Creating an open source, free-shared, and collaborative planet

What would it take to create a free-sharing, sustainable, open source planet without copyrights and limits of use? Arguably, there has never been a time in history when the awareness of so many people has been directed to the possibility of a planet beyond competition, capitalism, and even money itself. For those who believe in the potential and value of this concept of sharing and collaborating on every aspect of our coexistence, the internet has provided the path to successful coordination and mobilization of our groups and ideas.

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


As One Community, we think global transformation is possible when even 1-2% of the population is collaborating, open sourcing, and free-sharing for The Highest Good of All. The amount of information, resources, and tools this would make available is hard to even imagine. For example, when you look at the impacts open source collaboratives (like the Khan Academy and Wikipedia) are already creating, the possibility of multiplying resources like this 100 or 1000 times is staggering.

Open sourcing and free-sharing, however, is difficult for most people to do if they are struggling to meet basic needs. For this reason, we feel the ultimate collaboration and open source model currently needed is one that sufficiently supports people to remove the financial foundations of scarcity while simultaneously operating as teacher/demonstration models.

We are calling these open source villages, and the first will be called One Community. The purpose is to design, build, and open source free-share what is needed for duplication of food self-sufficiency, off-grid energy, sustainable housing, and a superior living experience. All components will be able to be duplicated modularly or as a complete self-sustainable teacher/demonstration community, village, or city model. Teacher/demonstration villages modeled after this initial open source village will operate to further evolve, open source, and free share the model with others.


For a model like this, which is designed for and capable of creating global transformation, these are the open source and free-sharing aspects that we feel are foundational:

> Superior living experience
> Globally accessible and duplicable
> Sustainable and reduces cost of living
> Business model for financial freedom
> Affordable with clearly defined cost to establish
> Diverse open source options to meet diverse needs

As we see it, putting these foundations together and open source free-sharing the process is demonstrating not just a model solution, but a solution creating model capable of duplicating itself for exponential growth. This is what the One Community Non-profit Organization is doing while building a global collaborative of people who want to see a model like ours open source and free-shared.

(Jae Sabol – Executive Director, The One Community Non-profit Organization.  Visit or just Google “One Community” for complete details on infrastructure, non-profit model, business model, open source model, how you can get involved, and more.)

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  • Sponge Bob

    Sir Neale,
    so we don’t need to buy all your books to be spiritual ?
    Is buying your one book enough..

    well just check out your advertisements you do the same as EST trainers do. !

    you show the people that they need your book to be happy,spiritual etc.

    Whereas Authors like Eckhart or Rhonda say that their all the books have the same thing written in different format, you don’t need to buy other if you have read and practiced one.

  • Sponge Bob

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
    Mahatma Gandhi.

    So lets start by eliminating copyrights on knowledge, making books easily available to those who can not afford it.
    Affordable if not free.
    to world like developing nations( Pakistan,N Korea,China,India.. ) not just prisons in USA.

  • michael e. v. knight

    Great article. Sounds a lot like what a Resource Based Economy (RBE) will be.

    Anyone interested in helping to work our way to RBE please join us here:


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  • Sponge Bob

    I apologize for my above comments .
    PLEASE ignore them.

  • Sponge Bob

    I myself a student of computer science, Love the principles of open standard .The article is wonderful.
    would be sharing this article in my University .

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  • mewabe

    The One Community is an interesting experiment, coming from very good intentions, however I do not think that it can be a model for resolving the world problem.

    The reason? Very obvious…look at the application and the requirements for membership. It is meant for an elite group of skilled people with an “above average health”, financially stable, one child or less, not pet.

    There goes 99.9999999% of the world population, rejected from the start. How can a model for the world come out of this?

    This has been a problem with most intentional communities…which are never inclusive, but run like private upper middle class clubs with very stringent membership requirements.

    Forget the poor, minorities, the handicap, the old, the sick, and people with any kind of personal difficulties: they have no place in our version of utopia.

    I am sorry but this is not the way to heal the world or represent that we are all one, or rather that all is one.

    We have to try harder.

  • Jae Sabol

    Hey Team Humanity,

    I wanted to respond to mewabe’s comment because I think a little clarification might be helpful.

    One Community is being created for everyone including the poor, the old, the sick, and the handicapped. This is true both in the location we will be initially building as well as the fact that everything we are doing is being designed as an open source blueprint for significantly easier, more affordable, and adaptable duplication teacher/demonstration villages to be built elsewhere – villages that we feel will become exponentially easier and more accessible over time.

    While we are creating this for everyone, the Pioneer Team needs to be a pretty special group if we are going to succeed in creating this at all. It doesn’t cost anything to join One Community so we’ve got the poor covered already for access – and there definitely aren’t any limitations on minorities. With what we are going to be building, however, people too sick or physically unable to help actually build everything we need to demonstrate initially wouldn’t do too well in the process of creation and significant manual labor that we’ll be in for quite a long time. So too with people who have a ton of debt since none of us will be getting paid anything. Soo too with too many children and a bunch of pets when we’ll be sharing one building for sleeping and living accommodations… possibly for well over a year.

    All of the specifics of exactly why we have each of the limitations we have for membership with One Community are on the website. These limitation are there for two reasons: 1) because we feel our success will provide what is needed for everyone, including the infrastructure for people that wouldn’t fit the Pioneer Team, and we’re committed to being as prepared and capable as possible so we can do that and 2) because years of working on this project to get to where we are have clarified what will be needed in this first year of building and we desire for only people that that is a truly good fit for to join — and have created specific and detailed pages to explain each and every expectation and why it is in place so there are no surprises, disappointments, or individuals that can’t manage in the environment we’ll be building in.

    We see our success or failure in this “experiment” as everyone’s success and or failure and so our goal, because we consider the stakes very high, has always been to do the best we can in being clear what is needed for the One Community prototype to succeed so we can provide what is necessary for those that come after us to succeed easier and easier. This includes everyone. Like the Pioneers who struck out westward, however, the “trailblazers” need to be able to blaze the trail or nobody will reach the destination successfully.

    Additionally we’re sharing everything we do as we create it so anybody who would like to do it differently can start with all the work we’ve done and build it with more or less limitations – as you choose.

    I hope this helps and thank you for following our project and your support.

    With Gratitude,

    Jae Sabol
    Executive Director of One Community

  • mewabe

    Thank you for the clarifications Jae…I understand. I am supportive and interested and I will follow this project.

  • Jae Sabol

    ~ <3 ~

    Thank you!

    Your comments inspired some of this week's video blog if you are interested:

    We're getting it done for The Highest Good of All and that definitely includes everyone — one step at a time, but it's happening.

  • mewabe

    Thank you for the ink Jae, yes I wholeheartedly support this…I will spread the information, including on the air (independent radio station KPFZ 88.1 in Northern CA)