It is wonderful that Love opens the door to changing the minds of people who once held firm views of absolute intolerance. Love changes everything — even ideas on what we think God says, commands, and requires. And that is a very, very good thing. If only that love could extend beyond a person’s own family…

The latest high-profile person to demonstrate the power of Love to move people away from intolerance is Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who made a stunning announcement a few days ago  that he was reversing his longtime position opposing gay marriage, and was now totally supportive of it.

Mr. Portman is known as a conservative Republican, and when he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives he co-sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, which became law. The legislation defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

That was in 1996. But two years ago Senator Portman’s son, Will, told Mr. Portman and his wife, Jane, that he was gay. Mr. Portman said this past week that after thinking about it deeply, he could no longer oppose same-sex marriage. He opposition had its foundation in his Christian faith tradition, the senator said, and he wrestled with that, seeking to reconcile his new view with that of his church. Then he apparently decided to set particular religious beliefs about homosexuality aside. And why? Because of love.

“Ultimately, it came down to the Bible’s overarching themes of love and compassion, and my belief that we are all children of God,” he said.

Learning that his son was gay allowed him to “think about this issue from a new perspective, and that’s as a dad who loves his son a lot and wants him to have the same opportunities that his brother and sister have,” Portman is quoted as saying in an interview in The Columbus Dispatch. You can find that news report here. Senator Portman also voted in 1999 against allowing gay couples in Washington, D.C., to adopt children.

The Senator last week went so far as to write and have published an opinion piece in the Dispatch (found here) in which he says that he has “come to believe that if two people are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in good times and in bad, the government shouldn’t deny them the opportunity to get married.”

Admitting that this is not how he has always felt, he explains that “something happened that led me to think through my position in a much deeper way.” That something, of course, was learning of Will Portman’s sexual orientation. The senator said that his son told him that he did not experience homosexuality as a choice, but that it was just part of who he is.

Virtually every gay person in the world has been saying that for hundreds of years — but that has not stopped religious and political conservatives from opposing, if not condemning, homosexuality and gay marriage. Many religious conservatives frequently quote a Bible verse which they claim declares that homosexuality is an “abomination.”

Mr. Portman does not hold this view. Neither does former Vice President Dick Cheney, another staunchly conservative Republican, who also approves of same-gender marriage — and for the same reason as Senator Portman: Mr. Cheney also has a child, in this case a daughter, who is gay, and who is now married to her gay partner of many years.

This brings me to a single question: Might it ever be possible for religious and/or political conservatives to come around to a view that supports, rather than opposes, gay marriage even if those conservatives do not discover they have children who are gay?

The Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, has said that he supports gay marriage precisely because he is a conservative, since conservatives belief in individual freedom above all else. Such a position could only be taken, however, by a government and in a country where religious views of what God wants do not dictate political and legislative agendas.

Will the U.S. ever get to that place? Let that be our question for the day.

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  • Fr. Glen DeShaw

    Wonderful article. Often conservatives and / or Christians come to this realization not in opposition to their Christian beliefs, but rather by embracing those beliefs. The commandment to love our neighbors includes the concept of sharing that love and joy. In all circumstances. Amen!

  • mewabe

    The problem with religions is that their “sacred texts” are so contradictory that it allows people to pick and choose whatever they want, these texts cover it all.

    Out of the same book, some choose to read that they should “turn the other cheek”, while others read the law of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Some read that homosexuality is an “abomination”, while others read “do not judge lest ye be judged”.

    Who wrote the bible, a group of inebriated old men who could not remember what they wrote from one day to the next?

    Why would anyone take any religion seriously, even for a minute?

    Yes, the world is really moving forward…to catch up with the ancient past, for example, ancient Native American cultures that respected people whose sexual orientation was towards the same sex, calling such special people “two spirits”.

    Isn’t progress amazing?

    Next, we may start to discover the interconnection and interdependence of all life and apply such knowledge to our sciences, industries and technologies, as did most so-called primitive cultures for thousands of years, as did China for at least 4000 years before Mao Tse Tung.

    Wow…we are moving forward so fast I really can’t keep up!

  • mewabe

    On this subject, and expanding the topic to all that is negative, abusive and destructive in the world, from the mistreatment of people based on their race, gender, economic status, etc to the abuse and rape of the environment, I can see that many are tempted to loudly proclaim humanity’s evolution when hearing such news.

    But to stop being a fear-driven bigot or an abuser is not really evolution at all…it is called, from my perspective, a return to normalcy, to sanity, to fundamental humanity (as in humanism).

    Evolution, spiritual growth, are quite another matter altogether.

    This reminds me of the song “Amazing Grace”. The author was a slave trader…then, boom!…He had this profound insight…that Africans were human beings! Wow…he thought he was “converted”.

    Was he really touched by “God’s grace”?…In my opinion he was very highly deluded before, while endorsing and engaging in the slave trade, and then he found his sanity. Period.

    Are we living in such a deeply insane and inhuman world that a simple return to basic sanity and humanity inspires hymns to God and the greatest praises?

    Really, we need to look at ourselves with a little more clarity!

  • Erin/IAm

    If Conservatives uphold “individual freedom above all else”, then perhaps they could be the Ones to rectify the way Indigenous Peoples are treated & ‘held captive’ within boundaries, rather than free to be of these lands, which were once entirely their home. This ‘movement’ alone would bring ‘other views’ into the mainstream to be Seen…i.e. that those who can intimately relate with their own gender are seen as ‘two-spirit people’ & held with high regard for this ‘giftedness’.

    It just makes good sense to establish a strong foundation when building. If We are to continue to relate Ourselves unto a world as “United” anything, then this must be an expression of Our Truth…We should Be a United Nation…We should Be United states. And what are We united by? Freedom. This ‘movement’ will bring all other stuff into grander perspective…Naturally.

    “Can We get to This place?” This ‘place’ has always been right where it is…Here & Now…Always. It’s simply been covered by stuff…human stuff.

    Perhaps a good Spring Cleaning? Works wonders on little home bases, why not bigger Home basis? Spring is only days away…A Now in process…Grab a good rag, a strong broom, a huge garbage bag, and an Earth-friendly grease-cutter…Let’s get to it! 🙂

    As Life re-emerges about…fresh, vibrant, colorful…Would be a ‘good thing’ to follow suit, yes?

    Good Journey! 🙂

  • Erin/IAm

    Ahhh…mewabe! I posted before reading the other comments first…how cool that we were on a same-page! 😀

  • Lloyd

    Yes the US will eventually be a place where all can live and love and share in our society equally. Who would have a problem with eqaulity? Who demands that everyone accept a singular definition about how freedom be interpreted, and implemented. To me anyone who steps up and says this is the only way is saying they are dicator material, because their judgement must be more important than anyones. Be very weary of these individuals, stand up and be honorable to your own views, speak your own truth, and discuss openly why everyones views is of equal importance to themselves. Be true to yourself. Namaste’

  • Laura Pringle

    Hmmmm. I Like what you said, Butch! Great advice:)

    mewabe and Erin/Iam, I liked yours immensely, as always; very intelligently written and wonderfully thought provoking. The slightly condescending tone of both kinda made me feel a lil bad. Usually, when I read both your posts, I get a sense that I’m not as high up on the evolutionary scale…:)

    Our Laws are a reflection of what humans think God wants. It is becoming more and more apparent to everyone that our world is all interconnected, driven by an intelligent energy. It won’t take our species long to realize that God gets whatever God wants regardless of our beliefs. People’s Laws will fade away. Karma will be the only real law.

    People will do things. In a world with no man-made laws, They must decide if it’s worth taking a chance on transgressing on someone, or reaping the undetermined consequence of whatever “negative” action they decide upon–based on the knowledge that the “wronged” person may retaliate whatever way he/she chooses. Thus, they face a consequence based on the emotional engagement/evolutionary level of the person being “transgressed”.

    Does this sound crazy?

  • Laura Pringle

    Oops, Neale’s article, and I have neglected to remark about what he wrote. How embarrassing. Thanks so very much, Neale, for providing us with this avenue for communication and exchange of ideas. I love how you stay informed on relevant news and portray it for us in this forum so we can ponder it and create our ideas about it. This is such a great gift, we all appreciate it very much! 🙂

  • Jon the mechanic

    I like what Neale’s article said. And Erin/Iam I feel the same way about the Indigenous people that live in this country. I would like to see all people treated with respect and honor whether they have a dime or are rich. I hope that we in this country are starting to wake up.

  • mewabe

    Thank you Erin, thank you Laura….

    Sorry Laura, I did not think I was condescending, certainly not towards anyone on this site, just a little sarcastic about the “evolution” of our modern world…which seems to be experiencing cycles of devolution and evolution…currently trying to catch up with the distant past in many areas, a past before patriarchal religions and civilization, before it all went downhill.

    Our technological and scientific progress has been achieved at the cost of spiritual devolution…of ignoring the spiritual and suppressing our own humanity.

    It may sound like a controversial blanket statement, but think about it…the desecration of the natural world and of all life was a prerequisite to the advancement of technology and science as we choose to manifest and experience them, which was through forcefully and often brutally bending nature to our will…

    …and Christianity opened the way to such desecration and to the suppression of our humanity, by conceptually removing the divine from the physical creation and from humanity, leaving a vacant space ready for rape and exploitation.

    Now people are in search of the sacred, because they feel a big empty space in their soul.

    Now some in the civilized world are trying to catch up, to find their humanity and spirituality.

    All of the natural world and most indigenous people have been waiting for this for a very long time.

  • Christian Vaccese

    Considering the concept that if you are afraid of something you will continue to experience that something and will not overcome the problem moving toward the next evolution step, I would say that the gay marriage “issue” should be accepted, this is what Life is presenting us now. For years we have been opposing to gays, and this phenomenon became bigger and bigger as much as our fear was.
    I guess we are in a crucial time where finally the society, probably thank to internet, is more aware and informed and ready to accept and go to the next step of evolution.
    God Bless All

  • Lloyd

    Why doesn’t our society do away with marriage all together? The only reason I find is a legal one, for tax purposes, for legal ownership issues, etc. What would we do if marriage did not exist? Would we stop having families, with children, and stop owning homes, or cars or whatever material substance we desire? Of course not, life would continue just as it is now, this whole issue of gay marriage is 99% about religious influence within our political/legal system. We are suppose to be a society of separation of church and state so how did we allow religion to develop such an influence upon our legal system and in many cases set the frame of what is allowed and what can not be?

    Isn’t part of this whole issue about religious folks wanting to control what others in our society may be allowed to do? Stop and think, who has the right to tell anyone who they may or may not love? It hasn’t worked and it will never work, but still there are those within society that continue to speak as though they were the authority of “right and wrong, good or bad, etc.” and everyone must agree or pay the price. The only reason they have any power is because so many still buy into their illusion they know best. When we take back our power and stop listening to them and just simply do what we know is best for us their illusion of power over others is gone. Be your own authority.

  • ionic breeze

    I just want to pass some upbeat music to the dialogue. I saw this on Aol news, believe it or not. Finally, some good news coming out of them Hi Here it is.

    Love to you.

    • Michael L

      This was how life can be for all, with enlighten folks.

  • Therese

    Yes, of course we will, Neale! Too many Christians are noticing the inconsistent message of the Bible. Too many Christians have the personal experience of homosexuality in their lives, either directly of close to them, and know it is not a choice. And too many Christians are now looking at the Bible from a personal point of view and not strictly the view others have given them.

    Since people are all put in our space for a reason, then people like Senator Portman, and Prime Minister Cameron, are, from a high profile platform, put in our space for the right and perfect reason. They are put there to influence those who do not have direct experience of homosexuality, and are there to share their experiences with those who look to them as role models and leaders, and will, at the very least, consider what they say. A liberal talking to a conservative will never be heard in the same way as a conservative saying those exact same words to another conservative.

    Senator Portman has exhibited true courage, and has, undoubtedly, given others the courage to speak up, to think, and to act as well.

  • politics

    Where is the “conservatism” of those that are asking for the same equality’s of Marriage, an “already established” socially derived parameter that has always remained the same, until now.

    Is it possible to ask those that are in search of their Freedom to allow for the Freedom of others and accept that maybe they too could make concessions and be happy with another alternative, with the same benefits, which is of course the real issue here, isn’t it?

    Diplomacy is a benefit to all involved, is it not?

  • Michael L.

    When we label what we are not, we label what we are.
    Unfortunately we are not our bodies as CWG says plainly.
    But we converse here as if we are. We take in our physical trappings and believe what we see.

    When we realize we are not male or female or cross sexed, we are Love, plain and simple and we have a body this time around.

    Can we elevate the conversation to us all being loving souls, equal in our divinity. Yes we can!!

    It’s time to elevate the words we use for committing our time with others in relationships, because who ever gets, Married in this (separation we are) paradigm is putting them selves in a straight jacket. Because we are all one, are we not?

  • mewabe

    When there is any form of abuse taking place, in any way, against anyone or anything, non action and silence do not represent neutrality as so many think: they are a passive choice, but a choice nevertheless, a choice that passively supports abuse (or bigotry, racism, sexism, etc).

  • mewabe

    Steve, your efforts to be thorough and not step on anyone toes is commendable…

    I have personally learnt, through years of activism, that no matter how much you try, people who choose to get offended will get offended, by only reading or hearing or seeing what they want to, what matches their expectation of offense.

    Even Neale, who is usually very careful as well, encounters people who like to get riled up and offended by his statements.

    Such people, unbelievably, often hear or read the exact opposite of what you express.

    So I have learnt to spend less time attempting to not displease anyone and more effort being very clear and true to myself…in all areas of life.

    Such as when you mention that the US is an “arrogant alpha wannabe”…I would not worry about “arrogance”. I think it’s quite clever and quite true. Of course it is not the only nation that is has ever been guilty of this…each European nation has done it in turn, in colonial and imperial periods…as well as Japan, the USSR and possibly China in the near future.

    You shouldn’t apologize for such statements, because this alpha dominance mentality is a very serious problem, a sickness in this world, that needs to be urgently addressed. It is unintelligent and very destructive.

    It allocated unbelieving amounts of time, money, natural resources and scientific knowledge and technological breakthroughs to the aim of becoming more effective cavemen, or dominant apes.

    This is off topic but I just thought I would mention it.

  • ionic breeze

    Hi life,

    It seems to me this thing hinges on how we define marriage. What is it? What is it, anyway? It is true that God views marriage as freedom? To me, that is his definition of marriage.

    Freedom, freedom to be who you choose to be where you perceive yourself being love in all life. If I say I am this guy in all life, God says okay. Be that guy, and feel the heart. What does it say to you when you are that guy? If my heart speaks a clinching tightness, I am not that guy. If it speaks an open window kind of feeling, like a rush of tingly, sparkly warm energy throughout the body, it’s the guy. Do I need a contract to tell me “no. You can’t be that guy, because that guy happens to be a woman?” No. I’m not gay. I Am making a point here. A gay heart knows what a heart is and no outsider should say, “no you can’t be that.”

    The heart knows where the heart goes. It doesn’t listen to contracts. God cares not what white wedding one had in life, nor does God care what gender one is. If a true heart speaks, a true heart is free to speak, to be that true heart and no court, no government ought to be able to say, “No. You are not that heart. You can’t have that freedom to choose your own heart, because you must follow my norm, the norm that was gifted to humanity many eons ago, when one said yes to a stilted perception of marriage.”

    Wow. Remember those days? Marriages used to be arranged at times, even in America, truth be told. In England they did. They just did. Eighteen century. Look at it. Why? Becasue, we believed we had to follow a modern culture that spoke of ownership. Own a piece of land. Own a woman. Own a man. Marriage is built around that concept, but not in heaven. Here it’s freedom. God is the wind. That’s what I call him and that’s all I know. he is love, like the wind. Hi Whew Wee Ho Hu He is that he is.

    We’ve got it screwed up, as usual, in my view. God is the wind, free, free to be whatever, wherever, God, Goddess say God, Goddess is true love. If it’s real, it’s in the heart, and if it’s in the heart, it’s real. Who are we, as observers, third person, to say no. No, Goddess. No, God. You uh. .can’t have that. You are limited by this book here in this court room. You don’t get the benefit the married man and woman get. You don’t get to have a church wedding, nor do you get acknowledgement from this culture we pass down with this book I am holding, the book that says your definition is too new, too alternative, too open for my old book here.

    I say throw the book out. Throw all of the books out and go within. Go within or go without. Who are we to limit God, Goddess anywhere? We can’t be unity, if we are being limiting to true love anywhere. Hi

    Love to all here,


  • ionic breeze

    “When we realize we are not male or female or cross sexed, we are Love, plain and simple and we have a body this time around.

    Can we elevate the conversation to us all being loving souls, equal in our divinity. Yes we can!!”

    Lovely, Michael, Michael Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We are divinity and we are freedom Whew

    We have a body of love. We do. And, that body melds and merges, but do we define our bodies as separate here or unity itself? Those who have activated the heart know we are one body, but we still pick and choose what attributes to come forth as in life. Do we create our own life as love, as oneness as we come forth, choosing to come forth as we contracted to come forth, or do we allow another to write a contract that defines our love for us? That’s the question, to me.

    I love what you wrote, love Hi


  • Michael L.

    Yes Michelle, Yes,

    As our love bubbles up and is expressed out it must look like freedom .

    I Love that thought deeply.

    And when we put no conditions on this loving freedom, I would say there is NO one not in love with each of us, all of us.

    Be the bubbling love you want to see, humanity BEING.

  • ionic breeze

    Michael, Michael, Michael,

    We are that bubbling love. We just are, and we really are getting there in life, all life, I mean. Whew Wee

    Love to you, love. i’ll see you later, life Hi

  • Erin/IAm

    From a 29 yo. young man, the U.S. gov. took $5G from 3 months of his pay…He has no dependents & is not married…This is his ‘punishment’ for being single with no children, working his buns off inside the incinerators of America.(?) (btw…a job that the “Dirtiest Jobs” show would not allow their crews or actors to even attempt.)

    You would think that with the population running amok, those with a more mindful ‘plan’ of their actions would be ‘rewarded’ for such…but this is not the case…obviously. How does any one figure that getting ‘credit’ for producing another mouth to fill & bod to care for, or for partnering with another, makes sense?

    Marriage should not be a business, nor a tax ‘shelter’, nor a credit seeking institution, nor a basis of national ‘issue’…Marriage is simply a commitment…a partnership in Life.

    Sooo, if We are to truly ‘solve’ the issue of inequality, it must be across-the-board…not just gays, not just women, not just singles, not just corporations…one ‘price’ for each person residing &/or involved in business within this area of ‘Unity’. In other words, from the day of birth (whether body or business), you are ‘paying’ to be here, or your guardians are paying until you have resource to.

    Not only would ‘Planned Parenthood’ be a more thought-filled notion, it would not matter what one is, or where one is, or who one is, or who hooks up with who…One ‘tax’ pays for one being, being part of the Union, which is then put toward the well-care of All…sort of a ‘membership dues’.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t See ‘taxing’ as a functional device as it is conceived or managed at this particular moment. However, if we ran more like ‘condo communities’, where a resident pays a ‘fee’ to have the outsides of their homes maintained & kept nice & secure, but the insides are their own responsibility…this avenue of thinking seems more sensible…mpo, of course.

  • nicole

    maybe we should make a PUBLIC-SHAME sort of website where ONG’s protecting the environment and protecting human rights, can post about such issues and people can share on social media about the truth of those multinationals activity.

    We have to EDUCATE ourselves to STOP buying from such multinational companies. the power is ours, we are the ones that give them our money. we have to inform the people about alternative options.
    And they are not the only ones, look at food industry and so on…
    We talk discussions here but we don’t act on anything.

  • nicole
  • Dear reader, lets see if you can dare yourself to reach the end of this article, without skimming through it. As in true “reality”, nothing is what it appears to be. Dare yourself to explore a different angle. All dots can not be connected, unless read in its entirety. Bombastic statement though this promise is, it may prove true in the end. Unless it doesn’t.

    Will the US ever get to that place? It will, though it may arrive there last, as the tail of the body, kicking and screaming, as it may still be trying to fight its way out of a self-generated fog, by continuously arguing with itself. What does that mean? It means that we may one day find ourselves there “by default”, having to leap over that transitional waterfall, dragged by the natural current of the evolutionary river as the rest of humanity is flowing that way, thus generating strong suction due to the unavoidable interconnectedness of all things.

    The metaphor still not clear enough? Here are some real life examples. Remember the financial crisis few years ago? When the world markets experienced turbulence. So identified with Ego we were, so great was our arrogance in still insisting that we are separate from it all, that we can stand alone. As the greatest and the bravest, and the strongest, and the “most-est”, as the land of the “this”, “that” and the “other”, which boiled down to… the “land of separation”. Until we were reminded again that an Alpha dog is only such in relation to the existence with the rest of the pack. Not in the absence of it. What are you an Alpha in relation to then? Your own shadow? Or just in your own head. The world’s financial network (as everything else in Life) was, and is, a global web. The “body” looses a leg, the remainder of the whole has to limp or hop now.

    Sages have been telling us through the ages that there is no “I am separate from” in anything, anywhere, period. Nevertheless, the activity in Consciousness we call “physical reality/diversity”, or the illusion thereof, had to experience and define itself more fully by perpetuating and maintaining the illusion of separation, stretching it to a degree which now threatens to extinct its own existence. Not that it matters in the ultimate sense, but since we are focusing down to a narrower scope in here to discuss “earthly” matters, we will stick to that.

    More and more of us are now starting to examine closer what “the Oneness of all life” really points to. And this much resisted Truth becomes more and more experientially verifiable as the world continues to integrate and interact with itself in an ever increasingly interrelated fashion, whether the instant sharing of info via the Internet, or the combining of monetary currency among countries (known as Euro Dollar). When Spain or Greece were trailing, Germany and France stepped up and filled in the gap for Greece. Why? Because they are getting it that there is no “other”. You cut your toe, you bandage it, so you can move on. Or you can start pointing the rest of your fingers at it, blaming it for slowing you down, but that would be silly now, wouldn’t it. It is your own toe, after all. While the rest of the world was arguing how “lazy” or “irresponsible” their toe (Greece) was, the ones who really saw the big picture, moved on.

    Here, in the land of the proud, we can (and do) continue to employ “separation sociology”, but that would simply continue to digress us from advancing. And it still would not make a bit of a difference to, as one of many examples, the fact that the air we breathe also seem to defy our “separateness” by not obeying national borders we draw on a map. We pollute ours, then our neighbors will breathe it and vise-versa.

    So what then? Where is this article going? Another “individual” venting by speaking his truth, pointing fingers at those who are pointing fingers? Or just another Ego screaming for attention? You can certainly choose to perceive it as such, as we all see the world not as it is, but as we are. In which case you may hear: Look at me, I am so smart, I got it figured out and I will prove it to you by showering you with language you will struggle to decode. The making and presentation of yet another argument, stating the obvious, but wrapping it in semantics to demonstrate why I believe to be “right”.

    Well, that would be yet another degree of separation from the Whole, wouldn’t it? For if I convince myself or/and others of my being “right”, that would require and instantly “make” any opposing view “wrong”. So then, there is “us” and there is “them”. “We” get it, but “they” don’t. On the “other side of the fence”, “they” point at us, saying the exact same thing. Like looking at a mirror… Hmm. What else is new?

    …And so we dance. On the hamster wheel. Going nowhere. And the faster and harder we go at it, the faster the momentum, the harder to get off that runaway train, the faster and harder we keep arriving there. Nowhere. Catch 22. “Get your kicks on Route 66”…

    What now?

    For solutions, I will go to where I now experience my new reality to spring from. So lets change the tone, atmosphere and attitude. No, this is not how I talk anymore. The entrance, up to here was somewhat “strategically” designed to draw the conditioned mind in by suggesting polarity, strong opinion, judgment on how things are or ought to be. If I was to capitalize a few words and add some exclamation marks, heck, I could even appear as someone having quite a temper. Someone you don’t mess with in person. Then the Ego will be even more intrigued to keep reading while trying to decide if it will side with this view or draw a sword. Our conditioned minds love conflict as the survival of our Egos depend on it. We are not getting any evolutionary or otherwise progress this way? Who cares. We do not seem to do this for answers. Who would we be if no one is opposing us? We would all scatter in confusion (Sarcasm intended. This was an attempt to illustrate how we interact on average as humans, in my view, then wonder why we can’t get anything done).

    Now, lets try all this again, except a new character enters the play. Enter: “Enlightenment”. Yes, this article continues, and it’s about to introduce a new perspective. Yes, I do have more than one point to make, regardless seemingly dancing in a circle, away from the question asked. It will all come together for you in the end, in a spectacular display of fireworks. Again – unless it doesn’t.

    Since we are on a spiritual journey together (after all we are all gathered in this room), assuming that some or even most of us have at least read Neale’s body of work, or some part of his material, lets “re-member” what did we learn from all this “spiritual business”. Yes, the original question asked on the topic of gay equality will be answered by the end. As a matter of fact, it will answer itself, along with many others, if we stay close to what is happening here. Anything can be answered with a “yes” or “no”, including complex social issues. However it has not worked well for humans. Why? Because the conditioned mind judges that which it perceives instantly, and by so doing, it compartmentalizes it as a “for” or “against” ME answer. That is because we have already answered the question for ourselves, then we just look for beings to side with us, or oppose us. No true solutions are ever found in this way. At best, we achieve agreements we call “compromise”. I chop off your arm, you chop off my leg, we call it even, go home and continue complaining about it. How “spiritual” is that?

    Lengthy though some materials can be, they attempt to create a rich contextual field within which an otherwise complex issue can fit in anyone’s frame of reference. So if we really care about equality for all human beings, in this case gay fellow beings, sure, we can read a lengthy article or two, then who knows, we may even dare challenge what we thought we knew, and most importantly – who we think we are.

    So what guidance can we extract from the CWG material regarding this topic? (I may unintentionally terribly distort Neale’s messages due to personal interpretation differing from original intent of message. In which case I count on him to remove or correct this post). Firstly, humanity’s major self-inflicted wound that Neal’s material has been healing (in my view), being the “Separation Theology” (for definitions refer to his books). Which in turn creates “Separation Cosmology”, thus the “Separation Sociology”, trickling down to “Separation Pathology”.

    Half of your answers are hidden right here. How can one even comprehend that we are intrinsically connected to be One, when we are still flirting with “separation” issues on a theoretical level? We can point fingers at the senator for only reacting to the issue at hand because of his gay son, while all of us still embody to some extend an “it never happens to me, so it’s not a problem” attitude towards some issue in life.

    Lets test that last statement. Children around the world are dying from lack of food at a rate of approx 16,000 per day. That’s one child every five seconds. By the time you finished reading the last paragraph, another soul dropped a body. What do we say? Well, ain’t that a shame. It is not my fault. I can’t feed all children by myself. I am a good citizen. I pay taxes. I do charity, I contribute to this, that and the other… what do you want from me? Now consider the following news: your child will die from an empty stomach in seven days. Your child is currently two oceans away. Would you give yourself and others the same answers? Well, ain’t that a shame. I’m a good citizen, I pay taxes…

    We have not gotten the “we are all One” message. And if we do not get that, we do not get anything. I am not trying to belittle anyone in any way. Often people bark back: what are YOU doing about it, mister “know it all”? Same as you. I’m writing words on a page. So lets see if we can make this productive in anyway.

    Second, “new” spirituality taught us the art of communication. What is that? Well, volumes have been written on it, so will not do any justice to even re-cap things, but in short: when you keep your Ego in-check, when you center yourself in that golden equilibrium point, at the zero mark between the minus and the plus polarities, where all the contrast of Life springs from towards each end of the spectrum, you abandon all judgment, all reasoning of “right” and “wrong”, then listen. Truly listen. Listen to what? To whatever and whomever you once would have opposed, on either side of the spectrum. Assuming now you know, hopefully experientially rather then theoretically, that your opponent is in true “reality” you. You listen with the same care and attentiveness to “them” as you listen to yourself. No inner commentary, no outer commentary. Seek to understand. For by experiencing their POV, you experience your Self, expanded.

    If I was to just end the article right after I made comments about the US as an “arrogant alpha wanna-be” in the beginning, this article could have (and still may) polarize people based on which part of their Ego felt threatened. It could have been perceived as anti-patriotic, anti-American, etc, etc, or arrogant in itself nevertheless. Because everything in the universe has an exact opposite, in order for anything to exist as a possibility by contrast, so does every action, as we all know, has an equal and opposite reaction. So when we voice a verbal statement outside of that neutral gear of ground zero, then we will inevitably get the opposite of that. If we make a statement from a +4 point, it will tick off someone from the -4 on the spectrum and vice versa.. Life is very “isometric”, thus predictable that way.

    Our Egos strengthen themselves that way as they need an enemy to be different and separate, so we unconsciously seek that experience, at least until we awaken a bit. Why is that important to internalize? It is more than just an observation. It illuminates our actions to be contrary on what we say we want to achieve and be. And that makes us unconscious hypocrites. If I point a finger at anyone or anything even, it will point back at me (precisely because “there is no one else in the room” as CWG taught us). So while we trumpet out our activism and imagine we are contributing to or causing a change by voicing opinions in any venue, being virtual chat room, physical room, we have actually just strengthened the opposing view of anyone out there residing on that numerical value on the opposite side of the spectrum, thus contributing to nothing more than ensuring the ever so deeper entrenchment of each side into their “rightness” of the spectrum. Then the more we “debate”, the more each side identifies with their POV, the more rigid, the more stubborn the world around us becomes.

    What else did we learn from the CWG? “Truth” is the most pliable, most flexible concept there is, it can be (and has been) continuously manipulated, twisted, tweaked, adjusted through the centuries, to fit interests as humans see fit, and changes from century to century, from geographical region to region, nation to nation, culture to culture, to say nothing of religion to religion. In other words, as my dad used to say, the truth for the wolf is not the truth for the sheep. The truth for the wolf is to eat the sheep, but the sheep would beg to differ. However, they are both creatures of the universe, both have the right to exist, and do. Further more, they depend on each other. You can finish the metaphor yourselves, we are not in third grade anymore, though other countries also beg to differ regarding us 🙂

    So change indeed has to start from within. Sounds like a long way to go to change the “without”, but the wonder of it is the more you go within, the more without there is. Change yourself, question core believes. Read, truly read works like CWG. It is a magically designed material, multidimensional, you can extract your own truth from it, as we all tend to do, but you will still be pointed in the right direction. So what if you don’t hit bulls eye? If you even land anywhere in the vicinity towards which CWG points, you have hit home run. This is not something to believe in. The books will get you to write your own ticket. I am not affiliated with the author in anyway, for those having their guard up to not be “sold” any product, so I am not pushing his books from that perspective.

    I often see comments of people more concerned whether the author is selling or promoting a book, rather than what’s in it. I only speak highly of Neale’s books because of two reasons: One, the brilliance of the multi-layered design with which the material is presented. You do not have to be a Christian, anything at all, or you could be everything all together, the material is designed to be peeled like an onion, revealing layer upon layer of flexible information that you can anchor in place if it so serves you, or you can filter out or through what does not resonate with you, “knowing” for yourself what it means, who it serves, or what wound it heals. I am not saying this to “pump sunshine in his ears” either, looking for a good word from him, something to enforce my ego. I have worked long enough to keep my ego in check and be somewhat immune to flattery and criticism, largely thanks to his material.

    The second reason is, it still amazes me that a one-man-army can undertake such a project and live to tell about it, so my hat is off to him. Some may have a clue what that means. As a personal support and gratitude, I will give encouragement and assurance to Neale, from my perspective, that in my experience his work has reached much farther then it may be apparent to him, illuminated and penetrated dark corners in areas he may be unaware of, touched people who never appeared in chat rooms or seminars until perhaps recently. I see more beings coming out of the shadows, having tested, digested and lived the messages from CWG, now emerging back into society ready to contribute and share. I myself spent few years in seclusion, in digestion of radical inner shifts, what appeared to friends from aside to be a loss of interest towards Life and or participation in it, was the exact opposite in fact. A lot of us found Life, Neale, so now you may witness the gradual emergence of those beings who on average keep to themselves. Thank you. (this is not to say I am more special or superior in anyway then others who have absorbed the CWG messages faster and have been writing posts before me 🙂

    Lastly, on the gay equality issue – if you are not gay: It is important for straight people to support equality for gay human beings. As we evolve to realize what “we are all one” really means, we will know that support for another is support for the Self. Please try to heal Fear, in the most non-resistant, non-judgmental, non-confrontational way in yourself and others, regarding issues like equality. Fear, though not always apparent, is the core cause of still having fellow human beings marginalized like that. Examine deeply within yourself what is causing you to not support equality openly, then cause another to realize it in themselves. Whether is fear of judgment by peers, by society, of personal belief structure, do acknowledge to yourself that gay human beings are real people who continue to endure suffering on a scale we do not relate to. If the mere thought of “gay” leads you only to judgment by comparison and does not evoke a thought pattern, reflecting the collective suffering of gay consciousness through centuries of cruelty, torture, condemnation and persecution by the “other” humans, then examine deeply within yourself what is it that frightens you so much about them. What is it that you fear you could loose, or gain by not supporting equality. Our inactivity is also a form of pronounced judgment. It says: “I don’t mind you, but it is not my battle”. What they hear is: “If I see you bleeding on the street, I will watch, but will just walk by and away”. Feeling isolated and condemned breaks the wholeness of a being. Please challenge yourself to choose Who and What you want to be today, then display and demonstrate that to the Universe.

    Thank you kindly.