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  • mewabe

    Whenever I hear of such an event, I am reminded of the amount of silent but very deep suffering that is borne by so many in this world.

    I am talking about the shooter…of course the families of those who were killed are in excruciating pain.

    But imagine the suffering, the profound psychological and emotional damage that would cause a person to commit such an act.

    This is where most are falling short…not understanding this kind of suffering.

    If we do not understand, how can we hope to heal it?

    There is much ongoing violence in the world, taking many forms, and causing profound trauma and pain, to the point of epidemic proportions. Yet our understanding of such is totally inadequate.

    I always look into the eyes of a person to “read” their soul, their spirit, to see whether they are connected or not, or how much.

    The eyes of the shooter express obvious terror, and a disconnection from himself that borders on psychosis. I would say that he was deeply traumatized by something very early in his life, something or someone very brutal and violent.

    Most people are so disconnected from themselves as well (neurotic) that they cannot see the destruction that has taken place within another being.

    And there is great sadness in knowing this, and seeing the outcomes.

    We all must heal…meaning that we all must learn to feel more than we presently do, much more. The heart must open until it screams, and that’s only the beginning…then we will see, know and understand another person’s pain, and be moved to do something about it.

    But a world of zombies, an unfeeling world that only responds to extreme tragedy, to blood flowing, and is numb to silent suffering, cannot change any of our present conditions.

  • Erin/IAm

    No one is speaking of those that did not show up for school this day…the Littles that awoke ‘sick’, the Bigs whose cars did not start, or had to stay home with their ailing Littles. They were simply not meant to be part of the event…and I doubt that any of them feel ‘left out’ of this moment.

    Seeeeee??? Same with any ‘tragedy’…any ‘disaster’…any ‘insanity’. Names of Opportunity only.

  • Trisha

    I’m frustrated with people not seeing how this shows us who we are. I have written a lot about it here, on my personal blog and also on my Facebook wall. The interesting thing is two who have commented to me are family members. One telling me I’m not living in the real world that we can change this and the other telling me how afraid she is that she will be raped and murdered so she is packing a gun. This person with the rape fear is only 23! She has two little ones and she is carrying a gun? This breaks my heart she is living in this daily fear but is trying to convince me she is happy. What?! I said right there on FB, I was raped a gun would not have changed it. She came back and said yeah it would. I left the conversation there. But since I’ve been thinking how that shows me who we are that not one person commented on my confession to share I was raped. I then went on and will continue to do so, wrote a blog on how sad that is everyone turned a blind eye to that part but guns they argue with me on. Yet they are so confused where to honor their space for another. Wow. I have a lot of light shining to do.

  • In Australia, British law is simple and clear.
    Many people have lost they homes to state prosecutors for engaging the robbers, simply defending themselves in they homes.
    Person has no right to defend them self’s or they property, they have to call the police to protect them.
    I believe there will be many more mass shooting in the US, until the day that all the rights and the guns are taken from the people.
    It might take few years but it is in the works. In our world blind are leading the blind, but there are some that see well.