(Please note: This is a lengthy commentary, because this is not a small topic. The topic has to do with more than one incident, as horrible as what happened in Connecticut was. This is the first of a four-part series. It may take you up to five or six minutes to read this first article. Only you will know whether it feels worth it to you to invest that kind of time in today’s 120-character Twitter World.)

The horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14 leaves every sensitive, caring, compassionate human being who describes herself or himself as “spiritual” with deep sadness and searing, penetrating, urgent questions.

What is true about God? What is true about Life? What is true about who we are as creatures on the earth calling ourselves sentient beings?

Is there a purpose and a meaning to all of this? Not just to the ever more frequent incidents of random mass shootings (there have been seven in the U.S. in 2012 alone, 62 since 1982), but to the violence actually organized by governments all over the world, or rallied by revolutionaries?

What is happening to us as a species? And where is God in all of this? Sitting by, sadly shaking His head? Watching it all, but doing nothing?

Do the messages in Conversations with God offer us any insights into any of this? Yes. Many. But before I get to that, I’d like to look first at remarks made by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R), who said on Fox News: “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

Mr. Huckabee has made a similar point before. Last summer, after the mass shooting at a movie theatre is Aurora, Colorado, he said: “We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem.”

The former GOP presidential candidate added: “And since we’ve ordered God out of our schools, and communities, the military and public conversations, you know we really shouldn’t act so surprised … when all hell breaks loose.”

I want to say right here that on Mr. Huckabee’s main point, I agree. We would benefit enormously as a society from bringing a discussion of God back into our schools, our communities, the military and into public conversations. You are right, Mike.

But with respect, Governor, I disagree with you on the cause of all the violence we’ve been seeing, and the kind of God we should be talking about. I am not sure that the concept of “sin” as it is classically taught by the world’s religions has been helpful in bringing us closer to God, and so I would define the problem facing us today a bit differently from you. I would say: “We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a beliefs problem. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves and about our God that is causing all hell to break loose.”

I believe that what would most benefit humankind right now would be an expansion of our understandings of, and our interactions with, God. I deeply believe that we benefit from having God in our lives. I mean really in our lives, not just as a concept, but as a function of our living.

Yet I am talking about Tomorrow’s God, as opposed to Yesterday’s God. I believe that the God of Our Fathers has not been fully understood. And I believe that what has not been completely comprehended about Divinity, and our relationship to it, is in very large part At Cause in the matter of how we are continuing to create life on Earth.

Conversations with God made this very clear when, in the seventh installment of the nine-book series (a volume titled The New Revelations), it offered this remarkable observation:

There are Five Fallacies about God that create crisis, violence, killing and war. First, the idea that God needs something. Second, the idea that God can fail to get what He needs. Third, the idea that God has separated you from Him because you have not given Him what He needs. Fourth, the idea that God still needs what He needs so badly that God now requires you, from your separated position, to give it to Him. Fifth, the idea that God will destroy you if you do not meet His requirements.

There are also Five Fallacies About Life that likewise create crisis, violence, killing and war. First, the idea that human beings are separate from each other. Second, the idea that there is not enough of what human beings need to be happy. Third, the idea that in order to get the stuff of which there is not enough, human beings must compete with each other. Fourth, the idea that some human beings are better than other human beings. Fifth, the idea that it is appropriate for human beings to resolve severe differences created by all the other fallacies by killing each other.

We think that we are being terrorized by other people, but in truth we are being terrorized by our own beliefs.

I was also told in The New Revelations:

Your experience of yourself and your world will shift dramatically if you adopt, collectively, the Five Steps to Peace:

Permit yourself to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.

Explore the possibility that there is something you do not fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything.

Announce that you are willing for new understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understandings that could produce a new way of life on this planet.

Courageously examine these new understandings and, if they align with your personal inner truth and knowing, enlarge your belief system to include them.

Express your life as a demonstration of your highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them.


This leaves us with a critical question. Precisely what is it that we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?

Conversations with God says that what we don’t fully understand is who we are and where we are and why we are where we are. We are living a Case of Mistaken Identity and we have no idea what we’re doing here.

What does any of this have to do with the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut? What does it have to do with the shooting in Aurora, Colorado? What does it have to do with the shootings in Columbine, at Virginia Tech, in Tucson and in Wisconsin, or at the mall near Portland last week?

(Did you know that a man emptied 50-rounds of ammunition just outside a Macy’s store at a shopping center in Newport Beach, California on Saturday, the day after the Connecticut  school massacre? No one was hurt. He shot his gun into the air — for reasons not yet entirely clear. Was it a protest? Was it a means of drawing attention to how easy it is to shoot multiple rounds of ammunition in a public place in America? We don’t know. The man is in custody and is now being questioned.)

What does this stuff about God and who and where we are have to do with any of that?

Everything. Because if those shooters understood who we are, where we are, and why we are here — that is, if they had been taught in their earliest years (or even heard later in life from our society’s most highly valued sources) that who we are is an Individuation of Divinity, that We Are All One (including One With God), and that we are in the Physical Realm in order to express and experience Divinity Itself — they would and could never have pulled triggers on guns that fire 30 shots in 30 seconds, as Jared Loughner did in Arizona, in an effort to kill as many people as possible.
(From the bench in Federal District Court, Judge Larry A. Burns said he was not going to make “political statements,” that he was just “a single federal judge” who had “no intention to change the law.” Still, he questioned the wisdom of allowing the unrestricted sale of high-capacity magazines, like the one Mr. Loughner used to carry out his crimes.

“I don’t understand the social utility of allowing citizens to have magazines with 30 bullets in them,” Judge Burns said.

Neither do I, judge. Neither do I.)

And as part of that Big Discussion we need to ask ourselves with pure motive and honest evaluation: Is what we have believed in the past about ourselves and about God working? (That goes for those who don’t believe in God at all, by the way.) Are our fundamental and most sacred and fervently held beliefs about God, about life, and about each other producing the results we had hoped for? Or are they, in fact, producing exactly the opposite results?

I believe the second assessment is patently and obviously true. And so I invite people everywhere to engage — softly and with reverence, gently and with patience, kindly and with tolerance — in a global conversation (I call it the Conversation of the Century) as part of a worldwide movement aimed not at rejecting God or eliminating God, but at expanding God in our lives.

I invite people to join a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a vengeful, violent, and vindictive God, and releasing our species from a global doctrine that creates separation and vicious competition, replacing it, finally, with an ethos of unity and cooperation, understanding and compassion, generosity and love.

I will speak more about this in the days ahead. And in my next entry here, I will offer my answer, from Conversations with God, to the searing and penetrating questions with which this exploration began. We need to make some sense of what happened in Newtown last week, and about what’s happening all over the world on this very day. What is going on with our species — and why?

The exploration here continues…

And until next we meet here to move that exploration forward, I send you my deepest hope that you will experience God’s infinite caring and unconditional love, and that Divine Compassion will comfort you at this hour, even as It comforts those directly and immediately affected by all of the violence and dysfunction occurring on our planet.

May God’s blessings come to you and move through you to everyone whose life you touch this day.

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  • Buzz

    What is happening to us? We are driving ourselves insane with moral hypocrisy, and the first 4 of 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, negotiation and depression.

    What is discrimination? Is it good or bad? Why?

  • Frederick Mann

    What reflects God is worth whatever and all the time necessary to read carefully…and more than once. I truly look forward to the entire four parts. Thank you! Namaste!

  • Trisha

    This is what I wrote on my blog in response to the news this week. I hope it’s alright to share the link here. https://clearingthespace.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/are-we-living-in-a-godless-society/

    It’s not that God is not here with us, we are not here with God consciously. I just want to run around with a magic wand, dousing people and singing, “Wake up, wake up! A new day is here!”

  • Marko

    Is not the singular most common thread in all the mass shootings mental illness?

    If that is so, that may be what needs to be addressed. As far as I remember CwG does not offer a lot around this particular subject.

    Yet if this is the most common thread, we need to really examine it.

    Magically & Compassionately,

  • Sonja

    Thank you Neale!

  • *lisa*

    These acts of killing each other are engrained since the beginning of human time. And there have always been people in power driving people, who are powerless against them, crazy. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually crazy. We’ve reached the tipping point in all areas. People know it but that can’t verbally express it, creating what feels like restlessness, anxiety, discontent, hopelessness, despair etc.

    There is something that has been KNOWN by few for thousands of years. The keepers of the mystical secrets that for whatever reasons have been kept from hundreds of generations of human lifecycles. Information distilled down into religious stories, dumbed down, numbed down for the masses, as we’ve never been trusted to know the full scope of what life on earth could be. Had we instead been trusted and taught from the beginning, truths contained in the secrets of the mystery religions perhaps the world would not be in such chaos.

    Its no different than being in a relationship situation where you are told you are stupid, fat, ugly, useless, limited, alone. Even though YOU KNOW you are smart, thin, beautiful, creative and a part of everything in every way…after years of being told otherwise, eventually you begin to believe it.

    Mistakes were made at the very beginning of humanity by keeping secrets instead of proper teaching. Perhaps now we have the opportunity to begin again.

  • Anna

    Beautiful Neale, thank you. This makes so much more sense than much of what I heard during yesterday’s vigil.

  • Nana Hoagland

    If you tell people you have compassion for the shooter’s family they look at you like you are crazy. Yet they are suffering too, perhaps the most of all.

    What we fail to realize is that we, as a species, are part of the problem…All of us.

    Rather than pointing fingers at those carrying out the acts of violence in our society, we would do well to look into our own consciousness. Then to take the steps necessary to correct what beliefs reside within our very selves before blaming the world outside, which after all, is but a reflection of ourselves.

    We all are looking forward to the discussion.

  • Berit Christensen

    Takk kjære Neal for alt du gjør for oss for å nærme oss Gud på en bedre og en mer nær vei. For meg endret det alt da jeg leste dine bøker og jeg VISSTE AT JEG Fikk svar på mine ibønner om å vise meg den rette veien. Jeg var på den tiden inne i en vanskelig og sorgtung periode. Gud viste meg veien gjennom dine bøker. De tre første bøkene fikk jeg av en i familien. Han sa at disse bøkene kunne jeg få, og når jeg hadde lest dem, skulle jeg gi dem til andre som hadde lyst til å lese dem. Det gjorde jeg. Hver kveld Neal, leser jeg fra dine bøker. Det gir meg næring og kjærlighet for meg selv og andre. Jeg takker Gud for at du har kommet inn i mitt liv. Dette vil jeg på alle måter formidle til andre, men det er ikke så lett. Jeg prøver og vise alle mine at jeg har endret meg og på den måten vise dem veien. Skriver litt snart igjen min kjære venn! Vennlig hilsen Berit fra Norge.


    Thank you dear Neal for all you do for us to approach God in a better and a more close way. For me, it all changed when I read your books and I knew I got answers to my ibønner to show me the right way. I was at the time going through a difficult period and mournfully. God showed me the way through your books. The first three books I got one in the family. He said that these books I could get, and when I had read them, I would give them to others who wanted to read them. I did. Every night Neal, I read from your books. It gives me food and love for myself and others. I thank God that you have come into my life. This will I in any way convey to others, but it is not so easy. I try and show everyone that I am has changed me and the way to show them the way. Printer little soon again my dear friend! Sincerely Berit from Norway.

  • Pat

    Suppose we start with the assumption that this recent shooting occurred for a reason. Suppose the souls all agreed before coming here to participate in this event in order that they might experience something useful to their souls’ evolution? Just suppose it works that way. What could be their purpose behind deciding to enlist the soul of the shooter to carry out this event? Was it to aid in their own evolution and growth, or was it perhaps to aid in ours?

    Did the souls of Hitler’s victims arrange to participate in the holocaust in order to allow the rest of us to experience what happens when group consciousness is based on separatism instead of unity?

    I tend to think that these souls all may have arranged this before they came here. What evolutionary progress should we be getting out of this experience?

  • *lisa*

    I love your questions and think that we all do know the anwers to them if we set emotion aside and go within. I also tend to think that arangements are made on the soul level, but it is hard for most people to process this idea with the ego and the mind.

    As far as evolutionary progress, I see it is as part of the current wake up call to re-evaluate everything. Priorities, material needs, going from selfish to selfless, truly caring for the earth and fellow souls…going within instead of without.

  • Adam Catford

    I couldn’t agree more Neale – except, until then, the gun laws must be changed.

    When one compares both gun related deaths & homicide with Australia and Western Europe for example, we see that there are almost 400% the homicides committed in the US.

    Until we all have that meaningful dialogue with ourselves – we need to protect ourselves, from ourselves…..not leave innocent and defenceless children to the mentally ill & deranged.

  • Penny (Oregon)

    Is it not all happening exactly as it should be to bring Us closer to the experience of divinity? In regard to events or conditions that may be seen as negative by the collective conscious I only have to ask Myself/Us one question to bring me back to the divine and/or align my minds thoughts with the path of the soul…….. Is the experience creating our reaction or is our reaction creating the experience? My reaction is that We (as One and Individually) have been afforded the opportunity to experience another part of divinity thanks to Us. This makes my experience not one of suffering but of joy for that is exactly what We (individuals of the One) are here for. I do have sincere compassion for the individuals who have not yet awakened and so are experiencing suffering, anxiety, pain, etc. due to the misunderstanding of who we are and what were here for.

    What’s going on in our world is happening exactly as it should, including this book/conversation. For without these “events” we would not be having this conversation nor would this book exist and so we could not have this experience.

  • Alejandra Garza

    Thanks, Neale. It´s crystal clear what you´re saying.

    I thought on september 11th 2001 that evil doesn´t exist, what exist is a deep lack of awarness. Let´s awake all together. Let´s talk about God, about us.

    I love your messages.


  • emma

    yo estoy de acuerdo con lo que escrivio dios deve estar intrinseco en el corazon de cada persona y expandirlo en todas las areas de nuestras vidas gracias mr.walsh


    I agree with what god deve escrivio be intrinsic in the heart of each person and expand in all areas of our lives thanks mr.walsh.

  • evergreen

    I feel events unfold exactly as they are intended to. They are the means which allow us to see more clearly and in doing so bring us closer to the awareness of our divine purpose. They are meant to heal us and to fill us with love, with lovingkindness.

  • Lloyd

    Blessings to you and yours, Neale, and to all that travel this path. We are the creators of our experiences, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and it all is Love in motions. So much we struggle with understanding our place in it ALL, and our struggle is our desire to control what is happening. Releasing our “need” to think we control or understand anything opens the door to our acceptance of who we are, part of ALL. We have much to discuss and much to share and much to give of Ourselves, and doing it without expectations of changing others releases us and others to speak our understanding of unconditional Love. Namaste’

  • Kristina Gannaway

    I was brought up with metaphysical and new thought belief systems. I was taught from a young age that all things happening are “right action.” It’s all unfolding exactly as it should for the greater good of us all.

    I have to admit when I learned of the shooting, I was shaken to my core. I mean, how in the hell do I reconcile that belief with the violent deaths of 28 people in a matter of minutes? My prayer is that we as a worldwide community have seen enough. I see this as the last straw and a shift in our consciousness away from violence toward peace, love, compassion, and Oneness.

    Blessings to All

  • Diana

    Neale – this is beautiful. I wonder at how we can look on our newborns with such love and tenderness, yet as adults feel revulsion and hatred for one another. Have we all gone mad????

  • Scott

    Hello All

    I see many comments here saying everything that happens here is as it is meant to be. That it is all part of the growth process which takes us to the next level of awareness. I understand this point of view & that nothing happens by accident, that there is a reason behind everything that occurs.

    It’s important to remember that WE have co-created these experiences & that WE can stop creating them at any time.

    I believe it’s time to stop creating experiences like Newtown. As the CwG material says: We do not have to continue to create pain & suffering in our own personal space in order to understand & experience the opposite. We have all the contextual field we need in our memories of past events like Newtown, there is NO reason to create new ones to grow spiritually.

    If there are souls who come here to experience events like Newtown, my wish is they go somewhere else to have there experience.

    Love you all

    Namaste Scott

  • Oleg

    Hello Neale. I came across this:”Predictive Programming – Sandy Hook in Batman Dark Knight Movie” http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/76967-connecticut-school-shooting-adam-lanzas-mother-was-preparing-for-disaster

  • sander

    People need to remember each other about God. Invite them to go with you together to church if there is a good church you visit.

  • Stephen mills

    The five or six minutes that it would take to read the above post could lead to one thousand years of peace that humanity long,s for !!!


  • Barrett Fletcher

    What I don’t understand is why anyone feels the need to understand, or imagines that having understanding would be useful.

  • Gerry

    I think a eulogy Veronique Pozner gave Monday at the funeral of her 6-year-old son, Noah — a eulogy I found very touching — also included a courageous awareness of some deep truths:

    The sky is crying and the flags are half-mast. It is a sad, sad day. But it’s also your day, Noah, my little man. I’m going to miss your forceful and purposeful little steps stomping through our house. I will miss your perpetual smile, the twinkle in your dark little eyes, framed by eyelashes that would be the envy of any woman in this room. Most of all, I will miss your visions of your future. You wanted to be a doctor, a soldier and a taco factory manager.

    It was your favorite food and no doubt you wanted to ensure the world kept producing tacos.

    You were light and love, mischief and pranks. You adored your family with every fiber of your 6-year-old being. We are, all of us, elevated in our humanity by having known you. A little maverick who didn’t always want to do his homework or clean up his toys when practicing his ninja moves or Super Mario on the Wii seemed far more important. Noah, you will not pass through this way again. I can only believe that you were planted on Earth to bloom in heaven. Take flight, my boy. Soar! You now have the wings you always wanted. Go to that peaceful valley that we will all one day come to know. I’ll join you there someday, but not today.

    I still have lots of mommy love to give. To Danielle, Michael, Sophia and Arielle. But until then, your melody will linger in my heart forever.

    Mommy loves you, little man.

  • sandra

    I am now in the middle of The Storm before the Calm and have read several of the previous books. What we are doing now IS NOT working, I agree. I am sixty years old and continue to search for answers. I to have had to overcome many burdens in my life, and know I could not of done any of it without God.I agree with Neale it is time to change the way we look at things and get into meaningful conversation.

  • Pausha

    Neal, I must confess that I did not manage to go beyond this statement:

    “The horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14 leaves every sensitive, caring, compassionate human being who describes herself or himself as “spiritual” with deep sadness and searing, penetrating, urgent questions.

    What is true about God? What is true about Life? What is true about who we are as creatures on the earth calling ourselves sentient beings?”

    I am not left with deep sadness and searing, penetrating, urgent questions. And I do not ask myself the questions you voiced. Does this mean I am insensitive, uncaring, devoid of compassion and can not describe myself as spiritual?

    I confess I did not read more than the paragraph here quoted being stunned by it, and in this one paragraph I see what is wrong with us: we substitute the awareness of what we actually are for the story of what we think we should be. Trying to reach an ideal of “humanity”, which we made up, we not only ignore the actuality of what we are, but we condemn most of it, call it wrong, evil and sinful.

    We, as a human race, exist in a huge and perpetual denial as to what and who we are and this denial causes problems. Big problems.

  • Laurellle Bailey

    Well said Neale. I wait with anticipation for your next offering

  • Pat

    Is it somehow different when a human kills humans versus when natural disasters kill humans? We’ve had tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mudslides, typhoons, and other disasters that took as many or more lives this year.

    Why do we focus on stories like this one, when there are still people living in tents in Haiti, for example as a result of an earthquake where many more died? Do we focus on “these” so we can forget about “those”?

  • Lloyd

    Great question Pat, I have wondered about this as well. My answer is humans feel this type of death can be controled and some how or other we have failed to control the actions of humans. It seems to be more personal when these massive or single deaths especially of the young, occur due to another human. We think that humans must be controled by social norms, rules, regulations, laws, etc. and when this doesn’t happen and a human player acts outside what others accept, they want revenge, justice, pain for the perp. When nature is the cause of massive death it is much easier for us to accept the fact we do not have control over earthquakes, floods, etc. so blame can not be placed and justice, revenge, or whatever can not be expected. Whatever the reason many have still passed out of this physical plane of existence, but their energy is still part of us ALL. Can we find comfort in this understanding? I do, and personally to me there is are many worse events in life than death.

  • Dallas

    Hello Neale? I apologize for being off-topic, but I’m trying to reach you about something very important…

    There is a global movement brewing that you may want to talk about… David Suzuki supports it, and people as far as LA, UK, Ukraine, Egypt, and Palestine are going the Idle No More movement. Chief Theresa Spence is now on her 12th day of her hunger strike to demand a meeting with PM Stephen Harper concerning this issues and demanding fairness and justice.

    It’s a very positive movement for the rights of the environment and people led by Indigenous youth in Canada. Our white brothers and sisters have joined the cause, and the media is slowly but surely beginning to understand and report on the real issues – which concerns illegal legislation such as the FIPA treaty.

    December 21, 2012, the Idle No More movement went global with no signs of slowing. This is something that I know you’d be very interested in, and I’d love to discuss it with you. Time is short, and Chief Theresa Spence grows weaker each day… I pray my message reaches you…


  • Dallas

    Here’s CNN and CBC reports on it gaining international momentum:



  • dario ramon candas

    Sacar nuestra mente de discusiones discursos y demás poniendo nuestro ser de por medio solucionariamos nuestros graves problemas de todo tipo en nuestraa madre tierra ver que dios es uno sólo para cualquier religión en cualquier lugar haría terminar con muchas guerras y discriminaciones y todos seriamos solamente felices sin problemas creado por nuestra mente que debe evolucionar