The Buddha’s message: Do nothing at all
to become enlightened

The is the fourth part of an extended series of explorations on “enlightenment” as a human experience. The first, second, and third entries in this series may be found in the archives.

At the conclusion of Part One I said that the danger of this business of enlightenment is two-fold.  The first danger is thinking that there is something specific that you have to do in order go get there.  And that if you don’t do that, you can’t get there.  The second danger is thinking that your way to get there is the fastest, the best way to do it.

In Part Two I wrote of the time when Paramahansa Yogananda, or “Master” as he was called, came to America bringing a technique for “self-realization” — which was his phrase meaning “enlightenment.”  Self-realization declares that when you realize who the Self is, you become enlightened. And Master described himself as having been enlightened.  And, by the way, he was enlightened. He was enlightened because he said that he was and, I hate to break the spell that someone may be under, but to be enlightened is to say that you are.  It is quite as simple as that.

In Part Three we looked at other “Masters” and other programs leading to “awakening” or “enlightenment,” not only Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship, but also Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation,  and, more contemporarily, Werner Erhard and the est program.  There are many programs, many approaches, many paths developed by many masters. There is a book written called Many Lives, Many Masters written by my friend Brian Weiss, and he talks about the fact that there are many ways to reach the mountaintop. Which way, then, should we recommend?  Which way, then, should we encourage others to take? And the end of Part Three I indicated that we would look next at the path that the Buddha took. So, then…let’s do that now…

Wikipedia tells us that most scholars regard Kapilavastu, present-day Nepal, to be the birthplace of the Buddha. This public encyclopedia also says that according to the most traditional biography, Buddha was born in a royal Hindu family to King Suddhodana, the leader of Shakya clan. Before he became the Buddha, this man was known as Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama was the family name.

His father wanted to protect Siddhartha from any knowledge of the outside world, not wanting the young boy to be pained or stained by it. And so, Siddhartha was kept him within the compound, which was quite large, all of his life. But one day, when he was a young man already married, Siddhartha ventured outside the walls of the compound and learned of life as it existed in the rest of the world. He learned of poverty and of illness and of disease and of cruelty and of anger and of all the so-called negative experiences that no one ever allowed him to experience when he was inside the gates of his compound.

It was after this experience that he gave up all of his riches and all of his luxuries, his whole family, left his wife and everyone at home, and disappeared, embarking on a search for the meaning of it all. He desperately wanted enlightenment.  “What can I do?” he asked his own understanding of God, “What can I do?”  And he then underwent a series of very rigorous physical and mental disciplines, from fasting to daylong meditations to physical trainings, of every imaginable sort.  And this went on for quite awhile. Not a week or two, but for a long time.

Along the way he sought out other Masters and asked them how they had achieved or moved toward the experience of enlightenment, and he did as they told him, because he wanted to honor the masters that he met along his path.  Yet nothing brought him the experience of enlightenment.  It only brought him an emaciated body, and a life that was difficult, filled with physical and mental discipline and training. And, as I said, still didn’t feel enlightened.

And one day Siddhartha Gautama, frustrated with his utter lack of progress, said stubbornly, “I am going to sit beneath that tree over there and I’m not going to move until I am enlightened.  I’ve tried everything.  I’ve done all the physical disciplines, all the trainings, all the exercise, all the starvation, all the diets, all the fasting, and all the meditations.  Now I’m just going to sit there on the ground. I’m tired of all this stuff, and I’m not getting up until I’m enlightened!”

And there he sat, doing nothing. Doing no exercises, no meditations, no fasting, no nothing—just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Now that is hard for us to do, because, like Siddhartha at the beginning, we think there is something we are supposed to be doing in order to be enlightened.

Siddhartha just sat there day after day staring into space, simply “being.” At night he slept right there on the ground. He took care of his basic needs, and some people from the town, seeing that he was clearly on some sort of inner quest, occasionally brought him a bowl of rice or a piece of fruit, and he subsisted without moving from that spot.

Then one morning he opened his eyes and realized that he felt different. He felt different inside, and he felt different about everything he was seeing outside of himself. He had changed at some fundamental and important level—and he knew it. And he said quietly, “I’m enlightened.” The townspeople approached him and said, “You look different, Serene. At peace. What happened?” And he simply repeated, quietly: “I’ve become enlightened.” It wasn’t a boast, it wasn’t a brag, he was simply and quietly offering a statement of fact.

And people came to him, more and more people, and they said, “What did you do? How did you get to this place? What did you do?” They saw that he was a changed man, and now quite different from them in his manner and his experience. “Teach us master?  You have become the Buddha. (the word was used to refer to an ‘awakened one’ or an ‘enlightened one.’)  What is the secret? What did you do?” And the Buddha said something quite extraordinary. “There is nothing that you have to do.”

“After all this time. After all this self-flagellation, and wearing a hair-shirt, and starving my body and doing my physical discipline. After all this time, I realize it’s not about saying the beads, or lighting the incense, or sitting in meditation for many hours a day. It’s not about any of that.  It can be if you want it to be. It can be if that is what suits you. It can be if that is your path. But it is not necessary to do anything.

“I’m enlightened because I realized that enlightenment is knowing that there is nothing you have to do to be enlightened. You simply had to be exactly what you are being right now, and then make  choice about that, deliberately and with intention.”

The Buddha had discovered that you can choose to be peaceful no matter what is going on. You can choose to be loving no matter what is going on. You can choose to be gentle no matter what is going on. You can choose to be forgiving and compassionate and totally okay, no matter what is going on. You can choose to be wise and very clear about all of this, no matter what is going on.

Isn’t that interesting?  Sad in a way, when you think of all the effort that people are putting in, with years-long approaches to enlightenment, only to find out it required nothing at all. Just a simple decision. A simple choice.

Now I have come here to this column in The Global Conversation online newspaper to give you the inside “scoop” on how you can seek and find enlightenment. And to let you know that if you have found peace and joy and love, you, too, like the Buddha, like Jesus the Christ, like Paramahansa Yogananda, like Maharishi, are already enlightened.

My own story is that, like all of those other masters, I tried everything. First I tried orthodox religion. I said my rosary faithfully everyday, because I was told there was a formula that you could use to have God answer your prayers. There was a litany, there was a process. If you said the rosary a certain number of times, you could depend upon a certain outcome.

I tried fasting. I tried meditation. I tried reading every book I could get my hands on. I took est. I learned transcendental meditation. I learned transactional analysis. I walked down many paths, many, many paths. And then one day I had an out-of-body experience. Now it was interesting, because I wasn’t trying to do this. This was not something I was trying to do. I was trying to produce outcomes with my fasting. I was trying to produce outcomes with my meditation.  I was trying to produce outcomes with my rosary and with my disciplines, but those were not bringing me where I wanted to go. But on this particular occasion I was just simply trying to get some sleep. I just fell asleep. But during that “sleep” I flew out of my body quite involuntarily. I just left. And I knew that I had left. It was a conscious awareness. I was not in my body and I knew I was not. I was having what one might call a lucid dream.

I won’t take time here now to explain to you or describe for you my experience, although I can tell you it was very real, and it is very real to me to this very day. I’ve had three such experiences in my life, two since the original one. And every one of those experiences brought me to the same place:  a space of absolute—capitol “A”—awareness. Kind of like an AA meeting:  Absolute Awareness.  And when I returned from that place (I have not yet found a way to stay in that place on an ongoing, non-interrupted basis) I was left with two words that stopped me in my tracks. Would you like to know what they were?

Nothing matters.

What an amazing message for my soul to receive from the One Soul that is All of Life. Nothing matters? How can that be? That moment changed my life.  And the message behind the message is what we’ll look at next. You are invited to join us.

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  • Veronique

    Fascinating! Loving this series. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Sponge Bob

    Dear Sir Neale,

    I hope these articles lead to a conclusion, I hope you don’t leave this article incomplete, and encourage people to buy your another book for enlightenment.

    Many people under your spell would buy another of your book or expensive course promising them to lead them to another shortcut for enlightment.
    I hate to break spells though.

    All this I said seeing your past advertisements and current texts.
    no hatred.

    Sponge Bob.

    My dear Sponge…Every spiritual leader on the planet — including the just retired Pope, I might add — has written a book that she or he would like people to read. So have many political leaders, and those at the head of business and industry, academia and science, and virtually every other area of human endeavor. I see nothing wrong with people who have a point of view they wish to share stepping forward and sharing it. That is what free expression is all about.

    Having said that, I do not assess that I have people “under my spell,” and if there are such people, I join you in actively, loudly, and emphatically discouraging it. The entire premise of the Conversations with God books is to listen to yourself, to rely on your own inner guidance, and to begin having your own personal dialogue with Deity.

    As to your specific question above, this series will indeed reach a conclusion, and will not require any further reading to understand what that conclusion is. Thanks for your concern. Love and hugs…Neale.

  • Carolyn Scaletta

    I have had experiences all my life from time to time. Some so vivid from childhood through adult that they are embedded in my memory forever. Others blurry. I came to the realization that it was my soul telling me not to worry I will be okay. The biggest battle is convincing the mind and body of it 🙂

  • Sponge Bob

    Dear Neale ,
    your books are really wonderful. I am not any way meaning to be angry,-

    I was just trying to show you the contradict between your article and your advertisements.
    where you show your product to be needed to be happy,spiritual etc.

    My dear Sponge…No information that has been placed before the public about any of my writings, courses, or work in the world says anything about my messages being “needed to be happy, spiritual, etc.” I should like to challenge you to show me a single “advertisement” that says such a thing. I would never knowingly allow it.

    If some copy writer somewhere has written such a thing, I would, and do here and now, disavow it. Indeed, the First Illusion of Humans as given to me in Communion with God is that “need exists.” You will not find any statement such as you suggest in anything I have ever said about any of my books, courses, or work. Show it to me. And if you cannot, please stop making the false allegation. Love and hugs…Neale.

  • mewabe

    Interesting about the Buddha, but would he have found enlightenment sitting in the middle of Trafalgar Square?

    There is something that Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews and many New Age people do not know: the inherent spiritual force within nature….the inherent power of nature to spontaneously, effortlessly guide you back to your true self, to your being.

    It is not just that nature can be peaceful and calming…and beautiful.

    Nature is ALIVE…this life force is divine, by nature, and WITHOUT A DOUBT. And it is an amazing force, it is a power that matches our needs, our essence, to PERFECTION.

    So, really, if you are on a spiritual quest, does it make any sense at all to separate yourself from the most direct, accessible source of divine energy there is, right outside your window (if you live in the country)?

    An apartment, a house, an office, a car, a shopping center, a city are not alive…they do not grow organically, do not change except as people change them, if left to nature they fall apart, they decay.

    The energy within them is stagnant, there is no life, no power in them, or very little, extremely diluted, and often imbalanced, not to mention toxic.

    Yes it is possible to have mind blowing (literally) spiritual experiences absolutely anywhere and at any time…and without asking for them. But…why not live closer to the Creator by being close to its/her/his creation? Why not follow the gentle, subtle guidance of nature?

    Indeed why would anyone torture themselves sitting cross-legged for hours on end in an empty room while having a Zen (for example) master hit them on the shoulder anytime they appear to loose concentration?

    Why not go out where there is LIFE and sit under a LIVING, BREATHING tree? Wouldn’t this be CLOSER to God?

    I know I am speaking a very foreign language to most here…however Native Americans understand this very well, because they still haven’t forgotten who and what they are.

    Nature is in a state of BEING at all times…not “thinking” about yesterday or tomorrow, but BEING here and now. This natural state of BEING spontaneously guides you back to your own, IF YOU TAKE THE TIME, as Buddha did, and if you remain attentive and connected, as in “Be still and know that I am God”.

    BE….STILL…being is our primary nature. It is what we are…beings. RECLAIM IT. Stop being pushed around by society, by your upbringing, by conditioning. Only in BEING will you know your SOUL.

    Doing, having, are secondary attributes, that must be deeply rooted in being.

    In being, all life is perfect and whole…in doing and having, everything appears to be lacking, unless we are rooted in the perfection of being.

  • Cal

    I think that is trying to compress the Buddhas message into too small of a soundbyte, and totally missed the depth and import of his life and words.

  • mewabe

    There are two main methods to reach whatever people want to reach…enlightenment, nirvana, happiness, heaven…

    To simplify greatly, one of them is to strive to “elevate” one’s consciousness (or kundalini, or anything one perceives needs “rising”) to meet the “higher”, lofty, out of the way realms.

    The other one postulates that we inherently already are where we need to be in consciousness, but that we do not know it because we are blinded by certain things, which all have to do with the mind.

    So one comes from the perspective that we are lacking…that we need to transcend and even possibly discard our lowly reality (such as in the choice of renunciation, celibacy, etc) and elevate ourselves to reach that which is above us. Such path indeed usually requires that one separates him/herself from the world and give up worldly pleasures.

    The other one say you are already there, heaven is all around you and within you, all you need is to move the garbage out of the way, lighten up the load, discard the heavy baggage (in other words clear your mind, release the mind pollution), so you can enjoy the view and the feeling, the innate perfection of consciousness.

    I tend to go with number two. But there is work on this path as well…the work is to let go…that’s the only task…letting go of all that is unreal to move towards the total inner and innate freedom of the spirit (it’s called liberation).

    The ways of the soul are infinite and eternal…there is no “mastery”, no “graduation”. The soul does not move forward in a linear manner…it can grow in all directions and all dimensions at once, and there is no goal to be reached…for growth is without end.

    So we can experience visions, lucid dreams, out of body experiences, kundalini awakenings, periods of intensely blissful union with the divine, clairvoyant abilities, memories of a future, other uncommon things, and be blown away, so removed from ordinary, limited consciousness are these expended experiences.

    But these ultimately mean nothing in and of themselves…they are nothing more than tiny glimpses into a greater, vast, infinite reality none of us is yet prepared to fully embrace, perhaps because we are simply not quite ready.

    It is an energy thing, a matter of frequency…the human body can presently only accommodate so much cosmic energy (divine energy)…energy is knowledge. As we can only take limited energy, our knowledge (or rather knowing, our ability to “experience” divine being) remains limited.

    Some of us have a peak of what lays behind the door…it is quite amazing, and it can be transformative, to some degree…Yet it is still very little compared to what lays further still, in dimensions of consciousness, of being we cannot yet imagine.

  • stephen mills

    Mewabe i like what you said about the tree,s a bit like the Navi in Avatar who lived under that awesome living breathing enormous tree .Films like Avatar have many great spiritual meanings and are part of the awakening process for us to remember.

    I planted a crab apple tree outside my front window a few years back ,i am constantly fascinated as the seasons pass as it goes from flower to fruit and back again .It,s the beauty and majesty of life and lost in our mega cities many humans have lost touch with the wonder of the living Earth and would find it hard to understand why our oldest cultures saw the sacred and the divine spirit in nature and all around them !!

    Oh….by the way i love your art ,i checked out your websites and pleasantly found to my delight some of your abstract work.It reminded me of when i lived in Reggio Emilia in Italy i had a friend Gianni Ruspaggari who was a painter and his abstract work was his niche…. was eerily similarly to your work.I have one at home .

    Great message Neale so powerfully uplifting and together with nothing matters sets the tone for a very interesting conversation.

  • Inger Lise

    Mewabe, you are splendid. Thank you very much as always.
    And it is very true all of what you are telling. Agree with you wholeheartily.
    I`m very glad of to have “met you” on this web-site.
    And how often have not felt of the nature have been “the comforter” through sorrow! I am deeply bounded with the nature and cannot live without the nature around me, then am feeling “all lost.”
    BUT to me it has been the long slow process/- of “walk the talk” along the road. Some learning fast, and some to go more slowly than others, and it is okay(hmm, sounds as NDW). It is the sincere intention which counts, and to let the heart speak.
    Certainly “the knowledge” will be the inheritance within all of us, it is about “the growth from ignorance”(or lost memory).

    Ouspensky once said: God is in the grain of sand(the whole world in a grain of sand).
    Do not know much about Buddha. But when back in Thailand in the 1960thies, the thai-people LIVED their faith in the Buddhism. The old Siam, the land of the smiles. They could not have been friendlier. But experienced some hostility toward the Japanese population living there because of the occupation in WWII. Peculiar enough the attitude of hostility from the Japanese folks who lived in Thailand included both “the whites” and according to the japanese attitude toward “the second class” native Thai-people.

    btw: Several of the american soldiers became Buddhists.
    And “the Anti-religious” husband of mine felt of Buddhism was the very best sorts “of religion” of him ever have heard about…or to be seen “as practized.”
    But Thailand have changed a whole lot since back then…..myself too.

    All of us changes all the time.

  • Ionic Breeze

    Hi Mewabe,

    I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 I am so glad to have met you. If not for you, I wouldn’t be seeking to find my long lost Cherokee tree line, not as heartily as I have been this day, but I am now, and it’s all because of you really. We all have roots that lead to the same tree, yet, it’s fun to dig deep for the line of oneness that rings true in the whole heart of the soul of us. We are all souls of one, but it’s still grand to marry lines with a one love that sings our individual soul. I found my Native American, Cherokee line that sings mhy soul. She is on my wall. You can see her picture there. I’m going to play a song for her today. I’ll put them on my wall. Anyhoo, I’ll be back here to speak again. There’s so much to say in response to all you know and share. What a open guy you are :). I have one particular relative who eludes documents, and she is it, and I am on a mission now. . .I am on a mission to uncover those threads, those gossamery threads that went dangling. I didn’t know geneology was so much fun. I have been up tracing all night, and I finally found her picture. It was handed down in the family, but I found it with some documents online. I guess a lot of Native Americans have heritages that have eluded registries. . .how many, how many hearts that helped create the natural beauty of a natural earth go unsung because a name was switched, a horse was hitched, a dying mouth was let down in favor of a white oppressive government, a pavement, asmokestack, a greyness over the blue, over the green meadow, the green bank, the daffodils? How many malls did we plant instead of putting up love? How many malls did we put up to take down all that pristing and natural beauty? I mourn for the earth. I just do. I am the earth, and so are you. I love you. Thanks for being here. You are arrove so flat out lovely 🙂

    Love to you and to all life. You are here for all life, and I know it. The earth thanks you and so do I Hi


  • Scott

    Hello again everyone

    Ahh…. to be enlightened, to be filled with light, to be light in heart & mind.

    To be un-enlightened, to be filled with darkness, to be heavy in heart & mind.

    Perhaps these two ideas give us a clue to what this state of being means. Jesus said “The Father & I are One”. To be one with the Source of all that Is & to be consciously aware of such a thing & all that it represents would surely be enlightenment, would it not?

    I believe Jesus meant us to know that we are all one with the “Father” & if so, why is it we don’t seem to know it?

    Maybe it is because, like God, we are a process, not a product, & to awaken to “Who we really are” entails a journey of transition over a period “time”. After all, the journey is where all the fun is to be had. What would be the point in reaching the destination if there was no place to go to from there?

    If we are eternal, the journey never ends & you could say that “nothing matters”, it only seems that it does from a limited human perspective.

    Maybe being enlightened is simply having a persective that gives a panoramic view from a great height of all that is. A persective that we can realise anytime we are willing to soar to the heavens, leaving our fear of heights behind.

    Love & Gratitude


  • Rosered54

    I want to be invited into this conversation. I’ve tried all these methods also-30 years of them (fasting, praying, rituals, poverty, poligany…all of it)only to be left at the door.
    Nothing Matters……go on please

  • Marko

    R54 I recommend you read WECCE. Or When Everything Changes, Change Everything by NDW & also CwG book one if you have not already read it.


  • Nadja

    About the life before Buddha’s ‘enlightenment’ there is a new wonderful movie made in Sri Lanka:

  • Sponge Bob

    Sir Neale,

    I apologize here for my those comments.
    I realized my mistake..


    Thank you, Sponge. I appreciate you for retracting your earlier comments. I have tried very hard through the years to make it clear that no one “needs” anything in Conversations with God, or its study guides, courses, programs, or workshops, in order to be happy or spiritually awakened.

    Can the CWG material be useful? Certainly. For some, certainly. I know this because they have said so. Yet this is obviously an individual experience and decision. The books themselves say, “Do not believe a word that is written here. Look to your own experience. If your experience agrees with what you find here, use that, and only that, as your indicator of whether there is benefit for you here.”

    So I appreciate your acknowledgement of the error you made. It is very big of you, and tells me much about Who You Are as you move through the world. There is not a one of us who has not made mistakes, but there are many who will never publicly admit it. I’m glad you are not among them. Love again…Neale.

  • mewabe

    Thank you Stephen, yes I liked Avatar…very Native American.
    I planted 42 trees myself on the land where I live (poor soil, clay and rocks), about half survived a bad flood…but those that survived stand strong now, and it is great to see.
    Thank you about the abstracts, the latest are different, I need to update the site.

    Thank you Inger Lise…yes nature is our element, and we are an integral part of it, and it is a part of us (more than a part, it is what we are, because nature is life).

    Thank you Michelle…I am so glad to hear that you are looking into your ancestry…As you probably know you can have access to information in the Dawes Rolls, about the “5 civilized tribes”, of which the Cherokees are a part.

    But many Native people hid their Indian identity at a time when it was dangerous to be Native American…because it was safer they tried to pass for Mexican or “dark French”. So they are not in the records…and to this day, some families still deny their Indian ancestry…as if it was shameful, because they were made to believe it was, by the government and the church.

    There is currently some anger in the Native American community…there is also much suffering. But there is also a memory, a way of being, a feeling, that is very different from the mainstream. It is Indigenous, it remembers the earth, it remembers connection. Indians are feeling people…they would rather live in their hearts (and soul) than in their heads.

    You will find a treasure trove of beauty and wisdom in your heritage…that will resonate with who you are, with your heart and soul. The Indian heart beats warmly and feels deeply! Follow the thread, your ancestors will rejoice in your awareness…and watch over you, if you let them…

    Thank you, thank you so much for all you said. I feel humbled…

    Love to you too Michelle, and to all 🙂

  • Erin/IAm

    “Nothing matters.” Unless, of course, something does.(?)

    And, yes…’Amazing’ is a lovely & encompassing word…One of my faves in the moment. 🙂

  • J Kimball

    And then the world stood still.

  • mewabe

    To say that nothing matters, isn’t the same as saying that everything matters?

    Nothing changes into everything, and everything into nothing, in the dance of the absolute and the relative…of the formless and the form, of the unmanifest and manifest.

    Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.

  • ionic breeze

    Hey Mewabe,

    i don’t know how to say thank you. Really, I don’t. You have that beating heart, and i recognize it. i just do. i have always felt a bond with nature, and the Native Americans. in fact, my family has tried to trace this one relative, but the documents, as you know, are kind of shifty in the old days. We have so many incoming people, who had to leave for whatever reason, or had to stay under a different name. On my Cherokee side, we had to switch somewhere, because her name pops up in different places under different names, so tracking is a bit tricky. Good thing, I’m having fun with it. it is fun. I love all my trees, but this one I feel extremely close to. Hi Ho He

    I have always felt a bond with certain animals. As a little girl, I said, “If I am an animal, it’s a doe,” and I am that who is a doe. i am also turtle. I just draw turtle to me, and always have. As a little girl, my favorite stuffed animal was turtle. As an adult, i had several very enlightening moments with turtle, so to speak. They sound farfetched, i know, but, it happened and it was with nature. This experience with turtle did waken me, as much as any experience. It opened me to knowing I am one with life.

    Here is what happened. One day I was hiking, and I came upon a pond. There was an overlook, and the sun setting, the pond rippling made me want to sing, such as it is. Anyway, I broke out in song. i started singing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and suddenly hundreds, and I do mean, literally, hundreds of little turtle heads peered out of the water, way in the distance of the pond, the back of the pond, the front of the pond, the center of the pond, all these turtles raised their heads up out of hte water all at once and stared at me. Oh my God, it was so unreal. My skeptic husband couldn’t believe it, but such as it is. it happened. he still remembers it today. Anyhoo, that’s not my only encounter with turtle. I also draw them to me when I go through museums, walks, anything. If a turtle is near, it comes to me. I hear we have animals, and I know turtle is one. Bird, I know, is me, too. I am a rook and a loon. What are you?

    I connect with their indiginous spirit. i just do. in fact, I haven’t told many this, but when, in 2002, I started spontaneously writing with God, i suddenly drew a detailed head of a Chief, an Indian Chief. i was shocked, because one doesn’t begin to draw a realistic, detailed, realistically imagined reproducition of anything without knowing about it first. i mean, if I want to draw a person, I say okay. i’m going to draw a person. This was pure subconscious creation, and it was highly detailed. Amazing to me.

    I do connect with their spirit. i have looked in the Dawes book, and hopefully I’ll find a connection. I’m on having fun.

    Love, Love, Love you are. Thanks for all your information and Divine Inspiration Hi He He He

    Love to you,

  • mewabe

    Hi Michelle,

    The turtle symbolizes long life among Native Americans…and it represents the earth.
    This continent is called Turtle Island…from a story about the flood, that happened long ago. The story says that a large turtle rose from the water depths to save the people and all other creatures that were drowning in the flood, and became larger and larger, until it changed into this land, this continent.

    So Native Americans also have an ancestral memory of a flood.

    I had a vivid dream once of a bear who taught me a song, in a native language…unfortunately I could not remember it very well. It was a song about healing.

    But I have had many physical encounters with the “winged”…owls especially, flying extremely close, almost touching me…a hawk landing right next to me, a couple of feet away, on top of the high hill and looking straight at me, communicating silently…an eagle right above my head, so close I could see all the fine details of its feathers, floating in place on the high winds of the Oregon coast. Something told me to look up, and there it was, straight above me, silent, not moving.

    These are all sacred moments, blessings.

    The power of the owl is to see through…it scares most people.

    A Lakota friend of mine once called an eagle to come to us, from a long ways in the distance…he did it with his mind. The eagle came and flew right above us.

    Deers come to me when in trouble here…when hurt. I have helped a few of them.

    Animals sense when you can understand them…they come.

    We are way off topic now…or perhaps not. Enlightenment could also be called “enlivenment”…to become more alive.

    Michelle, keep looking for your ancestry, you will find it. You can also go on youtube to find information on how to go about it…but you know, ultimately it is in your genes…it does make a difference, because it is a different way of being. It is a different family of consciousness, not separate but distinct.

    I have had many visions, I never asked for any of them, they came spontaneously. One of them was extremely powerful, almost too powerful…I was only 18. It was very transformative, and gave me a special kind of energy (not simply physical energy, something more, like something almost electrical or electromagnetic. I could relate to the movie “Powder”).

    I can see past lives events, right in front of me, as if I was traveling back in time and was an outside witness to my lives. I see things in 3D but small, as if I was like a giant looking at small people. It’s very real.

    I also saw the future of the world. Again it was spontaneous, I did not ask for it. In 1994, a very evolved entity (a Christian would call it an angel) with a beautiful energy manifested himself on my left side, and I was instantly transported in space and saw the earth, from space, and all that was going to happen to the world. I was in two places at the same time…at my drawing table, and in space, and fully conscious of course.

    I am supposed to share this information about the world as soon as possible, but I am not sure how. There are so many voices out there, everyone has an “important” message, and I am reluctant to add my voice to the cacophony. Also I do not like to make claims as many do…to pretend to be something or somebody. I am just a simple human being who was blessed with some information. A common man as the Lakota say, and I want to stay that way.

    I also was given a message, a long time ago, about being able to live an enchanted life…if I followed my inner guidance. I thinks it applies to everyone.

  • ionic breeze

    Wow, Mewabe. I thank you so much for sharing your enlightenment stories. I know many love hearing these stories. They just do. I know I do. I just do.
    If you hadn’t come forth and shared this, I wouldn’t come forth and share my story, and then what if Neale had said this? What if Esther had done this? What if Jane Roberts kept quiet and didn’t write all those books? Where would be?

    God speaks to more than dead people, dead prophets. It is what is.

    I thank you, though, because you are the eagle and the eagle brings forth more life for the hawk, I hear. When you share your eagleness, you bring up the hawk to the eagle, I hear. Sharing your eagleness is how you bring the hawk home to eagle. Hmmm I just channel my little source here and let him speak through me for you. I hope you don’t mind. I’m out of my league, so here he is.

    “Mewabe, Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee You are me. You are the eagle. Be the eagle, and lift the hawk. The Eagle is the high I Am energy. The Eagle is the source of all that is. You are that source. If you bring forth your level of awareness for all, everywhere you are, you receive more of the Eagle. You get an upgrade. I gift gifts to those who pass them on. I gift some pretty farout gifts, and some go unspoken ahem Some receive, and some stay quiet. It is easy to stay quiet. I’ll tell you why. You face admonishment. Look what they did to my son, Christ, Chista. Do you think it was easy for Buddha? He had to face ridicule, too, by some. Do you believe the Eagle can soar, as I soar, to the height I reach, if I don’t gift my eagleness to me? Eagle meets hawk. Hawlk meets eagle, when eagle comes forth and shares eagle with hawk. Who is hawk? Hawk is all life meeting on this planet. Hawk speaks in an enchanted way, and that way is here, when you gift it to hawk, all life. Greet the enchanted way, and speak your eagleness to all love. Love, God through Michelle Hi”

    Sorry about that, but I didn’t know all that either, not consciously. Anyhoo, you amaze me. You just do.



  • nicole

    As you say in the text below, we have to do something: we have to CHOOSE, to make up our minds and be constant in that decision: to BE loving, compassionate, forgiving.
    Life as it is, especially in these times, give us A LOT of opportunities to be “hands-on enlightenment” so to speak… so if we decided and said we are enlightened, then let’s all act so! walk our talk… can we? shall we?

    I am watching the videos of David R Hawkins on youtube for the last month and I so much resonate with his information: surrendering to God’s will in a way that we choose to be loving towards all that is. And taking it easy, being able to joke, to have humor, to let go of the anguish and to love life.
    He says something very important: “the world is very much influenced by that which you have become”, not by that which you talk about in theory.

    So, “hands-on enlightenment” 🙂 while at the same time surrendering your life to God.

  • Nicole

    “nothing matters” is the same with “accept all possibilities”.
    One night i was half asleep and heard a clear voice telling me: “you have to learn to accept all possibilities; you cannot create peace if you cannot accept the possibility of a war”.
    To CREATE peace? Then after years i realized: yes, keepwhen “nothing matters”, when any possibility created by my mind, can pass thru me WITHOUT an emotional charge, then yes, i am at peace and so, create peace around me, too.
    Mewabe, i totally agree with you, nature can uplift you in many ways, but the same essence that a flower is made of, or a leaf, a chair is made, a mall, a car, your body. There is this energy of Love, that is manifested in all that is. I have seen it like this with my own eyes, i rather felt it with my being more than what could all my senses feel. And that was happening while in a room.
    People can go in nature and don’t have the eyes to see its beauty.
    The soul is the one that sees the essence of all that is, and the only conscious thing people should do is to choose to educate the mind into non-attachment, accepting of all that is and surrender.
    I understood how limited the mind can be in simple life facts: i could ponder a million years on some chices and still do mistakes, while in surrendering i found simple choices that happened to me and the mind could only understand their reasoning long after… I call it meekness. For me is the foundation of my relationship with God. Is as much as i can do with my mind, stay meek and allow. It’s such an uplifting process, when you simply witness an invisible hand in your life, making things happen, bringing answers to your questions, opening new paths. I now understand the quote: “Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”.

  • ionic breeze

    Beautiful, Nicole 🙂 I love your writing. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Lovely as usual 🙂

  • mewabe

    Thank you Michelle…

    When I am triggered by certain ideas and worldviews with which I passionately disagree, I sometimes switch from living within my own peaceful and tranquil reality, connected to nature and blissfully living outside of the world, in a sense, to forcefully concentrating on the world problems. That’s what happened to me in the headline section and with my spirited exchange with Marko…):

    It would be more fun to have a food fight, actually, particularly with spaghetti.

    I know the world problems inside and out…I got the whole picture long ago, by the time I was 14…At 15 I wanted to leave civilization behind and go live with an Indian tribe in the Amazon rain forest. Quite an uncommon dream for that age.

    At 19 I was afraid that I would become a “bum” by choice, so outside of the mainstream was my worldview, and so opposed to its ways. I did not think I could compromise, and I did not want to do so.

    Sometimes, that’s what being an artist means…it means that you feel as though you and the world are as oil and water. They do not mix.

    My soul did not fit in the system…I don’t believe most souls do, the system is too small, our souls are too vast and too free… but most are not aware of their soul, because the system silenced it early.

    I definitively prefer my own reality. I look at the world and see quite a bit of madness…a race towards global annihilation. Although I know (I was made to see) that the ultimate outcome will be glorious beyond all we can imagine, for all of humanity, there is a very dark road ahead, on which humanity will most likely choose to travel, and it will last a while.

    It is all part of the chosen journey…traveling through the darkest of nights to reach the brightest dawn…learning and awakening through paradox.

    So no matter how much I rant and rave about the world and its mistakes and miseries, there is ultimately nothing wrong with it, and I know it. The world is nothing more than the path humanity wants to manifest, so it can get where a more expended, a truly enlightened, a global Christ consciousness awaits.

    And this is guaranteed to happen, I was given the gift to see it, and it was truly magnificent and otherworldly!

  • ionic breeze

    Oh that’s grand, Mewabe. A global consciousness of Christ, of love, of peace spreading throughout life. Whew. That’s what we are, and that’s grand.

    Thank you for your passion. That’s what needs to be, in my view. We need passion. We don’t need followment. Followment creates those who follow, and those who follow, follow, rather than create, create a new way Hi Ho He

    Hey. I love tree houses. I long to live in the rainforest, too. We can commune, dance, sing, “I want to be like you ooh ooooh.” I love the Jungle Book. Maybe that’s why I want to go to the rainforest 🙂

    Okay. We are all passionate, here. How do we wake the world to passion, not complacence. That’s the real danger. That’s what got Hitler to allow so many to die so many. Complacence. We need a shaker and a braker, a mover and a groover, in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for all you are Hi 🙂

  • ionic breeze

    Oh that’s grand, Mewabe. A global consciousness of Christ, of love, of peace spreading throughout life. Whew. That’s what we are, and that’s grand.

    Thank you for your passion. That’s what needs to be, in my view. We need passion. We don’t need followment. Followment creates those who follow, and those who follow, follow, rather than create, create a new way Hi Ho He

    Hey. I love tree houses. I long to live in the rainforest, too. We can commune, dance, sing, “I want to be like you ooh ooooh.” I love the Jungle Book. Maybe that’s why I want to go to the rainforest 🙂

    Okay. We are all passionate, here. How do we wake the world to passion, not complacence? That’s the real danger. That’s what got Hitler to allow so many to die so many. Complacence. We need a shaker and a braker, a mover and a groover, in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for all you are Hi 🙂

  • nicole

    @ionic breeze: “Okay. We are all passionate, here. How do we wake the world to passion, not complacence. That’s the real danger. That’s what got Hitler to allow so many to die so many. Complacence. We need a shaker and a braker, a mover and a groover, in my humble opinion.”

    I guess to be passionate about the world, about people, about nature is the way to “wake up” the world… the wake up only happens inside of you, but as a consequence you will see a more and more alive world around you…

    I believe, the is no lesser God in the world than it is in me, and vice-versa; so then, how can i be one with God and at the same time not accept that which is happening in the world outside of me?

    I also believe, that thru the harsh moments of my life, God was not “unjust” to me, or unfair… looking back to such moments i see now, how i discovered my true nature (yes, i’ve been thru it all, self-victimization, pity, anger at God, and many more ugly ones), but it was the path just right for me; i fully trust it now;
    so, the same is applicable for each human being on this planet, each one of us is in his/her perfect plan
    So then, can i say the world needs more of enlightenment pills? 🙂 no, i need more of those pills to see it is already perfect as it is, and the beauty of the invisible hand at work in everything.

    I totally recommend this video on youtube, watch it please, it helps you to leave the judgement of the world aside and move on:

  • ionic breeze

    Thank you, Nicole. You speak a truth I am growing into. It’s called surrender, surrendering to what is. I agree we must, as a collective, as individuals, meet at the single spot of sweet surrender, a single spot of sweet allowment of oneness, but not sit back in complacence of what is clearly not oneness. Before we can ever meet in that single spot of sweetness, we must step up and speak of what does not serve I Amness, Oneness, One Life. I create my reality with my thought, but, what about observation, just plain old observation of what is. Isn’t that part of it? Should we ignore what is, should we not observe what is, or do we simply stay silent, knowing all will eventually let go. All will be better someday for the entire world, when all life decides all life is one with all life.

    I believe we stay in a certain vibration, yet we rise to another level, if we come forth for all vibrations of one life. One life completes a whole cycle. All are One Life cycle completing anew in every moment of every time period, not just life cycles completing time of 2013. All in One Life cycle of all cycles completes anew in all life cycles of life. Not only do all in one life cycle create reality based on what one life expects in a certain life cycle, but all create reality as all life imagines reality to be in this life, in that life, in all life. All in all life cycles of life create what all imagine life to be as one love in all life.

    All love is creating us anew, even as we smile at a blade of grass, a blossoming flower, a fall, a rise of a moon in this deepening night no more hi ho he and the sun beats truth at the end of the dark night of the soul rising to the high noon of the day. A day of truth is worth a mind of life as the mind of oneness scouts no more in the night for the dark of oneness has broken into the dawn of the day of the risen one. Hi Ho He

    Thank you very much for that link. I’ll check it out Hi

    Love to you Hi

  • ionic breeze

    I like what Hawkins says. “Human life is coming out of incredible complexity. .eveything that you see is the result of the evolution of all that has ever been throughout all of time since the beginning of time.”

    And, I agree we need to let go of judgmentalism that attaches to emotion. Yet, we do judge in life where we are, but not in an egoic way. We can acknowledge what is without being judgmental, I think.

    Thanks, Nicole, for that. Love to you Hi

  • Richard

    thank you Neale, this was exactly wat i needed to hear.

  • nicole

    Hi Breeze 🙂

    you have to take yourself out of the logic of your form, the being a human only logic… you are a soul in human body, and maybe, just my opinion, your soul existed before there was any humanity on this planet… did you ever think?
    so where are you coming from and where are you heading thinking from the logic of the soul? in my understanding only, i believe we go from self-consciousness in which we felt at the beginning of time to God-consciousness or oneness consciousness, where probably each unique version of the soul will melt into the Spirit
    So, one more life one more ladder, or maybe, a lot more ladders in this lifetime, towards the consciousness of oneness…

    That is all that matters, so the only thing to observe is HOW do you perceive the world around you, as you observe it, what is your attitude towards it: non-acceptance? tolerance? acceptance? love? unconditional love?
    It does not matter how the world is, it is only your-view of the world that matters, that is the thermometer of your soul.

    One thing i know for sure: the world around you is a perfect reflection/mirror of your soul’s relationship/closeness with the Spirit; is exactly what your soul needs to observe in order to have specific choice options. then according to those choices you take a step ahead or backwards… both are ok, anyways. The Love of God is like the light of the sun, is there in the context of the choice and available in the same amount, regardless of your steps’ direction.

    you will, eventually, become one with the Breeze: don’t know from where is coming and to which direction is going, just are aware of its power; that is surrender

  • nicole

    and an “enlightenment pill” here:

    and i just looooooove their song Satchita (google the lyrics translation):


  • ionic breeze

    Hi Nicole,

    Actually, I have thought of the idea of life beyond a human form quite a deal. Believe me, I have. I have thought much about existence beyond this realm. Because I Am I Am, I’ll just let God I Am speak on my awareness as I see it through me as him. I hope you don’t mind. Hi

    “Hi Love,

    “We speak as one here in this heart. We are one. We come forth as two sometimes, but we are always one heart. Different perspectives are precisely where we are in the heart of all life. We each have a certain mind in a certain heart. I Am one with All, All perspectives of All Life. All life is one love in the mind of me, in the body of me, in the soul of me, and All Life is every perspective meeting me in a certain consciousness, as Chista, named Christ I Am, named every Ascended Master might meet me. Do we come forth to bear witness to each other as we are in this heart, wherever we are, or do we create a newness, a new day for all perspectives in this heart? Do we acknowledge travesty to any particular expression of one in my heart? Can we do both? When we come forth in newness, we desire to spontaneously act from that state of awareness that is whole and complete, the newness that is the being, the state of I Amness. It’s a being that springs forth a new being. It’s not an old being coming forth to marry a new being. We spring together as one being of all beams of light springing forth as Christ consciousness in oneness. I come forth and marry every particle of all life, as all life creates all life anew in this Christ Consciousness enveloping the land as we speak. All life returns life for love in every blink of an eye. You say, “I’m here,” and I say, “I’ve already been there. I’ve already been around the world and back again before you can say, “I am that I am.” We are here to know we are one life, merging, melding, melting as one, yet, we are also here to express individual expressions as each expression defines, declares itself anew. You are a unique expression with a divine unique blueprint in all life. You carry that with you wherever you are. You are creator. We all are. We come forth together, creating life from life, love from love, in every particle of all life, and we carry that certain blueprint you and I are in all of this life. We do carry uniqueness throughout all life, even as we meld, merge, become oneness as one particle of All Life. We complete the cycle of life as we come forth in life. Hi Ho He We come forth as one life, yet we are many lives of one in all life. Every expression carries forth as every other expression. That’s a lot of expressions to carry forth. We meld, we merge, we melt into every other expression. We do it by meeting and greeting each other as each other comes in to oneness in all life. Hi We are complete. Love, God I Am through Michelle”

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this. I just don’t know what else to say some days. Here you go, for what it’s worth.

    Love to you Hi


  • ionic breeze

    Nicole, I forgot to give you this Hi 🙂

    Love, Love, Love we are 🙂

  • Kevin holbrook

    We are an infinite being in finite bodies . Everything now is as it should be. I am here! This allows us to be in the present moment in love with oneself.
    Everything in the past has brought us to this moment . Our conditioning has taught us fear and guilt. Let this go and be in the now!
    If you are in the now you will experience love from the light, which is everything you feel. Your mind is for your body and cannot find an answer. Only the heart and the experience of love can allow you freedom.
    Do nothing other than be.
    It is easy. Now you can love yourself, Once this is achieved then you can love others and help them.
    It is not necessary to follow anyone or pay for the truth! It is here. If you look for it through the mind or in a book you will not find it. We are the experience for God.

  • ionic breeze

    Hi Nicole, again I say thank you. that link to the “enlightenment pills” just appeared out of nowhere. Go figure 🙂 Anyhoo, that brazillian beat goes waay back with me, I hear. Thanks for that. I save Satchita. Love it 🙂

    Love to you 🙂

  • ionic breeze

    aww heck. a typo. I meant “I saved Satchita as a favorite,” not that I saved him. I am sure he saved himself, as we all do. Love is all we are, and I think I need to stop speaking so much and maybe start being a little more of my spoken beingness. A being can speak, and a being can be, but can a speaking being truly Be? That is the question Hi I have my answer, but, there is something to be said for blissing a little more than speaking the speaking bliss Hi

    Love to all. I’m outta here for a bit. Have a Grand Day to All Life. We are that Hi 🙂

  • nicole

    Hi Breeze 🙂

    you’re welcomed. The commend was automatically held for approval, because it was a youtube link; it’s normal, i could post some video that is in discordance with the subjects on this website.

    I am glad you enjoyed it! Many blessings and Love.

  • Lloyd

    Could it be that “nothing matters” because everything is perfect just as it is? Creator/Source Energy has no judgement of existence as it is perfect since ALL existence only exist within unconditional Love? It is our human ego that causes the concept of separation from Creators Love, and our judgement of good or evil based upon our own prejudices of who we are. Nature does not struggle with separation anxiety, or the concept that it is special or different from existence. As written in the bible the birds of the field do not concern themselves with where their food comes from or when their physical existence will end, so why does humanity?

    Humanity likes to think we are special, above all other existence, and so we create for Ourselves this concept of separation from all existence there by from Creator/God/etc. How do we humble humanity so that we can become equal participants in this experience of physical existence? With the human creation of the concept of separation we have unwittingly created our own pain, drama, tragedy, and judgement of Ourselves. So we blame others, we blame God, we blame nature, we blame everything but Ourselves for the human condition we have created within our own hearts, mind, and beliefs. Is it time for a change? Time to accept responsibility for what we have created? Time to change our minds, about who we are, about who and what nature is and our place within it? The way to humble humanity is to humble our own hearts, minds, and beliefs, and YOU are the only one who can make that change. Is it time for you, or are you still in denial of your place in this shared physcial existence? Namaste’

  • mewabe

    Nicole and Michelle, check out One Love and Chanda Mama from Playing for Change…
    I love what they do!

    Imagine if, every time people have a disagreement, they were asked to sing together…to make music together! I wonder what would happen…perhaps they would all end up dancing and feeling alright…:)

  • nicole

    because music is a way to express creativity, and when the energy that drives it is love, then of course, it takes you out of the mind’s duality in an instant

    I most like the Redemption song from PFC actually… also, check “sittin’ on the dock of the bay” from them

    see Mewabe, look at their background, where some of them are singing: the dirt, the poor and shriveled buildings around… looks pretty ugly… do you think they feel overwhelmed by their outer conditions? to me they don’t look overwhelmed at all… although i think many of the ones playing there, live in harsh life conditions…
    the outer world doesn’t have to be perfect for you to be in a blissful state

  • mewabe

    “the outer world doesn’t have to be perfect for you to be in a blissful state”

    Very true Nicole…as a matter of fact, perhaps it must remain imperfect.

    Aren’t high standards and the pursuit of perfection (of “excellence”) precisely what makes life in the US and other industrial nations extremely stressful, isn’t it paradoxically one of the main sources of unhappiness?

    The US has pursued materialistic perfection, and is now pursuing perfection in other domains (mental, emotional control and mastery, etc). The standards keep rising. And the people are made to feel ever more inadequate and that they cannot keep up with the pace of changes and increasing demands.

    If a living standard doesn’t make you happy, what is the point of attempting to acquire it except to address issues of low self worth? The poor doesn’t suffer from low self worth in the third world, this is not an issue with them. Only in the US and Europe are the poor made to question their worth.

    Every time I leave the US and come back, I am struck by the stress and unhappiness of the people here, while in the nation I visited the people acted more human, definitively more calm, and more authentic and responsive to others, even when very poor by US standards.

    Until someone tells you that living with a dirt floor or that sitting crossed legged on the ground rather than on a chair causes to be become subhuman, you may be perfectly happy with it.

  • Inger Lise

    The world-view of each nation in the world will be an intricate “play of the game.”
    In todays news…..a swiss couple(as the bicycle-tourists in India) became attacked by 8/9 native men. The husband was beaten up with sticks, while his wife(39 years old)were raped by all the 9 men while the husband became forced of to watching it.
    And in todays news here in Norway(where of us have lived peacefully and “protected” in decades), a 19 year old girl walking on the street became all of a sudden attacked by three men whom jumped out of a car. She managed of to fight back and the three “foreigners” who did not spoke the norwegian language, jumped into the car again and vanished. And it happened within a small peaceful town.

    Is it the individual karma in “the Play” ?……or, is it within the mass-consciousness…..or both ?

    What is it in the sub-conscious which will be “manifesting” as such situations ?

  • mewabe

    A wise old Indian man was once asked how he lived to be so old and seemed to avoid difficulties in life.

    He answer was that where difficulties lay in waiting, he just did not show up. In other words he followed his inner guidance for self protection.

    Some people have no such connection with their inner self, and walk right into the lion’s den (wrong place, wrong time).

    Is it really their choice, at a higher level? Who is to say? I do think that we each have a rough idea of where our life is meant to take us, that we choose our destiny, a general blueprint, but that there is a lot of flexibility, and that accidents, although probably rare, can happen.

    We do not necessarily control all of it, we are not totally in the driver seat, particularly if we are not conscious and live unconsciously, there is give and take between us and the world, to speed growth.

    However each event can only have meaning for the person experiencing it, whether s/he called it or it came as an accident.

  • Inger Lise

    You are marvelleous Mewabe, and I have hoped for an reply from you, thanks a lot my friend.

    It is a lot of wisdom in it. ALL of what you are telling resonates within me. Well, except in the view upon of the woman will be any better than the men(laughs). And have taken into the consideration of us to have had many life-spans (the aspects) in of to be both of the kind. I`ll guess of us must find the balance between the two poles of energies in the end. As below, so above.

    Another thought which came to mind:When to read the news, whatever it may be(one way or the other)….It is of to make “an impression” upon the mind somehow, we are to become “more alert” after of “to hear” about everything within the daily news. No more “sleep-walking.”
    Maybe it is the part of “the blueprint?”

  • ionic breeze

    Thanks, guys. wow. I love music. Every kind really sings my soul. I don’t know. I just love chanting, though. Really. I do. I knew I was a chanter in life. Gregorian, African, Native American, you name it. I am all those in all life. Thanks He He He

    I am really here on a brief stint. I don’t know what to say. I just want to swing my gossamer thread this way, and speak a little easy, after this post, speak a little easy blissy life. I don’t know. Those equinox energies are still coming, and whew they can be blissy, but, truthfully, I am in a notalk zone now. I just am for some reason. .in a Hi Ho He ha ha ha uh. . you know, a heat of the sun kind of gazy phazy hour. I quit talking, just for a bit. .I don’t know. I don’t know a thing anymore.

    Truthfully, I don’t. . I am a witness witnessing a witness witness a witness witness. Whew That’s a lot of witness to witness witness witness. Omg. Where am I? Who am I? What am I? Now, what are we? Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing where we are being what we are being right here, right now? where are we being what we are being in the biggest, highest heart of all life, if we are truly being a thing called oneness, but speak like a single one that doesn’t step up for another one aspect?

    If we say we are somewhere like bliss, oneness, one love, communion, unity, can we say love over there does not impact love over here, my love here, where I live does not impact all love over there, where all love lives in me as oneness? Love there impacts all life, just as love here impacts all life.

    the rest can be seen at my blog at

    Love to all Hi Ho He Whew the energies are lovely this day Hi Ho He Whew phew Hi

  • Marko

    Inger said:

    “Is it the individual karma in “the Play” ?……or, is it within the mass-consciousness…..or both ?”

    I would answer both. We are personal creators of our interior reality & co creators of our outer reality.

    “Another thought which came to mind:When to read the news, whatever it may be(one way or the other)….It is of to make “an impression” upon the mind somehow, we are to become “more alert” after of “to hear” about everything within the daily news. No more “sleep-walking.”
    Maybe it is the part of “the blueprint?”

    How we react or respond to the news directly reflects the interior world we manifest in ourselves.

    When I see shocking news, I realize that this is in relation to the people involved who are probably often deep into dysfunction drama & conflict. None of which I invite or interest me personally, except to have compassion on them for what they are going through.

    Nature does not waste & it’s appalling beyond description the waste that society now allows. That said, my personal view is that when I throw out waste that can’t be recycled or composted goes something like this:

    “I’m thankful that as creative loving beings we can solve & resolve our waste problems.”

    That thought & especially that loving non condemnatory feeling put out, expressed in the world can hopefully be the helpful influence to inspire others to further solve the problems. If further opens me up to be receptive to doing more to help be less wasteful & discover ideas to further be of help in my own home & world around me.

    I was very surprised that some of the most amazing news to hit our planet save the pronunciations of public ET contact was the discovery of water on Mars!

    Yet what got the most news was the new pope. God bless him, but really the Church is light years behind society. Of course they now are paying the price of their rigid sexual rules & patriarchal ways.

    The media reflects the collective. So does our entertainment. Yet in all that I read, I also good news & see alternative viewpoints being expressed even in mainstream corporate media. You just have to look & see it. I even see news that shows how to possibly resolve things as well. That’s my perspective.


  • Inger Lise

    Yes, agree in seeing the positive news as well Marko.

    But how do you explain of us here in
    Norway have lived in decades “without any serious problems,” more or less as as of us have lived within “the pristine soil” in decades and then all of a sudden have “got the whole world on our doorstep.”
    We have had the opportunity of to live “freely” without any “main-problems.”

    I have seen of it is a whole world “out there” of us never have had “to deal with” at all….before now. Even the nazi-occupation during the five years of WWII “have been “nothing” in comparison of what we are experiencing now. One way or the other, the nazies “treated” us well in comparison with other nations. I have heard told by “the ordinary citizens”(of the generation who have experienced it) of they have never felt more “secure” in their daily life. No criminals on the streets, no locked doors was “neccessary.”
    The word “criminality” have almost been out of the vocalburary.

    Okay, the resitance movement made a difference, but the german troops NEVER attacked “the peace” within the ordinary life of the common people.
    Many of the german soldiers(according told by the soldiers who lived in Norway) told of they have never seen a population in such calmness of what “happened” to them. Also when the war was over.
    350.000 german troops surrendered in Norway by themselves….no englismen or americans in sight(and they became the foundation of to rebuild Germany with the Marshall-help), without any hatred from the population (maybe some of course). But the hatred turned “inward” instead… toward the norwegian “traitors”, who had become the servants of the nazies. The symbolism of “The Guilty” feelings? As all of us “mirroring” each others ?

    By the way, if of you don`t know it…..The russians set free the northren part of Norway(and in helping the population up north in the best way they could, the russian soldiers sharing they own rations with the survived civillians up there as everything was burned down to the ground)and without hesitation indoinf it….and not of to try any “occupation”…. the russian troops left Norway again afterwards… (The northren part of Norway experienced the worst happenings during WWII). The divine intervention came by the russians if you asks me(or perhaps the agreement before the incarnation). I have NEVER heard it mentioned other places than here in Norway.
    It is always “the winners” who have written “the history.”
    Yes, we are living within “the time-bubbles” of the hologram. But it is the illusion of matter. We are all souls having an experience in the physical form.

  • mewabe

    Thank you Inger Lise…yes everything is connected, we cannot separate the inner and the outer, the self and the world…it is all one event.

    Yes Marko I agree with much of what you wrote…

    …but unfortunately it is not just a matter of non recyclable personal waste, but one of an endless array of highly toxic chemicals whose combination in the human body produces intractable negative outcomes, of untold amounts of industrial and military wastes, some so toxic that they are listed in the Superfund programs, while others, just as deadly, are allowed, of the killing of our oceans, of the depletion and pollution of our fresh water supplies (mostly from industries such as mining), and the list is endless.

    And the grand illusion is, in my opinion, to think that science and technology will come up with a miraculous cure to solve it all at the last minute.

    This is comparable to a person who, not taking care of his body and engaging in blatantly health-destroying habits, believes it will be the responsibility of the doctor to put him back together again.

    This faith in science and technology as the new saviors simply allows the multitudes to keep on living irresponsibly, to not take care of the earth, and to allow the ongoing destruction of its life supporting ecosystems.

    For the sake of all life and the subsequent generations, wouldn’t it make more sense to live as if science and technology were not going to solve our problems, and stop acting irresponsibly, just as a smoker who quits smoking because not sure that his potential resulting illness (from smoking) might be curable?

    Wouldn’t prevention be more intelligent?

    And would not prevention necessitate a profound, total re-evaluation of the nature of our relationship with the earth? Isn’t it why it is resisted so intensely in the first place, because people cannot let go of the idea of dominion, which they think means dominance and exploitation without any regard for life?

    I am not implying, Marko, that this blind faith in science and technology is something you subscribe to…I am only describing what I have witnessed from some of the mainstream culture, and from many leaders in government, industry and science.

  • Marko

    “Wouldn’t prevention be more intelligent?” Oh yes excellent excellent! Let’s include this in Preventive medicine as well.

    I say use all things at our disposal Science, technology, creativity, meditation, prayer visualization & prevention. All of it.

    Each & every thought & feeling we put out has an effect on us & the world around us.

    Much of our dominant thought is unconscious & so reinforces much of the destructive, dysfunctional world we see. Dominant thoughts & feelings rule. Smaller thoughts less so. Except when repeated over & over & over & eventually become the new dominant.

    “I’m thankful that as creative loving beings we can solve & resolve our waste problems.”

    “That thought & especially that loving non condemnatory feeling put out, expressed in the world can hopefully be the helpful influence to inspire others to further solve the problems. If further opens me up to be receptive to doing more to help be less wasteful & discover ideas to further be of help in my own home & world around me.”

    Now to me I’m adding to the radio frequency that creates solutions. None of it is limited to just science & technology but anything creative & inspiring with healthy solution oriented possibilities.

    Listen, the worlds problem are beyond my individual personal scope, they require the collective or perhaps the critical mass. So the fact that I put out solution possibility thinking & feelings rather than just throwing stuff out unthinkingly, well this seems to be a very positive thing to do.

    I’ve never heard anyone talk about it in this way. I’m sure people do, but I’ve never yet read about it myself. It’s just a logic I use based on my advancing in my own spiritual growth & helping in any little way to bring in positive solution possibilities into the vast collective.

    I offer & say this here as an example of what I’m being & doing.

    Inger absolutely fascinating post, did you have a specific question for me or just educating more on Norway history?


  • mewabe

    I agree Marko, and I do like that you put that thought out there when throwing stuff away. Yes, thoughts are very powerful. Some esoteric schools state that everything is Mind (the Kybalion among others).

    Change does not happen quickly because so many are choosing to believe that they, as individuals, will not make any difference, so they are waiting for change to come from the top, from leadership.

    But leadership (and that includes corporations, industries and the military) could just as well say (and some do): if you, the public, the consumer, do not change your habits, we cannot change either, because we are responding to your demands (demands for oil, for plastic, for energy, etc etc).

    Business is, after all, focused on fulfilling a need. It’s a closed loop. We are all responsible, and all have the power to change, or not.

    Change is happening, but slowly. We need more people to write and speak eloquently about the earth, to speak from the heart and soul…from LOVE…to reach mass consciousness, to awaken feeling, not just give out frightening data. People who love the earth must speak out, to awaken this love in others.
    I am trying to do this in my writings (I do not mean here, but in my personal writings).

    As I mentioned, we must also urgently redefine our relationship to the earth, as being a part of nature, not its adversaries, not its masters. Nature is not meant to be our slave, our servant…it is life, and we should love it with all our heart, appreciate it, respect it, and honor it.

    Children should be taught to love and respect the earth, and to find their just place within “the web of creation”. They should be taught that all is related, that all life is interconnected and interdependent (not just humans, all life).

    By the way I refused to drive a car until I was 28, because I did not want to pollute. Then I was very much forced to acquire a car. I try to walk my talk as well…to be “green”…because I feel that I am as responsible for the fate of the earth as any large industry.

    I am spiritually and physically responsible…I have to have a spiritually authentic relationship to the earth, and it goes beyond avoiding polluting, it is for me a way of being, of walking in harmony with life.

    When something is disharmonious, I feel it, and it is not the kind of relationship I want to have with life…this is my way, it’s primarily a feeling.

  • Marko

    Well said, I agree!

    All the good stuff seems to happen so slowly it seems, yet at some point it may snow ball into this world or, people just realize there’s more to be & do & do it.

    I was living a majority of thinking & feeling positive & didn’t realize it at first, so gradual or natural it was. This may be one way the collective wakes as well.

    Only time will tell. I think many are awakening on many levels.

    Those that oppose, condemn us most if given loving compassionate energy back, may in turn when they awaken, awaken even faster than us. Thus, those that we feel we could teach may eventually be teaching us.

    Stranger things have happened.


  • mewabe

    I again agree Marko, yes everything is possible…including things that we cannot even imagine yet…

    Those who oppose us (in my mind, “us” meaning “we who stand for life”, life in its most expended context) are actually opposing themselves, and perhaps fearing and resisting an inner truth that could indeed be even more potent than our own in its expression.

  • Inger Lise

    Hmmm, well well Marko. As everything will be connected….laughs…The human history of little Norway, will be “the human history” with all of its complications in a nutshell…..I`m convinced of all of us have lived many lives(in time—in the consciousness of time) as the inhabitants of (in) MANY countries.
    We cannot learn of “to know ourselves” without of to learn from “the world history,” and not only from the one part(side) of it ! That`s the own opinion of course. All of us have participated in the history of the world from the very beginning….and it is called Evolution in Consciousness.

  • Carol Skelton

    Thank You Neile. I am Enlightened. I am Aware. Cuz I say I AM

  • Robyn

    I get it! I am enlightened. Thank you Neale! I love your books, by the way. I also love this website and I will be checking in every day for more inspiration.

  • Marko

    Thank you Mewabe & Inger!

  • ionic breeze

    God says this to me today, “Never look for me. I am with you always.” I come forth to say we are home, home, home in all life.

    I had a dream this day this day. It was in a half state, half dream, half awake, one of those life forming dreams, where you know you are witnessing a witness witness and there is a message for all love. It was that. I’ve had a few of them, and always there’s a message for all love there. Today it was this. Chimes. I heard chimes, bells ringing. Wow. Something’s grand happening all over the land. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Love to all here Hi 🙂


  • ionic breeze

    Hi Life,

    Well hu hu hu if life is silent when they are enlightened, I guess I picked the wrong thread 🙂 Anyhoo, I’m just here to play a song for Mewabe. It’s one I meant to play the other day. I found it 🙂 It sings a soul song Whew Wee I love it. Love to all, and I’m going to be like a tree. I promise, and not speak, for at least a second 🙂 Here’s your song. Love to all Hi

  • mewabe

    Thank you Michelle, I have this one too, I love it…from the album Sacred Spirits. It sounds like it is from the Southwest (Navajo or some Pueblo tribe).

    Our hearts are set in the Heavens
    It is there that our hearts are set,
    in the expanse of the Heavens.

    From the Pawnee people, who felt an affinity with the Pleiades, as did many Native people here (and I do too (:

  • ionic breeze

    Hi Mewabe,
    I am that I am. I am a pleiade, too 🙂 We are that who knows we are that. We are that who knows we are many, so many more we can’t count he he he hu Wee Hi Whew I am you, life. I just am. We are one life. We lift all love as we come together in one heart of gold that is I Amness. We are the life lifting love to all love in this hi room of oneness always and forever.


    Ionic breeze

  • mewabe

    Michelle, have you ever read the book “I am that”?

    Then there is the I Am university…

    and the “I Am That I Am” Kriya yoga Paramahansa Yogananda based meditation…meant to raise the inner life energy (kundalini ascending from the base chakra) and let it merge with the universal cosmic energy (descending through the crown chakra)…to unite them as one in the heart (love) and then letting this light of all knowing love take its place in the third eye chakra (the all knowing inner “temple”, according to some what I just described is the process and the meaning of the Christ child being born within, from such union…Christ consciousness…meaning union consciousness…oneness consciousness…this is what Kriya yoga is).

    I don’t do any of this, but I know these are interesting ways.

  • mewabe

    By the way, there is another aspect to this conversation about enlightenment.

    As with everything else, the western man and woman are usually in a rush.

    They want to become certified “Reiki masters”, “yoga teachers” or ” shamans” after having taken a one week class somewhere, and they try a bite of everything from the enlightenment buffet, wondering why they get nowhere fast, literally speaking.

    Everything has to be a “crash course”…aptly named because it crashes.

    Anyone who wants anything must first learn patience…in order to get back into Being…rather than doing. That’s the old Native American wisdom. Be first, then do if necessary…most times being is enough.

    Remembering Being is the very first step on any path towards the light…towards enlightenment.

  • mewabe

    So…for someone to say that they have done it all, tried it all, on the path towards enlightenment, is to admit that they have breezed through it all very superficially and while expecting instantaneous results.

    This attitude itself is the one lone cause of failure. Speed is a disease in our civilization.

    It does really matter what one does, but how one does it…where one is while doing it…3000 light years ahead focused on an outcome, 500 years in the past, or here and now, just Being?

    Anything becomes a form of meditation when you are present…even if you are shaving, baking a cake or shining your shoes.

    Be as the child, with the open heart and mind of the child…here and now. That’s the first and last step. It all grow from there, if you are patient.

  • ionic breeze

    Hi Mewabe,

    So many sparks from you as usual. What to say in this little white box in a jiff? I don’t know how to sum it up in a paragraph, a little one, I mean. I usually just write one big long one but that’s not nice, so here is me as I am in all life. Whew wee what to say? Here it is.

    Well, I follow my own heart. Always did, and always will. No gurus for this one. No kriya, either, but, here is a confession. God told me, specifically, to do kriya. I didn’t though, becasue I thought it involved so many contortions, so many limbs moving and grooving in circular movemnts near the ear lobes, and, well, I just didn’t feel like it. But, God I Am has a way of getting his way wihtout our knowing. And, that ‘s what he did with me. I find that I move and groove my limbs in the light in ways that mimic certain buddhist monks, yogis. I know this, becasue I saw them on youtube, believe it or not. They do it in a louder way, I’ll give you that, but the hand movements are the same, and I now know I am not so wierd. It’s great to find out others are trailing in a similar way, but truthfully one doens’t need to look anywhere but within, within the heart of them. The heart of one alwasy leads to the heart of all that is. Hi Ho He

    Love, Love, Love to all life Hi

  • ionic breeze

    oh yea. “Be as the child, with the open heart and mind of the child…here and now. That’s the first and last step. It all grow from there, if you are patient.”

    There was a grand one who said this in all life. I don’t normally quote the big book, but the red lines are grand to me. That’s all I ever read of that big book. To me, the rest of them were too scary in all life. Jesus’ words are not. Here his quote that is your quote, love. Whew love is what is when it’s true Hi

    “I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children {in your hearts. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. The greatest (most important) person in the kingdom of heaven is the person that makes himself humble like this child.” Matthew, somewhere in Matthew Hi

  • mewabe

    Thank you Michelle…most of Kriya yoga is based on breath and guided visualization, not body contortions (just mind contortions) and I think it’s interesting, but it’s not my thing…I believe in spontaneity and flow, not these kinds of discipline.

    I believe in living effortlessly and aimlessly.

    I believe that the leaf dancing in the wind is in perfect harmony with the universe…and this is how I choose to live my life, like this leaf, without a purpose other than life itself…being…I Am.

    I don’t even believe in becoming, as Neale puts it, the greatest version of the greatest vision etc…that sounds way too contrived.

    I believe in opening more…to what already is, all around us and within…not really our vision, but the whole mystery of life, and letting it grow within us on its own terms (sound like pregnancy).

  • ionic breeze

    🙂 yea. It is a pregnancy. It’s a birth. God is a process. I know that’s one I had trouble with when I first saw that in CWG. God, a process? like a machine? I resisted that one. I just did. To me, God had been pouring through automatic writing, so process, to me, was too remote, too far from a true love I knew was so lovely in life. It was like chatting with a best friend, having tea witha true love everyday, so process, like remote, distant observing of love as us was not really what I imagine my God doing in all life. Now, I know God is the witness witnessing witness and I am that I am who bubbles love for bubbling love, as all are.

    Here is the deal. God is already all that is. That is what is. God is also bubblijng up newness with every bubbling new bubble of creation we imagine here now, so it’s kind of a dichotomy, I guess. We are here, yet there. We are still, yet always moving and grooving in and out of all life. God is a breath. That breath literally moves us to home, home, home. In one breath, we are born. In one breath, we die. All life comes in a breath to us if we still our minds, lour hearts, our souls. Whew Life is grand, when we breath I Amness. You are that, Mewabe, who knows I Amness is in a leaf, a tree, a rock, a true love. We are the rock that moves life to all love Whew Hi Ho He

    Love to you, Love Hi


  • nicole

    @ Inger Lise:
    you mentioned in another post about problems with memory, look for the book:
    Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! by Lise Bourbeau (that is for mind issues/emotional body)
    look on youtube for the series:
    Autism Diet: Donna Gates & Dr. Campbell-McBride (that is for nutrition wise help – especially watch part 5 and 6)

    Hope that helps!
    Love and blessings to you!

  • Inger Lise

    Nicole, thank you my friend.
    Louise Hay telling the same.

    I have studied Candice Pert, Ph.D. and her lectures about “Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind, and “Your Brain Is Not in Charge.”

    Another thing of to have noticed will be how the food assimilates in the body, but must admit never of to have given up the one cup of the morning coffee. Two bodies will not be the same. It is fluid, and never static.

    I do believe of it is nothing of us “must do” other than “be in contact” with the own core of circumstances. But it have taken “the time” in of to acknowledge it.

    Life itself is the eternal river of expression. I`ll believe of the age have to do with it. At my age each day is felt as a new beginning. I`m free of to do as what pleases me, and it is a good feeling.

    As ACIM tells in one affirmation: “I`m not a body but as God have created me.”
    ACIM also telling of “us have never left God,” much in the same way as Neale.
    The fluid time-aspect have become “a part of me.”

    Blessings to you and all.

  • Ron Marriott

    Freewill, that wonderful gift from our Father,Mother God,(You can choose), no complications, no fancy outfits, simply realise, our Father Mother God is a God of Love, he wants nothing, he gave us the gift of Love, so we are able to love, You have a choice, I have a choice, show ones love by being ‘Kind’, oh, you will be tested, and you will fail, but learn from your failings, and they (Do not work) so learn from them, and (make them work) by not repeating them!

  • Robin

    I wonder if all the “trying” to do something to become enlightened, though, does make the difference, is the key. By trying and trying to become enlightened shows the higher beings/your higher self/guides/angels/God that you care about your own enlightenment, and thus you are rewarded with enlightenment eventually. For those who knock, the door will open.

    • Jeremy May

      No guides can enlighten a seeker. There should be no attempt as there is nothing to gain, only the practice of mindfulness. With mindfulness, all things are revealed as they are: phenomenon in concert. When the mind sees clearly, that awareness is enlightenment.

      • georgiypotulov

        Even the practice of mindfulness turns to restlessness in the long run. It is still a form of an escape which should be avoided. Practicing these things will not get one closer to their natural state of functioning.

        • Jeremy May

          Mindfulness does not turn into restlessness. Restlessness is the absence of mindfulness.

          You are Negating. Negation is a mother of illusion.

          • georgiypotulov

            What I was trying to say was that you cannot practice mindfulness. Don’t bother theorizing about thoughtless states. When thought is finished, you die. Until then, all talk of thoughtless states are the silly products of thought trying to give itself continuity by believing in and searching out a thoughtless state. If you have ever fancied yourself to be in a thoughtless state it means that thought was very much there. Practicing peace is only a disturbance for this smooth functioning body when we don’t instill any sort of ideas upon it and let it do its own thing.

          • Guest

            Sorry, anything I say will only end up being misleading. Make of it what you will.

          • Jeremy May

            I see you 🙂

          • georgiypotulov

            Basically, it sounds very contradictory to you. What I am doing is I make a statement and the second statement negates the first statement. Sometimes you see contradictions in what I am saying.
            Actually, they are not contradictions. This statement does not express what I am trying to express so the second statement is negating the first statement. The third statement negates the first two statements and the fourth statement negates the previous three statements, not with the idea of arriving at any goal, not with the idea of communicating anything to you. There is nothing to be communicated, only this series of negations, not with the idea of arriving at any goal. Your goal is understanding. You want to understand, you see. There is nothing to understand here. Every time you make some sense out of it, I try to point out that is not it.
            It is not the doctrine of neti-neti. You know, in India they have evolved this negative approach, but the so-called negative approach is a positive approach because they are still interested in reaching a goal. They have failed through the positive approaches so they have invented what is called the negative approach, “Not this, not this.” The unknown cannot be reached, you see, nor can it be experienced through the positive approach. The so-called negative approach is not really a negative approach because there is still the positive goal of knowing the unknown or wanting to experience something which cannot be experienced. It’s only a trick. That’s all it is, playing games.
            There is no such thing as the unknown at all. How can I say that there is no such thing as the unknown? How can I make such a dogmatic assertion? You will find out. As long as you are pursuing the unknown, this movement is in operation. There is something that you can do that gives you the hope that maybe one day you will stumble into this experience of the unknown. How can the unknown ever become the known? Not a chance. Even assuming for a moment that this movement is not there, what is there you will never know. You have no way of knowing it at all, no way of capturing and experiencing that or giving expression to it.
            Your helplessness persists because of your dependency upon some outside agency. When that dependency, fictitious or not, is not there then the feelings of helplessness and the desire to communicate in the abstract are not there. If the one goes, the other must go also. Your situation and prospects only seem hopeless because you have ideas of hope. There is bound to be helplessness and overwhelming frustration as long as you exist in relationship with the hope for fulfillment because there is no fulfillment at all. This is the source of your dilemma.

          • Jeremy May

            You are not wrong in any of that. You are only wrong that mindfulness takes effort. It is the learning of mindfulness that takes effort. That is why we expound the dharma, for the learning of the mindfulness that gives rise to right understanding.

        • Jeremy May

          There is no escape without mindfulness

  • Ionic Breeze Whew Hi

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hi Neale, I just want to say thank you. Thank you, Life. Thank you, Life, for bringing Neale to this realm like he is in this realm. Life, where would we be had Neale not stepped up in what? 90s? It seems so long ago. Wow. When God poured through me in 2002 in a conscious mind, I thought I was alone. i thought I was the only wonderfully wierdness happening. I was so scared, at that time, to speak my name and come forth and declare God as Love, God as Light, God as me, that I . .really, I. .don’t know if I would be here on this world wide web we’ve go spiralling upwards to God I Am in a hi flying beam of light, had he not come forth like a True Trooper. You are that, Life, Neale, God, who came forth for HEaven. Thank you, Love. I just had to say that today for all life to hear, to see, to speak, to be. Thank you, Neale. Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you for being You. Thank you for being Who you are in All Life. Thank you for speaking the Love you, God share in All Life. Whew We laugh. We cry at all the good parts in CWG. I hold those to my heart like. .I don’t know what. They are my heart. They always were. They just are that. They are. Hi Now, I’m done, Life. I just have to say if Neale didn’t do what he did, when he did it, I wonder would we have this New Day so many lightworkers, wayshowers, beacons of light Whew Shew and Whew that ought to do it. Hi Thanks again, love. I wish the best for you and your true twin there named Em Sweet Em Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You are that. You are. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Who is that Love Sweet Love in All Life, and you know it. I want to say thank you to the wave that brings in the waves to the one big wave paver of all big wave wavers of all life. You are the wave, love, the wave that shook and brook the waves of life, so that all waves could come in to the Big Grand Finale Hi Hi HI show of all life, love. Thank you, Life. Thank you, Love, for being God and Goddess, Em. Hi Ho He

    Love to you,

    Ionic Breeze Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Speaking of out of body experiences, check this Guy out. I hear he is a real grand one in all life Hi

    Love to all life

  • Sonja Zalar

    Hi Neale, I just finished the Book 3 from your Conversations With God series – they are wonderful books. You have managed to transfer an incredible amount of information in a very easy to read and understand way (even to a non native English speaker like me).
    Thank you!

    About your article above; there is one interesting thing about the choice one has or does.
    “The Buddha had discovered that you can choose to be peaceful no matter what is going on…”

    Since my early childhood, I found in many different situations in my life that I wanted to be for example peaceful, I was choosing to be peaceful but I would still react differently. I didn’t choose that reaction consciously, it would be somehow be stronger than me. That would lead me to a great deal of frustration but also to a journey to find the way to better myself, to be more who I am wanting to be.

    The journey is wonderful, sometimes hard too and unpredictable – on my path there has been a significant leap that I feel wouldn’t happen if I didn’t go to the 10 day Vipassana meditation course (as taught by S.N. Goenka ). It just enabled me to EXPERIENCE reality as it is, while until then, I was only imagining it. That lead me to also experience my blind reactions, to experience them disappearing (after I fully and consciously accepted them) and to experience me being peaceful.

    So my desire is just to share my experience because maybe Vipassana might help somebody else too.

    May all be happy and peaceful.
    With love, Sonja

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  • Jack Zaczkowski

    today i became enlightened, but i became terrified as i realized that to become enlightened meant it was the death of my mind. i was sad to leave everyone on earth behind even though i knew we were already one. i realized that there is no body, we are nothing but a vibration, and i vibrated as the one in heart and mind. its hard to explain, but i chose to not go through with it. i literally said the words “im not ready yet” to god because i am not yet ready to bathe in eternal nothingness, in his perpetual light. has anybody else had this experience (im sure there are a few).

    • Jeremy May

      That is the choice of the Bodhisattva. I’m sure you made the correct decision 🙂

  • Dhruv

    Dear Neale , I respect what all you said/wrote , but you haven’t understood the concept of enlightenment. Since you quoted Buddha repeatedly, you did not mention that the Demon MARA tried to disrupt his penance , when he finally sat under tree for enlightenment.You have no idea about several things which lead to enlightenment, how it is achieved, these are the things which no one will tell , only an able GURU will tell to his disciple, both are rare. I have practiced for 22 years , since age 11, and then understood the concept of it all.You need to unlearn everything and look at it again with a different view. Dhruv – email id

    • Jeremy May

      Guru’s are dangerous.

  • georgiypotulov

    Doing nothing is still doing something. Nothing is only a concept for us.

  • georgiypotulov

    “As long as you want to do something with whatever is there you are thinking. Wanting and thinking are not two different things. Wanting to understand means there is a movement of thought. You are adding momentum to that movement, giving it continuity. The senses function unnaturally in you because you want to use them to get something. Why should you get anything? Because you want the self to continue you are protecting that continuity. Thought is a protective mechanism. It protects you at the expense of something or somebody else. If you could be in a state of awareness for a single moment once in your life the continuity would be snapped, the illusion of the experiencing structure, the you, would collapse and everything would fall into the natural rhythm. In this state you do not know what you are looking at. That is awareness. If you recognize what you are looking at you are there again experiencing the old, what you know. What makes one person come into his natural state and not another person, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s written in the cells. It is acausal. It is not an act of volition on your part. You can’t bring it about. There is absolutely nothing you can do. You can distrust any man who tells you how he got into this state. One thing you can be sure of is that he cannot possibly know himself and cannot possibly communicate it to you. There is a builtin triggering mechanism in the body. If the experiencing structure of thought happens to let go, the other thing will take over in its own way. The functioning of the body will be a totally different functioning without the interference of thought except when it is necessary to communicate with somebody. You have to throw in the towel, be totally helpless. No one can help you and you cannot help yourself. This state is not in your interest. You are only interested in continuity. You want to continue, probably on a different level, and to function in a different dimension, but you want to continue somehow. You wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole. This is going to liquidate what you call you, all of you. This structure is born of time and functions in time but does not come to an end through time.”

  • georgiypotulov

    Doing nothing is still doing something.

  • Rahinatu Adamu

    you know the thing about it is that we have all had our journeys, i have been on this journey for as long as i can remember, i have prayed to God sometimes over night, i have fasted , i have read the quran so many times, read different prayers , did different type of prayers , count the rosary in different manners all looking for answers but it never came, i got frustrated , got angry and had so much disappointment but once i stop wanting to understanding , once i stop demanding for answers it felt ok, i felt a certain sense of quietness , i started asking my self what was i really looking for , what was the answers i wanted to hear ……and there was actuality nothing but peacefulness and a certain kind of contentment that settles within me and it really felt like nothing really matters!
    i met this amazing lady called Melissa, she had this analogy about human behavior and she had a wonderful and beautiful way of explaining it, it was the best anyone had ever done to me, she talked about the highest form of living and the lowest form of living and we all bounce in between the lines of the two extremes, sometimes our learning is at the high and sometimes our learning is at the lowest but how we handle those extremes and the decission we make at those times are what make us humans. it explained alot to me especially as a Muslim.
    i have question so many dimensions of the Islamic teachings and i think many where based on the high and low level of our teachers at the moment of their teachings, i might be wrong but this way of seeing things have allowed me to understand and accept certain teachings that never made any sense to me.
    At the end nothing really matters but the present moment and what you are doing.

    • mdb

      I chanced on this in my seeking. But I can tell you that I absolutely know I am nothing and this hurts . Dealing with next moment send shivers down . Only in sleep does this go away. I wonder how my life fits in the overall scheme. may be it can bring relief. I talk of relief as I don’t remember having been in joy but yes a relief that have experienced plenty sometimes even waking up , taking a bath Feel guilty of bothering my parents who spent their youth , time , money to give me post graduate education for 25 years . I spent my time being a very slow learner and not having any skills, talents thinking it will help . But all gone waste. My best efforts and results were punished severely with loss of reputation , money and what not throwing me back to stage 1 several times. , In the meanwhile I was already a no one in simple pleasure of life – be it dance, music, conversation , food , service , sex , what was I here for and has this birth helped any one . No answers yet but daily slaps. Find it hard to believe Nothing really matters. But I know it would be true at the time of death as it is during sleep . But would really love an aware life better than that of animals – a desire to live fearless effortless, spontaneous cheerful . Thank you for granting grace of a miracle that can save me Thank You