I Hear Voices

That’s right, I hear voices — four of them actually.  And tonight I recognized them and saw very clearly what was happening, and it started with a prayer.  I prayed while laying in savasana after an inspiring yoga class.  My prayer was a simple one, a typical one even.  I knew I had to get this blog up.  And I am somewhat of an inspirational writer.  What I mean by that is when something in my life inspires me, the thoughts come fast and furious.  When this happens, I need to get to the computer quickly or at the very least a pad and pen.

This past week, I haven’t had the opportunity to let those things that I felt inspired to write about get written down or entered into the computer.  My busy life was stringing out my current blog past when it was time to change it and I needed some inspiration.  So I prayed.  I asked God in what I recognized was my voice, “God, please bring through me the words that those reading my blog this week are seeking to hear.”  I continued in my head with the invocation, although this one had a different voice, albeit it was still my voice. The inflection was not as strong and committed, and it stuttered a little.

The prayer continued in this shaky voice, “Please, God, let this blog be of great service.”

This is where it became interesting.  Another voice almost simultaneously, yet seemingly behind the shaky voice, a higher pitched, tense, and uneasy voice, was saying, “Let this be of great service to me as well.”

Just as that voice started to say that, another voice came in and chimed, “You can’t ask for this to serve you!”  This voice was clearly different, as were all four of the voices, yet they were, strangely enough, all my voice.  It was very clear to me while this was happening ,that these were all my thoughts with my different data attached to them surrounding what each statement was.

This noticing of my thoughts, and the voices attached to them, was fairly unique to me.  I have listened to the voices in my head many times and always wondered what was going on there.  I have been intrigued about how many different levels there are in my mind.  And that kicked off another whole set of thoughts and voices.

The thought process fascinated me, especially with the level of clarity and awareness in which it occurred.  I quickly had the thought, “This is the blog!”  As soon as I made that decision, I had two simultaneous things going on in my head.

The first was, “Don’t forget this!”  I began to repeat the topic over and over in my head so I would remember: “I hear voices, I hear voices…”  While repeating that mantra, my secondary thoughts were flying about, “How does this tie in to addiction?”  One voice said, “You can’t write about something like that.   What if it harms someone?”  While immediately another voice said, “Oh, my God, people who hear voices need to read this.  They need to know that maybe those voices are there to bring awareness to our thoughts.”  This very same voice said, “You must write this article.”

And so that conversation took place in my head in a two-minute span while laying on a floor in a 105 degree room, soaking wet after a ninety-minute yoga class where every aspect of my being was pushed to the limits.  This incredible insight happened because I took time for myself.  I made time for me and only me to honor what God has given me, a beautiful mind capable of multi-layered thought, an incredible body that is able to do more than I ever give it credit for, and a soul in which to rely upon and seek wisdom, compassion, discipline, and insight from.

You see, recovery is about always seeking greater insight into ourselves, the world around us, and to expand our consciousness of what we believe our Creator to be.  If I seek to remain open, and never declare anything to be the ultimate truth, that leaves me with the power to recreate myself and my world at any moment.  When you are in a state of mind that is seeking higher states of Divinity, there is no room for relapse.

I understand that for some hearing voices is a sign of mental illness, and that should not be taken lightly, nor should it be made fun of.  What I am encouraging people to do here is take a concept and think deeply on it.  What I did only took two minutes and the feeling and inspiration was phenomenal.

(Kevin McCormack is a Conversations with God Life Coach, a Spiritual helper on www.changingchange.net, and an Addictions recovery advisor.  You can visit his website for more information at www.Kevin-Spiritualmentor.com  To connect with Kevin, please email him at Kevin@theglobalconversation.com)

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  • Michael L

    Thank you Kevin,

    for explaining a way to evaluate, or differentiate those voices of us, we have in our heads.

    Keep the dialogue going!!

  • Ionic Breeze

    Hi Kevin,

    Couldn’t resist this one 🙂 What a brave warrior you are indeed 🙂 I agree there is mental illness in the world. Look around here long enough and you’d be crazy not to be crazy, so it’s very important to remain open to God in this realm. Open to openess is what I call it. We have to be open to the open heart of God, if we want to speak to God. Speaking to God was something I always did. I even wrote letters before I knew I wrote letters to God. “Dear God, give me a baby,” was one very big prayer. i still have the letter, and it came true only after I surrendered to not knowing I know all there is to know about life, God, Power, Energy, this land, and a place I knew existed in my heart that I could only glimpse at times. It was when the water got really deep and seemingly quite murky, not for me, but for those I love, that I reached out to God to help me help another love of God, that my pen began to move, and then a voice through mouth. It’s been a wild ride, but one I would never take back. Voices. Yes. We are channels. We are nothing but channeled Source Energy here on mission, in order to let God channel Source Energy to Him or Her, whatever you call It. It’s God who tells me, “We channel you. We channel you channel us. You channel us, but we channel you channel us. We process this energy exchange as fast as you process our energy exchange. We move and groove in energy exchange in dreamtime, in notime, we are always moving in and out of All Life. Voices come and some are more predilected? that isn’t a word God. It is, love, if I say it is. Shhh. Ok. I’m back. You see. We think with a little mind all day long, and we sometimes begin to believe it. That’s where trouble sets in. It’s not real, this thing, called “little mind.” I’m a big Mind, and I groove in every aspect of every aspect. Your aspects create more aspects even as you live this life, even as she types my letters into this computer screen, as she speaks it. She channels every post here, so she has to work fast. She speaks, then types, then speaks, then types, and prays she doesn’t lose all that she typed into this little box Neale has going on. Some days she makes grand posts and Poof! They’re gone all in a second. Oh well. She’ll come again another day. It’s always a grooving moving thing I do. i exchange this thing we are called One Love Simultaneously in and out of every Christed Heart living The True Twin Heart. That’s how I do it and now she sighs wondering what I’m going to say next and how I can connect the dots in a second, because she has things to do before I stop speaking in her ear and she can stop typing and grab that cappuccino she really really longs for at this hour 🙂 But, I’m here for her, and I’m going to wrap it up in a minute. Whew. Alright. Listen, we are molecules. That thing called I Amness is praana and that stuff Whew is Grand Woowee is it. Let me tell you about it. It comes forth in a second and Living Love moves it and grooves it in every Christed Heart living that Christed Spark who ignited that Spark to full throttle. you know the Spark, love. i mean you Kevin. you know what we’re talking about, so the idea that one is mentally ill because they can hear, or what is known as clairaudient, or see, or what is known as clairavoyant, or feel, or what is known as clariesentient, is not me. You see. I speak to my children, and all my children are gifted with special gifts. Some take to seeing first. Some take to hearing voices in the ear first. Some take to feeling my energy in a phsyical way first. Michelle here took to breathing me first, but she didn’t know it. She breathed me in Zero, but all my children breathed me in Zero. We just forgot. The breathing of me is the breathing of I Amness and that is the Bliss. Once you feel it once, you’ll never want to feel another thing, and that Bliss is me. that Bliss is you. That Bliss is every aspect of every aspect of All Life merging and melding into Hi Love Sweet Love. That’s all you are. you are love sweet love. Thank you for being a brave warrior Kevin. Love God I Am through Michelle to you Hi Ho He That’s her light languge, by the way, if anyone doesn’t know that. It is one of her special gifts. It transfers energetic transfer, my I Amness. It really does. You have a lightbody. Scroll over it. If you don’t. Scroll again anyway, and you will. Love God I Am Hi Inbreath Hi Outbreath Ho and He Hi Ho He Alright. We are complete here. Get your drink, love Hi”

  • Laura Pringle

    Thanks for a reassuring article, Kevin. It was brave and loving of you to post, and helpful, too.

    I have written many things to myself, recording what my inner voice has inspired me to write over the years, wondering what the significance is.

    Sometimes when I go back and re-read what I have written, I get chills at how informative they actually were. But I don’t usually share the words, mostly because they only pertain to my personal situation. Recently I did, on a blog in this forum, and quickly wondered if it helped anyone or was just lost in the translation. It was kinda scary, I admit!

    However, I haven’t tried to differentiate or discern between the different tones of this voice, as you have. I fear it would drive me nuts if I did. What you do is interesting, and I’m glad you’ve shared it. You analyze the voices origins, and try to understand what parts of the psyche are trying to speak. COOL!

    I love where this site takes me, and how it shows me that there are others who have inner voices so strong they demand to be heard. It is all healing, and promotes contemplation and delving of the psyche, which I firmly believe is an evolutionary pre-requisite. Keep up the good work! Thanks a million!

  • Ionic Breeze

    Hi Laura,

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your conversation. I meant to say at the time, but didn’t. I always love reading real people’s conversations with God. It’s easy to get lost in a big guru’s vision and lose site that God is Us, meaning us peons, too, in life, and to house a special room where many who speak God’s Word through them would be lovely,Neale, on a regular basis, I mean. Ahem. I am joking. He is the owner of this site, but. . .God, really. . .just speak it. .I don’t like how you introduce yourself, God, but really, what is it? what do you want to tell Neale now 🙂 “Hi Neale, I aaaaam you. you are me. We are One Love Hi Now. Tell me love, how was it coming out of the closet, so to speak, for you, my love :). . .dear God I can’t believe you. shhh just shhhh. . I’m back. Now Neale, you know that I know that you know it wasn’t easy love. It looks easy from a distance, but try it God Mind on the line. Come ahead and show that Godhead for me this day Hi Ho He We do know you know that a special room here devoted to real regular guys and gals would be most apprecitated by us peons in the audience here 🙂 You always did like a good show. Let the show begin, love. Draw up the curtains. It’s a show time. Let us begin Hi Hi Hi Ho Ho Ho We are complete.” Ok. sorry about that but truthfully, I would love to read more of Laura and all life’s conversations with God on a regular column. Not to mention this idea I had, too. Neale, listen. you have a grand poet in the house there, and everyone of us loves poetry, especially Em’s, which speaks to the soul. Why not place a column on a regular basis where everyone could place poetry, even channeled poetry, and not only that but how about music, drama, the whole shabang, the whole enchilada. God is Creation today. Let it be. Let it be. We are that creation today Hi


    ionic breeze

  • Laura Pringle

    Hey, Ionic Breeze, Thanks for the shout-out, and I also think it is very interesting to see what others channel too! 🙂 Your ideas are refreshing.

    About this article, Kevin:

    “If I seek to remain open, and never declare anything to be the ultimate truth, that leaves me with the power to recreate myself and my world at any moment.”

    (!!!I so very love that sentiment!!!) 🙂 🙂 It’s the secret to life, I bet! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us<3

  • ionic breeze

    Hey girl, i just want to say that I do know the power of astrology. i didn’t mean to imply it isn’t powerful. in fact, come to think of it, we have certain times when energy pours more forthrightly into the earth and all its inhabitants, and they always seem to happen on the moons, so there is something to it, love. Truthfully, I don’t know what I was saying. i always knew there was something to it. i mean I was an addict actually. i used to consult it before everything. Like I said, I knew the planets of every event major in my life. Moon in sagitarius, sun in cancer, pisces rising, venus virgo, mars gemini and saturn leo i think. I can’t remember. It’s been awhile. truthfully all that doesn’t house well, according to the written textbooks on astrology. i mean fire puts out water, and well water is the breath of love these days. We can actually baptise our own water, I hear. We can actually bless it and drink it and I do drink bath water he he he and we don’t really need a book to tell us we can’t put fire and water in the same room together. Neptune is definitely scorpio . There’s a trine working there somewhere in here that I do claim to own 🙂

    So, I actually misrepresented my opinion. i just want to clarify that I do, definitely do see the power of astrology indeed. I put my eggs in all of God’s baskets these days, and, astrology is one, but I take full control and let the rest of those squares take care of themselves. hi

    Anyhoo. thanks for the chat 🙂 It’s powerful, this thing called life. When I experienced my semi wake up in 2002, God I am showed me more lightning in a lit up board, a real board that moved a pen, a real pen through my hand and electricity that tingled my hair, warmth that felt so real, a flush through the body and a temperature drop in the air. I even saw a comet at the top of my bedroom celing one night in one of those half state dreams and wow. What combustion. Whew. I want that back, like that night scene dream I had a week ago. i don’t breathe that everyday, but once is all it takes. It’s a bug. This thing called the path. Once bitten, you’re gone forevermore. For real, I didn’t know what to do with that. No book teaches us about fire breath, not like that, not any i’ve seen. So I just sort of let astrology take a backseat and focused more on the fire guy full throttle as best i knew how. The rapid opening was enough to handle. I couldn’t put anymore stuff from the stars in the mix of all life. when we expand, we loosen real substance in the mind, body, soul and all this old energy, old angsyne, esp (that’s god code for old marriage energies housed in the body as they merge and meld, profound marriages in life housed in the body) anyway, expansion causes that all that junk that murky, watery stuff to loosen and break apart and sometimes move out in wierdness but isn’t real at all. Many on the planet are going through this release phase of a non choice expansion. Iwent through that 12 years ago and it wasn’t easy. I never chosse to be enlightened. I mean I always loved god but I never really knew what it meant. i thought I conjured a devil Lol but anyhoo, he was a sure cute devil. I think I’ll stick with him. Alright, here we go again. I just chat away too much in life. I’m getting my own blog soon. Actually I have two now coming to a theater near you. Come in. Do come in. i hear the water is fine and the air is might thick with the thinness hu hu hu alright that’s enough. I’m off. I choose it myself this day this day. It’s what is. Never do I not choose the fire guy in all life.

    love to all life.

    ps. there are many light people who follow astrology very closely. Check out spiritlibrary.com. You’ll probably find many there. i know that’s a great site. I have seen some great readings there, even neale, and some are great astrologers.

  • Laura Pringle

    Pretty interesting stuff!:) Did we have an astrology discussion that I missed??? On another post, maybe?
    Oops. Sorry! Sometimes I don’t think 2 check for replies or comments past what I wrote. (duh)

    Maybe your grand trine is between Neptune, your Cancer sun and Pisces rising, huh. That would make for a very intuitive spiritual channel indeed, as it sounds like you are. And since Neptune has moved into Pisces in the last few years, I bet you’ve had some really WOW insights and experiences!

    This fire guy you refer to sounds like an exciting venture! At first I had to re-read what you wrote, it kinda confused me. Not sure if you’re referring to channeling spirits or what. I’m a little slow. But thanks for sharing! That indeed outweighs astrology in the spiritually exciting department:)

    I like to keep abreast of where the planets are in relation to my chart- right now Pluto is in early degrees of Capricorn, squaring my natal planets, and Uranus is also squaring things-it is now in Aries. This square is the source of lots of the tension we are all experiencing in our societies and in our home environment. Pluto is a formidable energy and usually rips everything we try to hang on to, away from us. Uranus compels us to assert our individuality as we desire.

    I love reading your babblings, (forgive me if that term comes across as any kind of negative, it’s not meant to be.) I have two Pisces/Virgo/Gemini sisters, and they do the same thing. 🙂

    It would be a lot easier for me to digest your words/morsels if they had some more spaces between them.

    (Hint, stop every once in awhile and leave a gap.)

    Otherwise, it’s kinda overwhelming! 🙂

    I will def. check out that link, thx 4 posting! 🙂 (((hugs)))
    (The beginning of my new, “HUG A STRANGER” campaign 🙂