What is the reason, do you think, that mandatory minimum sentencing for marijuana possession came into being in the first place? What, if anything, do you think might cause America’sĀ  strongly conservative voters to reverse their positions on same gender marriage, marijuana use sentencing, gun ownership laws, abortion in the case of rape, working immigrants gaining citizenship, and other social issues?

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  • mewabe

    A brain transplant? šŸ™‚

  • mewabe

    Seriously, should we even try to make conservative voters reverse their positions on these issues? If we were successful where else would we find such great comedy as they currently provide?

    • Michael L

      Can you say condescending. Humorous ,but condescending.

  • mewabe

    I hope I did not hurt anyone’s feeling with my prior comments…obviously they were not meant to be taken seriously…but if I did hurt someone’s feelings, I am sorry šŸ™

    No matter one’s beliefs or opinions, or convictions, of course not one person is “better” than another.

    And every belief, every conviction can be expanded, in open debate, to uncover what is essentially good at its core, as most people have good intentions.

    It is from this common ground of “good intentions” that all conversations must start, for the common good. From this common ground, all fears can be abated and trust and understanding can be restored between conflicting parties.

    People can have conversations.

    Politicians must be kept out of it, as their main goal is to oppose and divide (to conquer and control). The media must be ignored, as its ammo is to exaggerate and sensationalize.

  • I Am I Am, and So are You, Mewabe Hi

    I didn’t take it seriously, Mewabe. I doubt anyone did, really. I thought it was funny. I think the real answer is we must open our mind, and I don’t mean our little mind. We all have a little mind, conscious thinking mind. That is obvious, when we take a look at the inequity in life that we see in the news, the poverty, the shootings, the senseless murders so forth. . .i don’t even like to utter the words, really, but we cannot create a knowing in the heart of life, until we know the heart of life. The true heart of all life is The Christed Heart, the Christed One. We are that. We just are. Now, when I say Christed Heart, I don’t mean a man haning on a cross who died for our sins. I believe I truthfully believe this. God wanted to show us that we are him. We are Christ, and he did it by speaking now, cuz I don’t know what is coming up this pike, but it seems important. Hi

    “My son, Christ, died, in order to show you that you can rise up from death. There is a phrase in the bible that refers to what I am saying here now. It means this “to die.” It is hebraic and it goes like this “daion daion daion da he he he daion Hi.” It means this. My children never die. My children never die. Death is not real. Neale spoke of it in CWG. It is what is. No soul ever dies unless that soul has completed its mission.

    “All here on this blog signed up to complete a mission. All here are doing that, whether they know it or not. The mission is now here. We go forth in the day and bring forth the dawn of the New Earth. We come forth now to say all on this blog are living sparks of the Christed Heart. All here who have been here even once are a flame glowing in the dark, but the dark is over, little ones. It just is. Little ones, come to me now. Come to me, and hold my hand. hold it right here, right at my heart and breathe that. Your heart is my heart. Now. Where were we? How does that connect Whew this one channeling me now wants to know. It connects like this, love. The Christ Heart is in your heart. It births more hearts. All here, whether they know it or not, are birthing more sacred holy holy holy hearts as they come forth and speak up for us ,life, Earth, equity of all forms of all life throughout all time and space throughout all life, including mother earth.

    “You house Earth in your bodies. Truthfully, we are light, and all particles of all life are within all bodies, reatdy to spark, ignite, hele hele hele oh oh oh hela hela hela I O U O and now for the translation to you, michelle, who doesn’t know what you speak in code, God Code. Whew Here you go, love, just for you. I said this. The Earth needs you to come forth today. I am working now on a peition to speak out on the blogsite Mewabe just gave her, but this petition can go to anyone anywhere. I don’t mind you using me. I’m writing it. I just am. She doesn’t know half the things that come through her. I have to translate the translations, and to you, loves, I tell you this, so you don’t feel intimidation becasue she speaks me in all life. Don’t think you need to figure me out. This is why it took her. . .let’s see. . .it’s been what? What’s it been? what are you talking about, God? Hi It’s been a long time, love, since you spoke me like you truly desire me to be. You know. A dear one kind of talk. She calls that high manner a “dear one kind of talk.” She thinks she’s got the low manner, but I am that who swings high and low for all my children. Now, love. I’m coming forth in a surprise sort of visit in a high high manner right here right now. . .oh god oh god oh god. .please don’t take neale’s blog over. . .I . .uh. .I really am shy. .I just am. . I have always been shy. . why are you doing this, God I Am through me?

    “Love, I come forth for you, because you are forth for me, and you have been, even though you didn’t know it. Since I poured my I Amness through your body in 2002, you thought you couldn’t reach me. You thought someone more grand than you had the utter life that uttered my life so utterly beautiful in life that you couldn’t ever reach that beauty. You thought I was not you, love. You believed Neale, Esther, Eckhart, any lightworker you met on the blogs, Neale’s blogs produce light. . .it is what is. .yes, Virginia. Go to the Messenger Circle if you want to wake up a litle more quickly in life. He has many forums there for those who desire a more down to earth form of communication among those who are truly working the light and know it. I highly highly recommend it to all here. . .Love, you believed these light ones held the light, so you could not come in so grandly in their eye. You believed they were angels, all of them, and you were the one with the dusty wings, the one who could never utter me, so beautifully, and I am here now uttering this to you, lvoe. Whewwwwwwwww Shewwwwwwwwwww and one more Tu Hi That breath, love, is mine. You have the ability to give this ability to all, and you do on your blogs of blogs. You just do and you know it, so tell them where to go, in order to obtain these wondrous lightworking gifts you give to any who scroll a finger, much less a lightbodied finger over them. THey are called http://www.iamholysacredheart.blogspot.com and http://www.iandasheart.blogspot.com These two websites are my heart and I live them in all realms of me. I come now, becasue you called for me. Even now, she is shy. I gift you this, love. Take your fear of being Goddess and throw it away. I do mean AWAY. Do come in to your own power. You know I call you Tabitha. You are my Tabitha. Just be that normal Goddess with the white picket fence. I’ll bring you one. WAtch. Just wait for it. I am that white picket fence in all life. Hi Now come in. I am here to tell you this one who channels me like a pro is my heart. She never shuts up me. She loves to chat and drink tea all day with me, but, truthfully, you are me like that, too. I love to chat all day with you. We do chat, whether you know it or not. In fact, all here are living a true twin heart that chats with them conscoiusly now, so chat away and know you are speaking to you true twin in the love you breathe all day. I breathe you. You breathe me. We share this remnant breath with all life. All life breathes all life. All life is contained within all life as I AMness, praana is what they call it. Breathe this all day and become that Tabitha. Become that wizard. Become Christ. You are an aspect of him. You are his heart. Just be it. Just be me. Love, God I Am Hi”

  • Erin

    Once any thing is placed into the category of ‘drug’, it then is subject to the laws under ‘drug enforcement’. The motivation, however, was much like alcohol, previously…a means of tax resource & market cornering with little capability of acquiring such without this label.
    I do not understand separating ‘conservatives’ from ‘others’…The thinking doesn’t jive with Being One. Though I do see the concept of ‘If We can adjust extremes, We can adjust everything in between’, but does this thinking has not worked so well thusfar, either…idk, just sayin’.
    * Marriage/Partnering, as well as decisions of one’s body & its processes, do not belong under governmental rule.
    * Plants do not belong under human rule.
    * Weaponry, of any variety, much like drugs, is futile to control at the moment, but the need of such will naturally adjust as the majority’s mind-set does.
    * Peoples, not just human, have been ‘migrating’ for food & living before boundaries & land ownerships were ever conceived…This is a natural process that has simply been interfered with by Our supremacy notions. This, too, will adjust (or rather, re-adjust).
    These are personal observes & opinion…I do not seek to change minds, but I do support those of leader quality who think along these lines…those who move with restoring Freedom while unleashing personal responsibility.
    Folks seem to often adjust their thinking when they have an other-‘wise’ experience…and aren’t We Seeing this occurring with many, as with our own Selfs? And the pace seems to be increasing in these regards…how nice…how interesting…What an utterly Amazing process, indeed!
    Blessed be to All…esp. those who do not yet know their Selfs as Divine, nor Our All as Whole-iness. “And this, too, shall pass.” šŸ™‚

  • mewabe

    “I do not understand separating ‘conservatives’ from ‘others’…The thinking doesn’t jive with Being One.” (Erin)

    Distinction is not separation…the giraffe is distinct and
    different from the elephant, yet they are not separate.

    Oneness and sameness are two very
    different things, not to be confused, yet many do confuse the two, from a
    mental conditioning which is the outcome of living under relatively
    authoritarian social systems (education, the workplace, etc).

    The entire universe is one, but characterized by diversity
    and multiplicity…life is endlessly creative, and seeks multiple, infinite
    avenues of expressions.

    Only humanity perceive diversity to be a problem, and only
    humanity thinks that peace, unity, order can only be achieved through
    uniformity and conformity, through all of us thinking, looking and acting the

    Even those who proudly profess their lack of racism and
    prejudice state that they “see no color”…in other words they feel
    the need to make differences disappear, to mentally fake UNIFORMITY, in order
    to get along with those who are different.

    The truly open, non-prejudiced person however SEES COLORS,
    sees racial and cultural differences, and REJOICES in them, loves them and celebrates them!

    Uniformity and conformity, which are human concepts, are
    evidently totally unnatural, they oppose nature’s innate creativity (which many
    confuse with chaos), and lead not to peace or harmony but to TYRANNY. They
    create order but this order is based on REPRESSION. They can only be achieved
    through the exercise of AUTHORITY and control, of the SUPPRESSION of all that
    does not fit a particular worldview, belief, ideology, dogma, ideal or social

    This is where many are so misguided in wishing the
    establishment of a world government, a new world religion or cosmology, a world
    culture, and the eradication of racial differences. What a sad, uncreative,
    defeated world this would be!

    Bless and honor those who disagree with you…they are precisely
    THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR COIN. They contribute to the acuity of your chosen
    perception and can even expand your mental horizon.

    • Erin

      Gotcha! šŸ™‚

    • Michael L

      Well thought out again mewabe,

      But to Erin’s point, why are we “calling” out a belief system which is not uniformed in it’s thoughts on each of Neale’s selections.
      He assumes that anyone not on the strongly conservative side would want them to change. He makes it seem there is only one side to each of the discussions topics.

      • mewabe

        It is pure arrogance to believe that one has been given a mission to change another person’s or a group’s mindset, particularly is this person or group did not ask to be thus “enlightened” (I am using this last word with an appropriate degree of sarcasm).

        New age proselytizing is no better than old religious proselytizing.

        As a side note, Native Americans NEVER argued about spirituality or religion…EVER.

        But when people are talking not just about opinions, or beliefs, but about laws, which they presumably will be forced to obey even when disagreeing with them, then the dialogue understandably becomes more intense.

        Perhaps the problem are these coercive laws. The old wisdom of being allowed freedom of thoughts, beliefs and action as long as it does not hurt another person is something that seems to have been lost, once again, as all people, from all corners, are attempting to make their beliefs become the law of the land, and to impose it on what they consider to be a minority, those who lost the vote, which is still an enormous amount of people, in the tens of millions.

        How can this be considered freedom? It seems to me to be oppression by a slight majority, no matter who is in charge (conservatives or liberals).

        This intense drive to make beliefs become law is however a “sign of the time”, the outcome of global unease and uncertainty…radicalism, ideological or religious, always come when people are afraid of the future, and seek to reestablish a strong foundation, to simplify their world along very distinct lines of right and wrong, of black and white, so they can navigate the prevailing confusion and chaos more easily, or so they believe.

        People fear change, they fear being out of control…so what do they do? They seek to regain control, in ways that are mostly symbolic and futile, about mostly irrelevant issues.

        It would be comparable to two people playing a game of chess on a beach and arguing about the rules of the game while a tsunami is headed their way.

        At best, I would call it absurd.

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  • Lloyd Bradsher

    What has caused politicians, both conservative and progressives to social issues, is their belief that some social majority will vote for them if they support some laws and penialites even when they know it isn’t just. The desire to please those that might support your re-election to office, is probably the biggest driving motive. American voters do understand this, and we also know that financial supporters in the election process allows some politicians an unfair advantage in getting their message out to constituents. It is time for Americans to demand justice for ALL, fair tax and social benefits over financial/corporate interest. Namaste’

    • Erin

      True! šŸ™‚ These positions will change when the majority of supporters reflect such first. However, if the majority’s call for adjusts interfere with the few’s stringent management agenda (the diversity within this few is illusion at its finest), is this not where We get bombarded with distractions, like viral outbreaks, crime sprees, financial upsets, & wars? This stuff rocks Our boats, not theirs…leaving them free to do as they wish nonetheless, often with greater ‘justification’ by their definition.
      One way, at this moment, that over-all change can be made of these issues, is if an experience that affected All occurred…an Earth event, perhaps.(?)
      An event so Amazing that money could not buy it out, that no military could fight it, that neither the few nor the many could be ‘saved’ from it. Life as We know it changed by that which provides Us Life here…Talk about quick & deeply inspiring motivation! A mass humbling, indeed!

  • It’s about fear and control, that simple, and that complicated.

  • richardplowden