Successfully MidAir

I have come across a wonderfully insightful and enlightening book written by Rev. Sandra Daly that I am so excited to share with our readers.  Not only does this book contain some extraordinary spiritual tools to use and apply in your life, but this generous and gifted author is offering her book absolutely free on her website.

From Rev. Sandra Daly’s website:

“I am feeling guided to – rather than publishing Successfully MidAir as a book for sale – post the entire work here as an open-handed offering to you.  This book contains AND expresses my Heart, and it is my privilege to present it here to you, for you.  Thank you, and enjoy!”

And that is exactly what she has done.

The third in a series of books written by Sandra, she shares her own personal journey and transformation as a demonstration of how to transition once and for all out of “victimhood” into personal power and self-realization and begin changing your life “from the inside out.”  Sandra uses her own challenges and setbacks and her own triumphs and breakthroughs to encourage others who find themselves suspended in “midair,” searching for a place to land.

Whatever “midair” situation you may find yourself struggling with right now, the tools in this book will help you navigate through whatever you are experiencing with more ease and more joy in your life.  Explore more deeply what the purpose of your life is and  learn how to live within that purpose consciously.  Finally live the life you desire by letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you.  Prepare to move forward with a renewed sense of freedom and clarity by “managing the turbulence” along the way.  And arrive at your chosen destination with grace and appreciation for all the goodness that accompanies landing “Successfully Midair.”

Are you ready to take that “leap of faith and land in the life you want”?

Successfully MidAir:  How to Navigate Your Leap of Faith and Land in the Life You Want can be read in its entirety on Rev. Sandra Daly’s website by clicking HERE.

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