Can we change the way Change changes us?

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s have it be a conversation during which we will conduct an extraordinary investigation into how life works at the mental and spiritual level, out of which will emerge a surprising revelation about ways in which we can change our experience of change itself—which means, of course, our experience of life.

All of life is nothing more than a process, and we call that process “change.”  The conversation we are about to have is designed to offer you a pathway to help and to peace if you are struggling right now with changes in your life.

Are you going through massive changes right now? Or maybe just little ones? The truth is, there’s no such thing as a “little change,” in the sense of it being a change that doesn’t matter. All change in one’s life matters, because change is creation, and creation matters.

So in this space over the weeks ahead, we are going to look at this experience of change — and at how it changes us. Is the way that Change changes us something that is within our control? Or are we consigned, after all is said and done, to do as Shakespeare put it: “Suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?

There could be no better time that right now to begin this discussion, as we make the change from 2012 to 2013 — and the bigger change from the Last Great Epoch to the Next Great Epoch, and a new 5,000+ year cycle as indicated by the Mayan calendar.

We’ll get this exploration underway with this important observation: The changes in your life are not going to stop.

If you’re thinking about riding things out for a while, waiting for things to settle down a bit, you may be in for a surprise.  There’s going to be no “settling down.” Things are going to be in a constant state of upheaval on this planet and in your own life for a good while now.  Actually… yes, well, I might as well tell you….actually, forever.

Change is what is—and there is no way to change that.

What can be changed is the way you deal with change, and the way you’re changed by change.

That’s what the conversation in this corner is going to be all about.

We are going to be talking here about how to deal with major change, not just minor change.  I mean change that emerges from collapse, calamity, and catastrophe—or at least what we label as these.

So if your life is collapsing right now, if you’re in the midst of a calamity, if a catastrophe has occurred, what you’re going to find here could save your life.  I mean, emotionally.  But heck, you know what?  Maybe even physically.

Here you will be given Nine Changes That Could Change Everything.  And that is where we will go in our next installment here. I hope you will plan to join us — and tell everyone you know about the exploration getting underway here. We’re going to fly into 2013 with some of the most important reading you could do.

(Editor’s Note: The above article, and the series which follows, is based upon, and includes liberal portions of, the book When Everything Change, Change Everything, with additional observation and reflections from the author. Your commentary and input, as well as a description of your own personal experience, is invited below.)


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