This is the second in a 4-part series of commentaries on the Connecticut  events, and the larger implications of them.

(WARNING: This is not a small subject. Therefore, it may take you as long as 5 minutes to read this full commentary, and perhaps another few moments to offer your own Comment on it, should you choose to offer one (and we hope that you do). In our 120-character, read-it-in-7-seconds Twitter World, only you can decide if this is a worthwhile use of your Mind’s time.)

As I said in Part One of this 4-part series of commentaries, the horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14 leaves every sensitive, caring, compassionate human being who describes herself or himself as “spiritual” with deep sadness and searing, penetrating, urgent questions.

What is true about God? What is true about Life? What is true about who we are as creatures on the earth calling ourselves sentient beings? Is there a purpose and a meaning to all of this?

I believe that yes, there is a meaning and a purpose to it all that is going on during this time of turmoil on our planet. Conversations with God had caused me to believe there is a reason and a purpose to all of life, exactly as it is occurring. I’d like to explain that…but first, a word to the grieving and to those left wondering about the big questions of life in the aftermath of the school massacre at Newtown…

What is true about God is that God is real, God exists, and God is both the source and the essence of all the compassion, love, understanding, and wisdom in the Universe.

What God is not is what may be even more meaningful. My clarity and my understanding is that God is not what many — so very many — have said that God is. God is not a despot. God is not a punisher. God is not a vengeful, angry Super Being who needs certain things to occur in the Universe in order to be pleased.

God is not angry with us, and God does not become “angry.”

God is the essence of Life Itself, the Original Energy, the Prime Source, the Creator and the Created. God has bestowed upon everything God created the gift of Free Will. This means that there can be no punishment for anyone or anything, otherwise the idea of “free will” would be a sham, a fraud, a counterfeit notion. What “will” is “free” if it can and must only do what God wants or it will fry in hell in eternal damnation? That is not “free will,” that is “choice by coercion.” That is “decision by intimidation.” Under the legal system of most countries such “free will” would be called “duress.”

So we know that God is an all-loving, non-judgmental, non-avenging Deity. What, then, is true about Life? Is there no justice? Is there no system of Right and Wrong? Do people such as mass murderers simply go unpunished? And what is the point of Life Itself? Why are we here, and how are we expected to know how to act, how to behave with one another, if there is no moral law, no code of ethics — and no punishment even if there was one?

Okay, one thing at a time.

What is true about Life is that it is an ongoing, never-ending process, not a one-time experience. It is an expression of the Essential Essence, or, if you please, an out-picturing of God in physical form.

The point of Life is to give That Which Is (an energy or essence that I call “God” and that others call, variously, Adonai, Akshar, Allah, Brahman, Brahma, Deus, Divinity, Divine Mother, Ekankar, Elohim, God, Hari, Indra, Jehovah, Krishna, Lord, Mahesh, Manitou, Ormuzd, Parameshwar, Purush, Purushottam, Radha Soami, Ram, Rama, Theos, Thor, Varuna, Vishnu, or Yahweh, depending on their culture, background, belief or religion) a means by which to experience Itself in fullness.

Because there is no end to life, and no revenge or punishment (Who would That Which Is punish? Itself? There is nothing else in existence but Itself.), there is no such thing as Right and Wrong. There is only what works and what does not work, given what it is one is trying to do. There is no judgment in this matter, there is only the individual assessment of every sentient being as to whether a particular activity, choice, decision, or behavior is producing what that sentient being (or, it the case of Earth, our species) intends and chooses to create.

Having said all of that, I think it is important at this time of national mourning and global self-reflection not to fill the air with too many articulations of fine print regarding the esoterics of life. So I will stop with this for now, and say simply that God may be called on in this moment to bring all of us wisdom and clarity, understanding and compassion, healing and even an eventual return to joy.

I have been told in the dialogue published under the title HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends that no death is ever in vain. Every life and every death has an impact upon, and a deep meaning for, every person who has come to know of it. That is why they have come to know of it.

It turns out that Life is a process that informs Life about Life through the process of Life Itself. And so, everything that happens, happens for a reason, for a purpose. Its purpose is to inform All That Lives about how that living is being done — and then to give All That Lives another chance, another opportunity in an eternity of opportunities, to change that; to make whatever alterations in Its experience of Itself that All That Lives may decide is desirable.

It is for this reason that no part or aspect or individuation of All That Lives would or ever could be punished for doing what it has done, or for playing the role it has played, in the larger process of Life informing Life about Life through the process of Life Itself. Life will not punish Itself for telling Itself about Itself through the expression of Itself. That would be Self-defeating.

It is for this reason that Conversations with God observed that even Hitler went to heaven. First, there is no place but “heaven,” since everything and everywhere is the “Kingdom of God.” Second, there would be no reason to punish Hitler or anyone else for behaving in a way that told us about ourselves collectively, such that we made alterations in the way that we continue to express Life in us, through us, and as us. (Unless we do not. Whether we change our behaviors based on past behaviors is up to us. Will we do so now, in the aftermath of Connecticut? That is the question, isn’t it. Will we, for instance, do something about taking assault rifles off the streets, and big-load ammunition clips out of the hands of people who simply don’t need them?)

Some Souls take on the task of teaching us about ourselves and about where our individual and collective behaviors are leading us. They do so in ways that we call both horrible and heroic. Hitler was such a Soul, and we called him horrible. The children of Connecticut and the courageous adults who died trying to save them were such Souls, and we shall call them heroes.

There have been others, both positive and negative (as humans would label them). The same is true of events, in the abstract. There are both positive and negative events, and all are designed to teach us about ourselves. Or, more accurately, to remind us of who we really are, and to produce a contextual field within which we can express and experience that — and then, enlarge that by recreating ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

Within this context, in the eyes of God all Souls are sacred and all Souls are what we would call “heroes,” for the very act of entering into, and living within, the Realm of the Physical is an act of faith and courage — qualities of Divinity that life in physical form will call upon us to call forth and to demonstrate again and again, in ways large and small, throughout our experience on Earth.

Physical life is also a great joy, and thus, an unspeakable blessing. Yet here is a great secret: It takes bravery to experience joy. And the greatest joy, which is the experience of Divinity Fully Expressed in you — requires the greatest courage.

We see then that all Souls are acting at all times in service to The Whole. We each receive the invitation to carry for humanity the totality of its experience. Its pains, its sorrows, and the burdens of unknowing; its joys, its wonders; and the glories of knowing its Divinity. For it is the purpose of The Whole — that is, of Every Soul in Community — to know Itself, to experience Itself, and to be Itself through the expression of Itself in every conceivable form.

I know that it is expected and perhaps even trite to say that the Souls who left physicality on Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School did not die in vain — but it is profoundly true. Their death is intended to awaken us, to show us many things about ourselves, so that we may decide many things about ourselves, thus to expand our experience of many things about ourselves. We fall to our knees not in sadness, then, but in honoring and in gratitude, as we see that the Souls of Sandy Hook celebrated their Continuation Day through the highest demonstration that physical life can offer of the meaning of love. For greater love hath no Soul than to give up a physical life that another may have theirs in greater knowing, abundance and expression.

And so now, may you know and experience Divinity Expressed, with God’s Blessings flowing to you and through you all the days of your life, in tribute to those who have given all of humanity this opportunity.

With love and caring eternal…Neale.



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  • Cassie

    How beautifully captured and articulated, Neale.

    Thank you.

  • Theresa

    As the story broke last Friday, I was very deeply saddened. The first questions though to come to me weren’t “Why is this happening?” or “How could happen?” or even “How could somebody be driven to this?” Oddly enough, the questions that came up for me were “What is this showing me about myself that I perhaps don’t want to look at?” “Based on the reactions people have to this situation, what does it say about the society in which I’m living?” and “What in this situation will reveal God as I understand him/her/it working through those who were in the situation?”

    The third question seems to be the easiest to answer as I heard about the principal who ended her earthly journey by trying to tackle the gunman, about the young teacher who was shot after hiding her class, the teachers who calmly read to kids as they hid in classrooms, the retired psychologist who welcomed several children from a class and listened as they spoke, and of course many other responders who likely will feel haunted for life by what they saw. It’s obvious to me how these people were able to be in touch with their true essence even in the most difficult and dark circumstances.

    The other two questions aren’t as easy for me to answer. First, I’m still searching myself, seeking to look at even the darkest areas, places that I haven’t wanted to look at before. It’s like I know I’m light, and I’m shining that light into perceived shadow in hopes of illuminating greater truth about who I really am and where I am not quite stepping into myself fully.

    I know that society as a whole is still reeling from what happened, coming from places of deep emotions, disbelief, and pain. I saw the fear reaction very strongly in people wanting to arm everybody. Yet, the prayers, the light, the outpouring of love, and support show a deeper heart in society. Yet, something struck me. How quick we were to dismiss the gunman as mentally ill or disabled without realizing what exactly those words do. It’s obvious that the man was in insurmountable pain. Otherwise, such an act wouldn’t have happened. Yet, does labeling such as that not only create more negative stereotypes for those coping with mental illnesses but also create a gulf or sense of separation between one who commits such crimes and ourselves? As we disconnect from the pain of one person, are we in fact disconnecting and shrinking away from our own pain? What does that really say, and how can we change from that?

    My hope is not that we discuss banning guns vs. not banning guns or even the treatment of those who are mentally ill. My sincere hope is that we can move into a discussion about our own spiritual evolution and what each of us can do to help our nation and world evolve to a point where we needn’t have such reminders. My hope is that we can embrace all of us right where we are right now. My hope is that we can continue to ask the difficult questions… those that might not have an easy answer but can serve as catalysts for change.

  • mel

    Well Neal, according to the news, Mr. Lanza first shoot his mother before he went on to rampage and, indiscriminately shoots the children and other adult at Sandy Hook Elementary School. WE should start there. I do not believe that we are just that “pure evil” with no conscience of doing bad things much more a very despicable act; taking someone’s life. I think the shooting at Connecticut does not imply that the gunman have issues with the children but with his mom. I even think that the gunman feels that he did not have enough support or love from his parents that’s probably why he included the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. If As I’ve heard from the News, he went to the same school. That’s my own opinion. He was probably deprive of support and love and maybe from his mom or I would say that is how he feels or else he would not shoot his mother, the very one who gave birth to him. We human beings are also emotional and sometimes we need emotional support (and/or protection) and if our parents or those who are close to us cannot even try to give that to us, where else can this young man turned to? Like what you have written in many of your books Neal, our parents should be the first source of love and support before they can go out to the world but I think this gunman’s mom failed him. Now that is my opinion! Thanks.

    Love and peace!

  • cynthia hill

    I totally agree, I know that souls make contracts on a soul level, and even our concious minds don’t know all about these decisions. I am sure that all persons involved in this, did so for learning and teaching purposes. Also, the young children must have had a soul contract to leave at that certain age. I know many people reading this will think this is heartless and that I should be mourning and saying other things instead of what I just posted. However, I am empathetic to what the parents are going through, and the husbands and wives of the adults, and all family members. But, again, we must look deeper into this and think about soul level decisions.

  • Mariana Cancino

    Thank you Neale for the light you bestow upon us, for your words, thank you for having the JOY and the COURAGE to be such a wonderful messenger.

  • Lena

    First I thank my friend Linda for sharing this link with me. I also thank Neale, for authoring ‘Conversations with God’ – a book I so enjoyed reading.

    It is interesting that as I became aware of the events unfolding at Sandy Hook, one of my thoughts was – I wonder what those souls have in common. As a Kabbalah student currently taking a class on reincarnation (which is based on a book authored by Karen Berg of the same title), I surmised that the commonality, if nothing more, was that nothing happens in the physical without ‘permission’ from the Creator. And, that if permitted to happen there must be Good in it no matter how bad it felt. The Good has to come about in a change of consciousness within humanity. Thanks, Neale, for bringing my thoughts full circle with this on point article!

  • Pat

    Thank you for these words of truth and love. I’m comforted when you say their deaths were not in vain and the reminder that in our sadness we can honor them with our gratitude.

  • Sean

    Thanks for caring Neale.

  • Richard

    This is true, and Neal I enjoyed reading Conversations with God, and listening to that series on book on tape. It gave me clarity to areas I already perceived were true, but in a dogmatic world, had trouble sorting them out.

    What we must understand is that although there is a God, there are those who give reverence to another deity, who’s lacks the characteristics you speak about God having. They are, as scripture says, “of this world, and speak of this world” and unfortunately, Love is their enemy. After this tragedy, it didn’t take our government long to begin debating on control of fire arms. “The right to bear arms” was put into the constitution to protect us from the “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” That right is our last protection against a tyrannical government, which is the direction this country seems to be going.

    In your books you speak about, as other authors for centuries have, that what we focus on is what we create. It’s evident that the “adversary” uses human focus against humanity to fulfill its prophesy. Interestingly enough, however, the devil does not act against free will. We can go through traumatic events throughout history and pinpoint how the “demonic” team has drip fed what would be taking place into our focus prior to implementing the event.

    Thomas Jefferson stated, “Due to the increased (demonic) oppression, we must be aware of changes in energy, no matter how slight.” I bring this up not to promote fear, but understanding. I know many people who have read your books, but what makes it difficult for them to implement the material is that battle between their will and the adversary trying to keep them from such successes. Have you considered a “how to” book, that speaks on how to overcome fear, by first describing how fear is implemented against humanity, then how to best utilize CWG, by knowing thy enemy, overcoming the material attachments of this world, then working to improve, absent such attachments? That would be a book worth reading, and I believe would help many who have already read your books to improve their abilities to gain more positive results.

  • Laura

    Bless you

  • Natasha

    This is so very true. Thank you for reminding me (and others) why these things happen. I do hope that America may experience the understanding of, and awakening to the notion that rifles and assault weapons are not needed or called for in today’s world. And when changes are made or altered, those people may be able to thank those little souls for their help in archiving that goal or giving us the experience to give, understand, and feel love for them and each other.

    In the relative, there is no up without down, or light without darkness. But in truth, we can’t see the light until we are in the dark.

    Much love, peace and light xxx

  • Holly-Jo

    As a mother and grandmother of a child of 6, this hit me to the core of my being…even though I am a true believer in what CWG tells us and his book, Home With God. I had bought just a couple of weeks ago, Neale’s childrens books for my granddaughter and what stands out to me know, in this time of great sorrow, is what is said in the book…”The Little Soul and the Sun”…A little soul wants to “experience” forgiveness and therefore needs another little soul to forgive. One very loving little soul volunteers and asks in return of the first little soul ” (even) in the moment that I do the worst to you that you could possibly imagine…….Remember Who I Really Am” . This is, of course, a very short version of the whole of this beautiful book, but for me and I hope for my granddaughter it can help explain the bond that joins us all as souls for the greater and only purpose of life.

  • Erin/IAm

    “Little Soul & the Sun” is a perfect book to turn to right now, Holly! Obviously, the young man of recent event indeed promised such an experience to at least one of those involved & remaining. Watch for this one to come forward!

    Thru the deepest of grief, thru an ultimate loss, will they shine Love & re-member-ance for the soul who provided them this experience to See…We shall See…??? Do they know they can change the ‘course’ of this event by a few heart-born words?…That “horrible” can be flipped to ‘Amazing’ in seconds? May All See…Amen.

    A word of caution, Beloveds…There will be bandwagons passing your doors in colorful & enticing parade…but to jump upon one will take you ‘off-course’ entirely. Bandwagons are steered by those who herd Lights from the surfaces unto only themselves, rather than toward the deeps that need them. Please be aware & wary.:)

    Blessed be, All…Blessed be, Life…Amazing be Experience.
    Good Journey.

  • Gene

    I am responsible!
    If we live in a world in which polarity/duality has been necessary to provide a reference point for experience, does not the experience of the most violent mass murderer or violent torturer, rapist, or fearful human become vitally important and necessary for the existence and experience of the most evolved loving saint(s)? Is it possible to evolve beyond the need for polarity and into a new realm of experience???? One where we no longer need active violence and fear in our current moment in order to experience the most magnificent peace, love and compassion. An existence whereby the memory and experience of such fear and violence is reference enough for the infinite evolving and creation of an ethical and integrous human existence. May we recognize our responsibility with Love and Compassion! May we say thank you to all fear based, violent human behaviors and express sincere love and gratitude for our participation in creating such a wonderful reference necessary for us to experience a greater expression of us and now embrace a new platform for us to now choose an existence devoid of all fear and violence. An existence whereby we keep the memory of such fear and violence close to our heart to serve as our haunting, our reference. An existence filled with a newly found abundance of love, compassion, gratitude and interdependent ethical evolution whereby we can access our divine creative potential and enter into a new realm of human existence….. we may even call this realm heaven. I am responsible!

  • Marko

    The answer is yes Gene. The early stages of waking up includes where we realize more fully, knowingly, dramatically & accurately how asleep & primitive we actually are. Yet we are also in transition.

    As you/we live our lives in more peace & magnificence, so will others be moved to join us with much less residence.

    We stop playing the blame game & play the compassion, love, gratitude game where responsibility replaces victimhood.

    Where Wisdom & Love overrule dysfunctions & terminally rigid dogmatic ideology.

    The missing link is education on how reality operates, works & plays & having as well as using, the spiritual tools that most help create, pull in that which we most desire.


  • Lloyd

    So many thanks and blessings to you, Neale, for this expression of Ourselves and the truth of Unconditional Love. This is the best expression I have read to date, and gives us ALL much to consider about our choices in our own lives. It is our challenge to express our Love to the best of our ability to hear, understand, and express this Energy which flows within ALL. Namaste’

  • John Blair

    Hi Neale,

    I think you hit it right on the head.

    The 20 plus people directly involved in this incident have given the world a powerful “love offering” so that we all can see for ourselves, what “Works” and what “Doesn’t work” in our society.

    When I think of this incident and our present society, and then I compared this to a “Highly Evolved” society, I am aware of at least 2 situations that does not work.

    1) Having a situation where people with mental health issues are not able to get the help they need.

    2) Having a situation where people with mental health issues have access to dangerous weapons.

    Finally, how we, as a society, resolve these issues will show us all how much we’ve evolved as a society.


  • Marko

    Nice points John.


  • Catherine

    Thank you Neale. I tried in my own stumbling way (and badly) to explain this very idea to a friend of mine who had lost her baby in childbirth. She was unconsolable and suicidal at times. It was heartbreaking. Internally, I often understand very well why things happen the way they do, but I cannot explain this to others in a way that makes sense to them (and now too, I understand that sometimes a person has to be ready to understand). And sometimes, at emotional moments I even ask “why” myself even though in my soul I understand the reasons. I think this is what you are here for, to help us remember. Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) I read something from you, I am completely enlightened once again. Thank you.

  • evergreen

    I had a very challenging day today. I recognized my responsibility towards the event. I attempted to have a discussion with a coworker about this topic and she stated she believes there truly are evil people in this world with such force I cringed and felt like something had punched me in the gut. I’ve cried a heart full of love. And now I sit, rereading Neale’s commentary and the comments from today and immediately feel I am home. I am surrounded by a community of loving and light souls. Thank you all for sharing and lifting me up.

    with lovingkindness…

  • mewabe

    To write that some souls take on the task of teaching us about ourselves is a nice and spiritually empowering way to look at the situation (no villains or victims).

    But, it begs the question: How many more souls need to throw away their physical lives in bloody and chocking ways before humanity gets it? one billion, one trillion?

    Since the beginning of recorded history, hundreds of millions have seemingly volunteered to bleed, to starve, to be sacrificed in the most grotesque ways on the altar of human cruelty or indifference, and yes, some tears were shed here and then, but human consciousness remains asleep.

    Isn’t there a better way, especially since widespread violence seems to desensitize us rather than making us more conscious?

    Humanity needs to come up with a better plan to wake itself up, because the sight and odor of blood has never done the trick and never will.

    Perhaps the plan would be to let women hearts rule our world.

    Let all the women of the world cry and wail and scream for the pain and suffering of the world and of all living things, and not stop until all men finally hear and lay down all their weapons and their hates.

    Would that work?

  • mewabe

    Of course my comment above relates to the fact that we should perhaps look beyond this particular issue as it relates to guns and mental illness, to look at all forms of violence.

    Why were we not at the very least as chocked and pained about 500 000 children dying in Iraq (as documented by the UN and other agencies) as a direct result of the sanction imposed by us and others on that nation?

    As long as we only care about “our own”, and condom unleashing violence and mass murder on others, we have not changed a bit. Not one iota.

    And as long as we do not change, how can we expect others to do so?

  • mewabe

    The more answers we come up with, the more questions pop up. This is the game of the cat chasing its tail.

    There is more to everything than we know and will ever know, hopefully…reality is multidimensional, and has multiple layers of meanings, and we would be better off not boxing any of it.

    We can all agree on what needs to be discarded, (false beliefs, illusions) but shouldn’t we let reality remain wide open and stop trying to figure out and have an answer for every last detail of human existence?

    I love a good mystery.

  • mewabe

    Another thought (I know I am a pain in the neck, but I have to express my own thoughts).

    I will keep it succinct.

    The way I have seen it, when people seek some meaning while facing tragedy, it is simply to stop their own pain.

    I do not believe in stopping or suppressing or denying one’s own pain.

    These children may have sacrificed themselves to wake us up.

    Or they may not. It could simply be a tragedy.

    So the question is, do we have the courage to feel all we need to feel when actually faced with tragedy, or do we choose to stop our pain by all means possible, including looking for meaning?

    Which can lead to a very callous attitude by the way, such as is sometimes seen in India, where a literal belief in Karma propels some people to not interfere with another person’s suffering.

  • Lucília

    Neale, if you please, tell people to kiss and embrace their children from their first day of life on to their manhood. The root of the problem is lack of affection, concrete affection, hugs, kisses and words of I love you. Love manifested in actions at childhood. Hugs and kisses do not produce violence. Hugs and kisses prevent violence, not laws prohibiting the use of guns! Neale, humanity is carving for hugs.
    What about a campaign encouraging people to kiss and hug their children? A campaign beginning tomorrow, on DAY ONE of the New Era.
    It took me a lot of courage to express this heart-felt opinion…

  • Trisha

    That was beautiful. I have to share that since those I’m sharing my opinions about weapons on Facebook are attacking me. I know it won’t stop them but maybe one person will start breaking down their fear.

    It’s taking me a lot of courage to stand up and say I don’t believe in weapons.

    My niece, bless her, shared with me that she carries a gun because she is afraid of being raped and murdered, which breaks my heart this is the life she is choosing to live. That is no way to be walking in your life, the fear of being brutally murdered! Wow.

    I shared with here3 that I was raped when I was 15 years old and that a gun would not have made a difference and she just can’t get that. It breaks me apart knowing her fear is so thick that she didn’t actually hear the essence of what I said.

  • Nil Bilal

    My heart goes out to all the families of victims in the recent Connecticut shooting. I am heartbroken at the senseless loss of lives and pray for strength to families and loved ones of the victims. This is a time where empathy needs to be addressed; fear, rage and hatred will not give us the answers as to why this has happened. Are we not sensing that the numbers of such tragedies have increased a.nd that more and more children are being subjected to great horrors all over the world? As you pointed out, many we do not hear about. I do believe in what you say and the time has arrived for us to take responsibility for each act of violence and realize that mankind can no longer thrive under these current conditions. We have allowed intolerance, neglect, apathy and ignorance to blind us against our true selves. Is this not what all our prophets have tried to teach us: take care of each other, love each other, and forgive each other? We must now ask ourselves, as individuals, what can we do to help heal our world? We do need to be more tolerant of each other, accept each other and love each other without expectations or conditions. Is that not how God loves us? We need to take care of our sick, our poor and our hungry. We need to put away our self indulgences aside and remember in the oneness that you so often talk about. Weare all connected and it is our collective thoughts that will have the power to reap changes. We are responsible for a sick society and we now must help to nurse it back to health. I do agree that we do need to somehow look at this recent tragedy as an opportunity to come together as the human race and collectively merge our prayers, our thoughts, our hearts and our ideas andby doing so, bring about more positive changes . The age of Individualism had reaped personal rewards and benefits but at what cost to us as a whole?We must choose to take matters into our own hands, take responsibilities for our actions and realize that we are now reaping what we have sown. I think that is the true meaning of free will. Our Children are suffering, our world is suffering, we must act now in good faith if we are to lead by example. I believe that the univere is watching and help and guidance is given to those who choose to see the perfection in everything that happens. Thank you Neal for helping us all to re-connect and stay connected and for reminding us that miracles dont come from outside but from within. While the tragic deaths do haunt my day today, I cannot help but feel that something positive will come out of this and now I know that it will be up to me to find it. Peace be with all of us.

  • *lisa*

    Mewabe – I agree with what you said about widespread violence only desensitizing people rather than making them more conscious. And if it does spur some consciousness, it’s often temporary or fleeting until lives return to “normal” until the next crisis.

    Its seems as if instead of going within, changing thinking and mindsets, we as a society are really just adapting to a fearful existence. Probably what it felt like for early humans to be running for their lives trying to avoid becoming a dinosaurs dinner.

    I also have no interest in trying to figure out or have all the answers for every last detail of my existence. My goal is to live in real harmony, with mySelf and during my interactions with other humans and living creatures.

    Perhaps as we become more conscious, more aware that there is a thin veil between this reality and the next, it creates this sense of restlessness. Knowing there is more but unable to come to terms with not knowing the full story. We have control issues.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    Courage to change the things I can
    And the wisdom to know the difference.

  • mewabe

    Thanks *lisa*, I agree…

    Yes, humanity has control issues…big time! Control and power issues, and today more than ever, as technologies give us the illusion of control and power over life…

    Which ultimately get in the way of love, of loving and respecting life, and of our relationship with All That Is (the divine, etc).

    Which is why we destroy everything.

    Just as power and control get in the way of human relationships, and destroy them.

    I do think women must step in to awaken the men…make them understand, for example, that their deadly serious war games are inept, moronic, meaningless and intolerable.

    Women need to step in to tell the men to put their toys (weapons) away and grow up. Not just telling, but demanding it.

  • Lloyd

    Fact we humans control nothing but how we choose to deal with the flow of existence. We can not control what others think, or feel or whether the choice is made to harm or to help another, but how we re-act to the flow is our own responsibility. So doing my best to live in Love, creating no intensional harm to others, and sharing with others while still allowing their free choice short of harming another. Since I have no control over another, and only my actions, it does me no good to struggle with why others do as they do, think as they think and choose as they choose. It is a waste of time and energy to worry about what I can not control, and focus more upon how I may best live in Loving harmony with others, nature, and Self. This is healing the pain of the world as found within my own heart, acknowledging and accepting the limits of what I can control within this physical plane.

    I am compassionate of the pain of the world, but I am also rationally realistic about the power and influence that I may use to build a better example of living a Loving existence. Worry only about what you can control, realistically, and do what you can realistically to create a Loving existence, which in my humble opinion is our purpose for our existence anyway. Namaste’