Dreams of the Mighty

Within the first few pages of this delightful book, I knew I was in for a real treat!  “Dreams of the Mighty,” by Kim Wood and Teri Roefs, is a colorful and magical journey of self-realization for Les, a man who plods through his day-to-day challenges, feeling discouraged with the way life is playing out for him, feeling as though something was missing, while at the same time sensing that something significant, something life-changing, was about to happen to him.

And, boy, was it!

In this wonderful celebration of life, an adventure of twists and turns, brimming with unexpected surprises and unlikely relationships, “Les finally knew beyond all doubt that he was truly free, always had been, forever would be. He rejoiced in the indescribably rich, purposeful engagement that his life had been; a hallowed script, a miraculous role, a blessed cast—every act flawless and complete within the divine plan.”

Kim and Teri have injected a clever balance of humor and spirituality into this uplifting novel, an extraordinary and refreshing combination that is not commonly found in a lot of today’s new-thought writings, a shining example that, yes, even a quest for one’s true self can be lighthearted and fun.  One of its underlying messages is that if we place ourselves in a space of openness and awareness to everything around us, we can’t help but to feel our connection to all of it and experience the significance of our presence within it.

Treat yourself, as I did, to this engaging and thoughtful book written by two passionate and creative authors who have used their own inner personal spiritual journey to inspire and touch all those who share their path.

“Dreams of the Mighty” can be found and purchased online at www.chapters.indigo.ca, or, for substantially less, as an E-book
from www.smashwords.com.

(Kim Wood is an author whose creativity, lifelong passion for the written word, keen sense of humor and insatiable curiosity about the ‘whys’ of being have come together here in Dreams of the Mighty, his first novel.  Kim can be reached at krwood@rogers.com.  Teri Roefs is a psychotherapist practicing in and around Ottawa, Canada. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a clinical member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute, an EMDR and Energy Psychology practitioner, and has completed training in a wide range of therapeutic procedures.  Teri can be reached at athene1@rogers.com.) 

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