ON THE FACEBOOK PLATFORM there is an excerpt-by-excerpt posting of The Only Thing That Matters, the newest book in the Conversations with God cosmology. Here is the latest of those entries…


It is time now to enter into deep, honest, self-examination…I need to ask myself some questions. Some important, even pointed, questions:

Does it feel as though what I’m doing these days is what an evolved being would do? Beyond the issue of survival, beyond “taking care of business” or slogging through the day “doing what needs to be done,” how much of what I’m “up to” feels like what really matters, and how much feels like just “stuff and nonsense”—or, in Shakespeare’s words, Much Ado About Nothing . . . ?

Are my minutes fulfilling? Are my hours ringing with satisfaction? Are my days overflowing with contentment? Are my weeks and months teeming with accomplishment of my Soul’s agenda?

Are my years brimming with spiritual radiance and soulful, Divine expression and experience? Or do I awaken on milestone days—birthdays, anniversaries, times of celebration—with a vague feeling of how fast time is passing and how slowly I have progressed at what I came here to accomplish—and how difficult it is to accomplish it . . . ?

For that matter, have I always been clear that there is something specific that I came here to accomplish? If so, have I known exactly what that is?

I guess I should not be surprised or embarrassed if I have not. It turns out that 98% of the world’s people do not. And it’s not their fault. And it’s not my fault if I find myself even now, at least from time to time, among them. Because nobody told them, and nobody told me, what really matters.

Oh, they’ve tried to tell us. Some people have tried to convince us. And many, many of us listened to those people, because to know something for certain—as religions and politics allow us to think that we do—feels better than to not know.

But the more I listened the more I knew that what others were “buying into” of what still others were telling them couldn’t possibly be true. So I moved away from all of their agendas. I may not have known where I was going, but I knew what I wanted to get away from.

The result is that I am spending less time these days in that larger group. And right now I am not even in it . . . or I would never have this book in my hand. It is wonderful that I am not among that 98% now, and that I spend less and less time there, because there’s nothing worse than spending most of one’s life on things that just simply don’t matter.

No, wait, yes there is. It would be worse to not know what does matter. It would be worse to not know that what I am doing here is taking a Sacred Journey, fulfilling a Divine Purpose.

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