Heart as Wide as the World

I recently had the most extraordinary and unforgettable experience of attending a Krishna Das kirtan in the city where I live.  I have always been a fan of his resonating voice and soulful music, but this was the first time I immersed myself in the experience of his gift.

Krishna Das led a very large room of people from all different walks of life, and every age imaginable, through two-plus hours of his extremely powerful and deeply moving chants, taking a moment here and there to explain the meaning of some of the Sacred Sanskrit words to those of us in the audience who didn’t know, although hearing the translation didn’t seem to matter much to me. I knew – I could actually feel – that what I was chanting in unison with this room full of people was Holy and meaningful.

Krishna Das (born Jeffrey Kagel) is one of the best-selling chant artists of all time.  He was recently nominated for Best New Age Album at the Grammys and performed “Narayana” (which means Supreme God) live at the awards ceremony – yes, the Grammys!  — demonstrating in another exciting and very real way that our world is changing and growing and moving towards a greater acceptance and embracing of new ideas, new concepts, and new ways of doing things…a New Cultural Story.

If you have the opportunity to place yourself in the space of a Krishna Das kirtan, please consider gifting yourself with an experience that will enhance whatever spiritual path you are on and wherever you are on it.  And if you are unable to participate in a live performance, I would urge you to add one or two of his CDs to your playlist, such as “Heart as Wide as the World” or “Heart Full of Soul.”   Visit the Krishna Das website where you can purchase any of his music and read more about who he is.  Reading his life story only adds more layers of love and gratitude for the Divinity of his music.

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