatary school to be installed as part of the decor in their temporary location for the rest of the school year.

    Other than that…travel through the grief process and continue to evolve into a species that works better than we did before this tragedy occurred.

  • Nil Bilal

    Our response should come from God that is within, from compassion, from forgiveness and from love. Unfortunately for those who have not experienced the pain of losing a child so tragically, it is very hard to fully feel the pain that the parents and loved ones must be feeling at this time. I dont want my response to sound like mere platitude that may come from my inability to fully comprehend these tragic events that are being experienced by people I dont know. So many questions come to my mind at this ; is this how our faith is being tested? DO we need to suffer in order to find joy and peace in our lives? How can we change our perspective and look at this event by seeing it as a blessing without losing site of what really occured? You are right, instead of shaking the head or offering polite condolences, I feel that we really do need to take the opportunity and address the issue of apathy that plagues our world. We need to take responsibility for what happens all over the world and come up with ways to ignite collective thought. We need opinion leaders, healers, spiritualists, artists, poets, religeous leaders and anyone else who would be willing to come together under one roof to discuss openly the issue of collective consiousness and healing. We need unity amongst people that are helping to raise our consiousness and lead us to an age of enlightment. We need unity, we need oneness. That is how I would like to help heal the world, to be a part of a world wide organization made up of all your peers and collegues to unite and be a beacon of hope to mankind. That is my response from God within.

  • smileyjen

    .. By putting one foot in front of the other, and remembering to breathe.

    Ask what would love do now?

    We cannot comprehend the immensity of our oneness, the immensity of no blame, no judgement, just choices along the path of experience.

    We can only hope to be guided by love, not fear. What would love do now? Love would comfort the grieving, heal the sick, stand up in our societies and call the madness of collective fear – madness. Fear begets fear. Love begets love.

    And in the light, it is all, okay.