Is there a role in the world of politics and economics and social movements for spiritual messengers? If so, what should that role be?

National Public Radio has just reported on a Muslim cleric — described as a “slight 61-year-old”— who has been, in the words of the NPR report, “shaking up the political scene.”

“Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri returned to his home country late last year, after spending eight years in Canada. Since coming back, he has ignited a disgruntled electorate,” the report said. Qadri claims that “Pakistan’s oppressed and destitute are with him in his fight against inequality and corruption. His speech touches a nerve for many in the crowd,” NPR said.

In an interview with NPR, Qadri said he wants to enlighten people about their democratic rights. This brought up a question that I have been looking at for many years. As the author of a series of books revolving around what I report to have been conversations with God, what role, if any, is it appropriate to play in the global economic, political, or social arena? For that matter, what role should any spiritual messenger have in these areas of human activity and communal life?

“I am trying to create an awareness of the true concept of democracy, an awareness of human rights, real human rights,” Qadri says in the NPR report. “People here are treated like goats. They don’t have any concept of democracy.” The NPR report goes on to say that “Qadri is taking on Pakistan’s government, saying it has failed to curb militancy or improve the economy. He’s also demanding electoral reforms to prevent corrupt politicians from holding office.”

“I am fighting just to make the electoral and democratic process transparent, free of corrupt practices,” he says.

Well, that is exactly what Conversations with God calls for — not just in politics, but in every area of life: complete transparency. Yet it is the role of spiritual messengers to issue a call for social, economic, and political change? I face this question every time I so much as utter one word about humanity’s political process. “I wish you would just stick to spiritual stuff, and leave politics alone,” people write. “You should not be expressing a political point of view,” others admonish.

I notice that now even the motives of Qadri, a Muslim cleric, are being questioned. In the NPR report a man named Talat Masood, a retired Pakistani general and political commentator, is quoted as saying that Qadri’s message may be good, but he questions the messenger. Masood calls Qadri a demagogue.

“He actually wants to be in the center stage. He wants power, he wants to be in prominence all the time,” the NPR report quoted Masood as saying.

(The full NPR report can be found here: http://www.npr.org/2013/02/20/172416876/controversial-cleric-stirs-protests-upon-return-to-pakistan)

I do not know enough about Mr. Qadri to offer an observation on his motives or his person, but I find it interesting that even in a culture where the Islamic faith is highly honored and Muslim clerics are revered, if you say something that rouses people against the prevailing power structure, you had better be ready to be marginalized — or worse — spiritual messenger or not. Mr. Qadri’s public speeches are made from a bullet-proof enclosure.

So…what is the role of spirituality in day-to-day life “on the ground”? Conversations with God says that the political views of a person or a society are a demonstration of that person’s and that society’s spiritual values. If that is true, does this mean that there is a rightful place in the day-to-day “real world” for spiritual messengers who are addressing political and social issues, as I did in my last entry here? And if so, what would that place be?

In the present case, should Mr. Qadri quiet down, or speak even louder?

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  • mewabe

    Once again, as far as the New Age spiritual movement:

    This attitude comes from the New Age “Disneyland” (sweet and fluffy and light) version of spirituality…made by and for the child-man and child-woman who cannot deal with the facts of sometime harsh, cruel, intolerable world conditions.

    WHAT MANY NEW AGE PEOPLE WANT IS A TOTALLY NEUTERED SPIRITUALITY, a form of spirituality that will be a nice addition to their lives but that will not get them to ask uncomfortable questions, look at uncomfortable facts or make uncomfortable changes.

    As far as the rest of the world and old religion, it is highly hypocritical for some in Pakistan to criticize Mr. Qadri for getting involved in politics, as all established religions have forever had a dirty hand in politics, including the Vatican (see Matthew Fox article).

    The powers that be simply don’t like it when religious or spiritual leaders stand up to criticize them, rather than playing along and supporting their crappy, anti-human agenda.

    For example, it is considered okay for a religious representative to bless the troupes before war…that’s not considered political (REALLY?), but if the same person made a speech against war, THAT would be political!

    How illogical is that? That’s what I call horse manure.

    Nothing new here, the powers that be did not like it when Jesus stood up to them.

    Ironically, the people in charge and some of the mainstream treat spiritual leaders as society used to treat women: just be nice and look decorative, but don’t open your mouth out of turn and when you speak you better watch what you say, because we won’t tolerate insubordination or intractability.

  • Inger Lise

    Once Mr. Gandhi, a very spiritual person, tried in of to do the same with India.
    And India became free from U.K. of course, but do not know if it is any better in India of today ?(Pakistan and India once to be the same country back then).

    If of us cannot be at peace within the own country, then just wonders how Mr.Qadri to do it in Pakistan? When watching the news on TV, is it looking as the Gigantic Chaos ! Perhaps it is the destiny of Mr.Qadri of to try it ? The purpose of his life ? Came to be thinking of Mother Theresa.
    And when looking at the history when Jesus came along estimated to be more than 2000 years ago; the seed of a new way of thinking brought foreward a new consciousness anyway. Which sadly enough also brought foreward the revolts and man-slaughters in the same amount of 2000 years of time(but on the bright side of also to be small “pockets” with peace among us in the Earth despite of it).

    It is the fact in the day-to-day “real world,” as it seems to be of course.
    I have often noticed of a prayer(a sincere prayer that is)works.

  • mewabe

    Furthermore, the strange thought that spiritual people should not get officially involved in politics or other issues comes from the old model of divisions and separation…

    …Separating politics, economics, social issues, military matters, environmental issues, humanitarian issues, spiritual issues, etc.

    That’s a fragmented, borderline schizoid social model.

    In truth, anyone who has thought about these things a little deeper (longer than 5 minutes) must understand that all aspects of life are interconnected, and all are completely grounded in our worldview, in what we perceive to be our personal and cosmic reality, which is in itself a spiritual proposition.

  • mewabe

    About interconnection…

    For example and to greatly simplify:

    Today war has a lot to do with geopolitical issues, which have a lot to do with access to crucial resources and markets, with the free flow of resources and trade, which has a lot to do with our consuming habits and use of energy, with our economic requirement of endless growth, which has a lot to do with our collective world view, with prioritizing doing and having over Being, which is itself a spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical issue.

    Should then spirituality limit itself to messages that do not challenge a dangerous worldview?

    Would stating that we should, for example, stop consuming the earth as cancer cells consumes a body, that we should question and possibly revise an unsustainable economic model of endless growth, be considered by some to be an idea “unworthy of spirituality”?

    I have no doubt it would, while sating the opposite, that the economic model of endless growth is grounded in divine laws, would be considered by the very same people very “spiritual”.

    Spiritual or religious ideas that support a given worldview or ideology, no matter how absurd, are never a problem, as you may have already noticed.

    The religiously-inspired idea of “Manifest destiny” was not a problem, and still is not in many quarters. But the religiously or spiritually-inspired idea of defending the poor or ethnic minorities against abuse and despots is thought to be “crossing the line”.

  • Vicki

    Anytime you fight against something, it attracts more of that something.

  • mewabe

    Yes and no Vicky…the universe is NOT dogmatic, and to replace old religious dogma with New Age dogma does not help anyone, in my opinion.

    People actively fought against Hitler and fascism, and no major National Socialist movement has risen again to conquer the world. There has been local dictatorships here and there, many of them supported by the US because of their anti-communist and/or pro-business stance, but that’s different, they were not out to conquer the planet.

    Doctors fought against smallpox, and today smallpox has been eradicated.

  • mewabe

    “Anytime you fight against something, it attracts more of that something”.

    If I was paranoid (I will try not to be), I would start to suspect that the powers that be put that thought out there under the guise of “new spirituality”, to effectively emasculate social, environmental, humanitarian movements and avoid a repeat of the 60’s and 70’s…to render people passive and compliant, and cause them to essentially let the elite rape the world without interference.

    This thought is essentially the same as, for a victim of abuse, saying “I will not fight my abuser or even make any mention of this abuse to him/her or anyone in an opposing fashion as doing so will cause the universe to get me even more intensely abused/beaten up”.

    What a sad way to live!

  • politics

    What if Spirituality were to distance itself from Religion, in order to transfer initiative?

    It just seems to me that Religion is no place for Politics, based upon the fact that Religion’s nature was conceived to bring about a cause to determine how politics and Life was “supposed” to be practiced, because God said so.

    Basically just applying the same principle as Politics, but under a different disguise. One that worked in a manner closely resembling extreme act’s of Insurrection. Which of course is totally unforgivable to the politicians, but widely accepted by those that are doing the Lord’s work.

    Politics is not much different nowadays either, but because it hides behind the disguise of doing the most good for the welfare of all, loses touch with the nature of Democracy. Or better put, blind’s itself with realistic goals that are not very realistic, due in part to irrational thought paradigms. Now they pick fights with religion and hope everyone will see it their way.

    Appears to me it is the same old stuff that plagues our understandings.

    New thought movements are precisely moving from one place to another in the realm of fiction, knowing that what was then, is not now, and can never be.

  • Michael L.

    You have two sides looking at the same ball, from different diametrically apposed sides.

    Remember it is the same ball, just looked at from different points of view.

    What ever happened to the words, “I understand where you are looking at the ball from, I have been around to the other side to observe it.” And if you believe the other has too, you both have common ground to have a conversation. If not ask them to.

    As an aware person I would promote ideas up lifting each side to realize their joint observation are of the same ball.

    I would find it hard to beat any side up for playing the game of politics. One day it’s this one trying to get the better of the other, the next day the other side.

    Unfortunately this game they are playing is effecting millions of folks who are hurting, with no relief from the game players.

    We can as spiritually aware beings, bring the combined sides together to really look at the real aspects of the same ball.

  • mewabe

    In my opinion political ideologies are impractical, like religious dogma. The attitude is to create a mental model and then attempt to manifest it through force most often, to impose it on the world.

    I think that the more effecting approach would be, with a totally open and flexible, pragmatic mind, to choose solutions that work at the practical level…to be exclusively concerned with practicality, with problem-solving, with what is best for all the people most of the time, and with room for continuous adaptation to new conditions and improvement.

    Instead, our “public servant” in government block perfectly good solutions to specific problems because these solutions do not match their respective rigid, impractical, obsolete, absurd, irrelevant ideologies.

    An intelligent government would not care whether a practical solution is “left-wing” or “right-wing”, as long as it works, and neither would an intelligent population.

    So what causes so much rigidity, inflexibility, senility, rigor mentem (mind stiffness) in most people that their precious little ideologies are more important to them than making society work?

  • Inger Lise

    Thank you very much Mewabe and all.
    It is an old proverb to go like this:”You may have the head in Heaven, but keep the feet on the ground.”

    By listening to the nice conversations this morning(it is VERY considerable speaches all-in-all), and then came to recal of once to have bought a pocket back in the early 1990thies when of me to be among many of the “new-agers.” The new-age friends almost crucifyed me when to show them the particular book titled:”Dark Secrets of The New Age”. The name of the author is Texe Marrs, and living in Texas. He is a former officer in the U.S. Airforce.(the book is translated into the norwegian language by the way)

    Do not know know WHY of me picking the book up at the time, but wanted of to have a more balanced view among all of it.
    Well, the book is very interresting to tell the least….BUT, there again of it is the famous “opposites” of the world-views.
    Fanatism in EVERY way, whatever it may be is not the answer.

  • Scott

    Hello Mewabe, Inger & everyone else

    I think, Mewabe you are asking a question that you already have a pretty good idea as to what the answer might be.

    I believe the most common reason is that people place so much importance on being “right”. So much of what makes a person behave the way they do is the need to be right about what they believe in. They look for truth & then when they think that they find it, they hold on to it with everything they have.

    Even when the evolution of life turns their truth into a lie, instead of evolving their truth, they hang on even tighter to something that no longer works or makes any sense. Is it any wonder there is so much turmoil & frustration in peoples lives.

    Religion is an excellent example of an entity that refuses to evolve, choosing instead to stand firm on doctrine no matter what the cost to it’s followers.

    There are of course exceptions but when it comes to our major organisations such as religion & politics, the people benifiting the most are too entrenched within the power structures to evoke any real change for the betterment of all.

    The combination of being right & having the benifits of being in power are just too great to resist for most people.

    To answer the question posed by this article:

    Everyone should have the FREEDOM to speak out for what they believe in. FREEDOM is the essence of life itself & when it is resticted in this way, we are all diminished.

    Everything we do is an expression of who we are, every act is an act of self definition. To say that a certain person shouldn’t define themselves in a certain way, because of their position or occupation is really just nonsense.

    Talk to you later


  • Sibila Reventlow

    Dear Neale,

    You put several questions here above. The way I see it, it depends on the circumstances and on what one´s heart calls one to dare to do in a given circumstance if one is to put one´s message forward, and also very much how to do it.
    It is with a tender and also pouring heart that I give it a go in answering the questions you put forward here. These questions are dear to my heart and I have hold them for years myself.
    To start wit you last question – I do not know mr Qadri´s situation and motivation enough to answer.
    Your questions about a spiritual messenger´s role in addressing political and social issues in our day-to-day real world made me think of Ghandi and of the Dalai Lama.
    The way I see it, this is about leadership and about what leading involves.
    If a leader, spiritual, political, social or otherwise, is motivated or driven by power, what he or she inspires and creates is exclusiveness and a structure at the expense of some and in favor of fewer. This kind of leading is fear-driven and fear-generating and all along life-diminishing and degenerating.
    If a leader, spiritual, political or otherwise, is motivated or driven by love, what he or she inspires or creates is inclusiveness and an ever evolving ability in all involved to share of their potentials. This grows organically into a collaborative co-creation that engenders all to be able to be of service for the highest good of all concerned. This kind of leading is love igniting, freeing and spirit-soaring and un-leashes life as it grows.
    Back to Ghandi – he is considered by some to be a political saint, so so much to trying to take spirituality out of politics.:-) I once read, that he had a very prominent issue in his astrological chart and a huge question in his life would be how he would choose to use his personal power: Against something or for something, and that his answer to this would determine his life.
    This might sound simplistic, but I don´t mind if it does. My point here is that if the fighting involves aggression or violent emotions or actions, the fight is already lost, because of it´s motivation it is destructive.
    Ghandi became famous for Ahimsa or non-violence through which Indians got India back. He led his people in being able to meet violent behavior and violence with no violence what-so-ever – and over time the absurdity of maintaining violence by the then in power became obvious for so many, that that power-structure stepped back.
    I was not old enough to be alive while Ghandi lived – but what I understand is that he demonstrated, that by not fighting against the power-structure, he did not fall into the consciousness of aggression and violence that continues the fight, endlessly. He demonstrated what was possible – to be firm without being aggressive – which demands that one is driven or motivated by spirituality – which is not life-diminishing under any circumstance.
    I know this is no easy thing to learn, and I´m learning this too, as best I can – but I´m sure it is possible to be firm without being aggressive and I think it is a key to being able to meet injustice or power-abuse or the like without being swollen by the sea of emotions and thoughts that created the problem in the first place.
    I had the grace once to meet the Dalai Lama for a few minutes and he´s eyes were two globes looking profoundly at me – the eyes of oneness looked at me and made their point eloquently: Oneness is. He would not allow me to bow my head in respect but held my face firmly, looked into my eyes with oneness.
    In Europe there is this old cultural reason for dividing the power into three structures – church, decisive assembly and the judging power. This has had it´s good reasons, to split up the old power structures, where king or king and church had all power. It is from this thought frame that many arguments come from that leaders from other areas os society should stay out of polltics, namely spiritual and/or social leaders.
    I went back to read your last entry here, as it is a while ago I´ve been here.
    What you quote president Obama for doing makes me smile. He is, in my view, a brave leader that puts sincerity and clarity forward with firmness and intelligence – without distractive aggression.
    I have the hugest respect for his bravery. And for yours.
    Putting things into a clear perspective can help many to choose what is right for them to do. As far as I´m concerned, that is one of the givens that spiritual messengers have: to deliver a spiritual message. The challenge involved is, of course, to be able to be rooted in spirituality while giving the message, to walk one´s talk.
    John Lennon put it so simply: “Love is the answer, you know this for sure”
    So – the role of any spiritual messenger, no matter their job, is to deliver the message of spirituality no matter where – by being as spiritual or loving as they or we are capable of – depending on our courage to do so, which grows as we use it…

  • Marko

    “So…what is the role of spirituality in day-to-day life “on the ground”? Conversations with God says that the political views of a person or a society are a demonstration of that person’s and that society’s spiritual values. If that is true, does this mean that there is a rightful place in the day-to-day “real world” for spiritual messengers who are addressing political and social issues, as I did in my last entry here? And if so, what would that place be?”

    Yes there’s a place & a role. At the very least, it becomes an alternative view of which to lay on the table of other views.

    The one place to start is to educate as you did around the preconceptions that people have about you or any idea as you showed in the last blog entry.

    For me it’s simple. Educate ourselves to become experts on personal creation or the LOA i.e. Law of Attraction. Our improved happy, healthy wise & prosperous lives will be the self evident attraction to further understanding & exploration. People will naturally be curious to finding out more on how we are living in more harmony. We become our own billboards so to speak.

    Second, educate others who are receptive & open minded. This moves us further to considering collective intentional creation. Which is the most powerful.

    It’s about educating on how we create our personal reality & how we co create our collective reality.

    The great thing is, that this LOA & understanding of how reality operates shows that our thoughts, feelings & actions, the be, do, have paradigm is how life works. It eventually becomes self evident & thus we move even deeper into it.

    It’s in our best self interest to do so & it’s our self interest that will move us more quickly toward creating consciously intentionally what we desire as opposed to unconsciously creating the opposite of what we desire.


  • Laura Pringle

    It is probably MORE effective and will make a greater impression when spiritual people/leaders stand up and publicly denounce and seek to clarify the wrongs and ills of societies.

    Spiritual leaders are obviously NOT trying to gain power, they are trying to foster awareness, and spread goodwill. There IS no “hidden agenda”, no ulterior motives, when the good of the people and their basic welfare is the foundation for such movements. This is very apparent to anyone and everyone who is NOT part of the agenda being challenged.

    I’d even venture as far as saying, it is your DUTY as a spiritual and loving person to communicate to others and band together to end social injustices and corruption. There IS strength in numbers, and in this age where we can immediately and effectively start campaigns which spread awareness and truth, we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t speak out.

    Neale will be criticized and rallied against to the extent that he threatens the corrupt institutions, but this certainly doesn’t mean he should shut up and stop questioning and communicating his observations. On the contrary, he should take any opposition as a sign that he is effectively planting the seeds of change and restructuring of outdated systems. 🙂

  • mewabe

    True Scott, so then the next question is, why do people have such a need to be right?

    We may say it is the ego, but what is its origin and function?

    When a person is in touch with her/his soul, the need to be right vanishes, usually, have you noticed?

    For example, a true, sincere, authentic artist will let other artists be, and not argue that his or her way of painting is the only valid way. By this standard, we can unfortunately see that very few people are truly in touch with their soul, even among artists, writers, musicians, spiritual seekers and other creative individuals.

    So we could say that the need to be right persists only as long as we intuitively sense that we are not “right”, because no knowledge that is not completely of the soul can be “right”.

    When we are “right”, meaning when we are in touch with, wholly centered in the unique truth of our soul, we also understand that everyone else is also “right” if and when in touch with, totally centered in their soul.

    And we rejoice at seeing them be so “right”, for nothing is more joyous that the acknowledgment of the beautiful presence of another soul.

  • Scott

    Hello again everyone

    Mewabe, good to talk to you again.

    Why is the need to be “right” so important to so many? Good question my friend.

    Our old nemisis Fear is the culprit I would guess. Fear of being “wrong” is a great motivator for being “right”.

    The Ego, of course, plays a part here for being right is very important to the Ego. But mostly it is just fear of what it means to be wrong. Most people spend their wholes lives trying to find some solid ground to stand on, to find something they can believe in that dosen’t change not realising that such a position dosen’t exist.

    A good example is in the “Illeagle Everthing” video you posted a link to. The woman confronting the sex workers could not in a million years see her position as “wrong” & was willing to impose her truth on everyone, by force if necessary if she could.

    If she was “wrong” about that idea, what other mistakes has she made? It might mean her whole idea about life could be “wrong” & that is too great a fear for most people to face up to.

    I have given up the concept of right & wrong as absolutes. There are things I believe in (Love, kindness, compassion, ect.) & things I don’t believe in (violence, hatred, cruelty, ect.) but I don’t call my beliefs right or wrong, they are simply “my beliefs”. I act on them as necessary & my beliefs evolve as I evolve. So yes, I have noticed.

    The ideas in the CwG material that right & wrong don’t exist as absolutes is accurate for me. That there is only what works & what dosen’t work based on what you are trying to acomplish. That no one does anything “wrong” based on their level of consciousness & their model of how the world works.

    My goal at this point is to move beyond the world of form & to be able experience at will the formless realm of “Presence”, a term used by Ekhart Tolle to describe Divinity that resonates with me. To be able to move into a reality that is beyond thr limitations of the mind & gradually, I am “getting there” so to speak.

    The “trick” I guess is “knowing” that I am already “there”.

    One day my friend, one day…..

    Love to all


  • mewabe

    Yes Scott, we are there…we are all there. The body is there, the soul is there…what is missing, what is not there is usually the very busy mind, and the frantic emotions that are the outcome of certain frantic thoughts.

    I love nature because nature is in a state of “no mind”. It simply is, and unlike us humans does not operate out of conceptual thoughts.

    That’s what it is called the Tao…nature and the Tao are very much the same thing…spontaneity.

    I spend much time in nature because nature calls upon me to remember who I am, what the essence of my being is, and to feel it, to experience it.

    Who am I?

    I am life, as the wind that blows, as the tree that stands, as the stream that flows.

  • nicole

    I think you should understand the situation as a whole, from the consciousness point of view, according to Dr. David Hawkins studies, the consciousness of entire nations calibrate at a certain level on the map of consciousness, so, if they calibrate at fear or apathy level, as an entire nation, then they do need the “help” of an outside person.

    What we fail to understand is: where is God in all of this?
    He is: in the one person that managed to live outside of the system for 8 years, be able to live a different concept,
    He is: in bringing this man back into his country
    He is: into the force of the voice that is now speaking, into the courage and into the loudness of the voice

    When you see where is God in all that you do, you will no longer ponder on weather it is a political issue or a social issue or purely a spiritual issue.

  • Erin/IAm

    My understanding of the moment is that there are 5 basic elements that Life becomes of here…Fire, Water, Earth, Air, & Spirit…4 physical aspects with which to create of, with Spirit at the helm of doing so.

    It is also my momentary understanding that mind & body See with small eyes, while Spirit Sees with God-eyes. That each individual is expresser/messenger while the whole shabang of Life here is expression/message unleashed.

    Sooo, to me, this is ‘on the ground’ stuff that ripples into Everything, Creation.

    In being, our Amazing individuality affords All a diverse pool of talent & artistry…Some expressive in areas with political savvy, some geared with logistics of numbers & economic savvy, and some charismatically expressive who well serve the social scenes. Together, where all messengers/expressers meet, is where these talents have the opportunity to maintain the balances of these aspects with God-eyes that work them together in a balance.

    So what place does a messenger belong?

    Right where he/she stands in any given moment of production that shows balance is not, that functionality is not…when a voice needs heard, a song needs sung, when a story needs written.

    Some expressions are loud, some softer, & some only dogs can hear…all serving their particular purpose perfectly in the moments they are presented to do so.

    It does not always take ‘loud’ for a jingle to stick in one’s head for days, now does it? Perhaps it is the artistry of the tune & a teeny open space of a mind that feeds the life of the message…and perhaps the Spirit that chooses to shake it off or sing it again.(???)

    mpo, of course. Be Amazing, no matter…Be Amazing in your political expressions, in your economic expressions, in your social expressions…And nothing less than Amazing will become. This, to me, is ‘grander vision’…and a heavenuva lot more fun to create with! 🙂

    Good Journey! <3

  • Marko

    Nice post Erin.

  • Inger Lise

    Sitates an Edgar Cayce Reading:

    “In earth then, as has been given, we are given–men,women–are given an opportunity–see what you do with it all!….the soul enters in, to make manifests its concept of….the first cause(God)! Being endowed with that spark…it enters in earth where all, in this sphere, are one!…a soul enters…taking on a form….to make manifest itself…it has flown out from its source to try its wings, to seek its own doing…or undoing; dependent upon that as has been builded, and the use it makes of that given it.”

    Not far from Neales books is it ?

  • mewabe

    Inger…did Edgar Cayce forget something?

    He was himself a very dedicated, busy man, working himself into an early death…

    “…it has flown out from its source to try its wings, to seek its own doing…or undoing;”

    How about non-doing? About about learning to remember pure being?

    It seems to me that this is what most westerners (and now even the far east) desperately need to remember. They are expert at doing, going, having…they have forgotten Being.

    Less doing and more Being would give our world a chance to heal, and would give us a chance to remember natural, harmonious rhythms, as opposed to our frantic, neurotic modern pace, wouldn’t it?

    Harmonious rhythms would give rise to more harmonious thoughts, feelings and actions, wouldn’t they?

  • Jaz

    I believe Mr. Qadri, and many like him, should speak even louder.

    Good questions Mewabe, I think the time is now when we might have to go through this “getting mad state of being” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS4aiA17YsM to reach the ”non-doing” state of being 😀

  • mewabe

    Indeed, Network was a very good movie Jaz…

    I am not sure how much people have to endure before they finally say “enough!”

    It seem that fear, denial, escape, forgetfulness cause human beings to bear the unbearable, often to their destruction and death.

    Perhaps because people have forgotten what it means to be a human being…perhaps all they remember is how to survive as opposed to actually live, survive as slaves, as chronic victims, in a state of hopelessness, as mere things deprived of self-respect, self-worth, of dignity, integrity, liberty and nobility.

    Perhaps civilization did this to people. European history would seem to indicate that this is the case, as populations were crushed, brutally abused and oppressed for many centuries by various kings, queens, lords, emperors, etc.

    Perhaps many have a sort of trans-generational ptsd, a “cellular” memory that tells them that survival is the best they can hope for, and that they should not stick their neck out because it will be slashed by the authorities.

    Experience seems to confirm this, and today more than ever, as more and more basic freedoms are being criminalized.

    Submission, obedience was one of the primary teaching of Christianity for many, many centuries, we should remember.

    Religious authorities got whole populations to bend over so kings and queens, aristocrats and other parasites could have their way with the people.

    Is it a coincidence that some of the new spirituality, particularly the new age, teaches people not to resist, not to get involved with what they decide is not spiritual? Isn’t this a new version of the old teaching of submission?

    The dynamic may be a little different but the end result is the same, the elite wins, the people loose.

    When will the people wake up and say this is not a life I want?

    When will the people stop buying the thought that they must adapt to inhuman systems, and understand that it is the systems, it is society that must be adapted to them, to their humanity, to their needs?

    And not tomorrow but today?

  • Inger Lise

    It is very true said again Mewabe.
    I am aware of it, only it is “the state of Being” will be seen from many points of views. Edgar Cayce got the advice from “the source” of to take it more “easy” or else the health of his`would not be able of to cope with all he did. But of him not followed “the own advices” just because of he felt compassion with all the sufferings among the persons who contacted him for the help.

    Jane Roberts also died at an early age, even she did have had the access with/-and within “a source” of the Universal Consciousness as well.
    As of have come to see of nothing will ever to be “static”…nor anything of the common belief in “the statitics”…the Process within us corresponds with the chemical process of the whole “Body.”
    As you`ll know of Science and Alchemy will be as much intertwined with the psyche as the cells of the body.
    Strong Faith one way or the other always creates energies around.
    Nothing wrong with it of course as long it is done by the heart in compassion.

    What am telling when it comes to myself….of me not “belonging” within any particular “Faith-System” otherwise in to try of to learn as much as possible(because it is Fun).

  • Herve

    It is not a matter of being quiet or loud, but it is in matter of the loudness of your quiet. To speak in terms of existing institutions is to keep that mind matter as the driving force. Leaving that mind matter where it is is what is necessary to evolve and grow into what you are. Bringing about your past into your present state only keeps that as the focal point. What do you want? A repetition or a new idea? We are beyond the necessity for ruling and colonization. We are beyond politics and the economy of the past. We are the greatest version of who and what we have ever been. Being that and revealing that is what is necessary. Let the past be as the stepping stone to the experience envisioned. All this originates within each and everyone and everything which has longed long enough for the bliss and Heaven seen. Be the I am that I am. Loudness in the quiet brings about the metamorphosis into the nirvana, the promised land. Change involves what you have been as what you have been, not bringing it into who are. Blessings

  • Erin/IAm

    Thank you muchly, Marko! <3

    mewabe…Any time Now is a great time to scream "Enough! We have Enough!" 🙂
    Perhaps this is the song, but the words come out as "More! More! More!" A glitch in the co-creative telephone game…perhaps?
    No worries, though, right? Earth & Sky have a few words for this game, too…in untwistable Universal language…Their 'message' will be heard, both 'loud', & clear…Each participants in this 'Overhaul' as much as We are. Should be quite interesting, yes? 🙂

    I especially like your saying, Herve…"Let the past be as the stepping stone to the experience envisioned." Gave the ol' Soul Sounds a nice ringy dingy with that message! 🙂

    Inger…We do love our 'Fun', don't We? 🙂

    Just popped in for a catch-up…Love to All.<3

  • Kristen

    You are very wrong about attracting the very thing you are fighting against. So much of what is taught here on earth now, especially channelled information is wrong, and coming from the underworld of the afterlife, where unfortunately most channelled information comes from via guides. The higher realms forbid channelling as it is breach of many laws, they are only permitted to teach us to learn for ourselves or teach when it is absolutely necessary or for the greater good which should be done with a thought pattern telepathically, not words. The law of attraction DOES NOT work like this at all, this false deceptive teaching is nothing but a fear based manipulation to prevent people from fighting evil and negative, or facing and confronting negativity.

    Keep in mind that anyone who seeks fame, mass attention or appears to be a hypocrite has their own agenda. No-one teaching to care for the earth etc would be cutting down trees for books if they were genuine.

    And don’t assume the New Age is about the new age movement. This is a part of a mass mind brainwashing mission. The post Dec 2012 New Age is no different to any other age like the stone age etc. Do not assume with wishful thinking that the new age movement will become this age. Personally I think it is the Judgement Age with consequences, primarily with the biblical references given previously of “God will destroy those who destroy the earth, and it is time to judge the dead”.

    Religion has a huge place in politics, in what are generally defined as Christian Countries – the Commonwealth and America, as well as the Middle East. And a majority vote would clearly indicate this, keeping in mind Yshua said you are not to force religion upon anyone for it is a freewill choice, but I would like the strict laws, including the execution of evil reinforced (sex offenders, drug manufacturers, cold blooded murderers etc) and would be happy to live under a very strict old testament Jewish or even Muslim rule worldwide to clean up society, before we start over. In a different age. The Eden Age. I hope the prophets are right!

  • mewabe

    “…this false deceptive teaching is nothing but a fear based manipulation to prevent people from fighting evil and negative, or facing and confronting negativity.”


    A lot of teachings that are out there are fantasies…which make people believe that we are living in the greatest of ages with the most opportunities, that human consciousness is expanding, etc.

    Yet the oceans are dying, ecosystems are collapsing, potable water is vanishing, wars are raging and military budgets are becoming ever more inflated, ever more deadly weapons are being developed and manufactured, ignorance is becoming ever more widespread, younger generations are more physically unhealthy than ever before, addictions are spreading like wildfire, but……
    ……this is the new age, we are all going to be saved by the light…or aliens…or the new messiah…or cosmic rays…or some miraculous new generation that will, within a couple of decades, do all the work we were too lazy to do, and acquire all the understanding we were too stupid to develop for centuries.

    It is good to be optimist and have hope, but not when it leads to denial and passivity, such as “nothing is wrong, everything is and will forever remain perfect.”

    I personally am very tired of hearing new age mantras being repeated so often, to see so much new age dogma being accepted by so many without critical thinking.

    Just because something makes us feel good does not mean that it is true or desirable. Look at cocaine. Look at sweet and fatty foods.

    Likewise, sweet new age teachings appear to be the new opium of some people.

    And while they choose the dangerous comfort of mental numbness, while they choose to be sedated by such hypnotic, easy teachings, the world keeps going to hell in a hand basket, and ever faster.

    And those who dare point out that, hey, there is a monumental crisis here, we have no more time left, we better all wake up right now, those individuals are labelled “negative”, “alarmist”, “doomsayers”, “divisive”, “focusing too much on the problems”, and ultimately, the greatest insults of all, “not enlightened”, “not evolved” because, supposedly, if they were, they would close their eyes and plug their ears and agree that as the entire world rapidly sinks into hellish conditions, it’s all illusions, all remains forever perfect and lovely.

    Between being obsessed with the world problems and choosing total denial or “detachment”, between picking futile fights that cannot be won and remaining totally passive and enduring the unbearable, there has to be a common sense middle ground, a non neurotic path for the world, and for those who want to see change happen.

    And then, perhaps not, as the greatest majority of the world is indeed neurotic…if it were not, we wouldn’t be where we are in the first place.

  • Kristen

    Beautifully put Mewabe.

    As discussed in a previous post, we have to accept that people do not want to be saved, or necessarily helped, a really hard concept to accept also is that people really don’t care, especially about the environment. They just don’t care. I have had to accept that and see it everyday, do my best to do my bit with a small carbon footprint, recycling, buying NZ made products and produce, supporting WSPA etc. And thats all I can do. And all I can plan on is having a headstone with ‘the girl who tried’ on it. A sane level of acceptance and tolerance is a much better headspace than anger over it all. These people destroy the environment and others lives, but to affect me also, well that ain’t gonna happen!

    A huge majority of people will only care about anything when it personally negatively affects them. And then, only if they don’t have insurance or enough money to get through whatever it is. Again, this is why I hope the Biblical God will honour His word and step in and ‘destroy those who destroy the earth’ and I am prepared to pay the price for what this costs. I really do think we are at the beginning of this consequences age – Australia has the worlds worst carbon footprint as huge miners and exporters:the floods and bushfires nature has fired at them, especially this year are insane. Look at New Yorks storms of late:what is more destructive than a money machine that so few reap the rewards of. Share Market and Investment Company crashes COULD be Gods way of disposing of a lot of ‘spare money’ that could only be earmarked for planetary destruction like retirement holidays. We had 4mm of rain in January and I live in a wet city:we export huge amounts of dairy producing insane methane gasses and the farmers are struggling having used up their winter feed in the summer. One of my suppliers started importing American Icing in plastic containers, when a similar product is made here in Auckland. They have now lost their biggest client whom accounted for 50% of their sales. I would be curious to know if others can see a pattern, reality based, not wishful thinking.