To you I promise

The only good thing about bad things,
is that it brings people together in love.

Love will always prevail.  Always.

For many, the past 24 hours has been filled with tears and disbelief in regards to the terrible bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon.  It is hard for us to wrap our hearts around why anyone would choose to do this to innocent people.  Our televisions have been filled with images of explosions, chaos, disbelief, and reporters frantically running about trying to get as many details to the public as possible.

Unfortunately, our eyes have seen way too many images of anguish lately instead of happiness.  But here is where the pivotal decision comes in… we can either choose to curl up and wallow in fear about the state of our world, or we can stand up in love and continue to spread our light across a bleak landscape.

Join me in… Choosing to love.  Choosing to smile.  Choosing to help your neighbor.  Choosing kindness over hatred.  Choosing understanding over judgement.  Choosing life over death.  Choosing to RISE and SHINE your light onto others of this world.  That is what this world so desperately needs right now… love. 

It was not that long ago I was sitting at my notebook, writing words to those suffering after the mass shooting in Newtown.  When yesterday’s tragedy happened, I was immediately drawn back to the original post.  I re-read it and saw clearly that this letter is my promise to anyone, anywhere that is suffering… This, my friends, is My Promise to You!

When you no longer hope; I will hope for you

When you no longer believe; I will believe for you

When you no longer love; I will love for you

When you no longer see the light; I will see it for you

When you no longer can stand the pain; I will stand it for you

When you can no longer shed a tear; I will shed tears for you

When you can no longer get up; I will carry you!

I feel your heart and I feel your pain.

Do whatever it is you need to do to heal.  Go through any process you need to go through to bring peace…  I understand if you want to take a break from the game of life for a while.  I understand if you want to hunker down in solitude with your loved ones and escape the world… bury yourself in your blankets and never come out.  Please do whatever it is you need to do during this time, and trust that myself, and millions of others, will take care of holding the space, light and love until you are ready to come back to the game.  I will save your spot for you.  I will be there for you.

We will all be there for you.

Until then, you will be missed but I look forward to greeting you with open arms upon your return.  Trust that all will be fine until then. 

Jaimie Schultz(Jaimie Schultz , a/k/a Pajamas, is a fun-loving, passionate, adventure seeker who loves life and loves helping others see how much they should love theirs. She is passionate about all things mystical and out of her control. You can visit her website at


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