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We believe that it is humanity’s cultural story that is causing humanity’s cultural crisis. We are inviting you, here in this space, to engage in a conversation (we call it The Conversation of the Century) about what kind of new story we could be telling our children, and each other, about life on Earth in every one of its expressions.

This invitation was sent to humanity in the book The Storm Before the Calm, the first entry in the Conversations with Humanity Series by Neale Donald Walsch. The book is being published one chapter at a time on this site.

Choose any category of life expression you wish, headline the category you have chosen, and write the Humanity’s New Story about that particular area of life, co-authoring with us here on this website.


We hope that people from around the world will offer here their heartfelt thoughts about what our New Human Cultural Story might say, and how we might articulate it. Please limit each item to a single topic, and please sign your name, so that we know who wrote the entry. (We want to give credit where credit is due, and to encourage as many people as possible to contribute to this Co-Authorship.)


We do not see this as a place for endless argumentation. We see it as a Gathering of Ideas, not a Back-and-Forth Debate. Statements of opinion about the entries are surely welcome, but ongoing and never-ending wrangling hoping to make a particular point will, we believe, only serve to inhibit the process of gathering as many ideas as possible. Our suggestion, then: Let this be a Brainstorming Session about what could be our Most Wonderful Tomorrow, where the general rule is: Every idea is welcome, and no one will be judged for their contribution.

Periodically we will begin a new Idea String, to keep the scrolling necessary to read current entries to a minimum. Of course, all previous entries will always be available in this website’s archive.

We have started a new Idea String below, exploring the topic of Transparency, as discussed on multiple occasions in Conversations with God.

Thanks for making your input here. The best of the proposals for Humanity’s New Cultural Story, as judged by our readers at the end of 2013, will be placed before the world’s leaders in politics, economics, business & commerce, education, environment, and spirituality in a special publication to be widely distributed in the months that follow. So your contribution is important — and could help change the world.

Please make your entries below…and return often.


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  • Sharon Pearson (a.k.a. “Granny”)

    Greetings to All,

    I have read numerous books written by Neale Donald Walsch and even had the pleasure of meeting him in 2005, at a viewing of the movie regarding our “Indigo Children” in the sleepy village of Sharon, Ontario, Canada. I am extremely excited that The Storm Before the Calm has come to print because maybe now, humanity will make the choices necessary, in order for the world to be the Best and Highest expression of our Divinity. To some degree, the suggestions made in this said book has been my way of living for over 50 years. When I was a very young girl, an adult told me that my “viewpoint was all well and good, but that is just not the way the world works and it never will”. Can you imagine telling a young and impressionable child, NOT TO DREAM OF A BETTER LIFE OR WAY OF LIVING!!!. Lucky for me, that I was much stronger than that person’s “limited viewpoint” and way of living. I most certainly agree and assist, wherever I can, a mindset that supports “doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do”. By engaging our own “personal moral compass” to come into alignment with our Divinity, then allowing it to guide us to that state of Being, will ensure that we will no longer require someone outside ourselves to “tell us what needs to be done at any given moment”.

    I look forward to a day when we will live as Neale describes in the book. Utopian maybe; however, I choose to believe that all things are possible. How many “things” have been invented that was first thought, could never be done?

    Until then, I remain lovingly optimistic.

    Love and Blessings to All,

  • Peter Melton

    Well Hello to each of you, expressions of the great oneness we are.

    December 21, 2012 is very near, there is an energetic optimism that perhaps we can change, perhaps we are creating a new cultural story but what would that story be?

    As clearly stated in all the CwG books, we are remembering that we are all one. We are remembering that we have tricked ourselves into thinking that we are separate from each other, separate from our creator and somehow separate from our choices and the future we are co-creating.

    So, if in fact we are remembering that we are one, how can we help ourselves to remember this? Lets help ourselves any way and every way we can!

    With this “Lets do it” perspective on our remembering, I offer the ONENESS Sign. It is an evolution of the old peace sign, a new unifying hand signal that helps to remind us all, that while we appear to be separate, that in fact, we are deeply connected to all things. The hand signal starts with the two finger peace signal and as you share the ONENESS Sign, your hand and arm move forward slightly as the two fingers come together as one.

    It is explained more fully on this short video.

  • Peter Melton

    The new cultural story can be summed up in this..
    what I call the GOLDEN RULE 2.0

    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you..
    because they are you.. there is no “OTHER”

  • Erin/IAm

    Peter…I like your ‘Sign’.:) And G.R.2.0!:)

    I Am both optimistic & an opportunist, Sharon…This is a particularly Amazing time, indeed!:)

    Blessed be, New Story…One We put much heart into.:)

  • Trisha

    I dream of a world where there is fresh air again. I dream of a world where children are outside playing, adults are staying home to enjoy their yards and their families. I dream of a world where people are not living in fear and anger. I want the world where humans know that weapons are not the answer. I want a world where defense is not the way we live. I want the world where we actually stop and look at each other and have a conversation with each other.

    I want the world where we don’t ask how are you and the other mumbles something and walks away. I want the world where we know the clerk at the store is another human being that feels and we take the time to acknowledge that.

    I want the world where we have deep meaningful conversations about our positive beliefs. I want a world where we no longer create more material things on this planet because we know we don’t need them. We can use for many years into the future with what we have already.

    I want a world where we love each other really. Not where we hide in fear with blocks around our hearts and call that love. I want a world where my heart doesn’t ache because so many people are in spiritual, emotional and physical pain that they have created.

    I want a world where people know that they can create a blessed world. A world we look outside our windows and see the beauty and know truly in our hearts we are safe and we can have joy. I want the world where my fellow beings know that they are always safe because they are spiritual beings having a human experience. I want everyone to know you are your soul and your soul is always safe. So experience the love.

  • mewabe

    It serves no purpose and does no good to keep repeating that we are all one or to talk about brotherly love if we do not first understand our oneness with nature, and if first we do not love the ground under our feet.

    Western civilization (now global) has waged a war against nature for centuries, and still has a very antagonistic approach to nature, attempting to conquer, master, dominate, control and exploit all life forms, exhausting natural resources and using lands, air and oceans as toxic wastes dumps with scarcely a second thought.

    There is a profound lack of understanding here: our problem is not simply “environmental”, it is one of a near total disconnection from life which comes from the on-going despiritualization of the physical creation by religion, by spirituality and by science, and which leads to profound spiritual loss and to physical destruction.

    This disconnection is very evident on this website: very few here ever mention our crucial oneness with the natural environment, most are exclusively focused on the oneness of humanity, which will be irrelevant if humanity no longer has a viable planet to live on.

    This earth however is more than just a place…it is a dimension, a way of BEING, it is a complete spiritual home. This knowledge is missing in most contemporary discourses except those that originate from Native America. Yet without this understanding, we cannot understand anything else because we have no spiritual roots, we are just passing through life, lost and hanging on to grand ideas and concepts to make sense of our lives as best as we can because without tangible, palpable spirituality.

    Replacing one concept of God with another may work to some degree, particularly when the first concept was so wrong. But as long as we do not understand, FEEL and know the spiritual dimension of the physical creation, of trees, rivers, mountains, of the ground itself, of the air, of all living things, we are doomed to destroy it all, out of spiritual ignorance, of being spiritually blind, spiritually deaf.

    Why isn’t this discussed in depth on this website? Must all of humanity breathe and eat and drink toxicity everywhere before it realizes that it cannot eat, drink and eat ideas or beliefs, before it realizes that we are all trashing Heaven (the earth) seemingly without care?

  • Erin/IAm

    mewabe…I sooo understand the frustration felt of other’s disconnects to Whole Life. Those who do not hear Tree or Flower, or the voices of Life harbored by them…Those who do not feel Water’s caress, or Earth’s heartbeat. UGH!…Sooo chews on the web strings, doesn’t it?

    But what would Spider do? She would ‘stun’ them, & then carefully enwrap each in a warm silken blanket, & patiently await their grander re-emergence, as caterpiller to butterfly…or absorb them as her hunger calls to do so, yes? And is this not Perfect Process?

    No worries, right?!? Is Mother not about to ‘stun’ humanity? Should be interesting, to say the least…Amazing, at it’s finest! I hope to be wrapped in silk with a front row seat & an unpalatable flavor…How about you?:)

  • mewabe

    Thanks Erin…yes, I do get frustrated, because I have always had this connection, feeling as a stranger in a strange world, as most in the dominant culture do not have it.

    It is not just about destruction…even without environmental threats, so much is missed, spiritually, by those who do not feel and know where they are in this beautiful, magical creation.

    It remind me of the movie “Clear cut”…when a First Nation man attempts (through force so in the wrong way, granted) to get a logging company owner to SEE the beauty he is destroying…but the guy is blind, and remains blind to the end no matter what.

    Blindness of the heart and soul have been widespread conditions among the civilized…

    Yes, the earth will wake humanity up, it will happen…the “environment” will perhaps save humanity, not the other way around!

    I am not really worried but I truly love the earth and all of creation, and do not like to see it so disrespected and so trashed. I look at civilization and see it as a diseased mental state that causes people not to see that “heaven” is all around them.

    The earth need our love more than ever today.

  • Rufina Mestre

    Essencialmente eu gostaria de viver num novo mundo, onde as pessoas vivessem com mais calma, sem tanto stress, sem valorizarem tanto os bens materiais e onde cada um se preocupasse mais em SER do que em TER.Um mundo onde todos tivessem o essencial para poderem viver e onde as pessoas contassem pelos seus valores morais e não pelas suas opções religiosas ou sexuais ou pela sua cor de pele. Onde o estatuto social que valoriza as pessoas pelos bens materiais que têm, fosse substituído pelo valor atribuído às qualidades morais.
    Onde cada um não se sentisse dono do outro e fosse possível ter espaço para viver de acordo com os sentimentos que em cada momento da vida fosse sentindo.Onde o amor ao outro não se tornasse num certa escravidão e sentido de posse.Também gostaria de voltar a ver a natureza mais preservada, os cursos de águas menos poluídos, os espaços verdes ocupando um lugar cada vez mais importante nos ambientes onde vivemos.A solidariedade e o amor entre todos prevalecesse cada vez mais.Onde a vida decorresse ao ritmo de um tempo mais calmo com tempo para convivermos mais e reflectirmos.


    Essentially I would like to live in a new world where people live more calmly, without much stress, without appreciating both the material and where everyone cared more in BE than in TER.Um world where everyone had the essentials in order to live and where people tell by their moral values ​​and not by their sexual or religious options or the color of their skin. Where the bylaws that values ​​people for material goods that have to be replaced by the value attributed to moral qualities. Where each owner would not feel the other and it was possible to have space to live according to the feelings in every moment of life were sentindo.Onde love each other not to become a certain sense of slavery and would like to return posse.Também to see nature more preserved, the less polluted water courses, green spaces occupying an increasingly important place in environments where vivemos.A solidarity and love among all prevailed increasingly mais.Onde life was consequent to the rhythm of a longer with quiet time to reflect and convivermos more.

  • Fran Hobbie

    I am a healthy, active 87-year old who loves everything Neale Walsh has written, and who is eager to be a part of the new Conversations with Humanity. I have spent the major part of my life in education – as teacher, administrator, professor, and the designer of innovative programs in early childhood, special education, family living, evaluation, and on and on. I got my doctorate from Rutgers at age 50! Anyway, I would like to take active part in a new “Category” on your website – namely EDUCATION. I want to have conversations with other educators about the whole issue of school reform – with an emphasis on the spiritual in both teaching and learning. Could you start another category for education?

  • Laura Pringle

    Yes, our earth is our heaven, and we have been most horrible custodians. Love the analogy that we will be en-webbed and sarcophagus-ed while earth fixes herself ! Nice!

    How to un-do the generations of ignorance-thinking which destroyed so much of our pristine world? I don’t know where to even begin.

    I see so many examples of wanton waste daily. People let the water faucet run and run, without a care. I say to them, “Something had to DIE to provide you with that water, don’t you realize that?” They think I’m crazy. They shake their heads. I see people using wads and wads of paper to dry their hands in a public restroom, half of what they’ve thrown away hadn’t even touched their hands! This stuff goes on in the ritzy places where people ARE educated and socially aware!

    Oh, or lets stand there with the front door wide open, in the middle of winter. Or with the refrig open while we put groceries away, or decide what to eat. Or lets wash our clothes constantly, because lord forbid, we have dead skin particles or microscopic skin eating creatures touching us! Oh, and of course, let’s buy tons of excess clothes, gadgets, and other unnecessary things to boost our economy, while machines to manufacture them pollute our air and destroy our ozone!

    A few examples among millions. It’s hard not to get discouraged. At least Neale is trying to alter our mind-sets to allow for thoughts like these to register. With the acceptance and awareness of ourselves as spiritual entities, we gain confidence that we can take steps to promote the health of our splendid planet. Baby steps… Patience…Perseverance…

  • mewabe

    Thanks Laura for your comment and awareness…

    Regarding our relationship to the earth I think we need to go back to the original Indigenous mindset…

    This mindset is one that is rooted in love and appreciation. Loving the earth and appreciating its gifts. Without this love as foundation, all else is off track.

    How could anyone have a great relationship with God without having a profound love and respect for its/his/her creation?

    God is more than a Big Daddy who loves and takes care of us…God is life…all life.

    If we do not love and appreciate life, whose other name is nature (including our own nature), we do not love and appreciate God.

    The natural environment is not “outside” of us, it is within us, we are part of it and it is part of us, for better or for worse.

    Which is why when we saturate home furniture with flame retardant chemicals for example, the chemicals end up in our blood stream.

    Everything is very simple, when seen with an understanding of the interdependence and interconnection of all life, at all levels. All is One.

    It is only from the perspective of separations, when seeing all things as separate, that confusion, chaos and conflicts arise.

  • mewabe

    I think we need to understand that the old cultural story is not just about how we relate to or understand the divine (or God, Allah, etc). This is important but it is not everything.

    I think that a huge part of the old cultural story, which has not worked and which has not yet been addressed, and which will most likely never be addressed here, is succintly expressed in the following:

    “Control, as we may or may not realize, is a key thread of the old story of humanity rising above nature, imposing technology and reason on the wild world and the uncivilized human. All around us, we see our efforts at control backfiring: wars to fight terrorism breed terrorism, herbicides breed superweeds, antibiotics breed superbugs, psychiatric medications lead to explosive outbursts of violence.”
    Everything We Tell Ourselves About America and the World Is Wrong
    Charles Eisenstein, AlterNet

    The thrust of civilization has been exactly this: to attempt to establish as near total control as possible over EVERYTHING (nature, the world, ourselves, all life). This has been our sickness and it is proving to be our total undoing, predictably.

    Yet VERY FEW PEOPLE actually see and understand this, so deeply embedded in human consciousness have these pathologies of control, power over and mastery been…even among the spiritually oriented many seek special powers or mastery, as if such things were actually desirable.

    Very few people see and understand the destructiveness implied in seeking control over nature, over others, over ourselves, over life: to control is, essentially, to subjugate and rule.

    We attempt to subjugate, we enslave and exploit our natural environment, other people and ultimately ourselves because there are no separations between ourselves and others, between ourselves and nature, yet we act as if there were. We harm everything, including ourselves.

    The crucial point that is missed by most is this: the destruction of the natural environment is not simply the outcome of ignorance or carelessness: IT IS THE VERY PREDICTABLE OUTCOME OF THE ATTEMPT TO CONTROL AND MASTER IT…TO SUBJUGATE ALL LIFE. This IS the pathology, the original toxicity of the mind.

    The drives for power over and control are always rooted in fear. As long as humanity is unwilling to face its deep-seated fears, it will not understand its deeper motivations, the error of its ways and the destructiveness of its controlling approaches to life.

  • Stephen mills

    Mewabe I completely agree ,but it,s a question of raising consciousness .
    You just can’t tell people to do certain things if they do not understand the benefits especially if these benefits and outcomes are long term.

    We have to be a lot more aware of the consequences of our individual actions .
    The western dominator culture as you mention above is disconnected from nature and the causes that it has set in motion have not hit home yet,but I,am sure very soon life will not allow us to continue down this path.

    The solutions are in education ,we have to get these messages to our young one,s in school.
    Book,s like the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann educate and give us valuable wisdom to create a new story and different relationship to nature and life.
    The truth of what we are doing is not front page headlines ,the mass of the people are not concerned with the choices they make every day and the consequences of these choices to what they eat and drink to what clothing they ware and how and who makes it to what type of fossil fuel 4 by 4 they drive or how many houses the own or how many holidays and cruises they take they are only concerned with there pensions and possessions and if they are all right jack.

    Raising consciousness takes time I would love if there was a fast track to evolution but other than creating this new cultural story humanity might have to take a few steps back.
    I hope not but we are on the threshold.

  • mewabe

    I agree Stephen, and I also do think that nature itself, the “environment”, the earth, will stop us, mercifully, before we mess it all up completely and irrevocably.

    It seems all addicts have to learn the hard way, and our now global civilization is addicted to seeking this illusion of dominant power over nature and all life, and is not about to relinquish it voluntarily.

    But I think it is important to spell out the problem, to understand that how we perceive our relationship to nature is completely off track and is not just the outcome of greed or ignorance, but a deliberate and willful attitude of antagonism towards physical life which is probably grounded in the old religious idea that God is separate from its/her/his creation, which lead to a perceived conflict between spirit and matter and an on-going struggle of mind over matter.

    I wish Neale and others would emphasize this aspect of our mass delusions a little more, because the problems are mounting up and the natural environment is changing very fast, and I don’t just mean climate change.

    We need to redefine who, what and where we are not only in relationship to the divine but to All Life, and especially, urgently, to the EARTH…and to understand that this planet is not just a temporary home…it is a huge part of us, as we are a part of it.

    We CANNOT love, respect, honor, understand the divine if we do not love, respect, honor and understand the earth, and that we are of the earth, we are EARTH CREATURES.

    This artificial and unnecessary dichotomy between spirit and matter must end NOW, because it is killing everything around us, and it will kill us if we do not change.

  • Mike

    Dear Neale & Co,
    like what you’re planning on doing here. there are some huge things you’re not mentioning though. like Consciousness Theory, quantum physics, the Arab uprising, the science of photographing water molecules. and so many more things.

    you’re onto something. but just feeling the trunk of the elephant perhaps?

    mebbe it’s the thesis/synthesis/antithesis of EVERYTHING this time, eh?


  • Sarah Enan

    Hello fellow beings,

    I’m reading the book now and reached conversation #13. in the past two days i have been given strong insights upon waking up to write a document about the ideas that come up in my mind, about my visions & ideas for a new enlightened human society. New ideas come p each day…

    I will start by posting the introduction for the document & I am now editing a large part of it to post later. And I feel more shall unfold later:

    The New Human Story (The Next Evolutionary Chapter)

    The human consciousness will have a major shift in values, capabilities and powers that the old lifestyle, economic, social and political systems will be obsolete and completely transformed.

    Humanity is starting to know that our thoughts are creative powers manifesting our reality almost instantaneously. As we start to learn how to create from the invisible dimensions, as we experience how to harness divine powers by controlling our mind scripts, as we know how to control our energy fields as well as access and control our physical and subtle bodies, we will bring about a great silent revolution.

    We will be able to have super powers like telepathy, instant healing powers, instant manifestation of forms at will, teleportation, levitation, omnipresence and much more. A great evolution of the human species shall result in a major transition into a new world that we know we have to co-create together with awareness. We can do that by focusing our collective consciousness in specific directions.

    Real experiences of unity will increase, more tuning in with the universal and collective consciousness will happen, and as critical mass is achieved (enough people knowing it, understanding it and experiencing it), a complete and utter paradigm shift will happen.

    Universal values and laws will be so evident and widely adopted by the masses, thus citizens will be self regulated by naturally experiencing the whole. High level of sensitivity rising in our species will result in deep compassion and love to all beings and creation.

    Individuals will start becoming in tune with the universal and collective consciousness and act from the space of all knowing and pure awareness. All our questions, needs, wants and desires shall be answered & granted instantaneously. In return, human beings will yearn for something much greater than their personal satisfaction or that of their loved ones (since it is easily achieved). Eventually a collective will shall emerge.

    The ‘Collective Will’ shall reach a conclusion not to bare the consequences of low-level awareness moments anymore. We shall all act to elevate & aid those who still go through moments of un-awareness with love, light, attention and understanding (given their consent).

    We will start to have joint dreams to evolve and create a utopic world together and when we do that we can even move on to universal creation. We might start aiding other unearthly civilizations, almost like angels, but more so because we incarnate in our creation. With such awareness we can start to be part of the universal creation with beings of light, constructing worlds and laws for various life forms to be sustained, on other dimensions of space-time and beyond. Who knows the limit, it is eternal and infinite…. But…

    Before we dream so big, lets focus on our earth for the time being. For it is now time for our next chapter of evolution: A New Human Story is emerging… a transition phase of chaos is approaching and new transit systems will replace the old yet even beyond this near future, much more advanced spiritual systems will take over when we change to completely Aware Spiritual Enlightened Beings. Many things will become obsolete and replaced yet others will evolve and transform. (Our political, economic, educational, social and ethical systems)

    Next post I will share a hypothetical glimpse at the New Age of Enlightened Societ that we can co create now.

    Love and Light,

  • Stanlee

    I am in total agreement with your outline in The STorm Before the Calm. I fear, though, that this assignment of writing our own new cultural story is very sophisticated and somewhat challenging! I am a fairly intelligent person and rarely have difficulty articulating my dreams and ideas, but … when I start this assignment I get stumped. “In the beginning, … … … … … ??????” Can I just copy and paste yours? I will of course revisit it continuously until I can speak of it without hesitation, but so far, I find I can’t write my own either because 1) I am totally in agreement with yours, or 2) I just have not yet opened up enough to get past all the things I’ve been programmed with, so that I can begin to create my own version. I like yours. I vote for Neal as Director of the New World! ;~)


  • Stanlee

    I’m going to give it a whirl. Business in Our New Cultural Story

    Business is a way of gathering the gifts each individual has been given to give the world, into groups of offerings, products and services. There is no such thing as a Solo-prenuer as every business has need of a variety of specialists to plan, administrate, produce, track and innovate progress.

    People that love to farm and feel most connected and cared for when working with the earth, farm, while others in this business, acquire seed and support items by interacting cooperatively with those that love to sort, sift, count, package, distribute, store, etc. Others, in this business seek out relationships with distributers that love to provide for people. Others, connect with and build relationships with those that love to cook and feed people. Etc.

    I like a barter system. Credits are good too, as not all exchanges can be done efficiently in every area of the world. I believe that when people are in love with what they do to participate in the global community, because they are naturally gifted in ways that fulfill them when expressed, those gifts become valuable and desirable to others that are gifted in other ways. And, when all people are concerned with the support, well being and happiness of everyone else, it is easy for all to have what they need, what they want and what makes them happy. Because everyone is expressed, fulfilled and happy, there is no competition but excited, diverse and ever changing participation and interaction, learning and sharing at a level of celebration all the time. What a wonderful world this will be!

  • Laura Pringle

    OOOH, Stanlee, I’m liking it so far! 🙂 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    I wanted to comment on mewabe’s post, (as always, it stimulated my mind;)

    “The drives for power over and control are always rooted in fear. As long as humanity is unwilling to face its deep-seated fears, it will not understand its deeper motivations, the error of its ways and the destructiveness of its controlling approaches to life.”

    LOVE IT! The facing of fears thing is huge. I agree that this will/must preclude further evolution.

  • Laura Pringle

    Hey, any of you regular posters: (Please let me have your birth info!:)I Would LOVE to study your charts!!! Real names aren’t necessary, 🙂 But time of day and city are extremely helpful.

  • Laura Pringle

    Oh, and Sarah Enan,

    LOVED what you wrote, too- looking forward to more! <3

  • Ionic Breeze named Regular Ho Ho Ho

    Hi Laura darling,

    I don’t know if I can be called regular, but I am sending you my chart stuff. Go easy on me, Life, cuz I only like the easy stuff in Life these days Whew wee Laura, I hear Chista is on the way to bring you tidings of a Goddess name called Lina. That means you are a Goddess with her attributes Ho Ho Ho Get ready, cuz here he comes.


  • Laura Pringle

    I had such fun with your channelings. Was curious about these names you’ve channeled/intuited. Chista, and now, Lina? Care to elaborate on their origins???

  • I Am I Am,and So are You

    Hi Love, don’t worry. I’ve got a whole blog post for you. didn’t know if neale would levitate into my computer screen and tell me to quit parking lines of life on his love blog,but I’m getting my own. I promise. I’m going to email you one personally though. Lina, You are Goddess I said. You just are. Your twin true twin wants you to channel him today, love. Go.Just go He He he Alright,Chista up to bat,real quick I’ve got to go.

    “Chista is the Mother Mary Name. I was gifted that title this life. She gave me the name Christ in 3 and I took Chista in 2012 Whew I Am I Am, Love, and so are you. I come for you to gift you so many presents, I said. Ho Ho Ho Inbreath of me. Breathe me today, Love,and you will see what I Am. Come forth as a breath. I Am a breath of you and you are me as a Breath of Life. We breathe the Name Chista as Chi in the Hebraic version of the Code. The Breath of Life is never broken. The God Code meant to waken the World tothe New Earth was broken and many lightworkers got lost, but I Am here for all life Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Come forth, Life,and show Life your Name. I gave you Life. You are me. We are One Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Come in. Do come in. This water is holy and I Am here to bring forth all here a holy Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Live me. Breathe me, and watch for me,cuz I prank. I Am Christ I Am, Love. Lina is your Birth Name in All Life. You carry that imprint of Birth since you were born at Zero Hour of Birth. You are her,and I gifted your Birthday, so breathe it. Miracles are about to begin for you, Love God I Am Hi He” Stop it michelle. We here you rushing us. Go get your son and breathe us. We give upgrades, as we gift life. She’s marking all over this wall, and believe us, she has some miracles to share. She wants another upgrade, of course,of course Hi Ho He

  • Lynne

    Greetings All,

    Does anyone know of any chat rooms where real time conversations such as these take place? Where people who have beliefs that are shared here?


  • Evangeline (Eve) Coomber

    Many years ago, after reading of a South American country whose post-revolution leadership had become as bad as its predecessor I came up with the simile of a jigsaw puzzle. If you remove the puzzle’s centrepiece, only another piece of similar design will fit – or, if it doesn’t fit at first it will grow to fit the space. However, if most pieces in the puzzle change, the centrepiece will no longer fit. Evolution – changing ourselves, one by one, is the only way we’ll ever get the enlightened ‘leadership’, and the fairer world, we all want. It can only begin with us.

  • Sarah Enan

    Dear Evangeline, your post speaks truth to me:)

    Dear Stanlee, the assignement given to us to write the new story is fun actually… I’m glad my outline was in tune with your mind, and when I read your vision for Business I vibrated with it too. They all come from the same source:)

    Dear Laura, appreciate your support. My Birthdate is May 15, 1978 4am.

  • Sarah Enan

    Dear Fellow Beings,

    I’m following up on my introduction for a new Human Story post.

    A New Human Story is emerging… a transition phase of chaos is approaching and new transit systems will replace the old yet even beyond this near future, much more advanced spiritual systems will take over when we change to a completely Aware Spiritual Enlightened Beings. A- Many things will become obsolete and replaced yet others will B- evolve and transform. (Our political, economic, educational, social and ethical systems)

    Lets take a hypothetical glimpse at the New Age of Enlightenment world that we can co create now.

    A- Many things will become obsolete and replaced:

    No Death
    Leaving the physical body will be the choice of the individual, after fulfilling their purpose and that of the collective will, to move on to the next life and plan his/her next. No more sudden and unknown death. It will be considered a rebirth. The decision will be respected and welcomed by family and friends.

    Negative Emotions & Destructive Actions
    Jealously, hatred, greed, violence, wars, etc.., will be obsolete. As each person can create and get what they want or need, by harnessing the power of thoughts bringing about instantaneous manifestation. Thus fear will vanish, leading to the feeling and experience of abundance, unlimited resources, sharing, love & joy. Peace & harmony will spread instead, when the truth about how easy it is to access the infinite universal resources is adopted in the mainstream thinking.

    Such called accidents will be greatly reduced, people will know if something should happen for the evolution of the earth or the universe and prepare for it, and human error contributing to accidents will decline greatly as individuals will start becoming in tune with the universal and collective consciousness and act from the space of all knowing and pure awareness.

    Economy & Commerce
    The exchange of ideas & blue prints is the new trade, rather than physical commodities, the manuscripts and holographic images of new forms and ideas will be the object of trade, since we all know how to create from the invisible field. Energy can also be traded and holographic works of art or experiences (movies).

    The monetary system as we know it will transform, since we can create from the invisible dimensions. Also our physical form will transform into a lighter vibration so there will be no need for money. Yet another form of exchange will take place. The exchange of specific type of organized energy fields, the exchange of ideas and blue prints exchange to create new forms, experiences and worlds. There will be a form calibration system to identify the value of the exchanged items, with energy vibrational value, yet lots of free exchange will emerge for we know we are all one. Yet for Karmic law, still a specific exchange system of value will be retained.

    Food and Drink
    Food and Drink shall be viewed as energetic vibrational field of Prana. Each being will identify the Prana needed for their system to function optimally. The cook’s energy field is as vitally important, if not more important to aid in the transformation and elevation for the Prana in the cooked food. Our awareness while eating is also as equally important. The source of the food and the environment surrounding it while growing will be given the utmost attention and love to increase their vibrational level. Calibration instruments (many humans will be able to measure it with their own body-mind system) can easily identify the vibrational value of food and other items thus the industry shall change completely, and on it’s own shall self regulate with the highest stadards needed for evolution of humanity and earth.

    Soon enough our need for food as a necessity for survival will decrease, as we are able to create Prana (energy) in ourselves by breathing and meditating, Thus our bodies will become more subtle. However, food will become a recreational art, where we enjoy life’s creations in this incarnation with our taste buds. With the great appreciation of the miraculous sense of taste, we experience creation with full awareness from this perspective; it is a tantric experience for our pleasure.

    The police body shall be replaced by A Universal Transformation Order, a band of Social & Spiritual Workers, scanning the cities and the streets to aid those who are still in progress, in need of love, understanding or any other minor need. The Universal Transformation Order aims to raise awareness and consciousness & bring about a specific level of harmony between the inhabitants existing in one area or at on time, or collaborating towards a common goal. Thus groups of people will easily be able to fulfill their purpose as well as the collective purpose and not get tangled in the details. It respects the individual’s free will and decision to be engaged or not, it just offers help and aid. One if its main functions if to buffers low vibratory actions from affecting the collective.

    Will be replaced by Transformation Centers run by a committee of neo psychologists, spiritual masters and life coachers. Their mission is to aid in the re-scripting of the lost human souls that still have mind scripts contributing to violence and low vibratory action & put them back on their true path and real identity. It shall be respecting the free will of the individual and their choice to transform or not. By expressing true companionate love, light and understanding, it can be enough to diffuse the anger and violence erupting in moments of unawareness, versus brain washing which is an intrusive, violent and unethical method. There are programs if the person is willing to begin digging in deeper for their life’s purpose and what make them joyful and find ways for persons to express their self & co-create their destiny.

    Foreign Affairs
    The next human evolution will bring about the centralized body of Global Council for Human Affairs, with representative masters (elected due to their high vibrational calibration) from different parts of the globe. Their mission shall be focused on communicating the will of their group and addressing how to unify and bring about a global evolutionary vision and maintain peace and avoid clashes of civilizations and ideas. Since most groups can create their own world anyway, as time and space are infinite tools to manifest their reality, The global council shall be responsible for the bridges between these worlds and the interaction between them.

    The Army will be replaced completely by an Association of Galactic and Dimensional Communication and Relations, focusing on our relationship with other intelligent beings and species. Learning from them, planning common activities together, common goals, bringing us closer and creating specific dimensions where we can meet and interact. Training humans and other beings to change their form and travel and interact with each other, as well as plan exchange programs and more…

    Many spiritual paths say that humans being has 7 energetic bodies and various paths have different names for or even identify different numbers of bodies. For our purposes, the first three are the physical, Etheric and Astral bodies. There are groups & consciousness associations that train their members to control the travel of their etheric & astral bodies in space instantaneously, with the mind. This is possible with great awareness and lucidity and it allows the human being to see and experience places that are physically very far away. This is done with great ethical conduct and respect to privacy, or else it can negatively affect the purity & karmic account of the violator.

    The next step will be teleportation of the physical body through space instantaneously, thus all current forms of transport will become obsolete. Physical forms of transportation will be created for recreational & practical purposes. Since anybody can just teleport anywhere instantaneously, there will be a protection system using Auric Energy Fields over homes, countries and spaces. Some spaces will be classified as public access, some are private and require permission (telepathic and energetic request). Travellers respect the space they want to visit and show their intention, & avoid intruding.

    Privacy & Security
    In the new enlightened age, each person knows where to be, where to go and what to do, because of the constant connection to the collective. By now, self-regulation is inherent in individuals. We all respect and requests permission to enter energetically into a place, to communicate to or about another, greet or touch another in the form or auric energetic fields. We know when we are welcome and expected or if our presence is called for in a specific time and space.

    All premises homes and shops and offices, have an auric protective energy field that can be regulated by the creators or inhabitants of the space, who can classify the space as public or private. Usually any space is open for anyone that can match its vibratory level (meaning they are in harmony or have a direct relation to the space or it’s inhabitants). Visitors scan to see if the space and its inhabitants are ready for their visit. Those who do not match can request by telepathy to be granted entry.

    However in times of transition the Universal Transformation Order will act as a scan & buffer to specific lower levels of consciousness moments in any individual and carefully aid in the change of their energies if they so wish. The energetic adjustment mostly happens by giving light, love, understanding and attention to the individual. For it is the collective will not to bare the consequences of low-level awareness moments anymore, but act to elevate & aid those who still go through them.

    Borders control:
    No more visa’s and passports control, the identity of each individual can be scanned energetically as they request permission to enter a space. Any space, regardless of the country it is in, has an energetic field protecting it and naturally allows anyone who is in harmony with it, complete free access. As a general ethical law, individuals ask permission from the space and it’s inhabitants to enter a space on a specific time. They get an answer through the energetic field of the space and know that the space & its inhabitants are ready for the visit or get feedback on when to come.

    There will be specific areas that do not prefer to have regular visitors that have an Auric protective energetic field, behaving as its borders for certain purposes of human evolution. In order to request visiting, there will be a Global Council or Purposeful Immigration & Travel, (given that joy & curiosity, evolution, pusuit of knowledge is one of the foremost valid purposes), where visitors can contact with telepathy, and request to visit or immigrate. The council will have representatives from all the world, whose missions is to gently and respectfully inquire about the immigrants and visitor’s intention and check their energetic field. Through the council’s knowledge of the area’s inhabitants and the new individual’s energy, they shall either grant entry or thus required the individual to view a mini transformative and educative film (holographic in nature) to bring about understanding of the energetic and value system in this area and require they vow to respect it and not meddle or disrupt it. This shall happen through telepathy and with respect to the individual’s free will as well as that of the area’s inhabitants.

    Most individuals will request to view the areas film and it’s collective permission before entering anyway. The council shall be able to energetically scan their area or country for intruders and there are various protocols taken; Contact the intruder to give the him/her 3 choices: 1) to un derstand the ethical conduct and if they are willing raise their energetic field to match that to the space they wish to visit, mediate between the space to host the ex-intruder if they have valid reason & good intention, and match the energetic field, among others. Another action can be isolate the intruder from the space that was broken into without permission, if low level actions of violence are made… or leave the intruder be to suffer the karmic consequences of violation and alert the space’s inhabitants.

    Political intelligence
    The political intelligence will be replaced by a Centralized Universal Mediating Committee between all the following: The Universal Transformation Order, Global Council for Purposeful Immigration & Travel, Global Council for Human Affairs, & Association of Galactic and Dimensional Communication and Relations.

    Next post I will share more of the hypothetical glimpse at the New Age of Enlightened Society that we can co create concentrating on B- Many Things will Evolve and Transform:

    Sex & Marriage, Physical Body, Health and Medicine, Media and Entertainment, Education, Communication, Politics, Tehcnology, Parenting, Religion…

    Love and Light,

  • Ruerd Visser

    I’d like to contribute a poem called humanity: the release:

    It is an age old belief we are bound,
    But is it really sound of heart?
    who keeps us chained, with their idle
    promises of some sort?
    What is the goal of mankind?
    oh please let us be released from the shackles
    and chains holding us back.
    The release of mankind, will set this world in
    motion: to be a shining beacon in space.
    Telling the universe,
    this world joins the many others lighting up space.
    Building a universal alliance, that makes space our home.
    Together with the countless species,
    who have been awaiting us from the beginning?
    From the ones whom stood at the cradle of
    mankind, until the ones whom saw the light thereafter.
    We are all joined, in on this adventure called
    life. So let us explore the final frontier, and stand
    up for what is dear to us all: life itself, in all it’s manifestations.

    As it was meant from the beginning.

  • Chris Oak

    On Custodianship

    Odd title perhaps, but I will explain. In my world view we are all, regardless of our age, experience, knowledge status etc. etc., librarians of ourselves. Our library doors should be open to all just like the public library.

    The knowledge, life-skills, abilities which we possess are the culmination of our life’s experience. Some planned, some unplanned. Most importantly they all come to us from external sources. Once internalised, we add to them a sprinkling of our personal seasoning to make them palatable to us and bury them in our psyche – ready to be dispensed to others in the fulness of time.

    And like a library, there are dusty tomes which hardly get taken out from one year to the next, and others which seem to be borrowed just about every day. Always there are new books being added and old ones being revised.

    And on to my point, as we are the sum of the things which have come to us, we do not own it, it is just passing through.

    As custodians of the library of us, our only real point of existence is to ensure all the accumulation of knowledge we gain throughout our lives is all passed on to others. All must have equal access to this knowledge regardless of where they come from; if someone is reaching for what we know/have we are duty bound to ensure that our knowledge is passed on to them.

    For me, nothing that I have is mine alone; it came to me through others’ experience, through my watching what others did, listening to them, interpreting situations and building up my picture, sometimes formally, sometimes not.

    So my aim now is to pass on the range of my beliefs, awareness etc to any and everyone that asks. I treat everyone the same regardless, differences in people are not relevant in this situation, what matters is giving everyone the same respect – its the same library card after all, no barriers.

    My only concern is to try to ensure that when I die my library has no book with no stamps inside

  • Kristen

    Oh dear. Sarah I hope your world never happens whilst I and my family are still on earth – please wait at least 70 years. This is earth, not the afterlife nor an alien realm, and like or not, physical matter is born here and not all people are reincarnated from god knows where. i do agree with your wish for it to be accepted that people leave when they choose. You have our full support, and I’m sure that of the physical creator and my biblical God. As I have said in here before, when so many so entities clearly hate earth, the physical, the way we do things here on OUR realm, and normal people, why the hell are you here?! You are guests here on earth, learn to respect our way of life.

  • Laura Pringle

    It looks as though Sarah is imagining the earth as it could be when we progress past some of our grosser (as in less-subtle) ways of behaving and communicate more telepathically, and energetically.

    None of her comments suggested to me that she hates the physical, or the earth.

    WE are ALL guests here, it doesn’t mean we can’t wish for or imagine more refined ways of being, while we are here. Let’s face it- Our treatment of earth could use some improvement, from the looks of what we have done thus far with our beautiful sphere of heaven! 🙂

    Chris, I like your analogy of people being like libraries!

  • mewabe

    I believe that the idea of a “gross” physical reality is just that: an idea.

    Nothing is gross or dense in the physical world, but the human mind that fails to perceive the physical within the spiritual, the mind that is blind to the subtle energies and vibrational fields that permeate all life at all time.

  • Raymond Ladebo


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  • starsisterB

    I was most interested to read in Calm Before the Storm about the concept of social threefolding – creating a balanced society where neither economics, politics, or culture dominate the others. This seems to be a long long way from where we are at, but nice to aim for.

    I would like to add a fourth pillar. Environment. I couldn’t see where environment would fit in the above three – although one would hope that if all three were brought into balance, environment would thrive. But it has become the critical issue facing humanity in my opinion, and should therefore be considered in balance with economics, politics and culture. Our home, Earth, is currently unsustainable.

    So what about social fourfolding? How would we reach this ideal? Making individual choices will lead to the 100th monkey effect, agreed. But we also need leadership.

    – What if all banks were not for profit?
    – What if all Governments acted for the people not for the Corporations that own – them, and in turn are owned by the banks?
    – What if our currency supply was not created centrally by the Fed / Bank of England &c, but created in a measurable and manageable way as per the Bitcoin example?
    – What if all Big Pharma and Big Agra were not for profit?

    Just a few thoughts.

    In my community we have just won a small battle against our Council, who tried to introduce parking charges which would kill the small retailers in the town. The Council lost £6m in the Iceland banking crash, and needs to make money back. They have, after not following correct procedure and due process, just backed down.

    It seems like an endless civic battle. I understand the concept that co-creation begins once we begin to envision the future / the NOW that we desire. But it seems like an endless challenge getting embroiled with the what’s wrong, rather than creating what’s right anew.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Phoenix Huege de Serville

    Humanity’s New Cultural Story: Humans united together in world peace, loving each other as brothers, sisters, family. An understanding we are all interconnected, intolerance to diseased old ways of thinking… encouraging life enhancing thoughts, words and actions. Allowing differences to add colour, depth and wisdom. Not one leader but a group of leaders from all over the world who can listen and empathise with each others experience. These leaders chosen by the people of the world (world voting) come together to ensure the rights of all nations and its peoples are respected, they have a deep understanding their decisions impact on all nations not just one… and seek to create a world where poverty, discrimination, racism,violence is old fashioned. Schools unlike schools of old where emotional, spiritual muscle is encouraged, where it is taught we create our own reality, to look within and enjoy it, where this beingness is valued, where children enjoy truth and healing circles, recognizing their inner and outer worth and the power of values like respect, honesty, compassion, truth, courage, humility. Humanity unites to encourage families to be together, to endorse the value of community values such as looking after all children not just our own. Holding peace circles each day or night to release and make peace within the community. Smaller communities united in growing their own organic foods, sharing the bounty amongst the whole, sharing skills. Humanity can learn from the past and create a new today, change the world by changing ones mind, speech, acts, by teaching our children the value of all of the above… allowing their voice to be heard, allowing and nurturing their intuition. I ask the question, do we need a government or do we need to choose leaders who can speak for us, who we trust to speak our truth, who have the inner gift of true leadership. Do we need banks and money institutions who seek to impound our lifes savings, take control of it and invest it for their own agendas. It is time to see we are all responsible for what is happening or not happening in the world and ask ourselves… what part of me is creating this? what part of me is allowing this? what part of me is willing to offer more towards a wonderfully empowering change on this planet for my children and their future generations. Phoenix

  • Patricia

    I haven’t read all the input but wonder if it has been radically suggested that the Golden Rule:
    Do to others what you would have them do to you, might be a starting point for a new world.

  • the world ‘needs’ nothing yet desires everything

  • lalainia shortt

    my thoughts to world leaders etc, we all are one , and if we all became a one world unified, maybe some things could change for the better, not just in one place or one countries but all countries…

  • a new cultural story

    The new story – has to begin with the remembering of being free sovereign beings – the true nature of a human being is one of peace love and compassion – one of trust and unity – indeed the human being is created through an act of love – at least a conscious act one calls love making – creates the conditions for a soul to enter into the realm of physical life – thus the entire body growing and nutured in the womb is gown in the harmonic of a feeling tone that we call love and is birthed into this physical dream by woman

    thus a new cultural story has to be a balance between the to halves of humanity the feminine and the masculine – this is the basis of humanity and today sits as the core dysfunction upon which every thing else flows

    Thus the reintegration of the herstory of history can create ourstory – our new cultural story and from this balanced partnership can come the recognition of the divine feminine – the lost mother to the father the missing sister to the brother – out of this can come the divine partnership of feminine/masculine – the complementary aspects of woman and men

    without this balance – the distortion will continue – indeed the strong and powerful women’s movement is now handing the baton over to the men who are stepping up and speaking out about breaking the male code – revealing how the old cultural story had taught men to look down on women – and women to look up to men in a distorted form of partnership robbing both of them and creating such a deep dysfunction – but this is being transformed as i type – with divine masculine stepping up and breaking the male code – so

    1) balance between feminine and masculine as the starting point

    flowing from this is the nature true nature of a human being – one of love and compassion – thus the religious and political system currently in place are ones of control and domination

    Religion has created a separation between humanity and nature, creating and enforcing a separation between the divine and self – its invention of the sinful self has done much to undermine the whole of humanity and the demonetization of EVE to become the scapegoat in the shape of all women needs to be corrected – thus the very foundation upon which religion sits has been one of imbalance and darkness – creating a massive distortion and by acting as an intermediary between an individual and the divine has set about a story that sees ‘man’ separated from his own divine source – the dualistic mindset is continued by seeing nature as something lessor and all creatures, animal, mineral vegetable as something less than ‘man’ himself – this gives ‘man’ the superiority complex that he is somehow better and that he can use nature and all creatures for his profit – awareness is shifting here but the old traditions are still very deeply entrenched – and lest we forget, religious doctrine did form the basis of our laws

    2) redefining divinity creating a unity of divine source and reconnection with self, nature, and whatever one terms their divine source – source can not be peopleized or gendered – rather it is an energy that at this level of consciousness simply cannot be contained without incredible distortion by any label of definition

    Being free divine creatures sharing a reality where unity rather than duality filters life experiences there will be little need for the control and domination of world governments – the peaceful nature inherent within a human being will be the guiding principal here thus

    3) governments will be more like councils of wiser elders who have no connection wtih any corporate entity and these have a guiding influence in peoples affairs – not their lives – and within the community

    these are the 3 basics i feel apply to any new story …

    from my experience knowledge and wisdom – human beings are here to expereince physical life – inherent within being in a cellular form – are the emotional ebbs and flows of life – the meaning and purpose of life is to simply experienceince these – there is no failure in experience as one simply experiences – there is no judgment within experience either – rather concealed within the human experience is a unity of purpose – unfolding as it needs to ……..however – physical life is simply one aspect of a being or soul or whatever word you would like to use – and all life is lived simultaneously in the one present and spacious moment we call now …..

    in the wider non physical realms all life is connected and in this physical life and within this waking state exists all the elements needed to create a ‘new’ story – indeed humanity is always moving and growing towards its best creative expression in any given moment – every life – every aspect of soul/beeing is known at a core level by the entity experiencing human form – for their is only life –


  • New cultural story,

    This new story must start with the old story finished, so that we have a continued theme of complete understanding.

    So let’s take a good look at the old story about human beings first, for all the people here to see. How we see our self, being, human and God?
    First let as look at human beings from the point of our Royal Family’s who rule and own all the human beings and the land in western world and some Asian world as well.
    Then let as look from the point of our Religious Leaders, who represent God on Earth.
    Then let as look at the human beings from the ordinary person point of view.
    We could then look at human beings from Extra Terrestrial point of view some one like Darrly Anka (bashar- entity).
    Then we could look at human being from Neale Donald Walsch,
    point of view.
    When we examine this closely we will find we are not aloud
    to express the view of Royal Family, for in they eyes humanity are slaves who
    are not aloud to own them self’s or Land or Water, or Air or Gold or Silver……………
    There are Courts of Law to govern the Human Beings, like to
    see what that definition for Human Being is, read Black Law Dictionary for law Definition.
    Religious Leaders see all humanity as sinners who will end up in Hell for we have offended God by our Birth never mind life. Ordinary person who are schooled will learn to conform to the authority and will know to sing and dance well, never to question any thing
    After all state issues the licence for every business every year, no license no job.
    Go to church where the good people go to prey to god for forgiveness of they sins.
    God is to be FEARED, so is all authority. Never ask question, jest do what you are told and be quiet and be ready to give his life for the God, or God representatives on Earth.
    This is how ordinary human being sees himself.
    This is 2013, go to any shopping centre; people are dressed as if they slept in the close they are wearing all night.

    Some one has robed them of self worth and self esteem totally.
    Then a point of view on human being from Extra Terrestrial Darrly Anka (bashar- entity).
    Totally out of this world; human being is described as Divine Being in human form.
    God as the essence of all life forms.
    Then true the eyes of Neale and his God of Love who has no Need, human is described as God in human form. Reading his books human feels like a blind person given his sight back. Like a Slave given his freedom.
    Freedom, Truth, Joy and Love are the names of the Human
    Essence of Life expressed by God thru our Soul.
    True quality of all human beings is one. One with all of the creation.
    This is the life and the way to life for ever more for all the humanity.
    This is our cultural story and my God help as with it to bring it to all the world we live in.

    • Ronald Cogan

      Victor, I just love what you wrote, love it, but looking at all this information, don’t you think that we need to have an underlying focal point? Like, we live for our souls experience? Just talking out loud. RON

  • Human Theology is the only key to our Planet future, free from wars and terrible life conditions
    If we believe that we are Sinners and devils it is easy to kill one another and go to wars,
    But if we believe that there is only one God and our soul is divine expression of it, it would be impossible to harm another, for we would be harming divine being, an expression of God in human form.
    Only this, one useful and sain reason should be good enough for any human to see the great benefits of such a belief.
    The view of God must be addressed publicly now, today, for we might not have tomorrow to do it.
    Our Stone Age Theology can not exist with space age technology in the same place and time.
    Cave man characters are not quite sane to fully understand the consequences of Biological Warfare’s and Atomic Bombs.

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    Edward J. Snowden, the American data analyst who blew the whistle on the collecting and monitoring of data on millions of telephone users in the U.S., has released a statement in a press conference at the Moscow Airport in which he said, among other things:

    “Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications. Anyone’s communications at any time.
    That is the power to change people’s fates. It is also a serious violation of the law.

    “The 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution of my country, Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and numerous statutes and treaties forbid such
    systems of massive, pervasive surveillance.

    “While the US Constitution marks these programs as illegal, my government argues that secret court rulings, which the world is not permitted to see, somehow legitimize an illegal affair. These rulings simply corrupt the most basic notion of justice –– that it must be seen to be done. The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law.

    “I believe in the principle declared at Nuremberg in 1945: “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.”

    Conversations with God explores repeatedly the notion that Highly Evolved Societies live within a model of Total Transparency. That is, no secrets from anyone about anything. Regardless of whether you believe this is practical in our human society today, do you believe that this should be part of Humanity’s New Cultural Story?

    Your input is invited below.

  • Ivonne Holthey Ute Woelki

    Mr Donald Walsch

    Danke vielen Dank für Ihre Wunderbaren Bücher, ich war und bin in einer großen Lebenskriese, doch Dank Ihrer Erklärungen angefangen mit Gespräch mit Gott habe ich einen Weg gefunden, mir zu helfen und zu Vergeben, sowie eine völlig neue Perspektive auf alles was mich verletzen konnte.

    Ich wusste immer das es möglich ist zu helfen und auch sich selbst zu helfen, doch war es wichtig zu wissen wie es geht, ich habe es durch Ihre Werke verstanden. Danke

    Ich werde weil es mein Wunsch ist mit meiner mir möglichen Macht helfen auch wenn es nur in Gedanken geschieht die Welt zu Retten, dies werde ich alles gemeinsam mit meiner Lebensgefährtin tun. Wir haben uns in den schwersten Stunden gefunden und sind Seelengefährten, wir haben beide durch Ihre Werke uns Erinnert Danke Mr Walsch

  • Ivonne Holthey Ute Woelki

    Ich lese gerade im Buch ” Der Sturm vor der Ruhe”, und habe da mal eine Anregung, ich Wünsche und Glaube an eine Welt, in der jeder weiß, das wir alle eins sind und natürlich möchte ich Frieden und Liebe unter allen Lebewesen, doch Mr. Walsch, wir Menschen müssen ja wissen, was groß ist, um zu erfahren was klein ist, wir müssen wissen was dick ist, deshalb muss es etwas geben das dünn ist

    also es muss Gegensätze geben um zu erfahren,

    doch meine Frage, ich weiß tief in mir, das ich ein teil von Gott bin, doch wie erfahre ich Gott, wenn Gott kein Gegenteil hat. alles ist Göttlich ,ja ich versteh das

    Gott ist das Leben es gibt keinen Tod auch das glaube ich

    doch ist es nicht so, das Menschen den Tod kennen müssen, um zu wissen das es nur Leben gibt, wenn es doch für alles Gegensätze geben muss, damit man es erfahren kann.

    Man kann nur erfahren wen es Gegensätze gibt.

    Eine Frage aber beschäftigt mich jedoch, in Ihrem Buch wenn sich alles verändert ,verändert sich alles steht, Deutsche Ausgabe Seite 161 das das Gehirn sich stufenweise entwickelt hat, von Reptil zu Mensch,
    doch in den Buch LEBEN UND LEHREN DER MEISTER IM FERNEN OSTEN Deutsche Ausgabe Seite366 Band 2 steht ,
    das es sofort ein Menschliches Wesen gab mit Menschlichem Gehirn und das es zu dieser Zeit noch keine Tier Amöben gab. Nun ist meine Verwirrung wie den nun der Mensch entstanden sei berechtigt.
    Ich Danke Ihnen im voraus für Ihre Antwort Danke

  • Ivonne Holthey Ute Woelki

    Frieden , Liebe, Gesundheit, Freude, Essen und Trinken für alle Lebewesen, Hilfe für alle Menschen mit Handicap und deren Familienangehörigen, jeder Mensch sollte bei sich selbst anfangen etwas zu Verändern und Verstehen lernen, das wir alle eins sind, erst wenn jeder bei sich selbst anfängt, kann er etwas für andere tun, dennoch sollte jeder schon mal beginnen an eine bessere Welt zu denken das jeder Nahrung hat , das Frieden der Sieg ist, Menschen fangt bei euch selber an, wenn ihr euch Verändert dann Verändert sich alles.

  • Doug Tozier

    From chapter 5: “You don’t have to be wrong for me to be right.” Also the title of a book of similar import to what is going on here. A concept that should be taught in school.

  • ivonne und ute

    Und bitte denkt jeden Tag nicht nur bestimmte Tage an Frieden für alle Welten und alle Lebewesen

  • Brigitte

    As I start to understand who I am, I’d say that , maybe the World starts to understand what the World is. But are we going to do something about that? WE ALL ? I will.
    My intention is to have conversations with God.

  • Jon R

    See God in each other and have conversations with them about everything. If we see God in another, our conversation with that other might be different than if we see the other as an enemy or someone to convince that we are right or that they are wrong. No more accusations, no more judgment, no more superiority, etc. Remember, we are not abandoning every idea we have held and followed to this point. There are many we simply don’t express and work with. Like the eternal wisdom, “Treat others as yourself.” If this trillion year old truth were remembered and acted upon, the world would be a very different place. These 2 ideas, as have been shared before: We are all One. Ours is not a better way, simply a different way.

  • ivonne und ute

    in der Nachbarschaft sollte es beginnen ohne Vorurteile , einander helfen und geben zb den Kranken, jeder so wie er kann, Die Menschen mögen sich in frieden leben lassen, viele Gesetze sind alt und passen nicht in unsere Zeit, ich erlebe dies gerade selber und bin so machtlos und hilflos gegenüber den Gesetzen, Ich möchte allen Menschen Lebewesen Liebe Friede und Licht und Segen schicken Amen

  • lonneke aalbers

    Namaste, I have beenfeeling all my life that the world did not feel the same as i felt on the inside. I wanted to share myself as a child and saw that people and saw that there were a lot ofrestrictions in this . I was found a weird person by many. Now that i am older i see it has a lot to do with all the pain people are carying and somehow people dont wanna let go of it in fear of what will come. I wish for everyone on this world to want tochange this and then love will be seen as it is already stronger than all.

  • lonneke aalbers

    I found the miracle off life ishappening everyday again. As my life was not easy i know it was my own choice and i always felt an intense deep luck inside. Lately i realy feel the foreverness we live in. We are always growing, thats the nature of us. It is wonderfull to be writing in sharing.

  • Shirley Kingsley

    I think that we are each pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Therefore to complete the picture we each need to add our piece. My ‘beliefs’ have come out of my own experiences. Here they are in a nutshell.
    I hold:
    1. That God exists and can communicate with us.
    2. That we are all entitled to live off the fruits of the Earth without slavery or blackmail.
    3..All species are designed to fall in love with one pre-chosen, God-selected mate, build themselves homes, reproduce their kind, nurture their young and delight in God’s Earth. The Earth does not belong to Man alone. If each species were allowed their own lives, their own food, their own ‘perfect partner’ in love, they would live according to their own creative energy, producing order out of chaos. Delighting in their own natures they would keep the world beautiful and bountiful, thus freeing us from toil.

  • Shirley Kingsley


  • Wanda

    As I contemplate the word transparency it summons a desire for me to associate it with my personal experience, and today that involves me becoming more transparent with my own vibrational waves. I have found that when I am tuned into the vibration of gratitude, that which I call Love flows freely to me, through me, and finds it’s way to and through others with whom I come into contact. When I have a contrasting experience to that communion, sometimes my mind turns that dial to another frequency. My throat constricts, and I get a lazer focus on what is wrong. Then I seem to just chew on it like a dog with a bone, over and over trying to dig deeply to it’s core. This for me is a habit, ingrained over many years. Rather than solving a problem, it constructs a virtual wall (opposite to transparent) between self and the perceived other. I am finding that transparency, though seeming vulnerable and scary, is a pathway to releasing that separation, pain, and vibrational discord. To me, transparency is sharing one’s highest and best offering, then allowing it to travel where it will. I find transparency to be the closest thing to perfect communication that I can describe. Whether that be transparent thoughts to self, words to another, actions to the all, When one is transparent, it allows the other the option to choose transparency as well because we can always sense one another’s wall. If I find something to be grateful for in any situation, then remain transparent, the outcome is so very much more pleasing than if I try to cover my initial blockage to a situation then beat it to death mentally. Habit, habit. Living in the moment is difficult work, though such a simple thought. Each moment is a new opportunity to become surrounded in better habits Namaste

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    We are Devine beings having a human experience here to learn and remember and share love. We create everything in our lives for earning. That means we are at such an incredible time in the earth’s history, that by our own determination we can change everything we are so tired of learning over and over to something we can create to prosper us and others. We have graduated so to speak from the school of life lessons and now is the culmination of all we have learned that does not work to what we do want for our beautiful planet and our global family. If we can wish and desire, we can create it as long as it is in the best interest of the one and the all. And the whole Universe will conspire to give us that. God, Source, All That Is wants us all to enjoy his wonderful creation to the fullest, it’s our time NOW.

  • Irie I Lion

    Blessed unconditional love my beloved people from near and far, this, Terri Naroian is a very powerful and uplifting message to the world. A great poem you wrote here. If we can integrate it in our daily life it is even more powerful. Today is the beginning of the “one-day-dream”. One day is the fulfillment of our today’s thoughts, words, and actions. Today is one day. Realizing this we are already on our way to a collective realization of our “one-day-dream”. Let us be the conscious creators of our reality. A dream is the base for a change but only if we are willing to step further, meaning to make a dream come true. With all consequences it brings with it. Are we ready? Longtime we are but a longtime we were not. Now we are more than ready, we aro on our way. In that and all other senses JAH bless all of you, heartical Irie I Lion

    • Terri Naroian

      Thank you for your wonderful contribution to this worl of co-creation. Yes, today is the One Day. Today is the day to tale action toward creating a better world. Moving forward no matter what consequences are ahead. Blessings

      • Irie I Lion

        Thanks for your comment Terri.

        I think it is a very intelligent way to link people and ideas, excellent job Neale!
        Unity in variety is strenght.
        If we live and believe in the power of unity no force that is into separation can stop us anymore. Too long we were caught in the concept of mental slavery, now it the time to emanzipate ourselves and be the co-authors of OUR STORY, not the victims of HIS STORY. Self empowerment is the key, the key to open the door to a new and full overstanding of the earth runnings at a personal and collective level. We are part of the SOULution today. Greetings to all light bringers in this world.
        forward ever

  • Darlene Skelton

    Transparency is desirable in politics, business dealings, religious and other social institutions, voting systems, personal relationships and in every area of life. It promotes trust, confidence, affection, productivity, progress, freedom and much more, all positive. I can’t think of any negative results of transparency that I have witnessed or experienced personally. I am basically going to approach transparency from a personal point of view because our own lives are pretty much all we can control. There have been things in my life that I was not proud of………or let me be truthful………of which I was downright ashamed. For years I was secretive, withdrawn, evasive and miserable. Then I began to go through (or be put through) a series of situations, some that I brought on myself and some through no fault of my own that were humiliating, embarrassing, degrading, and painful to the core of my being. I was unable to defend or protect myself so I just had to endure. Some of it I deserved and some of it I didn’t. The humiliations each felt like a cold, razor sharp knife cutting deep into my soul. Situations came up over and over again that induced humblings in me. I realized later that prior to this period, inwardly, I had been pretty arrogant and prideful. This series of events acted as a surgeon cutting out diseased areas of my soul and this taught me to face up to the negative results of my own actions and accept the the ultimate fruit of what I had sown. When the humiliation was not deserved I still had to silently accept it. This helped to purify and purge my soul of the pride and arrogance I mentioned earlier. Since then I have learned that transparency in one’s life is really freedom and like a breath of fresh air. It is clean and wholesome and allows you to be who you really are. I have learned to accept responsibility for the results of my own actions and the harm it caused myself and others. For a long time I was punishing myself with unforgiveness. But now I know that some of the things that happened and some of the things that I did were not really who I was and now I am more clear about who I am. In the Bible, in John 8:32, scriptures says, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” To me truth IS transparency, and truth (transparency) does make you free…….and at peace…….and happy. The whole world needs the liberation of transparency.