What is the biggest problem in the world today, as you see it? By that is meant: What is the problem that you believe deserves the most attention right now, this very day?

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  • Tina

    I have to name two right off the bat…both of these “chime” regularly in my soul..as areas for grtst awakening on the planet and urgency.

    1.) The Youth of the Nation…their collective mental health…generatiionally changed upbringings..single parent households…toxic diets and or focus on video games for “stimulation” and entertainment..
    their heartache in the collective unconcious

    2.) Plastic..plastics made by man and consumed by me and this divine mother earth and how the hell she can or will deal with all the plastic. Please dear Jesus make me an ambassador of cleaning up and organizing plastic so it is not in the ocean

  • mewabe

    The main problem?

    Our human identity, how we define ourselves, who we believe we are in relation to others and to all life, to nature, to the cosmos, to our soul, to the divine.

    It’s a spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical question, and the ground upon which all other thoughts and activities grow.

    It’s the foundation. It should be obvious, basic, self-evident (such as who am I, where am I, what am I doing here, etc)

    The examination of it should start in childhood and be done by the time adolescence comes, in a healthy, mentally open, mentally limber culture and society.

    Instead, people are taught to conform, to not question anything, to submit.

    Native Americans went on a vision quest while very young, to attempt to find who and what they were in relation to all life around them, in relation to All that Is, to “All my Relations”, in the context of a physical and spiritual oneness that was experientially, intuitively understood.

    Unfortunately, most mainstream people are reluctant to think deeply. They seek prepackaged, predigested superficial answers and superficial solutions, and they never, ever want their foundation examined, no matter how decayed and how much in need of an overhaul.

    Most mainstream people want to be herded and processed like cattle, they want to be lead by some authority, whether it is a messiah or the latest puppet politician, they do not want the responsibility involved in individual thinking, even and especially when in a crisis and in fear, whether personally or globally.

    There is nothing more frightening and disheartening than group thinking, or lack thereof, under the spell of a fascination with power and authority, in a collective trance produced by collective false beliefs, when individuals appear to literally give (betray) their souls to create this mindless, thoughtless, dangerous group entity created by collective agreement, by uniformity and conformity to the cultural, religious, social “norms” of the day, which are not real and not necessarily normal but strange beliefs rooted in a given worldview, mostly rooted in spiritual ignorance.

    Much of the human world is indeed conceptual, as opposed to nature, which is a direct manifestation of life without any human concepts getting in the way of its expression (except of course when humans destroy it).

    If people understood this, they may also understand that these concepts are not necessarily true, and that even when they appear to be so, they still need to be periodically examined.

  • Inger Lise

    Love it Mewabe.

    And here comes a saying by Rossiter Worthington Raymond(who is he by the way?): “Life is eternal; and love immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”

    And “in the universe of worlds” it says: Souls have free will. If a soul stubbornly chooses to ignore all directions given by the spirit that it`s time to move on, then the soul is left to exist in a shadowy realm, a spiritual limbo.

    I have watched a norwegian TV-debate/program tonight, with doctors in the panel to discuss “alternative medicine” with different healers among the public.
    The doctors will be in the need of several more lifetimes of to come out of their rigid views…..but of course of to agree with the doctors in of to be many “false practioners” out there ! The doctors wanted “the proofs.”

  • mewabe

    Thanks Inger! I did not know about these sayings…

    The problem with most humans is that they are too stuck in their mind. They cling to their ideas, concepts and beliefs as if their lives depended on it.

    They make themselves unavailable to life’s natural flow…to more subtle, multidimensional realities and energies…to the here and now…because blinded by the mind, by definite, rigid thoughts, no longer able to experience life directly, nimbly, as does a child or an animal.

    As a matter of fact most people are so much in their mindset (set as in concrete) and so out of touch with everything else, that they are as in a trance, blind, deaf and mostly insensitive to any present reality.

    If humanity was sensitive to reality, if it was truly PRESENT, totally HERE, could it endure what it is enduring for one more day?

    NO…humanity can only endure the unhappy life it has created globally by using a distorted perception that is the outcome of the mind filter coming into play, this filter being shaped by variously insane concepts and beliefs.

  • Scott

    Hello to all my friends

    Is there anything better than being alive? Not in my book.

    Which is a good thing because there is no escaping it. We are life itself & even “death” is no escape from life.

    Now on to the question at hand.

    The biggest “problem” is thinking there is a problem at all.

    The word “problem” takes us straight to the idea that something is “wrong”, which leads us into judgemental attitudes which leads to fear & disunity & taking sides.

    I can’t remember who it was but when a very enlightened sage was asked a similar question he said, “There are no problems in my world”. What he meant was that he simply didn’t see things as problems. He saw them as things we want to change & things we don’t want to change.

    I’m not being picky about the wording of this question, I’m just bringing to light how easy it is to get off on the wrong foot, so to speak, when we begin to seek change.

    Because what we are talking about here is seeking change & when presented as “things we want to change” rather than as “problems”, the whole tone of the effort becomes something that allows everyone to feel like they are included & can contribute to the process. Differences will still be present, which is necessary as well as desirable, but division disapears.

    So firstly, we would be so much wiser if we transended the idea of “problems”

    Secondly, to believe that thinking will create the change we seek is repeating the process that created the situation we would like to change in the first place.

    Carl Jung said “You can’t solve a problem useing the same consciousness that created the problem you are trying to solve”

    So first we must begin to operate from a level of consciousness that is beyond the Ego dominated human mind. We must use insight, intuition, inspiration & intention & connect to the unlimited, unbounded presence that dwells within each of us & let the power of that presence flow through us & out into the world to help us create the change we would like to see.

    We must learn to subjugate our thinking, to let our minds take the back seat & let a power far greater than our mind guide us.

    Love & gratitude


  • andres

    I would like Neale to tell us when did he muster the enormous courage, to embrace who and what we really are, from where did this courage spring? What did it take to be absolutely responsible for every instant of his life? I am under the deep impression that we only embrace Godhood when there is absolutely no other options.

  • andres

    the biggest problem is Fear

  • Inger Lise

    Yes, absolutely….especially when face to face with a gun, or a world diaster.

  • Thor Johnson

    I believe we should all focus on how we are treating Mother Earth. Yes, compassion for one another, empowerment, and things of that nature must be nurtured as well, but we need a healthy environment to do such things.

  • mewabe

    I totally agree Thor, and actually, if we look at it, the way we are treating the earth, nature, without respect, without love, without appreciation, seemingly with hatred, is a perfect reflection of the way we feel about our own creaturehood, our physical beingness, our own nature.

    And it is apparently extremely negative.

    We indeed deal with nature as if we hated physical life. And perhaps many do, particularly among the “civilized”. It’s a religious, spiritual, mental thing…”civilized” people have much trouble, apparently, reconciling mind and matter, spirit and matter.

    The war of mind over matter, of mind over nature, more than ever rages on, rapidly destroying our planet’s ecosystem and its ability to sustain life.

    And very, very, VERY few people understand this, the causes, the sources of this widespread mental pathology (the origins are not really greed or ignorance, these are merely symptoms, it goes a lot deeper than that).

    Rather than dreaming of escaping to an heavenly afterlife, or than attempting to reach nirvana in the midst of global chaos and suffering, the spiritually inclined should really concentrate on making this reality, this earth, this life heaven, on restoring heaven on earth.

    That would be spiritual work. And it is…some do it, even thought they do not necessarily call themselves spiritual. As a matter of fact and paradoxically, the most spiritual among us are often those who make no claim of spirituality, but who take action to make the world a better place, helping people, animals, the environment.

  • Erin/IAm

    Seems like there are agreements a brewin’…Sweeet! ­čÖé

    I’m riding with mewabe on this one (summed nicely), taking good heed from Scott…Our ‘social story’ could use a revamp…The defines & perspectives of how we relate Self to Life…How We relationship with “All Relations”, including our technologies, could use a push on the ‘refresh’ button.

    There are more functional ways to maintain balances with a good foundation in personal/social aspects that can then be moved into working more wholely with political/economic schemes of things.

    Do we have any ‘debriefed’ among us among us here? I Am curious as to the ‘process’ that the military & police use to ‘recondition’ warriors, and how they measure the ‘success’ of such.

    The reason I ask the above, is simply for understanding…How is it that the massive defense mechanism of our society (a nice chunk of collective conscious, btw) can be so easily ‘adjusted’, but ‘civil peeps’, not so much?

    Military strategists snap a finger & multitudes respond…without question, & at full attention…Fear is Not an Option of excuse in this realm.
    How is it, that a human can be adjusted to fight, kill, run 10 mi. & fold their clothes in 6 weeks or less, but not to be un-addicted, peaceful, etc., in as short a time?

    This inquiring mind simply wants to know…Thanks in advance! ­čÖé

  • mewabe

    Erin, I don’t think that humans are easier to train for war as they could be for peace, for solving their own problems or the problems of the world.

    I think that humans are trained to obey authority, unfortunately.

    And authorities are not interested in solving human problems or in ending war, since they and their pals in the elite class profit infinitely from these things, and in the process achieve ever more power and control.

    You may think that I sound cynical, I am not…I know way too much to be bitter.

    Why would anyone be surprised or disappointed when learning that a thief steals, a liar lies, a sociopath hurts people?

    Likewise, I am never disappointed by the elite and its government lackeys.

  • Stephen mills

    The biggest problem as I see it is we have it all figured out ,nothing more to learn or understand about the way we are living.

    It must be right ,look at what we have accomplished in the last 100 years alone ,with all our new technology,s and accomplishments in science and our advancements in medicine and longer life spans .We must be on the right path ! we have the richest and most educated amongst us guiding our evolution and carrying us forward to greater prosperity and abundance for all .

    How can you question any of this death comes to everyone that,s the way life is some die,some carry on but carry on we must to succeed at god/life know,s what.

    Could it be that there is something we do not understand about life ,the understanding of which will change everything?

    But surely we must start to agree on not killing each other and finding another way to share the worlds abundance with a guarantee that no one will live below Maslows threshold.

  • Kristen

    Biggest problem – no consequences for actions.

    Mewabe – yet again I agree with you today. Gosh. Must be the full moon shining through the window!

  • gail pace

    The biggest immediate problem in human life today is the belief in lack. Many people live in competition for love, sustenance, and time. There is enough for everyone of everything.

  • Pat

    I agree with Andres that the biggest problem is fear. It’s the motivator for the major religions that can only find their justification in Judgement Day – a day in which the human species is destroyed. It’s what separates and divides us, when the only hope we have of stopping our headlong trip to disaster is coming together.

  • anna

    Materialism. People want more, it’s never enough. More money to buy more things, better cars, bigger houses, new technological devices like smart phones iPads, TVs. On one side of the globe people are dying of thirst and hunger on the other “dying” to get the hounders of dollars worth of cloths, shoes and jewelry. One side is praying for drop of rain the other is treating their hungover.

  • mewabe

    Another “main” problem…

    Separation. The peculiar idea that we are separate from everything and from most others (as in “you and me against the world”).

    Yet again, the spiritual slogan “we are all one”, centered exclusively on humanity, is a serious mistake.

    A more potent and accurate idea is: ALL IS ONE.

    And that LITERALLY means ALL…all of nature, , all time (past, present and future), all space (all of the cosmos and universe), all creatures, human and non human, and yes even the “good” and the “bad”, or “heaven” and “hell”.

    A main problem is not knowing or understanding this, or its extensive and revolutionary applications.

  • Menzl

    Was ein gro├čes Problem ist, dass Menschen ein falsches Ego entwickelt haben. Ich denke das es nicht darum geht immer mehr zu haben oder zu wollen, sondern dass es Zeit ist zu schauen was habe ich bzw. habe ich alles was ich zum Leben brauche. Und wieder zu sehen dass alles was dar├╝ber hinausgeht einfach “LUXUS” ist. Mehr als in einer Wohnung oder Haus kann man nicht wohnen, man kann auch nicht mehr essen als was man Hunger hat. Ich glaube Menschen haben verlernt innere Einkehr zu halten – und Ruhe zu geben. Die Zeit f├╝r gute weiterf├╝hrende Gespr├Ąche werden kaum noch genutzt. Einige Menschen wollen sich selbst nicht erkennen. Wir brauchen alle keine Statussymbole – sondern einfach nur Dinge die zum Leben notwendig sind. Behausung, Essen, Arbeit, Familie.

  • Everett Alexander

    We have become a warring world. Most are fought in the name of God!
    God doesn’t want war!
    If we as an enlightened world were to stop all manufacturing of weapons of any kind we could feed the masses, house the homeless and end war forever.
    When are we going to see that war is wrong? Killing is wrong?

  • Sylvia O’Neill

    Treat EVERYONE equally that includes LGBT persons. Keep the bible out of politics in making decisions

  • Sylvia O’Neill

    Keep politics out of political decisions and treat all equally, including LGBT persons.

  • Sylvia O’Neill

    Treat everyone equally, including LGBT persons and keep the bible out of politics.

  • juliana

    creo que el mayor problema del mundo en estos momentos es que somos tan supremamente ciegos, en un sentido universal fisico y espiritual no vemos lo maravilloso que nos rodea ni lo maravillosos que somos NOS HACE FALTA APRENDER A AMAR ese es el problema de hoy en dia AMAR NOS LIBERARIA DE TANTOS PROBLEMAS y no como lo hacemos los seres humanos, amar de verdad viendo a mi semejante como si viera a Dios o a mi mismo eso es lo que nos tiene los unos contra los otros

  • Rodin

    The biggest ‘problem’ is the still primitive state the collective consciousness of the Human Race still is in. Luckily for us we can change that tomorrow if we choose to…

  • Luis Enrique Flores Li├▒├ín

    May be the biggest problem (at least for me) could be that it┬┤s pretty hard to discover how to be free and happy and spend my time doing that I love to do and at the same time fit in this society. If I could see or feel a society like I dream…, it will be very easy!!!

    While I was thinking in the “biggest problem”… It dissapear, and only remains my way that I┬┤m using daily to focus on. Could be this the “real” biggest problem???

    What if the “biggest problem” is actually the way that all we use to see this experiencie of life?? (as only a big group of individuals insted a people conected eternaly to the others as only one?) Why we are experiencing this difficulty to feel our connectivity with all the people, the nature, the Universe and our inner voice?

    My english is just improving, but I don┬┤t care, I just want to use this “path” to raise my voice and sharing. Have a beautiful day!!! Thanks Neale!!!

  • Susan Bamford

    I believe our Earth would be a better place if we all could just see what really matters. Most of us have become lost in the illusion of more, bigger, better when really we already have much more than we ever could imagine.
    I know I’m not saying anything new here, but the way I choose to create my world is to see everyone living a life of abundance and pure joy, since reading Neil’s books this is no great effort for me, more like pure joy!
    I will be eternally greatful to Neil for helping me to remember and feel God in my life.
    Susan Bamford.

  • Julie

    I think the biggest problem in the world right now is that people live in fear instead to live in love!!!
    I am french so sorry if my english is not so good ­čśë

  • Inger Lise

    Well, according to the books of Neale`s……Nothing will be “a problem,” as far of I have understood “the books of readings” ! And it is all fine by all means !One thing will be of to grasp it in the intellectual, another “thing” will be of “to stay” there “all of the time.”

    Anyway….. it IS “a new awakening” of the new awareness……every minute, every hour.
    Nowadays(in my age), have come to the conclusion of to appreciate good health and the healthy grandchildren…..” the normal” and the ordinary/-and the simple life, maybe am satisfied BECAUSE OF TO HAVE EXPERIENCED ADVENTURES in the Life ? And now of to have settled, and of to be Living with the beautiful nature all around me ?(around me, the untouched nature), but for how long??? OH My: Don`t worry, be Happy…Living in the now.

    I`m very curious, and to search around(among) in the environment of mine to see where the approximately 200-300 Quakers will be hiding in Norway. They are not easy of to find, because they will be working in silence.
    It is spring in the air, and a lot of work to do outdoors in the wilderness of a garden.

  • Lloyd

    The biggest issue facing humanity is the deeply held illusion that we are separate from creation, from Creator/God, from nature and especially from each other. This illusion has caused us to fear one another, to disrespect Ourselves, nature and ALL existence, and to not attempt to find our connection to Creator/God/Source Energy ie unconditional Love. Mewabe has stated it very well, IMHO, since we have been instructed by the tribe to fear each other and to not question authority figures, humanity does not Love Ourselves and therefore we do not Love nature, life, or anything.

    How do we end this lack of understanding, we learn to find within Ourselves the Energy of Creator, Love, and we show it, give it and live it so ALL can see it within us and find it for themselves within their own existence. Each of us has this knowledge, this Love flowing within, and it is each of us responsibility to uncover it and “let our light shine” . As the song goes “this little light of mine” I’m going to let it shine, the more of us that finds this light within themselves and over come our fears enough to allow it to shine within Ourselves, the more the darkness of separation will disappear. We are ALL one and shining our little light is our purpose in Existence. Namaste’

  • Jacqueline Rivest

    Le plus grand probl├Ęme qui demande une solution rapide est que les gens pensent que tout se r├Ęgle par la violence d’├ęclat: par des paroles, des ├ęcrits, des gestes, des activit├ęs collectives pour d├ęfendre ce qui semble leurs droits. C’est absolument bon de s’exprimer, mais il devrait y avoir une ouverture pour entendre la r├ęponse de l’autre partie enfin de trouver une solution juste pour tous. Le double probl├Ęme est qu’il y a peu d’├ęcoute; chacun garde sa position. C’est rendu la c├┤te de s’exprimer avec violence et il faut que tout le monde le sache.

  • Stephen mills

    Lloyd this is the solution to humanity,s problems long term ,and this is the spiritual solution that we seek but what can we do that would work now.

    What I mean is for thousands of years we have not changed our way of living together, fighting ,waging war and hoarding resources ,there must be something we can implement fairly quickly to solve this on a planatery level .The United States of America is the model that we could use as is stated in CWG book Two a world wide government that shares the worlds resources and ends hunger gaurantees the basics in life ,food ,housing education the opportunity for full human expression and a sense of hope.

    This is a geo political solution as the world comes together to solve it,s problems the spiritual oneness will naturally come about as we see ourselves as more of a collective co operating as opposed to dividing and separating each other into nation states and using the tools of greed to create resentment and animosity that further drive us a part .

    I believe as Princess Leia said “Obi one this is our only hope”.


  • Marko

    Great question Neale! I would say education & teaching critical thinking. Also non violent communication.

    If that were taught, we move more quickly to meeting basic human needs in the world & many problems stem from poverty & desperation.

    We’d thus live with much more compassion & creative solution making.

    From there we could teach the LOA and people would create a better world purely out of self interest.


  • Therese

    For me, as I have stated before, the biggest problem is that those who would teach a different way, and nourish and empower this different way, women, are not themselves empowered.

    In order to change, women have to accept a different state of being. Right now they accept, way too often, “being” dominated, “Being wrong”, “Being” second class, “Being” second in the eyes of man, and God, and all the other things that stop the message of Oneness dead in its tracks.

    Cause women to remember who they are. Focus on women, and you will not have to focus on children, because they will “teach their children well.”

    The go to the source of misinformation, go to the point where it is being spread to the masses to change anything…go home!


  • Inger Lise

    Do not know how it is with you, or where you are living Therese, but in Scandinavia “the male, female” order of things will be long gone, it is the “Out-Grown-Habit” among most of us.
    But as of us of to have got “the new citizens” from all over the world which still have the old views upon “the things”… of it seems of us to have another dispute about it, or to “deal with it anew one way or the other.”
    What of us mostly does have “to face” nowadays among the public will be the adoption of children. They who wants children and cannot have the babies by their own(either it is gays, lesbians or the H`tros). The laws here will be quite strictly held. Either of it is the females or the males of to rule.
    Wonders how many woman will be in the Government, and other business managements with you?

    Or else, the world is a perfect place of to be (or to become?).

  • mewabe

    Stephen Mills, if the USA were to be a model for the world, the world resources would be gone within a week, and the world would be submerged in trash, if all of the world had our standard of living and our consuming habits.

    Perhaps you meant America as a model for democracy. Then we better hurry up indeed, because democracy, freedom and individual rights are very fast disappearing in the process of implementing a US OLIGARCHY.

    What I am saying, it’s already here!

    I agree Therese, but women, in the empowerment process, need to be careful not to make the mistake of trying to work within the system, which is the patriarchal system, for they will continue to remain its servants, even when in a position of so-called power (as for example a woman President).

    Women need to create a new system, that is not based on domination and the exploitation of the less fortunate. And they can, if they understand their real power, which is naturally in tune with the universe.

    And women need to educate men, and define a new version of masculinity, one that is about honoring and protecting life rather than enslaving it.

  • Inger Lise

    Mewabe….Angela Merkel, who is the president(Kansler) of Germany have done a great job, and still does. She is unique, and a lady with great wisdom if you asks me. She is “the head-master” of to solve the bad ecconomic situation in Europe(Norway is still not a member of the E.U.)
    I am not sure if Spain, Greece and Italy “thinking” in the same way about her thou, because of their own ecconomic chaos.
    Never-the-less, Angela Merkel is a genious and highly intelligent, far above the main-stream…. That`s the own opinion….. Angela Merkel have a formidable task of to do, but she does it…. ever since she became president.(do not know if the word “Kansler” is the right word for a woman, it gives too many “associations”).

    It was very touching when Angela Merkel and the French President embraced each others heartily when of the E.U. Parliament received the Nobel Peace Price. In approximately 68 years by now of us to have had peace in Europe(hopefully it will continue, the bad ecconomics oftentimes makes revolts, it is well-known from the long history in the world).
    After two world-wars, and in the long history before…..The French President and the German President EMBRACING each others, and Angela Merkel had tears in the eyes. AND she IS NOT a person of “to be weak.”

  • Lloyd

    Stephen each journey starts with the first step, yours and mine, and we each must take responsibility our own journey. We can not control how others think or act but we can be the change within our own lives to make our own existence reflect unconditional Love. This is what we can do, how else can we create an existence of Love when we attempt to “demand” others view their exist the way we do? Change is something that is personal for each of us, and we can not force it, demand it, or insist upon it, we can only live the example of unconditional Love and others will naturally be attracted to it. Who wants to be forced to change, this is what we are all fighting against now isn’t it? Passing laws doesn’t work, but being the example of living in unconditional Love is the best we can do to allow our light to shine and doing our best is all that is possible for us poor humans. Namaste’

  • Stephen mills

    I agree with you but until we get there some laws or rules of the game are necessary as we are not sufficiently enlightened to see what works for the highest good of all yet.

    Mewabe I ment the original idea of America what the founders and framers had in mind as they set in motion an idea of what democracy can be and how to get there ,it must be something evolving that we can add to .It has to have checks and balances .

    What we have now is plutocracy and corporatism where artificial creations have more rights than people.
    Give nature rights fir,st then we the people .Iam afraid some laws will have to be necessary until we naturally do what works for Mother Earth and all those that live off her.



  • mewabe

    I agree Stephen, but we have to remember than the original founding fathers’ idea of democracy was meant for white men. They were setting up a patriarchy, because they could not see past patriarchal power. To this day most of the world still cannot see past it, and is afraid of the spiritual power of women, of the feminine archetype.

    Moving from empire to earth community, as David Korten put it in his interesting book The Great Turning, will take some serious overhaul and I am not sure that the general population has even the inkling of a need for such change.

    Imposing drastic laws on them may be ill-advised, and you may have noticed, is the mistake all idealists turn tyrants have made, historically (even the church made that mistake): to believe that the people are not sufficiently enlightened to know what is best for them and for the world, although it appears to be very true, is equivalent, ultimately, as saying “my way is the best way”, and leads to the same outcome, which is coercion, which leads to violent reaction, and failure.

    We need patience, in my opinion…I am with Native Americans on this. They are waiting for the global system to implode, to collapse. They have their own prophecies. And they know the earth, nature (the environment) will set us straight eventually, through some drastic lessons that no one will be able to ignore.

    Let’s face it, we are a very small minority. Neale is doing great work, but much of the world would neither accept nor understand his messages. Humanity has a way to go yet, and will learn from experiencing the consequences of its own mistakes.

    It’s a hard way yo learn, but as I said before, most addicts cannot learn any other way than by tripping on their own vomit and falling on their faces, and much of the world is addicted to the false power our devastating, destructive technologies have created.

  • Stephen mills

    Mewabe ,some of the ideas of democracy that Thomas Jefferson believed in came from the Iroquois confederacy .I learned this from many of Thom Hartmann,s books including the brilliant What would Jefferson do Now.

    And as you probably know ,I think if I can remember 5 out of the 6 members of the iroquois nations ,only women could make the final votes on the most important issues .They also had a law that every decision had to be made in the context of it,s impact on the seventh subsequent generation.Given this information and our cultural trajectory beliefs and actions if we do not change ,there may not be humans on this planet in seven generations.

  • mewabe

    That’s true Stephen, the founding fathers omitted the most important element or the Haudenosaunee confederacy: the council of women. Not an accident in my opinion…

    As far as our policies, they seem to say “to hell with the future generations”…

    It’s a sad way to live…and it show in the personal crisis people go through, in a world without roots or direction, apart from oblivion.

  • Henry Nejako

    In the United States, a major problem no one seems to be concerned about is cruel treatment of the incarcerated and failure to prepare them for life after release.

  • Henry Nejako

    The biggest problem worldwide is failure to understand the equality of all people without regard to class, gender, income, ethnic origin and religion, and to treat all with respect and generosity.

  • Lloyd

    Is humanity the most important species that the earth has produced? To think this is to think humanity is separate from all other existence. Did you know that 99% of all species that are known to have existed upon this planet have become extinct? Humanity is just a small part of the whole of creation, so the flow of energy, Creator/God into eternity also contains all species that have gone before and that will come after humankinds existence upon our small space ship planet Earth. I know reality sucks, but living in an illusion about Ourselves isn’t any better, is it? Before we can change our situation we have to fully view and accept the truth about our situation. The human species has constructed an illusion that separates us from the ALL, and we have built religions and governments and societies just to support and affirm within each of us this falsehood. One meterior, or one massive volcanic eruption, and much of life on this planet will cease to exist, till the next evolution takes place and it will. What will it look like and what illusion will it develop to reinforce its’ vision of existence, who knows, and it doesn’t matter. The point is life will continue, the flow of Creator Energy will go forth, with or without humanity being part of it.

    Life is a blessing, and my children and grandkids are a blessing to my heart, and although I know the cold reality of existence, unconditional Love gives me the knowledge that everything is eternal. I do not fear death for myself or for anyone, I know that nothing is lost. Check out the word “Pantheism” and see if this thought helps bring you peace. We are all Creator/God/Source Energy/Unconditional Love flowing forth into eternity, and this realization and knowledge for me is enough to give me the courage to let my little light shine. Some say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one, another song, so will you join in and allow your Love to lift the world around you? In my humble opinion this is all we can do, our very best to Love, unconditionally Ourselves and thereby ALL existence. Namaste’

  • Marko

    If I could enact & institute one law or agreement it would simply be “Kindness.”

    That would be the only law I would offer as manager of the Universe which in once sense we all are, individually in our own lives that is.

    I would like to see the collective adapt this agreement or LOK. Law of Kindness.


  • mewabe

    Again, the core issue is how we define ourselves, who and what we believe we are in relation to ourselves and everyone and everything else.

    Everything stems from this. If the foundation is off kilter, all else falls apart.

    So who, what are we?

    It is very simple: we cannot define ourselves without including everything and everyone else.

    WE “ARE”, we only EXIST, our BEING can only be defined within the context of OUR RELATIONSHIPS TO THE WHOLE.

    RELATIONSHIPS are what and who we are, individually and collectively.

    Relationship is also what subatomic particles are, what planets and galaxies are, relationship is what life is, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.


    If everyone understood this, and applied it, there would no longer be any identity crisis, or any world problems, or far fewer, because most conflicts would vanish, as we would know that we are part of one another, part of nature, part of the whole of creation.

    All we do to others, to nature, to any form of life, we would know that we are doing it to ourselves, whether it is positive or negative.

    We would understand the profound meaning of the Lakota expression, “All my relations”, in Lakota “Mitakuye oyasin”.

    So why is this so difficult to understand? The myths of separation and alienation, of rugged individualism have created a very sick society in which those who loose have no other alternative but to unceremoniously quit the game.

    We all have heard, in the news, the story of some man shooting himself, or worse, shooting his children, his wife and then himself, after having lost his job, or/and because of extreme financial difficulties. People who lost their fortune in the 1930’s did it.

    You may say that these people had mental problems that caused them to be unable to deal with stress…but I see their actions as being implacably logical, as being THE VERY LOGICAL OUTCOME OF AN IRRATIONAL WORLDVIEW, namely one that promotes rugged individualism, extreme competition, self-centeredness, the survival of the fittest, “looking out for number one” and to hell with the rest of the world.

    When you win the game, especially against all odds, you think that such individual accomplishment validates this extreme individualistic worldview…but when you loose, too damn bad for you, there are no places in this social environment for losers.

    Trying to define who you are within the context of such pathologically absurd worldview is futile: it is an impossibility, for you cannot exist in separation, except perhaps in hell, the very hell this belief in separation has created in our world, the hell we see every day, provided we do not live in a state of denial that some call “spirituality” but that turns out to be just another form of opiate, another means of self-medication.

    There is not a single separate problem…it is all the SAME problem manifesting itself in a multitude of different yet interconnected ways, for even problems are connected!

    The web of life cannot be destroyed, whether in harmony (through an understanding of the oneness of all life, which could be called “heaven”) or in chaos (the outcome of a belief in divisions and separations, which can be called “hell”).

  • Ionic Breeze

    Thanks, Butch. Love that light of yours. It we know we are beyond this physical form called earth 3 d, beyond the species of humaness, and we know we are God, we are truly enlightened. I wish you were on that other thread, love, speaking of Us, telling life how you got to the knowing you are Us. I love your posts. All of them. i always did. Thanks for that. Have a good day ­čÖé