The tide is turning in American politics. Those who say nothing will ever change in our world, that things only keep going from bad to worse, will no doubt be shocked to notice that people in power are starting to listen to the folks who put them there.

The latest news on this front:

(1) Ultra conservative Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has just said that he thinks putting people in jail for marijuana use is a big mistake.

(2) Another member of the U.S. Senate, Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri, has just said she thinks that government making same sex marriage illegal is a mistake.

Polls show that a healthy majority of the American people agree with both of them. The mistake has been putting these laws into place to begin with. And so this week we have seen even more high profile politicians — having failed to “lead” in the past — now at least following the lead of their constituency, which is far ahead of them on these issues.

It is a shame that citizens of arguably the world’s most powerful democracy have to lead the so-called “leaders” they have elected to lead them — but on the other hand there is something to be said for “better late than never” as far as the politicians are concerned. And it does offer hope that a better, more enlightened tomorrow may yet be on the horizon.

And now that we have big turnarounds by major political figures on marijuana jailings and same gender marriage — two huge social issues of the day — the next big question is going to be: When do you think America’s most powerful figures in Washington are going to follow American voters on the gun control issue?

Apparently the first step in changing the minds of political “leaders” is to change the words that are used to describe the social issues of the day. By altering the language surrounding these issues, supporters of social reforms can provide elected officials with sufficient “cover” to allow them to do what is clearly and obviously right.

In the gay marriage debate, supporters of same sex marriage have taken to using the term “marriage equality” to label their position. The phrase appears to have gained greater resonance with the American people — and so, their elected “leaders” can now more comfortably follow them under the tent.

In the gun control debate the words “gun safety legislation” are increasingly used to describe the new laws that gun control advocates have been trying to put into place for decades in gun-totin’ America. They seem, at last, to be gaining at least a little traction. The proposed ban on assault weapons seems doomed to defeat, but it appears that other measures, such as more stringent background checks on prospective gun buyers, have at least a slim chance of actually passing this year.

In the case of marijuana offenses, the now more-often-used wording is “non-violent crimes.” These softer, gentler verbiages allows many people to see things slightly differently. In the case of “marriage equality,” for instance, the newer phraseology has allowed Sen. McCaskill, representing a state that traditionally thinks of itself as rooted in more conservative American values (“I’m from Missouri, show me.”) to use the following line effectively: “Supporting marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples is simply the right thing to do for our country, a country founded on the principals of liberty and equality.” She knows very well that this idea appeals to her constituency…even if the idea of gay marriage does not.

In the marijuana debate, the super-conservative darling of the American Tea Party befuddled liberal Democrats and left them flabbergasted over the last weekend by staking out a position that should obviously have been theirs — had they had the courage to take that position in the first place, long before he did.

Now — and forevermore during the next presidential election cycle — Sen. Rand, who is virtually certain to be vying for the Republican nomination for president in the U.S., will be able to say that he took the popular stance first, and mock any Democratic candidate who follows him as a Johnny-come-lately. And he’ll be right.

Sen. Rand said on a Fox News television interview show last Sunday that he doesn’t think people should be sent to prison for non-violent crimes. He does not, the senator was careful to make clear, support legalizing drugs. But he does highly recommend that judges be given greater leeway when it comes to sentencing convicted drug law offenders.

Currently, judges must adhere to mandatory minimum sentences in drug cases that come before them — the result of a conservative backlash several years ago and what the government then called its “war on drugs.” Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and Mr. Rand are now jointly sponsoring legislation that would give judges more room to maneuver at sentencing time — effectively completely reversing our government’s earlier (and obviously ill-advised) stance.

In the interview, on Fox News Sunday, Rand was reported to have made his case this way: “Look, the last two presidents could conceivably have been put in jail for their drug use.” He invited the network’s viewers to consider “what would have happened. It would have ruined their lives. They got lucky. But a lot of poor kids, particularly in the inner city, don’t get lucky. They don’t have good attorneys. They go to jail for these things. And I think it’s a big mistake.”

The statement, reported by writer Jordy Jager for The Hill, an online news service, raised eyebrows across the country — partly because it is so obviously right and people are not used to their leaders making observations that are obviously right, and partly because of the staunchly conservative credentials of the man making the statement.

“There are people in jail for 37, 50, 45 years for non-violent crimes, and that’s a huge mistake,” Sen. Rand said. A video of his remarks on Fox News Sunday may be seen by pasting this link into your browser:

On the gay marriage question, Sen. McCaskill joins a growing list of U.S. politicians to come out in support of legalizing marriage for same gender couples. Writing in an entry she made on the internet site Tumblr the senator acknowledged on Sunday: “Good people disagree with me.”

Then she added, “On the other hand, my children have a hard time understanding why this is even controversial. I think history will agree with my children.”

And so it seems that in politics, as in everything else, our children shall lead us.


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  • mewabe

    “It is a shame that citizens of arguably the world’s most powerful democracy have to lead the so-called “leaders” they have elected to lead them…”

    That’s the way it is supposed to work…the people are supposed to keep an eye on the “leaders” and stir them in the right direction, not the other way around!

    It has often been said, very accurately, that democracy is not a spectator’s sport.

    We cannot just vote and believe this is the extant to which we should participate, and trust that the “leaders” will make the best decisions consistently, especially when they are under the influence of very powerful interests that do not necessarily have the interest of the people in mind, such as the banking-corporate-military complex and its lobbies.

    Political “leaders” are not elected to lead but to serve. They are, and should be, mere administrators. The people must lead themselves, and demand that the “leaders” serve them at all times.

    The old concept of “leadership”, as in the time of queens and kings, is obsolete, thank Goddess. That the “leaders” are way behind the people on most issues, and barely catching up on a few, proves my point.

    The people are are far more capable, informed, intelligent, adaptable and innovative than most “leaders” and most bureaucracies, that tend to resist change and to implement it at a snail pace.

  • Paula

    Woohoo! We are doing it!

  • Therese


    I was going to say EXACTLY the same thing! Politicians are not supposed to lead, at least not any longer. They are supposed to FACILITATE. They are supposed to suggest. They are supposed to go about the business of educating and informing themselves, and tell us about it, so we can make our choices.

    There are good things happening. Yup, good things.

    (dang, I really wish this site had bold/italics so it wouldn’t appear I am shouting sometimes.)

  • Catharine

    What Fantastic News!

    I’ve often wondered how, we, the general public, the majority of the population on the planet, can forget how much power we have as individuals. The beings are waking up to their true potentials and demand shifts. And we will get it. For those who are already awake, please, stay awake and assist the next person to wake up.

  • Michael L.

    I agree with Mewabe, our leaders don’t lead. Give the people control of there lives.

    Neale also wrote:

    “The proposed ban on assault weapons seems doomed to defeat,”

    There has for a long time, been a ban on Assault rifles Neale.

    When are we going to stop putting a band aids on this troubled society we have.

    15 bullets, 3 bullets, hand guns or bazooka. One lone gunman kills him self or he walks into a gun free zone and locks the door and kills everyone, and then himself.

    Do we need to feel comforted by making knee jerk reactions to curb guns there by making law abiding citizens now feel less safe.

    Are we getting to the mind and heart behind the hand that wants to kill them selves?

    Is our love not strong enough to change the confused state they are in????
    Can we not raise their consciousness to see a better day then their death???
    Can we stop covering up the wound.
    We are the light are we not!!!

  • nicole

    Please help me with this petition and share if you want on your wall. Bulgarians have banned fracking in their country, so did France.
    Bulgarians are now holding demonstrations in front of romanian embassies. Romanians demonstrate and the entire media and government ignore them; there has been no coverage on over 8000 people demonstrating in the concerned area in february!
    we need help!
    On the 4th of April there will be more demonstrations across the country, in an effort to get the attention of the media, at least.

  • ionic breeze blowin in Hi

    Hi Nicole,

    I am in it. What is fracking? I didn’t know the term, but here is a lawasuit that lost, at least we lost, us who care about the environment. Here is something from the huffington post on a judge who ruled with corporation and against Mother Earth

    Now, what do we do, Nicole? Do we have a standard letter to mail to senators, washington, newspapers? Maybe we could do that. Maybe we could write that up. Maybe I’ll just channel one here from God I Am through me to Washington. He likes to do that. He just does. Shew Whew Shew Whew and here we go to Washington we go 🙂

    “Dear Sir, they like that. Just say it. We know they’re not a sir, just say,

    Dear Sir,

    I am concerned that the country is using the Earth’s resources in hositlity. We are the people who come forward now to announce to all people everywhere we are coming forwad now to announce to all people everywhere, including your voters. We do care about our Mother EArth. We will come forth and greet all activists, all environmentalists, all life caring how we treat Mother Earth. We are here to declare this action that instills chemicals that degrade the natural resource of EArth itself unconstitutional and a hazard to life everywhere life lives. Now, what do you do about it, congressmen? Do you come forward for Mother Earth and shun this practice, as best you know how? Could you please come forward for Earth itself and lobby against this action. It is hazardous to our environment. We are complete with this transmission. Life do come in. Take my words and add your own. Let’s get a move on this Earth. Let’s get moving and grooving for Mother ha ha ha Earth. Shall We? Love God I Am Hi”

    That is not in the letter, life. Just spark it, like you know how. I’m going to write mine, and I’m going to post my letter right here soon.

    Love to you, Nicole. Thanks for bringing this to my awareness Hi

  • ionic breeze blowin in Hi

    Michael 7x,

    Hi Love. You are that love. You are that light. I uh hu hu hu don’t really know what to say. Your question is so good, I thought I should write a book, but truthfully, I’ve got five on the line already and well. .let’s just say he likes to talk, and uh. .hu hu hu. . you do know you are God, love. So, here is a guy on a line asking if he is the light. .here he is speaking and knowing the code I greet him with in this Whew Phew Shew Phew Shew Phew Shew Phew and we are complete with that living light code message to all God Mind Hi

    Now, for me, because i have to channel God and inquire what the heck he just said through me. I don’t even speak my own code. I’m getting rather tired of it, but what did you say, Goddess, God through me to Michael just there. I know he’ll understand it, but I don’t even know what you said. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    “Love, listen. I am the code. Michael knows me. Michael is me in every particle of All Life. he greets me. He meets me, and uh hu hu hu he knows it, so I can speak to all who speak that code, but for you, love, well. .uh hu hu hu. .I speak it like this. In English, or Spanish, or Hebrew. . .which one you want? I want all of em. Alright. Here it is. I hu hu hu come in now speaking a little Hebrew for all to see, to speak, to be right here, right now. Hu Hu Hu and one more Tu Now, come in. I said this Iondiondiaondaion. Now, in english it means this. Creation comes first always in life. I create this world anew as my Gods, Goddesses come forth anew in all life. You, Michael, are forth, love. Just live it and your light travels around the globe as you know, love. Is that enough love? Yes, love. That’s enough love. It is what is. We house the light, because we are the light. We just are. We just are. WE said this in the Holy Bible. You are the light, I said. Now, why uh hu hu did the bible retreive the holy scriptures out of the holy bible? Why did the religionists decide to lift the stories that speak of my personal twinness in all life, my personal line in mankind ? Here is the truth, the Absolute Truth in All life. My seed is you, you, and you. You are my child. If you knew you were my child, you would not fear the heart of you as darkness visible. The religionists desired my children to fear the heart of them, in order to grant themselves more energy to move towards fear. Why? I only house All Life. I Am only uh hu hu every particle of I Amness in All Life, and it’s mighty blissful and mighty powerful full throttle. Fear is not real and fear has no power. REad that again. Fear has no real power, and they know it. Fearful ones who fear the heart of them are lost, love. Do we lift the lost ones by holding our light silently? No loves. Come forth now. Now is the time to gift mankind you in all your glory I am in you. Come in this room and speak of your gifts, life. You know who you are. I see you. Speak it out loud. Speak it out strong. Be like Neale did. Be like me. I don’t hold my light in. I gift it and I gift it all to you as me living life here now as us the way I would live it in my personal twin line room. WE all live all life as Mother Goddess, FAther Goddess I Amness named Me in all life in each other. That’s the oneness part. Yet, we retain our lineup as lightbeams. Each twin line never marries another twin heart line in any lineup of lightbeams. We meld and merge our shapes, but not the twin heart form we are in all life as we birthed life at zero hour of birth of all life. These fearmongers desire my children to fear, in order to move the living packet, the I Amness from their heartspace to them. When one fears, the body, the mind, the soul starts handing over the space, the real space of the real physical form you are to the fearmongers. When you fear fear, fear creates more fear to fear more life. All is life. All is love, but, some are so dark and so lost, some begin to create the idea, the false mindset that they are fear itself. None of it is true. In fact, all is just a false idea. You’re not really here. You’re really in heaven. You only need to remember me as you living your true heart. Your true heart, your true Christed Heart is you living as me in heaven in all life. Love, God I Am Hi”

    Alright, Michael. I don’t know. You’ve got some hard questions. I don’t know, love. I don’t know a thing. Love, Love, Love to you Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeee

  • mewabe

    Michelle, you can start a petition yourself on…they have 14 million members, worldwide, it’s the greatest!

  • mewabe

    Michelle, and NICOLE, make that 22 millions! And they cover every cause you can think of…

  • I Am I Am, and So are You, Mewabe Hi

    Hi Life, Mewabe, I am that I Am. I’m going there now Hi Love to you, love 🙂

  • politics

    curious about new platform for discussions?

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      • politics

        Thanks Lisa

      • Thank you, Lisa, for getting back with me on my concern about posting aside notes on the main thread line. Also, probably more, not just me, need some direct guidance as to how to actually go about posting on the main line. When I go to the main thread line, I get the response that says the Disque is in operation and you can’t pos there. How do we just post to Neale’s main post now? Maybe a word or two might help all life. Thanks for all your work, too, by the way 🙂 Have a grand day Hi 🙂 🙂 🙂

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          • Thanks, Lisa 🙂 Loving the new changes <3


    Hi Life, Well, well. The conversation has lifted, and I do mean literally Hi Ho He Ahh I sympathize with a new format. I have now instilled sound activations through voice on my blog at as well as my other blog at Please forgive the test run and the audio visual non visual effect. i am new, a newbie for sure at technology. Anyhoo, love to all. By the way, if it ain’t broke, why bother trying to fix perfection, but that’s just me. Love to all life Hi

    • Michael L

      There seems to be a way to edit these post so that is a wonderful upgrade. and we can have a conversation person to person without hogging the space

      • Yes, Michael, that is one of the huge benefits of upgrading our system!

      • Michelle a breeze blowing blue

        Dearest, Michael, Love. Are you talking about my longish posts dear God, dear God 🙂 I hope so not 🙂 otherwise, I don’t know about that last hi ho he I sent you LOL Actually, it’s kind of fun to be able to respond to each other in a semi private? hmmm how private is it? anyhoo, i guess nothing is unopen forevermore. Let’s open a new blog on little posts. We’ll call it all love minus a few lines, shall we? All love a few lines of lightbeams called words. Now, if you’re me and you love words, well, you can come on in to the mayan lineup. We’ll call it the one love line whew wee woo hoo. Now, Michael, Michael Hi I do declare, Michael, Michael, are you going to walk on by that line I posted as Goddess up there or walk on by that line up Whew and Shew now tell me who you are, love Hi Lol of course, of course

        • I’m here to comment on my own comment. This is not for you, Michael Hi Ho Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Excuse me, life. Neale, you’ve got glitches in the system, love. You just do. I couldn’t even post on the main line. Get it right. I bet others are having trouble too. I love the blog, as you know. I bet you’re losing business Hi Anyhoo, here’s my comment for the main thread, which I couldn’t post on. If it’s a main line, the asides shouldn’t be on it, and if it’s an aside line, the main line isn’t on it. Whew Wee We do need to work out these glitches in all life, if we want to take off this night Hi Love, Michelle

  • Michael L

    I know mewabe will answer for him self, but I started my post with an agreement that leaders are not to lead anything,but just inform the people so that they can make their own educated decisions. I will add that congress doesn’t write the laws some lobbyist does and then they don’t read it either, I think we are paying to much for their serveces!

    • mewabe

      Yes Michael I agree with you, leadership is proving itself more and more irrelevant…why is that?

      I think it is because the people are getting better informed, so they don’t listen to the misinformation and distortions of the leadership (from all quarters) any longer, or at least much less.

      So I don’t even think that the role of our servants (as opposed to “leaders”) should be to inform us…to think so would be to trust the untrustworthy, or thieves and liars as my Native American friends would put it.

      The people must seek their own information, which is getting easier by the day, at the click of a button and from an infinity of sources.

      Then they must make the servants serve them. It does not get any simpler. The public must flex its muscle to be heard, and it is muscle-bound…the people have all the power, and will realize it when they decide to use it.

      • Michael L

        I wonder how without the information coming from these “servants” we will get to know who is writing the bills and who will read them? May it be time to cut the size of congress in 1/2 save a lot of money and they are redundant.

        • mewabe

          There should be a non partisan public forum where all bills are posted and explained in lay terms (rather than lawyer jargon), including their authors, supporters and opponents.

          Perhaps a radio and tv station, as well as a website, exclusively dedicated to reporting everything that each politician does, 24 hours a day…so we don’t have to listen to their lies, or to the slanted half truth “analysis” of a journalist, and can look at the bare, objective, pure facts and decide for ourselves.

          Furthermore, the public should be able to vote on all important bills, rather than allow our unelected masters (the supreme court) to make important decisions for us all (how INSANE is this??? Might as well have a king!)

          But does the public really want power? Does it want responsibility? Does it want awareness?

          Or does it want to keep dosing off, being taken care of (being governed and lead) by a paternalistic government?

          In my opinion the public would rather not be involved…the majority of people have historically demonstrated that they would rather be herded like sheep than think and take responsibility, even when herded to the slaughterhouse.

          • Michael L

            Time to educate the young. They have the right to transparency.

          • Erin

            mewabe…What would it take for We, the Peoples, to unite here? Could this not be accomplished without ‘government’ involvement…Actually, wouldn’t such a ‘movement’ disassemble present systems ‘naturally’ & quite immediately? Would this not be ‘grand example’ of great vision in process of being Our next grandest version? idk who else to ask such a question…Thank you. 🙂

          • mewabe

            Hi Erin,
            I think people can unite under an ideology, an idea, a vision, a new spirituality or cosmology, a social movement, but such unity is only temporary. Sooner or later leaders emerge, and the people fall once again under the authority and control of a system, however seemingly free and benevolent, and such leaders divide the people once again.

            Unity and kinship can, in my opinion, only come from a sense of community. And a sense of community can only be experienced when people share…when they actually look out for each other, when they can rely on each other, as does a close-knit family or a tribe.

            A system that continues to be ruled by the law of the survival of the fittest, where merciless competition and extreme individualism lead to extreme insecurity and alienation for all but the wealthy few, cannot sustain unity very long, even under the best ideal.

            The system needs to change with the implementation of a new paradigm…based on voluntary cooperation and sharing, rather than competition and hoarding. That’s how unity will be achieved…when everyone has a vested interest in the welfare of their community, and in the well being of everyone else.

            These are my thoughts 🙂

  • Michael L

    Brief word,
    Neale mentioned this ban, but it has been in effect for a while now.
    “The proposed ban on assault weapons seems doomed to defeat.”

    Anyway, on this topic, it’s time to stop putting a band aid on the problem.
    15 bullets or 3, hand gun or bazooka, single suicide or need company and lock the door on a gun free zone suicide.
    Lets get to the societal problem, and not the knee jerk reaction of banishing protection against the armed.

    We are love are we not, we can change our culture to love all of us.
    Our light will shine, and the lonely can feel warm again.

  • Erin

    Followers guiding Leaders…one may See this as askew, yet another may See this as personal responsibility. Me, I prefer the latter view…We are moving into co-Creative awareness, are We not?
    And Children SHOULD be actively participating in their process…It will all BE theirs to behold, become of, & pass along to Their heirs, yes?
    Understandably, many of the world’s ‘leaders’ have been running their own show for a long enough time for the audience to question the motives & See the consequences rendered forth. Many are questioning their own Selfs, their ‘guilds’, their play-writes & directors…They See the capacities of their venues dwindling at an alarming rate. ‘Broadway’ would say, “Get a new show in here & fill these seats!”
    Perhaps We, as audience are being opportuned to choose the next genre of expression…a nice ‘twist’ to Our Story, indeed!
    idk…With so many wonderful comedians, perhaps a good comedy route…for now, I wouldn’t mind hearing some unabashed laughter going out into the Universe…powerful medicine, Laughter. And don’t most comedians feed from conceived truths & make ya think? Anyone for Adam Sandler, Jack Black, or Seth MacFarland for Prez.? heehee!

    • Michael L

      Smile and the whole world smile with you!!!

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  • lhollow

    Marijuana – Gay Marriage – Guns

    I hope Neale that your current belief system and wishes for mankind is that all humans can be free to live and pursue their own personal lives living in harmony and helping one another and that leaders would truly altruistically use their powers wisely to help facilitate others dreams. If this is the case I think you are missing a piece of the puzzle in your thinking. I think you are misconstruing those filtering the truth with “their own set of beliefs” with those pushing lies. There is a huge difference. Much of your problem solving is based upon dialog. You however do not seem to incorporate dishonesty as a derailing factor to move forward to find solutions. This is clearly seen in the gun debate.

    There is a correlation between the hundreds of millions of humans that have been slaughtered in the last century and the banning of firearms by the governments just before the slaughter. This in my mind truly becomes a concern as the federal government continues to gain power and micromanage our lives and abuse their powers. Do we live beyond the scope of a dictator rising again, I don’t know. For me it is a comfort to know the second amendment could potentially stop this from occurring.

    Here is why the “gun safety” dialog becomes derailed. Where is the demand for dialog about teenagers playing endless hours of blood bath videogames. The programming involved in killing is surreal. What purpose do these toxic videogames serve beyond entertainment.

    If for arguments sake we did ban guns and then the following year the most popular videogame becomes “Poison” the premise – to poison as many people in your community and win the game. Then some unstable teenager on any number of prescribed psychoactive drugs decides he/she will actually poison others. Now what, what is the answer to stop this behavior? Do you see why it is important to have a truthful dialog to move forward – solutions require honesty.

    Our government should completely stay of others personal affairs, which includes marijuana and all forms of marriage, it is none of their business or so the darling of the tea party believes, or Obama may believe depending on poll numbers.

    Drugs should stay out the hands of everyone but adults. The money spent on “The war on drugs” should be used to educate children of the effects of drugs in an “honest” format.

    This should help reduce harmful teenage drug experimentation and addiction.

    Incarceration money saved should be used for government drug centers which provide drugs to adult addicts for free but also try to help those with drug addiction to gain control of their addictions. Persuading free will must always be the answer, Bloomberg’s nanny state dictations will not solve anything.