Is there a way to cope with all that’s going on? Yes. And we’ll offer it to you here.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house people were wondering, how can a species of sentient beings do to each other what we have been doing?

It is not just the startling acts of one soul in a small Connecticut town that brings the question to mind. It is what is going on all over the world. The killing of thousands in Syria as revolutionaries fight their government. The strife in Egypt as citizens seek to gain more control over their country. The deep division in the United States as sharply divergent political views continue to shake a nation. The ongoing economic crises in Greece and Spain. Car bombs killing at least17 in Pakistan. Explosions killing 26 in Iraq. The list goes on and on.

The world is constantly rearranging itself, recreating itself anew. And Conversations with God tells us this is the fundamental process of Life Itself. Not violence and strife, necessarily, but change.

It is time for an investigation into how life works. I think we need to know exactly what is happening here — and, more important, find some tools to deal with it. Because I’ve got news: The changes in life are not going to stop.

So if you’re thinking about riding things out for a while, waiting for things to settle down a bit, you may be in for a surprise. There’s going to be no “settling down.” Things are going to be in a constant state of upheaval on this planet and in your own life for a good while now. Actually . . . yes, well, I might as well tell you. . . . actually, forever.

Change is what is—and there is no way to change that. What can be changed is the way you deal with change, and the way you’re changed by change.

I wrote a whole book on this subject, and I’m going to explore what’s in that book here in the days and weeks ahead, because there could be no more perfect time. We are coming to the end of this monumental year of 2012 — said by some to be the end of an epoch, actually — and we are moving into a period in 2013 that is thought by many to be the beginning of a time of enormous coming changes on our planet…environmentally, socially, politically, economically, spiritually, and in just about every other way you can imagine.

We are going to be talking here about how to deal with major change, not just minor change. I mean change that emerges from collapse, calamity, and catastrophe—or at least what we label as these. So if your life is collapsing right now, if you’re in the midst of a calamity, if a catastrophe has occurred, what you’re going to find here could save your life. I mean, emotionally. But you know what? Maybe even physically.

Here, in this column in the days and weeks ahead, you will be given Nine Changes That Can Change Everything. This little list will alter all that appears in your reality. Unless it does not. The choice will be yours. But it is a list that you may at least want to read. You may at least want to find out what it’s all about.

So return to this column often now as we liberally excerpt the book titled When Everything Changes, Change Everything, for it offers insights into how we can calmly and peacefully, safely and even joyfully negotiate the times ahead. And in the aftermath of events such as have just occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, I believe the whole human race could do with a little of that.

Your comments are invited, too, in the Comments Section below. Move with me through this material, and let us all know what you think. Because what you think and what I think and what we all think is what is going to be creating our Tomorrows.

Good to have you with us.

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  • Iñaki

    Thank you Neale! You’re always such generous…

    Thanks again!

    Keep the good work!

  • Erin/IAm

    Personally, I See that Opportunity knocks with many faces.

    I have noticed that, in Nature, other-than-humans ‘adapt’ to Change…They ‘sense’ It…They ‘flow’ with It…as best they can. That’s why they remain existing.
    Hmmm….Perhaps, a fine idea to embrace, if one…and/or One…choose to be ‘an experience of existing’ in this particular Earth realm.(???)

    I personally, prefer to Become of Change…It’s really not that difficult. There are only those that ‘Allow’, & those that ‘Let’, the flows about their Selfs…Pick one!:) Understanding, of course, that when one (or One) aims toward being ‘Allow-ers’, they naturally hone their ‘senses’ in process…Just sayin’.:)

    btw, in Light of recent ‘events’: Blessed be, To every piece of Life that we, & We, have been opportuned to experience of…Each one a precious part of Amazing. May you feel celebrated in every moment…because, you Are.<3

    Such a verrry cool process, indeed!:)
    Good Journey!:)

  • Buzz

    I try to take change one step further. I see how things are, extrapolate possible outcomes, find a way to see each possible outcome as potentially positive, then encourage change as the result will now be positive regardless of outcomes.

    I have learned to want what I’ve been told I shouldn’t want, and am now at peace.

  • Philip F. Harris

    Indeed, things are and will continue to change. There is no more going back to business as usual (thank God), as there is no more usual. If people would just open their minds and hearts to the world, they would see that such events are happening every moment. Perhaps if people could all grieve together for our collective insanity their just might be a collective shift in consciousness. It’s going to happen anyway, why put ourselves through all this crap when it’s not necessary?

  • Sibila Reventlow

    A question comes to my mind that is a very good stepping-stone now: We can all ask ourselves this, no matter what is going on in our lives: “Do I want to be part of the problem? Or do I want to be part of the solution?”
    As I see things, we are in the middle of a way of being in the world that is dying. We are in the middle of a birthing of a new way of being in the world. And a birth is no small happening, a birth is a major force-field where both fear, contraction and love, elation emerge full scale. We can take heart and listen to what our heart calls us to. It´s not that I find it easy to remember and often I forget – but light, love and consciousness are hidden and latent even where they don´t seem to be.

  • Claude Leruitte

    on this planet common sense is not …common and I think most people are not well equipped to deal with drastic change. Since adaptation is a criteria of intelligence I do not expect we’ll reach the 5 % necessary to tip the balance toward a more livable society and therefore predict a great deal of suffering among the world population. It is already happening.

  • sergio

    comparto el pensamiento y esperare los nueve cambio con panciencia!un abrazo

  • Kit Kotler

    So, if we are individuations of God and God created us so he could experience himself, are you saying that God wanted to experience himself as a mass murderer, gunning down small children? And then, did God want to experience himself as innocent victims?

  • julia

    Hey Neale,

    I can completely understand what you are trying to tell us here, but what I would like is a tool for talking to people who are not quite on the same path or at the same point on the path that I feel like I am at. How do you tell them your truth? It seems like all they want to do is wring there hands and talk about all the evil in the world. I want to talk about the beauty and try to think as little as possible about the things like the shootings in CT or the killings in other parts of the world. And I certainly don’t want to think that there is nothing but “doom and gloom.” Thank you for all your sharing.


  • mewabe

    All illusions must collapse in order for reality to emerge.

    And since we are 99% immersed in illusions, and these illusions form the foundations of our world, it means our world must collapse.

    Which means that our global consciousness will experience temporary collapse, and panic…until our own reality or truth emerges from within, from the soul.

    Violence and bombing things however has never been an effective way to rearrange things, unless we are talking about rearranging molecules, and not for the better.

  • Laurent

    Hi Neale & All

    I hope that we All change for the better, really I do, in all these aspects; Politically, Economically, Environmentally, Socially and Spiritually.
    Definitly in this order because ” lead with example” is a key to make the difference…

    When we will see a politician buy some shoes and socks to a person in need then we can see someone who care for the wellbeing of all, not it’s own.

    When Top guys from Bank/ Credit Card and big Corporation decide to just break even instead of asking for more year after year for their benefit, then everyone may rejoice.

    When Poeple are given the opportunity to be environmentally friendly by creating their own energy at reasonable expense & When the car industry stop hidding or charging the odds on the “Energy efficient and environmentally friendly car” break through, then we can feel it ‘s to our reach and act on it.
    When All realise how blessed we are to have constant water & electricity, then we would care about our usage and share what we use to waste to the rest of the world instead.
    When we all realise how little resources are left on our planet for our children then, we All Think carefully and act accordingly about recycling and motivates everyone to do the same.

    When everyone aknowledge everyone by a smile or a “Hi :)” again then we All be able to build bridges again and feel connected to one another.

    When our Children, Ourselves are driven by “Love”,”Respect” and “Participation” instead of “Fear”,”Power” and “Competition”, then we are able to create a Better Tomorrow.

    So much more to say.. That will be for another day!

    I’m so grateful to be able to share my thoughts with you All.

    With Love


  • Michael

    I don’t know what to think about all this. Something seems amiss. We are people talking about saving the world. Yet I wonder just how many of us are really right with ourselves. Doesn’t it all begin at home? I guess what I’m trying to say is how many of us are in Truth about ourselves? How many of us deny ourselves to see what we are personally doing to ourselves, others, and mother earth every day. We are ALL contributing to our own distruction. If we are not doing it environmentally, we are doing it personally. We lie to ourselves and others maybe not consciously but it’s there. It’s all Consciousness isn’t it? Aren’t we just a bunch of people trying to make a difference?

    I think if we really want to change things we got to get our hands dirty. I’m a midwest boy that rubs shoulders with the rednecks every day. I am a redneck on many occasions myself! But I’ve been quiet about who I truley am. For I know what a jump it is for many people here to accept any part of my belief system. We need more exposure in the midwest, Neale. I’ve looked at your schedule and I know you are a very busy man. I just think it would be helpful to visit some small towns and possibly bring something to these people they have no idea about.

    In truth, I do not yet have the courage myself to start an awareness. Eventually I will do so, but I have to tell you that I’m asking you to do something I’m not capable of at this time. Besides it’s just a thought.


  • Guillermo

    No puedo mas que estar agradecido por lo libros por usted publicados, ha sido genial leerlos y para ser sincero e llegado a soltar alguna sonrisa (que de hecho no me lo hubiese nunca imaginado en un libro espiritual) voy a seguir leyéndole señor Donald, por que este libro a conectado conmigo y yo con El.
    Disculpe que le escriba en Español, ahora estamos en las mismas condiciones no se escribir en Ingles.
    un abrazo


    I can only be grateful for what you published books, it was great to read and to be honest and come to drop a smile (which in fact I had never imagined in a spiritual book) I will continue reading to Mr. Donald, by this book to me and I connected with him. Sorry to write in Spanish, we are now in the same conditions did not write in English. A hug.