My Advice on This Christmas Day

My advice on this Christmas Day is this:

Be kind to yourself. Let this kindness be the basis from which you experience this day.

I say this because Christmas is such a difficult day for so many…but it doesn’t have to forever be the day that childhood and youthful buttons get pushed. Create a new “button”. Create the button of understanding. Even if an action or deed from the past, done by you or by another, was anything but welcome or kind, work on thinking about it from a different space.

That space would be understanding.  From the space of understanding it may be easier to see the hurt child hiding behind the hurtful behavior.  From that space we might be able to understand that “they know not what they do.”  And from that space you may also be able to begin to understand yourself…and  show yourself kindness.

Who knows what miracles can happen if we move, as a global community, into the space of understanding…perhaps, just perhaps, we would be able to move into what the birth of the child, Jesus, is supposed to symbolize…Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men (and women).


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