To GMO or Not to GMO?

I live in the Midwest amongst huge corporate farms full of beautiful fields of grains and beans. Well, at least they LOOK beautiful at times. I’m not so sure I am willing to eat the stuff. From what I understand a huge majority of what is grown around me is genetically modified GMO produce.

Many people (even here!) here have no idea what is happening or that anything potentially dangerous is being grown in their own backyard. For hundreds and maybe thousands of years, people have been genetically engineering foods. We have trees that grow both lemons and limes. We have new fruits and vegetables made by crossing two plants together such as loganberries and limequats. We have selectively promoted different strains and species based on their color, taste, and growth patterns.

But the kind of GMO manipulation that is going on now just isn’t safe. At least it hasn’t been proven safe. Studies around the world are linking it to cancer and many other health issues. There are too many correlations between these GMOs and food allergies in children (and adults). Doesn’t it seem strange that dozens of countries overseas have banned our GMO produce based on their own scientific health studies? Is it a coincidence that since GMOs have been heavily marketed there are huge spikes in children’s food allergies, along with the severity of the allergies? Doesn’t it seem strange that SOMEONE is profiting off of these GMO seeds and it isn’t the farmers, but instead big businesses?

There are two types of GMO that I am most concerned about.

The first type is GMO seeds that are herbicide resistant. Supersized companies have engineered grains that don’t die when they are doused with toxic herbicide. This means that the farmers can spray as much herbicide all around the crops to kill off every weed and stray plant, but the produce won’t die! This is one sure way to guarantee that you will be ingesting much more pesticide than you would have before. Does this sound safe to you?

The second type is GMO seeds that have pesticide DNA built into them. There is a toxin that causes pests stomach’s to explode when they ingest it. This is the pesticide that has been genetically “built-in” to your GMO grain. They have found this pesticide in the stomach of pregnant women. If it kills bugs by making their stomachs explode, what does it do to humans?

If you haven’t heard yet, there are dozens of countries around the world that have banned the import our GMO grains. They have banned it because they have done scientific studies linking GMO to cancer and other diseases. You would be surprised to find out that the same GMO grain is in hundreds and thousands of your grocery products, but how would you know? They certainly don’t tell you on any label. The vast majority of grains that are grown in the USA by big agricultural farms now are GMO, which means the vast majority of ALL grains grown in the USA are GMO. Try to find out if your crackers, chips, cereals, even tofu have GMO grain/soy in them!

I recommend buying products that are clearly labeled “No GMOs” or “Organic”, as organic products cannot contain or come from animals who are fed GMO. Let’s get healthier by protecting ourselves against what hasn’t been proven safe!

(Beth Anderson is a certified Holistic Health Coach and founder of the Holistic Health Hotspot in Evansville, Indiana. She is also the author of “The Holistic Diet: Achieve Your Ideal Weight, Be Happy and Healthy for Life.” Beth received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Beth is helping people improve their lives through nutrition and lifestyle education, health coaching, and by helping others to learn to make informed choices. Beth continues to spread understanding of the connection between body, mind, and spirit and encourages all to discern the truth about food, consumer products, environment, and life choices. You can find Beth on Facebook at or email her at

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  • ionic breeze

    Thank you for this informative article. I have been preaching against pesticides forever now. We are life. Nature is life. The earth breathes. Life breathes. If we pound nature with chemicals we literally can’t breathe, what are we thinking? What are we being? We can’t be love for earth and gift her with pesticides. Period.

    It leaches into the earth. It leaches into the waterstream. It leeks and leaches into our physical life, including our very bodies. We put pesticides on lawns to rid them of dandelions, purple wild violets, crab grass. You know. Grass isn’t meant to look plastic, like Easter grass you buy in the store. We are life.
    Why put pesticides on food, on grass, in the air to ward against bugs? The bug we have is the bug that says we are separate from land, water, sea, sky, air. Hi He Ho Ho He Hi Whew Phew and Shew

    I Am I Am, and so are we. When do we stop greeting love, land, air, sea, breath with fear?

    Love to all Hi


  • b. Lilley

    I would love to learn more about this, what do you suggest?

  • mewabe

    b. Lilley, the book “Seeds of Deception” is a good start…
    Another book: “GMO Free: Exposing the Hazards of Biotechnology to Ensure the Integrity of Our Food Supply”.
    Also a dvd: “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”

    The fact that other nations have either banned GMO’s altogether or have implemented the labeling of all GMO products, so that consumers are informed and can make choices, says two very important things that may be surprising and should be unsettling to most Americans:

    -The public in other nations is informed.
    -Governments in other nations listen to the public.

    The difference here?
    The public is kept in the dark and fed lies by industry and the mainstream media, and the government mostly listen to its corporate masters, and serves them to the detriment of public interest most of the time.

    This is not a healthy society, at any level.

    How can this system be called a free market, when we know that the free market is all about consumer choice, which itself depends on the consumer being informed?

    How can a free market exist when corporations do not want the consumer to be informed, to have choice with the labeling of GMO products, because they know that they would loose sales and profits?

    The control of government by corporations, corporatism, is a form of fascism.
    Corporatism is not capitalism.

    What does it say about the American public that it, unlike the rest of the world, would choose such a system?

    That it would not reject the absurd notion that “corporations are people”? (with all of the rights and none of the responsibilities)

    One can only claim ignorance for so long…at which point ignorance reveals itself to be acceptance and approval.

  • mewabe

    Thanks Michelle for speaking for the earth…

    Hey, whoever decided that some plants are “pesky weeds” and others are ornamental flowers?

    The Canadian thistle that grows around my land is very much appreciated by the bees. Why should I take their food supply away?

    As Native Americans say, “Why would I cut my mother’s hair”?

    Mowing grass and trimming ornamental bushes into squares, rectangles and other angular shapes are some of the most absurd human activities. The grass grows free around my house, weeds and all, I have LIBERATED the lawns!! 🙂