Television news network CNN is reporting that North Korea has threatened to “nullify the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War.” North and South Korea have technically been at war since 1953, the news network report said. “The 1950-53 civil war ended in a truce rather than a peace treaty,” the report went on.

Why is North Korea being so bellicose? The following article contains more background on this question than many people may feel interested enough to read, but for those who choose to spare a few moments, there is an opportunity to come to a larger understanding of just what is happening in our world — and to explore this secondary question: Is there any way that The New Spirituality, and the messages in Conversations with God, could be applied in this situation to bring an end, at last, to humanity’s apparently insatiable need to bring itself to the brink of hostility, and, if nuclear weapons are used, straight into Mutually Assured Destruction?


So let’s look at what is going on here. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency says that North Korea cites “U.S.-led international moves to impose new sanctions against it over its recent nuclear test,” according to the CNN report.

North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test on Feb. 12. That test met with widespread international condemnation from the global community of nations, which has desperately been attempting to limit the spread of nuclear weapons for decades, using a combination of cajoling, pleading, negotiation, threats of economic sanctions, and sanctions themselves.

North Korea insists that it has the same right as any other nation which has already conducted its nuclear tests and developed its nuclear weaponry, to do the same thing — and that no one is going to stop it.

In order to try to stop it, many of the world’s nations — including, notably, North Korea’s own military ally in the Korean War, China — have condemned North Korea’s position, saying the proliferation of nuclear weapons must end, not continue, and certainly not be expanded, if humanity is to have a safer world — to say nothing of a world that even survives.

North Korea has indicated since the Feb 12 test that this latest nuclear blast was “more powerful than its two previous detonations” in 2006 and 2009, and that it used “a smaller, lighter device, suggesting advances in its weapons program,” the CNN report said. (The full report may be found here: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/05/world/asia/north-korea-armistice-threat/index.html?hpt=hp_t2)

The United Nations Security Council has since met “to consider a proposed resolution to authorize more sanctions against North Korea,” CNN’s news report continued.

And so, the back and forth sallies continue and the sabre rattling goes on, leaving millions around the globe wondering: What will it take to bring peace to this world at last? Others ask: What does North Korea want that it feels it can’t get any other way? Is there nothing that can bring an end to all this?

The difficulty increases exponentially when nations can’t even sit down and talk about these questions. Just to keep so-called Six Party Talks going has been a major (and failed) ordeal. As Wikipedia reports:

“The six-party talks aim to find a peaceful resolution to the security concerns as a result of the North Korean nuclear weapons program. There has been a series of meetings with six participating states: South Korea, North Korea, China, United States, Russia, and Japan. These talks were a result of North Korea withdrawing from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 2003.

“Apparent gains following the fourth and fifth rounds were reversed by outside events. Five rounds of talks from 2003 to 2007 produced little net progress until the third phase of the fifth round of talks, when North Korea agreed to shut down its nuclear facilities in exchange for fuel aid and steps towards the normalization of relations with the United States and Japan.

“Responding angrily to the United Nations Security Council‘s Presidential Statementissued on April 13, 2009 that condemned the North Korean failed satellite launch, the DPRK declared on April 14, 2009 that it would pull out of Six Party Talks and that it would resume its nuclear enrichment program in order to boost its nuclear deterrent.North Korea has also expelled all nuclear inspectors from the country…However, it pledged a no-first-strike policy and to nuclear disarmament only when there is worldwide elimination of such nuclear weapons.”

There is more. Wikipedia reports that “Cheonan-Ham, a South Korean patrol vessel with 104 people aboard, sank after an unexplained explosion tore through its hull while conducting a normal mission in the vicinity of Baengnyeong Island at 09:22 p.m. on March 26, 2010. An investigation conducted by an international team of experts from South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Sweden concluded that Cheonan was sunk by a torpedo launched by a North Korean Yeono class miniature submarine.This incident caused rising tension and antagonism between North and South Korea.

“On November 23, 2010, North Korea shelled South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island. Two South Korean soldiers were killed and a dozen injured after North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells onto a South Korean island setting more than 60 houses ablaze and sending civilians fleeing in terror. These two incidents stood in the way of holding Six Party Talks during this period.

“On 29 February 2012, the United States and North Korea announced a ‘leap day’ agreement that the U.S. would provide substantial food aid in return for the North agreeing to a moratorium on uranium enrichment and missile testing and a return of IAEA inspectors to Yongbyon, leading to a resumption of the six-party talks. On 16 March 2012, North Korea announced it was planning to launch a satellite to commemorate the late founder Kim il-Sung‘s 100th birthday, drawing condemnation by the other five participants in the Six-Party Talks, casting doubt on the “leap day” agreement.

“On 6 April 2012, North Korea’s rocket (satellite) launch failed to enter into orbit, and was declared a failure by the United States and South Korea. In addition, the launch was described as a provocative test of missile technology, and the United States subsequently announced the suspension of food aid to North Korea.”

And that’s roughly where things stood until the latest North Korean underground nuclear blast on Feb. 12. So why is North Korea insisting on being so bellicose?

First, a bit more background, again from Wikipedia: The Korean peninsula was governed by the Korean Empire from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, until it was annexed by the Empire of Japan in 1910. After the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II, Japanese rule ceased. The Korean peninsula was divided into two occupied zones in 1945, with the northern half of the peninsula occupied by the Soviet Union and the southern half by the United States. A United Nations–supervised election held in 1948 led to the creation of separate Korean governments for the two occupation zones: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the north, and the Republic of Korea in the south. North Korea and South Korea each claimed sovereignty over the entire Korean peninsula, which led to the start of the Korean War in 1950. An armistice in 1953 committed both to a cease-fire, but the two countries remain officially at war because a formal peace treaty was never signed.Both states were accepted into the United Nations in 1991.

North Korea is a single-party state under a united front led by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP).The country’s government follows the Juche ideology of self-reliance, initiated by the country’s first President, Kim Il-sung. After his death, Kim Il-sung was declared the country’s Eternal President. Juche became the official state ideology, replacing Marxism–Leninism, when the country adopted a new constitution in 1972.With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991, North Korea lost a major trading partner and strategic ally. Combined with a series of natural disasters, this led to the North Korean famine, which lasted from 1994 to 1998 and killed an estimated 240,000 to 1,000,000 people.North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il adopted Songun, or “military-first” policy in order to strengthen the country and its government.In 2009, references to Communism were systematically removed from the country’s constitution and legal documents altogether.

North Korea has been described as a totalitarian, Stalinist dictatorshipwith an elaborate cult of personality around the Kim family and one of the lowest-ranking human rights records of any country.As a result of its isolation and authoritarian rule, it has sometimes been labelled the “Hermit kingdom“,a name once given to its predecessor, the Korean Empire. In 2011 North Korea had the lowest Democracy Index of any nation on Earth. North Korea is one of the world’s most militarized countries, with a total of 9,495,000 active, reserve, and paramilitary personnel. Its active duty army of 1.21 million is the 4th largest in the world, after China, the U.S., and India.It is a nuclear-weapons state and has an active space program.

That’s the end of the Wikipedia entry. Here is the entry reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-party_talks

Now, as to my personal analysis…

I have visited the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and worked with others, including friends in South Korea, to lessen tensions between the two nations. With Dr. Ilchi Lee — a South Korean author and the founder of a variety of mind-body training methods, including Dahnhak, Dahn Yoga, Respiration, Brain Education, and DahnMuDo — I jointly formed the New Millennium Peace Foundation, and we each made a significant financial contribution to creating a major peace initiative, with a public event in South Korea a number of years ago, at which former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Lee and I wondered if there was any way that a new spiritual and philosophical foundation for not only the Korean Peninsula, but the world entire, might produce an environment in which North and South Korea (and all the world’s people) might be ultimately united. I wonder that still today, and so does Dr. Lee.

From the North Korean point of view it would seem that (and this is just my analysis) it has wanted from the very end of the Korean conflict (the state of war itself, as we have earlier explained, has never ended, but the active, ongoing military conflict has) to be recognized as an equal among nations, having the same status and the same rights as other nation states. While it has been admitted to the United Nations, it has never really gained this respect and full recognition from the United States (whose soldiers fought side-by-side with South Korean soldiers to prevent the complete takeover of Korea by the northern communists), and it not forgotten that it was thwarted in its attempt to claim the entire Korean Peninsula as its own in the early Fifties.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st Century, it continues to insist on parity with other nations, and that it why it has said that it will embrace complete nuclear disarmament only when every other nation does. Of course, those nations holding an arsenal of nuclear weapons (chief among them the U.S. and Russia) have no intention of completely disarming themselves, saying that their nuclear weapons capabilities are used as deterrents.

North Korea says it is developing its nuclear weaponry for the same reason, as a deterrent to what it claims to be belligerence toward it by the United States. It likewise feels it has a right to launch satellites and to test missiles that have the capability of carrying nuclear warheads.

There are observers who have said that North Korea’s divergence of the biggest share of its resources to its military build up has been at the expense of its people, huge numbers of whom live in abject poverty. My own analysis of this is that, having eschewed communism, the North Korean government was found a way to serve two ends simultaneously: (a) increase its military might (including nuclear and missile capabilities); and (b) provide income for millions of its people (as noted above, it has the fourth largest army in the entire world, and a total of 9,495,000 active, reserve, and paramilitary personnel) without seeming to be providing them direct government assistance and violating the formal North Korean philosophy of self-sufficiency.

In other words, not all that much different from the Works Progress Administration created in the United States in 1938 (renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration; WPA). This was the largest and most ambitious New Deal agency of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, employing millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects,including the construction of public buildings and roads. In much smaller but more famous projects the WPA employed musicians, artists, writers, actors and directors in large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects. The only difference between this and North Korea’s undertakings is that North Korea has used its government to employ people only in fields associated with the military, but the concept is the same: use the government to provide employment for the masses of unemployed by serving the needs of the nation as the government defines them.

The question I am considering today from a spiritual point of view: What understanding or message of The New Spirituality as exemplified in the Conversations with God dialogues could have any effect whatsoever on such seemingly intractable situations?

I think of two off the top of my head. One is so hugely general that it does not seem as though it could be immediately applied, barring an absolute miracle in terms of a change of thinking by all the players in the game. The other is so specific that it could open the door to instant healing of the rifts that cause the divisions analyzed in the many paragraphs above.

The first message of CWG that I wish we could overlay on the entire global circumstance of this day (not just the Korean situation) is the statement: We are all one. The embracing of this spiritual truth as a functioning physical expression would produce a radically new and different geopolitical reality overnight. Short of an invasion by creatures from outer space, however, I am not sure what could produce such an instant transformation in humanity’s thinking about itself.

No, this is a long-term shift in self-conceptualization, and can best be achieved by educating the next generation through the presenting to our children of a New Cultural Story about humanity. This is the work now being done by The School of the New Spirituality, whose CWGforParents team is creating a 52-week School-in-a-Box program, giving parents around the world the tools with which to share the most important concept of Conversations with God with their offspring — including, of course, the concept that We Are All One.

The second approach emerging from The New Spirituality could, on the other hand, produce surprising and even strikingly rapid results. It is the asking of a single, simple question — but with the pure and honest intention to listen to the answer, and then to actually do something about it.

I would be asking North Korea, “What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to be able to hurt others in order to heal it?” North Korea says it wants economic sanctions lifted. The U.S. and other countries say, “Only if you stop escalating the arms race by continuing your development of nuclear weapons capability.” Some have alleged that North Korea in the past has said, “We will,” and certain sanctions have been lifted, only to result in North Korea moving ahead in a clandestine way to continue to develop its nuclear capability. In other words, the allegation goes, North Korea can’t be trusted to keep its word.

Publicly, North Korea says it will discontinue nuclear military development “only if the U.S. and the other nations completely disassemble and dismantle your own nuclear weapons capability.” The U.S. and other nations say, “This is our deterrent to global war. We can’t and won’t do that.” And there it is.

Unless it’s not. Unless the U.S. and other nations did, in fact, ever enter into a Global Disarmament Accord. The chances of that happening seem to most observers to be virtually nil. But we will talk more about this in our next post, as we address a larger question about our world: Can The New Spirituality change anything at all?

For now, your input and comments about the current events on the Korean Peninsula, and possible solutions, are invited below.


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  • mewabe

    A very simple thought:

    Will the prospect of war, the preparation for war ever end without changing what it means to be a man?

    As far as I can tell, it is not women who wish war, who declare war, but men, who have done so since time immemorial, and who feel that they are not “real” men if they do not fight.

    Men do not need to feel hurt, or even threatened, to fight…all they need is a good supply of testosterone, and the recklessness of youth.

    I am not sure the question, then, is about hurting, as in “What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to be able to hurt others in order to heal it?”

    This question definitively applies to interpersonal relationships, but men, happy or not, hurt or not, will always find a way to express their aggression, to challenge other men into contests of strength and boldness, men love war in spite of what they say.

    They even define business as war, the aim of which is to eliminate the competition.

    They love it, they want it, and they create it. They define their masculinity and those of their sons around it, around aggression, a good amount of cruelty, and dominating other men and forcing them to submit.

    This need to make other men submit is, in my opinion, a notably homosexual drive…definitively noticeable in such historical figures as Caesar and Alexander the Great. Do you think it is a coincidence that most ammunition are phallic in shape, to penetrate the “enemy”?

    Humans are very symbolic in their behaviors, particularly when their actions become unconscious because of having suppressed their true nature.

    Men want war to prove themselves, that they are “real” men, and that they will get over wetting their pants on the first day of combat.

    In this day and age many fathers still do not trust their young sons to be masculine unless they kill or hurt something (a rabbit, anything that can be shot or beaten to the ground), and do not cry about it (because it would make them “girls”).

    Gang members enlist potential members by putting them through tests: getting beaten up to an inch of their life while “taking it like a man”, and hurting or shooting someone else. I wonder where they got those ideas…

    What are nations but large gangs, complete with their own colors and fly-by bombings of competing nations?

    So…is the picture becoming clearer as to why so many men feel “unreal” (not masculine enough, not “real” men) in the first place?

    Could it be an unrealistic and somewhat distorted definition of masculinity?

    Can we change this definition? Could it make a difference, such as, less military conflicts, less obsession with war and the preparation for war?

  • Michael L.

    Thank you Neale,

    Pretty concise report on the recent history of the Korean peninsular.

    In your next installment could you explain why North Korea is still a country. In fact why it is a country at all.

    And their is a parallel territory in the world, Palestine as eerily the same reason they are in their situation too.

  • Marko

    “Can The New Spirituality change anything at all?”

    Yes. I would suggest simply to start a Global North Korea Healing Initiative of collective visualization prayer. To pour, waterfall & overlay on North Korea all the love, creativity & compassion we can.

    We allow that awesome beautiful energy to dictate & inspire what we do next.

    In being and doing this we bypass the intellect (as awesome as it is) in favor of a larger possibility that the intellect or mind can not currently hold, but can become receptive to as we continue the Global North Korea Healing Initiative prayer visualization.

    We start here on this site. Later, invite other like minded spiritual groups. Unity, Science of Mind churches and all the spiritual authors, their fans, & other spiritual organizations to join in.

    From there, allow other groups that at this time may not seem as receptive, to be drawn in by the sheer power of purpose.

    We can decide when, where & how long etc.

    While we do this, other inspirational ideas can come into play from other unknown sources not thought of before.

    We take advantage of the LOA on a massive collective scale. We start small “Where two or three are gathered in my name” idea, and go from there.

    I may have the idea, but others have the resources, people & influence that I don’t. So,
    shall we commence?


  • mewabe

    Marko, why not doing what you are suggesting for the entire world, as North Korea is not a separate entity, and is just another expression of the collective consciousness, which IS what needs healing, not just North Koreans?

    But beware…focusing on the light exclusively, you strengthen the darkness…focusing exclusively on love, you strengthen all that is not love, for a very simple reason: the light and the darkness, love and non-love CANNOT be separated, anymore that the two sides of a coin can be. They can only exist in balance, as do night and day.

    This is why so many fail on their spiritual path: the more they call out the light, the further they seemingly get from it, and the more “negativity” comes into their life.

    The TRUE LIGHT comes when the dark and the light are understood to be ONE.

  • Marko

    “Marko, why not doing what you are suggesting for the entire world, as North Korea is not a separate entity, and is just another expression of the collective consciousness, which IS what needs healing, not just North Koreans?”

    Mewabe check this out, the global prayer project: http://www.celestinevision.com/telewebcast.html

    I participate in both.

    “This is why so many fail on their spiritual path: the more they call out the light, the further they seemingly get from it, and the more “negativity” comes into their life.”

    I don’t experience life this way.
    Focusing on light & love to heal the woundedness & damage of people, nations etc. is not ignoring the darkness but embracing it’s hidden potential. Except for the brief time that opposites may come in as we focus on light & love, we don’t move further into darkness, but transform it.

    The darkness in the world is created so we can really see the glory & power we have in healing and transforming it, and that is the opportunity we have before us. That’s how I look at it.

    At some point we outgrow negativity & move into the world & mentality of HEB’s.

    If we desire to sustain the dark, evil or what ever, that is a choice too. It’s just not my choice & not the choice I think most here on this site desire to take.

    It’s perfectly fine to focus specifically on something as well as generally like the whole world. When I’m not in the right space I don’t focus exclusively on others to get better, I focus on my self & may even ask for help. Once I’m better, I move more powerfully to help others including the larger picture. When I’m in better energy vibrations I put that out more powerfully & cleanly to the world.

    To focus on specifics is totally fine. General is good to. However, focus on specifics can be a very powerful way to transform what doesn’t work to what does.


  • Inger Lise

    Carl Jung “in action.”

    He: Understanding Masculine Psychology.
    She: Understanding Feminine Psychology.
    We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love.

    Inner Work: Using dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth.
    Ecstasy: Understanding the Psychology of Joy.
    -Feminity Lost and Regained within Us-.
    Transformation: Understanding the Three levels of Masculine Consciousness.

    P.S. I have picked up the book “Owning Your Own Shadow”(Understanding the dark Side of the Psyche by Robert A. Johnson in the “Carl Jung” materials).

    It is definitely two sides of the same coin.

    On “the other hand” what Marko is telling… will be the power of Love, “The “Force” of Light penetrating “the darkness”, impersonal and personal, and it is the same as how the PRAYER(the sincere prayers….the heart-to-heart connection) works.

    Naturally, the same “news” about the North/South-Korean`s past history/- and nowadays “history” will be well-known in Europe too. It is a part of the inheritance…. of the Mankind.

  • Laura Pringle

    What’s fair is fair, and what’s not is not! It’s pretty obvious that they are so petulantly angry at not having equal rights, by the very unfair sanctions put on them for not conforming to what the Untied (ha ha, typo, but… is it?;)Nations wants.

    Whether or not they “should” have the same access to, and freedom to equip themselves with nuclear arms is the issue, and when they can be treated like adults in the world, I’m sure they will drop their guard a little and concede their stance.

    Some of us “have to” have nuclear arms, but they don’t? How can they not get hung up on that double-standard? I’d be mad, too, and demand to have equal rights to protect my country. I’m certainly not saying I agree with having nuclear weapons at all, but if some can have them, they better be prepared to hear crap from the ones that aren’t allowed to have them.

  • ionic breeze

    I know. i agree, Laura. It’s okay for one, but not for all. It’s just not here for the planet for its inhabitants to not be more aware of what we are doing and why. Why do we have to say “No. You can’t have a gun. No. You can’t have a bomb.” Why do you want a bomb anyway? Do you want to drop it? Why? I don’t get it, either. Why is it okay for one faction of the world to get to call the rulebook theirs to create in whatever fashion suits them and not anyone else. Why is it we need these weapons? That’s the real deal line question? Here’s a song from Pink Floyd. Yea. I’m a bush hippie from way back, a flower child at heart, and proud of it. Anyhoo, this song says it all to me. It always has.


  • ionic breeze

    That album is classic. It’s about war and walls. War and Walls. The album is called The Wall. That says it all. We build a war. We build a wall. Why build walls? Why build them for the world, for our youth? That’s what that song says to me.

    Love to all,

    Ionic Breeze

  • Therese W.

    Interestingly, in recent days, Dennis Rodman has been all over the news for his trip to North Korea. I listened to an interview with him and George Stephanopoulis, and I will admit that I was not entirely open to listening to what Dennis had to say.

    Then he said something that caught my attention about Kim Jung Un:

    “The kid is only 28 years old. Twenty eight,” he said. “He’s not his dad. Not his grandpa. He’s 28 years old.”


    The kid is only 28 years old! and he likes basketball!

    Since I firmly believe that Goddess is speaking to us all the time, and that nothing is by accident, I also must seriously entertain that this YOUNG man can be caused to see a better way…and why not “basketball diplomacy”?

    When we communicate in any way, we have the opportunity to recognize that Oneness we always speak about, and who says that “communication” must look a certain way?

    I lived in Korea for three years, and I know that it isn’t the economic lure that keeps South Korea wanting to reunite, it is the family lure…and the fact that there are becoming fewer and fewer living relatives from the time before division, makes the impetus for some diminish. It is now denigrating to less altruistic reasons (aside from politics in any country never being, unfortunately, all that altruistic!) for the general population to desire reunification. The reasons that abound now have to do with ego and power and fear more than the desire to see their brother or sister or parent.

    South Korea, BTW, is very aggressive in its own right. And understandable so. The history given here is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many times this tiny country has had foreign invaders pillage and rape their way through the peninsula. Once SK got its own national identity, supported by the U.S. and U.N., it became belligerently nationalistic…at least that is the appearance it gives to the outside world. Strong egos abound on all sides of this equation, and the relationship with the U.S. is a love/hate relationship to be sure.

    I think Neale’s question, if it is to be valid, must be a two way street question…since we are all hurting each other. Why do those, on the other side of the 38th parallel keep on insisting that hurting back will heal anything?


  • Marko

    An absolutely fascinating post T.

  • Victor

    I think that what Conversations with God has to say about this is in book 2.

    When it talks about EQUAL RIGHTS AMONG COUNTRIES, and a FAIR organization of ALL countries around the world, that guarantees fairness for all…

    Not as it is now, the UN is nothing else than a joke. Five countries that have veto privileges. And as CWG says: “absolutely unfunctional”.

    Of course for arriving to this fairness and equality, the world would have to transform some of their very basic core beliefs and assumptions, and the feelings/emotions that support them: fear, superiority, my right above yours, manifest destiny, chosen people, etc…

  • mewabe

    Yes Marko, I agree, transforming rather than ignore and suppressing the “darkness” is the right way, in my opinion. Yet I disagree with Neale about his idea that polarity will no longer need to be manifest in a state of higher consciousness.

    In my view, polarity will always exist, because it is the very nature of life (an up and a down, a yesterday and tomorrow, a form and a formless, a solid and a void, a here and a there, a female and a male, etc etc).

    The only difference I see in a state of higher consciousness is that polarities are no longer extreme as we usually experience in this world but very subtle, and that they are understood and experienced as COMPLEMENTARY rather than OPPOSITES.

    Therefore there is balance and harmony.

  • mewabe

    Why are we focusing on North Korea when China is currently doubling its military expenditure every year and has the largest army in the word?

    China is currently stimulating a sense of national greatness among Chinese people by military expansion (sounds familiar? Germany before WW2?), while its domestic security budget (to suppress dissidents) exceeds even its defense budget. It’s a dangerous game.

    China is a time bomb.

    The ONLY difference between China and North Korea from the US perspective?

    China is a commercial partner. So it really does not matter how dictatorial and repressing, brutal, bloody its communist regime, YOU WILL NOTICE THAT THE US MEDIA NEVER REFERS TO CHINA AS BEING A TYRANNICAL COMMUNIST REGIME.

    The word “communist” has vanished when it comes to the media talking about China.

    But North Korea or Cuba? Yeah…these are HUGE, IMMINENT, EVIL COMMUNIST THREATS!!!

    Let’s wake up: ALL THE US CARES ABOUT IS BUSINESS, not people and not anyone’s freedom. The only freedom the US government and its corporate and financial capitalist bosses care about is THE FREE MARKET, which by the way is not free.

  • Scott

    Hello again everyone

    Mewabe my friend, how glad you make me feel about being human. Your passion & awarness are inspirational but sometimes I think you protest too much! LOL!

    What you say about The power structures in America is quite correct in my opinion, they are corrupt from top to bottom for the most part & care little if at all for the people. But this is just a minority of the rich & connected & do not represent the population as a whole.

    THEY are not America, WE are America, & it is up to us & the rest of the people to change what has gone wrong in our counrty.

    Of course that would mean many more will have to WAKE UP! to what is really going on & that means waking up to who they really are & that will take more effort by those already awake. That’s you & me, by the way, & all the others that have arisen from the slumber of unconsciousness.

    Oh well, no one said it was going to be easy! LOL!

    As to the topic at hand;

    The extreme polarities we are witnessing in the world today, I believe, are the result of the comming shift in consciousness that many are feeling & experiencing at this time.

    This change, this quickening, that so many are aware of is causing those with exclusivist ideologies to move futher away from moderation than ever before, creating the upswing in conflict we have been witness to since the turn of the 20th century.

    We are seeing this at all levels of activity. The left & right in politics, the divisions in religious circles, the widening gap between the have’s & have not’s ect.

    These divisions will probably escalate for a while yet, culminating in “hot spots” of conflict until the system breaks down in a major way OR we come to our senses.

    Neale asks: What role can the new spirituality play in this situation, if any?

    I believe the possibility of “comming to our senses” & recovering from the delusions of unconsciousness will be a direct result of the efforts by those in the world that have already awakened.

    That people like the ones here will begin to group together & offset the effect of the unconscious ones. The minority will “lift” majority into a higher level of awareness through the strength of thier collective consciousness.

    This is already happening with organisations like TM, Hay House, Humanities Team & others that are popping up everyday. If you look on the net, there are spiritual meet up groups by the dozens.

    The only question is; will we be timely enough in our efforts to prevent a major dysfunctional event leading to worldwide social collapse.

    I believe we will!

    Do not under estimate the effect you are having on the world at large. Even one slightly enlightened person offsets thousands that are still asleep & you are helping with your awareness (regarless of your personal level) to awaken them all.

    Just keep doing what you are doing & do more if you can. Join A group, start a group, raise your own consciousness. All of it has an effect.

    Love to all


  • mewabe

    “Just keep doing what you are doing & do more if you can. Join A group, start a group, raise your own consciousness. All of it has an effect.”

    Thanks Scott…great advice…and if nothing else works, raise hell ha ha…no, no need to, hell is already here, let’s raise heaven instead!

  • ionic breeze

    I only have a minute, but what are we doing in our world today, that we can’t look upon each other as love, look upon each other as one? We are One Life. Do we need warheads, sanctions to contain each other, to guard against each other? Do we need to sanction each other, as a means of containment of each other? We are one with all life. We are each other. What’s to be gained by fear of you, if you are me? Life is love not fear. Fear is the illusion. Only love is real.

    Love to all,
    Ionic Breeze

  • ionic breeze

    Thanks, Scott 🙂 I agree. One wakes up another and another wakes another, until we are lighting up the world in love and peace, not war Hi

  • Lloyd

    Why doesn’t every nation destroy its nukes? Who are we (humans) so afraid of that we are willing to destroy the world? Why don’t we lay down our guns and ask others to do the same? The US spends more than any other 5 countries together on our military/defense, so isn’t it natural that China and other countries would also begin to spend more on theirs? Do we demand justice or do we demand control of the world? Isn’t the true US motives to control and dictate to others what is best for the US’s highest good, and how dare they dispute what we are demanding. The United States has become the bully of the world, and we wonder why others do not like or respect us any longer.

    So what is the real question here? Is it really about North Korea wanting to be equal to other nations, or are they afraid of being over taken by others? China is the best hope for calming this issue for the world. China and all the other countries of the six must sit and communicate (ie talk and listen with an open heart) and give and take with North Korea to begin to build trust with each other so a long term solution can be found. Just my humble opinion, but isn’t it really time to begin to disarm WMDs for all countries? I hope that we can come together as a planet rather than as individual nations to begin to find a way to peace for ALL. Namaste’

  • Therese W.

    Okay, okay! I have an idea!

    Anyone in any country who thinks they would like the opportunity to have a say in resolving international conflicts puts their name in a “hat”.

    Then, per international agreement, when an international issue arises, or when needing to address a pre-existing international condition…

    We draw 10 names randomly out of the “hat” 5 male and 5 female, and let REAL people resolve the conflicts!

    That way there would be a high chance of drawing people who have no personal, or nationalistic interest in the outcome of the issue!

    Can’t be any worse than what’s going on now, can it?


  • Therese W.


    Sound too simple?


    Why does it have to be complicated? Don’t we over complicate everything now, and isn’t that a large part of the problem?

  • Marko

    Yes we do over complicate things & I believe it possible that it can be as simple as you say. The caveat of that is…

    Often (in my experience) when you look deeper into any such issues, there is more going on then what is seen & known. You find that with the best of intentions the opposing sides come not to an agreement but to an impasse.

    Or, you find a person or group that mediates & creates a space of peace which last for awhile, but can be easily disrupted, so loaded with history & hurt feelings that don’t go away as easy as we think.

    Not all people, politicians want to keep the status quo. Many desire to just do the right thing.

    Even so, we often most of the time (not always) but mostly we lump politicians and leaders as wealthy power hungry people that will not change are corrupt etc.

    These leaders influenced by that larger collective find it hard to struggle against that great force, even when they as individuals are trying to fight against the prevailing collective.

    We blame the small elite of wealthy people, when maybe it’s the collective consciousness that keeps us in the place we find ourselves now.

    So what to do? Wait until enough wake uP? Or, take action by creating a collective prayer group world wide to quicken the awakening.

    If nothing else,– we are working and playing toward the influencing of a good outcome.
    It would benefit us to have a well organized prayer visualization. Organizations can really make a big difference when done right.

    Other times people spontaneously come together without formal organizations & things just start to happen. Yet how very powerful when we set a conscious purposeful intention & follow through with it, not for days or weeks but years & even decades?

    Yet here we sit here, promoting the LOA in personal & collective creation.

    The most powerful influence in the world is the collective & that’s why I bring this concept up.
    We are not taking advantage of the fabulous potential of this.

    We do have smaller groups who are doing this. James Redfield has a Global Prayer Project every two weeks & they cover everything around the world. That is a good model already in place, ready to burst wide open with potential. They cover both general & specifics of the world and current events.

    I’d like to see all the major spiritual authors get their fans together & pull into this already working model that has been consistent for years, but lacks the larger masses involvement.

    I don’t have the pull, resources or connections. I (as well as others) have but the idea to promote it.


  • mewabe

    Marko, I agree, the elite and politicians are not the only problem…the problem is the entire world. The elite and governments are just another reflection of the mass consciousness. We all manifest them…as we all manifest everything else, which is why we must all change.

    I understand your contribution with prayer, it is powerful and not to be dismissed…I do believe many, many pray for world peace (don’t forget Native Americans, they do in all their prayers, from sundances to sweat lodges), and many mainstream religious people, whose dogma we may not agree with, pray for world peace as well. As do Buddhists, etc…

    But I do not believe that there is ONE solution to the problems of the world…(apart from the understanding that All is One, but we are not quite there yet!). If you look at the comments on most of these entries on this website, each person contributes a specific perspective that is in accord with who they are…and that is as valid as the next, and as NECESSARY as the next, as are all the pieces of a giant puzzle.

    The healing of the world requires many hands, to touch many wounds…many hearts, to reach out to those whose plight authentically touches us…many minds, to contributes many perceptions, many different perspectives, all valid, all crucially important. We each have our calling…we all contribute in our own specific way, towards the same goal.

    Analysis and criticism, offering new philosophical and spiritual concepts, prayer, actions of all kinds directly addressing a multitude of problems (from an out of the box, creative perspective), practical innovations, all rooted in the understanding that All is One, all these approaches are valid and necessary, and it would be foolish for all of us to quibble as to which one is the only valid one while the ship (the world) is sinking!

    However and again, I do believe that the idea that “we are all one” must at the very least be complemented by the more expended reality that “all is one”.

    The rallying slogan “we are all one” appears to only include humanity, and consequently has the potential to perpetuate the dichotomy, the conceptual separation from nature and the rest of the creation western civilization created (it began in classical Greece) and which has been the origin of their literal desecration, of their physical destruction.

    However if “we are all one” is meant to include the forests, the plains and the mountains, the rivers and oceans, the rocks and the soil, all the animals and even the planets, stars and galaxies and every subatomic particle in the universe, if it is meant to include all life, I am all for it, but I believe most ordinary people will understand “we” as meaning “us humans”, and this would be a very, very serious mistake, in my opinion, and that of quite a few others by the way.

  • mewabe

    By the way I have seen that many so-called “teachers” can be very confusing to their fans or followers, as they, like most of humanity, often say the opposite of what they feel, without even knowing it.

    For example, they will often believe and feel, deep inside, that their message hold the most important truth humanity needs to hear at this very moment, while giving a disclaimer, that theirs is only another way to look at things.

    But they will openly dismiss other “teachers” or writers or contributors whose message they believe or feel is off target or incomplete, or just different from theirs.

    I have clearly heard it, and seen it, and read it, and no one is immune from this problem. And this unfortunately prevents alliances and the creation of a larger world movement.

    It is one thing to be passionate about one’s own truth, it is another to dismiss other people’s truth as not quite as effective or important, especially when stating the exact opposite, that one’s truth is just another way.

    Some might say it is the ego…that’s possible. But we all have a personal stake in all our expressions…and the less we know ourselves, the less conscious we are, the more personal and tightly held the stake, as these personal expressions and creations are crucially important (for the self) symbolic manifestations of the content of some unconscious material, of some unresolved past issues, needs, wounds, etc…

    Public figure, and this includes teachers, unfortunately loose themselves in their fans, and allow themselves to thus largely remain unconscious, particularly when adored and revered.

  • Marko

    Mewabe you said “But I do not believe that there is ONE solution to the problems of the world…”

    I never said or implied that.
    I said “The most powerful influence in the world is the collective & that’s why I bring this concept up. We are not taking advantage of the fabulous potential of this.”

    I think we are missing a monumental potential piece of the puzzle here to at the very very minimum, that which would add greatly to better to our world & show the power of collective intent.

    It baffles me that the spiritual commUnity has not embraced & used this more by now in greater numbers.

    As for adding nature/animals/plants etc. In James Redfield’s Global Prayer Project they include all that, they don’t miss anything!

    Smiles & Magic,

  • Scott

    Hello again my friends

    I for “one”(ha!) have always taken the phrase “We are all one” to mean that there is only one source for everything that exists. That everthing arises from original consciousness (First Cause) & that everything is connected to everthing else through the whole, which is embedded in every part.

    But “All is One” is a phrase I like too & I will use everything to promote the concept of unity. Different (diverse) ways are needed to relate these to ideas to many different people. Some things resonate in a way that otheres don’t (depending on who you are dealing with) so we need many different types of arrows in our quiver to hit the mark.

    So trust your intuition to lead you to the way that works & keep doing what your heart leads you to do.

    Love & Gratitude


  • mewabe

    Yes Marko but are you really sure that the “spiritual community” is not using this tool? I know of countless groups who do…and get results by the way. Do you want Neale to start organizing such an effort? Is this what you are saying? Or does he?

    I do not mean to include all of the creations in prayers only as in James Redfield’s Global Prayer Project, I meant to include it in the “new spirituality” Neale is promoting.

    When Neale offers the idea that “we are all one”, he misses 90% of the creation, and, perhaps unwittingly, perpetuates the Christian (as well as scientific) idea that only humanity matters, which is the conceptual origin of many problems today, including the destruction of the earth ercosystem.

  • ionic breeze

    Wow. Great ideas here. I agree what we need here is a mind of love a love life that recognizes a mind of all life is love, a mind that knows life is not just human life. We impact all love life, when we know we know we are becoming aware we are the one love life impacting all life as love, as we come forth in the true heart of love. When we become aware we are life, love, God, oneness, we reach out to all aspects of life. We begin to yearn to create a space of oneness, for all life. One love is here for all to express life for all love.

    We can’t be enlightened and not express life for all love. We can’t be this thing called awake and not reach out in love for all life as one love. We can’t do either with a bomb. Life breeds life, only with life. Love breeds love, only with love. Love breeds life only when life breeds love for all one love. We are all life, when we live all life for one love. We are all life, when we live life as each other in oneness.

    Create a space in the heart and the mind, like Marko suggests. Create a space in the mind of the heart of love, but bring that space home. Bring it home in the heart of all life, and let it shine for all life. Let that space become so well lit with all love life as oneness that nothing but life as love can pierce through. Let it become so holy, sacred and alive in love, that we can be only home in God. We can bring our love life home in God, by being our heartlight in the home of our heart. We can bring home to each other, as we bring forth our love life one to another and another to one, until we bring home forth in the heart ofAll Life. All life benefits when we come home together in love and unite here, where we are lifting as one. We are here lifting for that very reason. We are here to help life lift life on this earth. We are here to lift the earth, us, all life in newness, in new light. We know this, if we are enlightened.

    Marko claims he’s not enlightened, but. . .um. .I hate to break it to him. He’s walking the light. He walks it in a way I haven’t been able to come close to walking, not all the way, not yet. That’s for sure. I wish I could say I could stay in positivity like he does. I believe he lives what every master strives to live. He lives the Enlightened Way. Maybe God didn’t shoot a bolt of lightening through his arm. Maybe God didn’t move a pen in front of him, but he knows how to shoot a bolt of love in a waterfall of life, and he knows that life, that waterfall of love life is the light that lifts this world Home. So, Marko, if you’re not enlightened, what are you? Whatever it is, I want some of that. That’s what I call one love, one who waterfalls love for all life, light for all love in all life. If that ain’t enlightened, I don’t know what is.

    So, we pray at what time? We send lovelight to heaven at what hour?

    Love to all Whew It’s a great day for one love Hi Ho He

    Ionic Breeze

  • mewabe

    Scott, I am glad you include all of creation in the idea “we are all one”…but we have to consider mainstream culture.

    Mainstream culture, what some call the “dominant paradigm”, is firmly rooted in the belief that only humanity matters.

    So when addressing such paradigm, the saying “we are all one” only appears to reinforce it, to only address our human divisions, endless conflicts and problems such as wars, inequity, injustice, poverty, hunger, etc, because “we” is evidently understood by the mainstream culture as “us”, humanity.

    Christianity has never addressed the creation, it has only been concerned with humanity and its salvation, and science dismisses the physical creation as well, as a bunch of resources that are there to serve our needs and wants, but that have no intrinsic value or meaning.

    So most people do not understand “we” as meaning all life, only our own. I would bet my house on this:)

  • ionic breeze

    Hi I just had a chance to read through the last few entries. A thought occurred to me for what it’s worth. I think you are right, Mewabe. I think we definitely need to include All Life. However, I don’t know that Neale doesn’t include All Life in his term One Love. I assume the dialogues in CWG, which include HEBs, and so forth, imply that he does. I don’t know. I guess he can speak for himself here. The truth is we include All Life, whether we know it or not, every time we speak to God, every time we pray to God, every time we live love for another love of God. Every smile we gift another in a store, on a street, in a car, on the side of a road, we gift love to God and God to love. We gift All Life love, when we gift love to God. All Life is God. God is All Life. We are that, too. WE are God gifting love to life every time we lift a word here. We gift each other more of God, when we come together in love for each other as we include each other in prayer.

    Focused prayer is beneficial though. Focused prayer is well documented and known to create miracles. I mean big miracles. Look at the shamans. Look at Jesus. They focused. They focused their light. They didn’t simply send light out. They held something in mind, as they lay their hands on one who needed healing. They know that light sent to a particularly hard pressed area can be affected as we lift more light there. They know we focus light and light travels faster than the speed of regular light. It does, I hear. I hear God’s heartlight travels faster than regular light. This matters because we need this fast swift moving lovelight to travel everywhere, not just here, there on earth. All life is holding a breath just for us. All life is watching, waiting for life to blossom anew. Many minds together can create a miracle, a miracle of love that blossoms for love, but we need to focus that love, like Marko says, in my humble opinion.


    Ionic Breeze

  • Scott

    Well I guess we better get “busy” & make sure that the “mainstream” understands all this stuff! LOL

    I certainly understand your point my friend but I don’t think one phrase or one particular way of relating these ideas is what matters.

    The shift in consciousness that will take humanity away from the “brink” will come about because of all the different things that are being done to promote unity by all the different people out there that are awake.

    When critical mass is reached the ones still asleep will simply wake up & wonder what happened to their old ideas about what is important.

    Until then we’ll just have to “keep on keep’in on” & maybe we will be the ones to see this happen in our lifetimes.

    Consciousness is a contagion, so keep sneezing consciousness wherever you go!


  • mewabe

    I agree Ionic Breeze…

    But about Shamans and Jesus…I know that shamans only heal people who ask for healing, and who believe in the shaman’s power to heal. I think Jesus, likewise, mentioned only being able of healing those who had faith in him and his “Father”.

    The point is, can we heal a situation created by people who do not seek our help, who may not even want such help?

    Did Jesus attempt to change Caesar? Did he pray to heal the Roman Empire?
    Perhaps he secretly did…even though there is no record of it.

    Just some thoughts…to ponder.

    Another thought: did not we create, collectively, an entity such as North Korea? Shouldn’t we try to understand what it represents to our collective unconscious, and why we needed it in the first place? (perhaps because we need “boogeymen and other scary monsters” to project our unresolved collective fears or angers, just as many people need a neighbor they can hate or someone they can blame for their unhappiness?)

    What is the meaning of the “enemy”? Isn’t this a more profound and universal question that needs urgent address, rather than worrying about a specific nation?

    Isn’t the enemy, the adversary here to reveal all we hide and divorce ourselves from within ourselves? Isn’t the enemy here TO REVEAL THE HIDDEN, UNWANTED, REJECTED PART OF OUR OWN PSYCHE, as would a perfect mirror?

    Didn’t we create this “darkness” in our own psyche through judgment?

    Isn’t it why we create, hate and/or fear the “enemy”, BECAUSE WE JUDGED AND CONSEQUENTLY UNCONSCIOUSLY FEAR OURSELVES?

    When I say “we”, I mean most people, the mainstream, not people here, whose consciousness is more “enlightened” hopefully.

  • Therese

    Marko says:

    “Yes we do over complicate things & I believe it possible that it can be as simple as you say. The caveat of that is…

    Often (in my experience) when you look deeper into any such issues, there is more going on then what is seen & known. You find that with the best of intentions the opposing sides come not to an agreement but to an impasse.”

    Yes, dear, but if we have regular people working on the issues, then perhaps all of the story can be cut through or seen for what it is…story…distorted truth…distorted reality. Maybe the parties involved, knowing the solution committee has no personal/political agenda, the impetus to listen to a different solution, one outside the current “box” would be different.



  • mewabe

    There is a “mainstream” Scott, a “dominant paradigm”, and it is not very enlightened…

    Neale promotes the idea “we are all one” as being the most important and crucial idea of all (see article above).

    All I am saying, using simple logic, is that this all important idea will miss the mark when unavoidably understood by the mainstream to mean “us” humans, rather than to mean all life.

    If we are to use powerful messages, we better make sure that they are extremely clear, and do not require endless explanations and countless new writings and seminars to get across the average person.

    Just a thought…I have said enough already 🙂

  • ionic breeze

    Well, Mewabe. Whew. You ask some hard ones, don’t you. I guess that’s why I like your posts so much. I agree. Noone can really heal anyone unless one is open. One can’t send light to anyone, unless one opens to light. Gosh. You are asking some tough questions. I mean, we have many levels, we can’t forget. Sometimes, we create on levels we don’t know, as you already point out. We create unconsciously, a little too often in life. We create consciously, at least we’re trying. WE create superconsciously, if we fly right together. We create subconsciously, too, not in the freudian sense, but in the deepseated sense, as in the many lifetimes sort of way. We sometimes create fear based on memory of many lifetimes ago of eons ago, and those memories carry through people, places even, cells, memories of cells, so. .gosh. It’s getting more complicated.

    Do we waterfall ligth merely to Korea? No. I mean, no. That’s not what I meant. I really meant we light the situationm in love. This situation will affect all life, not just earth’s inhabitants. I mean if mankind destroys the planet, no life form will return this way again. I read online somewhere that the Korea situation is escalaed, but maybe this is just AOL news sensationalism as they always like news. They like to dramatize things. I try to stay clear of them, but it’s hard, when they blast it on your screen every time you open your email.

    We create situations on levels we don’t know. I do know that. I’ve done that a few times, and I am so sick of that. I am so sick of unconscious creations, creations that I didn’t consciously create, but that were created by a higher awareness, or a lower one, but an awareness I didn’t know about. I figure I am here for God, and I know I am here for God. I deserve to know the whole deal. I demand to know the whole deal now, because I know God will tell me, when I am demanding what is rightfully my birthright to know. I do mean we all have a birthright to know the whole deal always. When we waterfall life to life, energy to Korea, we waterfall life to us, not just korea, especially, when we are talking how AOL news talked earlier today. I mean they are talking possible preemptive strike on US soil? I mean not to alarm. I hate that, but that’s AOL news. Anyway, I agree with you that we waterfall light on those who want it, but when a train is coming, we better be waterfalling quickly at the one barreling down the track, or we might be flattened. We can always take a different shape, but . .um. .it’s kind of fun in this life. I am not done yet.

    Perhaps, we created Korea on a level we don’t know. I mean the fear of Korea. Love creates more rapidly than fear, though, and density is sometimes not liking density, so instead of seeking to break free of denisity, maybe we should just love the density and light it up in love. Maybe it wall burst forth and break away, moving fear out of fear, light into love, turning forces of oneness through the love into a star to shine upon us all. I don’t know. I’m rambling. I better stop.

    Love to you Hi

    Love to you. I don’t know if I answered anything, but love to you anyway Hi

  • Scott

    I believe it was the comic strip entity known as Pogo that said:

    “I have seen the enemy & they is us!”

    Wisdom is found where you look for it. Which is everywhere if you have eyes to see.

    Why should we focus on North Korea?

    For the very reasons you have given Mewabe, so we begin to ponder the larger questions you have asked.

    Hot spots like N. Korea grab our attention & give us the opportunity to think about & resolve bigger issues.

    From my point of view there aren’t any “good guys” or “bad guys” just people, situations & actions that are either helpful in what we are trying to achieve or not helpful.

    If you are unconscious having an enemy, judgeing, condeming, fighting all seem logical & appropriate, even unavoidable at times.

    If you are conscious you choose what you wish to experience & that then becomes your reality, until you choose something else.

    I have no enemies because I choose not to have them. There may be people that think they are my enemy but that is their choice & I don’t have to agree with them.

    Being conscious is very liberating in that you may choose any persective you wish & not have your persective mandated by an unconscious majority.

    Maybe by focusing on N. Korea at this time will be helpful in some way to bring about a new understanding for the “mainstream” of society.

    P. S. I believe it is correct to say Jesus never healed anyone that didn’t ask to be healed. Force is never a good answer to any real solution.


  • mewabe

    I have to go out, but I will answer later, thank you for your contributions Ionic Breeze and Scott…

  • ionic breeze

    Alright, guys. True Jesus and the shaman heal those who expect healing, those who have faith in the healer. Yet, we are multileveled, multidimensional. We create on levels a conscious mind is not aware always. That’s my point. I have experienced that before, and it’s not fun. I know God talks to us fluently, all levels, everywhere, simultaneously to boot, so, what does this mean? It means we can create a conversation with God on a soul level, but not a conscious level. We can move korea through a lovelight that pierces the conscious mind of a little self and moves energy of light to the soul of korea, who then translates it for the little conscious mind of korea. Translator. That’s what we are. We translate energy. We gift love to the energetic transfer of one love, who gifts it to wherever it’s needed. We gift it to all life. All life knows where to put it. This life needs to meditate. Love to you this night Hi

  • mewabe

    Just a few quick thoughts:

    Yes Ionic Breeze, I believe that you understood what I meant by things originating from the collective (and individual) unconscious…as you describe so well, unconscious creations.

    And this is where I disagree with Neale (again? I am not doing it on purpose I swear…) and perhaps with you Scott, unless I misunderstood your comment. I do not believe that merely making conscious choices is enough. I do not believe that “saying so makes it so”.

    I believe that the unconscious needs to be reunited with the conscious. That’s was Jung’s whole deal…as long as the unconscious remains unconscious we will create unconsciously, as you put it Ionic Breeze, often achieving the very opposite of what the conscious wants (the conscious wants peace, love happiness, justice, prosperity, health, and what do we create instead? War, loss, suffering, inequity, disease…)

    This is where we need to dig much deeper than the conscious mind…to look at what makes us truly uncomfortable…the dark, abandoned, unwanted, suppressed recesses of our very own psyche.

    Again we go back to the ancient adage…Know Thyself…deeply…completely or as much as humanly possible…including conscious, unconscious, some of the subconscious, superconscious, and mass consciousness.

    It is not a task for the faint of heart, I promise you!

    You are the world. Know yourself and you will understand the world, inside out and outside in. Nothing will ever again frighten you, or even upset you, when you do.

  • Marko

    Thank you ionic breeze for your generous considerations & inspiring posts.

    You said “So, Marko, if you’re not enlightened, what are you?”

    I’m full of sh*t!, that’s what!, ha LOL just kidding.

    I would say, I’m positive most of the time, happy & peaceful most of the time. I move through negativity more quickly than in the past. I’m seriously lighthearted. I don’t take life real serious in many respects, but I take pain, hurt, suffering, injustice very seriously!

    One way to move out of negativity is to be okay about not being okay & ironically, when you move into that space, not being okay becomes okay.
    That’s positive irony!!! 🙂

    I embrace negativity, (as best I’m able) & dealing with it by moving into wonder & curiosity. I don’t beat myself up or negative self talk. I eschew negative drama & don’t add fire to it when it tries to sneak in.

    However, I do welcome & enjoy good drama. I consider myself a Master Appreciator & feel Appreciation/Gratitude along with Compassion are the magic bullets people have been looking for. So use them with gratuitous abundance!

    I still get frustrated angry etc. I just don’t stay there that long. I get it’s lesson, remembrance, gift or blessing & move the heck on to something better.

    Well you get the picture. No enlightenment, just moving & living a majority in positive goodness. Well you get the picture. 🙂

    T. asks “Yes, dear, but if we have regular people working on the issues, then perhaps all of the story can be cut through or seen for what it is…story…distorted truth…distorted reality. Maybe the parties involved, knowing the solution committee has no personal/political agenda, the impetus to listen to a different solution, one outside the current “box” would be different.”

    Well isn’t that the way it was done before people became professional politicians?

    Mewabe says: “This is where we need to dig much deeper than the conscious mind…to look at what makes us truly uncomfortable…the dark, abandoned, unwanted, suppressed recesses of our very own psyche.”

    True, but we don’t have to be so dramatic about it do we? Lightening uP can do wonders, having compassion on our dark side, which is full of blessings & gifts helps us pass through it more quickly.

    Eventually we can out grow it. Or we can keep as much as we desire.

    Yet most can’t fathom that we can have a contrasting field of positive contrasts of good, better, fabulous, ecstatic, blissful etc. without having negative contrasts.

    We will always have contrasts.

    We don’t always have to have negative contrasts. Yet that is a very advanced way to live. I don’t think most are ready or can even fathom or consider it. Yet all in good time brother.

    Magical Starstreams,

  • mewabe

    Nice of you Marko to share some more personal aspects of your life and how you handle it…I can relate to some of it…

    There could be a section, on this website, where people could drop their masks, and be less than perfect…just human, and without being bombarded with “educated” advice, rather just sharing their imperfect humanity.

    We are all wounded…our common vulnerability is what makes us human…our emotional nakedness is what allows us to remember…ideas are not so important…beliefs do not really matter…our commonality is in love, and in our universal ability to feel it, and to feel joy and at times pain from it.

    Marko, you mention not being so dramatic…I did not feel that I was dramatic. But there is much pain, suffering, anger and rage, fear, hopelessness in the world, and potentially within each one of us. I have attempted to explain it before…when something triggers us unreasonably (we can figure it out ourselves when something appears unreasonable, but it also helps at time to have another person gently point it out) that means that there is an issue there…a wound…an unresolved vulnerability and sensitivity…a touchy area…something that needs to be addressed.

    The type of thing to which many people react by saying “I am not going there”. Okay…but really…”there” is exactly where we need to go if we want permanent healing on any issue.

    And the time to address such issue is precisely when it is being triggered, when it is hot and uncomfortable, not before or after. And the way to address it in a psychologically healing way is to feel it all the way to its origin, to its historical cause, which for many dates back to early childhood.

    Many people have not resolved their own childhood issues…many experience this in intimate relationships, because in such close relationships there is nowhere to hide…there is no “faking it”…the ugly stuff comes up…that’s why there are so many divorces and break-ups, or avoidance of intimacy all together.

    It is easy to be “at peace” when alone, without triggers, meditating on the mountain top…that’s why monks and yogis do it…avoiding self-knowledge in the process, and concentrating on what they believe is spiritual growth to the detriment of emotional and psychological growth.

    Why mention such an obvious thing on this site? Because many do indeed use spirituality as another means of escape from the self.

    I personally view spirituality as a fearless path of self-knowledge…the self including everything…higher self, lower self, in between, conscious, unconscious, shadow self, wounded self, ecstatic self, etc…and ultimately the whole world and the whole of creation, that are also part of the self.

    Who we are, what we are are not concepts, and cannot be reduced to a cute spiritual formula, such as “We are God knowing and experiencing itself”…or “we are souls having a human experience”…It sounds very nice, but at the end of the day, what does it do for us, really?

    We are living, breathing, very complex, multidimensional (thanks Ionic Breeze) beings. If we want to know and understand the world, we must know ourselves. If we want to know the divine, all we need is look within, within ourselves, and within all that is around us.

    Did I get far enough away from the topic? May be not so…conflicts, wars and lack of self-knowledge…could they be connected? Hmmm?

    Isn’t that, in a sense, what Neale was asking when he wrote “What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to be able to hurt others in order to heal it?”

    If we do not know our own hurts, if we are not conscious and mindful of our own wounds, and do not seek to heal them but rather to suppress them and keep them out of our consciousness, how can we ever hope to be able to heal the world?

  • Scott

    Mewabe my friend

    How difficult it is to communicate in this clearly in this fashion, don’t you think?
    I would love to sit with you & debate & clarify & discuss in some natural setting. Perhaps one day we will.

    You cover so much ground that it’s hard not to “cherry pick” the dialog to find places to respond.

    We exist on so many levels & I often find that the discussion here overlaps & gets mixed up in the process.

    For example; in some cases “saying it is so DOES make it so”, but there are times when of course this is not true, it would depend on the context in which the statement was used & the level of consciousness of the user.

    Conscious choice also operates at many different levels. Most people think they are conscious when they wake up in the morning but as long as a person remains rooted in the world of form structure & content, without going beyond the realm of the human mind, they are still unconscious & their “choices” will never be enough.

    Conscious choices made from a “higher”, so to speak, level of consciousness are much more powerful in creating “what is so” because they are made through a connection to original consciousness, the source from which the all eminates. Jesus made choices from this persective & “what he said became what is so”

    Also, I think your comment that monks & yogis could avoid exploring self-knowledge in their spiritual development is a contridiction to the process & any honest seeker who tried this would quickly discover their mistake & move past it.

    Please don’t think I am giving you a hard time here, I think you know I have a great respect for you & your views.

    My time is short & I gotta go!

    Talk to you later


  • Marko

    Mewabe I tend to agree with Scott here on much of what he said. I would say that the counter point with the monks in caves etc. is this. You’ve heard here and other places. That it’s easy to sit in a cave and meditate etc.

    I believe this both true and not true. It all depends what you are after & desire to accomplish.

    Try working a regular job & raising a family!, is the counter point to sitting and meditating all day. The hard way is not always the better way given what we are after, but it’s a deeply ingrained conditioned belief. Fun is my more preferred way.

    Also Scott comments that you put so much out there he has to cherry pick. I agree here too, though not as a criticism, just that I’m not in a space to address it all, but things do come up over & over & main points I’m sure are addressed.

    I feel I walk my talk & don’t criticize others who can’t, (I’m not referring to you here) it does take a lot of work & play to get there. As for seriousness, thanks for the qualification.

    I’ve noticed though the years here on Neale’s sites & else where people tend to get so serious on subjects. Rightly so in many cases, but I find more enlightened people are also much more lighthearted in their nature. It’s what works & plays for them.

    This does not mean they ignore the horrible pains in the world, they just don’t get so caught up in it to the detriment of their own peace & others.

    This serious can also lead to what I dub “metaphysical fundamentalism” being overly critical & rigid in their spirituality. I fortunately don’t see much if any here.

    I feel we can change the world though hard work disguised as fun. But that’s me.

    Your criticisms are often well taken, well thought out. You often differentiate your self in your disagreements with Neale & others.

    Fortunately you don’t do this in a mean spirited way but in a loving creative independent way. I welcome it, even enjoy it, though it gets a bit much at times & that’s perhaps another reason why I brought up the serious thing.

    You offer great insights here. These are just my opinions & I’m not even really attached to my own opinions.

    Respectfully & magically,

  • ionic breeze

    Hi Life,

    Gosh you guys really light me up. i always get so much from your responses. Your responses lead to responses and now here I am again with way too much writing, way too many words to post here. Words, Blogs. They grow into blogs of blogs. Well, this time I really have one that I am going to give you. it’s just for this room really. if you want to see anything you don’t like, just tell me and I’ll take it down. When I write here, I get . .um. .let’s say tens of twenties, twenties of thirties, really I just form a book from them. Mewabe, you know what I’m talking about. We write a lot, you and I. When we post here, we post our heart, and sometimes that heart is deep and long 🙂 what I wrote, as you through me, as the inspiration of you, Marko, Mewabe, Scott through me is on this link, and it is growing, but, truthfully, I have to teach a little today. Whew. I find this job more fun, though. i just do. These words grow and grow, and now I have a blog of these words for just this room, when I respond to these posts. If you see something you don’t like. No big deal. Tell me. i’ll take it down. i don’t want to use names or anything if you don’t wantt me to. Anyhoo, here it is. Love to all Hi


  • mewabe

    I love the way you write Ionic Breeze, you have a way with words and letting them flow in an almost rhythmic way, a very personal way, and you are also funny and entertaining…and deep and very eloquent…and it feels like it does come from the heart, it is authentic…keep writing, your writing stands out!

    Thanks Marko for your comments…I know I come across as very serious when I write…like an alter ego. I am not this way in person, I like to laugh and be foolish and have fun. I laugh a lot (believe it or not!)

    The negative aspects of the world do not affect me…in the sense that some people are overwhelmed or depressed by such things…my roots are firmly established in the natural world, not in the current human world…and in creativity, which is joy. My roots are in my soul, which is free and timeless. So I can look at the world and say, yes, this present situation stinks…I don’t have to ignore it or deny it in order to protect myself from its “negativity”. Negativity is nothing new in the world.

    To use an old saying, I am in the world but not of it…I am of nature, of the earth, I am an “earth person”, immersed in this divine creation. My way of relating to the earth is archaic, it is very ancient, it predates this civilization, and it will survive it.

    I do not reject humanity, I just know that it is off track and way too distracted by illusions and off balance, and so I seek the more real, authentic, spiritual influence of nature which unlike humanity hasn’t separated itself from it divine source.

    I sometimes have a feeling that a sort of contest is going on, at some level, between people here, as to who is the most “enlightened”, who has “gotten it”, who is the most “advanced”……this dialogue is interesting, but unreal in many ways. We do not know each other…we only express a specific, tiny aspect of who we are, we have a mask, don’t we? So we communicate and don’t communicate at the same time…a sort of exercise in frustration.

    Yes Scott, I agree, nothing can take the place of in person dialogue.

    I liked the way you, Ionic Breeze, wrote on your blog about being peeved by things happening during your day…to me that’s being real. When I see or hear a “spiritual teacher” speak of lofty things and act in a “holly”, “saintly” manner, I try to imagine how this person behaves in a bad traffic jam while on the way to the airport, or when someone cuts him of her off and curses, or any other potentially irritating real life event. Just curious….who is this person, really, behind the mask?

    I try not to have any mask in my personal life, to be who I am, not to pretend to be something else…which is why I do not portray myself as being spiritual, because this has become another mask to many people, and a new “status”, and I reject all status, all definitions, all social or cultural roles, all “persona”.

    In a way, I write a lot about problems, perhaps it is my way of expressing: “are you sure you have gotten it all?” “Are you totally sure you have it all figured out?”…As a kind of challenge, to think outside of your (and my) present box…the Neale box… any other box…looking at a thought, a statement, and turning it upside down, and asking, “have you looked at what is underneath?”…”Have you looked at the whole picture?”…”Are you certain this is the final word on this, can’t you go a little deeper, and deeper still?”

    That’s where my “criticism” originates…the need to challenge all “final” thoughts without exceptions (especially my own)…all cosmologies…all ways, worldviews, perceptions. When someone states “Yes, this is right, this is the answer, this is the way, this is the final truth”, my mind gets to work right away, because it naturally suspects that, no, there is not one, or two, or three answers, there is no “final” answer, there a a trillion answers, all moving, growing, progressing, and all of them matter, all of them are valid, all of them are necessary to create the multidimensional and endless realities we know as the soul and as life.

    Perhaps it is my dislike of dogma. Of all rigid thoughts and final cosmologies…of all set mental systems. Of all statements that are meant to be “this is IT”.

    But I have a feeling I turn a lot of people off and away here…as a sort of a “black sheep”. Many of the comments on this site are comments of approval and gratitude towards Neale, and it is not that I think anyone should not be appreciated for what they do or say, but if we are to have a dialogue, an exchange of idea, then the concepts of the “teacher” and “pupils” must be thrown out of the window and we must approach this conversation as equals, and challenge what we feels needs to be challenged without feeling that we are “disturbing the class”.

    I have unfortunately always been a class disturber, challenging my teachers and professors (intellectually, not physically or any other way!) to the point where I heard it say that they feared me. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it…(:

    So I should probably graciously leave this site (for good this time) and let “the class” return to normal, and the praising pupils come back…because I feel kind of bad seeing that I seem to make many people go away (are they all retreating on Facebook, where it is safe?)

    Keep doing what you are all doing…we will get there someday, which is here. So we will get here, which is there. It’s all the same.

  • ionic breeze

    Dear, dear Mewabe,

    Hey, listen, man. You are the class, love. We probably wouldn’t check Neale’s blog so much, so often if you weren’t in this class. You are the class. If not your voice in this open air, where would we be? We need your voice. If you leave, I’m leaving. Really, I am. . .I love reading you. You challenge everything, and I was that rebel in school, too. i didn’t buy everything I was taught. I am still a rebel, even now. I rebel stagnation. I rebel hemming, I call it. Anything that hems me in, I resist. It’s our innate being, I believe. We are Freedom. We don’t like boxes. I resisted many, believe me. Just don’t go. Please stay. We love your ideas, or we wouldn’t read them. We wouldn’t respond. If you weren’t speaking some warm thread of wholesome truth within your post, we wouldn’t talk about it. Just remember that. You are hot, here 🙂 You’re the hottest one here. What do you mean, you’re leaving? That’s not doable. I hope you get your blog going. You are a writer and you wake many with your writing. You wake me. Don’t go. At least give us your blogsite. I have several 🙂 They’re so easy. You can do it in a minute. Also, can you give that link again of your paintings. I really love them. I’m going to save it. Alright, I hope you stay. We need dissenters in a class. What is a dialogue without them? Truly, what I love about your spirit is your firey independence. I do. I just do. It’s me. I am that I am. Don’t try to hem me in either. It won’t work. If you try to tell me not to do something, not to think a certain way, I will climb the highest reaches of the highest branch to show you I can. I just do. Been that way all my life, and I see that in you. You are a artist, known for your independence. Independence is who we are. Without Freedom we are nothing. Let Freedom ring. Shine your light and be bright about it. Don’t apologize. Dont’ say you shouldn’t. Of course, you should.


    Ionic Breeze

  • mewabe

    Thank you Ionic Breeze for your heartfelt response…I am not sure what I will do but I have a ton of work anyway, so I will need to concentrate on that for a little while.
    I don’t have a blog, but I have 800 pages of writings that I am thinking of using as wallpaper…or new insulation for the attic…or origami…

    I just don’t want to take so much space here…I want to give other people a chance. I get too passionate about things at times…and it feels like perhaps I am forcing my way in where my views are not necessarily welcome by most…

    I am glad you have that rebellious spirit as well!…It keeps you alive and clear-headed…


  • Scott

    Good morning everyone

    Marko, Ms. Breeze & of course Mewabe

    You don’t really believe people leave this site because of you ,do you Mewabe? Perish the thought!

    I’ve noticed it seems to be the topic that either gets people commenting here or staying away & there is a definate ebb & flow of participation.

    Even Buzz didn’t seem to put people off with his antics!

    I would be very disapointed if you were not here to converse with but all I can do is hope that you find it as hard to stay away as I do.

    I like your reference to “persona” which I’m sure you realise is from the Latin & refers to “sound moving through” as in the masks actors used to wear on stage in ancient times.

    Who am I behind the mask?

    I am you of course! In the end, there is only one of us dancing around as all of us.

    To the world I am a 54 year old white American male living in Australia floundering around after the break up of a 20 year marriage. Flat broke, no job, big debts & from the average persons point of view, “down on my luck”.

    From my point of view life has never been more exciting or fulfilling. Since my “awakening experience” (which occured about 3 years ago) life has grown for me in ways I didn’t know was possible.

    I have come to know the depths of myself that exsist beyond form & I find that very exciting.

    And you are right Mewabe not to let Ego turn spirituality into another mask to hide behind. Ego is very tricky & is always looking to move back into a position of control.

    The journey never ends & experience is the goal & I hope I get to experience more of your thoughts Mewabe.

    Thank you to everyone for your comments & ideas.

    Talk to you later


  • ionic breeze

    Hey Mewabe 🙂

    You’re like me. I’ve got 900 pages. Whew that’s a lot. I’ve actually got more, if you count the other two laptops I have and the notebooks. Oh well. Someday, somewhere, maybe it will be another life form who reads it, but somewhere out there in the midst of all life, there is boung to be a form wanting to read our words and loving them. We can read each other. I wish you would get a blog. it does help organize for you. I love them. Those wallpapers are a great idea, too 🙂 Hey. maybe I’ll try that one next. Love you. I just do 🙂

    Ionic breeze

  • ionic breeze

    Thank you, Scott, for all your posts, too. I love reading them. You have some pretty grand ideas that I find extremely intriguing. i find them fascinating to read 🙂 Marko, you are my hero, and, by the way, I named you, Larko on my blog. I kind of like it. What do you think? It’s happy. You make all life happy. You just do, Larko. HAppy as a lark. Mewabe, well, I named you Treemabe, on my blog, because you are the earth, the living earth. You just are. You are nature, and so am I. hey, did I tell you I am part Cherokee. i am. I come from good Cherokee stock, so to speak. We arrove to the hills, the hills of ky all the way from north carolina, I hear. I have at least, I guess it must be an eighth. My great grandma was full blooded. Wow. That’s a lot. i jsut realized she was a great. What does this make me, an eighth? Anyway, I love to claim their music. I really, really sing it in my soul. What’s your favorite music? You got any you can post here? I’m going to try to find one for everyone that I love so much. You already know how much I admire your writing. Anyhoo, I ramble again. I guess I should wrap this up and bring it back to Korea.

    All life is us. All life is Korea. All life is you and I here tonight. We can come together and speak of one love. We can write of truth. We can lift each other in life as each other. We can be all life, as we lift truth here to a new truth , a truth that lies within the heart of all, within the hearty truth lying within each and every aspect of one love. You are an aspect with a certain truth. I am an aspect with a certain truth. korea is an aspect with a certain truth.

    Do we ignore the whole life of oneness, because we say one aspect doesn’t need to speak a truth? No. We are all life. We are each other. When do we come together to create a one life singing in harmony, with every octave singing out strong? Singing a song out loud, out strong? I hope God does plant a martian on every corner. Maybe then we’ll all wake up to the song of all life. Love to you, all life. You are that, and so am I. Hi Ho He

    Here’s one, a flute. I love the flute


    ANd one more


  • Inger Lise

    Dearest fellow travellers. Thank you a whole lot !

    We are all together in the Grand Scheme of Things, in the bubble “of to become the one you are”.

    Mewabe, Scott, Marko, “The Breeze,” Therese, Victor(cannot name all of you)etc.etc., will be splendid writers anyhow.
    btw: Most of the time agree with Mewabe thou.

    What about of me telling of to be “a borned” optimist!?! I have been lucky most of the time.

    Singing the old english song(very popular during WWII, especially done by the singer Dame Vera Lynn)….”We`ll meet again, Don`t Know Where…..Don`t know When(or “How”, my own italics), But we`ll meet again some Sunny Day….”

  • Pauline

    Thank you, Neale.

    When as a people, more people motivate out of fear than love, all will be well. How that happens, is water drop by water drop. But our ability to share and communicate as individuals has never been greater. Perhaps we are entering that age.

  • Fafafoohi

    The US should lift economic sanctions against N Korea.

  • Ron Schaafsma

    This is a creation of present experience, evolution we all are a part of. This must be happening otherwise the experience wont be happening. it´s like we have to see and experience the madness before we can see the beauty. it´s like ying and yang we need to see and experience the polarity to make the movement in to the future. It´s a part of the evolution of consciousness in creation ~ Namasté ~~~ ;-)))

  • Carolyn Scaletta

    Unfortunately mankind has been on the brink of self destruction for a very long time. Talking heads are as children who selfishly want what someone else has and wants it Better and bigger. Being a bully is something that needs to be realized and stopped.
    Unfortunately the mind and body has closed it’s connection with the soul and would rather wage war against it as countries seem to do with each other.
    There will always be hope and love from those who do not close the soul out. When people come to the realization to live from the soul that is where the humanity will begin. All three will blend together the mind, the body, and the soul and there will be total peace and harmony.
    When this will happen, no one knows but what a wonderful time this will be.

  • Mike

    Take the information you get from CNN with a grain of salt. The American media is controlled by government and corporate elites, to make good guys, bad, and bad guys good. Just be wary.

    I say shower them with love and support. Lift sanctions. Don’t try to strangle a country because it doesn’t fall in line with the global elite. The people of Greece is a great example. Pharmaceutical companies withholding medication to the country. Greece giving up their gold for a bailout from the banksters. The people of the country are the innocent victims. Let N. Korea determine how much they want to dis/arm. If you keep making someone more angry, their anger will turn to rage. If you keep imposing your will on others, they will only fight more. It’s the current political leaders/system, the global banking industry, and corporate interest, manipulating people not to grow spiritually. If we can enlighten each person to the divine, there will be no need to control people. They will choose the good of humanity, over self-interest. Just my humble opinion.

  • Jeanne Boyce

    The problem I see is that there seems to be no moral or ethical code at work within the leaders of North Korea. I believe the fear (or intuition) that most people have is that they would attempt to dominate a defenseless world. This could mean disaster. Not all are what they claim to be and some will not embrace peace because their fear is driven by the mind-spliting ego, which is a control-based mechanism operating within some. Believe it or not, I think prayer has power and the more people that work toward peace, whether directly or indirectly with this potential threat in mind, the better chance we have to move other hearts and minds.
    This was so informative and important article, and I thank you for it–putting it all together made it cohesive and easier to understand. I just found out today that some people didn’t even know about the North Korean current situation.

  • mewabe

    Thank you Ionic Breeze…yes I am of the earth, part of the earth, I am the earth, always have. I have never felt the spiritual alienation from the earth many people experience in our society. I don’t know what it is like to be disconnected. I have always spent much time in nature, even while very young, in a contemplative way. Even young I could sit forever on a rock by the shore or under a tree, and become as the rock, as the tree, and be all that was around me.

    Thanks for the songs…I knew the second one, I have it.

    Here is one I used to know when living in Oregon, learning it from an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) drum group lead by Native women (I was invited to participate and sing with them and be part of the group, and it was an honor). I like this song. It was created by Native American women in prison, to give them strength and courage.


    And here is something about the earth:


    We should, we could, perhaps, reclaim our allegiance to the earth, swear (if we need to swear) allegiance to the earth rather than to a government, a stupid nation…and if there is any fighting to be done, it should be to protect life, not to protect the “national interests” of any nation, or its borders.

    The earth does not belong to any of us.

    Forget North or South Korea, America, or any other “territory”. Look at the earth from space, do we see any boundaries, except those that are natural?

    We are earth beings, earth creatures, we are of the earth. WE ARE AS THE EARTH HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE, just as it has trees experiences, ants experiences, oceans experiences, eagles experiences. We are part of this one divine cosmic reality, this ONE consciousness, distinct but NOT separate. When we know this, we know our place, and that we are exactly where we belong, cradled in the bosom of creation in beauty and perfection.

    Perhaps the women of the world will remind us…perhaps their voice need to become mighty. The men have proven that they are crazy enough to blow themselves and everyone else into oblivion, or AT LEAST THREATEN TO DO SO IF THEY DO NOT GET THEIR WAY, like 4 years old having a temper tantrum with nukes.

    Will the women save us, when they remember who they are, remember their strength and power?

  • mewabe

    Thank you Scott…I am still around…

    If you have a chance watch the short earth video (currently awaiting approval).

    When people take personal responsibility (rather than complaining and blaming the abusers) and take action to stop the bad guys they often become martyrs…this is the way of the world (this is a comment relating to the video).

    But the point is not to live a long life…it is to actually live and make your life count, isn’t?

    There are many heroes out there, who do more than talk or write, who put their lives on the line to make the world a better place…that’s another way to be spiritual. I like that way…to be a spiritual warrior…an enlightened warrior…courage is uplifting and inspiring, while submissiveness, passivity are dispiriting.

    When we reach the threshold where our inner reality, the truth of our soul, no longer matches the dominant paradigm, and is no longer in accord with what society forces us to do, or not do, when do we then decide that we can no longer tolerate these distortions society impose on our very being?

    Of course if we have always felt at odd with the dominant paradigm as I have, then it’s even worse…

    When do we say, no, I will no longer cooperate with a system that mines the soul, that kills the heart, that destroys life? When do we walk our talk, to reclaim the integrity and sovereignty of our soul and become whole rather than fragmented and conflicted by external pressures that are not in harmony with who we know we are (and not in harmony with any life form either)?

    Do we keep giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and how long will this dude be around, if we don’t send him packing once and for all?

    Crazy questions, I know…I don’t expect anyone to have an answer.

  • Scott

    Hi Mewabe

    Glad your still here. Even though this kind of communication is not as good as being there, it is better than not talking at all. The more we do this the better we know each other, the more connected we begin to feel, which is a very good thing & if for no other reason this site has value.

    Your last post has created a great deal of clairty for me about you & its good to feel I know you just a little bit better.

    Thank you for that my friend.

    Oh, I know your questions were largely rhetorical but I can’t quite resist giving an answer! LOL

    When will we do these things that you ask about?

    When as indiviuals, we CHOOSE to do them!

    Much Love & Gratitude


  • mewabe

    Thank you Scott…

  • Victor


    When enough people and collectives dare to say: “No More! Enough!”

    And dare to be, to speak, and to do something about it…

    And those somethings reflect some kind of “All is One”…


    Hello everyone. I think it is much more likely that NK will attempt a strike on SK and / or Japan, and the US will have to wipe it out, using whatever is needed, even nuclear weapons. NK government is following the path of Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, etc, this empire (it is NOT a real republic) does not have enough with subyugating its own people, it wants to conquer and dominate more people and land. Having the US give them food aid in exchange for their willingness to attend the peace talks seems to me like paying TRIBUTE to these tyrans. It only makes them greedier.

    I really can not understand their need for nuclear weapons. I´m mexican and belong to the big non nuclear countries club, with more than 150 members, and I´ve never felt the need for my country to develop those weapons. We don´t think the US would attack us, and we do not feel like conquering Guatemala or Belice. That NK need for nukes is PURE NONSENSE, and will bring a big calamity to that country.

  • Erin/IAm

    In each One’s ‘way of thinking’, each are ‘right’.

    I See a proving…Stuff does not function well under the premise of “Do as I say, not as I Do.”
    BE a Walker of the Talk, or simply Be Silence until that is the case. Perhaps this ‘beingness’ might serve as a wiser & more functional directive.(?)

    We, hardly as individual, let alone as collective, have actually tried this venue of Being Whole-hearted-ly. The question then may become, “How much of one concept must one, or One, See to Be other-Wise?
    We sooo love ‘much’ vs. ‘Loving much’, at the moment.

    MPO: With each arising of such vision & opportunity, I, personally, See nothing less than ‘Amazing in Process’. The era is fascinating…Incredibly interesting…And the ‘twists’ are my favorite parts! I Am ever on the edge of my seat because of them! Sometimes I feel like I Am about to explode like “Powder” in the field!
    (“Powder” is a really great movie, btw…if you haven’t seen it, definitely do.)

    That is my ‘take’ on this ‘deal’…in this moment. I’m “All In” with a hand to ‘die’ for! Amazing!!! 🙂

  • Scott in Chicago

    There is only one possible solution. Love. Without it’s acknowledgement, there will be fear.

  • ionic breeze

    Wow, Mewabe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tippy top of my very hearty heart Hi Ho He I am you 🙂 Why do we spend our energy destroying Mother Earth? I don’t get it. Myself says no to pesticides, for instance. I am the black sheep on my block, because I do. They all hire contractors to come and spray the grass with chemicals that need a yellow, warning sign for all life. “Don’t stop here. Don’t walk here. Don’t breathe here.” It’s hazardous to human, animal, but we put it on grass. It leeches into the water, the stream, the everything, but our grass is green. Hey. Who cares about everything else? Isn’t it crazy. This is my big podium. I speak out on pesticides everywhere, and Mother Earth is hurting. Those videos show it all. Thank you so much for all you are. You are me. I am you. We are one life He He He


    Ionic Breeze