LET’S DISCUSS IT: Two questions….1. If North Korea launches water bound missiles in the days ahead as an unarmed test of its military hardware, what should be the response of (A) South Korea; (B) the United States; (C) Japan?

2. If North Korea launches armed missiles in the days ahead that strike and explode on South Korean or Japanese soil, or on U.S. outposts in the region, what should be the response?

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  • what is it that North Korea wants??? I don’t know that they could tell you ?? he is like a spoilt, posturing 3 year old….If a child was on the edge of a cliff, you would try to bring him back with promises (bribes!!) what does one ‘do’ with North Korea??

  • Erin

    With the techs on hand, which are far more advanced than Joe-schmoes of humanity are aware, the at-the-ready response would be to ‘interrupt the flow’ of these launches, whether armed or not. What happens next will entirely depend on how together the powers-that-be actually are & how this will best serve their present agenda(s)…The reflection of which will be Seen by All…thus setting in motion a new process to become of. Perhaps a new War Game, perhaps a new avenue to Peace…perhaps a new Conversation…We shall See, one way or the other, no doubt.

  • jaswing

    let them fight, if you want the A B C AND D

  • Hellemiek

    I wonder if it would be possible, knowing this N.Korean president was brought up spoiled
    and scared for the world, who learned all about aggression and how to surpress
    people, to embrace this man in love and show him that all he learned is not
    what life is all about?

    Knowing that the power of meditation is immense, that crime reduces when large groups
    of people meditate, isn’t that worth trying? Wouldn’t it be great to get
    thousands of people or more ready to meditate for this cause?

    Or what if we unite with as many as possible people and set this Kim II – Sung in ‘white
    light’ to make him feel the love and make him realize that aggression is
    not the answer to the problem…? Positive Energy travels and gets stronger and
    stronger so why not give it a shot?

    • I rather think that their president would not be able to unstick himself from his programming, much like where the republicans now in our country are.

  • It’s been a long time, Neale, since I tuned in to the Conversation – but here I am again. Your question on North Korea (NK) is a very VERY serious question because this is a very VERY serious matter. There is a lot to consider on this complex issue. I have been following it in my newspaper (The Oregonian 🙂 and also on Yahoo and have been commenting there.
    First of all, this is an extremely dangerous situation simply because most people, up to this point, have taken this whole thing lightly – even laughingly, from reading the comments I have read. This is because…we are assuming that NK is following their traditional approach to getting attention in the world, or squeezing the world for aide. I think the attitude of a lot of people has been to seriously under-estimate what this new young dictator might be capable of doing or willing to do, to go beyond the traditional bluster, saber rattling and brinkmanship. Up to this point, that is about as far as most people seem to think it will amount to.
    I know that the Administration and the Pentagon are taking a far more serious stance on this and that is what has me worried more then anything else. As the talk from NK gets more and more brazen, we up the ante by sending more guns, stealth bombers, destroyers and everything else. I don’t believe that sending these arms, slowly “upping the ante” is smart. This is like waving a red flag in front of a bull (however sickly, and mentally insane that bull is). I think we have exacerbated the situation considerably by adding fuel to the fire…and with someone like Kim and those NK generals, who knows what move will finally cause them to push the nuclear button?
    We have to consider the reality of nuclear war here – a reality, I think is far more immenent than what most people think. If they use a nuke, we will respond “in kind” according to this mornings newspaper article. If we throw a nuke at them, most likely, China will be forced to respond and if they do, Russia may feel compelled to as well. I am sure we are working tirelessly behind the scenes with both Russia and China to prevent that kind of response, but who knows what really will happen if we have to nuke NK????
    Secondly, we are talking about the death of millions of human beings, on both sides at the very least. I am sure that since NK has only had recent development of nuclear bombs, that their bombs are the “dirty” kind, which means Strontium 90 – and with the fact that we here in Oregon breath air floating over the Pacific from China, I don’t doubt we are going to get a cloud of it here, right here in Portland (and you down there in Ashland). We are talking about maybe Seoul destroyed and probably Pyongyang and however many millions of people, probably mostly civilian. I know China is worried because they don’t want this either. And since they are NK’s main trading partner and I think, a military ally, they have to be concerned with getting dragged into this…the only thing I can hope for, is either that China backs down on backing NK or China themselves take the initiative and invade NK and take the power away from those lunatics. I think it is possible that China could invade NK, not for the purpose of invading South Korea (SK) but for the purpose of taking the nuclear weapons away from the NK’s and maybe arresting Kim and his crazy generals.
    I think the onus is really on China to take a stand to put a stop to this because they realize that there will be no winners in a nuclear war, not an intercontinental war, that is. And why would the Chinese want to destroy themselves and the entire world to back a crazy NK? I just don’t think so!
    I think we need to demonstrate a lot of restraint, in the mean time. We need to stop upping the ante with more weapons and so forth. We need to demonstrate to ourselves and the world that we have the guts to tolerate a certain measure of abuse. If the NK’s fire a few artillery rounds into SK, so what? Does that mean we have to go gang-busters? Better a few people die, a few buildings get blown up than millions of people die and whole cities get vaporized. My feeling is that before we react, we need to consider the consequences of retaliation, especially if we do not know where Russia and China stand on this solidly. We had better have our diplomatic ducks 100% in a row on this with them because nothing could be worse then a single mistep or misunderstanding on any side. I think we can tolerate a little abuse from NK to show how generous we are, how tolerant and how flexible we can be…even if a missile with conventional warhead lands on a US military base in Guam or whever….I think we have the firepower and the willpower to bring it down without it ever reaching the target…and if it does, what the hell have we paid billions and billions of dollar in anti-missile defense systems for??? I realize nothing is 100% perfect, but the odds better well be in our favor. I think we need to get the same tolerance from China and Russia on this issue…
    What then constitutes a situation which calls for retaliation? Just think back to the Gulf War and how Israel put up with scud missiles coming from Iraq. Despite being bombed all to hell by scud missiles, the Isreali’s demonstrated a large measure of tolerance and did not retaliate (we asked them to forebear, as I remember). And having forebear the scud missle attacks, it kept other mulsim countries at the time from feeling obligated to attack Israel, such as Syria. I think the Israeli’s knew there was a lot more at stake then just getting Saddam back for a few scud missles. And that is EXACTLY, the kind of forebearance I am talking about that we must have here. Demonstrating tolerance will go a lot further then charging into NK like a bunch of headlong FOOLS. Retraint is what we need to have, now more then ever. Remember, when you fight, you want it to be on your own turf, not the enemies. We also need to remember that no matter what a lunatic the NK government is, those are human beings over there on the other side of the barbed wire. They too, are God’s (although they do not realize it). From CWG we have to remember, RE-MEMBER, that we are all, equally important – I hate the manipulation of propaganda which demonizes the enemy (and make us look so self-righteous)…
    I still have not answered the question – when should we respond. The answer is, I don’t know what it is that constitutes a time when we have to join in the insanity and go rushing into war. Just like Vietnam, we rushed in there because we were arrogant, because we believe at that time that nobody in the world could beat or defeat us. Before we go and actually jump right into a nother conflict, even a provoked conflict, we need to THINK before we stick out proverbial necks out there – this time, I would hope, because there could be nukes involved, and that makes it entirely different from an conventional conflict. I have to say again, I don’t know what constitutes the point where we have to retaliate…maybe when Kim’s million man army comes screaming over the border?
    My whole point in writing this is: 1). The possibility of a larger “domino effect” nuclear response is a reality 2). Even a limited use of NK using a nuke, probably is dirty and you and I get to breath Strontium 90…3). Millions of people can die on both sides even if Russia and China restrain themselves 4). WE NEED TO THINK CAREFULLY about escalating and exacerbating any more a dangerous situation which could go from words to insane reality. 5). I do not have a clear vision of when it is we should respond, and I don’t think we should give NK a clue as to what that constitutes either. The unknowing part of not knowing just what it will take to make us respond will cause the NK to have some kind of second thoughts 6). I think, as crazy as NK is, they realize that China is displeased (and I am sure Russia does not want involvement, but cannot be 100% on that). And that means, they know they could have to go any response ALONE and without any kind of BACKUP…and that may just be enough, to keep them from doing anything, period.

  • I spent some more time last night watching commentators on line about this situation. Apparently, I am right…we are talking to China and Russia on a diplomatic basis – that is what I figured had to be happening, because if I can think outside the box and realize several chess steps ahead, then you best believe, the US government has, as well. One thing I did learn is that the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is somewhat weak and in a disarray and that the Communist Chinese Army has been a big supporter of NK…this demonstrates that the situation in China is far more unpredictable then I had hoped for because if the CCP cannot control its own army, we may well have divergent factors involved which would allow for some kind of inconsistent response. Even if we work a deal with the political leaders of China, will we see a different, and strident separate activity from their Army? I hope China, both their political AND their military leaders realize just how dangerous that is. I hope they understand that nobody is going to win an all-out nuclear strike and it would be tantamount to suicide, not just for us, but for themselves as well. Let me tell you, even though our leaders and theirs have their secret bunkers filled with food and water and purified air in case of nuclear attack, it won’t last as LONG AS the radioactivity will – and when they finally dig themselves out of their bunkers, they will visit with a dead world and nobody to govern…then, having politics and an army will amount to nothing. The reason why I say all these things is because I HOPE someone out there is listening and facing facts – facing cold HARD facts – not conjecture, but cold hard facts, about what a post-nuclear world would look like. We already know what that world would be like – the dead, the sick, the dying, the disease and the death – that is the world created by nuclear war. That is why we have to get the saber rattling DOWN and stop brandishing swords and upping the conflict level with B2 bombers and stealth fighters. And by the way, one commentator said that the reason for these additional arms is not so much to warn NK but more to assure the Japanese and South Koreans of our presence. Let me tell you this, for each surface ship we have out there, there are a dozen hidden ballistic missile submarines they aren’t talking about, each one of those subs is capable of ending humanity – it is NOT what we are showing to the world that counts – it is what we are NOT showing that is far more deadly. So I am asking everyone who reads this to clearly understand and to THINK – T.H.I.N.K. about what is not being shown, not being talked about, which is present right there, right now that can and will be used if it gets that far. I want everyone to use their heads.

  • Esteban

    Hello Neal!

    You ask good questions on a difficult subject, on a situation with heavy consequence and I think that you are right.

    should make South Korea, Japan or the USA? I do not know, to claim to
    know him(it), about my point of view, would maybe be very simplistic
    from me. But as you say it in a conversation there are many different
    points of view, then I am going to share you mine, my point of view.

    to be done if North Korea tests armed(equipped) weapons
    bound(connected) for its military training? I want to say nothing, it is
    to tell to ignore them as if they did not exist, my answer is not.
    Would forbid you a child to experience? No for my part, but if you allow
    me to continue, I shall add, as would say a parent(relative) to his
    child, not to play with the fire(light) in this way, whom we can find in
    other way to express himself, to experiment…

    that to make if North Korea throws(launches) real weapons of
    destruction? I do not know the logic would want that we answer by the
    violence, to defend(forbid) itself or other seen that we are assaulted.
    But the violence by the violence is not the solution for me. It is as
    when there is a quarrel between two children, the one strikes the other
    one. Other one reacts by anger by striking(knocking). A wise adult shall
    separate them and shall explain them that it is not a behavior
    adequate, just or even wise but simply immature and stupid. But what to
    make when weapons can kill millions of nobody? I do not still know in
    front of this kind(genre) of situation, I would say simply that it would
    be necessary to act with love, with this feeling many thing would be
    solved without violence.

    I hope that you will understand me because I am not an English speaker on the base(basis)!

    Thanks to you all.

  • Hello Neale
    They are hungry. Need for food is on every person mind there.
    We could send them some rice, and the government is asking for Help.
    Remember, any attack is call for help.
    US is offering guns, but no rice.
    Guns are for free, rice is not.
    Do not worry about it our friends ET will not permit any large Nuclear attack on planet.
    US and Russia and China have been warned about it long ago.