Can we change the way Change changes us?

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s have it be a conversation during which we will conduct an extraordinary investigation into how life works at the mental and spiritual level, out of which will emerge a surprising revelation about ways in which we can change our experience of change itself—which means, of course, our experience of life.

All of life is nothing more than a process, and we call that process “change.”  The conversation we are about to have is designed to offer you a pathway to help and to peace if you are struggling right now with changes in your life.

Are you going through massive changes right now? Or maybe just little ones? The truth is, there’s no such thing as a “little change,” in the sense of it being a change that doesn’t matter. All change in one’s life matters, because change is creation, and creation matters.

So in this space over the weeks ahead, we are going to look at this experience of change — and at how it changes us. Is the way that Change changes us something that is within our control? Or are we consigned, after all is said and done, to do as Shakespeare put it: “Suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?

There could be no better time that right now to begin this discussion, as we make the change from 2012 to 2013 — and the bigger change from the Last Great Epoch to the Next Great Epoch, and a new 5,000+ year cycle as indicated by the Mayan calendar.

We’ll get this exploration underway with this important observation: The changes in your life are not going to stop.

If you’re thinking about riding things out for a while, waiting for things to settle down a bit, you may be in for a surprise.  There’s going to be no “settling down.” Things are going to be in a constant state of upheaval on this planet and in your own life for a good while now.  Actually… yes, well, I might as well tell you….actually, forever.

Change is what is—and there is no way to change that.

What can be changed is the way you deal with change, and the way you’re changed by change.

That’s what the conversation in this corner is going to be all about.

We are going to be talking here about how to deal with major change, not just minor change.  I mean change that emerges from collapse, calamity, and catastrophe—or at least what we label as these.

So if your life is collapsing right now, if you’re in the midst of a calamity, if a catastrophe has occurred, what you’re going to find here could save your life.  I mean, emotionally.  But heck, you know what?  Maybe even physically.

Here you will be given Nine Changes That Could Change Everything.  And that is where we will go in our next installment here. I hope you will plan to join us — and tell everyone you know about the exploration getting underway here. We’re going to fly into 2013 with some of the most important reading you could do.

(Editor’s Note: The above article, and the series which follows, is based upon, and includes liberal portions of, the book When Everything Change, Change Everything, with additional observation and reflections from the author. Your commentary and input, as well as a description of your own personal experience, is invited below.)


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  • Traceylee Harvey

    All this began for me in 2002, my life began to fall to pieces, me and my husband where asaulted, the knock on effects of this was the loss of our jobs and our home, we were homeless with 2 of our 5 kids still living with us. We did what was necessary moved into a council flat on the other side of the city from all our friends and family, took our new health probs into consideration and changed careers and tried to pick up the pieces, but no matter what we did everything kept going wrong, then in the April of 2003 a friend gave me a gift voucher for a reading, something i’d often wondered about but knew nothing about. Looking back now i know that i was quite an arrogant person as i came out Laughing, telling my mate that although the reader was good in that she got loads right, i couldn’t take it seriously because of what else she had told me. I then told her, that, A) i’ve got to stop driving past that church and wondering and go in, (Okay so there was a church that i had drove past and wondered about and yes it’s been there years), it’s The Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church, she says that i’ll be on the rostrum both conducting services and as a medium within 12 months. B) to stop worrying about Reg ending up in a wheel chair cause apparently i’ll cure him (he has Rumatoid Arthritus). C) That i’m gonna be a Reiki Master, whatever that is.
    D) The other thing she said though was that i was to leave the job i had or spirit was gonna take it off me anyway by the end of the year. I then went on to do what i always do went back to working every hour i possibly could at a very stressfull job, but one that i had done up to that point easily, however by the october i had had a breakdown and lost my Retail Managers job. It still took till the January before i walked into that church, and yes she was right i stayed there for over 18 months and in that time became the church recorder, stood in for the minister during his ill health, and after completing their Pilgrims Progress course to gold also worked the rostrum as the guest medium. I also found out about Atachments and such at the church and finely found out what had really happened to me when i was just 13 had been real, i really did have another voice in my head that gave me strengh and directed me, i suddenly knew why i sometimes had blank minutes only to realise during those minutes i had either done or said something hurtful or harmful to another and i then had to suffer the consequencies, as even as a teenager you knew not to say that you heard voices or kept losing control of your own voice or body. However having this attachment removed left me mentally as a frightened and fragmented teenager, who nolonger knew herself.
    I also met Sue through the church, who guided me and trained me over the next 6 months, she then went on to train me for a 3 month period before granting me level 1 Reiki, i then trained in healing itself with Sue untill she was happy in my level of healings and cleansing’s. She then offered me level 2 Reiki which was beautiful as she insisted on doing it on the top of Glastonbury tor, and as we was going she arranged a trip, so my attunement ended up being on the top of the tor with Masters to my left, right and in front of me plus the sue the Master doing the attunement behind me, and i must say it was beautiful. Over the next 4 years my life though still went from one turmoil to another with my health rollercoasting with it, then finely we reached 2011 and the year i had dreaded so much i had been blocking most of my gift, my father died in the November and the worst had happened and my world had been destroyed. Finely in 2012 i have started to turn the knowledge that i keep remembering into wisdom by actually putting that knowledge into action in my life. But finely i also have done the soul work and made myself whole again, i am starting to acknowledge that my brain working different to others is a good thing, and yes my dreams of Jesus and of his Foundation are real and not just the fantasy of a childs mind as i had always dismissed them as being, yes i will accept the work my soul came here to do, yes i will bring the Foundation into reality, and yes i did heal my husband, i healed his heart and showed him how to open it, then took him in a final healing to his door and left him to talk to his Dad, he is now Clairvoyant, and Clairaudiant. Over this year i have also many times been mistaken as a Master, so eventually phoned a friends daughter who is a Master with a proven line. You can imagine my chin must have fallen on the floor, when after me telling her i was phoning about my Reiki she just said flat out, Yes i know i’ve actually got to arange a date to come over and attune you to Master and then you will assist me to attune Reg to level 1, and i know you would be willing to pay to show your own self worth but i’ve been told that it only needs to be an energy exchange and i’d love a meal with you after. On top of this is the fact that having finely started a circle in October each fortnight my husband watches whilst Jesus does healing after healing, telling him Look it’s easy just follow me. I Know without any shadow of a doubt that our future is bright, and wonderful, and we have many new joys to come, and sooner than many of us believe. So i this with this one piece of wisdom from someone who is a control freak, it does not matter who or what you are, you cannot stand there and tell them your way or the high way, you cannot control what you will or won’t change, to do this is to continue the circles on that rollercoaster. Let go, let go of your control, Do it the right way, and yes i know that it always seems the hardest way, however i tell you now, that once you step on that hard path, the rubble melts away, and life begins to flow, Embrace the changes and let go, this is what i am at present doing, healing my life, and my husbands life. If each one of us merely does this the world will heal quickly, once we are healed we will show the way and aid others that their journey may be smoother, for then we will have to give. So Thank You Heavenly Father for all the Joys and Revelations this year brings x

  • Erin/IAm

    Good grief…even this site is on fast-forward! Let’s do rock on!:D

    Anyone else get ‘inspired’ by all this ‘Change’ stuff? Talk about getting the juices flowing, yes?

    Wanna here something funny…I play a fairly good role in about 6+ realms at this moment, not including the virtuals. And each of these realms has at their hearts, a kitchen. We tore ours apart recently & are in process of a refresh. Without hardly mentioning this project, every other kitchen I enter is doing the same!

    Wanna here something funnier? All, including ours, is incorporating deep reds! This is comical, because I have never before evened owned a red thing…except perhaps a Christmas decoration…let alone imagined my heart-space to be ‘refreshed’ by it. This is true of nearly all the others, too! Coincidence?

    I also have a feline cohort, who ‘normally’ would not think to come out of my bedroom if anyone else was about…In 6 yrs. she has Never gone near another human on her own. Very recently, she has become totally opposite!!! She is also purring, which is a new as her demeanor. Coincidence?

    idk about you guys & gals…but stuff is rockin’ all over…and yes, fast & furious, indeed! Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! The Woods community feels enchanted more than usual, the glows of dawn & dusk are ‘different’, the portals of the 4 Directions seem wide open, swirls of energy are primed & awaiting directive & direction everywhere! I Am sooo having fun with this!!!:D

    Oh, yeah…the catastrophe stuff. No dampers here…they are simply part of the ‘refresh’ of Life & I, for one, have been awaiting these moments of experience for what is my lifetime here. In fact, I Am excited beyond words!
    Although, ‘Interesting’ & ‘Amazing’ seem to keep popping up.:)

    Blessed be, dearly Beloveds…”We are gathered here today to get through this thing called ‘Life’…” and “What a long, strange trip it’s been”…Can’t hardly wait for the new Song!:D Good Journey, indeed!:)

  • Laura Pringle

    Change… is… essential for life. Almost everyone you ask has been going through personal upheaval in the last few years. Mine has been through an unwanted moving of my home, the death of my son, my other son being jailed, and my life-partner struggling with drug addiction and subsequently being jailed. Oh, and bankruptcy.

    I’ve known hard times were inevitable for years by the studying the positions of the planets, so I steeled myself for the “worst”, and knew that I’d get through it. Understanding the cycles helps ever-so-much in getting a larger perspective on change. When you see a pattern and an order in these things, you can roll with the punches a lot easier.

    How did I react to these devastating hardships? Well, I just published a book, telling others not to be afraid of change. Most of this book was written over 10 years ago. But recently, it became a burning desire to spread this message.

    We are, at our deepest essence, indestructible, powerful beyond measure. The pulsing flame of life and the urge to create compels us to overcome any hardship and press on. Spirituality helps, but regardless, we will always press on. There is nothing else to do…

  • Ionic Breeze

    Change. Life. God.

    We can either accept the change we see coming, or we can say, “No thank you, God. I think I’ll place another order.”

    We are powerful. We don’t need to accept every eye of every storm. We can alter the pattern, even if it seems headon.

    Love to all life,

    ionic Breeze

  • mewabe

    Life is as a river whose flow cannot be stopped, or else the river be dammed (pun intended) and made to form a stagnant body of water…a stagnant life.

    The flow of water adapts to changes in the landscape, but the essence of water never changes. The same is true of the ideal life.

    Without change, we stay in place and decay. We rot and putrefy, psychologically, emotionally and even physically.

    How can people confuse such abominable stagnation for security? I welcome change, a powerful new wind coming my way, a wide open horizon, a new ground under my feet, a challenge and an adventure.

    Security is for the fearful…whose world becomes as diminutive as the fear is large, until the person shrinks so much under such fear that his or her life is reduced to a tiny routine, his or her thoughts are fixed in stone, and the heart and the soul await the liberation from such a dreadful life death promises.

    Change? Change IS life! And even a cadaver changes!

  • Erin/IAm

    Tree is a beautiful teacher of moving with Change. The societies created of them are perfect examples of Oneness moving with Change.

    A seed falls, the ground embraces it, All present shelter & coverage…All celebrate as the new babe rises & All hope for it’s survival as it roots & grows. Some will fall to nourish ground foods, provide protection, & make room for the youth to become.

    There is no sadness here. Tree understands that Bird & Squirrel love her seeds…that her babes will become part of them…move with them…and cannot fail their own purpose with them.

    Tree has grown before Us, grows with Us…She ‘knows’ Us. Tree has adapted & become food for Us willingly…She has provided Us warmth & shelter with little ado. Their societies refresh the airs All breathe…They are connective conduits to Sky.

    Wish Tree a happy new day…Go ahead, they are touchable, huggable…Tell Her your ‘solution’ (vs. ‘resolution’), that You are changing to be as She…Connected to All that IS here & about. That You are aware of Her example & Love Her for it. She hears…All of them ‘hear’…and they will celebrate your words & touch.

    With each notice of the woodworks in Home, every pencil picked up & paper read or written upon, each piece of Fire food presented to hearth, every toothpick used, each box, each fruit & nut…Send a thought of Love to Tree. And do be Amazed of the Changes that ensue from such a small gift.

    Blessed be, Beloved Tree…So many ways to Love thee, for the many gifts you present me. Happy New Day!:)

  • Inger Lise

    What a powerful story of the Life, told by you Traceylee.
    And the change will be all over the world even more visible than ever because of the Global Communication nowadays.
    I have a wonderful friend in G.Britain, who is the same as you. Who knows, maybe of you have met her once. As you, she went to the same Church as you does(but no more), and she have become A Reiki-Master as well. And a clairvoyant. Carol is emanating Love and Healing in all she does.
    btw:(blink)….knowing everything about Glastonbury, and “the Mound of Tor”.

    Thank you to Erin likewise,
    Erin is the joyful wanderer as always, and with the cheerful blessings.

    We`re on our way folks.
    P.S. Just a stray thought: What is it to do when all of us have become clairvoyants and communicating with the thought-transference only, and nothing to be hidden anymore(“back” to paradise)? Or is it as ACIM telling of us never have left God at all but the illusion of time have been created in the Mind !