That fabled year — 2012 — is behind us, with just a few hours of it left, and now comes the real task.

The world was supposed to “end,” of course, on Dec. 21, but we notice that this did not happen. So now the question becomes, was the Mayan calendar indicating not the end of the world, but simply the end of an epoch, of a cycle? Of course it was. And the question now is: What happens Beyond Survival?

Will life be any different? Will anything change at all? Do we even want or need anything to change in the way we “do life” on this planet? I can’t imagine that humanity is satisfied with the way things are. Surely there must be a desire, deep within the largest number of us, to seek a newer world, as Robert Kennedy challenged and invited us to do. All of which leads us to the thought:

If we are going to make any kind of difference in our world in 2013 and beyond, we are going to have to do two things. (1) Enter the conversation about what needs to be accomplished and how to accomplish it; (2) Get about the business of creating change in the way we think, not in the things we do.

There also needs to be a mechanism in place that make both the Proposing and the Implementation of change possible — and that, importantly, frames change within the only context that can give it impact, and make it last.

That mechanism does exist. It is called Humanity’s Team. Its primary focus is spiritual, but in a practical way, with meaningful real-world application. And in days and weeks ahead, we will explore the opportunities that this global organization places before us for real and worthwhile action within an exciting context.

That context is the Spiritual Aspect of our earthly experience. Human history has shown (not surprisingly) that any decision or choice made from a place that does not include (to say nothing of being totally outside of) the Spiritual Aspect of our lives will be either not implementable or not sustainable.

In simple terms, if we don’t believe in it, we’re not going to do it. Belief is the bedrock of change. When we truly believe in something at the core of our being, embracing and implementing what we believe and turning into action becomes a fairly simple matter.

And if our belief — the things we hold to be sacred and true — is foundationed in spirituality (that is, a sense of who and what we are that transcends what is physically or visibly apparent), that belief holds the highest place in our internal value system, history has also shown.


So the question going into 2013 is: What is the state of humanity’s spirituality? Is the portion of our sense of who and what we are that transcends physicality alive and healthy, vibrant, awake, and aware? Or is it dormant, inert, quiescent, barely alive within us?

Those of us who believe that Who We Are is more than simply a body, more than merely a chemical biological being, have much work to do if we wish to lay the groundwork for the building of a New Human in the days and weeks, months and years ahead. This is a first of a continuing series of articles on that subject. We invite you to join in commenting, or even writing a Guest Column of your own, as we march into 2013.

The question again: Where is humanity with its spirituality? We have we been, where are we now, and where do we wish to go in our future?

Is this an idle inquiry? We don’t think so. We think that it deserves humanity’s highest attention. We think it should be part of The Conversation of the Century.

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  • jean-yves CHARRETIER

    Hello Donald Neale et l’équipe
    Je suis français et ne sais pas utiliser(lire et l’écrire) l’anglais.
    C”est dommage.
    J’utilise le traducteur mais ce n’est pas très satisfaisant.
    Cette difficulté doit être partager par d’autres non anglophones.

    Pouvez vous si possible réaliser un site à multi langues ?
    Nous pourrons ainsi réellement être en dialogue et co construire avec vous.
    Cette démarche sera aussi une élément déterminant pour ce projet multi culturelle.

    au plaisir de vous lire et .. surtout de partager
    bien cordialement Jean-Yves


    Hello Donald Neale and crew
    I’m French and I’m not used (read and write) in English.
    C “is unfortunate.
    I use a translator but it is not very satisfactory.
    This difficulty must be shared by other non-English speaking.

    If possible can you make a multilingual site?
    We can thus actually be dialogue and co build with you.
    This approach will also be a determining factor in this multi-cultural project.

    to hearing from you and .. especially to share
    cordially Jean-Yves

  • Inger Lise

    1: Enter the conversation how to do and how to accomplish it.
    It is the same as of to change the common view about Life. To Do it within as the Inner Core. I`ll guess the folks of gathering here have come thus far as of to have the inner urge(the will of to do a change) for a change one way or the other.
    2: To change our thoughts, as Mind is the Builder, that`s the own responsibility as far as of to have realized how the soul have come thus far as in of to search out the Experiences, whether it is in the earth or in other planetary discoveries.

    To me is it the time of to discover of each of us to have “a mission” and the opportunity in of to realize Oneness of everything.

    I`ll KNOW of to have learned of death is not the end. That`s the main opportunity of mine in this life-time around(certainly it must have taken many lifetimes of to know it).
    I`ll recall of to watch all of the deaths in the Vietnam War, the young boys(and friends). The family members as well(even to be a norwegian in this life-time around).
    One way or the other of to recall from the early childhood of to have been a former U.S. soldier likewise. In EVERY DETAIL through vivid dreams as early as in the age of six years old KNEW of to have been killed in WWII.

    If interrested can be telling you about it.

  • mewabe

    Organize, agitate and foment revolution…a revolution of consciousness, in partnership with the earth and all of the natural creation, with all life.

    We all need to start connecting all the dots such as spirituality, the environment, social justice, wars, etc, it is all connected in reality, and none of it can be change without everything else.

    It is a web…a web of life. We need to start thinking in these terms, rather than waging single battle trying to “fix” single issues that keep popping up because the foundation has not changed and the machine of destruction keep humming.

  • Marko

    First if we have a message/s “We Love”.

    Thus, we will not even have to advertise or promote at all. People will come to us out of the sheer enthusiasm of the message, answer & solutions we propose.

    We prioritize what’s important & in what order. We allow for tweaks as new ideas & information, revelation come into play.

    We include the collective prayer visualizations or as Neale calls it “The Multiplier Effect” as our experimentation in creating a power energy that is greater than any one person but includes many peoples enthusiastic committed energy. This collective visualization is so underutilized that it’s a joke. Let’s get on with some of this stuff & hopefully less talking & more being & doing.

    Make it FUN!

    Let’s have get togethers, barbeques, vegie-ques, dinners, (from around the world!) enlightening movie nights that inspire & reinforce our messages at peoples homes, have monthly discussions via internet/skype technology & brain storm & use those ideas as springboards to more action. Let’s have a HT festival of fun, music, Love & solutions!

    Let’s not wait too much longer. Time is whizzing by to fast it seems. Action can speak louder than words.

    Don’t make it so complicated or so burdensome that people will lose their enthusiasm after a few weeks or months. We want long term right? We want to have fun too! That’s part of the message isn’t it?, that life is fun & we can have fun solving BIG problems & issues we face.

    I’ve been talking with a few people about HT & I don’t sense from them a lot of excitement or action that is happening. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve watched HT since it started in 2003 & the most I’ve seen is the oneness day & as nice as that is, I’m more interested in being pro active in someway that fits into my schedule & warrants my time & enthusiasm.

    We plan & decide to put great energy into a message or messages that are so inviting, so enticing, so welcomed, so undeniable that people will have a hard time denying or refuting it.


  • David

    This is exciting!

    As a young person, I’ve made it my purpose to engage in a meaningful conversation (solutions-oriented) about the future of our planet and humanity.

    I believe, on a global scale, the Conversation of The Century is happening here;

    All efforts should be directed here so as to influence our world leaders to consider looking at the development agenda of our planet not only from a economic/social/political perspective but also from a spiritual perspective.

    It is my observation that we are not having enough of these conscious voices within the more important avenues such as within the United Nations and other continental and international platforms.

    We have to be brave (especially the young people) to put out a different perspective that is grounded on a new definition of who we really are and why we are here on this planet.



  • Theresa

    It’s so easy to look at the outer world and talk about how it needs to change. Simply pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV, or read an online article to see things that aren’t “positive.” Of course, people want to change it, and they don’t know what to do. Many don’t even know where to start.

    People tend to look at the “If Only’s” rather than what is. “If only the people out there will stop fighting… then we’ll be at peace.” or “If only other people will stop fearing each other… then there will be less hate.” or “If only those other people could be more patient and understanding… then the world will run more on compassion.” Are those “If only’s” really getting us that far in actually creating change?

    To me, it seems those statements and the attitude behind them still smack of a sense of separation. It separates self from the world and takes the power away from the observer and gives it to the observed. Not only that, those “If only’s” take our focus from the perfection and places it on relative judgments. Want to change the world and the state of humanity? Stop separating yourself from the world and the human condition. Start looking at changing yourself and your own perceptions, and that change will then become visible in the world.

    Another thing that separating self from the problem tends to do is separating self from the solution. That is why concepts of a Messiah or even an apocalypse are so appealing. We recognize the mess, say it can’t be us, and then wait for somebody or something else to stop the madness or to save us. It’s as if we want things to end or change while not looking too deeply at ourselves and simply seeing it as somebody else’s problem to fix or mess to clean up.

    People, when faced with unpleasant aspects of self (which simply are mirrored in the world, BTW), often wish to further separate themselves from that unpleasantness rather than staring at it head on. That, in turn, creates more unpleasantness, and that becomes a cycle of more separation. The issue of separation or unpleasantness can’t be solved with denial or creating more separation, as the same energy that creates and issue can’t fix it. The point is taking the time to connect the dots, to move within, and to let the wisdom from within flow into the world. When we choose to shift our consciousness and recognize our own connections, the “If only’s” are transformed to “I AM” and “I WILL.”

  • mewabe

    Most humans “know better”. Most people have that inner knowing…

    The problem is that they fight it, with religious beliefs that oppose and attempt to suppress their true nature, with since-based atheism that proposes to deny the divine dimension and desecrate all life, with personal beliefs that tells them that the human condition is permanently flawed.

    Humanity has denied its own spiritual gifts because of fear.

    Everyone has an explanation for this fear, for its origin. I am not sure the answer has yet been given by anyone, as it is most likely not a single answer, because it is not a simple issue.

    Fear has many layers, many sources, many expressions. The deepest fears, the primal, survival fears, the terrors even, are said to be held in the first chakra, the accumulation of lifetimes of unresolved trauma. There is some truth to this.

    Others say that these primal fears are buried in the unconscious, and some fears are even more deeply buried in the reptilian, survival brain, having for origin very early imprints. There is some truth to this as well.

    Can the conscious mind “reprogram” itself or heal and resolve what is so deeply buried within us?

    Can we “control” and “master” our lives consciously, or is the unconscious actually controlling us (and at another level all of humanity through the collective unconscious) in ways we do not understand?

    This is a basic question that has been asked many times and that needs to be resolved.

    It would appear that the accepted premise or assumption (or belief) of many here, including Neale, is that the conscious mind can have total control. I am not sure this is true.

    I think that there is a lot more depth and complexity to the human psyche that mere conscious thoughts and consciously chosen beliefs.

    I personally think that the unconscious is the master, and the conscious attempts to make sense of unconscious material as best as it can (such as through dreams, some of which can be very unsettling to many people).

    I think that as long as we do not heal at least some of this unconscious material, and consequently lessen the separation between the conscious and the unconscious, we remain driven by forces, such as an existential fear that appears universal, that we cannot understand and consequently cannot resolve, no matter how much we want to believe we can.

    We therefore keep treating the symptoms (dysfunction, our lives do not work), not addressing the root cause.

    Symptoms can be treated and bring some real improvement, but here is the difference between treatment and healing: treatment symptoms is an ongoing thing that implies constant attention, focus and work (which is implied in the expression”spiritual practice”).

    Healing is a one time process and permanent.

  • Trisha

    First thing is understanding we are all on different parts of the path. To gain momentum use that knowledge.

    For those not even started we need to start having an action plan to get those people to begin talking positively about what they do want. I think at the grassroot level we can get small groups around the world to just meet and start talking about what they do want in positive wording. None of the “yeah, but,” “if only,” “I can’t” mentality. The first step for those not as far along on the path is to get them to even acknowledge that they have power to change. So many are beaten down they can’t even see our hand reaching out. We must be patient and hold space for them, keeping putting the positive message out. Regular group meditations sending out love and compassion can do this from those further on the path.

    So small group meetings, or even talking to those you meet to tell them a new day is here and help them see the pointers. From others regular weekly, monthly? internet meditations to send energy out. This is no small thing to ask but will have tremendous impact.

    I have already started the first part, and I would love to have the second part offered me.

    In the meantime, as we grow those to open there eyes just a little so they can see there is light and it won’t burn their eyes; those of us who are on different steps of the path can walk with the others and do what needs to be done in those areas.

    The keys are to be 1. patient, God’s time is NOT our timeline; 2. know we are holding space for each other, and 3. know we are walking together on this path.

    Those that can show us more will show up, just as Neale has shown up. This is the change we want and the change we have called out for, it is here now. We don’t need to keep rehashing the old story, we need to keep our eyes clear and focused forward to what we do want, not what has happened before. What has happened before is only to be used as a brief message of where we are walking from. . . to keep us on our path, nothing more. We do not want to give it our energy, forward is where our energy must be focused.

    So with the forward, what next steps from others can you suggest we take for those who are further on the path?

  • Laura Pringle

    When I first discovered I was a mini-god, and that we are all connected, I wanted to broadcast it to the world, and shower the earth with love and hugs. But many people are happy with their belief systems, and don’t want to be “awakened”.

    We have to trust that everything is perfect how it is, functioning as it is because this is what is being created. It’s ok to strive to be a catalyst for change, but it’s not our duty, nor are we less desirable if we choose to abstain from spreading our awareness.

    Either way, the true joy in life is in creation. If we are creating, we are doing our part in sustaining the fire that gives us life. Period. And all the rest of our concerns are just… dust in the wind…

  • Inger Lise

    Trisha? Please, wonders of you have studied The Seth Material by Jane Roberts(and the new book by Dr. Eben Alexander)? It is sounding as in the same “reflections” of “time-lines.”
    To study Self is a nice beginning for all of us, and if going deeply enough is it worth the study….And it is the reality about each one of us on a daily basis(it IS reality).
    Step-by-step, here a little…there a little….the web of life.
    P.S. It does NOT “take away” Neales`s … is Contributing To It.
    And then adding the books by Frank DeMarco as well.

    A Happy New Year to All.

  • mewabe

    What many call “spirituality” is simply living…while choosing to not abide by fear’s rules. It is to live in love.

    There is no path but love…no growth but the ability to love ever more and to fear ever less…no knowledge but that which comes from and with love…no truth but the truth of love.

    The answers are very simple…they are in our hearts, all of them.

    So the problems are not a lack of answers, of knowledge, of understanding, of abilities, or a lack of “teachers”.

    The question is, and remains: why is humanity choosing fear over love?

    Fear created and shaped the way we believe, not the other way around. We universally (not just Christians) created angry, vengeful deities because we were fearful, and projected this inner fear outward into the cosmos.

    We thought we had to appease these vengeful gods because life frightened us…nature still frightens us, if it did not civilization would not be so totally and pathologically obsessed with attempting to control and master it, and all life.

    So the question, past all beliefs systems, is: WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF, AND WHY?

    And still, no real answer…why?

    Because the conscious mind cannot come up with a valid answer…these fears are very ancient, primal fears that are deeply buried in the lower brain, in the collective unconscious, in the very distant past, and most likely go back to the dawn of humanity.

    But that they are buried doesn’t mean that they have disappeared, that they are under our control, or that they have no power, quite the opposite, as you should be able to realize if you look at human history and at the world conditions, or at your own life and those of the people around you.

    Irrational belief systems come from the mind’s attempt to make sense of and manage these irrational fears. It is the CORTEX processing unresolved material leaking from the lower brain, from the unconscious.

    Whether someone believe that space aliens are pursuing him to implant him with a device that will turn him into a zombie, that a judgmental god send “sinners” to hell, or that war is a necessary evil makes no difference, it all comes from the same place: unresolved unconscious terrors.

    Fear rules the world, and as long as this is not adequately addressed (beyond changing the by-products of fear such as religious beliefs in a judgmental God), fear will continue to rule the world and almost everyone’s life, AND LOVE WILL BE THE CASUALTY, in interpersonal relationships and between populations and nations.

  • mewabe

    About fear, if you think it is not an important issue:

    Look at the size and the power of our military arsenals, worldwide, and you will have a very accurate assessment of humanity’s universal fears…enough fear to destroy several planets the size of our earth.

    That’s not a small or irrelevant issue, and there is NOTHING rational about such fear, no matter how much people attempt to rationalize it.

    This overwhelming, irrational fear (more like terror) most likely go back to way before humanity ever conceived of vengeful gods…and switching to a belief in a loving God will not do the trick, anymore than ignoring the cause of an addiction but merely attempting to control the behavior or believing in God does anything to end the addiction.

    Healing involves so much more than just changing beliefs (which are symptoms, not causes), and humanity needs profound healing, facing its own inner demons, its inner terrors SO IT NO LONGER NEED TO PROJECT THEM OUTWARDS in the form of crazy belief systems.

  • Sibila Reventlow

    To my eyes, it seems that we are waking up globally with a loving awareness that hasn´t been around within us before.
    Neale´s books are sold and I certainly hope also read and used all over the world. So are many other books with spiritual guidelines and inspirations written by many inspired messengers that are active all over the world in a new manner. Avaaz reaches millions through the internet, affecting many decisions for more sustainability and life-enhancement in countless areas of life. Paulo Coelho´s former book was auto-biografical and described his own learning process through more than this present life – the book was so well sold all over the world that millions upon millions have read about life as an ongoing spiritual evolving process from the lived experience of an author that isn´t a spiritual teacher but nevertheless imparts spiritual truths.
    It maybe that chemistry still is used when food is produced. But at the same time ecologically grown food is what is sold to most people where I live. The same goes for traditional healthcare. Traditional healthcare is still central and countless pills and pre-scribed drugs are sold. And at the same time half of the population or more (in Denmark) make use of holistic treatments and the healing arts on a regular basis.
    I know of many, many people who are much less motivated by fear when making their choices and much more motivated by meaningfullness when choosing.
    the way i see it, many, many people are deciding in their lives not only from the superficial level of their lives only from outer values but from an inner, deeper level that releases meaningfullness and gives meaning in their hearts.
    it might be that the old way of life is still in power positions. And – at the same time love is opening people and people´s hearts all over the world. With the open heart comes a natural inner knowing of our being equal and connected with all life.
    To my eyes humanity is being shifted by loving awareness that is growing all over the world.

  • Erin/IAm

    Well, I finally got ‘The Storm’! Along with 2 of Llewellyn’s Almanacs! Woohoo! What lovely, well-timed gifts, indeed!:D

    And doesn’t this ‘present’ an inkling of where Spirituality is moving…I received these books from the 15 yo. daughter & her 18 yo. partner, who are ‘present’ with me now. These two have been struggling with the ‘norms’ of now, and are in process of redefining them on their own terms. In their process have they affected many others to do the same…especially those in our close family realm.

    After 30+ yrs. of relationship, & 6+ yrs. of that ‘separated’, Dear Ol’ Dad has come to his own realizations lately, & is willing to play the game without the rule book. Lord knows how this man cherished his rules…and how much I did not. Once again, patience & compassion rings true…and Truth is stronger than rules.:)

    And this is ‘happening’ all around…These ‘Changes’ in thoughts & Seeing of perspectives. Connections of pasts are ‘re-appearing’, new connects are ‘attracting’…Stuff is shifting, old direction signs are falling.

    And yes, Fear…Fear is surfacing big time…but doesn’t that ‘present’ opportunity to brush it aside & move onward from it.(?) Not to negate it, but to acknowledge it’s existence, and choose other-wise, yes? In youth we move this way. Hmmm…(?)

    As far as ‘action’…it speaks in words…change them. Remove “I Can’t”…this simply means “I don’t wanna”. Drop “Mine”…In truth, one owns no thing. What a lovey challenge for a New Year…to eliminate 3 little words…as a start.:)

    And to ‘heal’ a humanity, one must move to heal Self…Re-examine your dis-eases…and not thru WebMD! It’s Your body vehicle…Learn the mechanics of it! And for Humanity’s sake!, get out of the insurance scamming & welfare stuff…Open a responsible attitude & manage your ‘needs’. Do not support business that does not serve well! These are ‘right now’ actions any one can take to move Our stuff in wiser direction.

    Do you use ‘tax refund’ as a savings account? Silly you! Do you imagine banking interest rates & investment ops to be ‘great’? Look deeper. Do you imagine that chemicalized drugs are ‘curing’ you & over-drugged foods are nourishing you? Think again! And again, and again, and again!!! These things run our humanity…These things You can manage wiser on your own! Action in these little ways can move mountains…at least the human ones.

    Fear exists much in those who ‘let’ others make their choices for them rather than ‘allow’ co-choice input. Be Amazing! Be wiser! And “Take the time, so it takes less time”! Pleeease!:)

    It’s a Perfect Process…Create a Good Journey!:)

  • Therese W.

    Many of us grew up with a little television program called, “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”. Fred Rogers has since passed, and his gentle song asking, “won’t you be my neighbor?” and little examples of how to be neighbors in each show is not the most popular thing on television for morning kid tv any longer. Replaced instead by wizbang, and in many cases quite violent shows.

    But, his legacy does live on. Here is a little video of him accepting an award, and in his usual, gentle, profound way, I believe he offers us here, a little direction:


  • Lloyd

    Wow, isn’t humanity exactly where it is suppose to be? Didn’t we discuss this about the shooting in Newtown? Am I or anyone really qualified to judge the state of humanity? Now bring it home to what I can know and I can tell you about myself, my motives, and my state of being. When I look about me and begin to judge the state of others beingness that is when I generate trouble for myself and others.

    None of us can control anothers thoughts, beliefs, emotions, but we can set an example, and we do, of how we live a harmonious existence. Discussion, communication, education, etc. is critical to sharing a loving and uplifting society. For me, first thing is to open dialogue with those that wish to hear, and more and more humanity is ready to hear something uplifting and loving. Next it is important to not speak with a forked tongue, truthfulness as best expressed as I can without fear of others criticism, shows compassion and acceptance of Self, others and my own.

    What I am attempting to say, the journey to a new Human society, world, starts within me, ME. Learning to Love myself, accept myself, see Creator within myself, and honor existence within myself, will change the human story. Think about it, we built our old human story one human at a time and we change our human story one human, ME, at a time. Fixing my thoughts, my emotions, my fears/pain, and actions is primary to fixing our collective human story. Then with a happy, joyful, loving heart, I can proceed into the world and share existence with those who are ready to open themselves. Namaste’

  • Lloyd

    What is fear? Fear within the human experience is simply a tool. a natural emotion that is used to alert us to some precieved danger. Cave men/women used fear of damage and death to the physical body to energize themselves to fight and flee. Fear is a natural emotion humanity uses to survive in this physical existence, but unrational fear is the burden each individual wrestles with. Balance is the key, not allowing our fears to isolate us from the ALL of existence. Do we allow fear to control us, or do we choose to control fear so it is a productive positive emotion. We all acknowledge that death is a part of this experience we call human existence, and learning that we are eternal Energy, like all other existence, nature, etc. gives us a more rational perspective of Ourselves in relations to what death means. Fear of death is a tool to be used to survive another day, but should not become a means for building isolation from each other which then limits our ability to share ideas, love, and understanding. Namaste’

  • Inger Lise

    Therese….Recall of when visiting Texas back in 2002(the year after the New York disaster)of to meet with lots and lots of the most nice and caring folks of ever of to have met(even to me as a stranger). Wonders if the people in Texas has naturally “built in” the kindness(or borned with it)?

    Sibila, it surprises me of you telling of to be “an Chatolic” among all of the “the Protestants.” But Denmark have always been seen as a the more “International” connected country among the scandinavians in the olden days.
    Yes, the danes have had a more “free attitude” about the social life, and the more easier in “absorbing” the new views upon the things around.
    Please do you know of the Danish phenomenon (of Martinus), the Martinus Cosmology, and the Kierkegaard ? And Sweden have had the famous Emanuel Swedenborg once upon a time
    Don`t forget of Norway have been in union with Denmark in 500 years(and in union with Sweden in 90 years, and Finland in union with Sweden in 500 years). The history of ours will be the same.
    As in England and in the U.S., of us to have the same language but differently accents and dialects. Well, Finland have kept their own particular language partly thou, but the people of Finland have had a different origin(in the earthly history that is, not as of to be members of the Mankind….Adam and Eve).

    We are all One, remember?
    And who knows how many lifetimes of all sorts.

  • mewabe

    “Am I or anyone really qualified to judge the state of humanity?”

    It’s very simple.

    I do not support any war, any military establishment, any weapon research and development, I do not own any weapons and never will, I have never committed an act of violence in my life except once, as an act of self defense and after endless warnings, as a young boy, my fist flew to meet a bully’s nose (once and that was enough).

    I look at the military budget of the entire world, at the amount of time and energy spent preparing for war, and I logically deduct that such things are motivated by fear. I logically deduct that the majority of people support their governments’ wars because they are afraid.

    It seems fairly obvious, and does not seem to require a special qualification.

  • Inger Lise

    Fear…It is a WORD. Came upon a reading by Edgar Cayce today which tells:
    “……in thine own heart there comes those things that would make afraid.
    But fear is of the earth. The spirit of truth and righteousness casteth out fear.”

    For the experience or sojourn in the earth is not chance, but the natural spiritual and soul evolution of the entity; that it may be aware of its relationships to God—through its relationships to its fellow men; recognizing in each soul, as well as in self, those possibilities, those opportunities, those duties, those obligations that are a portion of each soul-entity`s manifesting in a material plane.

    For the material, at best, is only temporal, or temporary, while that which may be builded from spiritual purposes, is eternal.

    First—know as to what are purposes, the desires, the hopes. There are in the present the problems that are a part of the experience, but take things, conditions and circumstances where they are—not merely where you wishfully think, hope or desire that they are!
    Meet the problems first, though, in the spiritual; then the mental and the MATERIAL results will become more satisfactory. As the law has been and is the portion of the hopes—as the associations are still many of the problems of the moment—find the solution in the choices as in keeping the ideal of goodness and kindness.”

    ….Well, weapons of goodness and kindness through any problems seems to be the task in to overcome the world. And it seems to be the same as the books of NDW telling as well.

    And then it is another Edgar Cayce reading telling: “Hence as has been given, KNOW THYSELF, in whom thou believest!(adding the own comments, as of do not know “whom” each of us might be of course). Not of earthly, but mental and spiritually—and WHY(the upheavals of letters in the reading)! And by keeping a record of self—-not as a diary, but thy purposes, what you have thought, what you have desired, the good that you have done— we will find this will bring physical and mental reactions that will be in keeping with the purposes for which each soul enters a material manifestation.”

    Quite interresting is it not?

    Well, ending it with another Edgar Cayce reading which telling: “Each entrance of an entity into a material experience is that it may better fit itself, through the application of an ideal in its experience, for a sojourn(the Edgar Cayce readings telling of us of to have “the planetary sojourns”) with that which is creative—that influence or force in which ALL(the upheavals of letters in the reading)move and have their consciousness, their being.

    Actually, we are much more than we think about ourselves.

  • Therese

    Inger…Texas has no lack of friendly people! I am glad you were treated well.


  • Sean Mills

    I feel that this an exciting time for humanity a time for change.
    I work with the public and also attract people who all seem to be looking for change now.i don’t know if its because of what I think but I notice more people are open to talk about spirituality.
    I’ve had a very special year spiritually and have felt connected directly at times and that was pure heaven.
    After having a year like that I’ve made some big decisions regarding interconnection and helping others to wake up so I will continue on this path.
    The global conversation!what a wonderful place for us all to talk and share our idea’s thank God! Happy new year brothers and sisters

  • Erin/IAm

    I just read an article in The NY Post…under “Weird but True”:

    “In the Canadian Rockies, traffic cams are being used to reward drivers and not punish them.
    Motorists in a town outside Calgary, Alberta, who are recorded abiding by the speed limit are automatically entered into raffles for gift certificates.”

    Positive re-enforcement…what a concept!:) A changing of tides, indeed!:)

    Now if this type of ‘news’ replaced the ‘subway pusher’ headline…That, I would call Amazing!:)

  • Victor

    I suscribe these words by Mewabe:

    ”Organize, agitate and foment revolution…a revolution of consciousness, in partnership with the earth and all of the natural creation, with all life.

    We all need to start connecting all the dots such as spirituality, the environment, social justice, wars, etc, it is all connected in reality, and none of it can be change without everything else.

    It is a web…a web of life. We need to start thinking in these terms, rather than waging single battle trying to “fix” single issues that keep popping up because the foundation has not changed and the machine of destruction keep humming.”

    Thank you Neale and everyone for this magnificent Opportunity, Time, and Space… For all the thoughts and feelings shared… For the growing…

    Millions of hugs and blessings…

    Happy New Year 2013!

  • Lloyd

    We made it another year, welcome to 2013, a New Year, a new day, and a new You. Each of us are blessed to exist during this moment in time and so what are we going to do with this opportunity? Are we going to focus upon things we can control or rant against things we have no control over? Are we going to Love one another unconditionally or are we going to continue to harbor ill will toward many who do not agree with us?

    This new year is a change, we are changed, and it is up to each of us to make the change within Ourselves that will tell the world about and show the world about Unconditional Love and the power of our ONENESS. We are asked to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, so open your hearts and embrace the Love within you and share it with ALL that come into your realm of influence.

    Wishing each of us strength to face our own Self, Love our own Self, and touch the heart of ALL that will allow and accept unconditional Love. Namaste’

  • Ehu
  • Eleonora Bettencourt

    Olá, Donald N. Walsh!

    O livro Conversas com Deus foi o livro mais bonito e interessante que já li. Ajudou na minha vida. Obrigada.
    Penso que percebi a mensagem: é preciso uma mudança interior, em cada um de nós e para melhor. Há alguns anos trabalho com bastante gente, temo que a mudança não seja tão rápida, quanto necessária.
    Há muita gente, que só olha para o seu «umbigo»…
    De qualquer qualquer modo é preciso ter esperança e acreditar.
    Happy New Year for all of You!

    Eleonora Bettencourt


    Hello, Donald N. Walsh!

    The book Conversations with God was the most beautiful and interesting book I have ever read. It helped in my life. Thank you.
    I think I saw the message: you have a change of heart in each of us and for the better. There are quite a few years working with people, I fear that the change is not as fast as needed. There are many people who only look at your ‘belly button’ …
    Either way you need to have any hope and believe.
    Happy New Year for all of You!

    Eleonora Bettencourt

  • Ionic Breeze

    Hi Life,

    What a grand day we’re having this day. Ho ho Ho is really everyday, and everyday can be like Christmas. i have a Christmas story coming true. I’m going to write about it on my blog tonight, and all life is welcome to come in. We are home in the high end of life. Love is all we are. Love is truly all we are. Hi Hi Hi Ho Ho Ho Merry ol’ soul we are today 🙂 oh yea, my blogsite is Hope to see you there 🙂

    Love to all life,

    I Am Ionic Breeze, and so are you. Love, Love, Love is all we are Hi

  • Carol Bass

    I don’t think I have ever had such a unsettled feeling about the future of humanity. At my age to feel so much fear and uncertainty is not a good place to be. It seems that so many have turned their back on what is right and what is wrong. The ten commandments according to the bible has become just another thing to cast off as just someone’s religious beliefs but not necessarily truth. I am not a young person anymore and have lived allot of life but yet I seem more confused today about life, religion, morals, truth, than any other time in my life. I think it is perhaps that I try to be open minded and listen to all points of view and am always searching desparately for the truth and why we are here in the first place. It is so easy for anyone with talent for stating their views with eloquence, and the right choice of words to make a case for just about anything…But where does it all end? What do we use for our borometer for right and wrong? Iwas taught as a Christain that it all goes back to the bible and the ten commandments. But not all of us are Christians. We live in such a diverse world with so many belief systems. But don’t all religions believe that good, love, peace should always prevail? It just seems to me that evil would be despised by all people. We can not keep going on killing, hating, raping, abusing, ignoring the needs the weak without our spirits being broken. We must find a way to do better. We only have control of ourselves but we can sure start there. We can and do have a influence on the people we love and the contacts we have in our lives. People do pay attention to how we live our lives.. I have started in my life by standing firm in my beliefs as a person of God. I will obey the commandments, I will live a honest God fearing life, and I will not tolerate deceit, lies, injustice, and behavior that is hateful without saying something to stop it. I will love my fellow man and be helpful when there is a need. I will encourage anyone that I may come in contact with that appears to be in some kind of struggle to turn to their God for guidance. I will continue to pray for guidance myself and for the betterment of our humanity. I will always ask God to turn our heats back to Him where the truth is and always will be. That is my daily prayer.

  • Kristen

    Very smart choices Carol, you cannot go wrong, and you should be in a place of peace BECAUSE of your personal choices. One cannot ignore that in the Old Testament (if anyone even reads it anymore!) God states ‘I am an angry jealous God’, and ‘I am never changing’. I am more inclined to believe what God has to say about Himself than anyone on earth now (and Yshua said not to listen to the teachings of man). My daily prayer is my countries NZ National Anthem, the full version. I do not fear God, but do not do anything that would cause me to fear Him, but like a grumpy father/grandfather, I am well aware of what can happen to those who will end up on His wrong side, just as I am aware of the love and blessings to those on His right side. Truth, Understanding, Law & Religion go hand in hand with spirituality, but must come first.

    Re eloquence and using words to make a case – What came first: the words or the meanings behind them? English was supposed to simplify language, by new words being formed to define what would otherwise take a whole sentence. This point is now lost! As an english Kiwi, I love how Te Reo (Maori) uses simplified language that we all know the meaning of, but the english translation is pages long. Like Tapu & Mana – frequently used here in english sentences. These more primitive/advanced languages are much more spiritual, beautiful and don’t accommodate misinterpretations and debate like english does. An advanced person uses less language.

    I understand there is a universal definition of right and wrong, with wrong generally defined as that which causes suffering, involves that which is not yours or is disrespectful. All wrong is punishable, no matter what one believes or is taught. Without consequences there cannot be existance, and evil would have taken over everything long ago. The sign on a broken or damaged spirit is a tear – if anyone causes tears, (other than tears of joy, beauty, pride or perfection) there WILL be consequences.

    Stay on the soul train, and enjoy the ride.

  • Carol Bass

    I love your thoughts Kristen, that there is a universal definition of right and wrong generally defined as that which causes suffering, involves what is disrespectful and is not yours…..and that all wrong is punishable, that their are consequences to evil no matter what one believes. This gives me something to anchor to. Tears are certainly a sign of brokeness and I think the whole world is crying…….crying out for meaning, love, justice, goodness, and reason to go on. My generation especially is so bewildered by the way things are being handled in just about all the important aspects of life. I had a friend my age tell me the other day that he thinks we are likely to be the last generation that experienced the good life, simplicity, working honestly and hard for what we have. I am so happy that I came up in a generation of very clear values and morals. What do people do when they do not believe in God? Why bother being good? Being connected to God begets goodness. With no connection we have no guide lines to live by and isn’t that what we see happening to our world? I will keep on pondering until my God takes me home I guess.

  • Victor

    Carol and Kristen,

    Happy New Year 2013!

    Respectfully, I don´t know if you really have realized what we are talking here… We´re talking about igniting, promoting, embracing, a New Spirituality, a real Revolution in Spiritual beliefs… Ahead of the vindictive a vengeful God that appears in Old Testament and other ´words of God´around the world…

    Simply, the “angry jealous God” that Kristen quotes from the Bible is a mental and cultural construction, that nothing has to do do with any real sense of what a Deity would be… It´s an anthropomorphical ´god´ with the same weaknesses and failures than human beings… With an schizophrenical personality that of course arises schizophrenical teachings, moral codes, and doings, that arise schizophrenical and neurotic societies, that you only have to see the state of the world for realizing what have brought to the lives of millions… Wars in the name of ´god´, crusades, invations in the name of Christ… You name it…

    So, Carol, I´m very sorry that you are experiencing what you so honest and sensitively have shared… I´d suggest that this point of your life could be the perfect place for starting a huge turn… And I´d suggest very emphatically that you read some of the books by Neale. Specially, Conversations with God 1 or 2, the New Revelations (this, specially…) or “Tomorrow´s God”. I really think that Tomorrow´s God has arrived already. It´s time for Tomorrow´s God be Today´s God, because, it is the Eternal God, in my oppinion…

    So, about your concerns about right and wrong, you´ll see that it is all a matter of perspective and purpose, and absolutely a matter of our decisions about what we say, feel, think that we are, and what Life is… This is not moral relativeness, in its twisted meaning, but a comprehension that values, meanings, purposes that we embrace are what set our codes of right and wrong… Of course, there could be universal and consensual, ontological, sets of moral codes, but only attached to universal and consensual values or purposes. Our purposes determine if a thing is ´right´or ´wrong´, that means, if it works or not for fulfilling those purposes…

    B.e., if we think that affirmation of Life, Happiness and Harmony are true, real values for being embraced, and that the purpose of our existence is to experience that in ourselves and everybody, then, wars, contamination, murder, crime, drug addiction, etc. are ´wrong´, that is to say, those behaviours don´t work for achieving those purposes…

    Then, it is not a question that if there is a God in the skies with a predetermined check list, taking notes of who violates or fulfills them, but if we manage to go in the direction that WE say we want to go, and if we are effective in that.. And if we´re using or not the gifts, powers, and assistance with which God has provided us, and provides us always…

    So, it is an entirely different perspective, very different, to the perspectives with which religions and theologies of fear have flooded and continue flooding our entire planet. With the known consequences.

    Now we´re entering a new brand time. And that´s what we are talking here…

    Millions of Blessings and Love for you…

  • nicole

    You know your heart has healed when you can trust again to receive, with open arms and open heart whatever Life may bring your way.

    We have to stop worrying about the future, it became THE humanity sport. It’s a cult to project everything into the future. We use “The Secret”, affirmations, visualizations and so on to create THE future we want. That consumes a lot of energy. We didn’t come here on Earth learn ho to create the future but to learn how to live in awe the wonder of each PRESENT moment.

    We literally can’t let go. We are very tight and afraid… the more we want a better scenario, the more we see violence around us, unexplained… ?!?

    In my opinion: worrying about the future it’s the proof we don’t trust God; it creates a lot of inner aggressiveness towards the Creator and it uses a lot of energy to continuously project scenarios towards the future.

    Dear Neale, could you ask God: is it healthy to constantly focus on the future?

  • Scott

    Hi Nicole

    You are right to say we shouldn’t “worry” about the future. We should never worry at all about anything. Worry is an outgrowth of fear & fear is nearly always conterproductive.

    The past & the future are illusions & to dwell in either one is unhealthy. The past is useful as a library of information that can help us from repeating “mistakes” that have caused suffering. The future doesn’t exist & is created in the present moment by how we are expressing what we are being in the present moment.

    The second rule of magic states: “Your focus creates your reality”. So it is what we focus on in the present moment that creates the “future” that we will experience. Which when it comes will of course be in the present moment.

    So a good thing to do is to exist in the present & FOCUS on how we would like things to BE NOW which will create the experience that we seek.

    The 7 rules of magic can be found in the book by William Whitecloud titled “The Magicians Way” I highly recomend it. It is the same wisdom
    that is contained in the CwG material but illistrated in a different way.

    Namaste Scott

  • Lloyd

    Humanity is beginning to awaken to the fact that we are all connected, to each other, as well as to nature and the universe. It isn’t a dog eat dog world, because we are finding out the hard way we are eating Ourselves with this type of thinking, acting, believing. The more we learn the more we understand the truth of this simple fact, that what I do to others I do to myself. Humans love to complicate our lives, but it is just our smoke screen so we can maintain the illusion that we aren’t responsible for where we are today.

    Simple truth, fixing my life, changes the way I view my world, and the way I react to my world. I am responsible and I must change within me what I see outside that does not please me. If I want more compassion in the world then I must become more compassionate, and if I want more unconditional Love then I must give more unconditional Love. So many have said this before and so many have refused to listen and hear, but the knock on the door continues and the question is when will we answer the door and open it to the truth?

  • carol

    Listening to so many points of view is interesting. As I stated before …. when intelligent people such as all of the above put there thoughts about life, meaning, purpose and God into well arranged sentences it all makes sense according to their own personal beliefs based upon how they experience their own life. The truth of the matter is no one really knows the truth. We can only make assumtions and choose to believe what we want to. It is all about decision making. Decision to believe in God or not, decision to accept things as they are or try to create change, decision to love or hate, forgive or hold grudges. It is a no wonder how we stay sane with so much information to sift through in life. I was brought up a Catholic with belief in God. As I got older I found out that their were so many different religions and all of them believed as strongly as I did that theirs were the right one. I still question every day the same God that I pray to asking Him to take away my dought. I dought allot especially when I listen to the news with all the horrible things happening to our world such as corrupt governemnet, evil people killing innocent children, the obvious loss of our war against drugs, families turning against one another, killing your own blood. I have made a decision to believe in God but I don’t understand Him and sometimes I get angry. I hope He forgives me for my doughts when I get to the Heaven that I choose to believe will be my permanent home. It is ALL about decisions but I must admit I am in allot of turmoil about life and meaning.