Is death just nothingness?

Dear Therese,

I am at the time of my life where I realize I have far fewer years behind me than ahead of me, and I have to admit I am afraid of death.  I have always been afraid of death.  Even when I was young, and practicing my religion I never thought death was anything except just stopping.  I would like to believe something else, but right now I just believe death is forever nothingness, and I think about it a lot.

Nancy in St. Paul

Dear Nancy,

Increasingly there is evidence that there is life after death, due to things like near death experiences, but it is still very contradictory at best.  Some think it concrete evidence, some think it evidence of what our bodies do when under certain conditions and stresses.  I happen to think it is not strictly chemical.

Getting to the very basics of science, energy can never go away, it can only change form, right?  Which means, if nothing else, we will continue on for sure, even if not in the form we are experiencing right now.  Not very comforting, though, is it?

I also happen to resonate with things in the CWG world…go figure!  In “Home With God, in a life that never ends” Neale Donald Walsch talks with God about death.  One of the things that seems most true, given the anecdotal evidence mentioned above, is that what we believe about death is what we will experience after we die.  If we believe in hell, or, in your case, nothingness, that is exactly what we will experience…until we decide we have finished this particular human experience all the way to its completion, and are ready to meet up with the All (God, if you will), and choose again.  We can choose to do the same life again, or we can choose one of the infinite possibilities that exist called “The Life of Nancy.”  Or we could stay with Creator, but that isn’t likely, because the urge to experience what we know would be very alluring.

Part of what I hear you saying, though, Nancy, is that you have a particular attachment to this body, and this mind.  What if I were to tell you that it is also suggested in “The Only Thing That Matters,” by Neale, that we change form for a bit, but that we ultimately reunite with this same mind/body/soul that we now are?  Our form changes energy, much like snowflake to rain to ice to vapor and back to snow.  It is all the same thing, but different forms, and we will resume our form as well.  For me this is comforting, and explains a lot of my feelings of been-there done-that!

Of course, as is glibly said, there’s no getting away from the fact that we are going to die, but that does not mean that we have to dwell in the fear of it either.  Ultimately it is just another change in a life that is nothing but change…each change can be called a little death, and, if you are like me, you can also look back and see that each “little death” opened up the pathway for something else.  I think it is pretty cool to sit and imagine what that “something else” will be after the change called my physical death!

Nancy, I hope that you can imagine that, too, and choose to live this life consciously and with joy, and not waste it through living fearfully…although, you will get the chance to do it again if you’d like!


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  • Jian Qiu Huang

    Dear Nancy

    I understand what you are trying to get your mind around. Unfortunately true understanding only comes from experience.

    I want to share an experience with you which I hope may point to what death may be like. I attached a link to my blog – the posting is entitled – Fear does not exist in moment of death.

    God bless.

    Jian Qiu Huang

    JQ is author and publisher of “The Yellow Banana”

  • Alain Bos

    Well I almost finished a complete story about my night being “Cool J.” when you refreshed the page with other stories… (lol)
    Normally I start cursing and loosing my temper , but this time I was even a little pleased that you chose to post them messages 😉
    It was a rather long story that I was writing , costed me about 30 to 40 minutes and WHOESH – foetsie! gone !
    So I guess this is what I’m going to share here… Merry Christmas everyone !! May we all indeed share the love of Christ in our ‘US’ … <3 U ALL